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  • Address: 13750 U S Hwy 281 North, Suite 230, San Antonio, TX 78232, United States

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  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000

  • Established: 2004

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  • Key People: Bill Bousema, CPA, CGMA, Fractional and Project CFO

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Massage heights is franchise massage business that is owned by a family in Sn Antonio, Texas where their operations are based. This private company is built on membership model and was founded in Jan 2004 and has remained active ever since.

Massage Heights was founded by Shane Evans and has been offering various types of massage for both medical and relaxation purpose. It is also categorized in the health care section of industries for the various services offered.

Customers book massage therapy sessions from their main website after assessing the catalogue of services offered. The main phone number used by the business remains (888) 909-0974.

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  • Cynthia says:

    I had a less than desirable experience at my last spa session. The retreat director made excuses for the employee’s 3 serious downfalls during my session. I am not a happy customer. The retreat director wanted to add an enhancement to my next session to makeup for the lousy session. She also told me I was more than welcome to take my business elsewhere. I’d really like someone to reply to me as I’m considering canceling my membership. I would like my 2 phone calls with the Retreat Director to be listened to also.

  • Rick McAnally says:

    I have been a loyal and very satisfied member since 2009.
    I was and still consider myself a charter member as they referred me as since the opening of massage Heights here in Henderson Nevada.
    As a member, I was supposedly locked into a lifetime membership fee of $39.99 per month. Well since august of last year…. It looks as though my standing with this company and their Franchisee have been down graded to just another Joe that should be paying double the promised lifetime fee of $39.99 per month. Their excuse!! My membership was cancelled due to a new franchise owner taking over the existing location.
    I not only had myself but my wife my daughter and son all with memberships that started approximately one year apart and were based as follows. 2 memberships at $39.99 and 2 more one year later at $49.99. All with the same promise of a lifetime membership fee to remain in effect as per the date of the signing of the original memership.
    All I want is for the owner to explain the reasoning for their abrupt decisions to vacate my contract and why their wellness pledge has so grievously effected me and my family so outrageously.
    Your franchise increased their space adding to their costs and then blamed it on vivid. Shame on you. They then cancelled my lifetime membership and increase my cost by double.please explain. To me how that is reasonable Toto a long time member.

  • Alfred Saldana says:

    I booked 3 months in advance for my wife’s birthday massage and I received a message saying my therapist called in sick in the morning and I had to reschedule. This was devastating and unprofessional.

  • Kristin Welch says:

    My massage heights rarely answers the phone, it’s always hard to book an appointment. I have several massages I would like to use but they either don’t answer or don’t have enough staff. I use to love being a member but now it’s just like being billed for months and not getting to use them. I called 7 times the other day and no answer. I am a extremely dissatisfied customer and wouldn’t recommend y’all. I’ve been a member for a long while and may be ending my membership this year if it’s not fixed.

  • Jared Bush says:

    I have never had such a negative experience than I have had with Massage Heights in Stonecrest, Charlotte NC. Specifically, the manager Sherry, who has hung up on me twice. She has never been understanding or accommodating and extremely unprofessional and rude. I booked a 90 minute massage with their credits and the masseuse cut it short by accident 30 min. The front desk advised that they would extend another 60 min. massage I had scheduled in the future from a 60 to a 90 min to make up for the difference. After leaving the appointment they charged me for the additional 30 min, which I should not have to pay as they extended it to make up for the previous appointment. When I spoke to Sherry the Manager and explained this and pulled up records showing my previous check in and check out time was cut short, she did not credit me back, said she was not going to credit me back, told me she was done and proceeded to hang up on me. The lack of customer empathy is mind boggling especially in a competitive environment. My wife and I were members for over two years contributing thousands of dollars in revenue for that Franchise and this is how we are treated. There are many other options to choose from in this space. I will need to dispute these charges now, based on mistakes made by first the masseuse, and then the front desk, when the Manager could’ve remedied the situation, but decided to hang up on me instead. Avoid this location and business at all costs and find a competitor that respects their customers.

  • Sara says:

    I haven’t been to massage heights since August. My boyfriend and I broke up and I lost my debit card and figured I won’t give them my new card since I was going to cancel anyways. Well last night I received an email that I owe $391 or they are sending me to collections! I don’t understand why they would send me to collections. I can understand if I was using your services and you weren’t getting paid but for me to not be there and I am not under a contract there. I was doing month to month. I spoke with the manager today and she stated there was nothing she can do and if I didn’t pay, I will be going to collections at the end of the month. So that’s great….screw up my credit because you guys are thieves and greedy.

  • Anonymous says:

    I booked a membership last November in 2021. I used up my last credit for a massage in November of 2022 and made it clear that I would not be able to renew and this appointment would be my last. I then get charged the monthly membership fee again and I call to rectify this problem where I am told that because they didn’t have “written” or “email” correspondence that they couldn’t cancel and refund my membership. But I told them I would not be coming back and to cancel at my last appointment. And the manager of the Brookhaven location in GA told me that it was unfortunate that I was charged but they just can’t refund me now. Even though I don’t have any appointments and I’m not coming back to them at all. I even looked all through the terms and conditions and don’t see anywhere stating that there needs to be written or emailed communication to cancel a membership. And how would I know that when I was told it was cancelled because I said to cancel at my last appointment? And now they have $70 worth of my money for no reason. Money that is needed for bills and other payments for things I have due that I can’t pay because they tooky money and will not give it back even though I am not using their services anymore. Will I have to dispute this with my bank?? This is wrong on so many levels. No apologies or anything. I will never be a member again and I’ll make sure no one else I know will be a member either if our money is just going to be taken from us.

  • Sandra says:

    Hello, I bought a 6 massage package from massage heights and paid in full at the time of the purchase which was over the phone as they kept sending me messages. I received a text message while I was away stating that I have to use them up by October 27 or else they expire. I ask why as it was paid for and they said it expires in 6 months. Although I never signed any contract. The manager at the location would not speak to me. This is ridiculous that it was paid for and now expires. I have been using massage heights for a few years and this would be my last. The lady at the front even said it was on them for not giving me a contract. Even though I didn’t sign any contract, why would there be a contract if it’s paid for?
    Again, I’m not impressed with massage heights and will never be using your services again

  • Marcia says:

    I want to first say that I am not someone who normally leaves bad reviews. But…this is ridiculous and I don’t know how this company is still getting positive reviews. I thought I was the only one until I came on here to find a point of contact. My situation was that the owner was kind enough to help me once because my boyfriend and I were going to split and he wouldn’t come to sign the forms to cancel, then a very very bad holiday came and my dogs passed suddenly on Christmas Eve after week of moving into a new place. I forgot I had to use the credits so when I called and spoke to them again he said he understood and was a dog owner too and will let me out my card on file as the account will remain open and I have to cancel myself. Well months go by, my other cat passed away dude to illness and age, I am here alone with my son and boyfriend (we worked it out) and we have no family here or friends to watch my son. There have been financially problems as well which I shouldn’t have to explain but I think we all know how the economy is right now and for a family with no help, it can be very hard and with one income. As I started to get a better schedule and back to a part time job, I went into the location I was going to and asked for the form to cancel the account and sign up for my 8 hours of credits that we paid for (nearly $750). They told me my account was cancelled in April and I was past the three months and I’ve lost my credits. I explained what happened and asked for a call back from the owner or a manager. From that point it has been months and multiple attempts to speak to a manager. A manager will NOT call back ever. They started to ignore me call after call. I had to call another location just to speak to someone. She said don’t worry that gentlemen is not the owner of this location and they will call you back. Well no one did and I called the Forrest Bluffs location AGAIN. Someone named Dustin did call me back and was super genuine, new to my account and guaranteed me that the owner will be in on Monday and someone will call. And he informed me that those locations do have the same owner? I truly believed him and I think he did his due diligence and I am pleased with his customer service, however no one called back. I finally spoke to another person a week later and although she was somewhat nice, you could hear the annoyance in her voice and all she kept saying is this is the best they can do the account is closed and I can contact corporate , but there is no corporate email posted anymore ? At first this was about my credits and now it’s also about customer service. I’ve worked in this business over 20 years and this is not how you treat people? They are crooks if you ask me. How does it harm you if I paid for a service and I’m not able to use my hours I paid for? It’s a joke? You get my money wether I get the massage or not? So what is the problem here?? So you’re going to keep nearly a thousand dollars of my money and I cant get any way to redeem them on my time. Not everyone can squeeze massages in even in 3 months. We have lives and things happen. I have had the worst few years aside my beautiful son, my health has deteriorated, my relationship is off and on due to FINANCIAL hardship, my animals (family) are passing all at once it feels..and I needed to find work that I could do WITH my son. I was living off savings . I mean I shouldn’t have to explain this to redeem credits or have a manager call me back!! What’s wrong with putting my hours on a gift card or something?? You still have my money, you still have a customer, you still have masseuses get tips and help their business…and you get more business because we will recommend you to other friends and family. But no you rather lost a customer and possibly more just to keep my $750 out of your multiple million dollar company?? And what’s worse your managers don’t even call people back to try and resolve the matter or at least be respectful enough to call back??? I’m completely dissatisfied, I will not ever recommend anyone to go there and be a member ever! I will go to MASSAGE ENVY!! Do not go to these people, and according to other reviews I’m reading , this is a trend. It’s very very sad and now there’s no email for corporate? Sounds fishy. I think for the first time ever I am going to get legal counsel. This is wrong. My account was cancelled by them and if that was an agreement with me and the owner I don’t recall that at all which is why I wanted to speak to them in the first place. It’s sad because I actually wanted to go back there. I hope all of these other folks get what they needed too. The owners are Mike and Barbara Shoptaugh. I thought he was a nice guy but little do I know he’s just another rich business owner who doesn’t ACTUALLY care how his company is ran. I will be contacting a lawyer and getting my money back.

  • Trumica Irving says:

    I called the lake Jackson location on yesterday requesting membership details, I spoke with Cassie who hung the phone up in my face after I asked for a manager. I called back and failed to get an answer so I left a message and no one has called me. If this is how I’m treated and I haven’t become a member, why would I?

    • Barbara says:

      Omg this is happening to you too?? They won’t call me back either, they have ignored me over and over and brushed me off. This is so unprofessional I can’t even take it.

  • Debbie jones says:

    I was a member for many years. I decided after going on social security I needed to lower my expenses and only book massages when needed. I booked a massage at your Brookhaven Atlanta location. The young girl said since since you were a member for so long we will give you the introductory rate of ,105. I repeated to her my total will be 105. She said yes. I pay for massage and the same girl that booked my appointment said 205.did she forget lie or take advantage of a senior citizen which is elder abuse.

  • Kamila says:


    To whom it may concern. I was a loyal subscriber to Massage Heights for years. When the pandemic happened your corporation did not stop charging me even tho the services were suspended. I trusted I will be able to use my credits when things get back to normal so it was accumulating with the trust to your company.

    When my closest location closed post pandemic, I was not happy , I was not informed, I actually was there 2 weeks prior for a massage and booked another one, when I arrived the door was closed, no info , nobody answered my phone calls. I paid my baby sitter for nothing.

    I called next location in Sarasota. 1h drive away. Booked an appointment and planned on keeping it every 2 weeks to use my credits. Everything seemed fine but for my 2nd appointment I arrived, to my surprise door locked and notice the business has closed. Nobody informed me. Again baby sitter paid, 2 h of driving both ways for nothing.

    The notice on the door said use your credits at closest location. Delray Beach is 3.5 h away from me. That is crazy. I am so unhappy with the situation that the corporation took my money and unable to provide my services they did not refund the money.
    When I finally had a chance to travel to Delray I was planning to use them.

    I did call the Delray Location to use my credits and told them about my situations. They approved my appointments. When I arrived at the location, before the services I asked of I am able to use my credits and the lady said yes.

    Unfortunately when I got out of the massage and facial I was told they are unable to honor my credits as they were from a different location. I did call and spoke to them when booking the appointments in April and double checked before the services. I don’t understand how this is happening .

    I have paid your corporation regularly and I did not close my account. You guys did. I was told the only way to use credits is in nearest location. 3.5 h away. How is that realistic and fair to a client.

    I would like to request to cover my today’s visit from my credits and a refund of the remaining balance. Otherwise I will need to reach out for a legal consult to regain my funds.

    While I understand whoever is reading this is not personally responsible I count on your understanding and assistance.


  • Kat says:

    I’m sorry to say that your Lake Jackson office is not friendly at all. The ones at the desk make people feel that they are not wanted there. They not once smiled as a matter of fact they made mean faces the whole time. It made me question on how I will be treated by the massage therapist.

  • John Dunatov says:

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