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  • Address: 2929 Walker Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 616-453-6711
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 70000
  • Established: 1934
  • Founder: Hendrik Meijer
  • Key People: Rick Keyes

Meijer Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Meijer Corporate Office

Every organization that is into the retail business knows the significance of customers’ feedback as they drive towards building a sustainable business. This is one of the reasons you, as a customer, should undermine the impact of such feedback. You can reach out to the organization whose products or services you are patronizing – all you need is the right information, and because of this, I have decided to provide you with some useful information to help contact the headquarters of Meijer Inc.

Ways to contact Meijer Inc. headquarters

Address: The corporate headquarters of Meijer Inc. is at 2929 Walker Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544, United States. You can visit them or send your letters down there.

Phone Number: You can speak with a representative at the company’s headquarters on +1 616-453-6711

Email: Your inquiry or feedback can also be sent by filling the email form available at the given link

Meijer Headquarters Info & Photos

The Fred Meijer Corporate Complex, as the building accommodating Meijer Inc. headquarters is called, is a class B type with a total floor size of 222,280-square. The construction was completed in 1983. The service of Lott3Metz was engaged to deliver modern architectural design for the headquarters. Meijer’s headquarters features multiple office units, functional areas, as well as Meijer heritage center.

The building that housed the first headquarters of Meijer Inc. is located at 28th Street SE and Kalamazoo Avenue, Grand Rapids, and it was from there the company moved its headquarters to the present location.    

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Meijer Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

2929 Walker Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544, United States

Meijer Headquarters Executive Team

Rick Keyes

President and CEO

Rick Keyes has been the President and CEO of Meijer Inc. for over 5 years now. In this role, he directs the daily operations of Meijer Inc. and is also instrumental in the formulation and implementation of growth strategies for the company to sustain competitive advantage within the industry. Rick, who is a graduate of Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University, has been with Meijer Inc. for over 30 years now.

Michael Rotelle

Senior Vice President/Chief Human Resource Officer

Michael Rotelle joined Meijer and directly took up his present role in 2014. He has vast experience in retail which has been valuable for the growth and development of the company. Prior to joining Meijer, Michael has previously occupied this exact position at Nash Finch Company where he worked for more than 5 years. He has been highly influential in building a formidable workforce and managing the talent base of Meijer Inc. – this has ultimately contributed to the smooth running of the company’s operations.

Doug Meijer


Douglas Meijer, who is a grandson to Hendrik Meijer, is one of the co-chairmen at the company. He sits on top of the company’s board and ensures that corporate governance and policy framework are in alignment with the company’s goals and objectives. Being a co-chair, Douglas has played a significant part in ensuring that Meijer’s organizational structure and culture are substantially preserved.



Hank Meijer


Mark Murray


About Meijer


Meijer was established in 1934 by Hendrik Meijer who had his son, Fredrik Meijer, as the company's first employee. The company was started as a modest grocery store solely operational within the boundary of Michigan. It later expanded into other states in the US - Ohio in 1981, being the first state outside Michigan, that Meijer has a physical store. Meijer is now present in four other US states including Wisconsin, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. That said, more than 50% of Meijer's 254 stores are in Michigan.

With the growth of the business, Hendrik went on to open two of the company's major stores in 1949, and these were located in Grand Rapids. A significant leap was, however, made in the company's business with the opening of the hypermarket, which had a grocery section and department store, in 1962.

Besides this, Meijer went on to open other store models in the 1970s. Fredrik Meijer eventually took over the mantle of leadership at the company when his father died in 1964. It is important to state here that Meijer Inc. is a privately held company, with the family of Meijer showing a strong intention in ensuring that the business remains family-run.


Meijer Inc. runs a chain of superstores where a variety of grocery products and other consumer goods are sold. Some of the other products include furniture, electrical appliances, toys, interior decor supplies, pet supplies, and so on. A pharmacy may also be found in most of Meijer Inc.'s stores. The Meijer stores make these products available to customers on retail and wholesale scales.

Apart from the superstores, Meijer Inc. also operates several gas stations that usually have a convenience store attached to them. Additionally, alternative fuel types like biodiesel, compressed natural gas, and flex fuel are available at Meijer gas stations, and there are even electric vehicle (EV) charging points within some of these facilities.


  • Meijer’s “Thrifty Acres” was the first of its type – a hypermarket – to be opened in the US. The concept of hypermarket, which is now widely practiced, is arguably the brainchild of Meijer.
  • The company was initially called ‘Meijer’s’ before it was renamed [to Meijer] in 1986.
  • Before starting a grocery business with Meijer Inc., Hendrik Meijer was a local barber in Greenville.
  • A 2015 Forbes' list of the largest private companies in the US showed Meijer Inc. at number 19. This is a testament to the company's growth, having evolved from being one with a staff strength of 2 persons in 1934 to employing more than 70,000 workers [at the moment], and with a revenue base of US$18.1 billion.
  • The ‘mPerks’ initiative from Meijer is in place to provide products to customers at discounted prices – through digital coupons.
  • Meijer is open and fully operational 24 hours a day except on Christmas day when all its stores close by 7 pm and reopen at 6 am on boxing day.
  •  Meijer, through its partnership with Canada-based company, Flashfood, has shown its commitment towards the reduction of food waste.
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    16 st Meijers remodeling it forces old people to walk from the grocery end to the far corner to get fur baby food but the drunks can get booze easy it’s discrimination of the seniors

  • R. Kuecker says:

    Not always but certainly once every 5-6 weeks I have a huge problem with at least one of the Curbside delivery people. This time it’s out and out lying. I received a text that my order was ready fo my pick up time. The text was sent at 10:46 am CDST. I always call back to see if the order is full or something is missing. I spoke to someone name Ann or Anna and she said she would call me right back. 15 minutes later, I called again and she answered the Curbside Pick Up number and told me she was on the Floor and that she couldn’t do it now. I asked if there was anyone else and she said no. I asked to speak to Doug-Mgr and she said he was out on Fridays. She transferred me to Ernie claiming he was a Mgr. Ernie out right lied to me and said my order wasn’t even picked yet and to call back when I receive a notification. That’s when I informed him that the notification came in by text at 10:46 am today. He fumbled for another made up excuse and I hung up on him. He has lied to me in the past about product on the floor. Doug seems to be the only person who seems to keep the operation moving. I am a retired banker who is at high risk for Covid exposure which is why I use Curbside for anything I do. My wife and I shop at your store in Bloomingdale and like it’s location. I don’t appreciate being lied to as if your employee’s are the Stanford grads I know they are not.

  • Petra says:

    After being a faithful customer for 30 years, I have stopped shopping at Meijer’s.
    It took this grocery chain so long to enforce a mask policy, back when the pandemic started. Now, with this Deltavariant it is the same problem. Homedepot and Kohl’s employees wear masks but Meijer employees, handling groceries, don’t. How odd!

    I understand if some of the uneducated still don’t get it. “The Virus spreads exponentially through the ones that are vaccinated because most of them are not wearing masks. It’s not rocket science. I wouldn’t want to hurt anybody, or God forbit endanger our children. So in spite of me being vaccinated I continued and will continue to wear my mask indoors.

    What is the Meijers reason, to not help protect our children?

    PLEASE, this is a plea! Let safety rule!
    Safety before giving into people insisting on a selfish freedom.
    Safety before money!
    Safety First!

    Thank you in advance for your reply,
    Petra Chat

  • Tina Barket says:

    On 09/05/2021 at 11:00 a.m., I went to the Meijers pharmacy in Grand Ledge on Saginaw to get my 2nd Covid vaccine. I had called two days prior to ask what time they start doing the vaccines and was told 10:00. I had to be to work as soon as I took care of getting it done. As I was filling out my information, a young man, who I’m assuming was the manager (I didn’t get his name) came up to me and informed me that my appointment was for the next day. I said yes, but when I’d had the first vaccine done, the guy who made the appointment said if I couldn’t make it that day, to just come in on a day close to scheduled date. The young man then informed me that I needed to come back in the afternoon. I explained to him that I couldn’t as I had to work. He then informed me that it was recommended to have it done in the afternoon. I explained to him that I don’t drive and I’m at the mercy of other people and I’m here now. He then, handed me my vaccination card back and said “CAN’T DO IT!” I’ve looked on the Internet for anything saying that the cdc has said afternoon over mornings…nothing. I’ve spoke to medical people, ie nurses… nothing. They’ve heard nothing of it! In a time that it is vital to getting through this and it is being pushed that EVERYONE be vaccinated, to turn someone away is mind boggling! I still fuming over his refusal and will never do business at this location again! I went across the street to Walgreens and they had no qualms about doing it! It’s shameful that someone who is supposed to be professional, would stoop so low as to spread lies just to get out of doing his job!

  • PAM CLINE says:


  • Christi says:

    I locked my keys in my car at the Meijer gas station on Walker (Walker, MI). I was totally helpless as my phone was inside the car. The Meijer team member that I asked for help was Lynn H. She allowed me to use her personal cell phone (for a half an hour) to call for help. She would not accept anything from me as a thank you. I am hoping that by sending this message, she will be acknowledged for being a nice human and a great representative of that gas station.

  • Lyndsie says:

    Gina (Human Resources) Meijer store on Grape Road Mishawaka Indiana needs to be retrained in a more professional setting! She’s running it like she’s at bootcamp! She is the most rudest woman I have ever talked to on the phone! If she’s going to go by the book hiring staff, she needs to look at her own staff before she goes off on someone applying for a job. Hiring procedure 2 INTERVIEWS – I was given ONE interview at the store by Joshua and he decided to take it upon himself to put a check on the paper that I was given 2 INTERVIEWS – 2nd INTERVIEW by DANIEL. I have no clue who this Daniel is! I will NEVER apply at a Meijer Store Again! I’m sure I’m NOT the first person who GINA made feel like crap!!

  • Debbie says:

    I don’t know who is taking care of the Valparaiso Indiana store but it has went to hell, they have nothing stocked and when you go shopping early in the morning you can’t even walk through the aisles for stockers blocking both directions,you have to turn around and go another direction. I thought they shortened hours so you guys could restock the shelves well that’s a lie it’s so you guys can save money the gluttons that you are. Every time I go shopping there they have nothing that I need everything is out of stock. This is a shame because this was the best meijers around but only for about six months after opening. Most of the time I go to nearby Walmart and find what I want ,I am contemplating if I should just go to Walmart and forget meijers all together. You can also get through their aisles not much stocking going on during the day.The Valparaiso store sucks, you guys need to get you stuff together or you’re going to lose more people like me to Walmart. I’m not talking spending a few dollars, We spend hundreds when we go shopping, you have been told now so I’ll check it out one more time to see if you guys have got your stuff in order if not, Walmart here I come.

  • With Held says:

    It is very disappointing to read of all the people who have bad experiences at your stores. It is very easy to loose customers. If your customer base keeps growing maybe you don’t realize how many customers you are loosing. When your grandchildren inherit your business and wonder what happened, no one will tell them the truth. I was at your Southfield store and at your automated check out one employee had no mask and she came over to help me and another one had her mask on below her nose. When I ask to see the manager I waited 20 minutes, then I walked to customer service and they were very busy. So I walked back to the the Kiosk where a person told me they saw me walk to customer service so that was my problem for looking for the manager. When I ask the person why she was wearing her mask below her nose and why the other person wasn’t wearing a mask at , she walked away. If the employees thought that I was forceful or belligerent, I was. We have many seniors in Southfield who have died of Covid. These employees seem to think the law and your policies do not have to be followed. I don’t want an apology, I just think maybe you should place your manager on the floor. That way he could actually see what is going on. This might prove beneficial to the company and the customer.

  • Ronald Skrajner says:

    On 7/22/2020 I placed my first pickup order at the Stow Ohio store. After driving 30 minutes for a 7 pm pickup a message was sent that the pickup was rescheduled until 8. Every hour on the hour the pickup was rescheduled (5 times) until the final reschedule the following morning. Shipt is the company handling curbside pickup and their service is terrible. They give you a number to call with questions and there is a 30 minute wait. Meijer will be losing customers if they do not improve their service. Wallmart has their act together and have their own employees do it. So does Giant Eagle, Target, Big Lots and others I have been to. Meijer is making a huge mistake not handling this with their own staff. The money saved will be lost
    in sales that will never come back. I for one will never order again from them.

  • Chris says:

    I visited the Lima Meijer today between 9:00 AM and 9:30AM. While there I observed that all of your employees stocking shelves were wearing face masks appropriately AND correctly, UNTIL I got to the register to check out where all but one clerk either did not have their nose covered or their mask was hanging around their neck, unfortunately this is the one area of your store where your customers have the most contact even with the plexiglass shield. Apparently your employees need a refresher course in how masks should be worn and the rationale behind it.

  • Northern Michigan shopper says:

    I am shocked that Meijer does not care enough about their employees safety to require customers to wear masks to enter the store. This is just wrong, Nancy’s June 4th post sums it up “mighty dollar is more important than the health and safety”. Meijer can learn a thing or two from the Honor Family Market, Honor MI.

  • Patricia says:

    This morning while shopping at Meijers Thrifty Acres on Clyde Park in Wyoming, MI I saw that at least one third of the people in the store were not wearing masks. This is maddening to me. I think anyone entering a store should be required by management to wear a mask. I don’t want to expose myself to Covid by thoughtless selfish people not willing to keep their germs off of others. I stopped to share my concerns with the greeter at the door on my way out and asked him to share my complaint with management and was given a flippant answer that “nothing will change, especially, as long as we have to put up with the Governor”. I told him that Governor Whitmer WANTS people to wear masks and that I like our Governor. Then he told me that I could have her. Making the wearing of masks a political issue is plain dumb. I am asking Meijer Corporation to make it mandatory to wear a mask while in the store. It is for the protection of everyone.

  • Denise B says:

    I shop at Meijer in Southgate, MI. I am appalled at the amount of people that are shopping without masks. You set up early hours for all of us with health issues but there are still people in the store that do not wear masks. Instead of making hours for the elderly and high risk why don’t we just set hours for people who wear masks and people who choose not to. Then enforce it.

  • Charlie Z. says:

    What is the deal? During the Virus shutdown, stores like Meijer’s were raking in the money… stores shelves were bare, partially from shipping issues, but, mostly from the consumers stocking up and buying whatever they could. You’d think that Meijer’s could open more that 3 registers, especially when the lines are backed up through the clothing departments ! It’s ridiculous that customers have to wait 45 minutes or more to give your store OUR money. Hire some additional employees…open more registers….. clean the bottle recycling area and make someone available to monitor that area. Your Allen Park, Michigan store is a damn mess. NO supervisors are available and the clerks are snotty and rude. Fix this mess…or your customers will shop at Kroger or Wally-mart.

  • Michael Hurley says:

    On May 11, 2020 I purchased a gift card from Meijer for a client. I then scratched the code off the card and gave it to my client to use. When he tried to use he immediately discovered that it had already been redeemed. Within the hour I took it back to Meijer with the receipt and talked to the Asst. Mgr. The card was right off the rack and I felt they were selling cards that were already redeemed by someone. The Mgr. refused to give me a refund of my $200 and basically said it was my problem. I had both the card and the receipt but it did not matter. She was not interested! I complained online but no one from Meijer even cared to respond. The store is on 26 mile in Washington, Michigan. This is not the Meijer that I have known over the years.

    • Charlie Z. says:

      If Meijer doesn’t get their act together….and if they don’t change the rude and patronizing supervisors… they’re going to LOSE their customers to Wally-mart.

  • Jacie Duca says:

    On May 8th I was shopping Meijers on Henry St in Muskegon. Having just come from Wal-Mart where I was about to purchase a 3 lb bag of Pillsbury flour I was informed by another customer that Meijers had the same bag for 85 cents. Needing to go to Meijers for meats and produce I decided to make my purchase for the flour there and save some money. Upon getting home and looking over my receipt I was over charged. Purchase price reading $1.65. DOUBLE the amount on the tag on the shelf. I called the store and spoke to the manager of grocery dept ( or so he said) Telling me that apparently an employee forgot to remove the sticker from the shelf. Made me feel totally humiliated saying “So ya wanna come back and get your 85 cents?” Heck yes I did, but it was like he was making fun of me and I thought very rude. When I asked who should I ask for if I’m given a hard time at the courtesy desk he did not give me his name but said ” Just tell them to contact 601 they know who I am” I would rather not even go through the hassle of being further felt humiliated. But am airing my complaint here for others to read. Shame on you Mr. Manager 601.

  • Ann Arbor shopper says:

    I visited the Ann Arbor Saline store this evening (May 4) at 9 pm and was shocked to see half of the grocery section with shoppers that had no masks, in direct violation of the Governor’s Executive Order. While the store had plenty of signage at the front requiring masks and two attendants at the front presumably to enforce, the store was clearly taking no direct action to persuade, instruct or encourage shoppers to have masks. While I understand there are exceptions for individuals who have medical reasons, I saw 3 men in their 20s come in together – none of them were wearing masks, and the attendants up front made absolutely no effort to educate them about the law and none of these men seemed to have any medical justification for disobeying the law and jeopardizing other patrons. When I asked the attendants why half of the store had shoppers without masks, they simply told me because there are medical exceptions. However, how would they have known that any of these shoppers qualified, when no questions were asked and no effort was being made to stop anyone coming into the store. I also find it disturbing that young people continue to ignore this health crisis, at the great risk to older and more vulnerable citizens. In fact, one of the grocery cart workers was immediately outside the door, wearing no mask and smoking a cigarette. Very disappointing that a Michigan-branded company would allow such lax conditions. I, for one, will not be returning.

    • Jany says:

      I agree the adults at the front door do nothing. Not sure why they are there. What is the reason for them? And smoking should not be allowed anywhere near the doors. Every store in Oakland county has a rule you must wear a mask except Meijer. The stores even have masks for people that do not have one. Meijer is the largest grocery store and they do not follow protocol. They need to change their policies. I am not sure if they clean the carts either. I do not see anyone doing that.

  • Nancy says:

    I was in the Meijer store in Ludington, MI, on May 3, 2020. The store has set up arrows and distancing markers and screens for their cashiers. However, it all seems to be meaningless as I found out when shopping yesterday. I encountered a couple who was going down an aisle the wrong way preventing me from maintaining my 6 feet distancing. I mentioned the arrow to them and the man said “F**k you” to me. Neither of them were wearing masks, so the woman joined in and made fun of my mask. (Lame, I know.) However, I turned around and went to get a manager. The two people were at the checkout and he said he would handle it. I finished my shopping. As I was leaving, I saw the manager and asked him what he had done. His response was to ask me what I thought he should do. I found that to be such a strange answer. How about you do your job? How about you make sure your customers aren’t sworn at or abused by others in the store? He said something about their first amendment rights. What?! Isn’t Meijer a privately owned company? People don’t have the right to spew out whatever they want to say. Does Meijer have the right to tell people not to bring weapons into their stores? What about their second amendment rights? As I live in a very small town, my choices are very limited. However, I do still have choices and one of them will not be Meijer. This is not the only time I have been unimpressed by employees in this store.

  • Shopper says:

    I was in store #239, oswego, il yesterday and was shocked to see several people in the store that did not have masks on. Here in Illinois we have an executive order that states that anyone in public MUST wear a mask. When I asked an employee why there were customers in the store without masks on, I was told that the store director had told her “We are not the police. We cannot make them wear a mask.” This is just wrong. Sounds to me that the all mighty dollar is more important than the health and safety of the customers and the community. I was under the impression that Meijer cared about the community and it’s customers, but I guess I was wrong.

  • shoper says:

    We lost our Kmart store and we love to see a Meijer takes it place we love shopping at Meijer please open a Meijer store where our Kmart use to be the property is for sale the address is 3231 Chicago road Steger illinois

  • Laurence Brown says:

    Sure with the Profits your making and work employees are doing you could come up with a Bonus for All Employees . That the least You could do. It will pay for its self. I retired from there.

  • F. Luescher says:

    I’m a regular shopper at the Ann Arbor-Saline Road store.
    I HOPE that Meijers has substantially increased the wages of
    employees at the store during this pandemic. It’s only right.

    Furthermore, I am appalled that employees seem to be on their own
    as far as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) goes: face masks,
    gloves, etc.

    As you well know, your employees are exposed to TREMENDOUS RISK
    during this time, and Corporate Meijers should compensate them for it,
    financially AND go to great lengths to protect their health.

  • J. ADAMS says:


  • Dale Schneider says:


    • Barbara says:

      As a 72 year old with no one to help me, I agree with you Dale and hope someone pays attention to your comment. I”d also like them to waive the $4.95 fee for pick up service for everyone or at least for the elderly so we don’t have to go in the store. Dale, I am not going to hold my breath though. Stay well!!!

  • Melodee Smith says:

    Every year my family and I look forward to your pumpkin, white chocolate cookies made in your bakery. These are considered seasonal cookies. Why do you stop making this a month before Thanksgiving? Shouldn’t the season include the holidays including Christmas! Can I have your recipe?

  • Pat says:

    I returned 2 items today without a receipt. I received a credit on a meijer card which is ok however the woman asked for my debit card and driver’s license. Is this appropriate? I am worried because I have returned items in the past and no one asked for my debit card or an ID. Wondering if I should have given her the cards. Is this Meijer’s custom or was she supposed to ask for my debit card????

  • Elaine E Treaber says:

    A couple weeks ago I purchased a box of Meijer Vinyl exam gloves at Meijers in Orland Park, Illinois. They were on the bottom shelf with a red or orange tag in front of them. I assumed they were on sale. When I got home I noticed I was charged I believe 7.99 so I called “the store.” There I got the run around back and forth telling this story 3 or 4 times. Finally she said my name is “Julie” when you come back to the store we will give them to you for the sale price. When I went in the store the lady said we have no “Julie” here I don’t know why they tell you that so we had to walk over to see the gloves. Then she was “going to call someone.” I was having a problem breathing so she told me to do my shopping and she would find out. By the time I got done shopping I had to get home quick to a nebulizer. The girl at the counter has my receipt. I assumed she was going to call me. I never heard from her. I never got a credit on my charge. I feel that
    this is extremely poor service. The charge was on my Visa.
    Elaine E. Treaber I am 84 years old.
    312 914 9201

  • B. Gricus says:

    I have always been able to purchase WILD caught North American Salmon from the Mchenry,Il store in the fresh fish area.
    Now all that is available is frozen wild caught but imported from CHINA.We have an abundant of fresh WILD Salmon from Alaska. Has Meijer decided to put corporate profits ahead of Americans health? We know what is in our WILD Salmon in the State of Alaska. Please rethink your decision on this .
    Thank You

  • Mark Miller says:

    I was in the Oregon ohio store yesterday around 12 noon and noticed an issue that concerned me about the store. It was in regards to a person having a medical issue while laying on a bench and no one stopping to help him until I did………. when I notified a worker, they finally contacted emergency services to try and assist him., during that time when emergency services were trying to help him employees seemed not knowing what to do, training issue. please contact me thru my email and I will give you my number if you have any questions

  • CAROL VERDE - 6303639959 says:

    Good Morning, I have a problem that I hope can be solved.
    For years I have purchased Meijer Fruitsations Raspberry flavored water – UPC#71928377541 – REV#190821-000752, I love this product. About 2 1/2 years ago, my family and I moved to Hohenwald, Tennessee, and as you know, there are no Meijers stores in Tennessee. So I have been ordering 10 cases at a time from the Bowling Green, Ky store – then we would do a day trip to pick it up. Recently, the store told me that this item was discontinued, so I called your headquarters to find out if this is true.
    The Gentleman that answered the phone, claimed that this item is a popular item and would never be discontinued and that he would have the Marketing Manager contact me – so far that has not happened.
    I also got a call from one of the day managers at the Bowling Green, Ky store – Andrew, who said that he had called every store in Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana and that there is non of this water available anywhere. Please get back to me on this – I’m really concerned and I really want this product.
    If you do in fact still have this product, I will pick it up from the store in Kentucky or, as was suggested, because I am ordering 10 or more cases, perhaps it could be shipped.


    I live in the area of one of the newest stores (GRAND CHUTE, WI.). I got hooked on Meijers stores,when the store opened in GREEN BAY,WI.(70mi. round trip) Couldn’t wait for the G.C.site to open. After one year you could see the “change” happening! PRICES: up, PRODUCT:down in both quality & quantity, WORK ENVIORNMENT: pleasant, BUT could sense disgust! I had a incident where a package of brats was reduced for quick sale, it was cheaper to buy fresh because it was on sale. Told person in meats, he changed reduced item tag to sale tag(reduced now became fresh on sale)! Told him quick sale price should be reduced off sale price. He said computer won’t do that. I told him all you need to do is a OVERRIDE. THEN, like “magic” the meat boss just spit out a new tag. I did complain online & it did get handled!

  • Karen Bainbridge says:

    I’ve been a customer for fifty (50) years. I see a steady decline in the quality of produce. I used to buy Mann’s green beans but you’ve replaced them with Green Giant. I purchased some yesterday with a 6/7/19 exp date. They were horrible (stringy, discolored) The iceberg lettuce is not very fresh as well. I used to buy a frozen stuffed seasoned chicken breast without breading (gluten). It was replaced with Meijer brand breaded. I know stores are limiting the number of similar products they have. I am not a Walmart fan but it is getting to the point that I may switch. Thank you for letting me vent.

  • >