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Got an issue that has remained unresolved over a long period, or do you wish to make clarifications on the service offerings from Metro by T-Mobile? The truth is that an organization of Metro by T-Mobile’s standing places so much value on customers’ feedback and you should not hesitate to reach out whenever you feel there is a need to. You need not worry about how to go about this as I share some relevant details with you in this article.

Ways to contact the headquarters of Metro by T-Mobile

Address: You can forward a letter to the mailing address of the organization’s corporate headquarters at 2250 Lakeside Blvd Richardson, TX 75082, United States.

Phone Number: You can put a call through to an executive at the corporate headquarters by dialing 1-214-570-5800.

Email: Optionally, you can also reach out to the company by sending an email message via investor.relations@t-mobile.com

Metro PCS Headquarters Info & Photos

The Lakeside Center II, as the building housing Metro by T-Mobile’s headquarters is fondly called, is a B-class building with 6 stories.  It has a total floor size of 115,583 square feet; this is barring its parking area. Metro by T-Mobile moved into its present headquarters’ location in 2007 from the Walnut Glen Tower at 8144 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX 75231, United States.

However, plans have been concluded to move the company’s headquarters to a 200,000 square feet Duke Bridges VII building located at 3560 Dallas Pkwy Frisco, TX, 75034-8635 United States. Metro by T-Mobile actualized the lease of this building through the services of officials from renowned real estate services firms, CBRE Group Inc. and Cushman & Wakefield The move to the new headquarters is to be completed by December 2021, and the building has enough space for 1200 employees – but will only be filled to around half of its capacity when Metro by the time Metro by T-Mobile moves in. The building is in proximity to T-Mobile’s regional headquarters.

Metro PCS Headquarters Photo
Metro PCS Corporate Office Photo

Metro PCS Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

139 Lakeside Blvd, Richardson, TX 75082, United States

Metro PCS Headquarters Executive Team

Peter Osvaldik

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Peter Osvaldik has been a great asset to the group as he draws from his wealth of experience to ensure impressive financial stability and profit returns. Before taking up his current role, he had previously served as the Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Accounting Officer. Plus, he has had management stints with high-ranking organizations like PricewaterhouseCoopers and Coinstar. He is a graduate of Western Washington University from where he obtained BSc. degrees in Biochemistry and Accounting.

Mike Sievert

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mike Sievers joined T-Mobile in 2012 as an Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. He has served in various management capacities before the restructuring that saw him becoming the President and CEO in April 2020. Mike is very much particular about crafting and putting to effect a growth strategy that would not only ensure continuity but also position the company among top industry leaders.

Jeremy Malasky

Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff to the CEO

In his present role, Jeremy Malasky manages a host of portfolios including growth agenda management, corporate real estate, and corporate security. Before this, he had been at the center of the group’s drive towards developing advanced IoT and home internet architectures. Jeremy had previously worked with McKinsey and Company before joining T-Mobile.




Chief Executive Officer, Amazon Web Services









About Metro PCS


The establishment of MetroPCS dates back to 1994 when Roger Linguist and Malcolm Lorang set up General Wireless Inc. The company, however, started offering its services in 2002, and with its first initial public offering coming five years later – in 2007.

 A major turning point in the operations of MetroPCS came with the successful merger and acquisition by T-Mobile in 2012. This move ultimately paved the way for the rebranding of the MetroPCS in 2018 whereby the company was renamed “Metro by T-Mobile”. More specifically; at that point, substantial business growth was experienced with the company’s market penetration increasing, even as the customer base doubled – with Metro by T-Mobile having more than 18 million subscribers.


Metro by T-Mobile offers a range of prepaid services – which can be ordered online or at accredited store locations – to customers. Four primary data plans can be delivered through any of the several smartphones available. You can get smartphone models from manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Apple, Motorola. The Alcatel LINKZONE 2 hotspot, Franklin Pintrac Pet Tracker, and MetroSMART Ride are some of the other smart devices you can get from Metro by T-Mobile. Nevertheless, individuals can also have Metro by T-Mobile network integrated into the device they have been using beforehand.

The data plans are provided over LTE and 5G networks of varying bands. The four primary data plans rendered by Metro by T-Mobile are available at different prices, and with varying incentives – which include Google One and Amazon Prime services. Besides these, however, the company also offers a wide range of services that are designed to help customers connect with their loved ones in any of the 140 countries covered. Additionally, there is a premium mobile phone protection service offering available.


  • Metro by T-Mobile discontinued the CDMA in 2015, having to migrate customers that were on it to their LTE network.
  • YouTube is the only video streaming platform/network allowed by Metro by T-Mobile.
  • Metro by T-Mobile has a remarkable reach across all the states in the US – this gives the company huge competitive advantage.
  • Metro by T-Mobile also gets to benefit from T-Mobile Tuesday incentives – which used to be only available to just T-Mobile subscribers in the past.
  • Metro by T-Mobile is among the first set of telecoms companies to advance the cause of 5G network.
  • Metro by T-Mobile ranks first among other mobile virtual network operators on a customer satisfaction index put together by market research company, J.D Power.

  • Heather payne says:

    i purchased a phone thru walmart in Burlington, vt, i had my phone stolen so i purchased a replacement at Walmart, upon calling to activate my new device i was informed that without access to the old stolen phone the only way to activate the phone would be to visit a metro store however the closest metro store to me -05403 is almost a 2 hour car ride away, as i do not own a car it is impossible fir me to travel the hours it would take to reach this store by bus, upon informing the representative of this I was hung up on because I was told there was nothing they could do until i visited the store, how is it i was able to purchase a phone 5 minutes from my home but have to travel 8 hours to activate it, i can come up with 5 other ways yo verify my identity especially in the wake of covid, furthermore upon inquiring about a refund because i now own a useless phone i was once again told i had to visit a store, this is absolutely insane, how are you going to sell phones in an area that they can not be activated in under such uncontrollable circumstances

  • Peter Johnson says:

    I’m going to try to be as respectful as possible. I have just been through hell and about to go through it again. All you can help me do is give me an updated phone number to the top headquarters of Metro PCs corporate. Thank you

  • Britnay worthen says:

    I made a payment to on 2/22/24 then went to my local metro again yesterday to add a line made a 50.00 payment then was told the system crashed and couldn’t fix it right now or give the 50 Dollars back after setting up phone with Sims and adding to my account then I get up the next morning to both phones off couldn’t use my GPS or phone to call my job to inform them of a problem and couldn’t get to my new clients house and lost my job and now the store employee is texting my phone from her personal phone telling me to come get the 50 dollars not only an i out of a job and may lose everything but this is unprofessional unheard of and nobody is trying to offer us our money back new phones or anything to even make this right and talking to a person on the phone is almost impossible and dont fell right about going back to the store because the whole situation is shady yes she tried to call customer service but received no answers fixing the problem so she said i dont know what to do im going to lock the doors s for go get something to eat i left the store in complete shock of what happened if you value your customers then i need someone to call me the same job I lost today is how I have paid you for years and because of your error I’m not offered nothing for the damage caused and unprofessional practices of your employees doesn’t seem right and to top it off they even misspelled my name on my account

  • CHARLENE LEE says:

    I was taken for $400.00 from the store located at 2930B Pat Booker Rd, Universal City, TX 78148. I have made so many attempts to fix my account due to this man, Sam, who erroneously charge my account by adding phone that was not requested and adding lines for tablet that was not requested. I have made 11 attempts via 611 to correct this problem to no avail. I’ve been with Metro for 15 years. I can’t believe that these people will not correct what this man has done. Not to mention that he put two hundred of my money in his pocket.

    • Lonzie says:

      Good afternoon Charlie hi my name is Lonzie hunt and I really appreciate if you could please reach out to me.
      For some assistance

  • CHARLENE LEE says:

    I see this is a ripoff just like the store. I pray that what happen to me fall back on this company and the very people that ripped me off

  • Roberta Arellano says:

    I paid $30 of my heart and money to MetroPCS in San Antonio Texas. They said within two days if I choose not to turn the service on they would return my money I did so I have not returned. They have not returned my money. It’s been a whole month and I still haven’t heard from them so I started calling them like twice a week here it is a month later and I still haven’t received anything. I called them they give me the runaround. Why isn’t there a better number to call to get a return to speak to someone that knows what they’re doing you call them run around run around run around who do I need to contact district office has no phone number to contact them all I want is my heart or money back

  • Adrian cathey says:

    Metro do not care bout it’s customers only the money they can get out of u everyone is foreigners an they will forever mess up ur account I hate metro soon as I find a better company all my lines going else where an I pass the word on don’t get metro til they have better service I’m ready to file a lawsuit for over payment an false advertising an a few more things since every call is recorded they mess up my account every month tomorrow I’m looking for another service provider cause metro done went dwn bill they pure trash when it come to service an these ppl forcing us to pay things we didn’t know about yessss I need a lawyer

  • Lauralee Walls says:

    I have been trying since September 13, 2023 to get fraudulent charges on my debit card for $40 a month for cell phone service with Metro from May through September refunded to my bank account. Today is October 11, 2023 & nothing has been accomplished other than me listening to a bunch of run around talk, avoid direct questions & finally if all else fails, blame the customer. Which I have been consistently since 2012. Everytime I call they make sure to thank me for being a loyal customer. Then I guess it’s not asking too much to be treated as such. On October 9, 2023 at approximately 2pm I was forced to “chat” with a supposed “live” agent. Which wasn’t the truth. Nothing that conversation begat was the truth. And nothing that they threw at me on October 10, 2023 was the truth. Today I will be heading to corporate to deal with this face to face. Which for them is going to make them squirm. I’ve already contacted a news agency that is more than happy to publish the unfortunate story of my plight & their consistent passing the buck policy, ducking the issue, put me on hold for 45 minutes or more to speak to no one hoping I’d just go away. But they don’t know me too well or that wouldn’t have been their gameplay. Now it’s going to be made very public that first, the phone number for corporate headquarters is fake. Doesn’t even ring. The 800 number only kicks you to 611. Which is nothing but a call center in the Philippines & no one high enough up to fix anything. They had the computer chat with me & assure me it was finally being handled. Good thing I took screenshots of every word during that chat. The last person with whom I spoke, Annie, supervisor, got on the line with attitude, stayed like that right through to the end of our conversation. First, she told me that financial closed the refund case because I don’t have enough credits to qualify for a refund. What?!! What does that even mean. Then she said it was because the other phone number was under my account I was eligible for a refund. Of course as of today there is still no 2nd line on my account. Thank God for screenshots! They have made a huge mistake by just simply refunding my $200 to my bank. All this could have been avoided if they weren’t so busy trying to avoid the issue & trying to keep my fraudulently spent money for themselves. It’s gloves off time for me I will also be heading to their corporate store in Mesquite to stand outside & refer customers, as they arrive, to another Metro store if they wish after hearing my story or to a different cell phone service provider altogether. It’s a shame that they verified that indeed my debit card was used to pay for that man’s service yet they refuse to take responsibility for any of the problem & just make it right instead they just left his phone service on so he can just talk & text away! But I will win this war. Even if I have to get an atty & go to court! But I think that won’t be necessary when the news people show up & stick microphones in their faces & start asking questions. Hard ones like “Why did y’all put a fake number on your corporate website & an 800 that only gets you to customer service with the agents who cannot do anything for anyone. Keep watching & checking the news feeds people. It ought to be real fun to watch or read. Y’all have a nice day, ya hear?! Truth from Dallas, TX

  • Pamela Jacobs says:

    I paid my bill 2 weeks ago and changed my plan. I thought it would change my due date but it didn’t and I got an extension to try to get it worked out but they wouldn’t do anything now my surgeries are going to be in Jeopardy because nobody can reach me I can’t reach anybody at corporate and I can’t get any help and this is for my neurostimulator implant battery replacement that helps control my pain. They don’t care.
    They don’t care that I need this so that I don’t hurt all the time. I’ve waited 3 months almost for this battery replacement and now it’s going to be lost and rescheduled for who knows how long! They don’t care at all

  • Skyy says:

    On August 25, I visited 1381 SE Maynard Rd, Cary, NC 27511. I was assisted by the gentleman in the store I believe his name was Juan. The lady employee was sitting looking out the window upon my arrival and chatting on her phone. I have been a customer of Metro for many, many years. My phone suddenly went into SOS mode that day and i was in need of technical support. I was unable to make calls or text. My data network was not available. Juan called Metro Customer Support and began the process. He stated that they told him it would take 72 hrs. to know what the issue could be. I told the employee that the resolve is unacceptable, and I needed more answers. A network refresh was performed, and I was guaranteed it would restore my services. I was advised to visit a store for further assistance. The lady employee chimed into our situation and was very dismissive. She did not offer to assist in any other alternative be it a new phone of investigating further. I was asked to leave the premises for asking for more details. This is the second time that I have experience bad service at this location and the exact dismissive attitude. I ask that this matter is thoroughly investigated because as a long-term customer that level of service is disappointing. This is by far the worst location in my region and should be shut down immediately. I Visited 3281 Avent Ferry Rd. Ste 125 Raleigh, NC upon departing Cary’s location and asked for the same assistance. Armand the employee who assisted listened to my concerns and was able to find that my previous carrier has blocked my IMEI after a year of switching services back to Metro By T-Mobile. He was polite and detailed in his search for an answer. This same gentleman assisted on August 28, 2023, with possible alternatives while my phone is compromised. A complaint regarding USCelluar Jamming my phone network has been filed with the Federal Communications Commission

  • Michelle Mcgee says:

    I have been complaining about the Metropcs store since last year on Charleston and Torrey Pines they always have one or two people working and we have to wait up to 1 1/2 wait to get help , then we have to listen there conversation on with each other not helping customers at all , this is freaking ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to drive out my way to receive quality help . This staff needs to be replaced asap

  • Latear snead says:

    MetroPCS will get money out of you anyway that they can no matter if you are going through a hard time they do not care no matter if the issue is not your fault they do not care as long as they can get money out of you they will and it is disgusting that you think you’re coming to a better company and they are even worse


    Good Afternoon my name is Danilo Fiorentino and i am beside myself as i have been trying my best to keep kool, calm, and collective dealing with individuals who claim to have customer service. First and foremost i called and asked to speak with customer service and the gentleman replies ” that would be me ” so i respond with a gesture of relief and after he goes through his trained process he begins to give me an option while i am trying to keep up with his sentences because he spoke so quickly i could not keep up i kept asking im sorry can you repeat that please and he did however at the end of his customer spill, i say to him i apologize i am handicap i am a paraplegic and there is no way possible for me to run to a near metro pcs location and then he says oh sorry for your legs im like what in the hell did you just say and he starts stuttering and then proceeds to continue telling me over and over again that hes sorry that he cant assist me because the phone that i have is completely damaged so he has no way to send me a one time verification text . my thought ” ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW ” I SAID CAN I SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR OR A MANAGER HE SAY NO PROBLEM AND PUTS ME ON HOLD FOR ABOUT 4 MNS AND THEN SAYS HE STILL TRYING TO GET THE SUPERVISOR I SAID OKAY PUTS ME ON HOLD AGAIN FOR ABOUT 6MNS AND THEN SAYS THANK YOU FOR HOLDOING I WILL TRANSFER YOU RIGHT NOW PLEASE DONT HANG UP IVE FOUND A SUPERVISOR TO ASSIST YOU. SORRY FOR THE CAPS. so i get transfered only to hear the phone ringing and that went on for about 26mns so im frustrated at this point because i am really not up to par today and so i decide to contact the corporate office to see if something can be done and mind you while i am writing this comment the phone is still ring to that ext i got transfered to and now its been 1hr and 12mns and now i iwill hang up. Can someone please assist me i can be contacted via email right now and then i can give you a number to call me if that is possible thank you for your time & hope we can resolve this matter as soon as possible.

  • JOYCE DEAN says:

    Have you ĝrown so large,and have given your customer service people so much freedom that you’re not monitoring THEM.Ive been scammed by one and another offered me the same scam when I called to report it,,they all beg for good reports on survey,which we give, BEFORE we realize that they’re all protecting each otĥer,I’ve never seen anything like it. I have 3 lines that I’m trying to move to another company (after 16 yrs)

  • Steve peluso says:

    I was pretty much made to purchase a phone the sales lady sold me the worst phone in the world no lie tried to take it back and was kicked out of the store by the manager because I was asking questions he didn’t want to answer then I asked for his manager he really got pissed and told me to leave and he walked away now I’m stuck with a no good phone ( wiko) what is that

  • Liz says:

    this is the worse phone provider in the ares they treat they loyal customers like crap all the other mobile services treat they loyal customers with respect
    And metro service is not that great in the ares l live in its just sad that they treat people who keep them growing n employed the eay thry do

  • The truth says:

    I hope metro rots in hell
    They lie to the customer
    Can’t get a English agent
    Fuck that company

  • Johnson says:

    The Management at the local store is a TOTAL POS. I got a phone had it activated in store with in store personal and customer service on the phone on 09/29/22 on 10/22/22 this manager reported the phone stolen to a law officer. Never was aware of this til on 01/14/23 I was arrested for the warrant…But if a phone is stolen why is the phone still working and has been. Was not entered into NCIC and why have I been able to add 2 more lines of service to my account at the same store???? And let me and that I am Currently SUSPENDED from my place of employment due to the charges brought against me. Til further notice and I can prove the phone wasn’t stolen!!!!!. I have been on the phone non stop trying to get the situation fixed but NOTHING HAS HELPED other then one representative that I was connected to after a survey and HONESTLY SHE DONE ANYTHING SHE COULD AND EVEN FELT BAD SHE COULDNT HELP BUT SHE TRIED!!

    • Amy says:

      Oh wow! I thought my complaint was bad! That is unexceptable you need to seek a lawyer! Not just a criminal lawyer but a civil lawyer

  • vbee says:

    can you update corporate phone number. this is share wickedness and robbery by your outlets

  • Marlene Trujillo says:

    I have a cell phone from PCS Metro that hasn’t worked in over a week. When someone calls me they say that my phone says No Network Connection only emergency calls. I’m beyond frustrated and have called Customer service everyday for a week. Corporate number does not work 1-214-570-5800. Tech service has done nothing to resolve my issue and claim it’s a tower issue. MY PHONE IS STILL NOT WORKING!

    • Thomas Campbell says:

      Hello we are wanting to open a class A action lawsuit our story is similar to your number is eight one three 4 seven nine three 4 six 4 or eight one three 3 zero three 8 two six eight Thomas Campbell this is done in case they want to block my number I’m in Florida

  • Tabitha Heffernan says:

    I have been fighting with metro for 4 damn months now and when I ask for a corporate number I get put on a silent hold and left there for over an hour with the crap supervisor picking up the phone randomly to see if I had hung up yet. But refused to help me. Yall will be getting slapped with a lawsuit for all the HOURS I spent wasted on the phone and the money I have spent and even more so what I have lost out on.

  • John says:

    I am a current customer and have reported tmobile metro to my congressman, the FCC and the better business bureau for false advertising and baiting and switching my acp benefit. I dare tmobile metro to try and attack me for whistleblowing the companies lies and deception.

  • Chrissie S says:

    Not the right phone number for corporate. I was ripped off $300 yesterday at the crappy metro PCs store and can’t return or replace phones that I purchased yesterday. This is exactly why they’re getting away with it. Apparently corporate and the rich top dudes don’t mind ripping off customers.

  • Randolph Martinez says:

    I have paid 60 dollars a month for a lot of years.My plan is 50.00 when I connected my phone I added insurance so I have been paying an extra. 10.00 monthly. Now I tryed to use my insurance, and they claim I have none. Why then have I been paying the extra $10.00 a month for???

  • Melisa says:

    I had a $100 payment in October applied to my account that I did not make when I questioned it I was told it was a credit that I only owed the remaining $35 November came and I made my regular payment of $135 yesterday (November 27th) my phone was turned off and I was told that the $100 in October was wrongly put on my account by someone and was reversed( over a mother and a half later) I was told that it was taken care of that I didn’t owe it my next payment was due December 20th. Today my phone was turned back off they finally turned them back on for 3 days. Telling me that I needed to figure out how to come up with the $100 in the next 3 days or it would be turned off again. I have tried the number listed here and every other number I have been given which is either a nonworking number or it takes you right back to 611. There isn’t a corporate office anywhere near me nobody knows how to get a hold of corporate so what do I do now????

  • Micheal Thomas says:

    I’ve been q loyal customer and now fraud has been communicated against me and on my account and the thing is metro is helping them and covering it up and it’s crazy I’ve never seen anything like this in my life

  • Metro User Since 2016 says:

    I was told that call-in fees for assistance with transferring a SIM card would be waived. Only to find out later that they were not as my account was disconnected. When I made a second call the supervisor said that I would have to pay and there would be another fee for the follow-up call and all he could do was add disciplinary action against the employee who gave me the wrong information. It is unacceptable that due to a lack of proper training customers are getting billed extra fees.

  • Jeff Mcginty says:

    I have a complaint.
    I entered the MetroPCS store he in Clarksville Tennessee on Madison Street and the employee refused to let me enter the store cause I had my service Dog with me that’s is a violation of my rights now if you don’t want a lawsuit I suggest you do something about this or I will have no choice to do something to defend my constitutional rights

  • Jeremy Jacobs says:

    I’ve spent over a week trying to resolve an issue with my phone not receiving calls. Once in awhile a voicemail May pop up while a couple friends came directly to me to make sure I was okay because it goes directly to voicemail. I am dropping calls, my network keeps failing instead of LTE I get a letter of E, and now I get a letter of H as of right now. I have called numerous times and one agent told me she was transferring me to another Tower because there was issues with my tower. Within 15 minutes it failed I called back and the next agent told me she lied and the only way to do it was to change my address which I did to my mother’s address to switch to another Tower only to have it fail again. I use this number as my business number I am self-employed and have not made any money whatsoever in the last I don’t know 7 to 10 days. Each agent basically does not care whatsoever and has not attempted to assist me in any way other than to blow me off. Finally I called to ask what was going on and they said it’s a problem with my phone and I asked when did they come up with this and it was 2 days prior and nobody attempted to even call me to let me know what to try. I don’t know what happened to customer service but it is completely gone to an all-time low. I’ve been with Metro for approximately 10 years this last phone number has been for quite some time. I called and requested the reports from each phone call since it started and they will not assist me I have no other choice but to start legal services short of hopefully I will hear something from you. At this point my feelings are quite vague. This is caused nothing but severe anxiety attacks and I I

  • Tim Rader says:

    Long time customer. This was the 1st time I have tried to upgrade my phone and was going to add 3 new lines and was denied the promotion that was listed in store. It was last Fri Sept 30 at the Hobart Indiana location . I’ve called customer service and they said they couldn’t help me as they don’t deal with in store issues. I made a complaint and couldn’t even get a confirmation # that I made a complaint. I am seeing why people are sueing metro and T-Mobile for lying to customers and false promotions. Stay away from Metro, I will be leaving as soon as I find another option that fits my needs and the other 3 lines I wanted to activate will also go somewhere else. Thanks for nothing Metro PCS

  • David McLaughlin says:

    This is a shitty company with no concern about the long time customer and shitty care line operator that barely speak English and all say the same thing when you have a problem im taking my money and business to cricket wireless. No store in Montana anymore and nearest one is idaho falls ID 4 hours away and its the only way to use upgrade for IPhone. Current iPhone 11 is malfunctioning and you want 200 dollars for deductible to send me a new iPhone 11 so I can drive 10 hours round trip and trade in for 13 iPhone and pay upgrade costs for the iPhone 13 or 14. Also its my daughter’s and she is type 1 diabetic and in senor year at high school and needs a phone for emergencies David McLaughlin out!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat lynch says:

    Customer service is a joke. They gave me 3 different Corporate numbers. Two weren’t in service and the third was California Utilities Commission. They don’t care about violating state law

  • Connie Burke says:

    I had a problem with my discount plan. I called and spoke with an operator who was unable to assist me. I asked for s supervisor and got RUDE RUEL operator # 907260. RUDE RUEL was very condescending. He did not listen to anything i was saying and kept repeating the same thing over and over”you need to reapply”. I repeatedly ask him the read the notes so he could familiarize himself with what was going on. He refused. I then asked for another supervisor and his new statement became”you’ve been escalated to the highest level”. Then RUDE RUEL began to speak very slowly as if i has a problem understanding what he was saying. I then ask him to stop speaking to me in that manner and he then proceeded to repeat what he had previously said”you have to reapply”. I asked him if i had just applied on the 12th of September why would i need to apply again. He then said if you applied in September of 2021 you would need to reapply. I told him he was frustrating me by not listening to me and that i would like to speak with someone else. He refused and said he was going to hang up on me. After i got clarity as to what he was going to do. He hung up on me. I have been a customer of metro pcs since 1995. I was so upset that i was willing to cancel my service and go with someone else in spite of the credit i had on my account from paying my phone bill early. I called back and got another supervisor who saved the account. She listen to me and found that in spite of my discount beginning knock of my account by my part trying to get a free table coming out of walmart. That when i paid my bill in Aug i had paid in advance. She said it would take two billing cycles to reestablish the discount on my plan but that i had already paid in August for my September’s bill. Thank you Sandy operator # 54767 for listening to me and resolving this issues. Im requesting for my call to be pulled for the date of September 14th between 11:00am and noon. I would like someone to listen to the call between RUDE RUEL operator# 907260. He needs to be reprimanded and stripped of his supervisor title.

  • Michael says:

    I really hate this phone service now full of games and horrible customer service no one can never help you with what you need help with and then they lie to you totally unacceptable

  • Saundra O'Neal says:

    I have NOT been a customer of MetroPCS for 2 months. They put my card on autopay without asking me and I have been trying to get them to take my card off of the autopay and they CAN’T according to them because I don’t have my son’s pin number. It’s funny that they didn’t Ask me about the pin number when they put my card on autopay. Here I am for a third month FORCIBLY paying the phone bill that I personally DON’T HAVE ANYMORE. This month I will be opening a lawsuit against you four five times the amount of the phone bill. I have a lawyer already. WHY is it that there is No Actual Corporate number where you can actually Talk to someone??? Easy theivery is why. It’s over for you people this time.
    813-481-2951 hasn’t been a viable number since June 2022. I am suing you people because you Refuse to remove my card from that account

  • Mary says:

    Talked to several associate and supervisors. Lied to by supervisors. Having issues for at least 10 months. And still problem not resolved. Getting ready to SWAP CARRIERS. CUSTOMERS since 2019

  • Jody Grenga says:

    Phone number (214) 570-5800 is disconnected. What is your real, current valid phone number to reach Corporate for Bait & Switch fraud victims? Not the numbers that switch right into your 611 Manilla Call Ctr.

  • Jimmy Cook says:

    Yes have ? I have galaxy A7 lite I’m with metro pcs they have the exact same tablet can I switch from other providers to metro pcs get it turned on or would I have to purchase from metro pcs there tablet it really dnt make any since to purchase excat same tablet when I already have the duplicate same tablet same body style same everything

  • Chanta L. Jean says:

    My family and I have been a customer for many years with this company but through out the years some things with this company has changed and not for the better and I’m pretty sure many customers can vouch for me but for now I can only file a complaint due to the disrespect that I have endure and to get to the point that I am trying to make I recently had an altercation with one of the supervisor so she claimed to be from that company and as a long time customer I felt she did not handle the situation well and needed to know her place as an employee I understand you’re dealing with different customers through out the daily basis but as a supervisor as she stated when a customer calls complaining about something is to get help from an employee in order to make things better and not make them feel like it’s not the employers problem and also you should know how to speak to a customer wether you’re having problems at home no matter the situation I feel like this company should do a background check and each employees should take mannerism class before hiring

  • Lisa says:

    I got a Stylus G phone I’m May
    I’m June I realized that I was not receiving phone calls from important business situations. My phone puts people on hold or mute without me pressing any buttons. It drops calls it turns itself offline. I did what customer service said I went back to the store and the guy told me that basically I would get only a replacement which would still be a s***** phone. I am actively looking for another carrier as soon as somebody has a good deal out there I am going to jump ship. I have wasted too many hours of my life on this damn phone and I can’t take it anymore.

  • Sean watts says:

    Y’all service is bad fuck yall

  • Marilyn Moneypenny says:

    I am writing to you regarding my account I went to the metro store near me and had some concern on my account 1st my number wasn’t updated still old number in computer then gave my other number and she wouldn’t give me any information on my account she said go to the other store She was very rude and I am having some concerns on my account

  • Carlos Daugherty says:

    have talk to several different individuals. No one has provided quality customer service! This is my son’s phone I’ve sent pictures of in this email. The phone literally caught fire without any tampering with it, instantly! My whole house could of caught a blaze! No one on your team has even attempted to help me! I spoke with Assurant, and then I was sent to one of your reps, then another one of your reps sent me back to Assurant (the insurance company). Their sending me in circles, I’m extremely upset. I went up to the main office in my city located at 5010 S. Hulen Street Fort Worth Texas 76132. I spoke with a very rude alleged manager Saage’ Dennis whom put me out the store and told me “it’s a simple Google search to contact now Samsung”, since that’s where the phone was built. He does not need to be a manager anywhere! Never looked up the phone, never looked up the length of my service, not how many lines I actually have with you all! I’m going to go with another provider now, plus contact the news outlet! This is ridiculous! Have a day! Like I’m having. You’ll see me on the news!

    • Jacqueline says:

      I also am a senior citizen who is disabled and elderly my son and I went to this store on Friday, August 26, 2022. Looking for a new phone and service plan. We were told to get out of the store, they were calling the police officers and kept my driver’s license and shredded them. Didn’t give us an opportunity to discuss with him Saage Dennis the manager what was his issue with us. He told us we were upsetting the atmosphere of the store? What? He thought it was funny. Something needs done about this guy. I knew we were not the only long time metro PCs customers harassed in this manner!

  • Tanya Jones says:

    There are too many competitive cell phone carriers; more interested in money & sales, than teaching representatives common courtesy, & customer service skills.
    I am a disabled senior citizen, and have been a customer since 2017.
    I have 4 lines, and have never been offered a free upgrade. I upgraded one of my phones to the a03s for $117.00. The same phone was half price at Walmart, and its not worth giving away. We need to start a class action lawsuit.

    a disabled senior

  • Karen Henry says:

    Purchased a phone in Dec phone went out in July it was still under warranty went to the corporate store they inspected it and put in a warranty claim and said the phone would be in in 3-5 days now it’s day 11and still no phone Called customer service and no one can check the claim and can’t tell you who processes the warranty claims, I’m now forced to buy a new phone with a different carrier because I can’t continue to wait for a phone from metro and I sure in hell won’t buy one from metro

  • christopherdemint384@gmail.com says:

    I called your 661 number regarding what I allowed to become an issue with metro Mobile… However I don’t think the survey sent to me at the end I was able to get across how impressed I was with Pam who answered the call… This young lady is truly an asset to your company and you need to find some way financially or other incentive to keep her with your company… If you neglect to do this it would be my desire to see her go work for the competition because she is really really good at what she does… In fact I am remaining a T-Mobile customer based solely on her assisting me with my issue… The young lady certainly deserves some type of personal recognition for what she did today and for what she clearly has been doing because you don’t pick up those skills overnight… The survey said on a scale of 1 to 10… The young lady is a 35!

  • Dennis Johnson says:

    In switching carriers from metro to T-Mobile ( both owned by the same company correct?) discovered that my 92 year old father’s phone was locked, even tho it was purchased over a year ago, been a week, still nothing, no SPCK code by email, several hours on the phone, listening to chickens crow in the background, only to be told to wait, how long??? been a customer since 2013 , this is totally uncalled for, especially for a 92 yr olds Veterans flip phone

  • Dennis Johnson says:

    Changed service from metro to T mobile, still waiting after a week for an unlock code for my 92 year old fathers flip phone?? What’s the problem metro? Phone was purchased over a year ago and paid in full, Meanwhile my 92-year-old father has a phone that’s locked out, no incoming or outgoing calls and lives in a rural area, can someone help?

  • Donna Bartow says:

    My Aunt and I have been with Metro PCs since they frist open up her phone is lock and we call customer service and they couldn’t fix it so they told take back the Metro store they said they couldn’t fix i call two of Cooperta office number they no longer in service how you treat your loyalt cumster that pay there bills all the time and can’t get no help

  • Rhonda Hansen says:

    My home burned down I had just purchased 2 new moto phones. We lost everything, we have no place to live no clothes one side of our car melted from the heat . I ask metro if they would replace the phones they said they “can’t they don’t have inventory to mail out. And apparently when we bought new phones they felt free to add insurance without our knowledge. We were told to file a claim .However the deductible was more than the phones cost. I am saddened to find out that on the worst day of my life a company like Metrobytmobile who made 3.3 billion dollars last year refused to help someone so badly in need. This has been the worst time of my life. I heard metrobytmobile has your back by so many employees only to find out in reality metrobytmobile turned their back.

  • Mary howard says:

    Asian company work fbi cia all hack the tower’s of metro pcs and the record and sell your data charge u 2 times a month for ge bill

  • Mary howard says:

    I was ripped off with it he wrong phone number they keep charging me 2 times a month for my bill

  • William rimel says:

    Woke up this morning my phone doesn’t have service someone stole my account and put a different phone on it how does that happen

  • LaToya Clark says:

    Metro has recently suck and the customer service representatives suck as well and the phone protection plan. Don’t worry I will be contacting a lawyer and see them in court. I’m suing the hell out of them

    • Saundra O'Neal says:

      Me too. Charging me for a phone bill that I am no longer even on the account And the phone is turned OFF at my request

  • Pop Lewis love says:

    Yeah I’m a loyal customer who has been very loyal to metro over 5 years an now I feel very disrespected and treated unfairly. I called to get my 8 digit pen code but yet for 5 days they was unable to give it but was able to take 20 dollars of my phone bill that I didn’t ask for. Now remind you that I have been to 5 different stores and called customer service over 10 times and still no help. I’m dealing with the death of my daughters mother and this number is the only contact for me. As I explained to one customer service representative i.d number 500-584 was told about the situation she laughed with in my face then she put me on hold for over 1 hour. I been on the phone for over 5 hours. Next was Chad i.d number 503-204 give me the 8 digit code with no problem… so I don’t believe I should have to pay a phone bill for them being careless disrespectful not professional and took my situation as a joke.

  • Jasmine Garrett says:

    My grandmother has an account with metro somehow back in 2020 they added a line to her account without her knowing. I got hung up on by customer service. They were trying to charge us 30$ to an reactivation fee when we use her insurance . It states on the insurance paper no charge. When I went into the store they told me that they will have to charge us cause it policy. I am upset due to the fact that the other number that is on her account we do not know who that said person is and they change her account pin due to customer service sending the text to that number after the fact I told she did not know who that number belongs to. I believe they are double dipping in store in with customer service. Something like this can cause I big lawsuits against your company and I thinking I might do so. This company seems shady

    • Saundra O'Neal says:

      There’s a couple of us suing them. You might as well jump in. If we can make it a class action lawsuit we can all get more money

      • Debra Crosby says:

        The past few years MetroPCS phones haven’t been worth a dime. Customer service O and the phones I purchased appeared to be used. Sadly I can’t afford to purchase another phone being in a fix income🤔what happen to this company

  • Ronald Wood says:

    Customer since 08/2010. Issues concerning support and escalations and failure to follow up after assurances that I would be contacted. Not resolving the issue as assured. Metro offers not honored at franchises or disqualifying due to location after being told I qualified. And MetroPCS’ coverage map shows I’m in a 5G area. Please contact me. It would be sad to leave a provider I placed so much trust and loyalty with over something that could have been resolved 2 months ago.

  • Beverly wiley says:

    Been a customer for around 8 years. Never treated like I was yesterday. I’ve never been told I had to get out of the store

  • Beverly wiley says:

    Your employees should never ever ask a customer to get out of the store they don’t have to serve you. I had already bought a phone.

    • Jacqueline says:

      We were told to get out of the store also. I have never been treated like this! What is wrong with these people? Hulen store. Saage Dennis.

  • Glenn Mills says:

    I have insurance for my cell phone, so just in case I dropped in or something my behind would be covered; but it’s like what’s the point of have insurance with this company when they’re just going to send you a phone that customer service can’t activate because the IMEI won’t go through. That ended up happening 3 times by the way. Tried to be patient, but it looks like I’m going to be cutting ties with MetroPCS very soon

  • Patti Berry says:

    Sorry… I had to add that the incredible store I commented about, charged me 5 sets of Quikcell QMIX 100 Handsfree Stereo Earbuds with Mic. Following are the charges… hmmm, anyone wonder why each came with a different pricetag?? What geniuses!!
    1. $26.56.
    2. $36.13
    3. $26.56
    4. $37.19
    5. $21.25

  • Patti Berry says:

    Lol… I’m not so sure that these comments are read by anyone other than my fellow victims of the trash that represent this company!! You may think someone cares but honestly, we’re at the wrong place to expect help from. Even if you can get a customer service agent, you won’t accomplish anything!! The stores we frequent are owned by ‘independant dealers’! Supposedly these out posts have to answer to someone but good luck in getting in touch! I’m done aggravating myself over these scummy people! I began filling out a report about how the Metro T Mobile store at Westgate in Brockton, Massachusetts… blatantly charged me for earbuds that I didn’t get, lol.. because I didn’t ask for them. They kindly went ahead and charged me for t pairs, costing between $21.25 to $37.19!! I was so disgusted with other atrocities they performed that I didn’t check the receipt for hours… what a dope.. easy prey?Maybe… or maybe not.. we’ll see how far this goes. Anyone think that a spot on national news, a report by 20/20? Hey.. they turns issues like ours into hour-long shows! There isn’t enough room here to review every single thing that these employees did.. from having rotten attitudes to behaving as if they thought they were respectable… to, finally… committing a crime. Whoever is behind the online claims division, which stated that if a customer received any.. ANY.. monies thru arbitration, must be insane!! It actually said that they would take 10% off the top!!!! Who are these lunatics? I’m done trying to weed my way through a company which does not want to be contacted. Not only am I going to get reimbursed for the stolen funds but for the entire bill of $512.52… as much more of it was bogus charges. Having spent day after day trying to find an honest human being for help… I now expect payment for my pain and suffering!! Did I mention that some loser/employee hung up on me when I asked for the managers name? Tomorrow I fill out a police report!!
    Best of luck to you all. I’m going back to communicating via morse code!!! There must be other customers who are just as fed up. I rue the day these devices took over our’s and especially our children’s lives!!!

  • Kenneth Konold says:

    You double charged me on my on my two cards and I can’t get my money back I’ve tried calling I’ve gone to the store and they tell me I have to do it online but when I go online I went on the phone once and it got disconnected


    I’m going to file a NON UCC on these people this week Acting as if they have a contract pay our bill and told we only get half the month fuck you talking bout straight up going to RISK MANAGEMENT and social insurance

  • Christina Monteiro says:

    Was told last month that my bill would be 73.00 every single month and have unlimited data for all 3 lines and now I see that I was lied to and my bill changed on its own to 120 month and only 1 line unlimited data. Horrible customer service. Being lied to is more than that. Will change service

  • William Ryan Fite says:

    Iv been with Mertro pcs for years. I just spoke to a pcs rep to get call history from March 2020. For something very personal. Where my Mother and Sister passed away on the same day. She was trying her best to help me. But she says I would have to visit a pcs Corporate store to get information. But the kicker is. I live in Memphis,TN and the only Corporate pcs store is in Texas. So if anyone could help me out with this I would really really appreciate it. Because the court needs something from March 16th 2020 through my phone records for proof on my behalf. Please try and help me cause it is very crucial that I get this information from my phone records. Thank you and have a good day!!!

  • R2d2 says:

    Worst customer service ever. Very negatively aggressive from the time I walked in and they take advantage of anyone who speaks a different language as them. Hope this company goes bankrupt.

  • Penison Burton says:

    My name is Penison Burton of Lansing Michigan . I am a 12 year old customer of metro pcs . On Friday May 8th I purchased a new phone from the metro pcs store located @.3025 west Saginaw st .Lansing Michigan . The sales agent that sold me the phone was very “short ” with me and rude . I asked for a charger and she said go to Walmart ! I said don’t you have and here ? She looked and yes she did . I bought it and left , after I got home I found that I did have one that works and tried to return within the 14 day period that’s says I can on my receipt. Soon as I walked in the door she saw it in my hand and said nope I don’t make returns !! She would not even look at my receipt that clearly says …we will gladly help you with any return with your device or accessory. My number is 517 885 8702 my name is Penison Burton. All I ask is just good customer service , please help her name is “LISA”

  • Durell Monroe says:

    Been well over a million nth and internet hasn’t worked properly on my tablet. I’ve been a customer since 2016 and Everytime I’ve had to call support it’s been a shit show. Called this time about my internet on my tablet spoke to a supervisor and had to call him out on his lack of de-escalation, horrible customer service then he tried to end the call. Their ID NUMBERS ARE 704265,,,909141,,, the other agent lied about her ID number after I asked her repeat it so I could verify it. I have called several times about the same issue. Management refuses to credit my account for a device I have no way of using without service. None of them bother to cheCk their.

  • Michael Webb says:

    U called customer service due help with voicemail they say they going to text info. Well I got it it didn’t work. Ii called back asked specific questions got led to. Went into store on West Madison Street off Laramie talked to agent he called customer service they lied again and couldn’t help over the phone and in store. Ask I wanted was to change voice mail from Spanish to English using voice resistive m response. Iwas in the store inb the store inb the phone with customer service didn’t work they lied while I was there on the phone in my face. NO HELP AT ALL Lousy IN DIREXTINDIREXINDIRECTServiceIN DIRECT
    ON THE PHONE I BEEN WITH METRO PCS FOR YEARS NEVER BEEN DISRESPECTED like that on THE PHONE in your face. My name is Michael b Webb b708 -699-4012 all my info u can’t make this shit up.

  • Sandrea C McCrea says:

    I had been a customer with MetroPCS for well over two years my bill was always paid early and my boyfriend died of covid 2 months ago I had dropped my phone in water and when I went to get a replacement phone I was treated so shabbily at their store and Bensalem Pennsylvania that I decided to switch carriers I switch to T-Mobile but I had $135 credit with MetroPCS since my boyfriend died times has been hard I called MetroPCS and I explained that the account that that phone bill was paid on have been closed and they assured me I could receive a paper check for the $90 I figured I’d let the other $45 go it’s been over a month I have been promised twice that the money would be mailed out the money has never been received today I was told I could not get my money back because it had to be paid back the same way even though a supervisor and two other agents guaranteed me that I could receive a paper check why would Metro try to steal my money that is what they are doing it is a travesty that in these days and times MetroPCS finds it that they need my $90 I am up all and I am sad that this is what Metro is about

  • Daniel Bueno says:

    My account is being hacked and no one is fixing the problem they are actually doing what’s possible to hide it I keep getting my account cancel after making payments when I call I keep hearing the same thing put it two months in a row I was told a store in California is doing illegal activity’s but nothing being done.

  • Robert says:

    My name is Robert Stoops I bought my mother and I a brand new telephone call to nakia garbage we’ve been with MetroPCS for 8 years we’ve had three different phones the best phone we had was the Samsung j7 never had an issue with these phones the Samsung j7 the reason why we went from the Samsung j7 to a new phone because we got a letter from Metro PCS to 3G was going to be obsolete we had to upgrade so the manager and the PCS store suggested then the Kia was a good phone needless to say bought the phone 2 months ago since we’ve had these phones we’ve had interruption on phone lines can’t hear phone calls can’t get texts talking in Spanish area code 44 godly knows where that area code is located the phones have been rebooted a good 20 time well okay eight times one day on March the 11th 2822 the Kia if you go get a to change it out for another phone zero money will they give you they say you have to have a coupon upgrade to get another phone well since we bought these two Nokia phones they have been trash you lose who you talking to they’re garbage so we’re paying for phones that are garbage let me rephrase that one more time garbage it would be nice if your company would make the right decision before you lose a 8-year customer that’s never been late on a phone bill all we want is a changey’s phones out because they cost $600 for two and I don’t like taking $600 and throwing in the trash so if you want to lose a 8-year customer then don’t respond to this message have a good day and God bless oh by the way my name is Robert Stoops my mother is Mary Stoops her phone number is 757-870-4791 and my phone number is 757-812-1554 that is if I can hear you on this new Nokia phone and you can hear me because the text messages I will not get for at least a week or two before they come through the phone I would appreciate some type of insight on this matter at your earliest convenient please if not I will go to another cell phone provider and y’all will lose at 8-year dedicated customer have a good

  • Joy schreckhise says:

    A non working number
    It’s no wonder fairshake is used to get action. I recommend fairshake I am done recommending metro the customer service service is a joke

  • Doreen Patterson says:

    My Fiance loads trucks for a living and dropped his phone inside one of them. Needless to say it’s gone. We went to our neighborhood metro pcs store and I told the girl working what had happened and she showed us the newer version of the phone he lost, and by the way, we went to another store a week earlier and the guy working at that store told us that LG didn’t make the newer version of our phones anymore so we left that store. Anyway, I had an email offering upgrades so I showed her the email and she said ok and went in the back to get the phone. Now with the upgrade it should have cost us only $99 for the phone. I’ve been a metro customer for 4 years and have only upgraded one time. After it was all said and done it came to $398.00 total. My fiance was having banking issues and was trying to deal with all that the whole time we were there and it didn’t hit us until we got in the car and he blew it. I went ba k in the store to ask her why, and she said oh he didn’t qualify for that upgrade. Why not I asked and she said I’m not sure, it’s the computer and sometimes it doesn’t let the upgrade go through. Then I asked her where our really long receipt was that shows all the fees, and items you purchased and she said the receipt machine was broke and it wouldn’t be fixed until Monday. Today is Thursday!!! Then she tells me she forgot to put the free screen protector on his phone and to go get it from him so she could put it on. Really!!! Needless to say we got dicked by metro once again. What are we suppose to do now without a real receipt? All we have is that credit card receipt. Hey does it pay to gripe on here? I’m just wondering if I’ll even here anything back or do I need to talk to the higher ups???

  • Don Charles Nelson says:

    How tall is come down to the store and bring back a product of your and at the same time this is the first time and years or something I’ve been with you all that I haven’t brought anything back and now they saying that I can’t and I got the paperwork and everything in perfect condition and he still won’t take it back

  • Daniel says:

    My wife and I got Metro By T-Mobile on February 25th we had no signal as soon as we left the store we have made multiple calls Facebook messages and tried to call the store in dyersburg tn well they are supposed to have a 14 days return policy we paid 198.00 we only got back 36.00 keep in mind we only had the phones for 7 days never got service so now we are talking to a lawyer because we are told that it’s non refundable it’s a shame to have to do this but no one with this company gives a crap about you

  • alberto g valdes says:

    l been trying to pay my cell since last night, today is my last day to pay.

  • Jasen A. says:

    Me and my wife were lied to about our purchases, and no one wants to review the sales representative’s actions on February 27, 2022, between 5:30 pm and closing. My name is Jasen Arriaga and I am a customer and have been for over 15 years on and off due to situations like these is the reason why I kept leaving and went back to give it another chance. On that day Tara Pease had lied about everything and scam us for over 150 dollars by neglecting to tell us that we were about to purchase two phone cases, screen protectors and pop-up stand for the back of the phone also neglected to say that we will be paying the next day of our phone bill also she never applied the upgrade for one of the phones. I have spoken with 2 customer service agents and a manager at the call center waited 2 hours to get to the end by them saying that no one can do anything for us but only write a complain and to file a police report. please look into my case I have ask the call center manager to document all my information about this experience. I am only asking to be reimburse for what I was lied to please look at the audio and video the proof is there. the sales associate is Tara Pease, and the manager is Jose on 1931 fruitville pike Lancaster pa 17601 . I myself is a sales agent/technician we also have score cards, but I don’t have to lie to get ahead.

  • Adrian espinoza says:

    I was at one of your stores on eubank and copper and we ask to speak to the manager and this employee Derek and he want to be all rude really and this is unacceptable especially by an employee it makes me feel that I don’t want to have any service by MetroPCS

  • Disgruntled Mr.Greenwood says:

    Paying customer, never late, never missed a bill. Insurance paid faithfully. Phone still under warranty. Phone doesn’t charge correctly. This company did not honor the warranty or insurance. Went to a competitor and because their computer said Metro by T-Mobile denied me so the wouldn’t sell to me either. FRAUD.

  • Laura says:

    I need mu phone unlocked they are so horrible 14 days before the 180 days are up I’ve been with them for over 9 years with 4 lines.

  • Susan Burns says:

    It’s also DISGUSTING that Metro PC has NO NUMBER you can call them from your phone if service has been disconnected. Verizon & all the other phone service companies make SURE you have a way to call customer service if your service has been disconnected due to non-payment or other issues. You can also call 911. But Metro PC? NO WAY! They could care LESS about their customers. Have HAD IT with this company!

  • Susan Burns says:

    I’m contacting Corporate tomorrow about how LOUSY their customer service is. Couldn’t get a straight ansswer out of ANY of the customer service reps I spoke to; even had ONE of them LIE to me! I just cannot get over how CALLOUS & ridiculously stringent Metro is about how one can pay their bills! I had forgotten my Metro PC account was tied to my bank card. Had an issue w/card-filed a dispute over a fraudulent charge on my account, so bank rep suggested to me that I cancel the card & a new one would be issued so no new charges would possibly pop up from this source. My bank sent me a DISCOVER bank card which Metro does NOT accept, apparently. My bank always sends a Discover card out when someone has an issue like I had because Discover pays out more for fraud protection for the bank. But, if a customer requests a Mastercard, they WILL send one out, which I promptly did, but I won’t get it until 7 to 10 more business days, & was only given a 72-hour extenion on my phone service. I even had ONE customer service lady with Metro tell me they DO, in fact, accept Discover bank cards, ran mine, & said it couldn’t be VALIDATED! I’ve used the card several times at various places earlier this week & have had no issues. So, who knows? The ONLY way of paying one’s bill, it appears, is with a DEBIT or CREDIT card. They will NOT take cash, bill-pay, a check, & the only way one can use a gift card is by physically going into your local Metro PC store & I won’t know if THIS will even work until I actually get there tomorrow. Also, just trying to get a LIVE HUMAN BEING on the phone with this company is next to IMPOSSIBLE. And every agent, it appears, is vastly different in their approach to things. I am NOT a happy camper with this company AT ALL.

  • AL BEY says:


  • Superior Cut says:

    I have made several attempts to resolve this issue with out any success. January 2022 I damaged my screen resulting in me having to purchase a new phone Motorola 5G for nearly $250 from MetroPCS Authorized Dealer 4900 Stewart Mill Rd Douglasville Ga 30135. This phone was highly recommended by the Manager Kristin of this location. I have been with Metro PCS for over 15 yrs and the importance of my phone is detrimental. This is my business line. A business I worked and still working hard to get off the grounds. However, A few days later I notice I wasn’t receiving calls nor text msg. I also was not able to make phone calls. I visited the MetroPCS Douglas Blvd Douglasville Ga store which was closest to solve the issue, when the Rep did a hard refresh and set the phone to 3G. Advised if that didn’t help to contact the store I purchased it from to switch the phones out. The problem continued. I attempted to visit the store I purchased the phone on a day they was scheduled to be open and they was closed. Forced to come back days later and was told they was closed allegedly due to the weather. I proceeded to visit another location less than 2 miles away and they were open. The Rep there did a hard refresh again and the problem still continued. I eventually returned to the original location and the Mgr Kristin told me it was nothing she could do and to contact the warranty dept or visit a corporate location. I visited the MetroPCS corporate Cascade Rd Atlanta GA 40 miles from my home, where I was told I need to report the issue to the warranty dept and pay another $20 for another phone. I was forced to wait a week come back to the corporate location 40 miles away to retrieve the phone. Even with a new warranty phone I am still having the SAME ISSUES. This phone line is my meanings of providing for my family. I was told MetroPCS is selling defected Motorola phones to there loyal customers. I was forced to purchase another phone for $60 and have my calls fwd to the new phone. I don’t care who to put blame on MetroPCS, T Mobile or Motorola. I need my service operating effectively.

  • Mahmoud yassin says:

    i would like to fist fight any metro pcs employee, i would feel better.. and also your mom is a hoe

  • Kenneth B Owens says:

    Y’all are f****** con artist I want my goddamn free phone that I was promised by y’all’s goddamn f****** employees before I go to f****** prison because I can’t call my f****** probation

  • Akal Calvert Damu Allen Sr. says:

    Hello my name is Mr Akal Allen and I do have a MetroPCS account my account number is: 19750101- my number is: 707-294-0331… I didn’t know that I cannot use my Moto Motorola TracFone as a substitute phone for my MetroPCS Android 11 motor Motorola I took steps to switch phones I gave MetroPCS representative my iemi number and they switched it but I didn’t know that that could not happen so now my phone is off I cannot make no calls and I don’t even know how to connect to a wireless network service so I asked you so kindly as I lay down tonight and take some class to give me some sleep to fix my phone I was told it cost 20 to $25 to fix this problem I did not cause this problem so why should I have to pay for something that I did not do I was told that the fee waves would be waived but I have to talk to someone how can I talk to someone when I cannot call anyone with this phone do so email me at allenakal75@yahoo.com.

  • Frustrated Ex-Customer says:

    I am still owed a refund from 2019, when I switched services. They can see my old account, but tell me it was NEVER documented that I wanted a refund. Who would pay for a month of services, switch services the next day, and not want a refund? They say there’s nothing that can be done for me. So it’s a complete rip off!

    • Alicia J Houk says:

      I just looked up their corporate information on the better business bureau site. Maybe someone at corporate will address the failures of their customer service.

      Metro by T-Mobile
      P.O. Box 601119
      Dallas, TX 75360-1119

      (916) 649-1600

  • Niki says:

    Worse company ever. The service is not good, and when you call in the representatives are rude and agrumentiive. Some supervisors need to be retrained as well. I’m leaving metro

  • Ninaj says:

    I am beyond angry with this company. They are definitely losing my service. My son lost his phone and all I wanted to do was suspend the service and then purchase another phone. Apparently a high security password was on the account and I was not aware. Because I didn’t have that they couldn’t help it. I tried everything and nothing! No one would assist or help. Now someone has the phone. I will be going to a competitor in hopes of being help and receiving better customer service

  • Pisst off Customer says:

    Metro…Pcs is a real piece of shit…my phone hasn’t really had service this whole month and they have not helped me at all…it’s just been a bunch of run around bs…I continue to call them and get bullshit everytime…my phone bill is almost due again and still nothing but I bet they want that payment on the due date…I’m pissst…

  • Susan says:

    Metro is the biggest joke around! They lie, cheat, steal from their customers and the district managers funny care! They refuse to honor the Metro promise and instead their dumb ass workers in the store call the cops on you because you’ve had your phone 3 days and we’re told if you don’t like it come exchange it, when you go to exchange it they say that can’t be done, when asked about Metro promise he knows nothing about it and calls the cops!! The customer service agents that you talk to when you call are ALL outsourced and don’t speak English or understand what you’re saying! Kiss my ass Metro!! Worst service from A-Z I’ve ever experienced in my life

  • Jerome Eubanks says:

    Tell your store employees to stop giving misinformation have people pay for things they never ask for.

  • Kevin Holt says:

    I am one of your customers and I’m very disappointed with some of your reps here in Houston Texas
    Please reply ASAP at 337-438-7177

  • Customer(Josie Ramirez says:

    You are overcharge me I pay for the November 22 your cut my phone off on Saturday morning saying that I did not pay but it came out of my account on November 22 and I have to re-pay again can you please reimburse me back my 90.00

  • Royal Mchenry says:

    It is very important for JANICE V. KAPNER

    EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, COMMUNICATIONS & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT to personal contact Counselor of record Dr. Practitioner Royal McHenry at 323-614-3035 as soon as possible.

  • Regina Jones says:

    Who can I talk to about the metro PC companies in Maryland. They are very rude people. I have been a customer for almost 3 years and when you asked them something they have a smart ass answer. We need to get people that no how to be polite. Here’s my email address regina.collick244660@yahoo.com. I would like a response and thank you.

  • brandy says:

    lied purchased phone paying full price even though there was a 200$ off when switching services. was told by the customer service at the front desk i had to be a reliable customer for 6 months and would receive the 200$ by mail on a visa card. later fount out that my promo expired the day off purchase and was supposed to receive it that day and since its expired and been 6 months they cant do anything about it. i feel like the guy working there that day pocketed my 200$ for himself.

  • JUDY says:

    Metro lies and steals your money then laugh in your face and say to bad…all of them are liers the managers and all. They stole $75.00 from me! I am going to get my money back or die tring! Fed up. DO NOT GO TO METRO PCS ….

  • Summer says:

    I need to know if there is a local office near me. I done contacted two stores and customer service about my phone being stolen and needed a replacement . It has insurance I’m sure . Been on this account like 5 months. And now saying someone has attempted to log in my account to many times , but it’s my account . And I verified who I am. So what is goin on.

  • Sami Stanley says:

    Same issues on phones for over a week..we can not make any calls due to a software issue since an update on both phones..and when I say any calls I mean no emergency vet calls, no calls to doctor’s, not even 911. How, after over a week and 2 emergencies, how is this remotely acceptable?!! We have lost livestock ( we are small farmers) because we can not even call out due to software issues, and to top it off, when we were supposed to receive replacements under warranty, the franchise is literally locked out of their own store by a court order and we can not even get our replacement phones, and cooperate still has done nothing. A week of customer service that is an absolute scripted joke of a service..I am now out over 400 in equipment ( phones, tablet) and over 800 in foundation livestock bc of their ” software issue”. I think it may be time to get a lawyer at this point. Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE

  • Ralph says:

    I do need better service

  • Ralph says:

    I have problem when a employee Con me to higher price for a low grade phone

  • Rod Wenner says:

    I have been a Metro customer for 8 or 9 years.
    In the past 3 months my phone has not been able to receive or make calls.
    After speaking with an agent for nearly an hour last month the agent suddenly ghosted me and I was left on the so called “recorded line” by myself for about 10 – 15 minutes. I waited and no one ever came back on and finally the call ended.
    Tonight I spoke with two different agents who both said to wait a half an hour, turn the phone off and on and then it would work.
    It did not.
    Upon calling them yet again robo cop operator said due to the coronavirus they’re unable to take my call. It said I could get things done on (my metro) and hung up.
    My metro is unable to load my account and offers the option of calling but of course the phone says mobile network is unavailable so I cannot call them through the mymetro app.
    Their coverage map tells me I have no internet even though I am using internet on other devices in my home and it is working fine.
    On the My Metro app login does nothing
    menu does nothing
    but pay your bill works.
    The absolute worst customer service and worst service I have ever received in my entire life.
    Yes, even worse than Uber.
    So here I remain nearly 3 months of not being able to make or receive calls and paying them every month.
    Are you going to try to call corporate headquarters in Richardson texas? That number 214-570-5800 is not in service

  • Gary russell says:

    I have been with Metro T-Mobile now for six months have had nothing but problemsCalling the PhilippinesWhere their customer service isYou can’t talk to no one in the United States they had a corporate phone number but it’s out of service nowDon’t waste your time with T-MobileMetro

  • yvonne says:

    Cant get a number for anyone in a corporate office. These independent franchises do what ever they want and make their own rules. As per service I have been a customer of metro for over 10 years and since tmobile the service has gotten worse. Sad fact I probably will never hear back from anyone. I might have a better chance getting information from the better business bureau

  • Michele Lawrence says:

    About 3 weeks ago my son and myself went to metro pcs to switch our accounts that we had with straight talk to metro pcs and the representative did not explain deal for switching to me.. but I received 1 phone and no receipt and then my son switched his account received 1 phone and internet box . Received text the next day owed 100.00 next bill looked on my metro and had 2 phones on my account long story short the representative took the 2nd phone for both me and my son… still trying to get things fixed

  • Ma Lady Monique Wisdom says:


    Metro PCS may have been better before their merger. People told me they were happy with their service for years!

    I got METRO service last year and have been happy with it except for obnoxious agents I dealt with recently and I don’t want 5 G.

    A month ago I was threatened with bodily harm by a big black man who works for DISH. He doesn’t like people telling the truth about 5 G obviously.

    T-Mobile is pushing 5 G very hard when it was never really tested for safety. There are experts calling 5 G “a weapon” and it was used in crowd dispersal. It is better described as dangerous and at 60 gigahertz it cooks the cells in the human body.

    I believe it does something to the immune system, the heart and breathing as well. Same for the vaccine. It’s not good.

    When are WE THE PEOPLE GOING TO STAND against the tyranny, abuse and murder of human beings, animals and everything God has blessed us with?

  • Sheri Miller says:

    I want to know why when you call customer service you get someone out of the united states? And why after over 90 days you still have the same issue and told to call back. How many hours does someone have to be on the phone with customer service playing lets try this and it screws your service up even more but call back and start all over again. I would like someone from the corporate office from Metro to call me and explain these issues.

  • Ryan Marseilles says:

    metro by t-mobile,

    I’ve been a customer of Metro for years now, even after my account was charged twice for a single month on two separate occasions, even after my service was cutoff for days because on your company’s end my payment wasn’t processed, and even after my first account was deactivated and I had to get a new one (also from something that wrong on your company’s end), even after the time one of my phones got stolen and your company made me buy another one because I was just one day out of warranty. But now, for the first time, I am considering switching carriers. I am furious & very disappointed with your company. I bought the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G for almost $600 only a few months ago and already the motherboard is fried-I can’t use it at all. I went into the corporate store at 1551 W 7th St in Los Angeles to get a replacement since it’s still under warranty. They looked at the phone, they ordered and I paid for the replacement. Days later when I went back to get my new phone the girl who was helping me was acting strange when looking at my phone. I asked repeatedly if something was wrong and she kept saying no and eventually took my phone to the supervisor a few feet away. I couldn’t hear them as they talked but he finally walks over and says that because I changed the frame of the phone that it was considered damaged and voided warranty. Told me I had to pay $600 to get the replacement. That is unbelievable and ridiculous. So, I changed the frame, so the hell what? The motherboard is dead and you’re company is really going to use the frame as an excuse to not give me a replacement AND make me pay full price again? I don’t have $600 to spend. That is beyond ridiculous and really shows how you value your customers. I left that store outraged and called Metro customer service demanding I get the number or get transferred to the corporate office, not corporate store, corporate office. I was told there was no number to reach the office, and was given the number to the store I just stormed out of. That made me even more furious and raised more concerns about your company and how it operates. How does the corporate office of a communications retailer not have a phone number to be reached at? And in doing so, how that let’s a problem like this render your “customer” service completely useless. But I digress. Your company probably doesn’t want any bad publicity so I’m asking you to give me the replacement A52 5G honoring the warranty my phone is still under-I will not pay for a phone I cannot use. I can be called at 3234719564, emailed at luckeeryan@gmail.com, or mail response to 621 S. Union Ave Apt B4 Los Angeles, CA 90017. I’m giving you a few days to get back to me. Have someone contact me immediately and have this taken care of professionally and promptly or I will be taking my business elsewhere.

    A very dissatisfied customer,
    Ryan Marseilles

  • Stephanie Abernathy says:

    I have called this company for 4 days and only get automated system I know there is a live person.v l then a message states bad connection I know better than that I sure hope this message is read. Because at this point I am going to drop metro t mobile my phone number is 412-584-0208 Stephanie is my name

  • pamela Awbrey says:

    Hello Everyone,
    Why does Metro PCS allow there employees to smoke (weed) in there locations? I paid my monthly bill today around 11:30 am EST in walking in to one of there payment centers location 1131 North Hairston Rd Stone Mountain, GA 30083 770-640-0440, where you would purchase a cell phone or accessories; I noticed your employee who took my payment and a customer with no mask by the way the employee was walking around in the store a strong smell of incense burning in realizing this it was a cover-up for weed!! Is this something that’s an added feature in being hire; and your corporate headquarters are on board with this? Just ask Peter Osvaldik Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer and Mike Sievert President and Chief Executive Officer and Jermy Malasky Senior VP and Chief of Staff to the CEO approved with a seal…WHAT?

  • Brenda Bennett says:

    Plz help? I’ve repeatedly sent ur cooperate office my request wth no avail. Ive been a Metro customer for yrs. I recently bought a metro cell phone only for it to Crack open for no reason so I knowthis phone was defective whenI boughtit! I am legally disabled & my health is failing of late. I just got outta the hospital after 2 surgeries & supposed to have another one as soon as the infection gets better. I called yall again last week in hopes that yall might plz wave this month’s bill for me plz? I was in hospital 3 weeks & this is disappointing for me. I live on widow disability & I don’t get enuf to pay when a crisis hits. Plz wave my fees & keep my phone on plz? I am Brenda Lou Bennett DOB 5-7-54 & last 4 digits of my SS is 6222. My cell # is 469 671 8733. Plz help me? I use to be somebody up very high & now that I’m a normal ppl things are harder I’ve learned. Plz send this message to ur cooperate President plz? God bless, Brenda

  • Michael Deane Githens says:

    I’m a new customer from cricket that I was with for 12 years and recently switched to metro pcs…I was charged 250.00 for a Samsung A52 and on the website it list for 99.99 who do I talk to about false advertising? And how do I get a refund?

  • Michael Eagle says:

    Whould be.nice if i could actually get of costumer service..to make a complaint..im gog to Verizon

  • Frederick Hernandez says:

    Why does Metro by T-Mobile let it customer service workers lie to me a customer who’s been paying you for your internet and cell phone service for over two years and can not get any help from your customer service workers here in California


    Summit payment with auto pay, gets rejected, have go into store only to pay fee. HATE SERVICE.

  • >