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  • Address: 2010 E Higgins Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 630-623-2300

  • Email: Press@us.mcd.com

  • Number of Employees: 210000

  • Established: May 15, 1940

  • Founder: Richard & Maurice McDonald

  • Key People: Chris Kempczinski, Joe Erlinger

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S. No.




United States

110 N. Carpenter St. Chicago, IL 60607



Campus 21, Liebermannstrasse A01601 Brunn am Gebirge



8th Floor, Fakhro Tower, Building No. 470, Road 1010, Block 410 Sanabis



18th Floor, Kaike International Building, 1801 Hongmei Road Shanghai



Soroksári út 30-34., Haller Gardens Office Building D 4th floor Budapest

Mcdonald’s Headquarters Executive Team

Chris Kempczinski

McDonald’s President and CEO

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Joe Erlinger

President, McDonald’s USA

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President, Global Business Services

Skye Anderson

President, Global Business Services

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Name Title
Jill McDonald President International Operated Markets
Jo Sempels President International Developmental Licensee Markets
Jon Banner Executive Vice President Global Chief Impact Officer
Ian Borden Executive Vice President Global Chief Financial Officer
Heidi Capozzi Executive Vice President Global Chief People Officer
Morgan Flatley Executive Vice President Global Chief Marketing Officer and New Business Ventures
Marion Gross Executive Vice President Global Chief Supply Chain Officer
Desiree Ralls-Morrison Executive Vice President Global Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Brian Rice Executive Vice President Global Chief Information Officer
Manu Steijaert Executive Vice President Global Chief Customer Officer

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  • Ritoo arora says:

    On July 4th @ 10:16 am waiting in drive thru @ Hurstbourne pkwy location next to olive garden in Louisville Kentucky, with super slow moving when reached window the boards changed and manager came on phone n said it’s lunch menu I can take ur order, b4 even I could say she was on to of her voice , very disrespectful so I asked for supervisor or mngr when she said she’s the one and I need to move from the line, I told her nicely that I have been in line so at least check n acknowledge my wait time but very rudely she said there r more places u can go for breakfast – like ihop across the street and move, I was so pissed off n she threatened me she gonna call cops as she knows which car I m driving n all…. Damn … this is the only reason why we have so much violence in stores bc of these rude people. Well, no customer service, no manners as human being , if u get in store case of violence then please blame it on ur staff first. She definitely needs to be demoted n reported. I will never ever go to that location or suggest any body . From 1-10 I would give (-10) to this store because of manager. She was pathetic rude bitch

  • Waiting for a good while guy says:

    It boggles my mind I go to the McDonald’s at 520 N Bryant San Angelo, TX 76903 on 1st of January 2023. when you have someone wait 40 mins in store for food. Then when you have to ask for a manager and they tell you there is not enough staff when there is 15 workers running around. That the managers and employees are more worried about drive thru instead of evening out the services. You also have a think it is not like a big McDonald’s in a small city but heck when your managers have no priorities and making sure both drive thru and in store customers are helped efficiently. Especially when in store was not busy as in only had a few customers waiting in store you decided the make drive thru priority. After we are handed our food they mess up the orders and gave the wrong burger with some other order number. Luckily I checked and informed them they gave me the wrong order.

  • Laurie says:

    I am in total disbelief that the McDonald’s on 8129 George Washington Highway, Yorktown VA 23692, is telling their customers that they have to pay with credit card, exact change or round up to the nearest dollar because they have not gone to the bank. On this particular day it was on a Tuesday, at 10:45 AM. I am sure that they had plenty of time to go to the bank on Monday. I know that they are using the excuse of Covid and that they want to go with the contactless measures, but what about all the people that are paying with exact change? Do they not have any change or are they just trying to get extra money to round up your next dollar if you don’t have a credit card? That’s a lot of change coming from customers and I think that someone is pocketing this change at the end of the shift. Because I didn’t have the exact change $11.03 and I did not want to round up my $.97 to the next dollar, I paid with my credit card. I was then told that I could not get a receipt because they did not have paper to print the receipt on. This is totally unacceptable! it’s a Tuesday and for none of the registers to have paper to print receipts on something is wrong! I have no leg to stand on if they charge my credit card a different charge. Someone needs to step in and look at this restaurant and find out what is going on!

  • Stacy says:

    I watched the NASCAR race yesterday and after the incident that took place with the car ( #45 Bubba Wallace) that has your company’s name on it I will no longer be going to any of McDonald’s establishments. Is this the kind of behavior your company allows professionals to handles themselves for people of all ages to see in person and on television?
    This comes off as very negative and tells people that it’s ok, we’ll it’s not and I would expect the company to do something about this. I will be ashamed of McDonald’s if they continue to sponsor this car after this incident. It’s sending the wrong message to people. Use your money on another driver who would be a better ambassador for your company. Thank you

  • Katherine says:

    Fayette Alabama McDonald’s. There is mold in the shake machine slush machine ice machine. There is water/sewage coming up through the floor behind the counter. There is mold and rotten food behind the fryers and the roaches are everywhere. They treat their black staff like crap and night shift like crap and not enough crew for the night shift. Day managers play on their phones and sit on their butts but expects us employees and night managers to meet impossible demands. The day managers that worked Thursday night over night shift Wouldn’t even give bathroom break to some of us. We aren’t even allowed to hardly talk anymore. All the appliances are out of date hardly working. XRick Hanna already knows all this and does nothing. Health department came in last week and did nothing. Someone needs to do something about this restaurant

  • Ken Bristol says:

    I would just like to say. Love to say. Your company in Clinton Connecticut are thief’s. When did a Q pounder go for. 7 dollars for just a burger. I was taken advantage of an I am going back there to make a deal out of it. It’s pathetic taken advantage of people like that. Not to mention they forgot I was waiting outside for them. An their work skill needs lots of work. Very disappointed in your business. An it will be known. O an what’s with them not answering calls. SAD very SAD

  • Katherine Clark says:

    My husband and I have been getting your ice coffee vanilla flavor for years all across the USA and we love it but the last two weeks we have gotten in it taste 👅 nasty did you change your coffee or what ? I have gotten it in 3 deferent McDonald’s and it is just very nasty taste like medicine. I don’t know what you done but go back to what you had. Thank you Miss Clark

  • Lamar Allen says:

    Hi, I’ve eaten breakfast 3times in the last five days at three different locations. I live in the DFW area of Texas. Every location has watered down coffee, please tell me what’s going on. I’ve been bragging on the coffee for more than 30 years. Will I have to carry my own coffee to your house?

  • Joseph Villanueva says:

    Went to the McDonald’s located at 302 W. Irving Blvd
    Irving, Texas 75060. The employee Manager Priscilla was very disrespectful, hostel, rude, argumentative! I didn’t get my order correctly as it was repeated back to me in the drive thru service. As I noticed missing food items, I went back to the store, speaking to Priscilla about my order. She aggressively pulled my bag out of my hands and began to argue with me out loud, claiming that I was wrong. She was being very rude and under Management, she does not have any professional values as a Manager! I don’t care for a refund or any coupon’s, I feel Priscilla should be evaluated by a Professional Management employment.

  • Daniela Moya-Geber says:

    We live in Germantown. MD and put in a mobile order at least three times a week to the store at Mateny. The staff is very nice, but what we have learned is if there is a mistake with our orders there isn’t anything you can do. I have talked to the staff at that store and they admit that it’s challenging to fix a order via the mobile app/ My husband is a vegetarian and I order a egg and cheese without meat- every now and then the sandwich has meat in it and we have to either throw the sandwich away or try and fix the sandwich so that he can eat it. Mornings are busy and there really anytime to go through our order once we receive the bag. This morning my husband ordered two egg and cheese sandwich’s- again with no meat and we received two egg and cheese with only meat….how can we fix this if we already paid for our order? The sandwiches had to be thrown away and I had to make a alternate breakfast for him. When you tell the store they say sorry but there isn’t any time to go back and exchange the sandwiches. Our order was #1607. We would like to be refunded for our order and suggest that there be a option area added to the mobile ordering- so that its clear when you state no meat. Again, the staff is nice, but don’t do anything about this. When I place a order I also order for my son and myself- we are regulars customers and not ones to complain. This now happened several times now and is just frustrating. Please fix this and refund us for the two sandwiches that we ordered and had to throw away.

  • Jeffrey A Wilber says:

    Why for gods sake a burger joint I have been going to McDonald’s since the 60’s I can’t get a milk shake anymore. This is why I do not spend my money at your company anymore. Especially in my area. They are poorly managed.

  • Eleven Vestal says:

    You suck!

  • Refugio Martinez says:

    Hello My Name is Refugio Martinez
    And i visited a Mc Donalds location while i was out of town with the family .
    we currently Live in Liberty Hill Tx 78642 and drove down to San Antonio Tx cause my Mother in law is at her
    final days ,the Dr gave her 60 days and it seems more like 30 days ,either way i offered to buy every one that was at the house visiting to buy them something to eat and out of All the restaurants nearby they all said Mc Donalds so we went to 1852 N Foster Road Converse Tx 78109
    and we went through the drive threw and realized everyone at the drive threw was getting wrong orders ,so after ordering at the window $72,75 Dollars’ worth we got to the window and i was handed a Happy Meal and i said NO NO NO!! we had the Large Order ,the kid Mocked me and closed the window ,then the manager in charge came to the window and asked me about the order and she said Oh you’re the One ? ok let me get the order ,we got the order and drove home to my Mother In laws house and we realized THE WHOLE OREDER WAS WRONG !!AND DRINKS WERE FLAT !!
    SO, AFTER SPENDING $72 I CALLED AND SPOKE TO Jasmin AND SHE said I’m so sorry Sir we got the orders mixed up and i said how can you get a large order like that mixed up? and she replied Sir ! there is 2 things i can do for you , I can Replace the ENTIRE ORDER OR REFUND YOUR MONEY BACK TODAY OR TOMORROW which one would you like ? so i told her i would be in tomorrow for a refund ,she said Fine i will remember you ,and i said do you need my Name she said No.So the following morning before we drove back home we drove up to the drive through cause Lobby is closed and i told the young man at the window the situation and he said come up to the window Sir ,( this is where it gets good) the manager ( Veronica ) came to the window and said explain to me Sir the situation so i did and she said well Jasmin is Not here till tomorrow ,you will need to come back tomorrow and talk to her and i said we are driving home already out of town ,and she said what do you want me to do SIR? and i said i just want what your Late manager promised which is the refund AND SHE SAID I CAN’T DO THAT SIR ,she asked what was wrong with the order Sir ,i said other than the nuggets and fries EVERYTHING ELSE WAS WRONG !!! then she said Ok i will do this for you ,I will replace the Burgers and drinks ONLY ! cause the fries and Nuggets were Ok ,and i said we are here for the refund and she said I CAN’T DO THAT ! she said let me call the Area Manager which was TONY and TONY said just give them th Items that were wrong and NO REFUND !! AND GET THEM OUT OF THEIR ,the little that Tony knew the phone speaker was loud enough to where i heard it from inside my car ,so Veronica called the district manager or her Boss and she was told just to replace what was wrong ,and i told her we just want what Jasmin promised us which was the refund ,and Veronica Said NO !cause Tony said NO ! so i said ok what are you giving me ? and she went down the list like ok sir i will replace All meals and drinks ,i said Ok ,so she said pull up to # 3 and wait ,so i did and 15 min later she comes out with a SMALL BAG !!!! and she said here you go Sir and i said WHAT IS THIS? and she said the burgers ,and i said I thought you were replacing the MEALS ? and she said I am ,BUT YOU MENTIONED TO ME SIR THAT THE NUGGETS AND FRIES WERE OK SO WHY SHOULD I REPLACE THAT ? I SAID OHMG!!!!! 😈 ARE YOU SERIOUSE ?SHE SAID YES SIR !!! i took the Burgers and I STILL WENT BACK THREW THE DRIVE AND HAD TO BUY THE REST TO GO WITH THE MEAL OMG, I COULD NOT BELIVE IT .

  • Paul Montgomery says:

    I went to mcdonald’s in Cincinnati ohio on 413 martin Luther king dr.45229 ordered a quarter pounder wit cheese made to order wonted it hot wit chesse melted instead I received a cold sandwich and asked to have a hot sandwich I was Rudely Approached By the employee at the window she went and got the manager who also spoke rudely to me and when I asked for my money back she throw it at me through the drive thru window so I throw a cup of ice water back then another employee came at me wit a knife outside the restaurant trying to stab me another employee grab the one wit the knife and escalated the problem

  • Teresa Stidham says:

    I would like to know why it is that the McDonalds in Big Stone Gap,Virginia has an employee who tested positive for covid 19 but they are trying to keep it from the public and they did not close the store down and they told their employees that if they called in they would be wrote up for it.A few other local resturants had a employee to test positive for the covid 19 virus and they closed down for 2 weeks and had all their employees tested and they let the public know but after finding out about Big Stone Gap McDonald’s I have also been told that this happened at the Duffield,Virginia location also.So it seems to me that McDonald’s does not care about people like they should or at least that franchise.Someone needs to do something about this immediately.My niece is an employee at the Big Stone Gap store and she lives with my 83 year old father and he has health conditions and he cannot take any chances on something like that being cared in on him.Please follow up on this take action.

  • Marian Fleming says:

    YIKES – Coming up from the bottom of the screen. . . there’s a LOT of nasty-minded folks out there! HOWEVER . . I am NOT one of them!!! Sitting here in my cozy room . . scarfing on the fourth Big Mac Bacon Cheeseburger in less than two weeks . . . and L*O*V*I*N*G* IT!!!! I have been eating at McD’s for probably over 50 years (if you’ve been open that long ??), and as a 78 yr.”young”, female Senior citizen . . . I absolutely feel it is the BEST fast-food burger ANYWHERE!! {And I’ve done my share of FF eating!!} T*H*A*N*K* Y*O*U* for making something delicious, substantial, affordable, and efficient. . that I can enjoy, and obtain easily!! (The McD’s is only about 1/2 mile from me!!) I used to live in Sebastopol, and gave you a LOT of business – over about 15 years . . . but somebody made the mistake of closing down that location . . and now there’s ANOTHER BLOODY Starbuck’s in your former, convenient location!!!! BAD, BAD decision!!!!! {Had a DIFFICULT morning, with a LOT of negativity . . . so I wanted to do/say something POSITIVE, somehow . . and after deciding to stop by McDonald’s . . . . I feel a whole lot better!!! THANK YOU AGAIN for helping lift my spirits & nurturing my body & soul!!!!! Ms. Marian Fleming – Santa Rosa, CA

  • Marvin L says:

    I went McDonald’s for the free food delivery service people like the Usps , ups, fed x which was advertised on the internet guess what no free food this was in the Piscataway NJ

  • Dorothea Herbert says:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I visited the McDonald’s at the 13100 Abercorn location, store #11065 on the 19th of March and I ordered (2) Egg McMuffins, (1) without the round egg with one order of (2) Hash browns. I did get my food, however; (1) of the Egg McMuffins was “bitten into”, someone has taken a bite of the sandwich. I did not notice it right away since I only uncovered just enough of the sandwich to take a bite and swallowed it. I noticed it when I went to take another bite. Afterwards, I took a picture of the sandwich to have just in case I needed it as proof of what I received. My order was placed from the drive-thru, so I parked my car and went inside to show the Manager what I got. I had my receipt with me and I showed it to her along with the “bitten into” Egg McMuffin. She offered to replace the sandwich, and I replied back to her “no thank you” and that I lost my appetite especially with the virus going around. As I was leaving the restaurant, I heard in the background laughing from the Manager and some of the co-workers thinking that the situation was funny. It seems like most of the time, the personnel from this location are upset, don’t want to be there, in a bad mood, or just plain don’t care about the business and having good customer service. I have never seen a lack of respect and courteousness towards customers. I would never want to go back there.

    Later that evening, I started feeling really bad and soon afterwards; my stomach started hurting. I did not feel hungry after leaving the restaurant, so I just laid down to relax. Hours goes by and I am still feeling really bad and still not hungry or wanting anything to eat so I rest for the rest of the evening. I was unable to go to sleep due to feeling and being in pain and discomfort. So, the following morning; which was today I called and spoke with my doctor and told him everything that happened; in-which he advises me to not come in and he ordered some medication for me to take. He also said that I should eat light; like yogurt, chicken or beef broth, chicken soup, and jello. Along with drinking plenty of fluids; like water and Gatorade or Powerade. I feel that the sandwich had gotten me sick and I was feeling fine prior to getting the sandwich.

    I have a picture of the “bitten into” Egg McMuffin to this email for you to see. I’ve also added a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase from the restaurant, along with copies of the medication that I’m taking. I’m writing you to inform you that things might change and I may need further tests to help get rid of what I have, or other bills that may incur; which I believe started from the restaurant. I only wanted credit for the sandwich or some type of discount for a later visit. Thank you for having this site to voice customers issues. I believe that McDonald’s is a great place to eat, which I would get food for the family at least twice or more a month. Now, we are looking for another restaurant to eat and spend time as a family.

    I have been contacted by the Manager of the restaurant, and he said that he will take a look at the video camera for that day and someone will be held responsible. That was a few weeks ago and I have not been contacted to see if any resolution has been done. This incident happened prior to the virus pandemic and I’ve lost wages for about 2 weeks and had to pay for medical bills to take care of the illness. I will send all that information if you need it. My contact information is 912-677-4524 and address is: 205 W. Montgomery Xrds Apt. 1303, Savannah, Ga. 31406.

    Thanks in advance for looking into this situation!

  • Marc Farley says:

    how about this resapee : oat mill, grits, cream of wheet and rice and lots of surgar when you mix every thing up. please keep this resapee. thanks marc farley and you can forward this around to all of the other “MAC – DONALDS” and all of the other restruants and ryins to :>) !!!!

  • Kathy says:

    You pull your sponsorship from very good young driver Mr. Larsen for mistaken he made and apology for. But then you go and put signs up in your China restaurants saying that black people are not welcome. Yet you told that it was a simple mistaken and apology to them and they are just suppose to take your word. But yet I feel what did was much worst then what Mr. Larsen did. And feel you should restate Mr. Larsen sponsorship immediately

  • Sybil Sahuque says:

    Can someone please call me my name is Sybil Sahuque my phone number is 850-602-0856. I have some things I would like to discuss with someone in management, it is very important. Thank you for your time.

    • Mieshell Gasper says:

      Did anyone ever call u on this issue just wondering because I can’t find any good contact method for McDonald’s at all to find anyone that cares to help with issues as an employee even

  • Roger smith says:

    McDonald’s seems to be racist, according to there latest advertisement

  • Bruce says:

    So I stopped at the McDonald’s here in the Grand Rapids Michigan area, on Kalamazoo ave, They aren’t taking part in the Veterans day. Thanks for the support.

  • Pamela says:

    This was posted on Facebook. Shame on you ?

    Dear McDonald’s worker who will probably never see this….,
    Ur drive thru windows aren’t sound proof. Ur probably wondering y I had tears in my eyes when u handed me my iced coffee… or maybe not, judging by the words u said after handing me my oatmeal…
    “Look at this white girl, tryin to wrap her head. Lookin all stupid”
    As u and ur coworker laughed and passed judgement on my poor head wrap job, I hope ur day gets better. I went to McDonald’s for an iced coffee and oatmeal to try to make my day better, but u made it worse. I hope u never get sick. I hope ur healthy and thriving for ur life. I hope ur family members r healthy and happy. Cuz I didnt wrap my head to try to be anything in particular… I wrapped it cuz I shaved my head when my hair was falling out from chemo and having a baby, and yesterday my stepson told me he liked it. I wrapped it cuz the scarf was given to me from a woman at the office I get radiation treatments from. I also wrapped it cuz I haven’t showered in 2 days cuz I’m a mom who is still trying to figure out how to juggle everything.
    So, thank you for reminding me to be careful with my words… and to not judge a book by the cover.?

    That “stupid white girl”

    **edit** I love that my friends and family members have commented and messaged asking which one so they can call and take up for me, but I really posted this as a reminder to be kind- not to get anyone in trouble or to have them inadvertently lose their job that pays their bills. So, please… just be kind!
    Love your neighbor as yourself Mark 12:31??

  • Frank C says:

    McDonalds is going downhill. I eat inside and wait by register to order for 10 minutes cause their priority is drivethru. Then today eating inside and they put my eggs in a box

  • Rory Coats says:

    Earlier today at around 2:45 pm I stopped in at your place on North Side just down from AGH the Hospital to get 2 egg McMuffins & 4 hash browns &2 apple pies,1 milk & it took 20 min. to get my order, mind you it took 5 min. just to have someone ask if I needed something there were about 8 people there in the kitchen just talking. Then she took my order & other people came in & made ask me if anyone was working, when I got my order I ask for a receipt since I never received one & she said it’s probably in the trash & I said I needed it & was told again it was in the trash somewhere & I say can I have it & she said it’s in the trash.
    If that wasn’t enough there was a guy sleeping on one of the bench seats with a table, the Kiosk are a bad idea because nobody comes out of the bace unless someone ordered from them. I can’t say who the girl was because they didn’t have name pins on.

  • Howard Chester says:

    What happened to the Senior Coffee? I went to my neighborhood McD’s (84044) and was told ” We don’t do Senior Coffee”. What? I’ve waited my whole life for this perk. I’ve been patronizing McD’s since the very start in Los Angeles. I raised my kids and their kids enjoying McD’s. Folks of my generation are the backbone of your company. We made your corporation what it is today. Even thought all your stores are franchised, and some may opt out of the Senior Coffee. I think it should be a non option company wide. Everyone play by the same rules, from the same play book. Suffice to say until that day comes, McD’s will not see another dime out of my pocket. Ex McDonald’s customer!

  • Stacy says:

    How freaking hard is it to make a cup of yogurt without the fruit and give me a bag of granola it’s not that complicated and then almost every McDonald’s you go to their damn ice cream machine is broke y’all need to get your shit together

    • grace taylor says:

      YES All the stores ICE CREAM MACHINE HAS BEEN BROKE you are loosing business need the machines fixed others are going else where .Burger King today .

  • romona snell-crockan says:

    I’m 62 years old I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s for many years I can remember as a kid going to McDonald’s in order in just french fries because they were so good the fries were the actual length of a potato and they were hot right out of the Grease I’m just wondering where that kind of french fry is you can ask for hot fries and only thing you going to get us some gummy stuff that’s been sitting under the light so long that it tastes like cardboard rather than potato I really don’t even think it’s potatoes anymore I just wish somebody would tell me if you not serving real potatoes what are you serving but then when I saw all the comments about McDonald’s I understand and I just don’t have to spend my money there anymore to forget about what was and just see the continue to do business with what is or forget about them all together I think my money will be best spent somewhere else I’m only one person it’s not going to bother McDonald’s if I don’t come in there but I can guarantee you that anybody I can influence not to go to the McDonald’s in Red Oak I will certainly put my two cents in money is too valuable to waste on fake food

  • Brian says:

    You need to get better managers and employees at store#11570….the manager named Asia has taken my money and my wrong order and won’t make it right….so I guess McDonald’s wants to hire thiefs and crooks that don’t care about customer service

  • Kathye says:

    At 8:38 am this morning, 8/17/19 I observed a McDonald’s employee take a drink from a cup that she had just filled for a customer! After drinking from the cup she put a lid on it, and headed over to the drive-thru window to give to the customer. I immediately spoke up and said “you just drank from that cup”! The manager came over and asked what the problem was. I told the manager “she just drank from that cup”, the manager then confronted the employee who acknowledged, and nodded her head yes she drink from the customer’s cup. The manager then said to me “ma’am I am handling this”. I left the store and I called the 1-817 hotline and was told my complaint would be sent “up to upper management”. This McDonald’s is located at 101 S. 32nd Street, Muskogee, OK 74401. Hopefully this will be taken care of immediately and “upper management” and future customers at ANY McDonald’s will not be subjected to this totally disgusting, inappropriate behavior by their employees and/or managers!


    So Madeira Beach McDonalds thinks it is ok to refuse service to first responders. It would suck if they needed help and the police’s response time was as long as their wait for drive thru.

  • Robert G. says:

    It has been 2 weeks & still no call back from the manager of the local I went to (#33615), OR… From the online survey, (33615-01990-80119-09321-00159-7)
    Now, I know that I am only one person, However, I’m sure that I’m not the only person that has had a problem with the Desoto / Chatsworth location. I wonder that if I posted on the local Chatsworth fb page that not only was there a problem with the service, but the disgusting homeless problem in the entry way, how many others would find the same problems. Thank You

  • theresa says:

    Highly dissatisfied store #10256 Harrisburg pa….waited in store for over 1/2 hour for a happy meal. ordered it with mac sauce which I was charged .46 additionally. I was traveling so I didn’t check it before I left the store,,burger was doused in ketchup…no pickles or mac sauce…fries were cold. employees walking around chatting, smart phones. It was a pathetic display for a fast food restaurant. Serious management issues. added a 1/2 hour to my travel back home. Sad and pathetic.

    • S Crawford says:

      Highly disappointed in the 6004 Derry Street location in Harrisburg Pennsylvania also. The French fries in the medium size fries looked like a small portion and the burgers that were put on the Big Mac looked like they had been burnt and sat in a warming tray all day. Staff at drive thru were disrespectful and did not give a professional image.

  • Debbie Cook says:

    Hi Could you tell me where to send a Super picture of my brother’s bird Bobby(Drinking out of one of your Sweet Tea Cups ) for you to see ? Might help you sell more Sweet Tea ,just saying ,,,,

  • Guest says:

    Just want to share my experience with Andalusia McDonald’s today….so I swing through the drive thru for lunch while on duty pull up to pay and the nice lady at the window says give me just a second…she walks off and returns with the manager and says “doesn’t Law Enforcement receive a discount” her manager which was a slender male don’t know his name and don’t care, stated “yea unfortunately we do” this kind of caught me off guard but I waited while he punched in his code and when he finished he glanced at me and said “I don’t like y’all” needless to say I got my debit card and left and as of today I won’t eat Andalusia McDonalds on or off duty. This happened in Andalusia, Al. To a police officer in my town. If this is how your employees are trained something is wrong. I will not be going back either.

  • Guest says:

    Life Threatening Assault – I went into the Smyrna, GA store to order a sandwich. I went to the screen, but it wasn’t functioning properly, so I went to the window to order. A woman was in front of me, on the cell phone, and her two children were ordering . I waited a lengthy amount of time, as the children were out of control, and took a deep breath to center myself, when the woman started verbally attacking me and pointing her finger in my face. I said, “Ma’am, I’m just trying to order a sandwich.” She continued screaming at me , when her friend joined in. I asked the counter man to help me, and he did nothing – neither did any of the staff who witnessed these womens’ heinous behavior. I left the store, and the woman followed me to my car, continuing to scream at me. I locked the door and drove off. I feared that she was going to physically hit me! I hope you will take this seriously and do something about it – not only for me, but for my fellow neighbors. Thank you!

  • Devon L says:

    I am so angry with my experience over the course of this weekend. I had taken my family to the location on Hamilton Rd in Groveport Ohio for a late night meal. After my 5 year old son digested his food he spent hours throwing up, stomach cramps, chills, and had the most disgusting smelling diarrhea I’ve ever experienced due to food poisoning. Since I didn’t get much rest, I wanted to grab a coffee in route to taking my son to Urgent Care. I refrained from going to the Groveport location and decided to get a caramel iced coffee from the location across the street from the Urgent Care. While waiting for the doctor, I’m sipping on my coffee and as I near the end of my drink I almost gagged suddenly. I felt something slimy in mouth. I reached in my mouth and pulled out a series of white strings clumped together soaked in coffee. I’m absolutely sick and disgusted by this whole matter. I wholeheartedly believe it was intentional, but not sure why. I didn’t have any uncomfortable exchange with the drive-thru which cameras should show. The cups are clear, so there is no way you can miss white strings in them unless it be intentionally done. I do have pictures as well for your review.

  • Challiz says:

    There’s always something wrong with my orders everytime I go at Mcdonalds… always missing something… the last that I got was the 4pc mcnuggets happy meal for my daughter we receive a slice of american cheese inside of the nugget box…

  • Becky Rivers says:

    Are you aware that 2 EMT’s were refused service at your Madeira, Florida store at 650 150th Avenue? The girl at the counter said anyone with a badge was not welcomed there! Please look into this as I am sure you don’t want that going on in your stores! Thank you.

  • Ranae Masters says:

    I seen a kitchen manager named DONALD smoking and selling marijuana at the store on 127 south Frankfort ky I seen him degrading women talk down to women hes very disrespectful person that’s why they can’t keep help and the sad part is MANAGEMENT KNOWS AND WILL NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT they sad ass people and if McDonald’s condones this then u should be ashamed

  • Tonya says:

    I got a raw quarter pounder bun was even bloody

  • Guy Michael Wheeler says:

    Hi I am a customer in a small town,( Crisfield,Md.) McDonald”s support officer needs to come to Crisfield,Maryland and perform an empolee Performance review. This McDonalds is POOR! They act like they are doing you a favor to wait on you, and the Shift Supervisor does not care to correct any problems that arise. If you cant correct this problem, maybe you should CLOSE the store and/or sell the location to another food chain. Please by all means come and see for yourself.

  • Howard Dully says:

    Absolutely the worst French Fries at the Almaden Rd Store in San Jose, CA they were COLD and OLD and it’s not the first time and it happens frequently

  • Tracye Massey says:

    Store location 2757 canal st New Orleans 70119. Why are they allowed to charge 11% tax on there food. Phone number for location doesn’t answer why. Taxes are less than 10%

  • Christy Dunham says:

    I am so sick of your poor service at the Dunlawton store in Port Orange Florida!!
    I took a picture of the most recent order they messed up and the UNSCRUPULOUS practices!
    I ordered two doubles with extra onion…not only were there no extra onion, there was no onion at all! No ketchup! No mustard! No pickles!
    The vanilla ice cream in a cup I ordered for my dog who is dying, they swirled the I cream around the outside of the cup and the center was completely HOLLOW!
    I am Never going there again and might just dump you altogether!
    I took a picture of the ice cream and you can clearly see the swirls they made in the hollow! I wish I could send it to you but there doesn’t seem to be that option on this email, conveniently.

  • Marga Scrues says:

    McDonald’s here in michigan on chicago drive serves the worst chicken. Mcnuggets hard like a rock and cold. That’s the 2nd time allready. I’m very disapointed and never go there again.

  • Sandra Przybyla says:

    To whom it may concern: It has come to my attention that McDonnalds is introducing …Gay Pride Fries in a rainbow box. I am truely offended by this as a persons sexual preferences does not belong on a product sold to the general public. The moment I see this on their menu I will no longer purchase food from your establishment. Sincerely offened, Mrs Sandra Przybyla

  • Michelle says:

    My daughter and I attempted to purchase a smoothie and two cookies at the McDonalds located at the Wabash and Chatham Rd in Springfield IL today. The staff was rude on the 3rd time I drove around the building after being told to wait twice already. My 12 year old heard one the workers sigh and shout, “here she comes again” on the third trip around. We will NEVER use this McDonalds again after my little one finishes her tennis lesson! This is not the first time our wait stretched from 2 minutes to 20 minutes but it will most certainly be the last.

  • Steve Barker says:

    07/28/19 03.22pm KS# 13 order 13. $47.41 Paid. Light afternoon, no cars in line. Third time McDonalds #7669 shorted my order. I even asked window rep 3x if entire order was in large bag. 2 10 piece orders of chicken nuggets forgotten. Someone needs to teach these reps how to read and pay attention to what they are doing. I have not been to McDonalds for 6-7 months for this same reason. I dont believe getting my order properly is beyond any expectation. Obviously your training program and managers accountability are poor at best. I did call them. They put me in their book for my next visit. NOT!!! I know the deal. You make money so you do not have to care about your customers. My intentions are to let anyone considering McDonalds know exactly how poor your service is. Scale of 1-10 = ZERO.

  • Dennis Schofield says:

    McDonald’s was established serving hamburgers. Now a days they serve breakfast. I don’t get it. I can go to McDonald’s and get breakfast 24/7, but I can only get a hamburger between 10 am. and 2:59 am. I don’t get why a hamburger drive-in doesn’t serve hamburgers. Also I have asked the employees to cut the burgers for me and they tell me either they don’t have a knife or that they are not allowed to. Really? I don’t get it. What kind of restaurant are you running?

  • Regina says:

    Bought 2 large mochas and when we opened them the cups where only half full. For 8 dollars i thought the cup would be full or at least 3/4 full. Very disappointed . Wish i could post the pic on here.

  • Edward lipson says:

    I recently found a McDonald’s promotional item from 1989 it still has the record on it and the prices for big Macs were $0.69 back then the game hasn’t been scratched off I was curious whether it had any value as of today

  • John Alaimo says:

    10 minutes for drive thru didnt move. Waste my time and gas . I dont know why not pulled to wait area but this happens way to much at night in the store I go to all the time. Morning shift is great , evening shift never again.

  • William Erickson says:

    Why is it that when you order large fries you get the same amount as you do in a medium? Is this a practice taught during training? I have talk to several managers at the store in Red Wing, MN and the problem still continues. I was told that it’s not the box but the scoop. I feel that if they were not going to fulfill the “large” order then they should lower prices. Store#6300 7/24/2019
    03:53pm CTL order#27

  • Vicki M Tanner says:

    Had a very bad experience with the Yankton, SD McDonalds. I was an HR Director and have never encounter rude behavior of employees as I did at this McDonalds.

  • Rosamaria Garcia says:

    we need a mcDonald restaurant here in san Angelo Texas at the east side we need one real bad thank you

  • Denise says:

    I have been in food service 38 years and I am a Manager in food service at Georgia Southern University. I serve a lot of student in a day. I don’t complain much because I know what food service is all about, but when I go to the drive thru at 5 am and there is one other car sitting waiting to give their order and I am sitting there too waiting and waiting. I asked if they are opened and they replied to wait a minute. WELL 15 MIN LATER they came on the speaker and they took the other car order and then mine. When I got to the window I said did you all just opened? The girl said no we are doing a system check and we are having to write all the orders down. So when I drove up I saw 2 cars on the pick up side so they were taking 2 orders at the time cooking to order, completing the whole orders before waiting on the next customers. What idiots! They should have went ahead and got the next orders and started on them instead of making me spend 30 minutes in line. Many individuals are out that early because they have to go to work. I will go to Hardee’s from now on.

  • Miss says:


    Manger Jennfer, Vancouver Wa, on Gear Street, and Forth Plain. Everytime, (3) I started to come in morning to get a refill of coffee, before I go to work, (and treat all my co workers, and public with respect, and welcoming smile and service,) Jenner gives me the nastiests, gross, stink eye, stares me down, in front of a full crew. Why? no reason. Im a pretty lady. I assure you she is one of the many women who hate”s pretty women! (Ill even bet the farm she is often firring the pretty girls,) for no reason but their beauty the Lord gave us. Take note…Never the less, fix this ugly manger inside , and make her go back through Training. Or fire her. Thank you. Look on cam. 7am PT.

  • >