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George G. Goldfarb

Chief Executive Officer and President

Brian Thun

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

David R. Jaffe

Chief Executive of Ascena Retail Group and President of Ascena Retail Group

Mike Herrick

Senior Vice President of Planning and Allocation

Jeff Holmes

Senior Vice President of Real Estate & Construction

Neil McPhail

Senior Vice President of Stores

Allison M. Wing

Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Digital Commerce

About Maurices, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1931. The company has been currently active for more than 88 years now. The founder of this company is E. Maurice Labovitz. The main aim of the company was to sell a variety of women’s clothing and accessories. In 2005, the company was taken over by Ascena Retail Group. In the latter half of 2011, the company partnered with the celebrity designer Christopher Straub. In the same year, the company was popularly known as one of the Top 10 Best Employers in retail by the company Forbes. Headquarters: 425 West Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802, United States.

Maurices is an American company which mainly focuses on providing the best women’s clothing and accessories to its customers. The company has more than 3800 employees working under it. The company offers its services in the areas of Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico. The company has George G. Goldfarb as its current CEO & President.

Maurice provides its services on a wide range of women’s clothing and accessories which include clothing, jewellery and footwear.     

  • Kim Eisenschenk says:

    I was disappointed I didn’t get that free lunch tote today when I spent over $75.00. It was an on line order because I was at the store today they didn’t have my size. So I ordered 2 of them at them store when I was there. They said it was in store purchase only. I spent the quota that you needed.

  • Diana says:

    Hello I am a customer of Maurice’s my whole wardrobe is only Maurice’s. I am very sad and disappointed my Maurice’s near me is closing today someone bought them out.
    There is no other Maurice’s near me at all. Ans to order is very hard I would be sending many things back. The Maurice’s was at Fairview shopping center in Ohio. We need u back so bad I literally do not buy clothes any where else. Please open a new one very soon. I live in westpark Cleveland area. Would love to have another open again in Fairview please. Please.
    Maurice’s clothes fir so right I have a hard time buying anywhere else. 68 year old here and Maurice’s styles are thw styles u prefer. Please

  • Ashtyn says:

    I stopped into Maryville Mo, Maurice’s on Saturday 11/7/2022. There were two workers at the register, busy with two lines of customers. There was one employee on the floor, I knew she was an employee because she was putting a handful of clothes away in their designated spot. We were not greeted by this employee, we did not get a verbal sales pitch of the sales that day. We were ignored and then all of a sudden this employee was no where to be found. We were later checked on to make sure we were finding everything ok, by Christina, was her name, after she was done assisting the customers at the register. I thanked Christina for the information and I then asked her who the girl was that ignored us and she stated her name was Addie. I then vocalized that I felt, Addie made us feel like we were a burden to be in the store that day. Christina reassured us that we were not and helped tremendously. My friend did buy an abundance if items with Christina’s help but I unfortunately, just was not interested in buying anything due to the negative encounter when we first entered the store.

  • Donna L Westerveld says:

    I have place the same order 4 times now and it keeps saying there is a problem with placing the order ive called the billing dept and they say my card is fine and no problem with it. Noone seems to be able to fix the problem. I already lost one of the items because it sold out. Now talking to them they are going to send to another dept and they are not placing my order. Im pto the point of canceling my card because you people don’t care. 6128404098

  • Not saying says:

    I have a lot to say today about one of your store managers at kirkwood mall store in Bismarck, ND. I have never been so appalled by the way she treated one of her associates today. This girl is one of the best this store has ever had. She is the only one that I will go to. She was treated so badly today by her manager Reem. Reem was so hard on her, she made her cry and quit her job. I am a manager and this is not the way you treat your people. I know for certain I will never go back to your store again as long as that women is a manager there. I will cancel my credit card and make sure my large family and their families never go back. I am also very handy with the social media which I will also use. This manager is one of the worst I have ever had the displeasure to witness! Shame on her for using her leverage to hurt people because she is “her boss”. VERY DISAPPOINTED FORMER CUSTOMER

  • Shauna says:

    I have had the biggest issues with the Maurices credit card Comenity. All I have been wanting to do since January (when I switched jobs) is change my payment date from the 28th to the 5th of every month because I get paid at the beginning of every month now to avoid getting late fees (which they refuse to help with those too). I spoke with someone last month on the 11th of April and she told me she would change the date for me. To my surprise when I went to make my payment today it hadn’t been changed. When I called them at 1-866-248-4488 a supervisor told me that they no longer change payment dates. I have never heard that before. Why wouldn’t you accommodate your customers by doing this for them? I have other credit cards and have never had an issue! Makes me feel like making money on late fees is more important than keeping your customers. I plan on paying everything I owe on the card and never using it again! I am strongly thinking about never shopping there again and that really makes me sad because it’s my favorite store. I just really wanted to make this known to you guys this is how your credit card company treats your customers!

  • Nichol Bogan says:

    I have an order @ the Clarksville, IN store and the store has not been open for weeks. I go to the store and there is a sign on the door saying if you need to pick up an order call this number. Call the number no answer, call the order department explain to them they call the store no answer. Keep telling them the store is not open, oh but they have my order. Now it is time for me to pay my card and no merchandise. No merchandise store not open and they can resend it to another store or my home as I will be charged again for the item. SO WHAT DO I DO.

  • Lori A Scruggs says:

    Please advise how I can get my pay stubs from the Decatur Alabama store that I worked in from January 2021 until May, 2021. This is an urgent matter. Thanks

  • Mary Castillo says:

    I was trying to purchase a sweater from your cozy collection today but it was not available online or in the store. The woman I talked to at the store said that you (Maurices) were late getting your products both to the stores and online and that I should call back every day until my item is available. First of all telling me that I had to call every day was rude, and secondly it felt like she was telling me to do a Maurices’ employee’s job cause someone at Maurices messed up and now it is my job to fix it.

    His beloved,
    Mary Castillo

  • Nicole Arlene Bowling says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you guys were going to be making more of your Sienna multi stripe slip on sneaker shoe, you see I had a pair of them, but I only got to wear them one time due to the glue and string starting to come out of them, I didn’t get to return them for a new pair because I already had worn them once, I was also wondering if you guys were going to be making them in more colors, these shoes are definitely a hit, and so many people absolutely love them. Thankyou for your time,
    Nicole Bowling

  • Donatella Baglo says:

    The Maurice’s store in Cambridge, Minnesota; Is it your policy that this store opens packages that are shipped to this store. When I go in to pick up my items the sales associates always open my packages! I go to the Blaine, Minnesota location off of Pheasant Ridge and they do not. I personally don’t line it and would like to see this stopped.

    Thank you.

  • Used to be loyal customer says:

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you sneak interest charges in on people who pay off their balances every month! You are dishonest and greedy! If you need to raise your prices fine. Do it outright instead! I’m done with your credit card. The extra 10 percent is taken away with your sneaky hidden fees.

  • PS says:

    I think it simply ridiculous that you are not offering free returns by mail at this time. The stores are not open and no one has any idea when they open again. If you can offer free shipping on orders, you should be able to offer free shipping on returns. American Eagle and Old Navy both have free returns by mail, as well as many other retailers. The best you can do is offer “10.00 rewards”. Does not make up for it, when you have to spend additional money to use that.

  • Dee Vos says:

    I have sent two requests into you about merchandise I did not receive. I have not had anyone from Maurices get in touch with me. I would like this taken care of!

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