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  • Address: 3921 American Way, Memphis, TN 38118, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 877-462-6342

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 2006

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Linda Burtwistle (CEO)

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About Megabus, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 2006. The company has been operational for more than 13 years now. The founder of this company is Brian Souter. The company started getting bookings for the new routes in the United States, soon after its founding date, with a network of other services as well which were based in Chicago. In the year 2007, the company slowly expanded its operations to the areas of Los Angeles, Tempe, Arizona, San Diego and San Francisco Bay Area, utilising Coach America as a contractor. However, the company discontinued all its services to these areas by 2008 due to slow operations. But it again reentered the market in 2012, after taking over some of the assets of Coach America. Headquarters: 3921 American Way, Memphis, TN 38118, USA.

Megabus is a company based in America which focuses mainly on providing speedy bus services for travelling from one place to the another to its customers at meagre prices. The company has Linda Burtwistle as its current CEO.

Megabus provides its services on speedy bus facilities for travelling to the locals at low prices, which include no bus terminals and no waiting rooms as well. It also provides the facilities for booking the tickets on its website or on the telephone.

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  • Unhappy customer says:

    I am about to call customer service and also send a letter to the CEO of this company. My bus was over an hour late, the bus driver stopped 2 different times for personal reason and he was rude. I am shocked to see so many complaints and unhappy customers

  • Guest says:

    The customer service representatives are very disrespectful and inhumane. This company needs to train the representatives on how to conduct proper customer service care. I would definitely make it my duty to inform many through my social media platform to stop using megabus . This is a horrible company .

  • Nicole says:


    I am writing to tell you about our awful experience yesterday with your organization.

    My daughter was schedule to take the 5:25 bus from Philadelphia to DC. We arrived to roughly 25 people waiting around and informing us that the bus was not there.

    There were two buses present at the time. One leaving for NYC the other had arrived from Washington to Phila and was just sitting there. I knocked on the door to ask the driver if she would be returning to DC. The woman looked up from her phone visibly annoyed, opened the bus door and screamed “what do you want” – I proceeded to politely ask her if she was going to DC, she said NO closed the doors.

    I found another gentleman who works for you and he said that there was a bus coming and should be there soon.

    A half hour passed I knocked on the bus door again to see if she had any updates. She yelled at me to stop bothering her and she was waiting on a bus from Boston? That would then be going to DC, I then asked her is she was driving that bus to DC? She told me to step back and stop bothering her. I then said I was politely asking her a question, how am I bothering her? She said you better not let me step out there and closed the door.

    Next another bus driver and the first guy approached the bus and were talking to her, a few of us were behind them in a line trying to get a determination and she once again yelled at us that we better step back.

    I have never encountered such rude ignorant behavior in my life. It was so appalling that I did not want my daughter on a bus driven by someone like that. I walked to the near bye train station and paid $127 for her to take a train to DC so that I wouldn’t have to worry about entrusting her safety to a ignoramus that is one of your bus drivers.

    I should note that after getting her on the train I drove past the bus stop and everyone was still waiting for the 5:25 bus.

    I frequently used Mega bus services for trips to NYC and DC, sadly I wont ever be using them again as I would never trust the safety of the drive if you could possibly employee such an ignorant rude driver.

  • Yvette says:

    One of the reasons I chose MegaBus was because of the amenities advertised on the bus. I have three seats and I need just one of the outlets to work while riding on this bus but none of them work. On Mar 10, 2022, I approached the verbally aggressive bus driver about the outlets, first she initially said she had no suggestions to remedy my issue. However, minutes later over the speaker she suggested we move to other seats that were occupied by other passengers at the next stop. This is unacceptable and costing me money because I must work. I was depending on the outlets that were offered on the bus and if I can’t plug in my computer I can’t work.

    On Mar 13, 2022, my daughters and I were returning home from New York City. I had my bag in the seat next to me because when I made my seat purchase this seat was blocked off due to COVID restrictions. According to Megabus policy the seats that were an additional $10 weren’t supposed to have someone next to them. I paid the additional $10 (see attachment) however, the bus driver demanded I move my bag. When I attempted to ask him a question or try to explain, he immediately cut me off in mid sentence and aggressively explained to me that if I didn’t pay for the seat I needed to move my bag. Again, I attempted to talk to him and requested that he look at my reservation and he refused. Finally, when I was given the chance to talk I let him know there was a nasty wet green substance on the floor which prevented me from putting my bag down. As he walked away, he continued to ask me to remove my bag with no place to put it. All the seats around me were taken. He did return with cleaning products and commenced to getting up the mess but not without further verbally assaulting me placing his finger in my face and placing a stranger next to me. By this time, I was shaken, nervous, and unsure of the policy on the additional fee to have the seat next to me free. Once on the road, I checked the megabus policy and I was correct. And the stranger next to me should not have been placed next to me.

    This could have been avoided if the bus driver or an additional worker was ensuring each passenger sat in their assigned seat. Many passengers that were sitting on the second deck had to move to the first floor because they didn’t purchase a reserve seat. There is no organization on the bus but when passengers that purchased the reserve seats get assistance because someone is in their seat. The bus drivers become rude, disrespectful and very unprofessional to everyone on the bus. I will not recommend MegaBus to anyone! And I would like the return of my $10 fee to ride without a passenger next to me.

  • Debbie Brown says:

    I paid $193 for tickets to ride the bus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, my friend had to go to Riverside for her brother died so she needed to be picked up in Riverside for the trip instead of Los Angeles; I called and asked would it be okay, representative said it would cost me &117 dollars more and she canceled my original reservation and charged me the difference…. do you think that’s fair for the same trip going to the same place??? I’m praying for you people please!!! Stop taking the elderly money twice from their fitted income…HELP ME!!!!!!!! Thank you for Listening.Debbie B

  • I prefer not to display the my name I am afraid of retaliation says:

    I am currently riding the bus and the music it is too loud the decibel is 84
    Going from Houston to New Orleans.

  • Linda Bates says:

    Your system has major glitches my payment cards along with other family members there’s nothing wrong with our bank system not allowing me to purchase a ticket

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