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Where is Miller’s Ale House Corporate office Headquarters

Miller’s Ale House Headquarters Address and  Contact

  • Address: Miller’s Ale House – Orlando Kirkman, 5573 Kirkman Road, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 407-248-0000

  • Fax Number: 561-743-7210

  • Email: socialmedia@millersalehouse.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: October 1988

  • Founder: Jack Miller

  • Key People: John Bettin, Ray Holden

Miller’s Ale House Headquarters Location & Directions

Miller’s Ale House Headquarters Executive Team



John W. Miller


Jack Miller


Claire Miller


About Miller’s Ale House, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1988. The company has been currently active for more than 31 years now. The founder of this company is Jack Miller. The main aim of the company was to provide restaurant facilities with various food items to its clients and customers. The company was initially started by opening its first store in Jupiter, Florida. Headquarters: Miller’s Ale House – Orlando Kirkman, 5573 Kirkman Road, Orlando, FL 32819, USA.

Miller’s Ale House is a company based in America which focuses mainly on providing the best restaurant facilities to its customers and clients. The company has less than 10000 employees working under it. The company currently has John Bettin as its Chief Executive Officer, Ray Holden as its President and also Phil Hickey as its Chairman.

Miller’s Ale House provides its services on a wide range of restaurant facilities which include seafood, steak, zingers, chicken, hamburgers, homemade desserts, pasta, salads, sandwiches, alcoholic beverages and also craft beer as well.

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  • Ruth harvey says:

    We dined at miller ale house on Kendall in Miami fl last night. It was not a very good experience. We have dined there since it first opened. Last night there was 4 of us. 3 of us ordered assorted burgers, one of us ordered a zinger wrap and salad. We got there at 6.00 p.m., waitress took our order, we didn’t get our food until about 6.50, all the food was cold. We saw the waitress serve customers that came in after us their food. We asked for the manager, she came and said that should have not happened. When we entered the restaurant, there was no one at any of the tables, we were told the waitress forgot to put our order in.we couldn’t eat much of the food since cold fries and burgers are not very good, the manager didn’t charge us, but that really didn’t make up for lousy service and cold food. Also, my daughter wanted to substitute something and they said no substitutions. This is no way to win customers or for then to return. I just letting you know this place needs improvement. Thank you

  • Lenore Foss says:

    In reading my comment, I said the most terrific food I have ever had.
    It should have said, the most awful food I have ever had.

  • Lenore Foss says:

    I just returned from dinner at the new Millers Ale House in N. Lakeland, Fl.
    I have been to many of your restaurants & have always had great service & delicious food.
    Today, however, was the most terrific food I have ever received. I ordered 1/2 rack of ribs that were dry, no honey barbecue sauce on ribs, tough & could not even tear them apart. I asked the waitress for honey barbecue sauce & was in DISBELIEF when I was charged for the sauce. Never in my years has any restaurant charged EXTRA for a dab of sauce.
    There were 10 of us attending & the complaints were not good.
    The worst thing was, the MANAGER BLAMED THE WAITRESS ‘TEJA’ for all the problems. It was not her fault & SHAME ON THAT MANAGER. He should go through Personnel Training Management & learn to shoulder the Blame himself.
    My group will NOT BE BACK.

  • Sarah says:

    We (8 adults and a one year old baby) visited the Miller’s Alehouse on Gulf Drive in Ft. Myers, FL today. We were celebrating our daughter’s birthday. We have been here lots of times over the years. Never have we experienced such an unbearable time. There was no air conditioning! This is Florida! We were told it has been broken for two weeks. The poor baby was sweating horribly.

    This is a very poor way to run a business where people are trying to eat.

    The ONLY good thing was the food! No complaints about the employees. They were handling the problem as well as they possibly could.

  • Donna Brissette says:

    I will never go to Miller’s ale House ever again I had the worst experience with Francis and Megan both managers at the Kissimmee location
    I placed in to go order and ask for no mushroom plus I had a previous credit for zingers upon returning home find that there were mushrooms and I paid for the zingus I immediately called and Megan said she would credit my card back I told her I’d paid cash she said she would speak to the manager that was going to be on the following day I went in to pick up the cash for the zingers and the pasta dish and Francis the manager is texting Megan back and forth then he goes in the kitchen to make the food I was just there to pick up my refund both of them are morons and should not be managing any restaurant plus prior to this incident I went in to get a apple pear martini twice they did not have the correct ingredients to make one if you should take it off your menu horrible horrible experiences every time I’ve been to that restaurant.. they need to hire a management who can solve a simple problem
    Plus I also waited 40 minutes when I went in to get my refund something that should have taken 3 minutes
    Bottom line their customer service sucks and so don’t the two manages they should be fired
    Left there with no food and no refund…
    Problems still not solved!

  • Jonathan Brown says:

    Your OBT Florida Mall location has no understanding of customer service. I ordered curbside service. I arrived on time and checked in at 1130am. I waited 15 minutes and nothing. I finally went inside and the waiter said, ‘Oh, your order is over here at the counter’. I asked for a manager, but none came out. I waited another 5 minutes. Nothing. I looked at the ticket and the order was completed at 1121am, but no one bothered to let me know. Then, 3 different dippings that I paid for were not in the bag. What is wrong with your staff and the lack of care? I use to like your company but now will tell everyone how awful that store’s customer service was. By the way, answer your phones.

  • Patty says:

    Please PLEASE please open up a restaurant in St Augustine Florida!! I have to drive an hour to Jacksonville or an hour to Daytona 😩 I’m begging!!!

  • Barry Shaw says:

    I would like to mention that Daniel the manager at the Lady Lake store is wonderful. She is nice cooperative and I know she’s under pressure but she’s always nice and helpful. She’s one of the reasons I go back every week I wanted to have this recognition for her Barry Shaw

  • raymond calarco says:

    How does the company run out of beer on July 4th weekend mcaulter no excuse for that this happened to me once also in The Villages this time it happened in Clermont very disappointed

  • L Geh says:

    Your Coral Springs store is horrible. We were there last night ( this was a place we all use to hang out in at least 2 x’s a week) it’s dirty, bathrooms are nasty. Dinning room had all kinds of things on the floor. My husband even made the comment that it felt dirty and we weren’t going back. It’s sad it use to be the place to go. Friday night use to be a wait, hardly anyone in there.

  • Teresa says:

    I would like to suggest a location for a new Ale House in Jacksonville, Florida. I think it would be a great location. I live on the Northside in the Oceanway area we have had tremendous growth over the last few years. There is a plaza already built and ready for occupancy and they are leasing now . It’s at I-295 and Alta Rd. Thanks for the consideration.

  • VB says:

    The store on western branch blvd in Chesapeake va has an employee on shift this morning who is very rude. I had to speak to the manager.

  • D G says:

    That’s not the corporate number! That’s for a specific location! Please get the correct contact information!

  • Louis Goetz says:

    Not happy just came from Hollywood location and even though there were at least 10 empty booths we were told by a very indifferent greater that we could only sit a high top because they didn’t have the servers. How can you be seated at one section and not another?

  • Jayne says:

    My husband and I spent over $60 only to both get food poisoning from your lady lake branch.
    I contacted them via email and Ted sent me an email back to say he could not contact me as I gave him the wrong telephone number!
    I re gave him the same number the one I have had for 4 years and he still has not contacted me.
    extremely bad management I do expect better!! I do expect compensation!

  • Mike Kahn says:

    Had a poor experience at your lady lake restaurant. Engaged the manager, a young woman, about the wait time on our order. She initially came by to see if all was well, I am sitting there with my arms folded, glaring at her while she is interacting with other women. She finally comes over I say we have been waiting a very long time. She takes off, then our order arrives. 1 hour and a half at millers is too long. But, the manager’s response was it has only been 47 minutes. Well, she never made an effort to comfort me. I am a very easy customer. Nevertheless, she never made an effort to make me feel as though it was a one time occurrence; first, she was defensive and then offensive in her response. It should have been a positive interaction but it was not. Poor managerial etiquette. 352-817-1574. Thanks

  • Donna Vazquez says:

    I enjoy eating there and do so often.however the ladies room is never well taken care of.This is the one in Colonial Square in Orlando.The handicapped is often out of soap and towel dispencer does nt work there is always toilet paper on the floor There was a toilet not working for weeks.No toilet paper in the holder.I have to wash my hands in handicapped area and then search for paper towels in the other area.I am not one who complains but this has been going on for too long and needs to be fixed.This needs to be someones priority.

  • Beavis says:

    Don’t apply at millers at LBV because the kitchen manager Michele is not very nice she got me fired bc she didn’t understand my autistic autism people personally I think she needs to take psychology class again pay attention. she was rude disrespectful interrupts conversation when your talking people she demanding I think she should be fired.

  • Bob Braverman says:

    Millers was one of my favorite restaurants. You need to fire the upper management for allowing this store to go down hill. First of all you don’t even recognize the store built more than a year ago. Not in your addresses. That’s an IT problem. We go a few times a month and my son goes 2-3 times a week. The quality of the food has dropped to a new low. We went tonight and waited 40 min for the food to come out at the bar. Music blaring but no food. Our bartender Travis was great he was always looking for our food. When we finally received it, it was cold. Cheese was hard not melted on both of our orders. I talked to the manager and he apologized and helped us out. He can’t do it all. Corporate needs to send executives everyday to another store to really see what’s going on. The place I falling apart and of you can’t keep managers or employees someone needs to figure out why. Read your own blogs about your stores. I can see why you have a google rating of 1.6 stars out of 5!!!! I could go on but know one is listening at Corp anyway. You make money dispite of yourselves.

  • Richard Kammarada says:

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    Gift card 6006 4938 6676 6078 439 pin 1999
    There are a total of 12 $10 gift cards.
    I can send you all the $10 gift cards if needed.
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  • James says:

    Me and my wife went to the Champions Gate location in Davenport FL and had the worst Server/bartender ever. We sat at the inside bar and Vanessa attended us. At first she was very nice and attentive but after she gave us the wrong drinks and we told her we didn’t ordered that she completely changed her mood. She did not pay attention to us at all. The bar was pretty full and she was attentive to everyone else but us, we waited very long for next rounds of drinks and for extra sauce. She didn’t bother to ask if we needed anything else or how the food was or for more drinks she completely ignored us. Ernesto noticed we was very uncomfortable and he offered to help with drinks and extra sauce. Being in the customer service business that’s not how you treat customers who go there to have a good time and especially who pay for food and drinks. My wife was so upset that we asked to talk to a manager. Connie the Manager was not very helpful at all and unprofessional. I started to explain to Connie what happened and not even 2 minutes passed when Connie received a personal call from her cell phone, she quickly told us ” sorry but I have to take this call” , we patiently waited and when she was done she asked me for my receipt and highlighted an email for me to file the complaint, both Connie and Vanessa should not be employed for a customer service business. We will not be going back after this experience.

  • thomas bandl says:

    On December 7 2022 me my wife and daughter went to the Miller’s in Lake Grove NY. I ordered a steak salad and my daughter ordered steak on a stick with pot stickers . The steak in bolth orders was like eating leather and not one piece was edible.
    I went into the men’s room to find the soap dispenser off of the wall laying on top of the sink with paper towels all over the place. The bathroom has two paper towel dispensers that were empty. I have pictures if anyone is interested.
    We have been going to Miller’s 2 to 3 times a month spending $100 on average each time. This last visit is our last from this experience.

  • Linda says:

    On Saturday, Nov. 26, my husband and I went to Miller’s in Lady Lake for lunch at approximately 3-3:15 PM. We have been to Miller’s in the past and have had a good meal however the past two times have been a huge disappointment.
    I ordered the “Chicken and Pear Salad” and when it arrived it looked nothing like the picture on the menu. The pears were cubed and there was NO chicken on the salad.
    Our server was nowhere to be found, she took and delivered our drinks but after that we did not see her until it was time for her to give us the check. I had to go to the hostess station and asked to speak to the manager. When the manager arrived she told me that the picture on the menu is outdated, the pears are now cubed and the salad did not come with chicken(Even though the menu listed it as “Chicken and Pear Salad. ” ) After she said the salad did not come with chicken she said ” the kitchen must have forgotten to put the chicken on ” and brought me a plate of dried out chicken.
    Sorry to say but I do not think we will be returning to Miller’s.
    The last time we went to Miller’s we walked out because we were not being waited on so we tried again, big mistake.
    I filled out the Guest Feedback at Millersalehousefeedback.com
    which stated “someone would contact me in 48 hours”. It has been it was a week and a second complaint before someone call back.
    I was unable to answer the call at that (850-463-2840)time. When I called back (15 minutes) later My call went to voicemail and I was not able to leave a message due to a problem with their voicemail. The call was Sunday Dec.4 at 11:50 AM, I also sent a text and Im still waiting to heard back from someone at Miller’s

  • JackMiller says:

    Roach was in my pasta… Northlake location in West palm Florida

  • JackMiller says:

    Horrible. My plate of food tasted and looked like something served in your local prison

  • Michael Dirienzo says:

    The food was terrible on my last visit. You can contact me if you like but just was not good quality. Spent a good amount of money we expect better….

  • Anonymous outer says:

    Schaumburg Miller Ale House in IL. Hmmm? I will get straight to it. Went several times to have dinner with friends, and family and this was and will be the last time I will go here. There are several servers and bartenders that are amazing. Especially one girl with long beautiful brownish maybe black curly hair J, been there for quite some time now from what I have seen everytime I have visited on weekends. Every time we have gone there she is on point, and does both serving and bartending so well AMD smooth. She is naturally genuine. J knows how to handle all sorts of customers making one feel welcomed and appreciated. As for Management and these so called “responsible men”, that run restaurant…now this is totally different. They make sexual comments to servers and when and if an employee has asked one of the them to handle an issue these are the responses we have heard more than once. “Tell that table to lick my ass with a spoon.” (Mgr Tim) “Tell the table get fucked” seems like his favorite saying, (Mgr Tim). I can go on and on but sure you get the point. This is so unprofessional and uncalled for. I say this is if you don’t like your job then go get one you do and stop talking like that to young staff who are doing their jobs while you slack doing yours using this vulgar language that makes people not want to come back to this place to eat with others to only pass embarrassment of experiencing this type of Management. Place needs new Management more professional, and staff/people friendly. Time to clean his act. Someone needs to call higher ups! Wonder if corporate is like this too, and why its happening? Hmmm 🤔

  • Server says:

    I recently got fired at the Lancaster PA facility. I feel that I was treated very unfairly it was only my second week serving there on my own and I was doing really great. One day a fill in manager came and there was an incident in where he ended up telling my boss something and the next day I walked in and they asked me what happened and I told them and they said that’s not what we heard you’re fired, I was never given a chance to explain myself, or have my side of the story even heard. As a young adult, this puts me in a really tough situation as well.

  • Rob says:

    how do i learn about new locations opening in 2023?

  • rachel wittmore says:

    dawsonville millers. i wish i had good things to say about management. they treat their servers & bartenders very poorly. servers & bartenders run this location & get no credit or encouragement whatsoever. do better management.

  • Servantorserver? says:

    I have worked for millers for awhile now. The staff was promised a bonus at our one year and it still hasn’t been given. The corporate continues to push it back. It seems as if they hope for us to quit so they don’t have to write as many checks. I am very disappointed in how the Dawsonville location treats its employees the management turn over is ridiculous. We lost our favorite managers before the year was even over. What is millers going to do about it? So far nothing.

  • Ruth Cureton says:

    We went Monday night for ribs the one on irlo Bronson hwy in Kissimmee across from rock and brew. 1st thing pretzel came out burnt they did take it back the salads were messed up waited a 1/2 hr for salad waited over 1 hr for dinner there was 5 of us. Talked to 3 different managers one was the chef too the waiter was terrible messed up the orders he even read it back to us. We have been there many times very disappointed. Finally they asked if we wanted dessert on them and 3 of us got it. It was not busy we were there by 5:20 didn’t get out of there to about 7:40 that’s a very long time. I just think you should know about this. In fact they had some new people at a table that I guess they were training them we sat right near them.

  • Kelly Martin says:

    I will start off by saying this as I sadly always do.. Gainesville Florida’s Ale House is like a Box of Chocolates you NEVER know what you will get! So I guess when you need to go here is when the Big Boss is in the restaurant, other wise save your time and money and go somewhere else in town. When the Chicken Scampi Pasta came out that was the first time I had it. It was AMAZING BUT the Upper management was in, saying this I had it my last visit and OMG it was horrible, it was pasta with a bunch of sloppy, runny sauce with alot of cheese on top!!! I did box it up just to bring it home and toss it. Sadly the GM was in the kitchen that night working. My husband had his usual Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and that was one starved chicken that they put on his plate!! I have seen deli meat thicker than that! THE ONLY REASON we go to this location is for a handfull of servers, they are amazing and wonderful.
    Reading these reviews below we are not the only ones with endless problems at your restaurant in general! I do have pictures of the food that was sent out to us and will share with you once I am contacted, since there is no place to upload them on here.
    As stated above.. Ale House is like a Box of Chocolates YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WILL GET..

  • Steve says:

    St. Pete alehouse has the rudest girls I have ever encountered, my daughter and I went through the wrong exit when leaving and some rude fat girl made a comment to my daughter asking her if she was lost.
    My 8 year old ask if we did something wrong, discussting people at this place.
    PS. Never ask if we were hungry!!!!!

  • Jose Rodriguez says:

    Very upset with the service at Miller’s Ale House in university Blvd. Been calling for pick up orders there since I work for full Sail university and today, after being a client for many years, was treated like excrement. This is the last time I will be stepping in the establishment, if the clients opinion don’t matter to you then yours don’t matter to me. Goodbye, and remember that customers are the backbone of the restaurant business and word of mouth travels fast.

  • Yolanda Falcone says:

    On July 15, 2022 I tried to place an order online at your Hollywood Fl location, as they are no longer taking phone orders. The site would not accept my address, which is approximately 1/4 mile from the restaurant.
    The manager was of no help what so ever. I was told “yeah, there’s nothing I can do about it” I then placed an online order for pickup. I ordered zingers, mild buffalo. I went in the pouring rain to pick up my order and upon return found my order incorrect. I received zingers with honey bbq. When I called them, I was told “well you need to return the original order.” No apology, nothing. I work in the corporate arena and don’t have the luxury of leaving the office twice to pick up lunch and certainly not going to do so in the pouring rain.

    We frequent Millers Ale House in Hollywood often. Our CEO has many one on one meetings with community partners and frankly, the Ale House serves exceptional food. Whether we order for take out or eat in.

    HOWEVER, your customer service is lacking in many ways. I am reporting the issue with your website as I have a feeling your staff won’t. Not sure if you are aware that a whole new restaurant/bar/shopping plaza (Dania Pointe) has opened up across the plaza from the Ale House in Hollywood. There are plenty of restaurants that serve wonderful food and provide great customer service. If Ale House staff doesn’t step it up, they’ll be stepping out, permanently…

  • Sandra says:

    We frequently go to your restaurant. Food is great. We went just now father’s day with a few if our friends which we do frequently. Your special for Father’s day was prime rib $15.99. Most of us were going to order this. The waitress said “no prime rib was another day. I said know here it is on your website. She asked manager who said not until 4:00. This was very disappointing because we came a distance. Nothing was even offered to us for our inconvenience. I feel this was false advertisement. Very disappointed.

  • No name says:

    Been in food industry since I was 12. Still in it. We serve same portions of eating in or out. Everything is consistent. However alehouse if ordering out they cheat you. Have many photos to prove this. Also bought extra so I could eat. That always comes out wrong. Why go?????
    We spend hundreds of dollars on just alcohol and then we order food and every time we order food to go especially it’s not right we get little tiny portions it’s ridiculous and then when I’m sitting there and I see somebody who ordered the same thing I did like the chicken parm alfredo the chicken itself is overpouring the plate and when I get it it’s a little tiny 2×2 example like tonight I ordered the big red with no bun I got a little two by two if I would have ordered it with the bun in there I probably would have gotten the 6×6

  • Jo says:

    Received an email for “Free Zingers” with $20 purch. Clicked order and added 4 items. Added promo code “Freezingers” and it said “doesn’t qualify”. Picked out an item with the word “Zingers” at the beginning. But, apparently not all “Zingers” are equal, except for the word “Zingers”, which led me to believe the “Zingers” were free. I guess the corporate heads love to mislead for fun and profit. Ya, no Miller’s for me.

  • Amanda Wesson says:

    The wait staff and food are great at the St. Cloud location but the manager, Shawn, is HORRIBLE! I visited last Thursday and left my debit card. I called Friday as soon as they opened and asked them to hold my card ’til the following Wednesday because I live in Sanford and can’t get back to St. Cloud before that. I told the girl on the phone that all my bills/paycheck are set up on this debit card so PLEASE don’t throw it out, I WILL BE THERE! She said she would hold it. I showed up today, Wednesday, at lunch to pick it up and the girl I spoke to apologized to me stating that the manager, Shawn, had cut it up. I asked to speak to him. When he finally came out, he had this “oh well” attitude. Shawn said there may have been a note on my card to not throw it out but he didn’t see it …? Then he said he mailed it back to the bank. I told him I wanted his boss’s phone number and when he brought that back I told him I want the address where he sent my debit card to. He then said he mailed it to his corporate office and I could get that address from his boss, Erick Stevens. I asked him why Erick should have to give it to me when he was the one who fucked up and his response was that I was the one who fucked up because I left my card here. If I had a dollar for every time he shrugged his shoulders, my lunch would have been more than paid for! He offered no sincere apology, no here’s a gift card to show you how sorry I am for ignoring the note on the card and shredding, I mean mailing your card back to the bank, I mean back to the corporate office… NOTHING! Just kept shrugging his shoulders and telling me I was unprofessional for saying that he fucked up! I don’t work there, I DON’T HAVE TO BE PROFESSIONAL! And maybe if you acted like you gave 2 shits that your thoughtless actions just screwed me over or seemed to sincerely be regretful I wouldn’t have pointed out how YOU FUCKED UP!I left Erick Stevens a message, let’s see if he can do better!

  • Eugene gerber says:

    What a joke .millers is salad dry.flat bread flat.sat next to load kid.will not be back
    Store068. Time210pm date 4 15 22
    Gift card8255

  • Kelly says:

    Trying to get together with colleagues in a group of 7 at the North Riverside location. The one party table had been occupied since 3 pm when we came in at 8 and the party was down to 4 people. Hostess was great as were wait staff but when a text was sent saying our table was ready when it wasn’t we asked for a manager. My group of 7 were no longer understanding. It’s one thing to have a policy of not asking them to clear the “party” table and move to a smaller table but the manager could have solved the problem of his servers losing out as you turned parties away and had no space for those waiting. Instead he was unable to even speak clearly to explain the problem and had no apology or solution to offer. His hostess bent over backwards to seat us at newly available tables near each other and as we went to sit down the manager said to me I can’t have him being rude to my wait staff speaking of one of the membersof our party. This was both uncalled for and a stereotypically racist response. Why can’t a Black man be upset and vocal without being looked at as someone to fear or control. We almost left without eating because of the racial undertones of his treatment. What saved it was the manager disappeared and the staff stepped up and were finally able to address customer needs.

  • Kam says:

    Hello, My husband has work for Ale house for over a year and he’s treated so badly with management trying to write him up cause he gets mad easily because managers pick on him I’ve seen it with my own eyes it is disgusting how these people treat their employees threatening them and making fun of them calling them retard I’m filling a complaint cause your server sucks over at Your store by the airport in Orlando they’re so rude to their employees and customers. You need to do a whole re hiring of managers! This place is outrageous.

  • Dawn says:

    we where a group of 8.We were told it would be a 50 minute wait ok but it ended up be 1and 1/2 hours we got seated waited for waitress to wait on us 15 minute’s then tookour drink order 10-15 minute’s later it comes she took our order waited 20-25 minutes Onion soup comes half fulled sent it back. Came back out cheese was not melted sent back. dinners started to come out my ribs were ice cold sent it back 20minute’s later come out dry but hot still waiting for soup. some one ordered burger with fry onion 3 onion slices. mean wail still waiting on soup we all finished dinner then soup show’s up. waited 25 minute’s for check. need less to say our waitress was MIA all night until she brought the check and it was wrong had to wait to get it fixed 10minute’s later she brought it back. was very disappoint. if this is how you run the franchise there is a big promblem. could not talk to manger because he was cooking.i would like some one get back to me.610-800-9038

  • Pepper says:

    Comments about the Orlando Miller’s Ale House – Store #032. Visit Monday evening, January 24, 2022. Arrival 6:45 p.m. I wrote on the actual form, but it would not let me type more than 1200 characters. I would like to say this is the first time I have been disappointed in Miller’s Ale House, but it is not. As a matter of fact, on this evening, I was using a gift card a previous manager had given me for some issues from a recent visit. We called ahead to ensure that the Ale House would be able to provide service to a party of 14. It was our friend’s birthday and we all wanted to be able to sit together to celebrate. They said it would be no problem. We were mushed together with two tables that are equipped to sit 12 with a chair on one end. We asked if we could have another table added that had emptied near us, but were declined and had to move part of our party to a booth, which kept us from all being together for a bday celebration. The waiter took our orders and as he did, I asked, would you like to know who is on which check? He said, he would figure it all out at the end… then changed his mind and said, okay I should do that now. We told him who was on our check of three people, but he took one order from our party and then moved down the line. (This was the first mistake – not listening and not taking the people on that check’s order at the same time.) We ordered and it took our food over an hour before it arrived. Half of the food orders were cold, but we ate it anyhow because it was getting late. Several ended up just asking for boxes to take it home so they could heat it up and eat the next day. I will say the young man waiting on us did check on us often, but it was evident he was struggling. While we waited on our food, I watched several other tables who had arrived long after we arrived, order and then get their food. We later found out this young man was new. I struggle with the fact that they were allowing him to sink and no one was coming to help him. Then it was time to pay our bills. Huge debacle. It took him 30 min. to prepare the first batch of bills. All wrong. Again, I tried to help him by tell him who was on each order and what we ordered. He shook his head as though he understood, but again started asking people what they ordered out of order. Therefore, another 20 minutes goes by and he comes out with our checks- again wrong. A girl came out and tried to get our checks right, but again.. wrong. The manager finally came out and after an hour and 15 minutes, we finally got our checks. We were finally leaving close to 10:30 in the evening. 3 1/2 hours! I would like to say that the manager was sincere with his apology for our wait, but I didn’t truly get that feeling. Quite honestly, he is lucky that we all just didn’t get up and walk out as long as it took to get our bills. I did question him about a side salad that was ordered with the 35 shrimp entree. We were charged full price for the side salad, but usually it is a little bit cheaper when you order it as an add on to the meal. The manager told me that unfortunately, they would have to upcharge the salad. It was late… I was tired….. I was upset….so I just paid the bill. He offered nothing for all the issues that we had just endured. It was complete and utter chaos and I am blown away by how it was all handled. Needless to say, one of my favorite go-to restaurants has quickly become one that I may not ever visit again. I am not sure what is happening and why this restaurant is so on the decline, but it seems that each visit, whether it is a to go order or to dine in, always has some kind of issue that the management team is having to apologize for.

  • Don Miller says:

    I was a customer to Millers Ale House in Tampa on 1/06/2022 at 2:36 , and our server was Michael at the bar area of the restaurant. He gave good service , and we left happy. I left Michael a nice cash tip and I thought all was fine. I look at my bank statement and I was over charged 5.68 for an additional tip someone must have put on my tab. I called the manager Michael Dishman and I explained my issue , and he said he would adjust my bill, and that I would see the correction in a week or by the end of the week on my checking account. Well no change has happened. It’s not like this 5.68 cents is gonna break me but now its the principle of the thing now getting lied to by management when you confront them. I called corporate office now twice , and I’m waiting for them to fix the issue. There is obviously some stealing going on with no manager who cares. Beware when you go into this location you better check your bill.

  • Paula Farmer says:

    I ordered a to go and one of my meals was missing. The Mgr offered to give me a gift card for the exact amt of the. I told him for the inconvenience the should be comped with a refund. I was told he couldn’t do. I was a regular at this restaurant , not anymore

  • Diane says:

    we were a party of 10 new years eve was told no reservations required and to come on down it was slow we waited 2.5 hrs. kiss. fl….we were 6 mins. away doesn’t make any sense…..received drinks after the food was served and appetizer at the same time food was served….food was being served by a grubby man in plain clothes wearing a hat and bringing food to the wrong tables….menu options were sold out and received my steak dinner when everyone was done eating and waiting to leave…..waited for check over an hr. hand written because they couldn’t get the receipts out of the register never was so disappointed like this service and hostess were rude and disrespectful and manager was useless to talk to…..our new years eve was a total flop that we went home to bed we were with 3 kids and a baby that was also miserable nearly 3 hrs. sitting in a rest. not counting 2.5 hr. wait…..wrote this complaint to the manager monday afternoon and still have not heard back from them….

  • Robert says:

    I purchased a $100 gift certificate last week which was to include 2-$10 additional cards at no cost. I received the $100 card in the mail but nothing else. I have tried to call the number that I was given by one of your locations-407-547-1120 but all I get is a recording to leave a message.
    There was no reason for me to purchase this without the incentive and I would like to get some help here.

  • Lou Luciani says:

    Good Morning,

    My name is Lou, a customer at Miller’s Ale House in Levittown, Nassau County, NY.

    I arrived with approximately 30 guests (neighborhood reunion get together of 50-60 year old guys) and was accommodated by the manager Lance, who was very helpful and accepting of such a large group.

    He set up an area for our group and we were served by hosts: Steve and Angela, both of whom did an excellent job bringing food and drinks. Steve was terrific as he handled most of our four hour stay. Angela helped the last hour and was good too.

    This is the eight year that we have brought this group to Miller’s Levittown, and was our best experience.

    We will, hopefully, be returning year after year.

    Our compliments to Lance, Steve, and Angela.

    If you have any questions feel free to reach me at 1 (917) 561-1011.

    Thank you!

  • Steve Black says:

    We sat in the garage door section of Miller’s tonight. Had a nice dinner but it was freezing !
    The outside temp had dropped to 54 degrees and inside it had to be 59 degrees near the open door. So at our request and a great deal of back and forth they completely closed the door but within 5 minutes we noticed it was too warm.
    Has anyone thought about regulating the room by PARTIAL closure of the garage door ? It’s obvious nobody at your Villages store has given it a thought.
    Clients shouldn’t have tell a manager to TRY TO regulate between 65-78 degrees. His defense was that the staff was moving around and didn’t notice and we were the first to complain.

  • Donna Blecha says:

    The worst! We have given Miller Ale House in North Riverside, IL way too many tries. At least 4/5 times.
    Each time soooo disappointed. Tonight was the last time! Philly Steak was soooo overcooked! Service was soooo slow! Complained to the mgr walking around. You have lost our business forever, even though you are a local chain restaurant for us. Nope! Never again. Such poor quality. We think they microwave their dishes. Yucky!!!! 🤢

  • Rodney L Chambers says:

    To whom it concern can you guys please bring back the donuts on the desert menu please???? Thanks

  • Edwin Arenas says:

    Have a very very bad experience in one of your restaurants today 10/08/21 with one of your employees

  • Sharon DeLoach says:

    Sadly I went to the Miller’s Ale House in Gainesville FL about 20 minutes ago. When we enter through the out side bar I sId to my husband that it smelled like a wet stinky mop. We went inside thinking it would be better but it was worse than our side. They had just opened and it did look like they cleaned up from the night before. Very disappointed. We left without ordering any thing. Miller’s used to be so nice. Please address this issue.

    • Jose says:

      They dont care about the guess any more they take the cleaning crews away and put they own employees to clean thas why smell like shit all the millers will start smelling like tha

  • AngelJade Austin says:

    I visited Milkers Ale House in Philadelphia Pa ,on August 19,2021 .The Prime Rib was full of pepper I am allergic to.prpper it makes me very Ill for days . To here is no indication on the menu as a law you must list this ingredient due to dietary restrictions .My bill was $74.00 I did get another dinner after I sent it back .Please update your menus with the ingredients .I did not want the fried shrimp though it was good . It was my birthday and I already had a bad day this just was the bad icing on the cake getting a peppered up prime rib .

  • Robinlee says:

    It is a shame to have to add to the comments below, however I too was a loyal customer at least once a week.
    Placed an order online, like I have done in the past. Got to the parking lot, the guy came out took my name and 15 minutes later still waiting in my car. I called and they said we have nothing for you, you must have did the order at another location.
    I go inside and nothing they are all standing around, I asked what is going on they said again no order. I started to walk away and happen to look over and sure enough there is a bag with my name.
    Get home and everything is as cold as could be. Very disappointed in the over all service and lack of concern.

  • John pardie says:

    It’s time for Miller’s Ale House in the “Hollywood location of Florida” to get new bartenders, real nasty stuck up people they think they’re high-end and their noses are up in the air especially “Mabel”she must go very rude and very arrogant, her co-workers are not better , wake up Millers it’s time to clean house ! I won’t be coming back and I’ll put the word out to !


    I am extremely disappointed in the no mask rule for customers. This virus is still NOT gone

  • Beth says:

    I already saw a comment like this but now after 4 days and no one contacting me back I guess the 48 hours is just a joke ! Dirty place old bridge NJ

  • Michael Granshaw says:

    I just want to say the service at the Commack Millers Ale house is spectacular and I just want to say the cooks do a great job. We probably come once a week and it’s always great. Managers & staff are always nice. Watching the cooks through the window you can definitely see they work hard. Thanks for locating near my house.

  • Robert McNinch - United Printing & Promotional says:

    I was under a crazy deadline for artwork, and Arlene Hard at the Corporate HQ made my day!! Thank you for being so responsive. I can now meet our deadline for our event here in Las Vegas, NV!

  • Nathaly G. says:

    After a horrible dinner experience in Newark DE from Deidra (bartender) I was contacted by an assistant manager Shelly or Shelby (can’t remember). The A.M. apologized for the way I was completely ignored by the bartender because Deidra was more concerned about closing rather then attending to her customers. The A.M. asked for my address & to give Miller’s Ale House another chance to make things right. She promised to send me a gift card. The A.M. said I should receive it within 4 to 5 business days- however, I never received it. Called to make her aware that I never received the gift card & she seemed bothered & assured me that I would receive another one in the mail in the next few business days. Sorry to tell you but I was let down once again. I was a consistant customer until I was treated poorly & lied to by a manager.

    Miller’s Ale House WAS one of my favorite restaurants for me & my husband because it’s literally 5 minutes away from home. But being as though my loyalty as a customer is not valued I will not be coming back & will pass the word along for anyone that asks me about this poorly managed restaurant.

    More then likely this comment will be completely ignored but this chain of restaurants has to do better in treating their customers with respect & hire people with professional customer service skills.

    Thanks for not living your values,
    A pissed off customer!

  • Van Kalinoski says:

    On Jan 30 2020 we were a Miller Ale House 055 Kissimmee check # 264885, filled out a survey and I was to receive a coupon with in 48 hours for my next visit. We enjoyed our visit very much, great food, Amanda B. reall took good care of us and nice a convenent from were we a vocationing. We are looking forward to going back. Maybe I didn’t fill out the survey right, but we never received any coupon or didn’t hear anything.
    763-639-9760 cell

  • helga says:

    they sell you bonus coupons and close the branch down a week later…. totally disgusting
    . the next branch is too far away to get to ‘

  • gordon kistler says:

    I like the way they say we will get back to you in 48 hours but they never do, stay away from millers they false advertise on their menue and their food really sucks and is of very very poor quality.

  • Lisa says:

    Horrific service and poor management!!

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