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  • Address: 3434 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States

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  • Fax Number: 405-951-1265

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 500+

  • Established: 1955

  • Founder: brothers Bill and Larry

  • Key People: Bill Mathis (President)

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The company was founded in the year 1955. The company has been currently active for more than 64 years now. The founders of this company are the two brothers, Bill Mathis and Larry Mathis. The main aim of the company was to sell a variety of furniture to its customers. In the year 2005, the company sold accessories, furniture and bedding worth of around $287 million as compared to $269 million in its previous year. The company now offers facilities for buying their furniture online. Headquarters: 3434 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States.

Mathis Brothers is an American company which mainly focuses on providing the best furniture to its customers and clients. The company has more than 500 employees working under it. The company has Bill Mathis as its current President.

Mathis Brothers provides its services on a wide range of furnitures which include sofas, chairs, recliners, ottomans, tables, beds, dresser, armoires, chests, nightstands, dining room sets, China cabinets, mirrors, desks, mattresses, benches, swings, umbrellas, rugs, fire pits, theater seating, entertainment centres, TV stands, bookcases, lamps and many other furnitures as well.

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  • Trish Smythe says:

    I paid full price for a couch along with the warranty.After 6 months the lift on the recliner started to lean to the left. Every day got worse. Called Mathis Brothers…Repair truck sent out and result was there was no leg
    on bottom of the couch in the middle. Repair person put on a leg but the leg was to tall and the couch now went up or down depending on which end I sat on. The upholstery started balling up and they said they could shave it down. The “legal label” was not there except where the edges had been ripped off. Also a nail file dropped out of the back of couch when we turned it over. I do not use a nail file. I believe I received a returned/used coach. I have called every day for 2 weeks and have been put on hold with no one coming to the phone. Shame on you Mr. Mathis

  • Antonio Townsend says:

    Brought some furniture September 9th at the outlet store spent over $5,000 on bedroom furniture frame that wouldn’t fit the headboard same day I’ll go back to the store they said the driver took a picture of the bed he took a picture of the room he didn’t put a description in that the part wouldn’t fit so I took a picture of it on my app called timestamp and showed it to Laura the manager she said she called somebody going to call you the next day I waited 48 hours no response so I went back out there Thursday still everybody hunting their shoulder like they don’t know what’s going on I just had surgery the amputated my left foot can I walk around trying to get some help do I need to call in your corner Channel 4

  • Cynthia Wagner says:

    Very Dissatisfied no one returns my call on product that I purchased. Store keeps saying we can’t return, sales person said I had 30 days to return. If a person is dissatisfied with merchandise they should be able to return. Very sneaky they don’t disclose all the fine print or point it out they sneak it in in a email or take you to cashier and say you need to sign here, and here etc. Still waiting for corporate to call me😡

  • Chang Shu says:

    Worst customer service ever! On June 18th, I bought two beds and the mattresses and bed boxes needed for the two beds in Irvine store. Because the color of the bed I wanted was not in stock, special customization was needed, so I paid the deposit and went home to wait for the goods to arrive that day. On July 8, I received a phone call from the sales staff telling me that all the goods ordered had arrived and I was asked to pay the remaining payment in the store. So on the same day, I went to the store to pay the remaining payment and agreed to deliver the goods on July 11. On the morning of the 11th delivery day, I received another phone call from the sales staff informing me that one bed was found damaged before delivery, so I could only send one bed and some parts of another damaged bed, and re-order the rest to me, and the goods would arrive in two or three weeks, so I started waiting again. Until August 7, the day before yesterday, there was no news for almost a month, so I contacted the salesman who sold me the bed, but he did not reply to me for two consecutive days, so I went to the store to find him, and when I met him, he said that he did not know where my goods were, and then he said that they would arrive on the 16th, and then on the 23rd, and then he said that the order was wrong. Finally, he told me to go back and wait for his message, and he would certainly reply to me after checking the order that day. It can be imagined that I did not wait for his reply in the end. In view of such a situation, I do not want to wait any longer, because I do not know the real situation, what is the problem? So today, I went to the Irvine store and asked for all my orders to be returned. I didn’t want to buy them, but Ruben, the manager who dealt with this problem, was extremely rude and arrogant. He couldn’t tell that I was delayed in receiving the goods because of their work mistakes, and he firmly said that he could only return the bed to me, but not the mattress and bed box. I bought the right mattress and bed box because I bought the bed, so now there is a problem with the bed, why can’t I return the mattress and bed box, I still keep the mattress and bed box for what? This is really unreasonable, and another argument emerged from the manager Ruben, who said that the ordering department had only ordered a bed and parts for a part of the bed for me from the very beginning. If it was like what he said, then why did the salesman tell me that the two beds had arrived but one of them was damaged before the delivery to me on July 11th? Aren’t these two arguments contradictory? Who’s lying in there? Now I suspect that the complete bed sent to me on July 11th was not ordered to the factory for production after I paid the deposit on June 18th. I don’t know exactly where it came from, but I asked the manager Ruben to provide me with the proof that the bed I needed was produced by the Vietnamese factory after I placed the order on June 18th, and the bed was shipped from Vietnam to the United States before I was informed of the arrival on July 8th. As well as the evidence that the goods entered the warehouse of Mathis Brothers after arriving in the United States before July 8, can Manager Ruben take out these evidences? I seriously doubt that there is dishonesty and fraud in this case. The most important thing is that I am very angry with the manager Ruben’s attitude in handling this matter, and I have not apologized at all. They have shown a strong sense of integrity for their mistakes. Two-thirds of the furniture in my family is bought from Mathis Brothers. It is the first time I have encountered such a thing and such a bad manager, which really damages the image and reputation of Mathis Brothers brand. I ask for a refund of all my orders and compensation for my loss. But they won’t provide any reasonable solution.

  • Michelle Mills says:

    I have a recliner that is still under warranty. It has been broken since April 2023. They have sent 2 technicians to my home. Neither were capable of repairing the chair, even though I handed them the part that came off. Both said it was not part of the chair. They then asked me to take it to their warehouse for repair. There, it sat for days without anything being done. After a few weeks, they asked us to pick up the chair and wait for a new part to be ordered. After waiting another week, we learned the part was never ordered. After 3 months, we’re now told they need to order the very part I gave them in April. I have asked to speak with the manager. I was told the manager does not speak to customers. WTF?! I have filed complaint after complaint, but no one is doing anything. Be sure to note that the BBB has a warning page about this company for failure to deliver, failure to repair, and failure to communicate with customers. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS HORRENDOUS COMPANY.

  • Sean McCabe says:

    I have been harassed and treated horrible by the management in my department. Cesar the wear house manager broke sever labor laws and has singled me out creating a hostile work environment. HR said the have a zero retaliation policy, yet he has not abided by it and they continue to allow it.

  • Doreen says:

    Oklahoma City location.
    I have a problem how the restaurant employees are treated by manager I was there shopping for furniture and went in the restaurant to purchase something to drink and this lady was screaming rudely at the workers , keep in mind these are just teenagers working for your company and this lady should not be allowed to treat them horribly, no reason should justify the treatment they received that day or any day for that matters. As she was screaming humiliating they all teenage girls said nothing not a word answering back at the manager, it was very uncomfortable seeing all of this, specially one girl in particular her face said it all seemed very overwhelmed. I hope you take matters into this and deal with this situation. This is called
    (workplace harassment).
    Can’t believe a person that treats people like this is even working for your company.

  • Sonia says:

    Horrible delivery experience. With my initial delivery, they sent the wrong bed for one of the beds and didn’t have all the hardware for the second bed. Upon redelivery, they were trying to refuse to but the bed together. The dispatch from delivery (Kristina CJ I’m pretty sure she’s lying about her name) was extremely rude and unprofessional. When I attempted to speak with a manager on the phone the second time, the delivery dispatcher hung up on me. When I went to visit the store, the customer service representative refused to give me the dispatcher name although she knew who he was. I’ve been a customer for several years and will be going else where and I recommend going elsewhere as well.

  • Beverly says:

    I am a senior and I am a widow. I have a big problem with the Irvine California store. They charge my credit card $3000 and they charge my credit card $2230 for a couch that I bought and returned. They refunded me $2500. I am not able to get the total refund even though I went to the store and talked to the manager . He assured me that someone would get back to me . I’m still waiting a month later. I cannot afford to have these charges on my credit card . Absolutely terrible customer service.

  • Joan says:

    In January 2022, I ordered a Hooker dining set ($8,200.00), which they wanted full payment right then. Delivery date was scheduled for March. When I called to inquired what day they would deliver , I was told it had be pushed for delivery in May. That did not happen and when I called back, they said July or early August. So I called again in July and they said sometime in September. I then called and asked for the manager to figure out what was going on and waited on the phone for a very long time and then the lady said they would return my call. That did not happen, so I called Hooker mfg. to see if I could find out what the backorder situation was. I was told most of the order was on a container heading to America, but 6 of my side chairs were in the warehouse in the U.S. I then called Mathis Brothers and talked to ‘one of the managers’. I ask if they would get the chairs from the warehouse and at least deliver them so I would have chairs. He told me that is not the way they did things. He said it had to go through merchandising, so I ask to speak to merchandising and he said no. He said he would email them. I am still waiting!! Mathis has had my $8,200.00 since Jan. and this is the customer service I get? I will go out of my way to order from others companies when I order any more furniture. I am very disappointed in the service I have (not) received.

  • Steve says:

    I have had poor experience with the Ontario, California store. I have been due a refund. They called me to let me that accounting would be calling me. I told them I could not take a call currently. They said us back the next day and give them the credit card I used for my purchase. I did what the asked. Accounting said the did a force refund because they did not have my card number. I waited 10 days and still no refund. When called they refunded a card I no longer use. Last time I used it was at there store in February 2020. I don’t have access to this. They are saying there is nothing they can do. I explained that my spouse died and some of my accounts are frozen. That state they can’t do anything. Over the last four years I have been a very good customer spending abt $20K. They have lost a customer. Over $ 172.40..

  • Mike DePatie says:

    Your mobile app for disabling cookies under “do not sell my information” does not work. I tried tapping, sliding and moving the button and was not successful. I would like to browse your site but will not due to the ineffectiveness of your consumer options.
    Thank you for your attention.
    For the record I am using an iPhone 13.

  • Carrie Stutchman says:

    Don’t buy your mattress from Mathis brothers, I purchased a defective mattress , we hv had this mattress for about 6 months but can no longer sleep on it for the slope , get the run around from the tulsa store location , don’t waste your time n money at Mathis brothers

  • Felicia Crockett says:

    I’m writing this comment to tell you how disappointed I am with your company… I purchased a 7000.00 dollar sectional couch from your Ontario Ca store in April of this year. When I received my first delivery the couch worked for a few days, after that 2 of my recliners stop working I contacted the store they came out and replaced them the next day one of the recliners they replaced stop working, I contacted the store, they came out a week later to replace it when they delivered it was the wrong recliner, I had to wait another week for them to come back out again the wrong recliner. After 4 times I finally got my recliner… When talking to the customer service rep she understood my frustrations, she did offer me a 10 percent discount and placed a request for a refund… i have reached out to the Ontario Store several times to get status on refund and I was told 2 weeks ago that it was mailed , I have not received it. I reached again on 5/23 and was told by 1 rep that I would have to wait until June 16 and if not received give a call back.. I spoke with a supervisor and she was informed that the request was sent to corporate for approval and I would have to wait another 14 days… This has been the worst experience for me… I should not have to continue to contact your company to check status.. No one has reached out to me … I spoke with a Mgr by the name of Lisa over a month ago and she told n we she was going to send me a give certificate , I have not received that… I really would like for someone to contact in regards to this matter..

  • Efren says:

    I have had a poor experience with the store located in Ontario cal. Before I purchased the furniture it was promised to be delivered a certain date. Now everytime I get my hopes up by the end of every month they tell me it’s delayed now you will receive email for your delivery and I never do. I have kept waiting since December of last yeah 5 months later and still waiting. Before selling something you guys should tell your customers might take months or years before receiving your item. It really sux.

  • Eddie Luna says:

    Awful service! I will make sure all my family and friends never buy from this company. Don’t appreciate this company wasting my time and lying over and over again.

  • Lori McCoy says:

    Guess I should have read these reviews prior to purchasing anything from this company. I getting the run around trying to get a chair fixed for over 4 months. How do you stay in business?

  • Jaclyn says:

    Although I don’t think that these comments are even read or replied to I will say that I will never do business with Mathis brothers again I have been a repeat customer for 9 years probably, even bought for my company ( 3 couches and 2 couch / loveseat set) because of my previous experience was wonderful but the last 2 times that I have personally purchased have not been great experiences. And I am still dealing with with my last purchase. Customer service has definitely went downhill with their sales team and management. All I wanted them to do was correct their mistake and by the end of the 3 conversations that I had with customer service, sales rep, and management I will never do business again. I generally try not to get bad reviews but unfortunately I can’t go without saying how disappointed I am and have honestly thought about seeking legal action.

  • Unknown says:

    There warranty they sell u are false they tell u it’s a five year but lie about it only when it’s a year
    there furniture is junk they fall apart and been fighting them for about a year to get my coffee table and my living room furniture replaced I will never buy from them again !!!!!

  • LaDonna Cantrell says:

    I bought a sofa and love seat and didn’t have it very long. The same day I got it my son sat down and it made a loud popping noise and after that the seated area was broken and sunken in. Luckily they had an extra to swap out. Few months pass and the sofa and love seat is worn out like as if we were sitting low to the floor so I called to have it fixed and the lining fixed. Took pictures sent it to be fixed along with a couple other problems and they said they fixed it but didn’t do anything to it. I’m frustrated and call them back told them nothing had been done at all and I wanted it my furniture to be picked up and the only way was to get them fixed was to have one piece at a time again to be fixed and will come back to exchange it out for the other piece to be fixed which we waited 3 months for before and still brought them back with a new lining at the bottom and that was it!!!! From going back and forth my sofa and love seat are dirtier and not useable to sit on. I called for the 3rd time and nothing. So I had to purchase a new set somewhere else because I couldn’t get my sofa and love seat replaced much less fixed. I did buy the deal where I can get it fixed if damaged for a reason! All I want is it to be fixed and cleaned or replaced. Maybe the 5th time is a charm to get something done??

  • Patrick Dunn says:

    I am a very disappointed customer my name is Patrick Dunn I have purchased furniture from your newly Fort Smith Arkansas location I bought it back in November sells number 86 a 429386. I was first told that it was supposed to be delivered on December 11 so we got rid of our furniture it never showed up on December 11 so then I had to serve Christmas dinner to my family on lawn furniture then I was told it was going to be delivered on January 22 which is not gonna happen now it will not be delivered till maybe February 20 which is over 90 days later from when I purchased this I feel like I am being ripped off I’m sorry for these feelings I put yourself in my place I would appreciate somebody with some authority to give me a call at 479-225-0295 thank you for your time

  • Robert Mejia says:

    Never will I shop at Mathis Brothers again. Purchased a 1,500 power recliner with it damaged, missing power cord and remote. Store says I need to pay a restocking fee and bring it back. I will go on every review site to share my story. Pictures have been sent to their “customer service”

  • Deb says:

    I will not support a company who can not and won’t control their employees. A Mathis Bros truck was in our area in Lake Mathews CA on the 13th of December. The employees pulled over on a busy 2 lane highway(not that it matters) and walked to the back of their truck, opened it and started dumping old furniture on the roadside. There was a witness who stopped and took photos and called the company. Nothing was done and trash still sits on our roadside from them dumping.

  • Susan says:

    I’ve never had a more horrible experiencing purchasing an item. My order was delayed over and over again to find out that it was damaged and that I would wait an additional year after waiting 7 months for the initial delivery. I went ahead and cancelled my order and getting a refund has been the biggest hassle. After days and days on the phone between the finance company and the store I received a partial refund in addition to being told different things by the both of them. I am now waiting for the remainder of my refund months later to continue to experience this disorganization of this company.

  • michelle says:

    this is real sad i adjustable bed that needed to be fix and they play mind games
    they was mean rude and they lie i have lost sleep overly stress out i was suppose to
    to get a new bed frame but they lie

  • Sheila says:

    I bought a adjustable bed and they have not fix my bed you guys keep playing around it’s not your money I just want my bed fix

  • Frustrated Customer says:

    The dining table I purchased was in stock when we visited the Ontario, CA Mathis Brothers store on 10/16/21. However, it’s since been sold to someone else, and is now out of stock because their delivery crew continued to deliver the incorrect table twice (10/26/21 and 10/29/21) to my home. Also, when I reached out to their customer service number for assistance, I waited on hold for 40 minutes, was transferred 5 times and hung up on. I honestly don’t know how this company advertises that they provide excellent customer service, because this is certainly not the case. My family has been without a kitchen table for two weeks, and now we have to wait until Saturday, 11/6/21 for their delivery crew to come pick up the chairs from the dining set before you issuing a refund.

    Now my family possibly won’t have a dining table for Thanksgiving. We haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving since 2019 due to the pandemic and loss of a loved one this time last year. Now it’s looking like we won’t be having Thanksgiving dinner this year either as a result of Mathis Brothers’ negligence.

  • Gail Parisi says:

    Dear Bill Mathis and associates.

    I made my first purchase at Mathis Brothers in Irvine California a week ago. Beautiful store!

    I’m very understanding that COVID has slowed down getting merchandise. In fact I’m pleased that the love seat I purchased was in stock and delivered in a timely manner. The matching couch is worth waiting for, should arrive end of November 2021.

    What I need your help with is the bait and switch that took place with my order! Yes it’s sad but true. Let me explain. I walked into the Irvine show room Monday, October 11th 2021. A wonderfully helpful associate greeted me and helped me find my couch and love seat.. His name was Mo.

    The love seat and couch I punched was located right as you walked into the Irvine store. I liked the color and fact that both the love seat and couch had 4 pillows. Each had 2 22 x22 pillows and 2 18×18 pillows. I asked Mo if the pillows came with both the couch and love seat. Mo said,”Yes.”

    Mo even helped me measure the pillow sizes for me.

    I happily made the sofa and love seat purchase.

    Today, Sunday, October 18, 2021. My love seat arrived, however only 2 pillows were delivered. When I called customer service they said the love seat only came with 2 pillows.. That is not how the love seat is displayed nor what I was told by your employee Mo.

    Customer service then transferred me to the Irvine store and I spoke with Marcus. Marcus told me I only get 2 pillows that is how it is sold and that I was given the wrong information from your sales associate. That is false advertising.

    Please make this right. Thank you.

    My name is Gail Parisi 714 3577016. I’m a teacher and I’m in class everyday from 7:30 am to 3:00pm PST M-F

    You can email me at Geper1@aol.com

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you for your help with this matter.

    Sincerely, Gail Parisi

  • Customer # 5912647319 says:

    Hello my wife purchased couch and love seat less than 2 years and it got rips and springs collapse, customer Care gave me the runaround for about a month even send somebody out, then they said it’s unfixable to go to my protection plan service and call them, now they say because I didn’t call them within the five days I was out of luck,I can’t believe a company like yours is doing this to customers.. should I just bought it from big lots

  • Marie Maedel says:

    I ordered $14,000 worth of furniture at the Ontario California Mathisbrothers, the experience when I ordered it was good. At delivery time, we were kept waiting 4 1/2 hours for the delivery and when they finally arrived they did not have all the items I was told would be delivered!!! The managers were not very helpful, did not return my calls, the salesperson was also no help!! I love your furniture, but I must tell you I’m 76 years old and my blood pressure I’m sure was 200!!! I know $14,000 is not a lot of money for Mathisbrothers, but it is a lot of money to me and my husband. Just thought you might want to know about this incident. My sales number was 59A195270.

  • Joseph Renova says:

    My wife just experienced the worst customer service from a person named Andrea. My wife was wanting to return a mattress that wasn’t working out for her but instead received insults from your companies representative Andrea. I work in sales and customer service and we are trained to have empathy and understanding, to have the initiative to want help and resolve the issue not pour flames on the fire and make it worse. We are needing someone from your corporate office (not Andrea) that is willing to help us with our concern and issues. Also would recommend Andrea get some additional customer service training she needs it badly.

  • Deborah I Miles says:

    I brought a custom sofa at this store and waited 6 months for it. When it arrived the sofa seats were to big and one was soft and the other hard. I contacted customer service..let me tell you THEIR SERVICE STINKS. I will never buy ANYTHING from the again! I just wasted over $800 dollars.

  • Nina Shaffer says:

    The worst customer service. I work in sales/customer service and cannot believe how bad theirs is. I’ve had to call, text, email. They say they will do something but don’t follow through so I have to reach out again. Sad that a company that could be great will not receive repeat business because they have no follow through.

    • LUVLY says:

      I agree! Mathis Bothers customer service sucks! They act like professionals in person and once you spend thousands on n their merchandise the customer is no longer treated with kindness. I have been calling for months (starting in June) for my furniture. I kept getting the brush off. The sales person Avalon and his manager Ray constantly ignored my calls. Finally I went to the Irvin store and confronted the manager. I learned that my furniture had been sold, why would they sale my furniture to a customer when I’ve been waiting for over 6 freaking months for my stuff! Then it had to be reordered and they sent me a cracked mirror and never replaced it. To this date I still haven’t received any of my missing furniture and I it’s going on 7 months. I’m being told the furniture is on back order due to COVID-19! That’s bull because the sold my items all because of the rails for my bedroom set didn’t arrive by the time my furniture was in que to be delivered. I paid for my furniture in full! And now I am being told that my items will not be available until December 2021 or January 2022. I keep getting brushed off and the date is constantly changing. Where is my furniture?!

  • Rihana York says:

    Should have read this before spending another 6,000 dollars at the Oklahoma location! Agreed WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! They got their money and that’s all they cared about them treat you like crap at the distribution center when the product you bought is a complete antiquated piece of CRAP!! To be nice about it! I will take my money elsewhere and hope people read this page before giving their money to a company who is completely unappreciative of returning customers!

  • Laurie g says:

    I ordered several thousand dollars worth of furniture from the Ontario store. One item was a $320 bed set. I specifically told the salesperson that I didn’t want anything taller than 56” as it would cover the window. The item came (after I called to follow up on the order) and was 62”. I called to return the item the next day. After I sent several emails I finally had to call to follow up un the return. A manager told me it was a special order and they would not take it back as it was a special color. I explained it was the same color gray as in the photo. Absolutely the worst customer service ever! I’m very worried about the rest of the items that l’m still waiting for 2+ months later. Do not do business with this company!

  • Byron S. says:

    This company has horrible customer service. I ordered two loveseats and a dining room set from their Ontario,CA store on November 6, 2020. I received one loveseat and the dining room table and two chairs on December 17, 2020. It is hard to seat a family of four with only two dining room chairs. I was told by my saleswoman, Chelsea that she would contact me to keep me posted on the status of my order. Well…haven’t heard from her since I paid for the furniture. I was also told that the next loveseat that came into their store was mine. I guess no loveseat has arrived to their store in over two months. I called today, January, 13, 2021 to inquire on the status of my order, and I was told that my four chairs are in, but my loveseat will not be in until February. This is absolutely ridiculous. This company does not care about their customers. I thought Ashley furniture was bad, but this company is even worse. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

  • Byron S. says:

    Worst company ever!

  • Harinder says:

    I ordered 4 chairs, 2 sofas and a love seat in May 2020. I got my delivery in June. My salesperson warned me to check for any damage to furniture and to refuse delivery of item. Loveseat had big visible scuff mark about six inches and one chair had scuff marks on arms. I didn’t accept them . Next day we noticed that one of the sofa back seat is not even. One side is about 2 inches taller than other and same with arm rest. I send pictures to my salesperson and she advised me to call customer service. Customer service is one of the rudest people same as delivery guys. I was told that she ordered a new one and they will pick up this sofa upon delivery of new one otherwise I have to pay $179. I was told to call salesperson fir delivery option. When I called my salesperson she was surprised that why I was told to call her. When she checked there was no order placed for replacement. I got a call from salesperson that she talked to different lady at customer service and she placed an order and will be available in September and I don’t have to worry about anything. She said it is “all taken care of” and apologized for inconvenience. When I called customer service yesterday they didn’t have any order for my sofa. Today my salesperson told me after talking to customer service and manager that they will send someone to repair. I called them to repack months ago and not to repair. How you can change structure/ frame issues. And I never agreed to this in the first place. I was told manager will call me in 5 minutes and it is been an hour. I am really disappointed how they sell things and than make you go in circles when you have issues. It was my first purchase at this Ontario store. Next step will be calling corporate office. I am really disappointed and this is my first ever comment in public for any purchase.

  • Edna Posey says:

    Ha new one arrived Doors will not close ( shelves not included so they took old ones from broken one)you can see daylight on the side where it should be flush so here we go again Wait for repair guy…..

  • Edna posey says:

    Big mistake to buy from these people Buyer Beware!!You will regret it!! 6-9-2020 bought dining set and server! Server was broken had to wait for a repair person to to tell them couldn’t be repaired! Customer service manager said we tired to deliver new piece but no one answered phone(lie) then told me well it was broke too! So which was it??Wanted to charge me a restocking fee for their broke furniture ! When I told him just come get it. New one suppose to arrive last week they just don’t know what happened Imagine that!

  • Felipe Avila says:

    Worst customer service only cares about the sell after that they are immediately out of the picture, On 5/11/2020 We bought a sectional and a Serta Mattress when it got delivered the Matress was not the one that we have chosen. I immediately called the salesperson and let him know that the Serta mattress that we had chosen was not the one it got delivered (Alexa Matress) he replied to me saying that serta mattress was not available and when and go head and send me a different one, first of all after you you send out a different merchandise you need to let the buyer know. There was no call to let me know merchandise was not in stock. After I called my sales person I asked for a return and refund it’s been over 10 days and haven’t received a peny from Mathisbrothers every time I call they say by the end of the week you should have it on your account have not seen nothing, Very disappointed with Mathisbrothers all my home furniture has always been bought from there.

  • JAMES HILBE says:


  • Richard Reitnauer says:

    I’ve got a timely suggestion for a product similar to furniture I think you should begin selling in your “essential services” business in Indio..COFFINS. YES COFFINS for the local citizens who will perish from the devastating coronavirus killing myriad people around the globe, including right here in our local Coachella Valley home communities. The reopening of your store, in clear and irresponsible defiance of State of California and local Riverside County ordinances is ethically and morally despicable, illegal and corrupt. I suspect the decision to reopen now, instead of waiting for sensible and legal clearance from our public health and law enforcement officials, rests squarely with your corporate officials in Oklahoma. May each of their souls sink into and remain in perpetual Hell upon the demise of their greedy, self-centered existence here on earth. PS: please inform me when your new line of edible furniture arrives to your stores—I’ll be the first in line to buy some to eat.

  • GARY DREXLER says:

    I am looking for a donation of recliner for disabled man who sits in wheel chair all day and watches T.V. while his mother feeds him food
    he is located in canoga park,calif. Please contact me at 818-517-3324 gary drexler

    • William K. Smith says:

      I just bought 2 recliners from and had 2 old ones, your company knows nothing about your program 66-68 Vietnam Bill Smith 909-237-4663, I have already given the chairs away sorr.

  • Child name says:

    I had a friendly salesperson and was able to find several (6) pieces that I purchased. One of the items was an as-is item that had minimum damage. When it arrived for delivery, the delivery person told me that the piece was too heavy and could not be brought upstairs. I asked what could be done, instead of answering my question he proceeded to tell me that the item was scratched. I told him that the item was not scratched when I bought it. He and the other delivery person uncovered and unloaded the piece to show me 2 scratched on the top of the piece and a damage on the side






    . I was immediately in contact with my salesperson as to what to do. The delivery person stated that I should refuse the item so that it can go back to the warehouse for touch ups and have they would reschedule for a 3 man delivery. I relayed thsi info to my salesperson and he agreed. After about a week and not hearing anything, I called customer service and was told that my item had been cancelled. I was told that they would not do any repair and I could re purchase the item if I wish. I spent considerable time explaining what happened and did not get any further. I visited the store to look at the item to see if the damage was something that I could fix myself. The item was reduced by $300 from my purchase price and was now in horrible condition. One of the drawers would not open and one side of the cabinet door would not open plus the scratches. I notified my salesperson of the situation. He stated he would be in the next day. The next afternoon I called to speak to a Manager. It was not able to resolve the issue and said he would pass this on to the General Manager. I called the next day to speak with the Manager since I had not received a call back. I was sent to a no name voicemail. I left a message and still have not heard back. Two of my items are on special order and I am thinking of cancelling if they cannot resolve this issue since the problem item and four other items are for one room. I am so disappointed in their lack of customer service. Next on my list is a call to corporate.

  • Sheryl Acosta says:

    I had a friendly salesperson and was able to find several (6) pieces that I purchased. One of the items was an as-is item that had minimum damage. When it arrived for delivery, the delivery person told me that the piece was too heavy and could not be brought upstairs. I asked what could be done, instead of answering my question he proceeded to tell me that the item was scratched. I told him that the item was not scratched when I bought it. He and the other delivery person uncovered and unloaded the piece to show me 2 scratched on the top of the piece and a damage on the side. I was immediately in contact with my salesperson as to what to do. The delivery person stated that I should refuse the item so that it can go back to the warehouse for touch ups and have they would reschedule for a 3 man delivery. I relayed thsi info to my salesperson and he agreed. After about a week and not hearing anything, I called customer service and was told that my item had been cancelled. I was told that they would not do any repair and I could re purchase the item if I wish. I spent considerable time explaining what happened and did not get any further. I visited the store to look at the item to see if the damage was something that I could fix myself. The item was reduced by $300 from my purchase price and was now in horrible condition. One of the drawers would not open and one side of the cabinet door would not open plus the scratches. I notified my salesperson of the situation. He stated he would be in the next day. The next afternoon I called to speak to a Manager. It was not able to resolve the issue and said he would pass this on to the General Manager. I called the next day to speak with the Manager since I had not received a call back. I was sent to a no name voicemail. I left a message and still have not heard back. Two of my items are on special order and I am thinking of cancelling if they cannot resolve this issue since the problem item and four other items are for one room. I am so disappointed in their lack of customer service. Next on my list is a call to corporate.

  • Armando E. Lopez says:

    December 13, 2019 I purchased some Toy items from the Ontario, CA store. One of the items was a Fidget Spinner; I purchased 30 of them. They were to be stocking-stuffer type gifts for Christmas. I purchased them because they light up (blinking lights). The first recipient whom I gave one to advised me a few days later that the spinner did not light up. It did not work as displayed on the box. This caused me to check all the others spinners that I purchased. Sadly, I discovered that of the 30 I purchased only 15 worked. That equates to a 50% failure rate. Due to the holidays it wasn’t until today that I had the available time to return the defective spinners. At the Customer Service counter (Ontario Store) I was told that due to the length of time between purchase and today, I could not return the spinners. I was startled as the purchase was 50% defective! The CS Rep stood firm that there was nothing she could do for me; even after she conferred with a supervisor. Needless to say that despite the Return Policy being documented on the backside of page 2 of the receipt, I did not expect Mathis Brothers to refuse a 50% product failure return. Compared to all our previous purchases from MB (in the thousands), this is definitely small potatoes. But to me, this is a humongous customer service failure on your part. How can you make Christmas purchases that have to be shipped in time for Christmas and not have the confidence the product will operate as it should? Customer Service should take all situations on their own merit. While being a small purchase compared to other purchases we have made; this situation does premier how we will be serviced in the future. As of today, I am not a Mathis Brothers customer. And, I will warn others of your failure. As little it takes to gain a customer, it takes less to lose one!

  • David says:

    worst customer service available. Delivery incomplete and damaged on truck. Tried to resolve through customer service but all they would tell me is that there is no store manager to talk with. They could not tell me when I would receive the rest of my order. As far as I am concerned, it is the worst store in OKC.

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