Where is Michaels Corporate office Headquarters

Michaels Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 8000 Bent Branch Dr, Irving, TX 75063, USA
  • Phone Number: N/A
  • Fax Number: 972-409-1645
  • Email: info@michaels.com
  • Number of Employees: 31000
  • Established: 1973
  • Founder: Michael J. Dupey
  • Key People: Carl S. Rubin, Philo T. Pappas

Michaels Headquarters Location & Directions

Michaels Headquarters Executive Team



Carl S. Rubin

Chairman of the Board & CEO

Denise A. Paulonis

Executive VP & CFO

Idalia Farrajota

Senior Vice President of Merchandising

Dennis A. Mullahy

Executive Vice President of Supply Chain & Information Technology

Philo T. Pappas

Executive Vice President of Global Sourcing Operations

Holly L. Shaskey-Platek

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Michael J. Veitenheimer

Executive VP, General Counsel & Secretary

About Michaels, History and Headquarters Information

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  • concerned says:

    Michaels just announced that all stores are getting rid of snack machines and drink machines for their breakrooms. How is the replenishment team at 3am suppoed to get the drink and food of their choice . They just emptied both machines out and is forcing employees to purchase at the front lanes . Concerned for the employees morale.

  • Elyse Skeate says:

    Shopped at your Upland, California store 4/22/22 around 2:00. I wanted to purchase Vellum paper and needed assistance. I walked the store several times looking for a staff member with no luck, but met the few customers in the store on my multiple trips. Finally waited patiently in the only cashiers line so she could call for assistance. When I asked if anyone was working the floor she responded NO. I wanted your viewers and management to know how helpful this was to me. Remember those customers I met walking the store looking for help—they went across the street to Hobby Lobby with me where we all get immediate attention. And that Vellum paper that was $2.09 per sheet at your store cost $.29 cents at Hobby Lobby. Thank you, Michael’s, for opening my eyes to a store with great customer service and substantially lower prices. Good job!!!

  • Anne Principe says:

    WOW! Michaels, Stafford
    Re: Manager, first name “CRAIG”

    Because of this one employee, I have to leave only one star since there’s no option to leave zero stars.
    The one and only person responsible for this negative review “CRAIG”, One of the managers at Michael’s in Stafford Township has caused me much anguish, embarrassment, and because of my patience and kindness I feel he has taken advantage and deliberately made a fool of me. CRAIG’S actions caused Michaels to keep $373.16 of my money from October 2021 until February 2022. All this time Michaels had my money, I had -0- to show for it. “CRAIG”, promised to do a favor which turned into a nightmare. During that time February through October I visited the store many times to speak to CRAIG, to no avail. I placed many many phone calls – again, to no avail. The few times by chance, I surprised “CRAIG” in the store, he proceeded to tell me these elaborate excuses that were blatant lies, and empty promises. Needless to say this time period had been exceedingly stressful – it was Christmas Time, wouldn’t you know, fell right in the middle of my long winter’s wait. I didn’t need to be negative $373.16 Need I say more…. During all that time, I’m made to run around visiting the store, making phone calls. Each and every time I did get to speak to him, I still thanked him, said I was patient and appreciative, until it became down right INSULTING! One encounter was one week before Christmas CRAIG Happened to be in the store (I know he didn’t know I was coming in) and again more promises. This time he claimed he would definitely have the items ready before The holidays……And then it was “February of 2022!!!”
    Need I say more.

    On February 10th, I finally gave up and I went to Michael’s for a credit of $373.16
    Apparently, CRAIG heard I came in to get my money back, calls me on the phone, wants to make up for his inexcusable behavior to me. I consider myself an exceptionally good customer. Again, making promises he would never keep. He promises me a very special favour, he would put three cabinets together. I waited and waited, no calls no cabinets. When he saw I was still bothering to check, he then calls me wanting to appease me (probably to Keep me from writing this negative review) with a gift card but doesn’t know how much he would be allowed to give. Says he will check and call me right back. No call, today is Wednesday, March 23, 2022….

    Thank you for listening

  • Catalina Hernandez says:

    You need to look into your Westwood Michael’s . My brother who is hard of hearing has been working for you past 4years prior transfer from Aaron brothers 24 years. He gets yell all? Belittle by employees and managers in charge. He is a hard working framer and now suddenly he gets told that his job tittle will be terminated and offer him no transfer or other position. That’s awful!!! I thought you treated disabled people with respect isn’t that your company motto.

  • Cyndy Fellenbaum says:

    I was purchasing 200 t shirts for women who have been victims of a sexual assault at the Beachwood Ohio store. The manager Mary Fears was exceptionally helpful. The store was unable to fill all of my orders so one of the employees went to several store to complete my order for me. Mary is an amazing employee who really tries to make the customer happy. National Council of Jewish Women have purchased hundreds of t shirts at that store for the program I mentioned above. Each time she has been exceptionally helpful to us.

  • Joanne says:

    You need to look into your store in mayfield hts., Ohio. Your store manager is very rude to employees. If she has something negative, she should pull that employee aside. She should not talk down to them belittle them in front of fellow employees or customers. She talks so fast i don’t know how any employee can co.pretend a word why does she have an ear bud?? Why does she ignore customers??

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