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  • Phone Number: +19146666750 

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  • Number of Employees: 10000+

  • Established: 1949

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  • Key People: David Sorbaro, Co-CEO

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  • Kirk says:

    Been there 6-7 times now sold me shit tires can’t get rid of shake and wobble manager wants to sell me an upgrade lol how about you just replace the shit tires with something else not money out my pocket I’ve sat there 6 times for 4 hours a rip how much more time and money u expect me to cost myself

  • Dee Billings says:

    My husband went to the location in Mcdonough Ga. Last year in November 2022, for them to put a new alternator in his car. When we picked up the car and got it home it was leaking fluids and making noise. And the front finder was hanging. We took the car back and they said it was the pulley? They charged us over $800. Now almost a year later the car cuts off again battery coming light on. Took the car back and the new manager looked at the car and said it was my battery. I which out my battery at autozone and a week later the battery light back on and car cuts off. Had the car towed for the 2nd back to the shop. This the manager said the alternator that I paid to have put on last year, never was replaced with a new alternator. They put a use alternator on my car. So the manager agreed to put a new alternator on my car and she told me to go exchange my battery. When to autozone snd got a new battery and took it back to the shop for them to put it in with the new alternator. Today my battery light is back on. Went to autozone for them to check the battery and the battery is no good. The technician at Mavis switched my brand new $200 dollar battery out for a cheap $99.00 dollar battery. And the battery they put in my car is not even from autozone.
    These are some very dishonest people and they trick people out of their money. They mess up your cars they over charge you. It’s just really sad that they do people like this

  • Kathy Watts says:

    I went to your Manchester NJ location yesterday & just want you to know that Anthony, Manager, was so helpful in getting several issues fixed on my car. Not only did he address my concerns but found other safety issues & fixed those too. It is hard to find a great Car Repair Shop in this part of NJ, but to find someone very skilled in their field, has the best Customer Service skills & makes sure their Customers leave there in a safe car, is unheard of these days. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • MIKE says:


  • Joseph bula says:

    Hello I visited Mavis tire on September 6 in Florida New York, for an oil change and a tire rotation as my car has wheel locks. I let the technician borrow the tool to take the wheel locks off. Said technician lost the tool so to complete the task at hand which would otherwise be free had to visit a dealership and spend 240 bucks to get the wheel locks off and rotate the tires. I’m hoping Mavis can send me a refund

  • Steve Maguire says:

    We have a building location at 267-Bay Ridge Ave Bklyn NY 11220,12000 SQFT High traffic population 141000

  • Steve Rios says:

    Is it true that we get free balancing for a year after buying 4 tires?

  • Amy Ryan says:

    Mavis is the worst! Damaged my car and refused to pay! Sicklerville NJ location regional manager is nasty and extremely unprofessional. Customer service does nothing. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • Jamin grandy says:

    Don’t go to mavis they are a dishonest company

  • Fehily says:

    Yvette at Mavis in Sewell nj was very helpful and solved our problem! She should get a raise she works very hard !

  • Susan says:

    Will never go back to Mavis again! Very disappointed! Went to store 360 and waited over an hour to get a refund for something they charged me and never did! Still waiting

  • KEN HESTER says:


  • Danny Hillhouse says:

    Worst ever! I would not recommend the Madison, Mississippi, location! Despite requesting assistance for a potential nail in my tire or needing new tires, my car remained in the parking lot for nearly two hours without any progress. This is after they checked me in and said it would only be a few minutes after arrival. The Doctor sitting next to me waited two hours for them to tell him he did not need new tires. The general manager, David, was unwilling to provide his last name and offered a business card without any identification. Only after seeking assistance from an employee was I able to obtain his name. Throughout the interaction, there was a lack of apology or acknowledgment of the inconvenience caused. Consequently, I opted to visit Walmart and spent $700 on a resolution. This experience highlights issues with management at the Madison, Mississippi, location. 7/21/2023

  • My Nguyen says:

    I would never in my life use Mavis again. My son brought his car to Mavis located at 4753 Jonesboro Rd, Union City, GA 30291, for an inspection on his brakes. They said he needed new front brakes and rotors. We got that service done, however, his brakes were still squealing so we brought it back to the shop. The guys at Mavis said oh it’s just brake dust and it will go away. So a few days later, my son called me and told me that his car would not stop and his brakes are just going straight to the floor. I had to get my sons car towed back to the shop. Then they tell me that his rear brakes are gone and needed to be replaced. I asked them why did they not check the front and back braked the first time I brought the car in, because that is what is clearly advertised that they check the front and back brakes. So now, once again, my son was having issues with his car again, and we took it to a different shop, and they said the bolts were not screwed in tight on his brakes. That is unacceptable and that is putting someone’s life in danger. I called to the Mavis shop in Union City, and he didn’t have nothing to say but oh okay. What kind of response is that. I would never recommend Mavis to anyone. I think they upcharge you for a shitty job, which makes you have to bring it back for them to upcharge you again. Mavis should not be in business if no one is being held accountable for their actions. As I’ve stated before, you are playing with people lives, and they seem to just not care.

  • CL says:

    If you value your SAFETY, money and time do not go here for your car services! Between the incompetence, ignorance, unprofessionalism, lack of quality of work and just straight disregard from employees (specifically the manager – Garrett, front desk employees- Juan and James, and technician- Avery), the general manager/ owner needs to restructure and truly let some employees go, as they are a liability to this business!

    I went to this location to purchase 2 Pirelli tires/ get them installed (including a tire alignment) for my Mercedes in which they had to order them and it would take a few days to make it to the store (definitely understandable!). The front desk employees were confused using their own system/portal to find the tires at first but eventually it appeared that they were able to get the tires ordered and scheduled to be shipped to the store. A few days later I received notification that my tires arrived and that I could come to the store to get them installed. I came to the store, waited for about an hour for them to start on my car. However to my surprise they informed me after that hour timeframe of me sitting there that they ordered the wrong tires (even though Juan and James on different occasions went to check the specific type and size of my tires!) They then ordered the correct tire size, never contacted me and when I called and then went up to the store because several days passed they informed me that the correct tire was sent back to the warehouse and that they would have to reorder it. Try #3 the tire finally arrived again and I came back to the store to get it installed. Well they only put one tire on, as the manager Garrett indicated he did not like how the other tire was fitting and asked me to come back the next day, as he would get another tire (same brand, same size, same exact). I came back the next day in which the incompetent technician Avery installed my tire however DID NOT FULLY put the tire around the rim. Well I quickly found this out, as I was driving and my whole tire ripped and causing me to almost have an accident on a major road due to it not being installed correctly, as well as the excess grease the technician used to try to push the tire around the rim. I informed the manager- Garrett who basically said he would talk to the employee-Avery and that this is going to be a “teachable moment” for him. Truly pathetic! Please if you value your safety, money, and overall condition of your care- avoid this place at all costs!

  • Terry says:

    I was charged for a wheel alignment approximately 4 weeks ago. Have not driven much. Got a problem with the car. At the dealer and he says I need a wheel alignment. You guys are cheating theives. We’ll be touch.

  • Joel Feldstein says:

    The Newburgh NY office informs me that Mavis does not participate in General Tire’s manufacturer’s warranty or with any other manufacturer’s warranty. When I contacted General Tire, they directed me to another General Tire dealer who was happy to sell me new tires and participated in the manufacturer’s warranty for my used tires.

  • Ronald Peasley says:

    Never will use Maris, again in my Life time, Ron Peasley and Janet Cordts, you guy’s, can’t fix a car.. Truck, F150 with 6 tries in Florida and Michigan, why… We spent $4500.00 on it and it leaked trans fluid out and still does, not a/c down again too

  • Tony Naturile says:

    I WILL NEVER GO TO MAVIS AGAIN! I went to Mavis to get tires and brakes. They told me that I only needed front tires. You would figure that the so-called professionals would put the same tires on my Silverado. They did not and when I happened to bring my truck into the Chevy dealer they told me that having more aggressive treads on the front than the back could ruin my 4×4. So I went back to Mavis the next Saturday, and told them what I was told, and told them I want the same tires in the back.
    The shift manager told me to have a seat and they will take care of me. after about an hour of waiting, the LIAR told me that they don’t have the tires and they expedited a rush delivery, they will call me when they arrive. About 3:30PM, I called to see what was up with my tires. When I was told that they were not in yet I said “well it looks like my tires aren’t getting done this weekend” and the manager said we are open on Sunday, the manager tomorrow will call you. Yeah right, this coming from the shift manager that hasn’t told the truth since I brought my truck in for tires. Guess what? no friggn phone call Sunday. I stopped at Mavis on Monday and I was giving the fake apology. She, (shift manage with an attitude problem), then made me an appointment for Saturday at 9am. When I got to Mavis at 8:45am there was no appointment. Still keeping my cool, the unprofessional shift manager then made another appointment for 3pm that same day. I was there at 2:45pm, around 4:10pm, now I’m agitated, my truck is still in the parking lot, there is only myself and another person in the store. (mind you, the other person said he was giving a 3pm appointment also. The unprofessional shift manager, then gave me an attitude, would look up at the ceiling when i was talking to her, she even walked away while I was talking, walked through the bays and stood at the bay door to unprofessionally smoke a cigarette, I walked outside and confronted the nasty bitch and gave her a piece of my mind (which I feel was deserving)! I asked another employee for her managers number and he said that he will be in tomorrow. I called the next day and he gave me his boss, Huge Owens number. I called Huge and explained everything that I did here and he said that he will get to the bottom of it. To this day I still haven’t heard from Huge. Why would I think I would hear back, he’s a Mavis employee. Oh and by the way, the unprofessional employee never reset my valve stems and never cleaned my bead as every time I was low on air with my NEW tires, the wrong tire indicator would read low in air. The local garage fixed it for me, charged me for something that I had already paid Mavis to do. I probably will not hear anything back but at least who ever reads this will know to avoid the Brick NJ Mavis Center and maybe every Mavis in the country!!! I will do everything in my power to deter anyone from going to Mavis.
    My name and email is attached to this so if the powers who be want to contact me they can.

    Tony Naturile

  • Lynne Watts says:

    I would like to congratulate your team at Kathleen, Ga. Location. These people have taken care of me and my car for the past 3 years. I am old and my husband died 7 years. I have showed classic cars and mustangs.. He taught me in 1968 when we got married how to change spark plugs but I cannot find them now. My 2017 Ford Escape titanium has not turned 30,000 miles.. The men who where there when I started were good, but you now have the best. Shaquille. She is always there with a smile and a hug. No excuse. All the employees are great..smiling and polite.. It makes an old woman feel good..thank you.and Merry Christmas..LynneWatts. Prices are very resonable

  • Michael N says:

    Mavis ,in Waxhaw , NC does not care about customer service or loyalty
    Been going here 15 years and I was treated like crap today about an oil change with an appointment
    I will honor your policy to not service my vehicle after 15 years of doing so , but your person(red head long beard-Jason/Justin) in that location is terrible and until I know that I won’t have to deal with him , I and my entire family (6 plus vehicles) won’t return. I also will be sharing this on multiple social media platforms and ask my family and friends to also share it. I will not be nasty or make false accusations just truth about how I was treated.

  • Joe says:

    I went to Mavis store on Douglas Blvd in Douglasville, GA on 12/22/22. I needed front brakes on a 2014 F150. I was first told around $550 for pads and rotors which was reasonable. Then informed I needed both calipers replaced. Tech quoted me $1200. I said that seems off. I asked him how much the calipers cost. He said that they were $220 each. He said they were duralast parts. So looked them up on my phone and discovered that auto zone has those calipers list for $140 including the $45 core charge. The tech then got his manager James to come out. I informed him that his parts price was way off. James the manger tried to say that the Mavis computer sets the price. But he could lower the price to $150. Which happens to be what autozone charges for them. Making $140 difference in estimate. Since my truck was already there I had them to do the work for the new price. When I picked my truck up I told James the manager that inflating the cost of parts were very unfair to customers. He tried to say that autozone charges shops more than DIY customers. Which we both knew was a lie. I knew the cost of labor charges and shops fees are understood but to inflate parts cost by $140 is unfair. This is the reason people don’t trust your shops like this

  • jeff cramer says:

    the store in camillus ny is run by a bunch of retards.I went in for a appt.I went accross the stret to waist a hour while they changed my tires.Got a call after about 40 mints sayn they ordered the wrong tires.That was a month ago-havent heard back from them yet ????

  • Gayla Bean says:

    Arlington Heights store is run by a moron. Was suppose to get a refund instead I got charged for the refund I was suppose to get. My car was stuck inside the garage for 5 hours and store has no heat. I almost lost my job because they couldn’t get the broken door fixed. I will never do business with this company again.

  • Jay says:

    Mavis store Northport Al.
    Still hoping for a good experience. Dread doing business with them because it’s something every time.

    1st visit- Turned me away to just plug a tire in my trunk because it was 30 til closing time. Told me to feel free to use the air hose out front.
    2nd visit – I wanted 4 tires that were on sale, but these tires and many others on sale were not in stock. Felt like the classic bait and switch.
    3rd visit 12-21-22- Went to have my tires rotated, but was told by the two men at the registers that no mechanics have showed up. No apologies or since of care.

    Hopes the feedback helps.

  • Stephan Gizzo says:

    on dec 8 2022, i went to the store in Rome Ny to have a tire and rim replaced. i provided a new rim and the store provided tire, mounting, balancing, new tp sensor with programming for $320. since then the tpms is giving me a sensor malfunction message. manager checked the tire pressure sensors and said all were fine. i attempted to reset the system 2 and got the same message. afterwords i returned to the store and he said to go to a ford dealer. this is bullcrapp..

  • Dana Smith says:

    I visited the Mavis tire on Mt. Hope avenue in Rochester, NY on 5/29/2022 to have my loose muffler fixed. I was told the muffler mount was rusted and they couldn’t fix it. About 20 minutes later I was contacted by the Mavis employee that the head mechanic was there and he could fix it. 4 months later the muffler came apart. I went back there for them to fix it and they seemingly did nothing to fix it. Meanwhile I had a balance of $200 left with Flexshopper of a whopping $900 bill for this “repair”. I paid $700 so far and I had to have another mechanic fasten my muffler up in order to drive my car without my muffler dragging on the ground!! Terrible workmanship and experience! I am now looking into legal representation to get it fixed by Mavis because I have spent $700 on this faulty repair!!

  • Mary Nzeribe says:

    Purchased 3 new tires in January 2022, and it was rotten by December.

  • Tim Owen says:

    Went to the rome ny 13440 for a nys inspection failed me for a little rust on rotors gave me a quote for 700.00 to replace them so left and had them replaced for 325.00 went back waited 1.5 hours for them to put a sticker on and didn’t scrape old sticker off all the way. I would like you to see what it looks like please send me a link to email a pic

  • Grace Williams says:

    I purchased a full set of tires from my local Mavis Discount Tire store on Friday 7/8/2022. Total cost of tires, balancing, tpms service, wheel alignment, warranty and oil change was $1000.39
    After picking my car up and coming home I noticed a bend in one of my alloy wheels. After further inspecting the 3 other wheels, I found numerous other scuffs and marks that appear to be from the wheels being laid directly on their faces with no protective barrier being placed to prevent damage to the wheels. I immediately returned to the store with my vehicle and asked the manager to step outside to document the damages. While speaking with him a technician from the garage area came to my vehicle and immediately began denying any responsibility for said damages with a raised voiced and hostile body language. He specifically denied being responsible for the bent wheel even though I had not expressed this concern with him at all – the only person that I had discussed this with was the manager. I told the manager that his employee was completely out of line and unprofessional. The manager took photos on his personal device of all 4 of my wheels and told me he would file a claim and get back to me and I left the store. The very next day on Saturday 7/9/22 the tpms indicator came on and I immediately called my local store to report that to the manager and I called Mavis corporate and left messages with the weekend answering service for someone to call me back. Since I was scheduled to go out of state on vacation the next day on Sunday 7/10/22 I had no choice but to rent a vehicle after just spending $1000 on new tires. I spent the next week while on vacation having conversations with a regional manager for Mavis. Since he was located in SC, I gave him the location of the dealership that my vehicle was at while I was out of town so that he could inspect the damages himself. Upon returning from that trip, I have gotten no resolution from Mavis, only a series of “I will call you back” responses from the local GM and regional director. Fast forward to Saturday 12/3/22 – I am driving on the highway when the tire on the bent wheel goes flat. I am riding on my emergency spare and the flat tire sits in my trunk while I still continue to get “I will call you back” from the local store AND the regional director Lee Frucci.

  • Daniel Williams says:

    Took my car to your shop in July of this year to get 4 new tires an alignment and an oil change. Spent a total of 1000.39 dollars,I dropped the car off and came back about a couple hours later and picked it up I looked over the car and noticed my wheels were scuffed and looked like they had been mishandled…. Scuff marks and a bent rim is what I showed the management that day and until this day in December I’m still trying to get this situation handled…. My tire sensor on my car came on shortly after we left the shop so I called upper management to see if I could speak with someone because we were headed on vacation… I spoke with Lee Frucci about the issue, I was very honest with Lee about the issue and even sent him pictures and kept close contact with him until he just all of a sudden stopped answering my calls.
    Had a n horrible experience at your Lenoir Nc Mavis tire shop and Lee Frucci your Regional Director knows all about and even said he would correct it and get it handled but after he told me he would call me back so I could take it to another mavis location I haven’t heard from him and he no longer answers his phone…. Please I need someone from corporate to contact me about this…. What’s unfortunate abt this situation is that I had to pay 1000.39 dollars for a service that not only damaged my rims but put me and my family in an unsafe situation…. I kindly reached out to you because I felt like a higher up needed to know how these guys were running the mavis business down here and to see if there was any way I could get help for a situation that I didn’t cause,I screen shot Lee Frucci pics and even gave you guys a chance to inspect my rims, I never asked for a refund just for you guys to right the wrong that had been done to me and now im having to go out of my way too correct something that I had no part in doing… THIS IS BAD BUSINESS!!! and DISHONESTY on your part to even mislead me to think that you would take care of a paying costumer…. I have every pic I’ve sent Lee Frucci every phone conversation we had has been recorded of him telling me mavis would take care of this…..

  • Lynn Jackson says:

    Mavis Tire and Brakes Denham Springs, LA
    I have a rental from Enterprise which is located next door. I was told by Enterprise to take the car to Mavis for maintenance due to the extended time of rental. The lady told me that I needed the brakes done and I needed to bring it back. I brought it back and then she says she needed to get an approval. I made an appointment to return the next day with the car, another lady tells me she didn’t see the appointment and they have to get an approval. Still visited twice and no service. This place is awful. Workers are incompetent. They don’t follow through. The lady didn’t put information in the computer. Just awful.

  • William DeOrdio says:

    I’am a very dissatisfied costumer. I had an appt for an oil change at your east norriton, pa location yesterday December 1. Was there for nearly 2 hours.Worst place in the world. All the help just talks and screws around instead of working. Plus the floor mat inside my truck is all black marks from the service guy. I think I deserve some compensation for this.

  • Gary Roberson says:

    I bought 4 new Michelin tires for a 2017 ram pick up I was promised rotate and balance for the life of the tire at the Yulee Florida store. I have also had a front in alignment and have my tires rotated every other oil change. I went to get tires, balanced and rotated before a big vacation trip with the store. Being under a new manager they told me there would be a charge for balance I explained being told Balance and rotate for life of tire, he said that manager no longer works there. My question is the Yulee neighbor store are they gonna honor the rotate and balance policy.??
    Gary Roberson

  • David Femia says:

    Slow service
    Will never come back
    2 hours oil change and tires rotated

  • David Femia says:

    Wow is service slow . I had a appointment. . Almost 2 hours for oil change and tires rotated

  • Marisa Lau says:

    Based upon the comments I have read below; am I contacting the Better Business Bureau

  • Marisa says:

    Hey Mavis. I gave a 1 star review of one of your facilities a couple of days ago, and then talked to customer service a few days later and they seemed sympathetic to the situation. However, the more i look through the star ratings and reviews on Google, it appears others have complained 6, 9, 12 months ago, and somehow the issues customers are complaining about keep ocurring. It became clear to me that while you intend to show understanding and will to change; you clearly haven’t and don’t want to. I’m hope that business model works out for you.

  • keith milbrand says:

    i had a bad experience Saturday ,i dropped my truck of to have 2 new tires installed on the front of my truck as mine were pretty warn ,when the job was done and i went to get in the seat was so far forward i couldn’t get in then i turned the car on and the radio was on full blast , then i noticed i was missing a lot of fuel that i just purchased moments earlier. i asked the manager if my truck was used to go pick up tires and such from other locatiions and he said YES . since when is using customers cars for company use without the owners permission a correct or common practice?. i am very upset at this as i dont even let my kids drive my truck much less strangers.please help me understand this practice before i call my lawyer and the authorities.

  • robert says:

    i purchased 4 new tires at the mavis in franklin square new york this year , this sun day 11/13/22 i went there because i got a nail in my rear passenger tire , they told me it could not be repaired because they are run flat tires and said i needed to purchase a new tire for $350!!!! which they didnt even have in stock , the clerk at the counter didn’t even want to look at my tire because the nail was so small, anyway i went to another mavis down the street and they repaired with no problem!!!! for $42 dollars …. i will say i,m so dissapointed in the mavis in franklin square , was truly a bad experience after i use them a few times , seems they want only to replace tires instead of plugging a tiny nail , i spent $1300 on replacing all 4 tires with them , they lost my buisness for good

  • Kevin brown says:

    I would like to be contacted about a horrible experience I had at your shrewsbury mass location. To much to explain and want my correct tires and a refund. 617.640.7010

  • Amy says:

    On October 8, 2022, I brough my teenage sons Jeep Patriot to Mavis 1906 Route 35, Wall, NJ. At this time, I explained to the service Desk that at higher speeds the steering wheel is shaking. We asked them to look at the car and to please call us with the issue. They called and had a list of things needed to fix the car. The total was $2019. We were shocked and asked if they felt that was all necessary and would fix the problem. They said YES, we figured Mavis is known for brakes and tire and they must know what they are doing. We said yes and we said OK go ahead with repairs. The repairs were 4 new tires (needed), wheel alignment, brake pads front and back, calipers and some miscellaneous charges stated on the bill.

    We picked up the car and for a few days seemed ok. My husband and son were driving together, and the car started to shake and then smoke coming from the tires where breaks are. We called Mavis and the blamed it on faulty parts and said they would redo the entire job. My husband emphasized the calipers also. The technician said yes, the entire job. So, they call and say car is ready, they tell us they replaced EVERYHING. Now my son is alone and driving home from school on the parkway and the car starts to make a loud noise, shakes, and now is smoking a lot. Same issues. Now we are both at work and he is stranded for 2 hours until we can get to him. Unacceptable and shame on the technicians for not being thorough. He could have been hurt or hurt someone else driving on the Parkway. So, we take car back to Mavis and they say that they fixed the car, but that the real problem is we need a master break cylinder. I am so disturbed by this experience. So 2gs and the real issue was not even fixed? This is fraud. I have contacted The Better Business Bureau and if I do not get some sort of recognition to this email, I will blast this story everywhere possible. This is unacceptable and dangerous. Mavis is everywhere. People like me go there for the reputation and we as the customer expect you to guide us and help us. Do you want your child driving around in an unsafe vehicle because of incompetency? I don’t think so. I would like my money back from Mavis, so I can take the car to someone else and get it fixed the right way.

    Amy Brennan

  • Debra Pignotti says:


  • Steve says:

    Hi this is Steve I went to the 440 jersey city Mavis supposed to had a run on tire for my BMW mavis put the wrong tire on and they try to scam me. They didn’t fullfill the warranty I got from them I shouldn’t have had to pay any money but I did.

  • Shalon Drayton says:

    August 2022 I paid over 800 dollars for and tune up and here November 2022 I need a tune up again so I had to go Firestone showed me where Mavis didn’t change my spark plugs so I am very angry because I had to get another shop to correct YALL problem. I need some of my money back on we going to court

  • Shareef says:

    It’s been 3 weeks my 1999 dodge ram van is in the shop. I originally had my brakes checked due to a pulsating feeling, before traveling out of town. I guy suggested front brake service, bearing kit, and seals, rotors needs to be replaced. I went ahead and had it done. In 1 day it was ready. Just recently I heard a popping sound in the passenger front side. It turns out the bearing failed that was installed. It’s under warranty but it’s been sitting in your shop for 3 weeks. All I hear from the representative is they are trying to find a part for it. Really? Very unprofessional. They don’t call you to give you updates. Rescheduled my family trip from this week. Need action on this from headquarters.

  • troy Pettus says:

    Hello I am a repeat customer and I recently bought four new tires (Mavis All Season Highway Touring, size 215/55ZR17 XL tires you purchased from Mavis Tires & Brakes, Henry Crossing, on September 17, 2022). This wasn’t the first time I bought tires from this location and had a pleasant service with the first service, but the second service proved to be problematic. I brought the car up to the place because the rear passenger tire had gone flat and the spare was on in place of the regular tire. Once they finally finished the job the spare was not replaced in the car properly (no big deal). Then I noticed one of the valve stem caps was missing I asked and they immediately gave me another (no big deal). After a few days went by and I went to wash the car I noticed on the rear passenger tire the cosmetic design logo was missing some what of a deal. So, when the time was right I made plans to head back to the tire place to see about my missing tire logo, but then as I looked at the tire again something else was missing (BIG DEAL). Apparently one of my lug nuts was also gone off the same wheel. I drive Uber all over the city and this was something of importance. So, now I could over look this and went back to the place and asked about my tire logo, which they said they one. But it wasn’t the same color so they would have to order me one. I then pointed out that the tire was also missing a lug nut. What the attendant told me that as long as I had 4 out of 5 lug nuts on it should be safe and that the fifth one was more for cosmetic purposes. He took my number and said they had no lug nuts on hand, but they would order me another along with a logo. Now I’ve never heard lug nuts as a cosmetic design, nor could I understand that if tightening up lug nuts in star formation how could you miss one? So, they let me leave no logo no lug nut. For my own well being I went out ad bought a lug nut set and replaced the missing one and I proceeded to check the tightness of all the lug nuts on the whole car. Troy Pettus Uber driver

  • Maria Shadle says:

    I went to Mavis in Thorndale because I was moving from PA to Dallas they installed 3 new tires and check everything for that long trip. I arrived by miracle. My car was damage, 3 of the lug nuts where missing and the wheel was nearly broken off. I have witness and photos. I have been calling the shop in Thorndale PA, Mason who is supposed the manager is just lying to me and he told me that he spoke with his District manager and they were going to give me a refund. He gave me this phone number to sent pictures for the bill for the repair that I did here in Dallas. The phone number that he gave me is 610-298-5113. The phone number for the store is 484-206-8604. I hope that I received an answer regarding these mistakes and negligence of these employees.

  • Pamela Steen says:

    I’m looking for someone to help me from the corporate office. I visited the Jackson, MS shop to purchase tires. I was advised into getting new struts, shocks, and front end alignment. I spent/financed a lot to get all this work done. My truck went in quiet and came out making the loudest “klunk” noises. Driving, turning, bumps, my truck sounds like the bottom is about to fall out. I am so hurt and disappointed. I don’t even want me to ride with me. My truck has literally turned into a piece of junk, b/c of how it sounds.

    I took it back to the shop, they did nothing and told me the guy who did the work no longer works there…however, I took my truck to Mavis not the technician who does not own the shop.

    I’m requesting that I be allowed to visit another shop in my hometown and have them fix the issue. It’s not all the tires, it sounds like the from mostly driver side. I need it taken off and put back on, the parts are new, this JUST happened. They can put my old parts back on, at least it drove smoothly and was not noisy.

    Will someone please contact me and help me resolve the issue? Thank you for your time.

  • Tim Lindgren says:

    I brought my car into your location on Montgomery Cross in SAV at 8:30 this morning (10-5). Quoted time was 2 hours. Called at 12:10. Quoted time 1 hour. It’s now 3pm and work has not been completed!! 4 tires + balance and alignment @ close to 1K. Still waiting Unacceptable. Tim Lindgren. 404-202-0441. Tl@lgroupltd.com

  • Charles baier says:

    I drive a Nissan nv 2500 that is a Enterprise fleet mng vehicle I stopped in at your Rincon ga, Mavis and was absolutely denied service the extremely rude girl behind the counter absolutely refused stating my vehicle would fit in the bay’s….!?!? So I drove to the Mavis on ogeechee Rd ga ma is it took them 2hrs to get approval from Enterprise and then I sat for another 3hrs waiting for a tire repair and oil change in total I was at Mavis for 6hrs never again!!! Thanks for the loss revenue I really appreciate it!!

  • Melinda Beauchamp & Olivia Sheaff says:

    Please provide me the email addresses for the corporate officers and complaint resolution so I can send all of my documentation and request for reimbursement for the faulty work that was performed on my daughters Mazda CX5 in August 2021 She had returned to your Albany Central Avenue location complaining of issues with her brakes and noises May 2023 and on both occasions was advised there was no issue. I called the customer complaint phone and opened a ticket and was advised your regional manager, Corey, would call me back. Corey called and advised he could do nothing unless she brought the car back into the shop. That is unacceptable solution. She already gave them multiple opportunities to address and remedy the problem and was ignored. We had an independent mechanic look at the car which need all new brakes and rotors and he gave us the parts back. I will provide pictures and receipts. This negligence put my daughter and my two grandchildren in harm’s way. My family uses Mavis for most of our auto repairs, oil changes down on Long Island and upstate. I am at a loss why this happened but I have zero confidence in this location competence. Please provide me with an email address to send the documentation. We are requesting reimbursement for the faulty work that was performed. Ultimately, we should be requesting time and money that was wasted and put my family in a very dangerous situation. Please respond to my inquiry immediately

  • Pam Ledbetter says:

    Takes entirely too long even after an appointment, waiting more than three hours for one tire and all they want to give you are excuses. It was an emergency so had no choice but to wait.

  • Timer Whittingham says:

    I’ll preface my comment by saying I have used Mavis many times in the past several years. Oil Changes, Vehicle Inspections, New Tires, a Battery. Until this morning I have been very satisfied and have been treated cordially. This morning I called the Auburn, NY location and asked if I might be able to get an oil change and tire rotation today. I was told to bring my truck in at 11:30. I thanked them in advance for the prompt appointment. At 11:30 I approached the service desk. The manager, Mark, didn’t acknowledge my presence for several minutes as he was finishing up some paper work. He asked what I needed and I said an oil change and tire rotation and gave him my name. After several seconds he asked if I had a appointment. I said yes. He then asked ” who did you speak to”. I said I don’t know. 40 minutes later no activity on my truck. When I inquired as to when the truck would be ready he replied “after that man’s truck is done”. Will I be out of here by 1? He said probably not. I indicated I needed to be somewhere else at 1 and he asked if I could come back after 1. I requested my keys and left.

  • Ron Greer says:

    I just want to start by saying that I will never shop at a Mavis Tires Store again or will I never recommend it to friends or family members. I purchased almost a 1,000 dollars in two tires for my car and it was very nice as the technician performed the service in a fast way, the problem happened after the tires were installed, it was recommended that the torque be rechecked after 25 miles. I took the car to the store after the 25 miles and the technician could not find the lug nut lock. When asked about it the manager said he fired the tech that did the tire exchange and they could not find the tool, he did say he would order one, I waited a week and went back and he did not have the tool but said it was ordered. I waited another four days and returned but no tool then another member of his staff said he would order one but he needed the vehicle vin number after another four days I returned and spoke with the manager and ask him what was going on, he said it was ordered but the other member needed the vin number to order one, he got very upset and said I was accusing him of lying and he was not going to get anything for me. I called the Mavis home office and told the story to the person and was told the reginal manager would call me, well that never happened. I went to the dealership and had the problem corrected and will never but anything from Mavis Tire Shop again.

  • Lisa Farrar says:

    I think you have a serious problem with a lack of quality work in the southeast part of the United States.
    #1. I needed routine oil change and tire rotation prior to a trip out of town on 9/1/2022. I have a 2019 Toyota RAV4. I took it to the Toyota dealership. 2 tires were bad enough that they would not rotate without new tires. They did not have them in stock and I was to leave town the next day. Had to find tires and Mavis location was very close by. I went to a parking lot and most everything I read in terms of surveys were ok surveys and they had the size tires I needed so I went there. I bought 4 tires and asked for 4 wheel alignment. During my travel on 9/1 I was on interstate with speeds on 70-75 mph. There was a moderate vibration and right side pull. As soon as I arrived to my destination, I called the Columbus Georgia store where work was done and was instructed to take it to a local store to have tire balancing rechecked. Took to the store in Flowood Mississippi. Tires rebalanced at no charge. But problem is not fixed however there was some improvement. When I returned home 9/5 I contacted the store who originally did the work for me. I asked that they recheck the alignment and balancing. When I arrived the gentleman logging in vehicles let everyone know that they were operation below normal staff level that day and certain work tasks could not be done since there was no trained personnel working for that task but not sure of the things that could not be done. When he was done with the car he reported that the alignment machine was broken and he could not complete the requested work that day. I get it this was the end of a holiday weekend. I wound up taking my car the next day to the Toyota dealership to rebalance tires and recheck alignment, that by the way was not aligned correctly. I will probably wind up buying 2 more tires before it is said and done since Toyota says that the vibration is due to a tires with a slight thickness in one little area of a rear tire. The vibration is intermittent now but probably more noticeable noticeable on less kept roads at 70mph speeds.

    #2. My daughter took her car to and Atlanta store for 2 tires and front brakes and alignment before a scheduled driving trip. During travel the front end made clicking noises over bumps that had not been there before going to Mavis. By the time she returned home, when touching the brakes, the car was pulling to one side. She opted to take it to Honda dealer to get the CV joint checked. The front brakes were missing a clip to hold brakes in place that was causing the clicking noise. Now she has had to miss work time, use Uber transportation to get to and from the Honda dealer and repay for front end alignment.

    #3. My daughter has a friend who also recently had issues after taking her car to Mavis that required towing cost.

    I will not visit a Mavis store again but would like to get a response that lets me know what you plan to correct what seems to be a overall issue with quality workmanship within your stores. If you are serious about keeping customers and doing quality work, these true stories should prompt significant intervention.

    • Jennifer Weber says:

      I hear you. Same hear. No problems before four new tires and after accusing me that I hit something. My last time here as I wait to get my car in hopefully even less damage than when I first left it

    • marie says:

      I am also having problems with Mavis. Had to go back 3 times to fix same part and car parts were not put back and secured causing a serious car accident on the road.

    • JEN says:


  • Fred A says:

    Can a statement be added to your website stating that most sites may only have one person performing state inspections, so please call (especially if setting online appointment).

    I have tried a few times to set an appointment to have a state inspection done on different days and drive in to find that the person performing inspections called out sick, etc..

    Every site that I have ever gone to has done good work, and resolving this issue will make your stores run more efficiently.

    Many thanks,
    “Loyal Customer”

  • Valued customer says:

    Store 42 in Yonkers needs to shake up and get rid of anyone who works the front desk immediately especially Jason, who told me is gonna keep eating his hash browns while I’m stressing the fact that if not for the torquing of the wheels Giuseppe would have sent me on the road and my left rear tire would have flew off. The store will be facing a law suit from an injured customers that had their car worked on there. They are charging for services and not doing them, from balancing tires, wheel alignments and simply not tightening the lugs on a car properly.

  • Lisa Regalbuto (daughter Alicia Rodriguez) says:

    Wanted to follow up on an issue I had on Sunday Sept. 4th
    Called headquarters (reference # 764340) waited for a call from District Manager on Tuesday Sept. 6
    Of course never received a call. Just wonder how much do people really care. Sad but will never ever use Mavis again

  • Lisa Gentner says:

    I had two tires Allignment and balancing done at one of your stores in phila and have had nothing but problems with my car shaking all over the road and cannot seem to get the problem resolved by anyone in your company. Nobody will get back to me on this matter

  • Jaclyn Randazzo says:

    I went to the Long Beach New York branch for an inspection on august 26 at 8am. I was told my Honda Civic 2019 needed all 4 tires and rear brakes and rotors for a cost of 1300.00 I declined the service and took it to the Honda dealer I brought it from and it passed requiring no work. I am angry that as a substitute teacher making 17000.00 a year Richie the mechanic was claiming my car needed that much work. I will never use mavis tires again and I will make sure I let everyone I know what happened to me

  • Joey Fry says:

    1st visit–Girlfriend carried her car to Mavis Tire in Brunswick, Ga. for what I thought needed a frontend alignment (slight vibration). They told her she need new struts, new front tires (tires might I add were bought from Mavis back at the first part of this year) and other parts. They told her it would be $800.00 for all the repairs. Had to leave it over night and got there late the next day to pick it up and they were just finishing it up and the bill was $922.00. The car drove worse than what it did when she carried it.

    2nd visit–brought the car back first thing in the morning. They had it all day and said they couldn’t figure it out had to bring it back when the manager who was there when it was worked on.

    3rd visit–carried it back and they had it all day again, they made some minor repairs right at closing time and said they did not have a chance to drive it. Told her to take it and see how it drove. Still worse than what it was when we carried it on the 1st visit.

    4th visit–It has now been there on this visit now going on day 3. Replaced struts with OEM parts and it is still not repaired. My girlfriend cleans condo’s for a living and needs her car. Going to have to rent her one.

    I have reach out to corporate and talked with a young lady that was trying to put me through to the regional manager with no success. She took my name and number a told me someone would call me. My name is Joey Fry and my number is 912-222-1899. My next post will be on social media.

    My girlfriend has lost two of her clients over this. I had never carried my vehicle to a shop and gotten it back in worst shape than what it was when I carried it.

  • >