Where is Mellow Mushroom Corporate office Headquarters

Mellow Mushroom Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 400 W Peachtree St NW Suite #1, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 404-577-1001
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1974
  • Founder: Rocky Reeves, Mike Nicholson, Marc Weinstein
  • Key People: Richard Brasch (CEO)

Mellow Mushroom Headquarters Location & Directions

Mellow Mushroom Headquarters Executive Team



Richard Brasch

Chief Executive Officer and President

Jeff Wiggins

Chief Financial Officer

David Danowitz

Director of Operations

About Mellow Mushroom History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1974. The company has been currently active for more than 45 years now. The founders of this company are Rocky Reeves, Mike Nicholson and Marc Weinstein. The company was initially started in Atlanta, Georgia, near the University of Georgia. The first franchise of the company was opened by an employee in the late 1980s, which was followed by franchises which were owned by customers and then to the friends of customers and employees. At the beginning of 2000, the company slowly expanded its services to the urban areas of Denver, Colorado, Jacksonville and Florida. Headquarters: 400 W Peachtree St NW Suite #1, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA.

Mellow Mushroom is an American company which mainly focuses on providing the best pizzas to its customers. The company has less than 1000 employees working under it. The company has Richard Brasch currently as its Chief Executive Officer and President, Jeff Wiggins as its Chief Financial Officer and also David Danowitz as its Director of Operations.

Mellow Mushroom provides its services on a wide range of pizzas which include pizzas, hoagies, calzones and also salads as well. It also provides the facilities for beer too.    

Mellow Mushroom Headquarters Photos

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  • susan quan says:

    My family tried to eat lunch on Easter April 17th. We went on line and they said open Sunday at 11:00.
    We got there and there was note on the door that made no sense. We have had bad food and terrible service at this location. Why in the hell would you have that location was open on the website. Totally rude and shows this must be the Mellow Mushroom model. The Southside location has always been excellent, service and food. No comparison but a drive for us. I think you owe this community an explanation.

  • STH says:

    Why is the Mt. Dora , FL location closed ? Would be a money maker to put one Clermont , FL.

  • Bob says:

    Are all of your restaurants as cold inside as the one in Fayetteville,nc?

  • Rachael says:

    I love Mellow Mushroom, however we had a server by the name of Madison at the Happy Valley location in AZ 12/27/21. We received two receipts. The final one showed 5 dollars more than the itemized one. Double checked for taxes, included on both. Asked for the manager. Never responded but Madison came running out saying she knows what she did. I never stated why I was asking for the manager. She said she charged for the wrong bill? Mmm both receipts had the right name. I worked as a waitress before. The receipts would come up the same for the final billing unless changed manually. I would keep an eye on this one.

  • Kim says:

    PLEASE open a Mellow Mushroom location in Jefferson, GA! Jefferson and Jackson County are growing extremely fast and there are not nearly enough restaurants to support the people moving here. They are going to develop a piece of land on Hwy 129 with a Publix as the anchor and have several other spaces and some out parcels, too. Please come check us out???

  • Kevin Mcgillicuddy says:

    I’m currently waiting on the food I ordered from the Myrtle Beach location. I placed my order from the website at 640 and the website stated food would be ready at 709. It’s now 733 and I was just told by an employee that they had no idea when my food would be ready after I was asked to sign my credit card receipt. I understand that everyone is short handed. But to not inform me or anyone else waiting on their orders it was gonna this long by email, text, or phone to save me or them the time is unprofessional. This is ridiculous. It’s now 740 a hour later and I’m still waiting.

  • Joe says:

    Went a mellow mushroom in mobile, paid a premium price for a pizza, my son arrived late because of traffic I ask the waitress could they heat up the pizza she her manager said they couldn’t take the pizza into the kitchen because of covid I said ok, time to pay the waitress took my dirty ass cc back behind the counter on a touch screen and made the transaction? So I ask you really are you just acting the part? Joe

  • J. says:

    I went to the Johnson City, TN location yesterday to eat. I have never been treated so rudely by the staff and management there. We waited a good while before anyone came to take our order for drinks. I ordered a sweet tea and after a long wait it was brought to our table. The tea was unsweetened so when the waitress came back I simply told her it was wrong and could she please bring me a sweet tea. 20 minutes later she comes back to the table without the tea so I ask her again kindly to bring me a tea. A good 15 minutes later nothing, so I get up to find a manager as I have saw this whole time our waitress taking care of other people. A manager comes to our table about 10 minutes later and I tell her the situation. She says she will take care of it. Another 12-15 minutes pass and by this time our food has been at the table for a few minutes. 1 of our guests did not get their salad or beer refill asked for and another guests salad was wrong. The manager comes back without the tea and proceeds to tell me the tea machine is broken and they are out of lettuce. This was clearly not the case because you could tell she was making it up. But I was like ok just bring me a water. The manager did say she would comp our pizza to which we said no we just need drinks and service. A long 10 minutes later I finally get a water and she once again says she will comp the pizza and by this point we were like ok whatever. When our original waitress brings the bill they had charged me for the sweet tea and we told them I never received it and to take it off the bill. So I see her go find another supposedly manager and they walk out of sight. This manager comes to our table and rudely stated she had comped the pizza and wings from our bill (which we told them not to do but I feel was the correct thing) and stated that the original waitress was in the back crying to which I was pretty much mad at this point and told her that was a lie as I had just saw her and she was not crying. I then started telling her what the original issue was because she was the second manager we had talked to and I’m sure had no idea what was going on. My wife as the manager was explaining the situation asked her if she was getting an attitude with us and she said yes. I was pretty much livid at this point told her she had pissed me off and to take the tea off our bill so we could leave and she went and took it off and told us to never come back. I was pretty much yelling at this point as we were eating outside. We asked for her information and she have us some but I’m sure it’s bogus. Let me offer advice, both the managers used the excuse we are short staffed etc., people are tired of hearing this excuse. All it says to the customer is the establishment has very poor management and they can’t keep good employees. If you are short staffed, limit seating for the staff you have or shut the door. There is a serious management problem at this location that needs to be addressed if anyone even cares. My last comment will be this, as she was bringing us our last bill one of the guys from the kitchen came out with a head of lettuce and took it over to the restaurant next door. So much for being out of lettuce. I will never be back, what a terrible excuse for a restaurant.

  • Milk says:

    The information listed above is incorrect, that’s just another restaurant. I know because I work at this location and people constantly call during busy hours asking for HQ. The proper info is listed below:

    Address: 5375 Drake Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30336
    Phone: (404) 505-2801

  • Donna E says:

    Please add a Mellow Mushroom in southeast Michigan. I had it while vacationing in Myrtle Beach and it was great!!

  • Anna Blum says:

    My cousin introduced me to your pizza about 3 yrs ago when the new restaurant opened in Chantlly, VA. We enjoyed your pizza so much that we came 1-2 times a week for at least fir a month. We live in Springfield, VA which takes us 45 mins to drive and depends on traffic. We have been hoping one will open in our area. There few new restaurants opened on the west of Route 66. I had spoken to your manager , Amy in Chantilly store suggesting if the company can consider into looking in the our area of Springfield, Lorton, Burke, Woodbridge or by Interstate 95 south. Please consider. Thank you.

  • Pamela H Neff says:

    Please remove menu items from your website if not all restaurants are going to serve them. I tried to Order a couple Meals for Home and the manager at the Williamsburg store said they don’t offer all of them. Further, sure said she couldn’t honor the meal bundle at the price listed. This is ridiculous!!! Get it together Mellow Mushroom!!

  • Tom Douglas says:

    Last Friday evening I had a problem with Grubhub, but I was so pleased with the way our local Mellow Mushroom store handled the problem that I felt compelled to share my experience. Our local store is located in Wake Forest, NC just north of Raleigh. Our delivery from Grubhub was seriously behind, and after waiting an hour and a half I was told it would be another 45-60 minutes before they arrived. I called our local Mellow Mushroom, and their manager was so polite to tell me the exact status of our order. She even went a step further and had a fresh full order remade just so it was hot and ready when I decided to pick it up myself. Your manager’s name is Katie McLeod, and she is a perfect example of your company’s culture and why we choose Mellow Mushroom regardless of the location!

  • Alan Kwiatkowski says:

    Ok, first I normally do not write companies regarding service/products, however, I was so stunned and blown away by the food preparation and quality, I was so moved. Store 126, Manager: Austin, Cook: Logan date: May13th. We ordered a Veg pizza and salad special. Right away on p/u Austin, advised me to check out the pizza to see if it meets my expectations, what!!?? Meets MY expectations?, whats going on here!. It looked gorgeous, perfect, golden brown, nice. Got home, salad was fresh, great variety of veg and perfect in all ways. As some one who runs his own business I can tell you in a heartbeat if someone really CARES about the product or service. This had 5 stars written all over it. Pizza was fantastic, salad was too. You have a couple of diamonds with these two employees. They’re not just “making pizza’s” or herding cats (mgr), they are your representatives and rep they did!!! Please reward or promote them as these draft picks are very hard to find!. Great service is a reflection of leadership.

  • William Brinegar says:

    We ate at a mellow mushroom in Wilder,KY last night (Feb.14 2019). In our garlic cheese bread we found a tip that was cut off a plastic bottle probably used to put garlic over the bread. Thought it was a tooth at first. Found it after we got home eating what was left of our bread. Being only our second time eating mellow mushroom it’s a Big Disappointment.

  • Stacey says:

    I have a very serious underage labor law issue to report. How can I get in contact with the people mentioned in the above ” who matters” CEO, Ect.
    Thank you
    See email below

  • ck says:

    Tried to order food today with my 2 younger boys and the manager of the Suwanee Mellow mushroom was more busy laughing and playing with his cell phone than trying to come over and get an order from us. We left. That manager is an arrogant and hanged up on me when I was trying to get a phone from corporate. He has a no idea of what customer service is but he thinks so high of himself saying that he is very well high up at corporate!! I felt I was in a bar instead of a restaurant. They need a new manager!!

  • Shirley Minter Moore says:

    On today, 5/23/2019, I took my family to Mellow Mushroom. M 10 year old grandson wanted to eat there following his graduation (he graduated from elementary school). While they did not have any problems with their orders, my pizza crust was very gummy. I am a vegan and I ordered a small veggie lover pizza with vegan cheeses and tempeh. I did not complain to the staff because I have heard unflattering horror stories about sending food back.

    Mellow Mushroom Pizza Baker
    Buckhead Ga
    1770 Peachtree St.
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    Time: 12:52
    Date: 5/23/2019
    Table: 12/1
    Amount: $37.48

  • Greg says:

    Wilder Kentucky location needs better management. How could a restroom run out of toilet paper? Unacceptable! The food and service was good as always. I doubt that I will take a chance eating here since I drive a long way to get there and expect to use a bathroom with toilet paper

  • Becky says:

    The new manager in greenville sc name Eric is a complete jerk and needs to be replaced.
    he should not be working with customers at all.

  • Dani says:

    I think your mellow mushroom in Hiram definitely needs new management

  • >