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  • Address: 5101 Menard Dr, Eau Claire, WI 54703, USA

  • Phone Number:

  • Fax Number: 715-876-2868

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 55,000

  • Established: 1960

  • Founder: John Menard Jr.

  • Key People: John Menard Jr. (President)

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John R. Menard Jr.

President and Director

About Menards, History and Headquarters Information


Menards was founded in the year 1960. The company has been operational for almost 59 years now. The founder of the company was John Mernard Jr. The company incorporated in the year 1962. In the year 1969, the founder of the company had found that there was a demand for even more products and services. Therefore, he added manufacturing capabilities to the site, including lumber and doors as well.  A distribution centre was also established as well. By the year 1994, the post frame building division of the company was sold off. In the year 1998, a second distribution centre was opened in Plano, Illinois, USA.  This was followed by two more distribution centres in the year 2007, located in Holiday City, Ohio, and Shelby, Iowa, USA. The Ohio distribution centre was nearly 700 square feet, and the one in Iowa was almost 735,000 square feet in size.

As time went by, larger stores began adding groceries to their line up of products as well. In the year 2013, the company was ranked as the 43rd largest private company by Forbes Magazine. Then in the year 2016, the company moved had up the list, currently now ranking 37th places on the Forbes list, along with an estimated annual revenue of almost $8.7 billion. It was also the third largest home improvement store as well, just trailing behind Home Depot and Lowe’s. The company had also been involved in numerous disputes too, concerning violation of environmental regulations. One that occurred in the year 2011 found that the company was illegally dumping various types of hazardous wastes. The company had to pay a fine of almost $30,000. The company had also settled complaints filed with the National Labor and Safety Board, which had found that the company was violating the rights of its workers in regards to pay and firing practices. Ray Szmanda was the ‘Menards Guy’ who used the company’s slogan regularly on television advertisements from the year 1976 to the year 1998, and occasionally from the year 1999 until his passing in 2018. The company has also begun sponsoring Team Penske as of the year 2016. The company has also become the title sponsor of races in the Xfinity Series and even as the entitlement sponsor for the ARCA Racing Series as well. The headquarters of the company is based in 4777 Menard Drive. The name of the place is Eau Claire, while the name of the state is Wisconsin, USA. The pin code of the area is 54703.


Menards is an American company that focuses on the selling of various kinds of high-quality products and also big name brand merchandises as well, along with tools, materials and even home supplies as well, for its customers. The current president of the company is John Menard Jr. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $10 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2017, is more than 45,000. The company has almost 350 stores under its name, within 14 states of the USA.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of home improvement supplies, that are sold by the company itself. The products sold by the company include building materials, plumbing supplies, groceries, vinyl, home appliances, electrical supplies, paints, doors, groceries, automotive supplies, etcetera.

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  • Thomas Ploeckelman says:

    Went to the Black Friday event 11/24 at the West Bend store to purchase the gumball tubes that I have been buying for years which I give away to charity only to find that the price had gone from $7 per tube last year to $12 per tube this year. Also the top 8″ of the tubes are empty (as they were last year ) which means less product for more money. So, this year I refuse to make my purchase as a matter of principle.

  • Cletus says:

    Bought a bathroom vanity from Howard WI store. Returned it because it wasn’t a good match. Took in store credit and bought a different bathroom vanity. The homeowner didn’t like it. Brought it back to have money put back on the card used. They store refused saying they would only give me in store credit because I went through the point of sale counter for the second purchase instead of going through the return counter for the purchase. I will NEVER get in store credit again. After I use this INSTORE credit up my business with Menards is done. Point of sale counter and return counter sale is in the same store.

  • Steve Zerki says:

    I purchased the door from you guys special order
    My skU4000437
    I pay cash i don’t have the receipt
    It’s peeling
    About four months ago
    My name is Steve Zerki
    My number 2489611516

  • Robert Harris says:

    I have bought from this store and now I want my rebates no reason to hold what is owed to me for 6 to 8 weeks you people are crooks this is mine spent a lot of money to get this rebate if you want me to keep shopping there give me my rebate or just stop the rebate thing altogether this is BS!???????

  • Robert Wirth says:

    I have sent in three receipts throughout the last year and I never get nothing back. I don’t understand it I never got any 11% back ever and I don’t know why. And I’ve been buying from you since you’ve been over there in Rhinelander and I never did yet even years ago when I get when I was in business I sent stuff in and I never got nothing, sad i’m beginning to wonder if you like me or not other ones get it I would think I should get it. I do this, voice text because my fingers don’t work very well

  • Kimberly Peer says:

    We shop at the Menards in Quincy, IL and my number one complaint is that they have only 2 electric carts. Last night both of them were in use and both myself and two other people were in need. My husband pused my in a wheelchair and another person took the other one. This was in about a 10 minute time frame. Please get some more electric carts in this store. I have to drive by and look in the door to see if one is availabe and if not I just have to keep driving! P.S. The carts and wheelchairs they have are not in great shape.

  • Lola says:

    I walked around for one hour, in this MTVernon Illinois store. Not one employee asked me if I needed help. I actually went to the far lest corner. Which was the deck, gates area and asked a older grey haired man for help, he didn’t know where treated wood and I have never seen a older man so unknowlefgable about privacy matériels and ideas for my deck. For that matter anything I asked. I asked for the store manager! He quickly stated not here! I then walked up to front and asked a female if I could speak to the manager and she said Yes. Do I informed the manager I was lied too. I will not be ever walking into this store. Worst service of my life. No prices on anything at all . The checker couldn’t even ring up price on fencing. Nothing had prices. Horrible I’m done with MTVErnon Illinois Menards!

  • Carol Shepard says:

    Would love to shop at Menards. But only 2 carts to drive and older n handicap can’t walk that big store,,BE nice if they would add a few more riding cars for seniors n handicap people.

  • Russ Nation says:

    We love Menards! We lived near Bay City Michigan before we retired to Denver, North Carolina 7 years ago. We really miss Menards in fact, we just returned from a short visit in Michigan and purchased our roll up shed door while we were there and brought it back home with us. Would you please have your Real Estate division consider building a Menards in our area? Sherrills Ford, Denver North Carolina on the West Side of Lake Norman. Our communities are growing exponentially and all we have on this side of the lake is Lowes.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Vickie Orton says:

    I would like to say I love shopping at your Menards store and wish that u would build a Menards in Hot Springs Arkansas we really need a one here Lowe’s isn’t cutting it for us here in town they don’t have anything like Menards offers. So I know that Menards would would do really well in this town there’s a lot of building going on around here and nothing but Lowe’s to really get supplies at. So please consider building in my town so I don’t have to drive four hours to shop.

  • Billy Sherman says:

    I would not be able to post this review if I didn’t put a star on here, but they get no stars from me. I have been dealing with freezer issues for over months and NO seems to want to help mem instead just give me the run around. They pass you off to someone else and don’t want to deal with the situation. The extended warranty you pay extra for is a joke and the company they use does not even provide services the Menards any more. I call the store on 3250 N Toben St. Wichita, KS 67226 and talked to Rick the Store Manager and he was a complete jerk to me. the front end managers with make the associates, handle the problem when they are not who you want to talk to. I have a $1289.49 piece of crap, and no one want to make it right or stand behind their customer service. I will be taking this to the media and I am sure there are others

  • C. Maxwell says:

    This is NOT Menards Corporate Site. Go to Menards.com to write your messages and grievances so they’ll have a chance to make it right.

  • Michael J Dunn says:

    To whom this may concern, this is the 3rd set of custom cabinets that I have purchased from Menards for a total of about $10,000. Every single order has had delays in one form or another from the delivery service that you utilize. Included in the purchase is the delivery. How can you allow customers to accept these delays that are imposed upon us. 2 out of the 3 times that deliveries were scheduled, “the delivery driver could not get his truck started”. At my job, his truck not starting is no excuse. Delay of service is inexcusable, I ordered the cabinets on November 11th, they were not acknowledged until November 30th!!!!! 19 days AFTER you took my payment!!! Finally got a delivery date of December 23rd, only to get a call on the 23rd that they would be delayed until the 27th, only to be called again and told that they would not be delivered until the 28th!!! Your company does not have any problem taking my payment, but how would your company feel if I withheld payment until 19 days after I received the product? If you company commits to a delivery date, the date should be adhered to and under no circumstances should the customer be made to wait. We all have lives to live and commitments that we must abide by. In addition, your company should uphold to those commitments and respect the customers that you serve.

  • Matt Starrett says:

    Been trying to get my rebate back since August of this year and I only get the run around. Tried sending out emails and I get no response from them.

  • C Lyle Lowery says:

    Until less than a month ago we purchased a Whirlpool Washer (sku 451-0006) I would rate Menards 5 stars. I am frustrated with the approach of helping with an issue with the machine. Instead of Menards helping with a phone call to the manufacturer or acting like they wanted help is it does not show well for your company. I am a loyal Menards customer and this most recent purchase has pushed me away from your store. We need help with this washer and do not have time to be making calls to the manufacturer. My contact info is C Lyle Lowery 219-871-9033. Thank You look forward hearing from Menards.

    • Scott H. says:

      Taking a leap here… Assuming that the manufacturer is if no help to your issue it will lead one to believe that the manufacturer of said appliance shipped to the store the unit and the components necessary for the operation of unit and then somewhere in-between the store and the desired location a very critical component is M.I.A like the entire Menards family is….. I remember my grandfather telling me about a thing called Boycotting and the results that came from that!! They need customers lots more than we need them. You give respect you get respect simple is as simple does….

  • nope. says:

    So since you’re raking in the money during the holiday season you halt the 11% rebate so you can make even more money? Have Big Corporate Greed at Menards!!!!

  • Jo says:

    The east store I went to in Wichita Kansas the manager really sucks as well as a Customer service people and I went also online to corporate customer service which did not even answer the phone the two times I called him at 2 o’clock in the afternoon I have never got poor service anywhere in my life

  • Teresa Shelton says:

    I never got my Rebate..
    Receipts # 95522215869
    Store #3367

  • dan dorf says:

    when are you going to move out of the stone age and make all your rebates online. All you do is help out USPS with all the stamps we have to buy.I do not shop at your stores as much as i used to just because of these things.By the way i am 69 years old.

  • Alphia Webber says:

    I contacting you reason being the evergreen park store customer service desk kept hanging up on me I was in the store earlier yesterday I spent $58 I went back yesterday evening I charged $244 paid cash for snow brush asked for carry out the guy took the heavy box out but I l never took the snow brush out called back to the store very rude I owe CAPATIAL one $2500. All spent at mernards why do i need to lie about a 4.99 snow brush told me if they find it they will call I get social security

  • Tom says:

    Shit Company

  • Bev A says:

    Boy, The list of “BAD” reviews doesnt surprise me. Never Use Menards Card for payment, Never Do a Special Order ! Read on with mine. Ordered 4 Crestline windows last Oct, took til Feb to get them. All were damaged with dented and gouged screens, two had exterior damages to vinyl and it wasnt from us. Menards store was put on notice before we accepted them. They said, dont worry let us know what more damages you find and call us in the morning. We found another window was missing a vinyl component that acts as a weather strip and holds screen in place. Menards would only order replacement screens and refused to help with the other issues. We were told we had to place a claim with their vendor Weathershield Windows the mfg. This was a six month nightmare that still wasnt fully resolved after five sets of screen replacements. The mfg was using damaged screen on top of production not being good at assembly.
    We disputed charges to gain their attn and to motivate them to help us. Turns out Capital One told me Menards has a special contract with them that is not fair or favorable to the consumer. 90 day window to place a dispute, then Menards requires a letter of resolution by a competitor to accompany the claim.
    This is where they get you. Only Menards sold Crestline windows, and why would anyone else provide a resolution letter for product that is not theirs.
    While this was going on….we did another window order. Mistake! we learned shortly following that Weathershield was discontinuing their vinyl windows and Menards would no longer sell them. The store knew this, yet continued with our order. The store mgr lied, telling us oh no they are not discontinued. We crossed checked this with Weathershield the mfr. They are discontinued. Capital One told us when the order does not arrive by the ETA date, call Capital One and dispute the charge on basis of not delivered on time.
    We did this and met with the store mgr and told him we wanted our order cancelled and fully refunded. He said he would upon us emailing a receipt copy. The next day the windows arrive at Menards, we get an email from the mgr saying they are in and we can pick them up. We responded by saying proceed with issuing a full refund. This is where store mgr Vince K gets sleezy and dishonest.
    With consulting or disclosing with us anything. He waits a couple weeks and issues a partial credit reducing the credit by 25% and over taking the 11% rebate value back. Rebate taken back was $116.96 and should have been $72.68. Pure theft on his part. Receipt total pre tax was $1,063.29, windows on this receipt cost $660.72. Do the math, the mgr was deliberately dishonest and behaved unethically. During this time Menards overrode the Capital One dispute, we replied accordingly. And Capital One reinstated the dispute of $709.45. We were honest and brought all of this to the attn of Capital One and they said the dispute claim was closed, we were credited $709.45 and told we could keep the partial credit of $466.23 that the unethical store mgr issued and said, keep it for the grief we had to endure on all situations.
    BEWARE MENARDS DOES NOT OFFER ANY CONSUMER PROTECTION, THEIR POLICIES ARE WRITTEN TO PROTECT THEM. THEY DO NOT PROVIDE ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE OR DIRECT SUPPORT WHEN THEIR VENDORS MANUFACTURE PRODUCT MISSING COMPONENTS OR USE BAD MATERIALS THAT ARE DAMAGED. We got lucky with Capital One only because it was related to ETA date being delayed multiple times. It was our only window to get out of the purchase. If the store mgr was ethical and did what he said he would there would be no reason to have pursued the dispute and all parties would be happy.
    We spend $10,000.00 average annually with Menards, husband is a carpenter and we remodel fixer uppers.
    NO MORE $$$$$ going to Menards, we are buying Pella windows to replace the Crestline we have and continue on with replace all other windows so they match. Lowes, Home Depot and Independant Building Centers do business ethically and are as concerned and involved in quality control of their vendors as it should be. The store mgr Vince K should be fired.

  • Mat Ambrose says:

    ME and my younger brother was In the Evansville IN store on 10/22/22 as a few employees were stearing at us and following us the hole time so I get up set and tell my brother let’s go we walk to the front I end up buying a box of candy and my br got a Gatorade as we walk out I ask the man if there was a problem he said ya I said and what is this problem he said lazer levers I ask what about them he whet on with accused us of stealing one we are still standing at the exit door at this time I told him to search us he jus kept on and on sayin well get u next time and talking about my brothers movment and calling him a Crack head and told us to go tweak out all night my brother has a medical condition and is not a laughing matter and to be disrespected like this in front or ur store in such a way when I spend the amount of money I do in this store and I offered to let them to search us and he wouldn’t if he has the nerve to actually accuse us then why would he not take the chance to search US I will be talking to a lawyer on Monday it somthing is not done about these two men there wasno koop

  • dose it MATTER says:

    we can fly a Drone from Earth a 134, million miles on Mars, or knock a Meteoroid off track some place in Space, just last month, but we can even make a simple phone call it that place, No matter what state I’m in when traveling for work, not sure why I even try and go there at times, just sad for someone that’s the Richest Man in Wisconsin,
    Where does the owner of Menards live?
    The billionaire lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with six children. 1940 John Robert Menard Jr. is born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. SURE HE DOSE !!!!

  • Brett says:

    Menards corporate office pays no attention to what they order. I could fire everyone there in their supply chain and more detail would be put into it than the Menards family would ever think to do. For example, I go there now just for the Sprecifer Wisconsin Maple Root Beer, it had no preservatives as advertised on the box and the ingredients on it. So, I bought 2 four packs. Opened one later, thought it tasted weird. Looked at the ingredients, THE EXACT SAME INGREDIENTS AS THEIR NORMAL MAPLE ROOT BEER WITH THE PRESERVATIVE!! FALSE ADVERTISING (ILLEGAL) BY SPRECIFER AND VERIFIES 100% THE MENARD FAMILY DIRECTS PEOPLE TO DO AS YOUR TOLD, DON’T ASK QUESTIONS, WE OWN THIS PLACE AND WE DONT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO ANY DETAILS!!(which would explain why Menards inside, no matter where you go, looks like a Home Depot or Lowe’s that they haven’t set the aisles or opened yet, but should be ready in 2-3 weeks once we put everything in the right place). So now I have to return this crap tomorrow (and no I’m not a stuck no preservatives person, I drink a Coke every now and then, etc. But the Root Beers taste a ton different and the only ingredient that is different is one has the preservative, one doesn’t, the one without tastes like heaven, the one with the preservative, tastes like generic root beer)

  • Steve colussi says:

    I purchased a $700.00 tile saw, masterctaft. I have attempted to buy replacement parts for the saw only to find you can only get a few parts, while the saw does perform well I am very disappointed that parts are not available and will not purchase any more mastercraft tools or recommend them to other contractors!

  • Charlie says:

    I’ve had a special order sitting since September 22nd and no one has contacted me to deliver it to me that’s already been paid for, it’s now October I will never buy building material from Menards ever again. I’m also letting everyone know how bad Menards is.

  • Major L Richards Jr says:

    A couple of years you had a scarecrow invested in Mrs scarecrow I was wondering are you guys going to make a mister and Mrs Claus like a scarecrow but it sits on sits on the bench thank you. These figures are made for the outside.

  • Rennie says:


  • Nancy says:

    This company has to do a better job at hiring better management for their locations. There is one specific location that has me disappointed and disgusted in the way they recently handled a work “incident”. The HR department also has to do a better job at the job they are hired todo. If the base of these stores is all wrong and horribly built how can we expect to be getting well customer service or good product when they are rotten from the inside. It seems like there is racism in the company as well. They have wrongfully terminated an employee as well as forced him into it!! This should have not happened the way they did it. No actual investigation was done. No doctor note or injury report was filed they went about it all wrong!! It’s highly disappointing to know how they handle these kinds of situations. Mr. John Menards Jr. Should be ashamed and be better involved in his companies and it’s locations to make sure they are actually running well. Make sure ppl are properly trained for all and every situation. I hope that the issue can be resolved but knowing what I know and from reading some of the other comments looks like nothing will change! Very disappointed!

  • Todd Miles says:

    We ordered a vessel sink from Menards in Massillon, Oh. One week later received an email and text that sink was in and ready for pick. We go to Menards, follow directions for special order pickup we go and proceed to give the pickup desk our order number, person behind the desk says yes it’s in snd we’ll bring that out to you. Upon waiting 50 minutes, we go back in to the desk and a different person was at the desk, he says yes it’s in, wait here. 10 minutes passes by and he returns saying no it’s not here, it must be on a different truck and not here yet…makes zero sense….but whatever. We then leave the pickup yard go into customer service where Jen asks to help us. Very nice lady, goes through the same process while calling back to pickup yard, then confirms that it is not here after being told it was on 3 occasions. The yard representative offered us the option of buying the display model so we mention this to Jen, she tells us that now we have to speak to the manager of plumbing to answer our question of what type of discount do we get for taking the display. Upon waiting for this manager to arrive at the plumbing desk, (we found that she had gone to customer service first to get the lowdown of our story from Jen prior to taking care of us, the customer) we proceed to discuss the issue of our missing sink and she interrupts and says that what Jen had told her. Bottom line, no discount for the display model, no discount for the miscommunication, no discount for the run around, no discount for one and a half hours that we’ve been at Massillon Menards trying to locate our sink that supposedly arrived but hasn’t, and no discount to accommodate us, the customer to remain a loyal customer. Customer Service is dead, well at least at Menards it is.

  • Ray Long says:

    The customer service at your Marion, Illinois store is horrible. I would like to talk to someone!

  • Noone says:

    Menards doesn’t care about its employees let alone the customers….can’t have a sick kid with covid on quarantine and not come to work… I got fired even with a doc note.

  • Guest says:

    I would Love to know how I can get Only The Nativity Story in Christmas in all stores and keep the Grinch and santa out a Christmas Please because When Jesus Christ was Born of a Virgin it was Emmanel God with us. Also Christmas decorations should only represent Just that that Jesus was Born of a Virgin all are to be Moral and nothing more should Christmas decorations be about. Please make it that way worldwide for Jesus Christ sake. I will give you the following ideas to have made by mfg companies or ordered only. Now you can get rid a the Grinch and santa and the dumb elves the stupid mickey mouse stuff and Rudolph because reindeer don’t have red noses and all that is not affiliated with the True meaning of Christmas anyway. It is more fun for God’ s Children to learn the Truth only so now you can make money using these ideas instead making God and his Son Jesus a lot more Happier: The Nativity in White and Gold Lights , The Names in Lights and following phrases in White and or Gold Lights: God Gave us his Son and Christ Was Born! ; Emmanuel ! ; We Love Emmanuel and Jesus Christ Names written On Our Hearts !; Jesus Christ Is Lord ! ; Emmanuel is God Above All !; Merry Christmas, Be Moral ! ; Freely Give as Jesus Tells Us To ! ; Make Peace On Earth ! ; Be Of Good Cheer ! ; Peace On Earth ! ; Sing For Joy ! ; Rejoice With Sweet Christ Jesus ! ; Rejoice With Emmanuel and His Son Jesus Christ ! ; Merry Christmas! ; Sing Hallelujah ! ; Praise God and Praise Jesus Christ Always ! ; Noel ! ; The First Noel ! ; O’ Come All Ye’ Faithful ! ; Silent Night Holy Night ! ; Make Peace On Earth and Make Love Abide For Emmanuel and Jesus With all of God’s People ! ; what I just mentioned you can have as Lights in a Line in Yards and for on windows and on doors and for on walls in People’s Homes and for in Church Yards and along fences. Also you can think about Easter Have not Jesus on the cross and rather Lights telling for Yards and fences can be in White and Gold and Pink Lights signs telling: Jesus Got The Victory Praise Jesus ! ; Jesus Is Risen ! ; Jesus Is Risen Jesus Is Alive and Well forevermore With Us Always Until The End Of Ages! ; Jesus is The Risen King ! ; God and Jesus Is With Us Jesus Is Healing Yet Today ! ; Follow Jesus ! ; Follow Jesus and Walk In The Light Of Christ and Do Not Sin At All For Jesus Sake ! ; Sing For Joy With Emmanuel and Jesus ! ; Believe In Light ! ; For Thanksgiving you can have make available for yards and on fences etc that tell: Give Thanks To God For Family Food Clothing Shelter and Good Health ! ; Thank God For Giving Us His Son Jesus Christ ! ; Give God Thanks ! ; Thank God Everyday for all The Good He Does! ; Thank Emmanuel Who Is God With Us For All The Good He Does ! . There now you have it Please make it Happen to get in all stores in America and every country for all Of God’s Children if possible please because God’s Children are Deserving to Have This Idea Made Available In Stores. Can you get in All Walmart stores Please? Please try For God and Jesus Sake who see all hear all Please !

  • Wife of a driver says:

    Why does jake Shank at Valley view distribution give preferential treatment to employees? Someone needs to call and find out why. For example Phil not sure if his last name goes in whenever he wants and leaves early if other employees (truck drivers) do that they get written up. Not right. The labor board should be notified.

  • Kenneth Brennan says:

    First short history, I have always shopped Menards when I was stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training center for a total of 8+ years. Both my homes were remodeled by me and much of the material used came from The Menards in Racine WI and Kenosha WI when it opened. My last tour of duty at the Navy base I even worked at both these stores behind the lumber desk. So I can safely say I know much about Menards and what they have to offer communities. I am now living in Edgewood NM and the closest Menards is the Garden City KS store. I even stop at this location when on business trips to shop. My wife wants me to take the cargo trailer and big truck to make a shopping run. I love your store but not that much, LOL. Let me get to the meat of what I want to say. I am the Commissioner of Edgewood District 1 and just want o say that if you ever expand out to the New Mexico market we would be welcome you with open arms. Edgewood NM is East of Albuquerque NM in the area known as the East Mountains. Edgewood population is 6200+ with new homes (2 per month average) going in. The East Mountain communities have over 45,000 people. The East Mountains in NM needs a good building materials supper store and I can think of no better than Menards.

  • Steve Wilson says:

    I am a frequent customer at the Valparaiso and have spend over $10,000 in the past 5-7 years. I would like John Menard to call me at 219-608-0386. No one else, just John Menard.
    This is a very disgruntled and dissatisfied customer.
    I had a very unfortunate Valparaiso Indiana store occurrence on August Nineteen 2022 from approximately 11:19am till 3:00pm. I explained it to the store manager and he satisfied somewhat, but I need more satisfaction to resolve this issue.
    Please direct John to call me Today!!
    Steve Wilson

  • Joanna says:

    The Menards in Minot,ND sucks! The management is horrible! They treat their employees and customers like complete garbage! I used to love that store, was so excited to move back near one, but I will be taking my business to Home Depot! Sucks that corporate doesn’t seem to care about how their stores are run as long as their making money, their happy in their cushy offices. Not gonna be happy when you go out of business because your stores are all run like shit. Someone needs to do an Undercover Boss situation in Minot and witness the disrespect firsthand and actually care enough to fix it!

  • Alyssa carlson says:

    This was completely uncalled for deformation of character , slander and will not be the last you hear from me this happened at the moline Illinois store at closing and he followed me all the way to the door saying these things loud enough for people to hear!!! 3093733026 is my number and you will have my attorneys soon enough! Drew general manager in moline Illinois the way you were unable to handle yourself in the heat of the moment and acted out of rage and your poor choice of words and lack of communication skills shows how you made it as far as you did in an amazing company like menards raises questions and when I google what a meth head acts like the definition is exactly how you acted tonight!!!

  • Alyssa carlson says:

    I was at Menards tonight with my husband we are currently remodeling a house and out first one we have ever remodeled mind you so I went to get like four smoke detectors four different ones and some carbon monoxide detectors along with pinesol and febreeze went to meet back up with my husband because we are also buying carpet from Menards and ask him which detectors to get we found out we didn’t bring enough cash to get carpet so we discussed which directors to get on our way to the front and put the other stuff back we weren’t getting!! When my husband was up paying a guy by the name
    Of drew confronted me saying I was acting suspicious and that he has my husband in camera stealing a knife two nights prior and which is false two nights prior we were there getting paint spent about $700 and three days before that’s spent about $4000 on new appliances and just yesterday spent $400 on more paint and materials we haven’t stolen a thing from Menards after I showed him my purse and what was in it and tried to explain to him why I had the detectors he cut me off and started yelling at my husband saying meth is a terrible drug neither of us are on meth we both have jobs plus work full time remodeling this house and raise three children I will be contacting my attorney first thing in the morning that was awful embarrassing and down right just wrong we have never Stollen a thing and have spent about 10,000 there in just the last month this guy Drew is the general manager and doesn’t act as if he had any business working in customer service I am a very good paying customer I might not know what I’m looking for or what carbon monoxide detector I need but I do know how to pay for things and not steal them and my husband most deff does!! As for the meth being a bad drug yes it is extremely however it’s not a problem I have and I was so embarrassed he yelled that and then even accused my
    Husband of (blowing up the bathroom) like why and wow???

  • A. Smith says:

    After closing on a home a few months ago, we have spent thousands at our local Menards in Waterloo, Iowa. We enjoy the great sales and rebates. There are two gents that’s always help us, Kyler and Max. Unfortunately, the gal at the service desk is the reason we will not be spending another dime there. Not sure if she missed out on some kind of power trip promotion along the way, but she is extremely rude to every person I have watched her assist. I requested to speak to a a manger so I could express my frustration with her, but ironically they never came up. There is no way I will allow her attitude and belittling to continue on. The items we purchased for our upcoming renovations will be going back and be repurchased at Home Depot. Or ask Betty to pull a few extra shifts to retrain Neg Nancy at the service desk.

  • Nancy Weirich says:

    PHP Org Fundraiser of a Charity Auction to help all individuals in need on October 15,2022. Would you please consider donating an item to auction? The proceeds will continue helping others.

  • Al Steinmetz says:

    Just left the Rice Lake, WI store with an area rug we purchased. Got home and unrolled it and has stains. Wondering if someone could get back to me, was the last one they had in stock. I have phoyos I can share. Please respond.

  • Sara says:

    I have tried several times to contact Jennifer in the insurance claims department in regards to a menards employee letting a cart roll into my 2022 gmc and damaging it, yet to receive a call back would like to get my truck fixed it’s been over a month now .

  • Mary DeZurik says:

    I am desperate to speak to customer service at corporate Menards. I have called many different numbers at Menards and cannot speak to anyone.
    I am calling about a rebate denial that was not accurate. This amounts to about $70.00 and I want my rebate. I cannot contact Rebates International either. Please help me get in contact with someone!!

    • Brett says:

      They won’t ever reply. Corporate really doesn’t care. Your best option is the store manager. I’ve known and no many people who work or worked there. Pretty much everyone hates it. Feedback ignored, etc and that’s when department managers give it. The store manager can relay it, but the Menards family does not care at all. They only keep the company private so they get the final say on everything and the headquarters is Menards family central. In full disclosure, I did work there for 7 months as a 5am to 9am stocker, but I really didn’t have any bad experiences. My knowledge comes from seeing the frustration, seeing the way the full time team was.

    • LaVonne Goetsch says:

      If I send in a small rebate claim I have it is a couple of weeks. In October I purchased major appliances and have over $800.00 rebate due. 8 weeks later I have not received a rebate. Purchasers of large amounts tell me they have never got their rebates. This program is false advertising as well as fraud.

  • Frustrated Card Holder says:

    Menards is by far the WORST place when it comes to customer service. I recently purchased a cabin and thought I would purchase my materials from Menards. Boy was that a mistake!! I went to our local Menards to purchase the materials thinking that they would ship out of the Menards that is closest to the location. Nope, they run it through their store and charge you extra for the distance. So I then decide to call the store that is 1.5 hours from my home and ask to order it directly thru them. Nope, they snap at me and tell me to go online and purchase it. I then explain to them that I need to make 3 orders and will be charged shipping for each of them. They proceed to tell me that they can’t take my card info over the phone due to theft. Well, that’s your first problem! If you don’t trust your staff then why did you hire them?? Mind you, they are all extremely crabby and apparently hate their job! Long story short, I eventually place my final order but only after the last individual by the name of Gordon proceeds to tell me how he’s going to get into trouble and asks me if I understand that I’m putting his job on the line and so on. I once again explain that his Manager Matt took my order a day or 2 prior without issue and that he could consult with him. Nope, proceeds to be rude and tells me how the credit card company said that he can’t do it and in the future, I will be told no. And then reminds me how this will affect his job. I then have to follow up 2 hours later because the order has not been processed. If I didn’t have the job scheduled I would’ve taken my $9,000 purchase elsewhere. Lesson learned, there are several other companies that would’ve loved to have my business and in talking to them for future projects they have been nothing but pleasant.

    • Brett says:

      They also buy very cheap products in bulk, sit on them and do mark-ups that would make it’s competitor’s corporate jaws drop. It’s all because a family owns it and they truly are bad for American business

  • Pam Miltenberger says:

    My rebate was redeemed not by me.

  • Patt says:

    Civil Rights Violated

    I placed an order online for bird seed and a couple of clear plastic locking containers to store the seed at the Bay City MI store on 07/27/2022. I was going to do a pick up. So I received an email saying my small order was ready for pickup so I proceeded to the store. Now I have never done a pick up from Menards so was unfamiliar with their pick up location but finally found it. Mind u NO signage directing customers where to go. As I find my way I see there is a guard rail and a little shack. Well I stop and out comes a elderly gentleman and I say hello and he rudely says do u have paperwork. I tell him I have an email. So he looks at my phone and walks away saying nothing and opens the gate. So no signs directing me where to go nor does he advise me to drive around to the back. So I get my order and the young lady loads my purchase onto my back seat and hands me my paperwork. I leave and get to the gate but had to wait for a truck hauling a trailer. I couldn’t see the grumpy rude old man but after bout 10 mins of waiting I see mr grumpy walk out of the guys trailer. Ok he leaves and I pull up and here comes mr grumpy I figure he wants my paperwork so I hand it to him and I think he’s going to open the gate. Wrong instead he ask me to roll down my windows and show him my purchase. By the way it was on the back seat in plain view. I don’t have tinted windows and I drive a Kia Forte. So he counts the 2 bags of seed and the two containers like a child. So I think okay I get to leave now. Nope now he orders me to open my trunk. What the fu k for I ask. I have to search u r car What am I being accused of steeling. R u kidding me I just saw u you counted my bags Well he demanded I open my trunk or he would let me go till he searched all of my trunk. I told him he had no right. He treated me as if I had just stole lumber or other crap from the pick up area. I told him this policy is wrong. He finally after 10 min let me go. I felt like a criminal. He had no reasonable reason to search my car nor did he have a search warrant. Let alone reasonable cause. He was not even a rent a cop or cop just an old man that hates being old. I am 70 but I look at life as mine is soon going to end so I don’t have time to be mean b cuz life’s to short to not b kind and to enjoy what I have left. So I called Ben the general mgr he told me there is a sign that says they can search my car but I never saw one but if it is displayed where in the hell can drivers see it. He said this is company policy. I told him it’s a violation of my rights. they don’t care bout u r civil rights. I will never go there again I we I’ll shop at Home Depot I am sure they will want me as a customer. I can see they are suspicious of all their customers. They had no reasonable cause to search my car

  • Debra A. Higens says:

    I am not happy with the Evergreen Park, Illinois Menard’s. I went into the store and purchased several items, one bag of weed and feed and the bags were so dirty my hands were black from the dirt. There were no resources to clean my hands and when I asked the cashier she was not very helpful but finally gave me some paper towel. Once I checked out I went to the customer service desk to get some help and there was one person working and one employee who never asked me if I needed help, plus no one is spraying or cleaning the carts, so I looked for some wipes upon entry to the store and there were none. I believe that Menard’s could do much better than this.

  • Georgann says:

    Being a customer and spending more than $25,000 in the store in lafayette, Indiana I wish they would care about our handicap customers by having their electric carts services and available. My family, friends, and neighbors have been looking a other options.

  • Mrs Zamudio says:

    I went to get 3 different things 1st get bird food which you didn’t have. Second for my weed Wacker second for keys. Now I only made keys now I hadnt even left the store because I could see the keys were not right. I went to service desk to get refund. Young lady says we don’t give refunds on keys. I hadnt even left the building. I told I need to speak to manager now Ceci came up 3 times I waited for her over 15 minutes when she finally spoke to me she was very shitty to me no we don’t give refunds on keys then I asked her where is the sign that says use at your own risk. How awful this experience was for me. Ceci is not at all management material. This is bad. I’m out my money and your manager needs to get another position not customer oriented at all.

  • Ami says:

    Bought a washing machine in April, need to use warrantee because it’s not draining. Went to ask for copy of receipt for claim and I was told they purge their system every 6 weeks. I no longer have the debit card I used so I can’t search online or in store for it. So without that I’m screwed and out a new washing machine.

  • kenneth Reed says:

    I contacted our local store in Loves Park, Il. via an email and asked ” If I order something from Menards can I get it delivered ? ” The answer should have been, I don’t know, what is it.? ” The answer I got is ” what is the make and model number.” I complained and got a reply, I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, I also had a business for 30 + years. We purchased most of our hardware from Menards plus tools and other equipment as well. Now, I wanted to purchase a limb saw from Yardworks. That’s all I wanted. I no longer drive, my eyesight is very poor. Somehow, I’m being treated like I’m the stupid one.

  • L. Neilson says:

    Recently purchased a Graco paint sprayer. I was told I had 90 days to return it with the receipt even if it was used. I just tried to return it because my painter had his own sprayer and was told they do not return Graco paint sprayers. I contacted Graco and they said that a Menards policy not ours. The store manager would Not come up and speak with me. He sent someone else to tell me that they would not return it. All your employees need to be on the same page. And stop giving out wrong information to customers. Now im stuck with a paint sprayer I have no use for

  • Sandra Mendoza says:

    My name is Sandra Mendoza live at 721 Farragut Ave Romeoville Illinois I’m have not received some of my rebate’s and unfortunately I don’t have my original receipts ( normally I receive my rebates in a timely manner and never had to save my receipts) when I realize there was one rebate that I haven’t received which is a nice big one, I checked online to see what was the update of that rebate which is about $200. I saw that I have that one rebate and a couple more that I haven’t received. Can someone please help me to receive my rebates? I’ve already email the site where the rebate shows that it’s still pending to cash but I haven’t received a response. My number 773)671-3979 Please help thank you.

  • Sandra Everitt says:

    When will Menards do their rebates online? There have been times we never received our rebate and this could be because of being lost in the mail. I think you really need to look into this.
    Thank you

  • Virginia says:

    We were at your Wixom, MI store on Sunday evening, June 5, 2022. We needed Morton’s Water Softener Pellets – 40 lb. No inventory on the shelf. The customer service gal said she can’t look anything up on her computer. You can call the Bldg. Dept. or the Hardware Dept. to find out about the next delivery.
    Monday evening, I called the Bldg. Dept. to inquire. Bob was most helpful, very polite, kind & informative. Bob is an exemplary employee at the Wixom store.

  • Kieochea Couch says:

    We are in the process of building a vacation house and was very excited to use Menards as our go to for all final touches however, have been extremely disappointed with the way my orders have been handled. After the first bad experience my husband said we are not going back and I convinced him that it was a fluke and that we should give Menards another shot. I went to my local store and designed the kitchen but needed to go back to make some adjustments…. They had three teenagers in the kitchen design center who didn’t have the knowledge nor the maturity to be assisting customers with projects of this extent. When I discussed my concerns with the General Manager his response was “The one’s back there know more that I do but we can go back and try to figure it out”. Again I’m sitting here with a quote of 10k for 7 cabinets, this doesn’t include countertops, drawer pulls, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher or microwave that I was also ready to purchase. I do have to say that the man that helped us pick out the bathtub and toilet was AWESOME and should be teaching the manager a thing or two. Needless to say when I went around back to pick the bathtub up they put the forks through the box damaging the only one in stock and then told me it would be at least 45 days before they could get another one in the store even though a sister location had 4 in stock. I had to be the one to suggest that they have one of the four shipped to my local store as this was no fault of my own. They agreed to look into it but no guarantee could be made sand sent me out the door. Moral of the story is that I’m hoping to get my bathtub and toilet in a timely fashion and will never enter another Menards for anything in the future.

    I’d like to speak to someone regarding this complaint and can be reached at 859-547-9616

  • Lace says:


  • Ruby O Schneider says:

    Would love to have a Menards in Stillwater, OK

  • Jenelle says:

    Menards is, without doubt, my favorite store. I always tell people Menards put me through college as I worked there all through high school and the first two years of college. Since buying my house I have spent a lot of time and money at the Eden Prairie, MN location. The staff has been extremely helpful and friendly. I purchased my kitchen cabinets, flooring, backsplash, etc. from them. I have also purchased a lot of paint, a front and storm door, and other odds and ends. Yes, dinner times I have needed to hunt down an employee to help with something, but they are always willing to help out find someone who can help. The two gentlemen working with me on the kitchen design and development were amazing! There was an order error and the cabinet was replaced free of charge. When everything was installed I brought in pictures. One of the gentleman was excited to see the end product.

    I do have one complaint. As a former employee and having to get carts from the parking lot, it is a bit frustrating to see a multi-million dollar company make their employees continue to hang push carts when they have those motorized things that help with that. Please spend some money and help your poor employees.

  • Douglas Collins says:


  • Douglas Collins says:

    I live in tellico village in East Tennessee. I Live about a half hour south of Knoxville Tennessee, I have been all over and always stop at Menards If on The road I have purchased a lot of Lionel products From You. I wish i had a store in this location would be there all the time. Thanks Doug Collins

  • Tom Modjeski says:

    To Whom it my Concern ,

    I work with a non-profit charity organization and was inquiring if Menards would like to donate to a fund raiser we are hosting April 29 ,2022

  • Ron Harnack says:

    Purchased a refrigerator 11/23/2021 at Fort Dodge store. Waited and waited for it to come into stock. Finally yesterday went in person (3/14/2022). Manager told me the Whirlpool we wanted would probably not come in and we should look at Centurion or some strange brand made for menards by GE? I asked if they could do anything if I picked it up in Sioux City since gas is so expensive. He said Menards makes no money on Whirlpool. They handle it for free. Then I was told waiting for them to tell me I wasn’t getting the fridge made it impossible to get my money back. Only a store credit. Really starting to question all the money I spend at Menards.

  • John says:

    My construction company spends a good amount of money every month on supplies and tools. One of the many reasons we stopped buying tools from Home Depot was because of purchasing a tool that was previously returned and was either used or missing parts. Then to be told it was “Us” that did it when trying to return or exchange. I have never had an issue with Menards until yesterday when i came across a manager Shane, at the Sun Prairie location who opened a sealed boxed and claimed we took batteries from the package. We have no reason to do something so silly.

    I will have to buy my tools from an online retailer now. So much for keeping it local! and taking care of your contractors…

  • Constantin Serban says:

    “ The Ohio distribution centre was nearly 700 square feet, and the one in Iowa was almost 735,000 square feet in size.”
    Excerpt from your history. It must have felt pretty cramped in the Ohio centre

  • Rhonda says:

    Went to Springfield, MO. Menards to buy plywood. First you have to go all the way to the back just to get a ticket for the material. Then you have to walk back up front to pay and then drive around back to get the material. Then the yard personnel watch you load the materials yourself. Then the person that checks to make sure you didn’t steal anything asks you if the guys fixed you up, you then get to tell her what guys?? Then you get to tell her “The guys that watched us load it ourselves”?? She could care less. When I worked for other Home Improvement stores that would have never happened without the manager being on your ass. Think I will take my business elsewhere. They are not the only gig in town. Maybe they should remember that. They just suck!!!!

  • Ken Lippert says:

    Here are the issues I have with Menards.
    1: When you put items on sale such as wood burning stoves. You need to make sure you can get or have in stock the items needed to install them I.E. Pipes, elbows, and other fittings.
    2: I have talked to many neighbors and friends and no one seems to know how your store works. Can I order lumber and go around and pick it up. Can I go around and pick these items out. How do customers buy and pick up large stock items such a stones, mulch, etc. Your in store customer service people almost have to be hunted down to ask them a question.
    3: Ask yourself, what advantage to a bring to the game over Lowes and Home Depot?

  • Golden valley says:

    Fuck you motherfuckers. Menards does not give a shit about any customers!!!!!!

  • michael Pohlman says:

    Recently I made the decision to go back to work, and because of my background, it was mentioned to apply at Mennard’s. I applied for a management trainee at Mennards and in the information I was given the rate of pay was 17.00 to start, but in the interview, the so called General manager to me ” we only pay 13.00. John Mennard wants his employee’s hungry so they will work more hours. I was really insulted because because I had more management experience in my little Finger then this clown had. I was disappointed a company Like Mennard’s would pull a stunt like this. I have landed a job with your direct competitor, who is Paying substantially more money, but it is not about the money, because I really don’t need the money, I retired from one of the top 3 companies in the world, No, I was bored sitting home and wanted to go out and give my talents to someone who could use them. Finally, I was a customer at Mennard’s and my biggest complaint was customer service, because when you find an Item of $ 500.00, but the customer service personnel tells you they are too busy to wait on you and I had to go back 3 separate times to Purchase it, That poor customer service, and due to Mennard’s poor policies this is what you get. I will no longer shop in a Mennard’s

    • John E Kinzer says:

      Try buying a product from them for $3300 and waiting over 6 months to receive it. I am well aware of the supply chain issues, but you would think that a $9B company could use some leverage to at least get some information from the supplier for their customer. I just got off the phone with the local Menards. When speaking with the appropriate department I asked for a manager. The person on the other end of the conversation said the manager was off for the weekend, so I asked for the front desk, who informed me that the person who transferred me was an assistant manager. I lost it. These people have no integrity at all. I chose them, because they promised earlier delivery than anyone else. I chose the manufacturer, because it was made in America, hoping to avoid the pitfalls crippling the ports, but the electronics are still made overseas. However, Menards will not work with the manufacturer in any creative fashion to solve this problem. We have become a service economy, but we don’t train for service. Menard’s is a farce.

    • michael Pohlman says:

      Want to let everyone know I went to work for a competitor, who hired me in at 3.00 more an hour to work the floor, and love the new Job, but since that happened, I have had hundreds of responses from people who no longer are willing to shop at Mennard’s because of this scam

  • Tiffany Daniels, Director of Materials Management says:

    we have received a Christmas Tree from the South Dakota Menards. I have called the store three times attempting to find out who it belongs to. it has been over a month and still have not idea who ordered it. We are a Health care system and I know we did not order it. No one at eth store appears to care.

  • Mark J Blomquist says:

    First time shopper was going to buy a propane tank at the belton missouri store it rings up 50 bucks higher than it lists on the website. The cashier was rude and said she couldn’t do anything about it then I said something to the customer service desk and she acted like I was interrupting her entire God damn day! I won’t shop here again check your current prices and what’s listed on the website make sure they match or you could get a lawsuit for false advertisement but whatever ill just go back to lowes and deal with a reputable business!

  • Michael Davinci says:

    Don’t recommend to no body lows or homeDep much better than Menards the customer service is very bad in all stores and if you have to complain just by email no phone number to explain your complain

  • Sheri McNamara says:

    I purchased a garage from Menards on 5/15/2021 at 6:45 pm in the amount of $20,629.07. Transaction #72095 07 0383. I never got my garage due to errors on the employees end at the store. I demanded my money back and I only received partial reimbursement with the company deducting the 11% rebate. I never received a rebate and I just wanted my full refund. I am very upset. No one will help me at the Clive, Iowa store and I can’t get anyone to answer at the corporate office. I am a single parent and this was a lot of money for me to spend at your store. To not get back my full refund is just criminal on your part. I have been a long time shopper at your stores but I will no longer spend my money with your company. My name is Sheri McNamara and I live in Winterset, Iowa. My phone number is 515-468-8407. I can’t believe no one will even talk to me about this issue and get it resolved.

  • Jerry Gray says:

    Please have your Muncie, Indiana store take down their American flags. They are shredded and hanging upside down. I first noticed them last week on Veteran’s Day. I brought it to the attention to the management team at the service desk. They said they would take care of it. I went in a few days later, and still the flags hung in disgrace. Store management at the service desk again and again said they would take care of it. I returned there a few hours ago, and still nothing had been done. The management team see these flags every day when they come to work along with other customers like me. If you do not want to fly the American flag proudly for all the people who have died for it at least take them down.

    Jerry Gray

  • RJ says:

    Store and any part of service is a joke they lie to you about your orders when you have a email stating it has been received and ready to be delivered then when you try to talk to anyone everything is e-mail this text that

    • Jacqueline R Taylor says:


    • Debbie says:

      Same problem and I live in Louisiana and drove 609 miles to pick it up

  • George Chavez says:

    Heating pellet fuel, I was awaken by my smoke detector one morning a couple weeks ago at 2 am. My pellet stove was heating my dinning room at that time, I didn’t see any smoke but I smelled a strange Oder coming from my pellet stove. the smoke detector shut off on it’s own and at that moment there was a explosion inside the stove, fortunately the blast was contained in the stove and the door glass didn’t shatter in my face as I was waking up from my sleep. It’s obvious the pellets are contaminated in some way, I contacted Menards Corp. the first thing in the morning, they directed my compliant to the pellet fuel distributor of Pur Heat. that gentle man refused to believe his product caused the explosion, I saved the unburnt pellets and told him I can send them to him for analyzing, he offered me a refund for the 20 bag purchase and has Not done a thing up to today. I would like to prove to the company by having the pellets analyzed, I don’t know what to do any further, I’m disabled and retired and tired of all the typing and phone calls, no action has happened in this case. Beware of what pellets you burn in your pellet stove, from any store, not just Menards.

  • Joe Cuccia says:

    I have been purchasing from the Menards in Bismarck for the past two years while I am building my house. I understand that Covid-19 has hampered inventory and has pushed stress and tolerance levels to a breaking point. However I fail to understand how a company that moves inventory everyday can not stand behind a shipment failure. I had purchased a water heater back in September of 2020 and installed it in November. After finishing the plumbing in February of 2021 we fired up the Richmond propane power vent water heater and all was good. Two months later the seam started to leak. Numerous calls to Richmond and Menards, both accused me of either installation error or handling damage, finally agreed that I had nothing to do with a tank seam issue. It took two weeks to get another shipped in and another week for me to have time off to swap units. My wife gets to the Bismarck store on Saturday 11/6/21 only to find out a forklift tine had damaged my replacement water heater. At no time were we ever notified of the damage. So now we have removed the water heater from the home, and have a busted new water heater in the store. We ask for a refund or a loaner and neither can be done because it is over 90 days since the original was purchased. Speak to Brian the GM who is playing tough guy with my wife and telephone Rambo with me and telling us our two options are store credit or another reordered water heater. He goes on to say he is not responsible for shipping or the 90 day refund rule. After multiple arguments and him slamming down my wife’s phone and berating her about how its not his problem I guess I have a question to ask. How is it a company like Menards can still have business? There is no way they didn’t know the heater was damaged. An employee that was originally helping my wife said that it was obvious the tank was damaged that is why he showed it to my wife and that he had reported it. I have spent hard earned money and a good quantity of it but I will not spend anymore with this company. They have no issues taking the money but won’t stand behind their own mistakes or short comings. Hope the third water heater is not damaged and works or I guess there is always small claims court.

  • Lissette Vega says:

    7435 Barrington Rd, Hanover Park, IL 60133..Jonathan and i believe Allen the store manager should look into getting a different job both incompetent and rude…did not help with a return of paint i bought …first the young lady gave me the weing color when she mixed it then i try to return it n gave me hell i will go to hime depot next time….way better service n products

  • Yolanda Lipsey says:

    I visited the Menards on October 26,2021 and it was a big disappointment. I needed help with some pipes for my bathroom sink and asked 2 worker for help and they just walked away and weren’t even helping anyone. I have never felt so helpless when I see people that can help me but instead they both walked away from me like I was invisible and I bought all the wrong pipes!!! I WON’T EVER VISIT THE MENARDS at 533 Market Dr. Forsyth, IL 62535

  • hank pole says:

    I purchased a snow blower yesterday from the Antigo,wi. store,the lady that helped us in the store was great..We paid for it and went out to have “THEM” load it and all the”men”walked by and left a young lady that was extremely helpful BUT the snow blower is 260 pounds the”boys walked back in the store and left her,I am near 70 years old and have been having back work done..The young lady and I had to lift it into our vehicle and now today I cannot walk thanks to their not caring and leaving me and the young lady to load it! The snow blower was over a $1,000 to your big store that may not be much but for 2 old retired people that is going without other things..I am now injured due to the fact that on YOUR loading dock I had to load the machine..I am really contemplating what to do. Henry Pole

  • Swells says:

    I purchased deck materials from the Rapid city Sd location. A contractor working on the deck returned materials and received an in store credit off of my account by Menards with out my knowledge. So now Menards has a portion of my building materials back in their possession and they also still have my payment for the materials. When i requested a print out of all these transactions so i can go after the contractor, Menards would not provide it, even though it’s All under my name.

  • Mark Hagar says:

    I specially ordered a steel roof with the store manager. And today I came in and a employee named Gary said if I didn’t pick it up he was going to send it back. Needless to say it was approximately 21/2 weeks late from the initial delivery date. It just came in about 2 weeks ago. I’m n a store employee and I spend a fair amount of money in your store. He was a total ass to me. I shop in your store daily for my business. My customers are referred to the store as well. Gary’s professional manner is something to be desired. I will not tolerate being treated like a employee of the store and get disciplined forma king purchase which funds a paycheck. Serious attitude adjustments needed in this store. I shop in other stores and the helpful service is much better.

  • Cathy Kelcher says:

    We have been customers for decades and recently have had a terrible experience with Menards. We ordered fencing in early June and was told it would arrive on June 25. After two different inquiries after the 25 th they finally admitted to us that we should get a refund. However they only refunded 89% of our $ back and gave us a store rebate for some of the remaining $ paid out. We attempted to get 100% of our $ back and they refused. We will be taking further action against Menards and NEVER doing business with them again. We spent time and effort arranging for contractors to install the fence. We are still trying to get 100% of our $ back.

  • Kenneth Larson says:

    You sell junk, not only junk but when you buy premium for you new house you might expect to go to menards (junkyards) to get replacement parts as in the guts for a toilet that has broken twice. It was a special order from the factory for the parts last time. As for me and our business plan we no longer want to do business with you any longer 💯 feed up

  • Jason Alexander says:

    Visited the Avon Indiana store…. walked past 40 employees, was in the store for 1 hour….. got to check out cashier refused to check me out due to the fact I didn’t have a mask…. Indiana has lifted the mask mandate its only an advisory now…. cashier was very rude about it… didn’t advise where I could get a mask just refused to process my purchase… radioed for back up…”stating this is private property “…. not a solution to the issue at hand.

  • Troy Tabbert says:

    I was a customer of Menards. The emergency mask order is over in Wisconsin, yet Menards requires to ware mask. I had the COVID-19, I received the vaccine shot, yet, I am still required to ware mask in there store. I will no longer shop there! Lowe’s and Home Depot is where I will shop. Those stores support Veterans, unlike Menards.

  • Edward Degner says:

    Your employees were very rude
    Go in store can’t be checked out with out mask awful
    I walked out went to homedepot where my business was wanted no mask
    Yes continue to sell Mike Lindell pillows

  • Sarah says:

    I hope that Menards will consider dropping the My Pillow line. The owner is basically lying on national tv about the recent election. I shop at Menards both personally and for my organization.

    • Edward Degner says:

      Kind of childish
      You liberals are home grown terrorists nazi
      Control everything

    • Kevin Irvine says:

      80,000,000 voted for the idiot you think is the President and you don’t think the election wasn’t rigged?? NFW.
      I will only buy from stores that carry My Pillow!!

  • May Weather says:

    They are really childish and racist as they come they have a racist general manager name Dustin Hawanchak and assistant manager Scott Howard who had discriminated against a security officer just two days before thanksgiving this year 2020 who I had talk to this guy everyday i came through the Gates to pick up supplies he had a great attitude always i believe they wanted him gone because he would simply stand up to them like a man so the officer his self explain how he noticed a cashier woman named Delaney would call Dustin every time he came to work they also play on the radios like kids flirting with woman coworkers and mocking black people name’s and voice who ever put them in command needs to be punished and fired definitely a place that has lost my business for the discrimination of that officer and the attitude of the company inside and outside of the company terrible service flat out terrorism.

  • David Crawford says:


  • Michael Pfeffer says:

    Menards has definitely lost my business. July 8 I ordered 3 sheets of plywood and 25 bags of mulch through the Tinley Park, Il location. The order bounced to two different locations, one in Indiana where the plywood was sent from and the other location Cicero, Illinois. The plywood arrived that Saturday but the mulch never arrived. On July 25 I visited the Tinley Park location to help me locate the order. The employee basically gave me a phone number to call, which was a recorded message directing me to a website where to file a complaint. On July 26 I received a message from the Cicero location that the order was held by the delivery company reasons unknown, so I cancelled the order at which time I was told I would be refunded once the order was received.
    Last week I received my bill and of course no refund. I went back to the Tinley Park Store and spoke with the manager direct. I was told flat out that there was nothing he could do, that I should drive to the other location ( 1 hour drive ) to straighten out the situation. He also told me that I probably placed my order through the Cicero branch as well. I walked out of that store and vowed never to return to Menards again, the customer service from that manager was awful in polite terms.
    I did contact Cicero, and found that the delivery company sent the order back to the Indiana branch. How messed up is that, in the meantime I am still waiting on my refund.
    Home depot is across the street from the Tinley Park store and Lowe is 3 minutes down the street. I am sure their customer service will be much better as they now have a new customer.

  • Robert and Pam harris says:

    John menard is a crook we sent in our paper work infor rebates over 2 months and nothing yet no way it takes this long to get your rebates back don’t blame it on the virus that’s bs!!! I spent money in your store and now I want my rebates long enough you crooked business man???? Your a worthless piece of flesh and so is your business practices oh we go by the date on your paperwork that crap to??? All you have to do is see that we spent the money and give us the rebate??? You are a crook!!!!!!

  • Rick says:

    Thank you for your efforts to help battle COVID-19. Masks may be inconvenient for some, but I prefer a chance to live a little longer.
    On Saturday I bought an Overhead garage door at the West St Paul store, spent over $800. After installing it, the next day I noticed a 4 foot area of the bottom panel had multiple areas of bare metal showing through. Monday I went to the store with my concerns. Jay indicated he would provide funding for touch up paint or if I brought the panel in they would exchange it. Touch up paint would not have solved this one. I brought the door panel in later and Heather saw to it that this was resolved. It may have taken some time to go through the whole process, but I understand this is not an everyday occurrence. Everyone was as helpful as they could be – no questions asked. Forty years of shopping at Menards – I’ll be back until I can’t.

  • Gary McCullough says:

    On Saturday July 25 at around the noon hour I entered your store at the Peoria, Illinois location. I did not have a mask and was not stopped upon my entry into the store. This took place before the Illinois mask mandate.
    After shopping for about 20 minutes I was confronted by a Menard’s associate and told, “Put a mask on or leave the store!” His confrontational behavior was rude, aggressive and without consideration of any underlying health issues that I may have. I asked him if the Menard’s mask policy denied those with disabilities the opportunity to use their stores. The associate became even more belligerent, raised his voice and demanded, “LEAVE THIS STORE NOW!” Without comment I continued to complete my shopping. The associate come up behind me and began bumping me. I implored him to “Please stop bumping me and stand away from me.” After I did this I began to go forward and he jumped in front of the cart I had and feigned being hit by it. I then realized that this employee was behaving irrationally and went to the checkout to purchase the items I had gathered. After the purchase, I asked those at the front desk to speak to the store manager. I explained to him what happened. His response was, “You’re trespassing, leave now!
    All of this treatment by the Menard’s associates was demeaning and meant to cause public humiliation. Not to mention being physically assaulted by the above described employee. I was not able to get his name because his badge was turned inward, although I will never forget what he looks like.
    My questions: Is this treatment of devoted customers who do not wear masks, systemic within the Menard’s organization? The issue at hand (there was no state mandate at this time) is the condoning or encouragement of Gestapo tactics by your employees.
    I am 69 years of age. I have built 3 homes in the past 30 years and have largely used the services of Menards to do so with purchases amounting to 10s of thousands of dollars using various credit cards including a Menards card and many cash transactions. I urge you to check my purchasing record. If you have in-store cameras the physical aggression of your employee can be clearly observed.
    I am requesting a response to this matter. Judging from your employees’ behavior, they place no value in the life-long devotion of a once faithful customer and they are severely lacking in customer relations.

    • Janna Klug says:

      I live in Nebraska. The Menard’s stores are the same here…still. Nebraska has no state mask mandate, and there’s only a handful of cities still implementing it. Examples: Norfolk, NE, which has no mandate, at this Menard’s store they will actually call the police if you refuse to wear a mask OR wear it properly, Elkhorn, NE store, no mandate, which is the one I was just in today, kicked me out for not wearing a mask. I explained to more than one “team member” that I have a medical condition which keeps me from wearing a mask. I even carry a medical exemption card. No matter to them. Their Gestapo will be hot on your trail if you’re not wearing a mask…great customer relations. I’m just curious how many customers they have lost permanently because of this treatment? I have a big mouth and trust me, I’ll be telling anyone who will listen what happened to me today.

  • Eric Gilgenbach says:

    I don’t know how a store can have a policy that violates state and federal law (ADA) and gets away with it. I am done with shopping at your stores. I’m off to Home Depot.

  • Randy Gumkowski says:

    What is going on at the Hammond, IN store on Columbia Ave? I have shopped at this store for years, multiple times a week and have had very few problems until today 8/20/2020. Went there this morning to the Mill Shop to order 6 Larsen windows and was told to come back in two weeks because the person is on vacation?? REALLY ?? at roughly $200 dollars a window plus caulking and other misc material. Had the cashier Alicia wanting to help me but I was so PO’d had to leave and cool off. Alicia is one of your bst employees and a credit to the corporation , Thanks for everything Alicia. Barbara is also a huge credit to your corporation but I haven’t seen her in a few weeks? Thanks for all your help Barbara

  • Jeff says:

    Please do not shop at Menards any longer. I am a contractor with a Contractors credit card, have had it for @20yrs and shop there often. Today I went in, shopped for about 20mins, had a gentlemen help me and write up and order for plumbing supplies, and then headed to the check out. A young employee approached me very direct, almost being mean, and said if I don’t wear a mask I must exit immediately. I informed him I have a medical condition and do not have to leave, shop here several times a week and have never been asked about a mask. Without hesitation he said he was calling the cops proceeded to do so. Before leaving I walked to the service desk, handed them my contractors card and asked that they cut it up as I will never shop there again. I walked outside, waited and talked with the officers when they arrived. I always kept calm and non confrontational. This young employee thought he was the enforcer and a cop. Unbelievable how I was treated, like a criminal. I promise I will never shop there again and will inform all of my contractor contacts. What a sad day for Menards that they act like this.

    • Loke says:

      Hey jagoff. It’s not about you. It’s public health. Do you want to kill dozens of people?If you can’t ware a mask sent someone else in .wear a damn mask!


      • Ty says:

        Does your ass hole ever get jealous of the shit that comes out of your pie hole aka mouth? Don’t be a fricking idiot if masks work like they say they do he shouldn’t have to wear one at all. It’s not about public health quit watching all those fake news station fear mongering people. It’s about control you idiot. The fricking news stations keep telling you and others that 1000’s have died because of COVID bull shit. Three quarters of people that died had other underlying medical conditions but yet they tell you it was COVID. PROVE IT! you can’t, because it’s the media telling you that. I haven’t wore a mask since this whole pandemic started for 8-9 months and I’ve been in Walmart, Home Dept., Grocery Stores, Restaurants, and you name it and have not once contracted COVID or spread it to anyone. Quit be a fricking zombie like others.

      • Joe says:

        Loke don’t be a cov-idiot.

    • Ty says:

      Jeff, I had the exact same experience. I have a medical condition also that exempts me from wearing a mask. The manager at my local store in Manhattan, KS and I don’t have a problem whatsoever exposing them, (his name is Steve) told me to put on a mask or leave his store. I told him about my medical condition and he told me he didn’t care. He said they were a private corporation and it didn’t apply to them. Is he out of his damn mind? Just because they are a private corporation doesn’t mean they can ignore the law and it doesn’t apply to them. He was nasty with me too and argued with me. I sent a letter by mail to the corporate office and they never responded back to me. It goes to show you what type of a company they are and they are more about the almighty dollar then customers needs. They won’t ever get my business again and I will tell others. PS: I haven’t forgot the idea yet of taking my video cameras and video taping the whole store and making then a you-tube sensations.

      • Janna Klug says:

        I’m just curious how much revenue they’ve lost since implementing the mask mandate. I’m also curious how much revenue has increased for places like Ace Hardware, Bomgaar’s and the likes. I do all my shopping there now. And to top it off, the customer service is so much better at those places anyway. I hope Menard’s, Lowe’s, Costco, Walmart and Home Depot all go broke because of there Nazi mentality.

    • Janna Klug says:

      I received the same type of treatment, as did my son.

    • Edward Degner says:

      Yes sad no customer service
      Like with asthma were stupid

  • Bob Garrett says:

    I’ll not be using Menards anymore a couple of weeks ago my wife and I were in Menards when an associate said our dog (who is trained and certified) couldn’t be in there so I will go where our service dog is welcomed

  • Cecelia says:

    I appreciate the fact that your company is doing your civic duty to mitigate the risk of your customers during the current situation with Covid, but there is no excuse for one of your young employees to treat my husband in such a rude manner as my husband was tonight in your Forsyth store because he wasn’t wearing his mask! My husband approached said employee to ask him where he might find an item in the store. The young man asked my husband if he had his mask and when my husband responded “no” the employee turned and walked away. My husband thought the employee was taking him to the item so he followed him. The young employee promptly turned around and again rudely told my husband he didn’t want to be around him because he didn’t have his mask on and “again” rudely walked away! This is not acceptable behavior by your employee towards one of your customers. I think a little customer service training would go a long way to avoid such difficult situations!

  • William Miller says:

    Boycott Menards

  • B miller says:

    Boycott Menards

  • Janet says:

    Hello Corporate Office of Menards

    I am writing to express my frustration with your mask policy effective July 13, 2020 at the Poplar Bluff, MO store.  We have not been required to wear a mask up until this date.  The “pandemic” is winding down and the economy is opening back up.  Yet, your company has decided to enact this policy of No Mask No Service. 

    I will be the first to say that I love your store.  I shop it frequently.  However, effective July 13, 2020, I will no longer shop your store.  I refuse to be told I have to wear a mask, a mask that has been proven ineffective in preventing the virus, but proven to make mask wearers sick with numerous illnesses, specifically frightening to me is developing a fungus in my lungs.  I have constitutional rights, too.

    I would think that your company would prefer business over this fake pandemic and efforts to destroy the economy and our country.  I know that I am not the only one planning to boycott your Poplar Bluff store effective July 13, 2020.  Not that losing my business means a great deal to you, just letting you know how disappointed the community here in Poplar Bluff is with this decision to keep the fake pandemic and panic alive.  A virus with a 98% survival rate.  Shame on all you big businesses for jumping on this bandwagon.  

    (Reposting because my post was not showing up after I posted it the first time)

    Sincerely a frustrated and probably former customer from now on.

  • Janet says:

    Hello Corporate Office of Menards

    I am writing to express my frustration with your mask policy effective July 13, 2020 at the Poplar Bluff, MO store.  We have not been required to wear a mask up until this date.  The “pandemic” is winding down and the economy is opening back up.  Yet, your company has decided to enact this policy of No Mask No Service.  I will be the first to say that I love your store.  I shop it frequently.  However, effective July 13, 2020, I will no longer shop your store.  I refuse to be told I have to wear a mask, a mask that has been proven ineffective in preventing the virus, but proven to make mask wearers sick with numerous illnesses, specifically frightening to me is developing a fungus in my lungs.  I have constitutional rights as well!!!
    I would think that your company would prefer business over this fake pandemic and efforts to destroy the economy and our country.  I know that I am not the only one planning to boycott your Poplar Bluff store effective July 13, 2020.  Not that losing my business means a great deal to you, just letting you know how disappointed the community here in Poplar Bluff is with this decision to keep the fake pandemic and panic alive.  A virus with a 98% survival rate.  Shame on all you big businesses for jumping on this bandwagon.  
    Sincerely a frustrated and probably former customer from now on.

  • Alan says:

    Menards cares more about money and government control than being customer focused. I have been a customer of 25 year and have easily spent $75,000 at Menard’s over that time. I tried returning, had the receipt and they said over 99 days store credit only. Menards has had my money for 90 days do they invest that poorly. Then they asked if I was shopping that day and I said I guess I have to. They then said we will not give you any service without a make even though many of their associated were not properly wearing a mask. I said I do not have one. I asked since Menards is requiring a mask for service would they provide a mask. They said I can buy one for $1 after tax. The message that sends their customers are not worth a dollar. Who ever is making these decisions needs to get a clue. Masks maybe work maybe make things worse. Study microbiology and CDC stats you may little to no credibility in the requirements for masks with no standards other than socially feeling better about yourselfs. I went across the road and spent $590 at Home Depot. I will give the store credit to a charity and recommend they shop at a different store after they use the gift.
    It takes a lifetime to build a great relationship and a day to ruin it.

  • Mary Beth says:

    I am so sad to say that we will not be shopping at your stores anymore!!! We were treated so badly for not wearing masks. I thought we were free and Menards believed in freedom! Your policy is like living in a communist country! Home Depot has been very welcoming and so have all the other stores in our area! Menards was our favorite! WE WILL NOT BE BACK !!!!

  • william johnson says:

    I will no longer be giving your store business, I will be taking my business needs also, when I have to wear a mask to use your store and no law that says I have to, you have went way over the line with me.

  • Lawrence Collette says:

    Thank you, Menards for requiring Masks. I do ask you to encourage employees and shoppers including children to wear masks covering mouth and nose. I am sorry to hear some folks offended about mask requirements. For all of us please read today’s St Paul paper and Dr. Osterholm’s information about how to do the best we can to stay safe and healthy. If we all will respect each other and our health and practice physical distancing and wear masks we will minimize the virus threat and hopefully not be infected or infect someone else.
    Thank you, Menards!
    A DIY person visits Menards several times a week.

  • Disappointed Shopper says:

    I have been a patron of Menards for some time now and have had no issues and usually very good service. Because of these experiences I suggested to my son who is on break from college to get a job at Menards for the summer. To my surprise he did what I said and got a job at the Lansing Menards in Michigan. I am very disappointed with the way they are treating him. Very unprofessional. Menards did not give him the tools or resources he needs to do his job. When he approached management to inquire and make some suggestions they literally made a joke about it and laughed at him.
    Obviously, he is seeking employment elsewhere and I will not be shopping at Menards any more.

  • Chrissy Dome says:

    I will Never shop at Menards again.
    It is my constitutional right to the side for and my own Health and wellbeing if I I choose to wear a mask.
    Also was asked to leave because I have a service dog and did not have my papers to prove it.
    Your company is doing the wrong thing. Until you change you policy I will never shop at your store again.

  • Bev snider says:

    Went into Menards in Lima, Oh…had to interrupt 2 gentlemen standing by a forklift for assistance in the garden center. Told him what I needed, he took a picture of it with my phone. He told me when I went inside they would give me a ticket to give to someone in the yard to pick up my stone. The cashier informed me that she couldn’t ring me up and give me a ticket, I asked if the person at the desk could help and her response was “she might be able to” , but if I went to the garden center they could ring me out and give me a ticket. I went to the garden center; waited in line (again); and there was a “notice” that you had to get your “ticket” from the counter inside. At that point I was done. My question is, if I had the damn item/price/description on my phone why couldn’t a cashier ring me up and I could show the yard person my receipt? I’m done with Menards….. always have an issue and some employees are not very friendly.

  • DB Cooper says:

    Please open a location in So Cal. Home Depot needs competition. Lowe’s is slowly going out of business. Mom and pop Ace Hardware are way overpriced. Please come to California!

    • Former Menard Customer says:

      Support the mom and pop Ace Hardware store – they are the small business owner and need your support. Menards is being real A-holes with this Covid thing. I will NOT shop Menards until they free up their dictator type of policy.

  • Jeremy Lopez says:

    Your store in Wixom, MI denied me entry to this store because I am medically ordered by my doctors not to wear a face mask due to my disability. There is not an order that is legally enforceable and be to denied entry due to my disability is in violation of the American Disabilities Act.Educate your staff and yourselves or I am sure that civil suits will follow. I will no longer give my business to your company.

    • Mary Beth says:

      We also were denied shopping for the same reason ! I hope a civil suite gets filled against them

    • Gill guretreo says:

      You could have orderd what you wanted online and picked it up in the rear of the yard.

    • B miller says:

      I tried to enter a Menards in Michigan without a mask I have severe COPD I was refused service I have a doctor’s note also suits to follow

    • Former Menard Customer says:

      Boycott Menards – maybe they will get the message

    • DerrickMoffitt says:

      I was denied access in Warren Ohio same thing I would love to find atterny to start class action suit

  • Joy Mayne says:

    As a long time and faithful customer of Menards I am complaining about the requirement of being FORCED to wear a mask to enter your store. Menards was a reprieve and a little normalcy when the world had gone crazy…. yes crazy. More people die of the basic flu every year then this “pandemic” can even think about and the fact that you came late to the party and now requiring masks LONGER THEN MY DOCTORS office and the CDC recommendations, is beyond ridiculous. I am disappointed because it shows me exactly where you stand. Taking away our rights to choose is not ok and is leaving me with a long lasting sour taste when I even hear the name “Menards” I now am getting familiar with Lowe’s, Farm and Fleet and Gassers and will continue to support my rights and smaller businesses from here on out.

    • Gill guretreo says:

      Hey get off your high horse. there has been covid case within each store and are doing that to protect the guest and it’s team members.. trust me you shopping at another store will not affect a dime. Thanks please come again. Hurry up and buy.

  • Peter Jackson says:

    Masks really seems to me this is a politically driven, I didn’t think Menards would fall for that. Then on top of it you charge for Chinese masks. I run a small business and use to go to Menards all the time, not any more. I will look for Ace Hardware stores, no masks there

  • Tj says:

    I was told I from a Rent-A-Security Cop at the Three Rivers, MI store that I could not enter unless I was wearing a Mask. (I was just in Meijer’s Grocery Store and the Home Depot which are both next door to Menards and there was no requirement and no-one there was wearing masks.) I told him I did not have one and he told me I’d have to buy on at the counter. I asked him if he was going to physically stop me from entering the store (he was much younger and bigger than me) and he just looked at me and finally said no but then told me the cashiers would not sell me anything. So I told him to get out of my way and walked in. Hardly anyone was in the store so the whole thing was stupid! I wanted to but some patio furniture but found out it was made in China…so no way. I did buy a small item and checked out and bought it. I WILL NOT BUY STUFF FROM MENARDS AGAIN. Too much stuff in their store from China and now pushing this B.S. gotta wear a mask thing when no one else is doing it.

  • David says:

    Due to your policy on mandatory facemasks, I am no longer a customer of yours. I have been shopping faithfully at your store for twenty years but as of today I will never step foot in your store again. You choose to follow this crazy agenda to try to control people. It has been scientifically proven that masks do nothing to stop a virus. Even Dr. Fauci is now admitting this, yet you still want to try to force your customers into obeying. Well not me. I will give my business to Home Depot. They don’t try to force their political beliefs on me and will enjoy my business and thousands of others that are leaving you to further your agenda.

  • Doug Redding says:

    I order a blind for my living room window and when it came nine weeks latter it did not fit the inside like I m measured. I went to here in Cheyenne, Wyoming and I was told first it was not theirs, I told the kid it was cause I order it from here then he said he could not trim since it was a special order and it would not fit it was to big. I had problems with the store in Cheyenne from being to the end. Your employees here in the blind department are vary rude. I will never bye blinds from you again.

  • Richard Krejci , Wisconsin USA says:

    As a long time Menards customer I am NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT your mask requirement. I believe you have a right to do what you feel is right for your employees and customers.
    However what I am upset about is the masks you do sell are made in CHINA ! Of all the countries in the world. CHINA !
    Today I read a MSN.COM Story about a TEXAS COMPANY, PRESTIGE AMERITECH !
    They make the very same quality masks in the USA. To save a few pennies per mask the major hospitals and government agencies buy CHINESE MASKS.
    I am herby asking for Mr. Menard to consider buying the masks this AMERICAN PATRIOT manufactures for AMERICANS. Mike Bowen, I am sure, would be happy to speak with you about my idea. I have no financial stake in this . Just want to make things right for our country.

  • Jim says:

    My son was at the Marinette store May 8th to return an item. He had to buy a mask to do it. While he was waiting, two people were turned away because they refused to buy a face mask. One of the gentleman said he was going to shop elsewhere and the clerk said ‘good, we don’t want your business anyway’. There are other lumber companies to buy from, I am done with your business as well.

  • Frank says:

    Armed guards at the entrance? Really you imbeciles? We have the RIGHT to engage in “high risk behavior “ whether it be walk into traffic with our eyes closed, drink to much alcohol or go to a Menards WITHOUT a mask! If you are worried about your employees then mask them. If your patrons are concerned then they will wear masks too. I am not and will not! Nor will I shop there again until you rescind this policy. I also don’t need you deciding for me whether I can bring my 15 y/o into a store.
    Very disgusted…and concerned about future policies.

  • Bear says:

    5/4 I was denied access to the Menards in Lebanon indiana for not having a face mask. On 5/2 I shopped the store, spent money and then returned two days later to make another purchase and all of a sudden Menards wants me to purchase a face mask for $1.00. I am outraged that the company is trying to profit during a pandemic!!! During this entire outbreak, people are unemployed, struggling to make ends meet and Cannot find hand sanitizer, Lysol, gloves or PPE gear and Menards wants to charge money for a cheap mask. Really?! They cost next to nothing when bought in bulk, GIVE THEM OUT FOR FREE!!!!!!!

  • Paul Kruschke says:

    Masks? Sad………! The planting season is here and the yard work started. After being rejected for no mask went to Home Depot and Farm Fleet. Glad now that I did.

  • Wayne L Ellis says:

    I was throwed out of menards galesburg Illinois for not having a mask ! Violation of 1st amendment! I want everyone to know the person at door said it was (law) there is no law on masks! Dimwit brain washed idiot! Wayne l Ellis 3092528571

  • Robert Beal says:

    How do you feel about one of your stores discrimination against a person with COPD and doesn’t follow the Governors order in Illinois.

  • mrsiache says:

    On 5/2/2020 I was denied entry at Menards Appleton East Wisconsin because I didn’t have a face mask. OHHH but they are selling them for 1.00 each and a line of people without a 6 ft rule. I have allergies those those mask and per ADA and HIPPA I don’t have to disclose this to them.. Shame on them. Not to mention taking away my constitutional right. It is MY choice to wear a mask or not. I respect those that choose but again my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. Now if cooperate mandates them then why not give them to the customers? It won’t break them but to charge and make a profit is terrible. Shame on you! I have filed a complaint with Consumer protection and the Department of Justice.

  • Gudrun says:

    I hear Menards is now REQUIRING customers to wear face masks in Wisconsin? Excuse me, face masks are for actively sick people to stop them from coughing and sneezing on people in close proximity, like on a crowded subway. They do nothing for healthy folks, and there is plenty of room at any big box store to avoid folks coming too close. It’s all just eyewash to assuage the masses made fearful by the hyped-up panic inducing media. I am not sick OR coughing and I refuse to wear a face mask in public. You want me to shop at Menards you rescind this idiotic policy right now. Ditto with the equally asinine policy of banning anyone under 16. If you’re concerned about people catching viruses put some disinfectant wipes by the door so people don’t have to touch gross shopping cart handles.

  • Ted Sharp says:

    I cant believe you guys are selling masks at your stores for $1.00 You are trying to profit from a pandemic! What you are doing is called price gouging and you should be ashamed of yourselves!
    You have lost my business forever!

  • Emily Lembke says:

    I don’t know if this will even get to somebody who cares, as I’m starting to believe you just don’t care. I don’t blame any of the employees, and they are just doing the jobs that they are mandated to do. I’m sure most of them don’t agree with the assanine procedures put into place either. But carding anyone who looks under 16? In Ohio, the face mask policy is that it is recommended for people to wear them, but not mandatory. It’s like you’ve turned into the gestopo. Further more, the last few times I was in there before you all lost your minds, I saw employees wearing masks completely incorrectly, and they were constantly messing with and adjusting them. And not sanitizing. I’m not advocating for you to crack down on this, but just realize how obsurd the whole thing is. If you don’t lift these restrictions, I will spend my money at Lowes from now on. They haven’t become power trip hungry through this whole thing. I’m seeing more and more people starting to say similar things, and I will encourage those who think this is stupid to also post on here and consider taking their business elsewhere. And not just until this “crisis” is over.

  • Joe Culver says:

    I object to the requirement of wearing a mask. I’m wanting to shop in the Elkhart Indiana store. I will not shop until you lift this nonsense.

  • Joe Bourbeau says:

    I just went to a Menards in Redwing MN today 5/1/2020. I was told if I wanted to enter the store I would need a mask. If I didn’t have one they would sell me one for a buck. Want kind of a rip of is this?? If people want to wear a mask because of the virus I don’t care. Don’t make me wear one if I don’t want to. What is this communist China?? Our governor stated yesterday in a press conference that doctors aren’t sure if a mask even protects you from anything, but everyone must wear one in public. Sorry I have a mind of my own and will make that decision for myself!!! I have spent 10’s of thousand of dollars at Menards. I will not set foot in that store until this policy is done away with!!!!

  • Robert Seghi says:

    so how can you go against the American Disability Act? I live in Michigan, I was refused entry to your store without a facemask. I have a breathing problem that prevents me from being able to breathe through any thing over my face.
    I will be contacting a Disability Attorney.

    • B miller says:

      I also have COPD and was refused service at Menards please let me know your attorney that you find I would like to contact them also maybe we could start a class

  • Jeff says:

    The fact your not allowing people in the tire without a mask is against my constitutional right. You will now be loosing 10s of thousands of dollars from just me. I also know a lot of other people that will no longer be shopping at your store due to this bogus rule.

  • Deb says:

    I think Menards needs to make ordering on line more simple and friendly. We are told to stay in our houses yet when I ordered some materials from Menards, it was going to cost me $250.00 to ship it to my house. If they shipped to the store and then they brought it to me it was going to cost $150. If I said that I would pick it up a the curb, they tacked on a handling fee. Really? I ordered some items from HomeDepot and it was free shipping after $75.00 My order came to $259.99. I think that should have been free shipping. Now I find out when I get to the store, one of the items, some white planking, I have to pull off the shelf myself the other two items a sink top and flooring I go to the yard to get. Really? So what good is curb pick up, if I have to go into the store to pull it off the shelf? Why was I charged a processing fee? It also said inventory comes and goes and it may not be there when I come. Really? To add to this, I wanted to go to a Menards that was closer to my house and it would not let me place the order with that store. It said I had to go to pick it up to a store that is 20 min. more away from me. Really? I think you need to help people out more. We are loyal customers, so you need to help us more. Make ordering on line more friendly. If we order something over $100, it should be free shipping.

  • cheryl p dustin says:

    Just an FYI..I went to Menards here in Ontario, Ohio on Sunday, April 19, 2020 to get a lawnmower blade. Why do you have them on the bottom shelf??They need to be at countertop height so you can read the blade’s inches that you need. That way it is much easier to read and you don’t have to bend down and pull each one out til you have the right blade.

  • Linda Wright (573)353-6074 says:

    I’m 55 year Black women and I went to Menards in Jefferson City MO. around 3:30 pm yesterday April 19 with my granddaughter who is 5 years old, just to pick up a few thing we didn’t have at home. We enter the store and the lady at the baskets told me that (she could not come in the store). My reply was I don’t have anyone to watch her so I’m just going to get a few things and leave. So we got basket and started walking when I looked up this man by the name of Dean almost running upon me yelling (she has to leave the store) I asked him who he was talking to? Still yelling at me, (you have to get her out the store). So I yell back at him stating you don’t have to talk to me that way. Again Yelling (she has to get out now or I’m calling the police!) I told him call the police because I’m not scared of the police. This man is still yelling at me (get her out the store) I told him I don’t have to leave. I also told this man Dean that it is a way to talk to a person without yelling. Again yelling at me (get her out the store). So now I’m telling him that I’m not leaving call the police. Now the lady that is standing at the front, a Menards worker, starts yelling at me too. I turn and tell her don’t start getting ignorant like this man it’s not going to help. Then this man a customer started yelling at me too stating (what are you showing that child) I told him to turn around because he trying to take up for Menards workers and don’t know whats going on. Now, I’m feeling some racial tension in the store because we are the only Black people in the store. So, I’m standing by the door waiting on the police to come, Mr. Dean tells me yelling again (you can wait outside). I told him no, I’m waiting right here. I stand for a few then my granddaughter said granny lets go so, I go outside to wait. The police comes and I let him talk to the police first then she come to me and I’m telling her what happen, Mr. Dean comes back over and lied to the officer about me being in there store once before. I have not been in the Menards for months. Mr. Dean says this is her second time so she is band from the store. Now, I feel this is a racial deal. We was the only black people in the store the time, I’m in store. The corona virus do not give people the right to talk to people any kinda way. It’s how you ask people to do things not demand them.

    I loved shopping in Menards after this I’m not so sure. I want someone to call me back about this ASAP. Please look at your cameras and do what you have to do to fix this problem.

    • It's not me It's you says:

      Sounds like you are racist!!! Can’t tell me what to do!!! Sick an tired of the race card being played like a wild card when (you people) don’t get your way!!! As not all people of color feel like YOU race card players! People like you are the ones keeping your nightmares alive that you never had to live! As I am 55 I have never met a slave or a slave owner as more than likely you neither, so keep it going. What about the Chinese, Egyptian’s, Spaniard’s, Jew’s for a few. That were being used sold an killed for just being human! why doesn’t your fight ever include them? Where is there history month as you feel you need! That seems racist! You want to erase the South, Civil War the removal of status an Confederate flags from history! Lose one lose it all or keep one keep it all!!! That is history it can’t be segregated!!! But I’ll still forgive you for your lack of intelligence in front of your granddaughter sorry she had to see you act like a child!!!

  • GARY Gager says:

    I am extremely pissed off. I went to the Menards in Big Rapids Michigan. I went because the light in our bedroom which also happens to be a fan stopped working. I called the store before I made the hour drive and asked if I could buy a Fan. The woman said i think so if it is not roped off I could i asked her to verify for me before the long drive she said yes I could. So when I get to the store I look find what i want but there is no information on the fan so I went looking for someone to assist me. I found a Employee by the name of Gerry. I said hello is there anyone who could help me with a ceiling Fan. He was extremely rude and said what fan I said well a ceiling fan he said what kind I said well I dont know there is no information on the fan he said as rude as can be well I guess I can help you with that non essential item. I said excuse me it sounds like you just made a smart ass remark to me. His response was I DID. I said what I said never mind I dont want your help he said ok and walked away. First off the area is not roped off and they are selling fans and lights. Second who is he to decide what is and isnt essential for me or anyone??? He doesnt know why I needed a fan with a light because mine was no longer working maybe Gerry should take some time off if he has a problem helping customers who like myself spend thousands at Menards. I wont be back I’ll take my buisness to Lowes and Home Depot. Gerry is his name he works in plumbing and electrical at the Big Rapids Michigan location extremely rude.

  • CAK says:

    In Illinois, several suburbs where Menards stores are located have now mandated wearing face mask in public, including essential business (Menards is one) This applies to staff and customers. Failing to follow the rules can lead to a citation and fines. What is Menards doing to protect its staff and customers?
    Are all employees given mask, gloves, and sanitizer? I hear the corporate store in Wi, is checking temps of staff and customers before entering the store, what about IL? There are more cases in IL.
    Please let us know what measures are being taken.

    • Gudrun says:

      checking temperatures is UTTERLY useless as people are infectious even without a fever. And many never have symptoms. It’s just a bunch of fear hype you’ve been buying into

  • Patricia John says:

    My grand daughter works for Menards & she is considered an “essential” employee. Why has Menards chosen to ban children & animals from their store yet their employees who have small children are forced to work? Isn’t that an oxy moron? Also, WHY is Menards not allowing their employees to wear face masks? ALSO Menards is price gouging on the much needed supplies for this virus. $10.00 for a container of Clorox wipes? Are you kidding me? I’m ashamed of my Menards, I would never go anywhere else BEFORE now, I will start going to Home Depot or Lowes. LET MY GRAND DAUGHTER WEAR A FACE MASK!!!

  • Bobbi says:

    Sadly, I was just harassed so terribly by a menards employee in the Willmar, MN Store, that I will NEVER spend another dime there. I risked my life to go out to get supplies and spent just under $300 and this woman made accusations and yelled at me for setting something down on a shelf where it didn’t belong. Okay, sorry, but come on, I would have just brought it with me to check out and said I don’t want this item and your employee would have to go put it away anyways!!!!! She even followed me out to my car and took down my license plate #!! WTH. I AM RETURNING ALL OF MY ITEMS TOMORROW!!

  • Shawn says:

    Yesterday (around 2:30p CDT) I visited Menards on 5260 S FRANKLIN ST in MICHIGAN CITY IN 46360. I saw online that the store had (46) 19oz Lysol spray cans (I also have a screenshot picture to verify). When I came into the store I begin looking for the Lysol but could not find it. I asked a close by sale associate if/where they had the Lysol. He told me that “if it was not on the shelf then they probably ran out”. I told him that I drove a far distance because the website online said they had (46) 19 oz Lysol spray cans. He walked me over to the department head of plumbing and household items. I then asked her the same question about the (46) 19oz Lysol spray cans if/where they had the Lysol. Her response to me was ” it’s probably in the back and just got off a truck”. She did not seem interested in helping me further. I asked her if I could speak to her store manager. The store manager finally arrives. The first thing he did as I approached him, was step back as if I was a diseased person (now giving the current situation with coronavirus I mildly understood why he did that but to see him after make close contact with the department head of plumbing and household items I can’t lie it made me uncomfortable) I begin to tell him about the situation I was having and was hoping to be able to get what I came a long way for. He tells me ” that stuff is in the back and we will probably put it out in the morning as first come first serve”. After this final attempt I gave up! Before I left the building, I asked a sale associate about the “procedure when the store shelf is physically empty but the website shows that it is available”. She told me “usually they have a sales associate check to see if they have it available”. She also told me to “see if I could purchase online”. I said “ok have a nice day” and was on my way out the door. Thirty minutes after I left the store the number of (46) 19oz Lysol spray cans the website said the store originally had DECREASED (I have the screenshot as well). The store had put the 19oz Lysol spray cans out for purchase. I had almost made it home at this point. I was furious! I called to speak with the store manager and I told him “that I believe you purposely put those 19 oz Lysol spray cans out on the shelves after I left”. I was in a prime position to purchase some product that I really need during this time. I believe this store “robbed” me of this opportunity to get some much needed essentials for my family. I demand some form of justice! All of this is on video as well!

  • JC says:

    Shame on you for requiring ID for anyone who “looks under the age of 16.” The sheer fact that you even used dogs and children (to exclude them) in the same sentence shows your lack of inclusion. We have spent $10,000 in your store in the past couple of months. We have a $100,000 remodel we are doing. As of 4/6/20 we will direct the remaining portion of our hard earned money to Home Depot. They not only “allow” children, they welcome them. Has the following ever occurred to you:
    1. Some parents are essential workers who cannot make it to your store with the reduced hours
    2. With new guidelines in place we cannot ask grandma to babysit
    3. It isn’t safe to leave children in the car
    4. Your home delivery is not free and, quite frankly, sucks.
    Your “safety rules” are not evidence based. If you want to make positive change, ask the sick to stay home. I have shared this with my friends and, unless you start thinking and stop reacting I hope your store suffers the natural (negative) consequences of your actions.

    • Patricia John says:

      It’s an oxy moron. They’ve decided not to allow children or animals into the store YET my grand daughter works there & she has a 2 year old daughter. Isn’t she exposing her daughter by being FORCED to work? Also, they deny the employees the right to wear face masks. I will be going to Home Depot also.

  • Julie Cates says:

    While shopping at your store in Mt Vernon IL today… I was at the back counter ordering treated lumber. The man behind the counter Anthony S. sneezed. He then wiped his nose with his hand, wiped his hand on his pants and proceeded to type the rest of my order on the computer. Next to him was a bottle of hand sanitizer. He did not use it. He then handed me the paper with my order on it. I told the manager at the front of the store. His comment was ma’am we are doing the best that we can. I replied this is your best? He stated he would speak to the man. Are you kidding me? One would believe basic hygiene skills would have been Anthony S. first response…

  • Tom says:

    Menards always had lower prices than Home Depot and I liked the people. However, after you increased prices just to make more money during a crisis, I won’t be shopping at Menards. Home Depot is close and I found I like Lowes even better. Too bad, I thought Menards was better than that.

  • Doug Powell says:

    Menards, you should be ashamed of yourselves, for PRICE GOUGING at a time like this, CORONAVIRUS. I’ll never spend another penny in your store again, after thousands of dollars and lots of years. If everyone would do the same, the only way to get action, is to get in your pockets, by not shopping at your stores. I hope you feel it………

  • Stacey Phillips says:

    Please please please please open up a Menards in Cookeville TN. I’m from Illinois and moved to TN. I so miss my favorite friendly hardware store. This area needs you here so bad.

  • Linda Lallow says:

    I shop at Menards at South Town Crossing, Fort Wayne, IN. I have always shopped there for my plants, as they were well cared for. Yesterday, 6-5-19, I went in to the plant dept. and was shocked. Not a single employee was there, and the plants were dry and withered. I asked the clerk what happened, and she said many of the employees have left that dept. What a disappointment!

  • Joanne Yapp says:

    I went to Menards tonight after being frustrated at Home Depot. I was looking for a specific item and wandered around the store looking for someone to help me. Sometimes there would be three employees behind a desk talking and when I walked up to them, they scattered. The young man in the middle was stuck with me. I asked him to look up and see if you carry window privacy film and he said I’m sure we don’t. After looking it up he said oh we do – it’s way across the store in CARPETING. So I wandered around the store again, and finally found it. Before I approached this desk, I looked and looked for an employee to help me. Just like at Home Depot – they look the other way, do not make eye contact, etc. ANYTHING but help the customer. This is just horrible customer service. It is so frustrating to go into a home store, where there are so many items, and not be able to find someone to help you. THIS is why people are ordering things online and it will drive stores out of business. At your next meeting, preach to your employees to be helpful, make eye contact, be available…if you want to keep customers. I ended up leaving the stores and will order online.’

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