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  • Address: 2828 N Harwood St #15, Dallas, TX 75201, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 214-999-7552

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 3,000

  • Established: 1926

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Pam Patsley (Chairwoman); Alex Holmes (CEO)

Moneygram Headquarters Location & Directions

Moneygram Headquarters Executive Team



W. Alexander Holmes

Chairman & CEO

Lawrence Angelilli

Executive VP & CFO

Kamila K. Chytil

Chief Global Operations Officer

About Moneygram, History and Headquarters Information

MoneyGram International, Inc. was incorporated in 1940 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. MoneyGram traces its roots back in 1988 when it worked as a subsidiary of Integrated Payment Systems Inc. In 2004 Travelers Express was renamed to MoneyGram International Inc. Bill payment was introduced in 2006.

Moneygram is a global provider that offers money transfer services. This company distributes its money orders under the MoneyGram brand as well as with a private label or co-branded basis with a retail and financial institution. Its range of products includes global money transfers, bill payment solutions, and financial paper. The Company has a variety of offerings for its customers which can be accessed via its MoneyGram Online service on moneygram.com in the United States, United Kingdom and through agent Websites in Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. This company has a lot of products and services for its customers such as MoneyGram Money Transfer, MoneyGram Bill Payments, Money Orders, and Official Checks. The services can also be utilized via mobile phone, kiosks, ATM, receive cards and direct-to-bank account products in various markets worldwide.  The services are available in more than 200 countries and territories spread over a global network of nearly 350,000 locations, working with retailers, international post offices and banks.

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  • Cynthia Ernst says:

    I have been dealing with the customer service that they keep telling me the same thing over and over and over after I keep telling them if I already done that I’ve already done that I’m missing a check refund on September 9th or something like I bought a money order for $845.69 The thing got lost and finally in October sometime the check came to me they they finally returned it to me but I already paid my my mortgage so I wanted to I get my refund. So far I spent time and time trying to get a hold of someone to talk to me that knows what they’re doing. I called I number don’t remember. And within minutes someone called me back on restricted number and I barely got to the phone and it hung up. They never tried to recall me leave me a text message or an email or something to tell me what’s going on with my refund I appreciate someone looking into this as your customer service people they really are terrible you cant understand any of them all All they do is put you on hold for 20-30 maybe even an hour to tell me to call this number and press three and I’ve done all that I need some answers please My telephone number is 727-871-3487

  • Chandra says:


    I sent money December 2, 2022, two weeks ago and the recipient hasn’t received the money yet. Can you please help me resolve this quickly. Every time I call the support center, they said to wait sixty to ninety days for this to get resolved. It’s ridiculous, I need to get this resolved as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

  • Sean says:

    MoneyGram Sucks ASSSSSSSSS

  • Christina Phillips says:

    Just wanted to say that your app sends me in circles and I can’t get it to work on the money orders that the water and power in California told me they haven’t received any of my money orders l pay since February 2022 yesterday I got a bill for $276,00 l paid but l called 8-17-22 it wasn’t cash and I want to cancel and stop payment now !! I can’t get help with that crazy app to get my refund and I still have to find the other money orders that water and power said they never received ! I mailed it to them in there own envelope ! I am a cancer patient and I need your help now ! Check the email l sent you ! I will call you tomorrow hopefully I can get some help with you now !! Christina Phillips tarzana , California !!!

    • Marie says:

      My sister is having the same issue with a money order that was never received and she wants a refund. They never even put a stop payment on the money order they’ve been telling her to wait 3 days for a reference number for she she can pick up her refund and their lying they told her that the supervisors are trained to tell people that they will get a reference number in two to three business days. It’s all fraud they’re liars.

  • Franklin Bruney says:

    I’m a resident on the island of St Maarten in the Dutch Caribbean, doing business is becoming a night mare, 99 percent of the time no cashier(s) at best only one, today I’m at the office, well over an hour no cashier to be seen, appreciate as a cooperate citizen, appreciate if you can look in this issue for improved services to your loyal clients

  • Bernardo Rafael Langlous says:

    Mr. Money gram. My name is Bernardo Rafael Langlois from El Salvador. I want to inform you that I have been scammed by a United States citizen. And what steps should I follow? I will thank her

  • Swidi says:

    Shame on you money gram, I got interrogated by your useless advisor fanny then cancels my transactions for the most stupid reasons, some of those money was going towards urgently needed hospital treatment, how can you justify your callousness?? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your robotic advisors are a disgrace. SHAME ON YOU

    • Ed says:

      The stupid people they have working for them do not know crap and can’t answer any questions and are very rude I have had the same thing happen to me as I was trying to send money to my girlfriends friend in Ukraine so she could get out of the city that she is in before russian soldiers rape and kill her but moneygram has canceled my services and they will not give a reason why

    • Christina Phillips says:

      Sorry to hear that ! IAM a cancer patient myself and l can’t get thought to the app how can we get help ! My water and power said they haven’t received any of my money orders since February 2022 l can’t understand why l mail it back with the bill ! So l check July hasn’t been cashed so l need to talk to someone to help me put a stop payment and get a refund ! Can’t do it on the money gram.com it refuse to let me in and I signed up for the rewards because I couldn’t get in without an account ? I now have to look for all the money orders since February to see if they got cash ? Hopefully I get the help I need thought corporate because no one is working to answer the phone for customer service ?? God bless prayers !!

  • Swidi says:

    Money gram cancelled my money transfer to the starving people of Yemen, reason, I don’t know them personally!! really money gram?? Shame on you, this was a humanitarian gesture towards the starving people of war torn Yemen and you cancelled it, tried to explain to your useless advisor Fanny who was so robotic and kept repeating herself over and over, fanny had no social skills whatsoever. SHAME ON YOU MONEY GRAM

  • Shawn Mace says:

    WTF!? I lost the 2 moneyorders I purchased from Moneygram yesterday, {2/7/22}–(damn me!) and returned to Hornbachers (grocery store) to try cancel them, and purchase replacements. They couldn’t help me even though they sold them to me. They gave me a ph.#,(800-542-3590).I called and the recording hung up on me. So I googled MoneyGram and got a different #(800-926-9400)-no humans available. Googled again, and got a different #.(800-990-7567) Each time I called (4 times) I got someone using the moniker “Jessica” who was trying to give away Medical Alert buttons and refused to listen to me, and would only continually read the sales spiel, each time, even though I told her I already have the Medical Alert item she was trying to give me. Next I went back to the -3947-# and ended up with “Mag” who told me they are in mly open from 7:00 am to 8pm.I informed her that it was 7:30pm,
    as we spoke. She apologized and transfered me to “Angel” in Nicaragua. Angel seemed to be pre-occupied, but did say he couldn’t tell me the cancellation process unless I gave him the money transfer #’s. Hmmm… Finally he told me that Moneygram could’nt (or wouldn’t?) cancel my lost Money orders for at least 7 days. The whole teason that I’m trying to cancel them is becuase, of course, I’m wary that some nefarious type will find them and create a way to cash them b4 Moneygram cancels them! HELP!! My ph. # is 507-430-8837. My name is Shawn Mace. Please call me asap Note; (“Angel” also told me that Moneygram’s offices are in Maryland)

    • Ed says:

      Moneygram is the biggest scam i have ever used and the stupid people the outsource to can’t answer anything

    • Christina Phillips says:

      True no one is working ?? Sad l would love to answer the phone and help people ! Everything Can be resolved ! And sorry for the money Lost out of your pocket ! Especially in the time we are living ! Now we are citizens of America and worked harder not being born with a gold spoon ! But they that are in big money are going to feel Lost of customers and money if our country gos on this way !! Hopefully the good companies are going to succeed for the greatest service to stay in good business your store records should have the money orders track number ! So you can see if they been cashed ? Good luck !!

  • Jorge Jimenez says:

    I need to ask a question but all I get are option after option… Please call me at 2149628449 or email @ bigjorgealberto@gmail.com

  • Mele Toaila Kofeloa says:

    Pls why you blocking me pls allow my name to recive my money from my family i contact from Tonga

  • Selma Kelly says:

    You rejected my $100 donation to a starving family in Afghanistan—really? Because you think the receivers are engaged in “suspicious activity”—really? Hey, Moneygram! … You’re talking about an Afghani school teacher and a nurse, here! You banned me as well for the same reason, even though I never used your GARBAGE service before !! What next … You’ll reject donations to the Kabul Small Animal Rescue as well ?? Wait till Monday morning! I’m gonna rip you a new pie hole! Signed … Certified Legal Assistant, Palm Springs, CA / Transaction # 742 530 34

  • Deleon king says:

    I have used money gram
    For years and they are refusing to refund me money that never got sent…they just want to keep my &80 plus fees for money that was never send….I will never use money gram and I will make sure my family and all I can tell that they just want to rip
    You off…what gives them the right to keep money that never got sent….and customer service could care less….always believed in money gram but they won’t be getting my business and many more to follow

  • Deleon king says:

    I am
    Very angry as I was charged twice to send money that I ended up being canceled and now they are saying I can’t get my money back…I’m not going to allow $80 to be thrown away and need these charges applied back to me….I am
    Disabled and that $80 is life or death for me and to be told your keeping my money is unfair

  • Gustavo Grippo says:

    Gustavo Grippo
    September 8, 2020
    Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced! I called MoneyGram’s customer service 5 separate times over a 3 weeks time period. Each time I spoke to customer service I was told to call back in 24-48 hours and they would have a resolution for the problems that I reported. I just called again and they are still telling me that they have no resolution. My advice – DO NOT USE MONEYGRAM!

    Reply to Steve Spencer
    Edward Eisen
    April 30, 2019
    This company is made of cowards. There is no phone number or fax number or email address to contact them with a question. No way to communicate with actual employees of this company. What does one do if there is a question about a MoneyGram?

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  • Lynn says:

    Worthless! I have been locked out of MoneyGram. By whom? For what? How do I get ‘reinstated’? I use the Customer Service Form provided on the website. I get a response back to call the 800 #. I call the 800#, they tell me they cannot help me, I must use the form on the website. So I do – again. Same response to use the 800#? What kind of crap is that? Worthless!

  • Steve Spencer says:

    Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced! I called MoneyGram’s customer service 4 separate times over a 30 day time period. Each time I spoke to customer service I was told to call back in 24 hours and they would have a resolution for the problems that I reported. After 30 days and 4 phone calls they are still telling me that they have no resolution. My advice – DO NOT USE MONEYGRAM!

  • Edward Eisen says:

    This company is made of cowards. There is no phone number or fax number or email address to contact them with a question. No way to communicate with actual employees of this company. What does one do if there is a question about a MoneyGram?

  • >