Where is McAfee Corporate office Headquarters

McAfee Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 5000 Headquarters Dr, Plano, TX 75024, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 972-963-7000

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 10,000

  • Established: 1987

  • Founder: John McAfee

  • Key People: Chris Young (CEO)

McAfee Headquarters Location & Directions

McAfee Headquarters Executive Team



Christopher David Young

Chief Executive Officer

Michael J. Berry

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Allison Cerra

Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President

About McAfee, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1987. The company has been operational for more than 32 years now. The founder of this company is John McAfee. The company was initially started as McAfee Associates. In the year 1992, the company was incorporated in Delaware. In 2004, McAfee sold the Sniffer Technologies to a venture capital-backed firm which was known as Network General and renamed itself to McAfee. In the year 2010, the company was purchased by Intel for an amount of around $7.68 billion. In early 2014, the then Intel CEO Brian Krzanich decided to change the name from McAfee Security to Intel Security during the Consumer Electronics Show. McAfee was spun back out of Intel in 2017. Headquarters: 5000 Headquarters Dr Plano, TX 75024, USA.

McAfee is a company based in America which focuses mainly on providing the best cybersecurity facilities to its customers and clients. As of 2017, the company has around 6768 employees working under it. The company offers its services across the world. The company has Christopher David Young as its current CEO.

McAfee provides its services on a variety of computer security software to its clients and customers, which include Internet Security Protection software, Antivirus software, Virus Scan, Spyware and Malware, etcetera.

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    It’s not more of a comment than a complaint I live in Laurel Hill North Carolina I’ve owned my laptop for several years never ever had a problem until just recently have purchased protection for it and I can’t seem to get no one to help me fix the issues I’m having continuously popping up virus detections and spoke with several tech support providers with your company and they are not giving me much help in solving this problem let alone trying to understand what they are talking about I don’t understand broken English can’t seem to get any one who speaks clear english

  • Pamela says:

    Seems your corporate office Doesn’t have any normal business hours because no matter what time you call the message says the same thing!!!

  • Tonyy says:

    Is it sinking in yet?

  • Tonyy says:

    Don’t target others for the very thing you do yourself.

  • Tonyy says:

    Do you get the picture?. I can sit all day, doing this.

  • Tonyy says:

    7. Don’t get mad. You guys do it all the time. Don’t cast no stones now.

  • Tonyy says:

    6. Yeah there’s a virus. It’s name the McAfee virus. Even when you delete it, it don’t away.

  • Tonyy says:

    5. Hi, I’m back. Had take break.

  • Tonyy says:

    4. Love that spam. Are you the guys that create it?

  • Tonyy says:

    3. Nothing like those emails.

  • Tonyy says:

    2. What up?

  • Tonyy says:

    Hey, how the hell our ya. Little something to waste your time. Unwanted email.

    It starts out like this. For every unsubscribe email you send. I’m going to send you 10, for openers.

  • P H Dousma says:

    Sincere McAfee, 9th of July 2022,
    McAfee account>devices>moving right button misses. Thus unable to view oldest licences Total Protection. Unable to remove Total Protection licences same PC Microsoft Windows after a number of resets of the same PC. Resets were done because of Windows Update issue. 4th of July new issue of Total Protection updates error message . PC did have internet. I’ve tried mobile internet, firewall permissions. Next day after 4th of July new Total Protection installation issue was solved. In hindsight I don’t rule out McAfee server maintenance. My point is there’s server maintenance or down time let clients now to prevent unnessary other actions. This happens also to be a Safe Connect server issue.
    With My Best Regards, PHD

  • dave yeager says:

    McAfee customer since 1989. This week I needed support from McAfee to stop a rogue site that kept taking my machines down with a bogus hijack. The first rep insisted on recreating the error and took out another of my boxes. All attempts to find anyone in support that can speak english were futile. All attempts to speak with support mgmt were futile. Clearly McAfee doesn’t want a happy customer base. They seem to be happy just taking money and screwing the customer base. Can you say HELLO NORTON.

  • E. Cole says:

    I renewed by subscription for$49.00 on 6/16/22.Without my authorization, McAfee billed m credit carding ending in 6219 for $141.53 on May 12, 2022. I want my credit card to get credied for$101.53.

  • Dr. R. Nielsen says:

    I received 34 McAfee ads in my inbox today. Please DO NOT send any more e-mail to


    2 February 2022-THU1:15pm

    CEO McAfee Corporation
    5000 Headquarters Dr, Plano
    TX 75024, U.S.A

    Affected by uncertainty upon the magical search within the unlimited Super Highway of the Information so-called Internet McCAfee has supplied the safety guarantee demanded by diverse interacting by providing a global security software of outstanding potentiality.

    It has been several years since MCAFEE has lived through John McCAfee generous mystic enforcing anti-virus component through my Personal Computer—oftentimes confronting hackers and intruders consistently lecturing upon intellectual property safe-guarding, and functioning technicality.

    I like to thank Peter A. Leav and his remarkable team turning my dreadful worries when connected into safe and harmonious experience at not cost.

    My unshakable gratitude,
    —Ramon Polanco
    Civil Rights Activit
    People’s Watch

  • Scott says:

    Stop with the spam email or I will refer you to the Texas attorney general for criminal complaint

  • John L says:

    I have the same problem as RRC. I have a friend that is an attorney and former FBI Agent. Since you people do not let your customers talk to anyone other than cretans in the phillipines, he will just call some of his friends who are still on the job and let them handle this matter. When the marshalls show up, Chris, you can tell THEM you do not have to talk to them. GOOD LUCK

  • RRC says:

    You have a serious problem!!!!! There is clone company posing as McAfee! Yesterday I was trying to get assistance in downloading the McAfee security I had purchased and was connected to a gentlemen that said he could help me, asked he could remotely connect to solve the issue, once he had control, he should me that there was programs that needed to be cleaned and closed, in the midst he told me to relax and hang up, but once he told me the prices which was $199 for 1 year, $299 for 2 years, $399 5 year plan I knew there was a problem! He taught I had walked away and the next thing I knew he was in my Amazon account trying to reload a gift card for $100.00! He kept trying to access my laptop and I uninstalled the access program and contacted Amazon, I than proceeded to call my Office Depot 24 hour program to help me! When I tried to contact you Cooperate, foreigner said no one was available, no supervisor, you just get the run around! You need to look into all the clones that are representing you and stealing from the customers you have promise to protect! I have contacted authorities and won’t rest till I speak to a human representative from Cooperate, meanwhile I will warn unsuspecting consumers that you all can’t protect yourselves let alone the customers!

  • David C. says:

    your customer service does not exist, therefore to anyone with a brain who has the misfortune of working for this band of thieves let me be as clear as I can; ACT AS THOUGH YOU NEVER MET ME, (because you haven’t) an disregard me as a harmless old man who has grown tired from trying to extricate myself from any and all mcafee consumer services. I am uninstalling and deleting any data with this company’s logo from my PC. If you never try to charge me any money or inadvertently contact me with some inane offer to buy a product, I swear I will never contact you people again. I have trouble understanding Brits when they talk so far east, near east or just about anyplace on the planet outside of America really vex me sorely. In so many words, I am not calling anybody, other than some dysfunctioning bureaucrat that is not on the take from mcafee regarding this misfortune, You folks are supposed to be tech savvy so find me if you must to respond. I hate the day I got involved with you assholes
    Have a miserable life suckers

  • Bill Alexander says:

    Dear Mr. Christopher David Young:
    On 11/3/2018 I purchased McAfee Total Protection (Home) for my Mac Computer. I had difficulty in securing the serial number of the program’s download as I was not provided any communication email to that effect even though the download made reference to an accompanying email. I could not load the download without that serial number therefore I called three times and spoke to some one with a very foreign accent that it was difficult or rather impossible to understand. Each time I called on the three business days following my purchase and terminated the call because of my inability to understand the representatives and unfortunately I failed to get their name. In each call I was referred to someone else and in one conversation it was a referral to 3 separate persons or departments all having that same foreign accent so I assume it was a customer service unit based in a foreign country to which I believe is a very unsound business practice as the heavy accent I would define anyone to be able to understand. I know many companies have employed this kind of business practice and I for one wish to tell you how disappointing that is to a customer who is seeking help and unable to get that help and end up with a very disheartening view of your company. You have a fire reputation overall, however I doesn’t apply as far as I am concerned. I must mention that the speed in which the representatives spoke was also unintelligible, in fact I received a voice mail today from one of those representatives and I wish I had some way to transmit the voice mail message to you so you Ould hear first hand, but I am sure that you have had many such complaints in the past which if true would give pause for a customer to feel that you might not care. It would be my recommendation that you try your customer service on for size and just listen to what you get, but you probably don’t have time for such things to find out for yourself. I spent over 35 years in the business of dealing with folks and know how important it is to have a clean and understandable customer service. It is your life’s blood so to speak as far as survivability. By the way I finally figured how to get the serial number without your customer services help but on my own. Do yourself a good measure for your company and present a problem to your customer service department and judge for yourself.
    A Disheartened customer,

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