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Mavis Discount Tire

  • Address: 358 Saw Mill River Rd, Millwood, NY 10546, United States
  • Phone Number: +19146666750 
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 10000+
  • Established: 1949
  • Founder:  
  • Key People: David Sorbaro, Co-CEO

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David Sorbaro


Stephen Sorbaro


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  • Lisa Farrar says:

    I think you have a serious problem with a lack of quality work in the southeast part of the United States.
    #1. I needed routine oil change and tire rotation prior to a trip out of town on 9/1/2022. I have a 2019 Toyota RAV4. I took it to the Toyota dealership. 2 tires were bad enough that they would not rotate without new tires. They did not have them in stock and I was to leave town the next day. Had to find tires and Mavis location was very close by. I went to a parking lot and most everything I read in terms of surveys were ok surveys and they had the size tires I needed so I went there. I bought 4 tires and asked for 4 wheel alignment. During my travel on 9/1 I was on interstate with speeds on 70-75 mph. There was a moderate vibration and right side pull. As soon as I arrived to my destination, I called the Columbus Georgia store where work was done and was instructed to take it to a local store to have tire balancing rechecked. Took to the store in Flowood Mississippi. Tires rebalanced at no charge. But problem is not fixed however there was some improvement. When I returned home 9/5 I contacted the store who originally did the work for me. I asked that they recheck the alignment and balancing. When I arrived the gentleman logging in vehicles let everyone know that they were operation below normal staff level that day and certain work tasks could not be done since there was no trained personnel working for that task but not sure of the things that could not be done. When he was done with the car he reported that the alignment machine was broken and he could not complete the requested work that day. I get it this was the end of a holiday weekend. I wound up taking my car the next day to the Toyota dealership to rebalance tires and recheck alignment, that by the way was not aligned correctly. I will probably wind up buying 2 more tires before it is said and done since Toyota says that the vibration is due to a tires with a slight thickness in one little area of a rear tire. The vibration is intermittent now but probably more noticeable noticeable on less kept roads at 70mph speeds.

    #2. My daughter took her car to and Atlanta store for 2 tires and front brakes and alignment before a scheduled driving trip. During travel the front end made clicking noises over bumps that had not been there before going to Mavis. By the time she returned home, when touching the brakes, the car was pulling to one side. She opted to take it to Honda dealer to get the CV joint checked. The front brakes were missing a clip to hold brakes in place that was causing the clicking noise. Now she has had to miss work time, use Uber transportation to get to and from the Honda dealer and repay for front end alignment.

    #3. My daughter has a friend who also recently had issues after taking her car to Mavis that required towing cost.

    I will not visit a Mavis store again but would like to get a response that lets me know what you plan to correct what seems to be a overall issue with quality workmanship within your stores. If you are serious about keeping customers and doing quality work, these true stories should prompt significant intervention.

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