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Robert H. Schottenstein

Chairman, CEO & President

Phillip G. Creek

Executive VP, CFO & Director

Paul S. Rosen

Senior Vice President

Thomas W. Jacobs

Region President of Austin, Dallas, Houston & San Antonio Divisions

Derek J. Klutch

President & COO of M/I Financial

Ronald H. Martin

Region President of Detroit Division

Fred J. Sikorski

Region President of Sarasota Division

J. Thomas Mason

Executive VP, Secretary, Chief Legal Officer & Director

About MI Homes, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1976. The company has been currently active for more than 43 years now. The founders of this company are Irving Schottenstein and Melvin Schottenstein. The company was incorporated in 1973. The main aim of the company was to build single-family homes for its customers. The former name of the company was M/I Schottenstein Homes, Inc. The company renamed itself to its present one in the year 2004. The company currently operates under three brands, namely Showcase Homes, M/I Homes and TriStone Homes. Headquarters: 3 Easton Oval #500, Columbus, OH 43219, United States.

M/I Homes is an American company which mainly focuses on providing the best single-family homes to its customers. The company has around 6900 employees working under it. The company offers its services in the areas of North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois and Virginia. The company has Robert H. Schottenstein as its current Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.

M/I Homes provides its services on various types of single-family homes and several financial services which include originating and selling mortgages. It also offers closing services and sells title insurance as well.

  • Shaheed says:

    PLEASE DON’T OPT MI homes. Pathetic people and pathetic service. They won’t entertain you once closing is done.

    I have water leak, damaged flooring, holes in drywall, broken kitchen Cabinets and several other problems from the day one of closing. During home orientation, I have been told that they’ll fix everything before closing but they didn’t. It’s been more than 6 months and I’m still trying to get items fixed from day one of closing. Their customer service is one of the worst in the world. People won’t answer call, text, emails. I’m super frustrated and trying to figure out what should I do next. Can someone please help to me to figure out how to reach their corporate team?

  • DM says:

    DONT Use M/I Financial especially if you’re a Veteran!! They do not know VA eligibility and guidelines. I locked in a lower rate only to be told, they underwrote my loan wrong, and then denied me for VA. I went to another VA lender with the same personal information and documents where I was financed. In the interim rates rose and since M/I ran my credit multiple times I have different rates and tiers. Then they blamed me??

  • Derease Mann says:

    As I write this, I’m watching the carpet installer rolling out carpet on a fifty driveway of the home, making his measurements and cuts on the driveway, then taking the pieces into the home. Really? The list of what we have seen watching homes around us go up has us and other recent home buyers shaking our heads. This is the worst of construction, construction maintenance we have ever seen!!! Would not recommend a M/I home in the future. Still waiting as other new home owners to come fix all the issues that they know about and try to ignore. The lack of respect for current owners yards is deplorable. Our yards turn into trash dumps due to the lack of vendors cleaning up their own trash and construction debris. We sit next to a house that has a really bad paint job and see another home that has been moved into that has not been finished as their exterior paint.
    OMG, the list goes on and on.
    Really sad!!!

  • ROSALIE DEYO says:

    I’m highly disappointed in the lack of attention to details put into the build of our home.
    The day of closing at final walk-thru: the entire house was not cleaned, the garage was still a storage unit for supplies, and punch items not completed
    We were told these items “would be taken care of”. With trust in your site superintendent and his assistant to get the contractors in and finish the job. Only to come back to the home and find the home “half-assed” fixed. If YOU spent $400,000 on a brand new build Would this be acceptable? Would you appreciate this type of craftsmanship? M/I Homes is standing behind this work?

    These photos taken on the day of closing Monday Dec 27, 2021. Items that seem to be minor enough to put some detail into to fix and accommodate. Major enough for your customers to be unsatisfied with the amount of money spent on this home.
    Overcut and holes in the ceiling by recessed lighting
    Missing nail caps in the front door
    Trim 1 & Trim 2 – are the nail “fixes” from the punch items. HORRIBLE job.
    There is COLD air coming through the seam of the bay window in the living room
    We should not have to wait for the 6 month mark for these items to be fixed. Please let me know when these issues can be resolved.

  • Susan says:

    I paid $400k for my house and have had problems from day one which was a spec home. I have built over 4 homes in the last 25 yrs and I’ve never had such problems. I’m still trying to get items fixed from day one of closing and things from before closing. They are all super helpful while waiting for your house to close and once it does they just don’t give a crap about your or any problems you have. Their construction manager tells you that they will do things and to not report it to the warranty department, the construction manager quits and then you have to finally report it to warranty and they tell you sorry you shouldn’t have spoken to the construction manager. You follow the guidance of the construction manager thinking they are providing you with accurate information when in reality they aren’t. The warranty department could care less and tell you if the problems aren’t in writing or in the system then that is your problem, but not sure how I even have control over that because I don’t even have access to the system to ensure all information is in the system and to make sure I’m covered in case they change employees again. I just don’t understand how a company can continue to get away with doing this to people and get by with it. They wear you down until you give up and just live with the problems or paying an outside company to fix the problems. Their entire Sarasota office has gotten new management. Our community has really expensive HOA fees but the community doesn’t get taken care of and they hire HOA management companies like Pinnacle and now Access to manage the communities but no one ever is out to enforce anything, nor will they fix the problems within the community. Our entire neighborhood is so fed up that we are all about to take band together and take this to the next level since no one from MI Homes seems to care about the problems our community is having, why would they as they won’t even fix their own shoddy work so why would they want to enforce the HOA to do their job.

    I would never recommend buying a home from these people, shame on them!!!

  • Terry and Alesa Cantley says:

    I just want to know why ??? How can you take thousands of dollars to build inadequate homes for families. We had built a $260,000 home, it was only 6 months before it started leaking water from the patio doors. MI had to know by the engineer plans and the lot location the probability of rain getting through was a 100%. That being said, based off that the lot should have never been sold because of it’s location. They tried to bandage it to no avail. There is something seriously wrong with MI Homes ethics. Please reach out because we do have a lifetime structure ect…policy!!! The home was built in 2016 problems from the beginning I have all the documentation to support everything. Even the false papers saying our plumbing was plump for a water softener. Then we had a plumber come out to tell us gases have been leaking and it was never done. We could have sued but we allowed you all to see the mistakes you made. Please address this situation asap.

  • Felicia Harrison says:

    My husband and I have been waiting almost a year to have our driveway repaired due to builders damage with substance all over it. We keep getting the run around. Please help us get it done.

    • Steve Mooney says:

      We have been waiting since December 6, 2020 for our driveway to be repaired because the workers walked through the cement when it was wet. We still have outstanding items from our close date in December 2020. It’s so frustrating!!

  • Kevin J Hering says:

    My 5,000.00 deposit from corporate was supposed to be returned and it has been 2 weeks.

  • Luis Gonzalez says:

    Good afternoon, I have requested my earnest money refund. M/I denied my loan because I got laid off and was unable to find a job fast enough to continue. My closing date was on February 28. Since it was a reason that qualifies me to have my $500 down refunded. I have not seen or don’t have any information on my request. My sales agent that I was working with is no longer employed with M/I. I have walked in the office at Cinco Lakes personally on March 3 and let them know my situation and was given other people’s number to talk to but it seems like I’m talking to myself or the wall and not getting anywhere…I don’t need my money especially at a time like this…

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