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Mcalisters Deli
  • Address: 5620 Glenridge Dr., Atlanta, GA 30342, US
  • Phone Number: 888-330-4313
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000
  • Established: 1989
  • Founder: 
  • Key People: Brandi Butler, Assistant Manager

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Amy Cotterman

Business Development Director

Deb Lawrence


Mcalisters Deli, History and Headquarters Information

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  • Robert Collins says:

    We are done. The Owensboro Kentucky Store never has the soups listed on the menu. Chicken Tortilla isn’t potato. Either have it or remove it from the menu. 3rd time.

  • Phyllis rankin says:

    The food like the potato soup was awful and the broccoli soup was the same like they didn’t care how they fixed it will not go back ever this is in richland ms

  • Sierra Gerrena says:

    Would the country like to know how blatantly racist the area manager for Gainesville FL is? I cannot even believe what I’ve witnessed from that guy. He has one of the best general managers I’ve ever dealt with yet is always trying to find anything and everything to take him down. Saying even in a recent inspection “wow I’m surprised you passed” meanwhile the GM at the other store, and one I’ve frequented for years and has only gotten worse in terms of cleanliness and customer service, gets all the praise. What gives McAllister’s. Where is human resources to see for themselves what is really going on!

  • Conne says:

    I called the Mcalisters in Grandview Mo. The Manager(Isaiah) was extremely helpful with a catering order. Excellent customer service! He was professional and very polite. 5 star review

  • J.D says:

    I visited the Macalister in Merrillvile Indiana and a very rude woman name Samantha helped me. I was on my lunch hour at the time, I went to the front counter and Samantha ask me was I ready to follow the arrows . When she said the arrows I’m looking around like what are you talking about. She said I’m at this register follow my hands . Do I thought to myself, maybe she is having a bad hot day. So I began to look on the board to see what I would like and she ask me are you ready ? I said yes and she said you can read right? I just looked at her and said I’m ready to order . Do I ordered a sandwich and Samantha said you can choose a side . It’s right behind me . I chose a cup of soup. Then I asked her can I give you my phone number so I can earn rewards. She took it and said you have earned a free drink, I chose a strawberry lemonade she stated that’s not free we will have to stir in the flavor . So I said since you only have lemonade, give me the lemonade. She kept on mentioning the price difference when I didn’t care . All I wanted was my food and the free lemonade so I can go back to work. Bottom line she was not a polite person, it’s as if she characterized me as if she new me. It was unprofessional and she need to take classes at work on how to communicate with customers on a short time basis and not to specific customers either. If i could give her a certain amount of stars for today she would of received 0 stars ⭐️.
    Lastly She ask me about my last name and how do I feel about it? Like why are you concerned with my last name and do your job please.

  • Cathy Janes says:

    Our family has made McAlisters our preferred lunch spot. I do have one request however .. We frequent your chain at the Arcadian mall in Myrtle Beach. Last week we coaxed our grandfather to join us and although he was very please with his lunch he unfortunately will not return., reason being it was nearly impossible for him to manage the bathroom door! The weight and hydraulics are set so tight even I had a degree of difficulty. Please consider this issue in all of your locations and keep the seniors coming.. Respectfully, Cathy Janes

  • Zoreline bess says:

    I just order chose two half max potatoes and McAlister my potatoes was not correct it left some of the ingredients off I’m very much upset I was not able to eat my food the potatoes was old I will not be going back t

  • Ann VanGundy says:

    I was at mcalister’s on highway 62 in Jeffersonville Indiana. And something bothered me really bad. The manager there his name is Mark I’m not exactly for sure what happened but he was ripping one of his employees up one side and down the other. You could tell she was about to cry but she didn’t. My hats off to her for not doing that in front of her manager. I felt like it was very unappropriate for him to chew her out in front of customers. If there was a problem then he should have taken her to his office and talk to her in private. Is very rude and and professional for him to treat his employee like that. And I talked to several others there and they felt the same way I did it was very inappropriate thank you

  • Mike Hembree says:

    I was just in your Athens, Texas location. In my to go order was a bowl of chicken and dumplings. When I got home and opened the package it was packaged
    In a 12 ounce cup. Secondly there were no chicken and dumplings, only the liquid. I drove back to your store and spoke to the manager. I do not remember her name. She was a 25-30 year old attractive, blond headed woman. When I questioned these issue she told me that the 12 ounce cup was a bowl. I told her that she had eaten that many times in their restaurant and that was not a bowl. She did admit that there were no chicken and dumplings. She asked if I wanted a refund. I told her no that I would contact her corporate office and speak to them. She was not unfriendly but she acted like she plainly didn’t care. She was very “oh well”. I left the chicken and dumplings on the counter and left. I live 20 miles from you location. I have spent an hour and a half and 80 miles going back and forth to your restaurant. The service today was horrible. Lots of wasted time and effort in ver a $6.99 bowl of mushy liquid.

  • Amanda says:

    Is it company policy to not get the employee discount or have drinks while at work..We aren’t allowed a drink while at work …How can we work 7 hours without a break or anything to drink…

  • Amanda says:

    Mccalister’s in Ruston La doesn’t treat their workers right

  • >