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Do you have a suggestion or feedback to convey to the executive of MLB, or have you had some complaints in relation to certain rulings in a game? You can start making the move to link up with them right away without through any of the mediums of communication provided here.

Ways to contact MLB corporate headquarters

Address: Your letters can be forwarded to the mailing address at 1271 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10020, United States. You could, as well, seek to book an appointment with an executive at the corporate headquarters if that would be fine by you.

Phone Number: You can dial up +1 212-485-3444 to have a quick conversation with one of the personnel on the MLB management team.

Email: If you are having a long list of concerns, then it may be advisable to relay your message via email using mlbexecutiverelations@website.mlb.com

MLB Headquarters Info & Photos

MLB headquarters is housed within the Time-Life Building in Rockefeller Center. The building, which was completed in 1959, has 48 stories, spanning a total of around 2.1 million square feet. MLB moved its headquarters down to the Time-Life building from the Chelsea Market located at 75 9th Avenue, New York in 2020. This move enabled the organization to have its employees from its offices at the 648-feet 245 Park Avenue skyscraper and those at Chelsea Market under one roof – meaning MLB headquarters presently accommodates about 1,400 employees.

MLB occupies floors 5 - 9 – totaling 330,000 square feet floor space – at the Time-Life building. The services of New York-based firm, Studios Architecture were engaged to renovate MLB headquarters prior to the relocation. The headquarters' interior is designed to reflect what MLB stands for, and the graphics was done by ESI Design.

Apart from the workspaces for employees, the headquarters also features a television studio that is on the sixth floor [of the building]. There are also a conference center, street-level courtyard, and meeting rooms. The other tenants in the building are Mizuho bank, H.I.G Capital, American International Group, Sports Net, CNBC Squawk Box, and Fidelity Investments.

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MLB Headquarters List

S. No.





One Indigo, 2204 20 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District Beijing, China 100016


United Kingdom

3rd Floor 75-77 Margaret Street London



29-31, 2nd Floor, Vasant Square Mall Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070



Shiroyama Trust Tower 29F, 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo , JAPAN



MLB, (14-118) WeWork Seolleung III 428 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea, 06192

MLB Headquarters Executive Team

Rob Manfred

Commissioner of Baseball

Rob Manfred assumed office as the 10th Commissioner of Baseball in 2015, having joined the organization in 1998. He has been active in pushing through various expansion goals and ensures that rules are reviewed and implemented to promote fair and leveled playing ground in games. Rob's input has been quite remarkable, and this has led to the owners of MLB extending his tenure at the top rung of management till 2024. He has a BSc. degree in Industrial and Labour Relations from Cornell University, and a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School.

Dan Halem

Deputy Commissioner
Baseball Administration and Chief Legal Officer

Daniel Halem started managing the two portfolios he now holds in 2017 when he became the Deputy Commissioner, having assumed the office of Chief Legal Office in 2014. In this capacity, Daniel has been provided credible support to the Commissioner, even as he sees to it that sound corporate governance is sustained to advance the organization's growth cause. Like Rob, Daniel also obtained a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School.

Chris Marinak

Chief Operations and Strategy Officer

In this role, Chris oversees the technological and digital architecture of the organization to guarantee effective and efficient service delivery. Additionally, he is charged with the responsibility of drawing up Major League schedules. Chris also contributes significantly in certain business negotiations on behalf of MLB. Chris Marinak is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he got his BSc. degree in Computer Engineering, and he also has an MBA from Harvard Business School.



Chris Marinak

Executive Vice President, Strategy, Technology & Innovation

Joe Torre

Chief Baseball Officer

Bob Starkey

Chief Financial Officer & Senior Advisor

Noah Garden

Executive Vice President, Business & Sales

Pat Courtney

Chief Communications Officer

About MLB


The year of MLB’s establishment is officially 1903, but its history cannot be complete without rolling back the years to briefly shed some light on the formation of the bodies that make it up. The two major bodies are the National League (NL) (which was formed in 1876) and American League (AL) (formed in 1901). NL, which spun off from the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players, focused more on upholding the interest of clubs rather than players. This created contentions among certain players and ultimately led to the formation of different bodies among which is the American Association (AA) in 1882 which only lasted for about 9 years.

Both NL and the American Association then came together as one body in 1892, forming a 12-team league. AL was, however, formed in 1901 consequent upon the dropping of 4 teams from the unitary league. Varying degrees of animosity arose between AL and NL as a result of issues bordering on independent contracts, and this led to the signing of the National Agreement between 1902 – 1903.

The National League and American League had eight teams each from 1901 - 1960. Montreal Expos – a Canadian team – became the first team outside the US to be joined to a baseball league as MLB expanded the number of teams. From the 1960s to contemporary times, reviewing and additions to the number of teams have been made to each of the leagues. However, in 2000, the MLB became the singular legal entity overseeing the affairs of the two major leagues.


MLB oversees the administration of the major baseball leagues in the United States and Canada, seeing to the planning and scheduling of games. The organization is also in charge of pricing and ticketing, and television rights for the transmission of games. MLB is also in charge of the organization of scouting camps for players and also supervise baseball teams.


  • Cincinnati Red Stockings (presently known as the Reds) is the first professional team to play baseball.
  • The ceremonial throwing of first pitch was started on the 14th of April, 1910 by William H. Taft who was the 27th President of the United States.
  • The umpiring system currently adopted by MLB was developed by Cal Hubbard who became an umpire after his playing days. He officiated in the American League between 1936 – 1951.
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  • RSquared says:

    The sound you heard this evening was me clicking off the Astro – Mariner game. I love all aspects of the game and while I’m essentially a traditionalist at heart, I don’t mind the many technological advancements we’ve seen integrated into the game over the past many years. So, with all of these technological breakthroughs, there’s got to be a way to mute the incessant ‘woo’ that makes watching an Astros game on television so annoying. I especially feel for the fans in the ballpark, and also know the ‘woo’ is creeping into some other parks, but this comment is not meant to solve that particular annoyance. However, a TV solution has got to be possible.

  • Leslie Lamb says:

    It seems baseball is too “American” for Mr Manfred and his communist associates. He has little interest in the history or love of the game. He cares only about money. He has embarressed himself and disgraced not only baseball, but America. He is in deep with China and is just another sellout. At least inmy eyes. You must not have played as a kid. How very sad for you, Mr Manfred. To go down in history as the most corrupt and worse commissioner, for the MLB, must make you feel proud. .lol..Such a complete disgrace.

  • A. West says:

    I am highly disappointed in the MLB! You give certain players special treatment and do not discipline players fairly! You hand some players a five game suspension for taunting when a bench clearing incident proceeds. But allow other players to taunt, while the other team keeps their cool, and receive no disciplinary action! The MLB is also completely dysfunctional in your advertising department! How can you suspend a player and then use his photos of taunting which he was suspended for in an advertisement?! It’s like you are telling the player they did something bad and to not do it again, but it’s a really good picture of you taunting the other team so we are going to use it to advertise. What the hell? I’m not sure which of you are in charge of this advertising scheme, but it is horribly disappointing! I have been a baseball fan my entire life, and I feel that this year you all are disappointing fans of the game in many ways! I don’t know if anyone in the MLB office will actually read this, but I will also forward it by mail! You all need to get your act together and remember how many young impressionable American teens are watching. You all set the standard for future athletes and need to do a better job !

  • L B says:

    Being a baseball fan since the 50’s and a big Braves fan, I was so mad that I missed trying to see the Allstar game in Atlanta. The 3 guys from that team, John Smoltz commentating on TV, and the tribute to Hank Aaron all missed because of the commissioner being a dumbass. I have been offended now. This new age is ruining my love of baseball and that pisses me off. I have to rely on memories of the past now to enjoy baseball and not what I see presently. I still wear an Indians Chief Wahoo hat and now I sit in misery when I watch MLB and this new age. It sucks. I’m tired of being offended.

  • L Bosselman says:

    Baseball was as American as Apple pie until now, your comissioner is to dumb to run the MLB. Clearly he can’t read and understand what was in the Georgia bill. Baseball has no business in politics. Robert Manfred has weaponized the MLB in the woke and culture war and things DIE in war. So will MLB baseball , so sad for kids who love the sport. Dads will not bring them to games anymore, no more little league…what would be the point. All the small business people in Ga, now suffering because Mr. Manfred took the game to an 80% white town, a Democratic town. This just reeks! There are boycotts forming all over America, season ticket holders discarding their tickets, no merchandise sales, no t.v. revenue . Take your game to China, they will love your stance on voting…no voting there! MLB is un-American.

  • Ivonne says:

    Disappointed! Due to your objections to Georgia’s voter laws, MLB has decided to move the All Star Game to Denver! Why? Sports are a pleasant and necessary distraction from our complicated lives. Baseball Fans come in all colors! We don’t need to know your political stance. I for one will boycott all baseball games until you change and apologize to Georgia. #NoMLBgames.

  • Paul Stancati says:

    sports and politics should be seperated. I am done for ever with MLB over this last decision with regards to the all-star game. I have left the NFL, NBA and now MLB. No more ticket sales, viewership, or merchandise. I hope you pay a sever price for your bull shit. Thank god for the NHL

  • J. Huppman says:

    It was disappointing to see MLB get involved in politics. 2020 was a difficult year for baseball fans now. Baseball was an arena to get away from the problems of the day. Now that MLB has taken a stance in the politics of GA it looks like we are going to loose another season. I can no longer watch a baseball game without wondering what the agenda of the league is. You lost a fo;;over.

  • Unhappy customer says:

    Yet another terrible decision by “ignorant elite liberals”! I’m surprised that the commissioner can get vertical each day when he has no backbone!! Those “elites” who make up the executive branch of MLB should get their facts from a better source than liberal MSM and “stay the hell out of politics”. Because of their decision I’ve canceled my season tickets with the Kansas city Royals and will no longer watch MLB games or go to games (I’d rather watch paint dry). MLB can take their product to China as far as I’m concerned!

  • Manfred’s Testies says:

    Ban the MLB! The woke virtue signaling is boring. Stay in your lane.

  • Patrick K. Gallagher says:

    I will boycott everything MLB. Your Georgia stance is uninformed and you will be PROVEN that your decision was in error.

  • tammy says:

    don’t shop with them very rude

  • tammy says:

    Poor customer service i will be reporting this

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