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The company was founded in the year 1981. The company has been currently active for more than 38 years now. The founders of this company are Clark Matis, Randy Merrell and John Schweizer. In the year 1983, the company’s first product was delivered to the market. Karhu acquired the company in 1987. Karhu sold the company to Wolverine World Wide, who was a large footwear corporation manufacturing Wolverine brand boots and Hush Puppies shoes, in 1997. In 2007, the company expanded its product line to include apparel and accessories. Headquarters: 9341 Courtland Dr NE, Rockford, MI 49351, United States.

Merrell Shoes is a company based in America, which mainly focuses on providing the best footwear to its customers. The company has around 240 employees working under it. The company currently has Blake W. Krueger as its CEO, Michael David Stornant as its CFO and James D. Zwiers as its COO.

Merrell Shoes provides its services on a wide range of footwear, which includes uniform boots and shoes, sandals, hiking boots and also sneakers as well.

  • Mickual says:

    Customer service is terrible. And rude representatives. Have been given the run around trying to get an order took care of. Will not order any more products and will let others know not to as well.

  • Ric says:

    This might just be the last time I order from Merrell. I ordered some boots and when placing my order was given a pretty good timeline on when my boots would be getting to my home. I was pretty excited about it. When I checked the day before my shipment was supposed to be here it said on the FedEx site my order had been switched over to something called Smartpost. I called Merrell customer service and the lady said “Yeap they do that”. So I called Merrell Corporate office and talked with the operator she got me in touch with someone that was supposed to be able to help? She said that she would get a Supervisor to talk with me. The lady gets back on the phone and said the Supervisor said I can give you a discount on your order? So I never got to talk with a Supervisor that could explain to me why my order got switched over to Smartpost except that it’s cheaper for Merrell to send them this way. I also explained about some of the issues about it taking so long. Like what if they don’t fit? I would basically take a month and a half being sent this way the lady said we can expedite your second pair if we need to? Why couldn’t Merrell just of done this to start with?

  • Shelley Dancel says:

    I have small feet. Big kid size 4. I have been wearing jungle moc for years. I even wore them while working in the operating room, retired nurse now. Can you please consider making some womens shoes in a size 4, like the encore. Thank you

  • Richard Kelty says:

    Like many of your customers I have been buying your boots for years. Why is it on my Moab low top Ventilators the shoe laces are always breaking and always at the same spot – top eyelet. I’m sure I’m not the first to make this observation.

  • Mary Rersor says:

    My Merrill’s fell apart in about 6 months. Yes I hike 2 to 3 times a week but this is ridiculous. Unless the Merrill corporation can make it right by me, I will never buy another pair. They’ve goon downhill from past quality! I will call and send pictures to the corporate office.

  • Nutan says:

    I purchased merrell sandals for my partner he wore them once for about an hour and the strap was torn. Contacted merrell customer service and was told to send several pictures of sole,inside lable, damage part and a picture of the sandals. He was very convinced that there is something can be done. So after emailing all the information I had a response back say we’re very sorry and that I should contact the manufacturer in US. She didn’t even examine or look at the pictures. Very appalling service and very abrupt out come. Would order from merrell again.

  • Donald j Sheedy says:

    I have been wearing there boots for a lot of years. The last one I received the sole just started to come off. This is the second time this has happened. The first I thought it was a fluke so I just glued them But now it’s doing it again. I’m going to have to find another brand if this keeps up. Not happy with the Quality control or lack of.

  • GW says:

    Bad business by Merrell.
    I purchased shoes from a Merrell store outlet in Tannersville, PA. There was a special going on where if you buy one pair of shoes you get the next two at 50% off. I bought one pair of shoes for $114 and and got the same shoe in a different color for 50% off. Once I got home I had second thoughts about the (earth) color of the second pair of shoes and decided I wanted to exchange them for a brown pair. When I went back to the store they told me they didn’t have brown and couldn’t order them online. So, I just got a refund. Then I checked online and saw the brown pair that I wanted and went ahead and purchased them for full price $114. However, when I talked to my wife that evening she told me I should reach out to Merrell because there was no reason why the store couldn’t have ordered the brown pair for $57. I did reach out to Merrell and was told someone would be reaching out to me in a few days via email or phone call and I haven’t heard anything since. This was on 6/22 or 6/23. I seem to be getting the runaround. At this point it is just the principle of the matter.

  • Johannes Mostert says:

    Good day.
    I am living in South Africa and bought a 2 pairs of Merrell Terra Turf shoes. I am absolutely in live with them. However, they had their days,and the Merrell South africa told me they are not importing this shoe again. It will “change my life ” if I can find another 3 pairs of that shoe. Is there any way at all you can assist me?

  • Jeremy Bryant says:

    I am a very loyal customer since many years of your shoes. I have an issue in Portugal (Europe) where I purchased shoes in your Amoreiras Lisboa store and found out that the Portugal online shop is having them 50% off under a special promotion (immediately taken down once I enquired). Merrell Portugal has had 2 different prices on the same market for the same product which is most likely a mistake or a very poor marketing strategy. Anyhow Merrell Portugal is unbelievably refusing to refund the difference (never heard of price match and placing themselves in the shoes 😉 of their customers having been fooled).
    Clearly a price discrimination infringement as per European law.
    Looking forward to hear back from you
    Kind regards

  • Racknath RADHAKRISHNAN says:

    i bought a pair of merrell hiking shoes through Amazon, i ordered my usual size 8 but they are tights on my toes, feel uncomfortable in them

  • Pauline Hudak says:

    Your soul sisters sneakers with the positive sayings are amazing! I get compliments on the designs daily. I’m a registered nurse in an OR. I think you should have a line of these sneakers that look painted and have positive sayings each year. I think they would be a huge success!!! I would even love to help design some! They are very hard to find any new ones left anymore. Any they’re super comfortable!!

  • Jo Bachelder says:

    Have always loved the Merrell shoe, however, about a year ago I purchased a pair (#J18794) and they squeak. It took a few months for that to show up, but at this time every step I take squeaks. Can you tell me why this has happened? Are other people also experiencing this? I am a senior citizen and not hard on shoes. Any suggestion on how to fix the problem? Thanks very much!

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