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Metro by T-Mobile

  • Address: 139 Lakeside Blvd, Richardson, TX 75082, United States
  • Phone Number: +18888638768 
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 10000+
  • Established: 1994
  • Founder: Roger Linquist, Malcolm Lorang 
  • Key People: Thomas C. Keys (President)

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Thomas C. Keys


Yamin Arafath

Chief Executive Officer

John Bradely

Chief Technology Officer

Caleb Ford

Deputy Chief Financial Offic

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  • Marci swick says:

    I have been a victim of race discrimination at your woodbridge location I purchased a hacked phone from them they refused to return or exchange the phone and my receipt said that I could ? Please help !

  • Dora Mosqueda says:

    I was treated very unfair ,by one of your employees.She used deceptive trade practices.I need to talk to someone with authority.

  • E.H. says:

    Metro By T-Mobile, I went on your website to buy a phone, select a service plan, and have a phone mailed to me. I did all that was instructed, and when I got to the, “Review Order”, page, I reviewed my order and information. Everything was correct, so I hit, submit. This started all my problems. Instead of the order submitting, “Sorry, we are experiencing technical issues. Please try again”, showed on the Review Order, page. I called Customer Service after making a second attempt to submit the order. I was advised by your Customer Service Agents, two, and a Supervisor to take a Screen Shot of the order page, take it to a store, and they will complete the order. I was advised, if the phone was in the store, they could sell me the phone. If the phone was not in the store, the store could order the phone. Your Customer Service Agents, the two that were helpful, and professional, and the Supervisor, all stated that the store could not change the price of the phone from the price on the website, $49.99, when I added the, Phone Plan/Service plan, that enabled the phone to be at that price. I was also given the phone number to your, Promotion Department. I went to a number of stores, and called your, Promotion Department. Your stores, Metro By T-Mobile, called your Customer Service Agents and the Supervisor, liars. Every store I went to tried to sell me the phone at $300+. Your, Promotion Department, stated, they couldn’t help me, at all, and, I was to go to a store, and pay whatever the store wanted me to pay! I spoke with another Customer Service Supervisor. She called the other Supervisor and the two Customer Service Agents, liars. This is after I advised her that they and she were recorded, and one store I went to stated the same thing about ordering the phone and the price being the same as on the website. The only problem, I had at the store, was that it was a small store, and did not carry the phone I wanted.

    I would appreciate it if you would contact me and explain, telling me, and giving me, the truth, and correct information, about how to get the phone and Service Plan, I want, at the price on your website, and what you, Metro By T-Mobile are going to do about your employees that lie, call other employees, liars, and your stores that have no respect for Metro By T-Mobile and prospective, Customers.

  • Murry Jackson says:

    I got on the telephone assistance program and and I was cut off 2 mos. later. I called 611 they told me to get in contact with the people that did it cuz they’re the ones who cut me off I contacted them they told me that Metro by T-Mobile had cut me off when I tried to find out I was hung up on I’ve been a customer for 9 years now before that I was with T-Mobile my phone number is 619-431-8831

  • Marcus says:

    I would like someone from corporate office to contact me because I’ve just about had it with customer service and metro all together this is ridiculous there rude snobby and just repeat what they say instead of trying to help or fix a problem

  • Ray Church says:

    I have been a t mobile prepaid customer for about 11 years 863 286 1254. On or about 09 16 2022 I misplaced my t mobile phone. After an exhaustive unsuccessful search, I determined my phone was lost. Metro is closer to me than any t mobile store so I went there. 1. to see if they could use gps to find my phone and the answer was a resounding NO. 2. get a prepaid metro phone. I was given a phone which cost me in total, $94.72 and I was suddenly on a monthly plan of $60.00. No prepaid plan. I no sooner got home and found my phone. I went back to the metro store to try to get a refund and give them the phone only to be told metro policy is NO RETURN. I have never physically TOUCHED the phone. It is within it’s little container inside it’s little bag. Question: who is the person responsible for writing such a draconian policy and why? The adage “there is an exception to every rule” applies here. How would returning the phone hurt your bottom line? This is ridiculously callous and uncalled for and I request an override in my circumstance. My other option is, go to metro cancel my so called agreement and publicly destroy the phone with a hammer I will bring with me. Just like hillary clinton. I might call her and get some tips. I anxiously await your reply. I have to cancel by the 16th of this month. Thank you.

  • Bari says:

    I just had the most vile experience at a St ann, mo Metro store and I need help and I’ve been calling for hours and days to try to get this resolved with nothing but additional bad experiences and employees just giving script book answers without actually knowing how to resolve problems.

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