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Barry L. Wicktom

Principal Financial Officer of MM Maids L.L.C and Principal Accounting Officer of MM Maids L.L.C

Joe Chaves

Chief Operating Officer

Steven J. Martin

Senior Vice President of MM Maids L.L.C

Amelia N. Blanton

Vice President of MM Maids L.L.C and Assistant Secretary of MM Maids L.L.C

About Merry Maids, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1979. The company has been currently active for more than 40 years now. The founder of this company is Dallen Peterson. The company was initially started in Omaha, Nebraska. The main aim of the company was to sell and support franchises of residential cleaning services in the areas of Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. In the year 1988, the company was acquired by Service Master and operated as a subsidiary under its leadership. The company now has around 1450 franchises across the whole of Canada and the United States. Headquarters: 860 Ridge Lake Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38120, United States.

Merry Maids is a company based in America which mainly focuses on providing the best house cleaning services to its customers. The company has around 8000 employees working under it. The company has Barry L. Wicktom as its current Principal Financial Officer and also Principal Accounting Officer.

Merry Maids provides its services on a wide range of cleaning services which include washing windows inside as well as outside, cleaning inside the ovens and also cleaning inside the cabinets and refrigerators as well.    

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  • Jasmine says:

    I was a employee for merry maids. I was let go for not gabing up my daughter medical information to the owner. Called me a lier. My husband call the day before letting then know that my daughter was having a medical emergency at daycare and I have our only car. They told me to finish my job and deal with it later. That same night I had to take her in. Was there until 3 am. They was asking for her information. I told them no because of hippa law. They fried me. This is how they treat their employees.

  • Lois cruse says:

    I have been using Merry Maids for over 6 months now & there always seems to be some sort of a problem. They either forget to clean something, dust & vacuum around everything. I have to constantly tell them to dust the blinds, ceiling fans, lamps & baseboards.
    The going rate here is $20 an hour & you are charging me $125. They are never here for more than 1 1/2 hours.
    I am not the only one in this area that is dissatisfied with your service. Recently there was a post on Nextdoor & not 1 person had anything nice to say

  • Mike davis says:

    One of your franchises robbed my wife and I of 418 dollars. We had choice to pay 300 for deep clean and then 118 per cleaning biweekly. Or sign contract for 1 year and just do the 118. We wanted 118. Team came out and did a terrible job so talked with owner and he apologized. We said at 534 pm we needed to decide what we wanted to do the owner said okay. 2 hours later they charge my account 418. Which was not even logical because that is the deep clean which they didn’t do right and s standard weekly rate for 1 cleaning. I am taking the to court and making sure I communicate through ever vehicle I have on how corrupt your company is unless this Des Moines merry maids is made to refund me money and apologize

  • Denise says:

    No one has responded. We requested owner Brad Smith call us multiple times but he has not. We have emailed him, submitted several contact forms, left voicemails, requested this via chat. Someone in leadership needs to speak with us and make this right. My 70 year-old father paid nearly $700 for a moving cleaning. They cleaned nothing. There was no answer when we called an hour after they left, but soon after they left a voicemail stating that the earliest they could do a “redo” cleaning was 6 days later (after we already moved everything in). We shared this voicemail from their office with owner Brad Smith along with videos showing not one area in the empty house was cleaned: cabinets, counters, backsplash, refrigerator, oven/stove, toilets, showers, floors and followed up with multiple emails, voicemails, and chat asking for a call back. He has not responded. I submitted multiple contact forms, but no one has contacted us. The number for this corporate office in Memphis is not in service. The number they give you via chat routes you back to the local office. Please call and make this right. It has been over a month.

  • Denise Hopper says:

    I am trying to get in touch with someone other than my local office as well, but no one is returning my emails and this number is not in service. I have submitted multiple contact forms. My 70 year old father was scammed. Someone in leadership needs to contact me and resolve the issue.

  • LaVell Miller says:

    I am trying to get in contact with someone other than my local office about damages to my walls caused my merry maids. The local office is ignoring the issue and aren’t providing any assistance. My home is for sale and the damages caused hurt my property’s sale potential. I’ve been dealing with the local office since 23 July 2021. My home is being shown daily but now I have 3 holes in my walls.

    • Denise Hopper says:

      Did anyone ever reach out to you? They are ignoring our issue as well.

      • Kelly says:

        I’ve been trying to contact someone other than the local office as well our local office Merri Maids Birmingham Alabama scammed us as well. I complained to the BBB maybe if all of us do somebody from corporate will contact us. scambook.com may also be able to help I’m going to try them as well as the Chamber of Commerce

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