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  • Address: 4280 Professional Center Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 561-383-3000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: April 20, 1956
  • Founder: Nate H. Sherman
  • Key People: Alan Feldman

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Alan Feldman

President & CEO

About Midas, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1956. The company has been currently active for more than 63 years now. The founder of this company is Nate H. Sherman. The company was initially started by opening its first store in Macon, Georgia. The company had around 426 locations by 1966. In the year 1972, the company was bought by IC Industries and renamed itself to Whitman Corporation. Besides mufflers, Midas also began to provide brake services to its customers in 1979. In 2012, Midas was acquired by the TBC Corporation and was taken as a private company. Currently, Midas has around 2500 locations across the whole world. Headquarters: 4280 Professional Center Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, USA.

Midas is an American company which mainly focuses on providing the best automotive services to its clients and customers. The company has around 1000 employees working under it. The company has Alan Feldman as its current President and CEO. As of 2011, the revenue generated by the company was around $183.6 million.

Midas provides its services on various types of automotive services which include suspension, tires, brake services, batteries, exhaust, air conditioning and many other types of maintenance services as well.

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  • John Smith says:

    I had routine service performed on my vehicle in July 2022. The same day I received my vehicle back, the problem was further escalated. This after I spent well over $4,700 to have the car repaired according to “their” suggestions. My vehicle was towed back to the Midas shop located on rivergate parkway in Nashville. We’re now in a NEW YEAR and my vehicle has not had ANY work done on it . I was told that I needed to probably pay an additional $2,600. “I REFUSE TO PAY ANY MORE MONEY “ , when in all actuality what I did pay was cash and even gave each attending mechanic a $50 cash tip assuming my car was repaired. The above referenced Midas shop has had possession of my vehicle for well over 5 months and that’s totally unacceptable. The money I paid to have my vehicle serviced was money that I could have just went and bought a brand new motor for ! “I DON’T WANT TO KICK UP ANY DUST, I JUST WANT MY VEHICLE REPAIRED AS I MORE THAN PAID TO HAVE IT RUNNING THE WAY IT WAS WHEN I TOOK IT TO THEM. Further, the ONLY contact with this company about my vehicle is my having to call to inquire. “NO ONE HAS EVER TOOK THE LIBERTY TO MAKE CONTACT WITH ME FROM THIS ESTABLISHMENT.
    I appreciate any and all time, attention, consideration and help you’re able to provide me in this urgent matter.


  • Ricardo Moore says:

    Vehicle brought in on a scheduled appt for an alignment and a starting issue. It has been 7 days and my car has been sitting at their store..with no call back from store regarding status or even a diagnosis. 7 DAYS..Was unable to travel for Christmas to see family waiting on call..its now 3 days after X-mas…still no response. Unbelievable…

  • Cheryl Gould says:

    I went to a Midas store in Middletown RI for a noise. The estimate turned out to be $3500 , brakes, tires, wheel bearings. So when Edwin called with the estimate, I explained I live on a fixed budget due to my disability and can’t afford this. He told me there are programs for people like me, and ask how much can i afford monthly. I told him $300. He said he could get me into that price plan. I allowed him to go ahead with the repairs. When picking up my vehicle the paperwork stated I would pay $280 every other Friday. In dealing with Tyler at the front desk he assured me it would be fixed, and noted that on the contract with his initials. After 1 month worth of phone tag, them having me apply for many other programs , and apply for part of the bill from another store as well , leaving me voicemail apologizing for there mistake, here I am still at square one making the same payments that I cannot afford. I called customer relations ( case 4274006) and no one calls back. I feel like this is fraud due to no transparency. The account I am paying on is $7500 when paid off (100% interest) , that’s not a program for someone on a fixed income. They told me one price and it turns out double what I was quoted. I was an employee of Midas at one time , we never treated our customers like this, trickery, kinda like scammers. I called your headquarters and was on hold for an hour then hung up. There has to be a way of fixing this situation so I don’t become financially ruined!!!

  • Randy Wright says:

    I went to you Rochester NH
    For a oil change the original bill 88.91 but was charged 177.82. When questioned about price the man easily took the difference off the bill making it 88.91
    On receipt it showed he put a 88.91 dollar tip
    Is this standard practice?

  • David page says:

    Hello I’m Anthony Gustafson son and I’m looking for some who can help me find out how he can talk to my dad’s dad is Gary Gustafson
    And Gary’s mom had something to do with this company and my dad was supposed to be getting something from some sort of interest or something like that and I’m trying to get some help trying to figure it out

  • Very upset says:

    I am amazed that you’ve stayed in business that long with your shop in Middletown ….unprofessionalism

  • Tracy says:

    Horrible service and feel I was taken advantage of as a single female traveling out of state with an urgent brake issue. I am from NJ but currently traveling in Washington state. Went to the Bonney Lake Midas for an estimate on front brakes, since I already had them checked and knew I needed front brakes, but the rear brakes are good. They said they would have to charge me $51 if they checked the brakes and I didn’t get the work done there, I don’t know why there isn’t a free brake inspection because it says that there is on the website! They said they would take the charge off and it would be “free” when I had the brake work done. So they come back after looking at my car and said I need front brakes and rotors too, which I accepted. Then they gave me an outrageous estimate for over $700, think it was around $750 (nothing in writing). I said that was very high and I have never paid that much for front brakes before on my car (even with rotors, it should have been under $500). I asked if there was any way to get it lower, since I am far from home in NJ and def couldn’t afford over $700 and they said no. Then they charged me $61 for NOTHING!!! So I paid $61 just for them to say I needed front brakes… which I already knew and said when I walked in!! I intended to have the brake work done there that day, but not at that outrageous price … so even though it says “free brake inspection” promo now, it is not! They even charged me a materials fee when no work was even done on my car! They are a total scam… so disappointed in Midas, they wasted my time & money and they totally took advantage of me knowing I was far from home and in a desperate situation. I have gone to other locations of Midas in the past with no issues ever! But Bonney Lake Midas totally ripped me off this time, do not go there! Total Scam! 👎

  • Tammy Ash says:

    I have a 2005 Toyota Scion at the Midas in Iowa City, and they have had it for over 2 weeks! it needed a new clutch. The tech broke a bolt, is what i was told only to find out 2 days later, it was something major! the entire engine was taken to a machine shop almost a week later, because of the balancer! i have been lied to since day 2 of what exactly they did when they “broke a bolt”, and getting the run around on when it will be done. now when i call, they put me on hold for over 10 minutes and never come back to the phone. today i called and the manager Paul answered, as soon as i said my name, he never answered me and i had to hang up! i am to the point Midas will be buying my car! Or i will be contacting my lawyer!

  • Mira says:

    Columbia South Carolina Midas suck

  • Mira says:

    The Midas IM COLUMBIA SOUTH CAROLINA SUCKS MILDWOOD 29205 Bush river they always say book or take 8 hours for oil change

  • C Terry, says:

    Wow, Everyone needs to contact Consumer Affairs Department in your state, Im not sure, but in Calif., it is the states Bureau of Automotive Repair, file a complaint with your state!! If you do not get cooperation, refund, or repairs done correctly, then take them to court! That is where I am right now. Or we all need to come together and file class action!

  • Joe vespa says:

    I was a employee at the store in Springfield ill and one of the co workers stole my my stream light flash light that cost me 100 bucks

  • Ignacio Sierra says:

    6805 Bander rd, Leon Valley, TX.
    On May 19, 2022, My 19 yr old so was told by a mechanic and the lady at the counter that his “engine timing” was off and that the engine was deteriorating. That would cost too much to fix so he needed to buy a new engine for $2100. He then called me and I also talked to the lady and she told me the same thing, tha the engine timing was off and he needed a new engine.

    He was given no diagnostic paperwork but charged $84.31 for a diagnostic. He drove the vehicle home and we were able to look under the hood and found that the upper motor mount had a part that was breaking off and vibrating against the metal which was causing the noise near the engine. This part was $60 and was easily found if the “mechanics” would have actually gone inside the hood.

    I called again this morning and was told that the “diagnostic” did not have any errors but that the mechanics had a “special” tool that they could listen to the engine and determine that the engine timing was off and that he needed a new engine.

    My problem with the whole situation is that my son who is 19yrs old was not only charged for a diagnostic that either wasn’t performed or they just wanted to take advantage of him. He was also going to be charged $2100 for a new engine that he did not need.

    I am requested a refund of the diagnostic fee and was promised by the “General Manager” that one was going to be issued. I have attempted several times to contact GM by email and phone calls but he has continually ignored my calls and emails. He did email me at first promising a refund by as of today June 15,2022 we have yet to receive one.

  • Tricia Roby says:

    Worst place ever. Paid 2200 for them to lock my engine. Now they refuse to pay even though the dealership said the piece they fixed/connected it to is the cause. Nick calls and tells me they will refund 1100 because My car was misdiagnosed and charged me for something that didn’t need done. He says I can only get this refund That is OWED to me if I don’t sue them for the complete engine. How unprofessional!

  • Douglas Smart says:

    Contact me and I tell you what happen. Douglas Smart

  • Douglas Smart says:

    I have a complaint about one of your store service

  • John L Hathaway says:

    They are the only shop I had doing oil changes for my Honda 2015 6 cylinder since I bought it. At some point they overtightened the oil pan bolt, and put in an oversized bolt. This oversized bolt since it didn’t match the threads of the hole, just ate away at the remaining threads until the oversized oil pan bolt failed, and failed to seal up the oil pan hole, causing oil to leak out. I was lucky and was able to catch the leak before their was engine damage. About 1.5 quarts had leaked out when I got it in to Inver Grove Honda. They had to put in a new oil pan, which cost me about $960. Joseph Stranik the owner would only agree to pay me around $300. I told him to go soak his head that $300 was a ridiculously low figure. He told me I should have had Midas install the oil pan! Like I want these guys working on my car any more after they almost blew up my engine!! I have all my oil changes done at Honda now. Where I know it will be done perfectly. I am suing them in court for the damages. While they usually do a good job, they are unwilling to accept full financial responsibility for their screw ups. I will certainly never bring my cars to them to work on ever again. And if I were you, I would be very careful about having them work on your cars as well. They don’t run a very ethical business in my opinion.
    Service: Oil change

  • Fam says:

    I brought my vehicle in to have rear brakes done in Dec of 2021. After two months, my brakes started squeaking again. I brought my vehicle back in and informed Midas that the brakes were still squeaking. They then decided to clean the brakes and said they greased them and that was supposed to fix the problem, we’ll it didn’t. I brought it back and they looked at it and said the couldn’t find anything wrong with the brakes and told me it’s probably brake dust and to take my car to a self service car wash and use the power sprayer to try to spray the brake dust off. That didn’t work. Brought the vehicle back and told them “hey since I have a lifetime warranty, why don’t y’all just change out both sets of brakes?” They said the back are fine we just put them on in Dec. so they changed the front brakes. Car was still squeaking. Brought the vehicle back and told them the brakes was still squeaking and now I’m having to push my pedal damn near to the floor to stop. I told them again to change all four. They did a brake flush instead. That worked for about two or three days. So on April 21st 2022, I returned to Midas again. They then changed the back brakes and charged me 211.00 for labor on the back brakes because they said it was passed the 90 days free labor warranty. I told them well I’ve been telling y’all to change them all before the 90 day expiration on labor charges. I filed a complaint against that branch in Clarksville, TN and requested a refund for the labor charge. Stay tuned for the update!!!!!

  • jim says:

    Just took my 99 Chrysler 300 for a cooling system fluid exchange. As soon as I left, the A/C was not working. They checked the cooling system and said there was no freon. I advised it worked and has been blowing cold air. They said it was an old car and the compressor quit. They quoted over a thousand dollars for a new compressor, and then said it could be a switch at a cost of $800. I left and said I would bring it back. I checked myself and found a 10 amp fuse was blown. I called store and talked to the new manager who was working his first day and advised what happened. He didn’t seem to care. I guess they train them to rip people off. I am a retired senior and this store is in Greenwood, IN.

  • Deborah Metcalfe says:

    What if I know one of your stores has a crack head allowed to work on cars after hours? Bennington Vt.
    Vern has Nathan Calef working for him even after grand theft from the store.

  • Tanika Tyson says:

    Midas is the worst company I will never take my car back there they supposed to fix my right axle and the didn’t but took my money if I get into an accident it would be on Midas and I will be getting a lawyer

  • Monica Christopher says:

    Midas in Cincinnati Ohio on Galbraith road is NOT A GOOD SHOP! I had my trick towed there after having a minor accident that caused some damage at tire/steering area. So Paul called me & explained that there was $9500.00 in damages. And right away he wanted me to finance the $9500.00. So I call my insurance company & told them what I was told, the number to Midas & store hours. My insurance company went immediately & got the car. It was taken to a different shop & there was $1900.00 worth of damage. Now that is a HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN $9500.00 & $1900.00. Midas is a complete rip off! Then I had my oil changed there & the filter was cross threaded & all the oil leaked back out & it nearly blew up. Now what is really going on? What kind of folks does Midas hire? How certified are they? Are they even certified? Or is this how Midas trains people?

  • Scott Copper says:

    I have been going to the same store in San Antonio for 12+ years with all my cars, but the store has changed over the last few years. Took in my F150 to fix the motor to my driver seat and was told it would be ~$325. They called me back and said that wasn’t the case and I needed to spend another ~$650. Since they already charged me for the original costs, they had me. I agreed to fix, since I needed the seat to move for my kids to drive the truck. Picked up the truck and there were nasty handprints all over the seat and the side recliner handle piece was broken off. Asked the manager about it and he told me to reach out to the General Manager. A week later, the motor stopped working and I took it in multiple times to fix. After 9 months of a run-around of calling, texting and taking the truck in; they still have not repaired the broken piece or the motor and keep telling me the part is ordered. Midas corporate dispute and customer service teams says they cannot help, since it is a franchise. Not sure why you would want a franchise with the sign “Midas” on the side to treat their customers with such disregard. This is the last straw and they are losing a lot more business because they cannot seem to the repairs right or have the service to just fix their mistakes.

  • Ed Nelson says:

    On 01/31/2022 I took all 3 of my vehicles to Midas East Windsor NJ 08520 for oil changes, I was then informed that my 2016 Jeep Compass needed over $1,000.00 worth of front end wheel repairs. Seeking another opinion I took my vehicle to a qualified automotive repair shop which performed the front end wheel inspection and informed me that there was not a single thing or defect with my vehicle.
    I am insulted that this Midas shop was trying to sell me on unneeded repairs. Feel like they intended to “Rip me Off”, this is bad business and does not make the Midas corporation a favorable place to do business with. The “BBB” will be notified.
    Unsatisfied and very Unprofessional with Midas which has lost all my business with them.
    Will also consider closing my credit account with the Midas Corporation.

  • Vittorio Froggatt says:

    I went by the Midas, Hermitage, Tn to have my brakes checked! What I heard tge lady at the desk say that I only needed a brake flush for $89.99 so I said OK! Then when the work was done she presented me with $315.34? I asked why $315.34 instead of $89.99 she said she told me it needed brake pads also? I told her she only spoke and pointed to the $89.99! We went round and round until I said I feel they ripped me off! She gave the receipt for the $315.34! I would never take any cars to Midas in the future and will tell everybody who will listen! Do not have them work on your vehicle unless they tell you the bottom line!

  • H BAKKER says:

    Is there in Canada no corporate head office anymore? Please mail me at cfic2018@gmail.com

  • Luna says:

    I have had a horrible experience at the midas in folsom. I took my car in for a diagnostic and they told me the wrong thing and I got what they said was wrong fixed, it still had the same issues so I contacted midas they said go ahead and bring it back in. So I did I got an appointment at 10 am on Wednesday, I got there they said they couldn’t do anything to it for a few hours and said we should drop it off. I let them know I didn’t have a car or anyone to get me so I walked around with my 1 year old twins and 8 year old autistic son thinking a few hours shouldnt be too bad. They didn’t even look at ot till 425 and said the mechanic goes home at 4:30 so we will have to bring it back tomorrow. So we did that again they made an appointment at 10 and didn’t look at ut till 2ish. All this time they had supposedly sent some oil change receipts to my warranty company 3 times with no attachments. We yet again waited till 4:30 and still no call so we called them and said to leave ot there so we did. Saturday was the last straw I called my warranty company and still no email with the attachments so I called midas and asked them to send me the email with the attachment so I can send it to them myself. Waited 3 hours and went and got my car it is now at another automotive shop being worked on as soon as they opened. Horrible customer service! He seamed annoyed I’d call once a day to find out what was going on.

  • Joe Siciliano says:

    Andry the manager provided an excellent experience the last 2 times I was there. NEWTON, N.J office.

  • Phil says:

    Had resonator changed on my F150 and they overcharged me . After researching with other local shops it would have been $200.00 less .
    I have tried to call consumer relation number and kept me on hold for almost an hour and never answered my call ,also sent email to corporate and no answer .

    Unprofessional and Unsatisfied with Midas …Never again will I bring my vehicles to Midas .

  • George L. Sorensen says:

    -The Midas Store in downtown Billings, Mt had a coupon which could be accessed online which offered oil and oil filter changes at discounted rates. However when I called them today for an appointment they indicated they were no longer honoring the coupon which had an expiration date of sometime in October. I specifically was interested in their oil change using 0W-20 synthetic oil for something like about $56.00.
    This is a very poor business practice to put an offer out there online and then to refuse to honor it. Somebody should be sued and/or exposed to the Better Business Bureau for this practice or to the local county attorney’s office.
    George L. Sorensen
    1604 Wembly Place
    Billings, Mt. 59102
    ph. 406-781-2621

  • Tequila Malchow says:

    Recently had work done in East Greenbush ny and was charged 500 bucks for labor and no parts! How the world does that justify its self??? I will never be back ever again! I will be calling the office today to talk with someone.

  • John Day says:

    I hope this gets to the right person because I want the assistant Manager Nic Twiss in Thornton Colorado to get the credit he deserves. Most of the time I really can’t give much credibility to Mechanics these days for lots of reasons .
    Nic Twiss and his Mechanics got me back on the road with the utmost confidence in one day.
    For a couple of days before I noticed my front brakes were grinding slightly, I was in a part of town that I don’t usually travel and begin to wonder where to take my truck to get repaired. Somehow I came across the ad for Midas and decided they were just as good as anybody else. I gave them a call and ask is there any chance I could get my truck in the following day . The person that answered the phone said definitely come on in and I was there before they opened at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. At first, Nic Twiss told me that he was really busy but he would try to get me in. I returned in about four hours and noticed my truck was still sitting in the lot. I talk to Nic and he told me he had called me and there was no answer. I checked my phone and noticed he had called twice to get my OK to do the work. By that time it was noon and he said he would still try to get me in even if he had to stay overtime to get the job done. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a mechanic that told me that!
    Normally when you go into a mechanics shop only the service advisor or assistant manager will advise you on your truck status and you cannot even talk to the mechanic. Not only did I talk to Mr. Twiss after the job was done but the mechanic himself came out and did the rundown of my break problem as well as a few other minor details concerning other problems I might have in the future.
    Please advise Mr. Twiss that I thought the world of him and his crew. Of course I don’t know how are you doing things at Midas but Mr. Twiss deserves a little bit more for the great job well done.

    John Day
    16911 E. Warren pl.
    Aurora Colorado 80013

  • Chris Whitworth says:

    I spent $4300.00 at Midas on 8100 Old Seward HWY Anchorage, AK 99508 on my 97 GMC K1500 z71. All I wanted was brakes bleed and front end rebuilt and alignment and cheap shocks. They quoted me $3500 which was fine but they did not replace away bar bushings or much needed lower a arms. They a arms where so bad that they had to bend the a shock tube to fit. I got it back and just by looking I could tell the alignment was way off the a arms and sway bar bushings not replaced and the brakes went to floor and this is after they replaced new front brakes and new master cylinder. I spoke with person when dropping it off and told them it needed a professional bleeding due to air in the electric anti lock brake controller. So they upped price to $4500 and brakes still went to floor and front end actually worse and my two new front tires wher bald one flat before 50 miles. I’m was so upset I could not deal with them for a bit. This was in April and with that said I have put less than 50 or so miles on truck and I will keep posted on how they correct my issue. So far I have hopes they will be fair and decent and correct there mistakes however large and unprofessional they may have been. With that said I will keep this post updated, along with the many others I have or will write. Thank you.

  • Catherine clay I’m a customer 7738917946 says:

    I’m having problems with Midas I took my car in October 2019midas said I needed a transmission they supposedly put on that cost me $2500.00 this year I had the same problems Midas said I needed a transmissio again I paid another $2400.00 my car is still dousing the same thing that it did the first time I want my money back or an extended warranty on this one $5000.00 almost for same problem I’m 87 years old and I’ve been taken advantage of Please respond My name is Catherine clay. I’m sending a letter too!

  • Thersa wilson says:

    Hi I’m Thersa Wilson I took my car in to get it worked on. When I pick up it still did the same thing so I took it back. They said that they can’t found the problem so I picked it up and took it to another mechanic. Will Midas didn’t fixed the problem at all that they said the same thing was wrong. So the reason is I want my money back Midas didn’t work on my vehicle.

  • I will never be a guest at Midas says:

    Midas represents nothing but bullying hate on women and actually allows and encouraged sexual assault and harassment.I can’t imagine anyone anyone supporting this company. In shock as to what I seen take place in a Medford, Oregon Midas and a female employee. You represent the hate crimes against women, sexual harassment and lack every sense of a good business.

  • Kenny Chandler says:

    Jim Baker and 2 others shared a post.
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    Kenny Chandler
    taSpohhgnsahoremd16 hrs
    Had my daughter go To MIDAS
    Hendersonville today for a oil change I had taken it there 4 months ago $25.57 when I took it. $80.19 when she took it. These people will take advantage of a 16 year old girl. I went up there to complain they told me to leave or they would call the police because I was asking for there corporate number I had a seat told them to go ahead and call them then he had his tech come in and thought they would just throw me out I sit there they never would call the police.
    So I finally got up told them I would just make them famous on Facebook.
    Please repost don’t want anyone else to get ripped off here.
    Kenny Chandler
    W. Main St.
    Hendersonville Tennessee

    • Ronald DeWayne Grafton says:

      Kenny , while I know, nothings free in life , I took my 2005 Malibu into Midas on E. Euclid store . When I got my car back I could not drive 30 yards without the most God awful noise coming from the underneath of my car ? I took the car back the next day only to have them get Immediately on the defensive. Saying you think WE did something to your car ?
      There was NO NOISE like this coming from my car before hand ?
      Denial, unacceptable people !!?!

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