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Kaan Kilik Carrier Relations Officer
Sean Enright Assistant VP, Product Manager
Ken Lane Director, Business Operations
Michelle Rhodes Acquisition Associate Director
Loza Wadood Director, Financial Planning
Sam Russell Acquisition Director, Media
Millei Ishikawa Art Director
David Morgan Analyst

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  • Becky Hinds says:

    12/2/2023 – Ken Lane or anyone at Mint Mobile that will listen to their customers.
    This company is not legit. They offer prices and never follow through with them. Then you spend hours with employees working from home or where ever. They are all reading off the same screen-repeating same words and transferring calls between themselves when you ask to escalate the call for manager. Jake even said they have NO corporate office and you can not contact Ryan Reynolds office. I was on the phone over an hour and had 4 different people, was cut off twice and had to call back! Last transfer to a manager was a voice mail?? Absolutely no help and nothing was resolved. I wish I had never left my current provider for what this company promised me and they never did get my data, pictures, contacts transferred from old phone and old provider to their company?? in 2 months since I signed up with Mint. I to will be posting on social media to warn people that they do not back their offers. Also the BBB It took them 2 weeks to get my new phone & old number transferred to Mint Mobile. Now they want more money-because their 3 month trial will expire on 12/31/23. And they want double the rate they promised me monthly . Now I have to start all over and find a new cell service that is legit. When I ask for info-the corporate office Jake the last rep I had from Mint Mobile–said they don’t have a corporate office?? REALLY? I guess Jake does it all–even me off when he was transferring me to a manager? I ask before he transferred me to make sure and have them call me back if I got cut off he said–just stay on the line-he promised I would not get cut off. YEP another broken promise from this company and I did get cut off and no one called me back. Here’s my number 309-648-1027–feel free to call me and resolve this issue.

  • Donna Cook says:

    Ken Lane,
    11/9/23 I want the refund I was told I would receive if I requested it within 7 days.
    11/9/23 I canceled my plan with Mint Mobile today. I will be telling Social Media and every person I can what a fraudulent company Mint Moble is. If people are smart they won’t go near Mint Mobile. My calls are constantly dropped. I have been unable to make or receive calls on a regular basis. Mint Mobile Customer Service is the worst available and that’s hard to become with all the outsourcing today. BTW: What’s with them using American names.
    11/3/23 Regretfully, I paid for a 3 month renewal and without my request the plan went from a 5GB to 15GB, plus cost increase. CS may not have been able to understand English.
    11/3/23 My phone could not receive or make phone calls!!! I tired making Chat calls from my laptop, but that was worse than the live customer service. Had to borrow my son’s cell phone, somehow my phone registered having 17 outgoing calls, yet I had to borrow a phone to make calls on.
    At 6:00PM I was promised the problem would be sent to the back technical support department and
    repaired within 24 hours. Ticket # L2-88580.
    11/4/23 Continuing to use my sons phone, I called the pathetic customer service only to have my calls
    either transferred & then dropped, cut off or hung-up on.
    11/4/23 Using my son’s phone I called again and was told I could get a refund within 7 days, if I changed to a new carrier.
    11/4/23 After 24 hours I called only to be told I already had a ticket turned in to the back office. I had been told it would be 24 to 48 hours to get my problem repaired. THIS WAS A LIE…
    11/6/23 At 1:31PM I finally received a call from Mint Customer Service my service was now on.
    11/9/23 I changed to T-Mobile. Told Mint Customer Service I wanted a refund and I was told I could not get a refund because I had used 100 phone minutes. Not to bright CS department!
    BETWEEN 11/03/2023 at 10:29 AM and 11/06/2023 at 01:31 PM I COULDN’T MAKE OUT GOING CALLS!
    BETWEEN 11/06/2023 at 01:31 PM and 11/09/2023 at 01:47 PM THERE WASN’T ENOUGH TIME TO EVEN MAKE 100 HOURS OF PHONE CALLS.
    I am a professional 75 years old single woman with very few to call. Nor do I play kids games. I suggest you get control of your people.
    I don’t see Mint Mobile being in business long. All I have seen is very upset people feeling the same way I do.
    Donna Cook
    801 815-1620

  • Rebecca says:

    Why am I not allowed to speak to a Mint mobile representative located stateside?

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