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Mini Cooper is a company that deals in production and assembling of cars. It serves the worldwide market and was first introduced in the year 1969. It is found in the United Kingdom and owned by BMW. The business deals in the marketing and selling of the MINI car brand in the United States with numerous dealers around 39 states.

Mini USA operates as an independent entity of BMW brand and is located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey where its operations are based in Northern America. Customers can use customer service line for any inquiries or orders to the company by contacting 1-866-275-6464

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  • Ute Zieglschmidsylvester says:

    I bought a 2018 John Cooper 2 door and I looooove my mini. But sadly to say there is something missing on this unbelievable cute ride. I wish from the bottom of my heart someone in your company could come up with a 3 D hood ornament that represents mini coopers. I think that this would be a awesome add on. Mini has been around for a looooong time it deserves its hood ornament. Thank you Sincerely, Ute Zieglschmidsylvester

  • Jim zaza says:

    We love our mini cooper countryman. My wife drives it and she loves the car. That said, we are seriously upset with the dealer’s maintenance service in Bedford NH. We took the car for service 10-12 days ago. Yesterday we needed to open the hood to put a battery tender as we will be gone for few weeks. We took it back and told them that we never opened the hood since they serviced the car. They brushed us off and made us pay $170+. But more serious is the service person wanted us to change the battery for $475 as he said that it needs changing since they told us on a service trip earlier. What he didn’t know that we had changed the battery four months ago. This zeal to cheat the customer is very concerning. We will not go there again. What a shame. Jim

  • Aamer Zain says:

    Do Mini USA have a recommendation for All Seasons 205/40R18 tires or they want consumers to switch summer and winter tires every year for the rest of their ownership lives? As of now Mini tire online only have summer and winter option. Consumers beware. The Original Pirelli run flats did not last a year.

  • Lorraine says:

    Admiring the new cooper while driving I noticed the the tail lights are a bit confusing The design of the arrows face the opposite direction. Left rear signal light arrow pattern faces to the right while blinking??? I cannot believe this detail was thought out. Was considering purchasing for my daughter but I am giving a 2nd thought.


    This more of a question I would like to know when the Foot Well Module recall will be remedied for those of us who have a mini with this problem? Ihave a 2011 mini cooper S, WMWSV3C50BTY21150

  • David Munch says:

    I have a 2010 mini convertible are the R57 and F57 side markers the same

  • David Morris says:

    It seems to me that the lovable
    Minions would be fantastic
    corporate symbols for the Mimi

  • Rita says:

    I would like to meet the corporate executive team. Please post information on the mini home page.

    Thank you

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