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Doug Ewert

Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Thorn

President and Chief Operating Officer

Jack Calandra

EVP, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Ben Baum

EVP, Customer Experience and Chief Digital Officer

Jamie Bragg

EVP, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Andrew Iwaskow

EVP, Human Resources

Mark Neutze

EVP, Store Operations

About Men’s Wearhouse, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1973. The company has been currently active for more than 46 years now. The founder of this company is George Zimmer. The company was initially started in Houston, Texas. In the year 1999, the company expanded its operations into Canada with the addition of Moores Retail Group. In the latter half of 2006, the company acquired After Hours Formalwear, who was a clothier specialised in making black tie formal wear. It became one of the major sponsors of the United Football League in 2009 and continued to sponsor it till 2010. It purchased the Joseph Abboud in 2013. The company took over its competitor, Jos A. Banks for an amount of around $1.8 billion. The company renamed itself to its present name Tailored Brands in 2016. Headquarters: 6380 Rogerdale Rd, Houston, TX 77072, United States.

Men’s Wearhouse is an American company which focuses mainly on providing the best apparel for men to its customers. As of 2018, the company had 18200 employees working under it. The company has Dinesh Lathi as its current Executive Chairman. In the year 2016, the revenue generated by the company was around $3.379 billion.

Men’s Wearhouse provides its services on a wide range of men’s clothing and accessories, which includes apparel and footwear as well. It also provides the facilities for tuxedo rentals and suits pressing too.

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  • Tricia Faus says:

    I wanted to take a minute to let you know what great service we received at your Fairlawn store in Ohio. Steph, assistant manager took care of us. He was great. He helped us problem solve and allowed us to take two different ties and shoes since the bride was struggling on making a decision. I can not say enough about his customer service. We will continue to be a customer of Men’s Warehouse and be sharing our great experience with others. You have a great employee!

  • Kendall Ashcraft says:

    Good morning Men’s Wearhouse Corporate Office, I wanted to recognize one of your managers at the 3130 New Center Point, Colorado Springs, Colorado location. Jasmine Wallac, from the very first encounter while dealing with other customers. She was so incredibly cordial and showing great care and support for the customers in the store with her attention on them and also to others in the store including staff. She has the most sincere attitude towards everyone and every step in the process and made sure I and other customers were well taken care of perfectly. I would like to recommend her for an types of incentives, bonuses, and or position elevation to regional management, as she truly reflects what every staff member should reflect, as a role model, for everyone who works for Men’s Wearhouse. As a company owner myself, I recognize staff like her, for a job well done!

  • Jay Skoller says:

    Horrible service. Complete run around. Totally misleading. And try to get to speak to corporate. They will never connect u. 48 hrs before my wedding and they are trying to hit me with a rental fee which is supposed to be free with 10 groomsmen. And they are trying to charge me for my shirt and suspenders. Tell be at the start, not hrs before my wedding. I will not be extorted.

  • Tammy Cole says:

    Hello. I want to let the owners of this company know that I went into store #1411 in Ridgeland, MS on 5/27/2022 and bought a suit for my father’s 80th birthday which cost $453.00. The sleeves were slightly too short in the coat. My father and I returned the coat with hopes of having it altered, as he was excited to have a new suit. We were told the cost was $27. We had to leave the suit because I felt that after spending $453.00 of my elderly mother’s money that provisions could be made for free alterations. Not only did this put a damper on my father’s birthday, your store lost a $453 sale over $27 along with several customers from our family. Just thought you should know. I thought more should have been done to make sure my father walked away with his suit. Very disappointed.

  • R. Thacker says:

    I went to your store on Golf Road in Schaumburg, IL yesterday and Mr. Paul Alberts acknowledged our
    presence as soon as we entered the store. Came around quickly to help us with the best attitude one
    would ever see from a sales person! He showed us different suits and the weaving pattern and the differences, etc. He took measurement and the whole nine yards. I was very much impressed knowing
    the position is not based on commission. I told him honesty that I would like to visit other stores for more choices
    and would come back. I went to the store because of positive experience we had when
    buying a suite for my son’s graduation. I wanted to see Paul Alberts today but he works only Tuesdays,
    Saturdays and Sundays. But since I wanted a suite, I decided to go the same store. What a difference from
    yesterday. One black lady asked what we wanted and left it at that. No desire to help whatsoever. There
    is no way she would have sold a suit to me even if I begged her to sell me one. She just does not belong
    in your store. As a businessman for over 35 years and in retailing, if I was in charge of that store, I would
    really let her go. She is more of a liability to your store and customers than an asset. Just my two cents
    worth! Thank you!!

    • John Hood says:

      Same thing happend to me at the Murray , Ut store this past Saturday. I walked into the store to look at buying a couple of suits and it took 20 minutes for me to even be acknowledged by a sales person. And this was after I had approached someone to help me. I spent $700 and immediately the next day I demanded a refund, of which I still have not received. I would never recommend this company for anyone. They seem to have a very bad company culture. Their employees remind me of a used car sales person. Very bad attitudes no concern for the customer.

    • Earl says:

      If the staff person were caucasian, would you have stated that fact in your complaint? Bad customer service is bad customer service, and there is no need to attach someone’s physical attributes to your concern. Maybe it would be helpful to ask for the rep’s name the next time you have such an experience, and then use THAT information in your complaint. Just a thought. What you have done–whether purposefully or not–was to associate bad service with race.

  • Jeff D Miller says:

    Racist mgr in Honolulu

  • Bernt Nyman says:

    Are you having a suit drive this year
    I have 2 very good suits that I would like to donate to a good cause

  • Dan Funk says:

    We went to the Frisco location. We were greeted promptly by Jordan Hargrove. He made us feel very comfortable and welcome. He took us to what we asked for. And then in a very professional way showed us what we needed. Then he located the only store in your system that had the jacket in the style and size I wanted and had it brought into the Frisco store. And then to find out when we entered the store, he had just went on lunch break, but spent that entire time helping us in a very excellent manner. My wife and I want to say Thank You for employing such an experienced and qualified personal.

  • Travis says:

    I just had a wedding couple weeks ago. Let me tell you how men’s warehouse destroyed our special day. None of the shirts fit vest were all miss matched and also wrong colors. Contacted corporate office about all our experience. They set back laugh about it with no care at all. Promise us the correct vests by our wedding day, and guess what they show up the following Monday after the wedding. They tell you about all they try to do for you, and all I keep asking is how will you make this ok with my wife and I. Unreal I would never ever want anyone to shop at any location. They can’t even fit a person. Asked the guy has your store had lessons on how to fit he goes well we could use some help with it. I guess so. I keep asking to talk to someone that is the highest up to tell them how bad the day was because of them and they pass on the buck. I sent photos of the mess and so on they just set back and do nothing to make it ok.

  • Linda Ducas says:

    I just shopped at your location in Temecula California, and I am writing to advise you that it was one of the WORST, MOST DISGUSTING experiences I have ever had!! I was made to feel like an untrustworthy criminal rather than a valued customer! My husband and I had to be escorted around the store like we were thieves, and my husband was only allowed to try on ONE PAIR OF PANTS!! He was not allowed to try on the shirts we purchased, which were nothing special, but cost $45 each! I never heard of anything so ridiculous in my entire life! The ONLY reason we went there is because my husband requires “big and tall” sizes, which are not always readily available in the more common retail stores. THEN, they wanted to CHARGE US for alterations (just hemming the pants). Needless to say we refused–I can hem pants for FREE! Your store policies are ridiculous, and I will NEVER shop at one of your stores again!! I guess in this age of the FRAUDULENT SCAM known as COVID19 there is no such thing as customer service any longer! It was one of the most distasteful things I have ever been through! I hope you go out of business because of it.

  • Michael Simone says:

    I recently applied for a job in your Long Island locations. Not out of necessity. But you need my help more than I need yours. I’ve been in retail for over 15 yrs. your management for your stores and regionals is complacent at best. They have zero skill to upsell customers. You have quality product that’s not being presented the way it should be. Your regional manager who interviewed me literally ran off mid way to take a call. He he’s zero drive to enhance your company and profitability. Mike Simone 516-424-9189

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