Where is Mercedes Benz Corporate office Headquarters

Mercedes Benz Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: Kesselstraße 21, 70327 Stuttgart, Germany

  • Phone Number:
    +49 711 17 0

  • Fax Number: +49 711 17 22244

  • Email: dialog@daimler.com

  • Number of Employees: 2,88,481

  • Established: 28 June 1926

  • Founder: Karl Benz & Gottlieb Daimler

  • Key People: Ola Källenius

Mercedes Benz Headquarters Location & Directions

Mercedes Benz Headquarters Executive Team

Ola Källenius


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Jörg Burzer

Head – Supply Chain Management

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Britta Seeger

Head – Marketing & Sales

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Sajjad Khan

Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG. CASE

Sabine Kohleisen

Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG, responsible for Human Resources and Director of Labor Relations

Harald Wilhelm

Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG. Finance and Controlling

Markus Schäfer

Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG. Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, Procurement and Supplier Quality

About Mercedes Benz, History and Headquarters Information


Mercedes Benz was founded in the year 1926. The company has been operational for almost 92 years now. The founders of the company were Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. The formation of the company goes back to its origins in the year 1886 when the first petrol-powered car, which was known as the Benz Patent Motorwagen was created and it was patented and financed by Bertha Benz. The Mercedes company, as well as the automobile, was first marketed in the year 1901, by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and also the Daimler Motors Corporation. The trademark was created in the year 1902, by Emil Jellinek, who was an Austrian automobile entrepreneur, who worked with Daimler Motors Corporation. The first Mercedes 35HP was named after Emil Jellinek daughter, known as Mercedes Jellinek. Emil Jellinek was also a businessman and a marketing strategist as well, who started promoting Daimler automobiles among the highest circles of the society.

The first Mercedes Benz automobiles were manufactured in the year 1926 when the company of Karl Benz amalgamated with the Daimler Motors Corporation and therefore created the Daimler-Benz company. During the 1930s, the company started the production of the 770 model, which was very popular during the Nazi period in Germany. It is believed that Adolf Hitler himself used to drive these cars along with bulletproof windshields. The models that did survive were sold off in auctions. One of those vehicles is on display at the War Museum in Ontario, USA. In the year 1944, almost 46,000 forced labours were used in the factories of Daimler-Benz, in order to improve the efforts of the Nazi Army. Later onwards, about $12 million was paid by the company to the labour families. The company had introduced many other technological innovations that were then used in different automobiles as well. The company is also one of the well-known, best brands in the automobile industry, around the world. In the year 2016, the company started to sell all kinds of electric cars produced by the company in China. The headquarters of the company is based in Mercedesstr. 137. The name of the place is Stuttgart, while the name of the country is Germany. The area pin code is 70327.


Mercedes Benz is a German company that focuses on the designing and development of various kinds of automobiles, including convertibles, roaders, sedans, coupes, SUVs, wagons, hybrid cars, electric cars along with car accessories, to its customers all around the world. The current head of the company is Ola Kallenius. As of the current date, the company has more than 167,900 employees working. The company is the biggest selling premium vehicle brand in the world and has already sold over 2.3 million vehicles across the globe. As of the year 2014, the company has the lowest vehicle recall rate as well.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of automobiles designed and manufactured by the company itself. The company produces and sells trucks, buses, cars, coaches, luxury vehicles, etcetera.

Mercedes Benz Headquarters Photos

  • Anup singh bhatia says:


  • Anup singh bhatia says:

    We have booked a Mercedes Benz sprinter van 2500 details Model 2C1706 – MY22 , commission number 7271063512 and VIN 1W4ECHY3NP471626. We have been told at the time of booking that we will receive the van in july but as per the salesman at dealership we have told that it is still in Germany port. Can you please look at the issue and get back to us. We have never expected this service from Mercedes. When we call at deal they get rude with us. They tell us that we can cancel our booking which we don’t want to do after waiting for more then 6 months. We just want to know status and if you can please rush the process as our business is getting disturbed.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best regards,
    IPS Maintenance
    24/7 Truck, Trailer & Tire Services
    250KM around Montreal & Surrounding Areas
    Helpline number: 514-953-7770
    Email: service@ipsmaintenance.ca

  • Andrew J Robles says:

    Hello my name is Andrew J Robles I contacted the Mercedes-Benz corporation and we built a car for Street outlaws the thing that I’m contacting you about is that I took the car the car that we built to my home that I purchased in San Juan Capistrano the thing is that somebody from my family believe that they can take the car without me knowing now my point is I am apologizing on my behalf for the business that we plan for not expecting this missing convenience to the Mercedes-Benz corporation once again the contract that we have for building the racetrack it’s still open I am the owner of Pechanga gaming casino and sofi stadium I will back our deal up 100% my deepest apologies what I’m getting to is I need the evidence and people that represent the Mercedes-Benz corporation to follow up with me that way there can be a resolution to this situation that has occurred Street outlaws is a very known corporation which I am the corporate owner I am the corporate owner to Discovery channel for this reason I am contacting you for proof of the business that we share together that way we may be able to move forward and build the racetrack that we spoke about please contact me at 909-434 3470 my email is lowercase gasmonkeycash 110@gmail.com recently I was sent to a prison over a Bible a civil matter and when I was released I was assaulted with a machete and hit in the head and I made a police report and there was nobody arrested this is how I know that there are discrepancies in the law and government around me and I am the 5th great grandson of the second signer of the declaration of Independence Josiah Bartlett I stand by my words and by my business to assure you that I will provide 100% cooperation in tracking down the car that we built and bringing Justice to Mercedes-Benz corporation and Street outlaws organization thank you Andrew Robles here

  • Vanja says:

    Dear Mr/Mrs,
    I have to write a complaint letter to your company.
    I bought a new car in 2017. Last month while driving, the engine of the car caught fire!!
    My car is serviced in an authorized service in Serbia all of the time.
    I complained to your customer service in Serbia but they declined my request.
    I think all of this is a big joke with your customer.
    They are very uncooperative.
    Nobody can say anything to me about my car, only that it is not possible to accept repairs by the manufacturer of at least one part.
    What about our lives! Nobody cares! Nobody knows what is the problem with cars and how can I know?!
    Yes, my car has about 200000 km but is serviced in an authorized service center.
    Is Merzeds become a bad car?
    Should someone die because of a fault in the engine that was not seen by the service? All time I speak of Mercedes Benz with excellent cars!
    Not for my family!
    I hope it is the right address. If it is not, please, give me the address where I can write a complaint.
    Vanja Milovic

  • Gemma Zumel says:

    My husband and I got into a car accident (to no fault of ours; car that hit us also hit 3 other cars in the freeway) on November 13, 2021 and our car has since been in the car repair shop, since December 13, 2021. Due to the car accident, the 2 left doors – front and rear needed to be replaced. However, since December 13, 2021 the car repair shop could not get the doors. They’ve placed an order through the dealership and have been searching for any available doors across the U.S. and Mercedes Benz Germany to no avail.
    On top of the unexpected new car payments we now have since we need a new car, we also have been continuously paying our Mercedes Benz lease plus the car insurance.

    My understanding of “customer service” is being able to provide an effortless experience to your customers. So far, that has not been the case with our experience with Mercedes Benz USA. I had the highest regard for Mercedes Benz, a well-known luxury car brand and my expectations were high. But going on 6 months with no resolution is unacceptable in anyone’s view.

    All these added expenses and inconveniences are so disheartening. It is due to no fault of ours, but because Mercedes Benz USA cannot provide us the part we need to fix our car. To make it worse, it seems Mercedes Benz Customer Service in Atlanta, GA have not been helpful. We wrote the VP, Customer Service In GA but did not get a response from her. Please, can anyone provide resolution to this issue?

  • Michael healy says:

    HI, I have suspecions there maybe fraud happening at your dealerships in the UK 🇬🇧 in relation to your software recall.

  • Aleica says:

    I am ashame of the company. just got off the phone with customer and the are tell me .they are sending me a check. you took 3 payments out my acct.no checks .put my funds back.

  • Aleica says:

    the took 3 payments out my account and its hell too get my funds back. justice for black people, this is what i have too deal with .and the nasty

  • Todd Bomkamp says:

    How do I buy a new engine from you

  • Lee Barthel says:

    I purchased a 2020 Maybach and took delivery from Mercedes of Novi in Novi MIchigan on October 31, 2019. Since January of 2021 I have had 5 tire blowouts. four in the last 5-months. I am wondering if there is another brand of tire other than Goodyear that I can have installed.

    I am frustrated and reticent to travel with this car relative to past performance. I am not satisfied with the service team and response I have received to date.

  • Colette Donaghy Gentile says:

    Our family do not like the Christmas commercial. That little boy taking the picture of Santa is terrible.

  • barry O'Donovan says:

    I bought my first MB in 1973 220 SEB I have had 8 in my lifetime and I think they are brilliant ,comfortable, reliable’ . I had a tour of the factory and museum in Stuttgart during the Golf finals .An amazing experience And Thank you Mercedes Benz so much .

  • Calvin says:

    I purchased a S550 from Mercedes of Sycamore (Brian Bemis Mercedes / Sycamore Imports) 1875 DeKalb, IL. 60178 in April of 2019 THE VEHICLE WAS PURCHASED AS A Mercedes certified PRE-OWNED VEHICLE WITH THE LIMITED WARRANTY which states that “Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts for any needed replacement or augmentation”. I went to Mercedes of Naperville, Naperville, IL. and purchased a replacement hub cap for one of my wheels, it was dislodged by a pot hole or car wash who knows. I put the hub cap on in the Mercedes parking lot, the new hub cap was not a secure fit so I went back in and discussed with the parts salesperson whom suggested that I pull my car into the service bay and have a service specialist take a look. They explained to me that my wheels and caps were not genuine Mercedes parts but a knock-off and I should go back to Mercedes of Sycamore and they would make it right since it was a certified pre-owned vehicle. The service specialist also showed me the difference between my wheels and a genuine AMG wheel. The genuine wheel has a raised AMG stamp my wheel has the AMG stamp but it is not raised. I have called and left messages for the service manager, sales manager and the general manager. The service specialist told me they do not have the authority to correct the issue. This started last Friday I have left numerous messages and no one has returned my call. What are my next steps or should I just consult with my attorney. The dealership in Naperville suggested that I let Bemis make it right but no ones returning my calls.

  • samuel andersdon says:

    halo my name is Samuel Anderson i live in fort Lauderdale fl i have a 2006 e 350 VERRY GOOD BUT MY G P S DOES not work neigther my blue tooth what can i do

  • Josephine Ciantar says:


    • S. H. says:

      Hello, I am trying to reach the corporate office also, my vehicle was illegally changed out with another vehicle to resemble a smaller cheaper model

  • >