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  • Address: 14114 Dellwood Dr N, Baxter, MN 56425, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 218-829-1565

  • Fax Number: (715) 675-2312

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1955

  • Founder: Stewart Mills Sr.

  • Key People: Derick Prelle

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Mills Fleet Farm Headquarters Executive Team



Michael Schwindle

Executive VP & CFO

Terry Brophey

Senior Vice President of Marketing & E-Commerce

About Mills Fleet Farm, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1955. The company has been currently active for more than 64 years now. The founders of this company are Stewart Mills Sr. and his two sons Henry Mills II and Stewart Mills Jr. The company was initially started by opening its first store in Marshfield, Wisconsin which was known as Fleet Wholesale Supply. In the year 2016, the company was purchased by the Kohlberg Kravis Roberts for an amount o around $1.2 billion. The company renamed itself to Fleet Farm in July 2018. Headquarters: 14114 Dellwood Dr N, Baxter, MN 56425, USA.

Mills Fleet Farm is an American company which focuses mainly on providing the best merchandise to its customers and clients. The company has Derick Prelle as its current President and Chief Executive Officer. As of 2018, the company had around 42 locations under its operations.

Mills Fleet Farm provides its services on a wide range of merchandise which includes small appliances, apparel, tools, farm supplies, hardware, sporting goods, paint, lawn and garden supplies, housewares, pet supplies, automotive products, hunting and fishing equipment and also licenses.

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  • Tony Watson says:

    Yesterday I ordered some ammo and targets online to pick up at the store. I was in a hurry and thought this would be the fastest way. I show up at the store and the customer service person tell me to go to the yard and pick it up. I said the apps said to pick it up at customer service desk. Another person ask if it was age varication require. I said yes. She said to the other person to look in the back. They both looked and then told me to go to sporting goods. They will have it. After waiting for the three people before me the clerk said he will have to go look for it. 20min later I call the Fleet Farm and talk to the customer service and they tell me they found it up by them. I ask them to talk to the Manger when I get back up there. The Manger come up and ask how he could help. I explain my issues and the amount of time and all the miss information I received. He asked how he could make it right. I didn’t ask for anything and he never offered anything. I just took my items and walked out the door. The problem is my loss of time. The process was to save me time. I could have picked up the items myself in 20mins. By the time I walked out the door it was over 45mins. The process should have taken 5 mins.

  • Brianne Paulson says:

    My name is Brianne and I am wanting to apply for a job at the fleet farm that will be going in Hastings mn . I am not finding any place to apply for a job at that location. If you could please point me in the right direction I would appreciate it VERY much.

  • Susan says:

    On 3/2/22 I brought my 2010 Rav4 to the Green Bay, WI west-side Fleet Farm automotive dept. (1-920-494-8975) on N. Taylor Street for a brake check. It was determined that the rear brakes needed replacement ($509.65) After replacement, I noticed a scraping sound coming from the REAR of the vehicle. Another appointment at Fleet Farm on 3/30/22 and it was determined that the front brakes were the culprit (?) and needed replacement. After front brake replacement ($346.16), a scraping sound is still coming from the rear of the vehicle, so another appointment was made. At appointment number three on 4/11/22 it was determined that the problem was a dragging emergency brake. Emergency brake issue supposedly addressed, and there is STILL a scraping sound coming from the rear of the vehicle! I then decided to bring the vehicle into the local Toyota dealer where it was determined that the rear brakes installed by Fleet Farm automotive were causing the problem. Brakes were cleaned, adjusted and the rear brake pads were replaced with a fit kit by Toyota to the tune of $163.96. Finally, problem solved. Three appointments in less than 2 months ($856) with Fleet Farm automotive and I still had to take my vehicle somewhere else for repair.

  • John says:

    All of sudden out of the blue I received an add addressed to me with my name and address. Just wondering how in the bleep did Fleet Farm get my permission to use my information to send me mailing’s?? I know I would never give any retailer permission to do so!

  • Richard Fernau says:

    Went to FLEET FARM today 3/9/2022 in Oshkosh. The cashier asked me if I wanted to contribute to the Human Society and I said, really? This organization is the biggest promoter of anti hunting in the US. And fleet farm sells guns, ammunition, trapping equipment and Fishing tackle. Isn’t this a conflict of interest? Maybe you don’t know this or do you care.

  • Mona Scholl says:

    I have had a 50# bag of Pro Plan Sport dog food on a rain ck for about 2 weeks. I called on Monday and they said it would be at Mason City on Thursday. I called yesterday and was told they could not check or take anything out of the warehouse for 3 days do to inventory. Poor customer service in my eyes😡how hard is it to change a number when I have been waiting for my dog food.
    Not happy…….

  • Don says:

    Yesterday I checked your website for a ice fishing protective cover and it said that there were in stock at the Oakdale store. I went there this morning and was informed that no, they had been put away. I told the service representative that I had just checked and they said that they were available. He said”No, never believe the website.” I asked why I couldn’t and he got short with me and said in an irritated voice, “You always gotta call because the website isn’t updated.” I wasn’t gonna get upset at a floor helper but what the heck I had to after he made it sound like it was my fault; he never offered an apology; he never asked if I wanted to wait to see if he could get them from the back room – he just turned his back and walked away.

    Do you know that there are many, many alternatives to your store? I promise, I am never going back. There is Menards, Home Depot, Scheels, (gulp) Walmart and (double gulp) Amazon for alternatives.

  • Tom Pauer says:

    I cannot believe how screwed up it is to order items from your online service. In the past 6 months I have had the same problem when I try to order the same product from your weekly sale flyer. This time it was an hour and one half making a lot of phone calls, one of which to one of your customer service reps named Jeannine or Jamie. I asked her to help me correct the quantity on my order to 14 from the 240 that showed up in my cart. She said that she couldn’t change the order and I had to do fix it myself. I told her that I had been trying to fix it for an hour without success and she became very snotty and short with me saying “I told you w must fix it my self” I then asked for her name again and she hesitantly did so but then “Why do I want her name and why”? I said because I may want to contact you again regarding our discussion, then ended the call. Your customer service is terrible, and even worse is your on line ordering! You MUST FIX BOTH!

  • Donna Anderson says:

    Hello, my 30 year old son has had 1 of your vests since he was a child . He has killed many deer wearing that blaze orange hooded vest which he now knows it as his lucky vest.
    The problem is its literally falling apart. He still wears its but he has to be very gentle with it because there is not much left of it.
    I’ve tried to find another but no luck.
    I’m asking you if you know where I could get one?
    The tag info is
    Rugged apparel
    Cut 25560
    Style FSV150ORR
    RN 16101
    It is a hooded zip up vest.
    It would be wonderful if I could surprise him for Christmas.

    Thank you,

  • Don says:

    I am very disappointed that when I when to the Oshkosh Fleet Farm today that none of the employees were wearing face masks, and only about 10% of the customers. I have always enjoyed shopping at Fleet Farm, but you total disregard for the welfare of the children of this country will make me look for other sources (Menards, for example) to do my shopping. I am vaccinated, and wear my mask whenever I am in an enclosed space.


    • Kirk USMC says:

      Free country Don! If it isn’t mandated federally, mind your own business

      • Tom Pauer says:

        Or take your business to a Company that cares for their customers welfare and you can avoid Kirk and other people that don’t care about anyone but themselves.

  • GP says:

    Wondering how a company can run two ads. One for one week and one for the next week on Hand guns, that they don’t even have in stocks. The store in Fargo didn’t even the guns on hand before running the add. They blamed it on Rock Island for not sending them out. I just open the sports and outdoor catalog for fall 2020 and they have one of the guns in the catalog. I don’t understand how this is good business. If someone in upper management wants to call send me an email at Dustrider225@yahoo.com, as I would love to.talk with them. Thank you for your time

  • Scott Siebert says:

    As long as Fleet Farm allows customers to shop in its stores I will continue to shop at Fleet Farm.
    Thank your for not requiring your customers to have to wear a face mask in your stores.
    It should be left up to the individual to chose if they want to wears a mask, and not forced upon those who don’t have a need too.

  • Brenda Kussow says:

    I am glad to see that Feet Farm is not Requiring its customers to have to wear a face mask in order the shop in your stores. As long as Fleet Farm is Not requiring face masks we will continue to shop in your stores.
    Healthy people should not be forced to have to wear a face mask against their will.
    Thank You for not requiring that.

  • Meg Killen says:

    I WAS an avid Fleet Farm shopper but your staff and customers are not wearing masks and are not required to wear them. If you don’t care about your customers I don’t care about and will go to Menard’s they care enough to require masks! It’s too bad because you use to be my favorite store

  • Harvey Horn says:

    I shopped at mills fleet farm in fargo , nd on friday. I was very dissapointed that not one employee that i saw had a mask on. I did and most of the other customers did. Will not return until i know they do. I can not bring this virus home with me. It would be devistating.

    • Joan says:

      Same thing here. 2 weeks ago mask. None now, not even where can’t do social distancing. Agree. Bad situation. Retired ICU nurse here. Doesn’t take much for me to understand this situation. I want cooperate to respond to this. If not mask for social distancing then post it at the door. Let everyone know. I don’t need to stop by. Oh BTY, posting this and attempting to report to coorporate. City Health department, etc. Shout out loud and clear. Practicing against medical recommendations. Practicing against keeping businesses open in a financial smart way. Burdening health care services more not only in care and delivery but those services put on hold because resources need to go to COVID patients. Everyone suffers.

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