Where is Massage Envy Corporate office Headquarters

Massage Envy Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 14350 N 87th St Ste 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 480-366-4100
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: support@inmoment.com
  • Number of Employees: 25000
  • Established: 2002
  • Founder: John Leonesio
  • Key People: Joseph C. Magnacca

Massage Envy Headquarters Location & Directions

Massage Envy Headquarters Executive Team



Joseph C. Magnacca

CEO & President

Paul Malek

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Luongo Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Derek Detenber

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Debbie Gonzalez

Chief Brand Officer

Lee Knowlton

Senior Vice President of Global Franchise Sales and International Division

Beth Stiller

Chief Commercial Officer

About Massage Envy, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 2002. The company has been currently active for more than 17 years now. The founder of this company is John Leonesio. The company started franchising in the year 2003. In 2008, it was taken over by Veria which was a Texas based multimedia company. The company slowly expanded its operations by 2009 by adding certain facial and other spa services. By the latter half of 2010, they had around 650 franchise locations. In December 2018, it partnered with the Cortiva Institute, which is the largest group of skincare schools and massage therapy in the US, to provide employment and developmental facilities for Cortiva graduates at their clinics. Headquarters: 14350 N 87th St Ste 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA.

Massage Envy is an American company which mainly focuses on providing the best massage facilities to its customers. The company has around 25000 employees working under it. The company has Joseph C. Magnacca as its current President & CEO.

Massage Envy provides its services on a wide range of massage facilities to its customers and clients.

Massage Envy Headquarters Photos

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  • Deborah says:

    I’ve always loved Massage Envy. I even purchased an account for my daughter who is in college. At least until the pandemic happened. I had my monthly payments coming out of my credit card account and I assumed that if the country and my county was under a lock down then I wouldn’t be charged. I now have 21 hours on my account that I can not used because I have a compromised immune system and I have not been able to leave my home since March of 2020. I talked many times to my massage envy managers and they won’t give me a refund, nor allow me to receive the hours as gift certificates that I can give to all the nurses and doctors in my local area. I can not use the hours, I’ve paid for them, therefore I own the hours but I’m not allowed to use them the way I would like to use them. They told me I can give them to 10 people I know who have massage envy accounts. I don’t know anyone except my daughter and she can not possibly use that many hours plus she’s already paying for her own monthly hour. I am going to go public on all social media platforms and explain my issue because no one wants to help me.

  • Scott cook says:

    Massage envy in Gulfport Mississippi is run like a prostitution house. Cindy McVay is giving out her number to men then taking them out and milking them for there money. She has done it three times. She is a modern day hooker! Also they will not let me take my ex girlfriend off of the membership even though she moved out of state and had used none of her free massages! Gulfport Mississippi is run by a bunch of idiots who will not help when there is a problem. Your Corp. is a joke you are robbers and crooks!!!!

  • Cyndi Storm says:

    Customer service does not exist at Massage Envy Cordova Tennessee. Complaint #1 I have received numerous reminder texts from them as well as a text informing me my payment card was not working. Why I ask did I not receive a text this time telling me my payment card didn’t work yet 3 months later got 195 charged to my bank account? Complaint #2. Last week I had an apt I woke up with a fever called ME told them I was going to get a Covid test what to do? She informed me same day cancellations I would be charged. I said let me call you back I was going to run to walgreens and see if they had a rapid test available. She informed me that she had cancelled my appt. I told her that I hadn’t asked her to just called for the Covid policy. I asked for the manager to be told shes not there and didn’t know when she would be. I asked for the Corporate office they didn’t know. The young lady was very dismissive and rude. Complaint#3. My husband called to reschedule the day before his appt. They claim it was the same day and charged him for his massage when he came it. It was not the same day and can show on his phone. Again guess what? No manager no corporate office number. Very unprofessional and to have staff there with not customer service skills and no back up is sad. I will be cancelling my membership ASAP

  • sherie Sellars says:

    I have tried and tried since Father’s day to get this taken care of.

  • Patricia A Meek says:

    I know that the pandemic has affected the ability to get massage therapists, but the lack of ability to service existing clients should really be taken into consideration and the corporate offices should start giving credits for clients who can’t even get an appointment at their local Massage Envy.- I’m very dissatisfied with the services because I can’t get appointments when I need them!

  • “Bo” says:

    I really want to complain. The store in Kanawha city on MacCorkle Avenue in Charleston West Virginia! Someone from headquarters need to go there and fix something for the spa is not going to remain open. My husband bought me a $60 gift certificate. I was so excited I am a liver transplant patient of two years my body aches I just couldn’t wait! Out of the $60 I got a 15 minute massage! All the employee did was complain about the business and how much time she had to change the sheets in between each client! It was horrible !! I was so tense and upset after I left there! All she did was talk about herself all my goodness I know everything about this lady not that I don’t mind talking but this was ridiculous. It was the most horrible massage ever she squeeze my neck and my shoulders a bit pushed on my lower backa little bit rubbed my legs and my feet for maybe two minutes And I am not over exaggerating!

  • Scott says:

    Funny I didn’t see one single positive comment, I am not going to bore everyone with my NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE with this place, I live in Arkansas, and it is EXACTLY like the comments from every other state, I wish I could start a chain reaction to connect these negative comments, enough is enough, please read this and pass it along thanks

  • Elizabeth says:

    My contract is increasing along with all the other customers. So a contract means nothing to the customer. Employees lied to me, my daughter and granddaughter when we were told the price was locked as long as we kept the ongoing contract. So sad.

  • Christina says:

    I paid for a year on 8/8/20 and the box on the form said would automatically renew at a monthly rate of 65 a month. My contract does not end until 9/8/21 and yet on 8/8/21 I was charged for a full year of service again. I tried to get a refund from the Management at the Concord NC Afton Ridge site and was told the District Manager denied it because I initial the renew section. I initialed the monthly renewal not a year. So now I am out 845 dollars and have 19 sessions that I don’t want or need. Seriously unhappy!!!

  • KAREN K BELLAR says:

    My husband bought me a gift card last year and it came with a $25 promo card (now expired) but because of the pandemic they were closed and I couldn’t use it, then even when they reopened they weren’t answering their phones to make an appointment. I would go online to try to make an appointment and they were booked 4 months down the road. I finally got an appointment because i walked in to spend it on the product, then all of a sudden I could get and appointment but I couldn’t use my promo card even though it wasn’t my fault. he thought he was getting me 2 massages with the tip. That is unfair.

  • Disappointed says:

    Same as everyone else. A world pandemic prevented me from getting a message, and I was billed until it there were 12 credits. I wanted to get money back or cancel a d use credits over period of time. They do not honor it a d I have 1 month to get 12 massages in an area where it has limited availability. Everyone needs to get 12 massages in 60 days. (Once every 5 days!!)

    Fuck you Massage Envy!!

  • Former employee in Pittsburgh PA says:

    HORRIBLE place to work. The Manager was very unprofessional. I was working only a couple of days a month due to starting college classes full-time. I slept in for a shift and was called and “screamed at.” I was told not to come in for the shift and that she (Manager) would schedule a meeting with me. I reached out to schedule the meeting with no response. I was taken off of the schedule and after making several attempts to speak to my manager with no response, I finally gave up. I never received an email or written notification from Massage Envy. Fast forward to 1 1/2 years later and starting a new job in my current field to find out that “Massage Envy” came up on my background check as “poor attendance and performance issues.” I am starting a professional medical career and to have this type of negative mark from a job that I had at 21 years old is ridiculous. As a corporation, Massage Envy needs to do a better job with training their managers.

  • Taylor Merrill says:

    Don’t go to the Fargo location on 45th street. I had scheduled a massage and the therapist didn’t even show up and they still charged me for the service. K am now going to cancel without thinking twice about it.

  • david kaleky says:

    Liars thieves and con artists. Do not care about safety, only money. They have the same shit attitude at many locations. Stole my credits, extorted me to keep them, cancelled with false notice, wanted to force to me to sign a document waiving my rights to my credits. I think there needs to be a new class action lawsuit.

  • Jeanie Porter says:

    Your mission states that your customers are your top priority and to ensure their safety is equally important, my experience in the Wheaton, IL location has not been anything of its sort. Your promise is not being delivered with this location. I have paid consistently and never been late and also tipped generously when I have used sessions in any and all locations. I have gotten alot of miscommunication which has been very frustrating. Our state has had extreme restrictions and sessions have been extremely curtailed which has made it more difficult to get appointments. I decided to cancel my membership in Nov 2020 because I was being charged and was told that an extention can be made because I was unable to use it within 60 days. When i tried to call to get info they will not tell me what I have left and not provide any info providing an extention yet multiple calls have been made with no resolution. What I was told seems to change based on the person on the phone which has alot of inconsistencies and yet my sister ( who I got to join was given an extention and gift cards). Can someone please get back to me to resolve my matter because I received a call from a lady named “Gina” from a North Carolina number and left over 3 messages and no call back and no follow up. The front desk staff person Lauren was rude and unhelpful. The manager states to see what was left in my account is “not in her paygrade” This seems very disappointing since they can easily charge and be paid for services not provided. The Promise has fallen short and would appreciate your attention to the person that cares about its customers.

  • Bill Washington says:

    Massage Envy located at 325 Garrisonville Rd, Stafford, VA continued to charge my account after I emailed them, during COVID-19 shut down, requesting my account be cancelled. I had 8 credits on my account, which is value of $440. They offered to let me transfer 1 credit to someone of my choice after cancelling account. The clinic manager, Collquitt, wasn’t a good customer service representative, as she displayed negativity. I was a member for 2 years and didn’t have problems until late 2019. The dates I requested would get cancel and started to find it hard to work into my schedule. Bottom line, don’t use this location. This franchise isn’t appreciative of good customers.

  • Fernando says:

    I have seen nothing but negative comments about Massage Envy so I am sure my comment will not matter with their corporate group. My wife has been undergoing cancer treatments and cannot use her massages due to the pain it would cause. We have to continually call for “freezes” as they charge the account. My wife is said to have 11 “credits” but from what I read, they will probably never honor them. I have asked for reimbursement into our account and they say they cannot do that. The ME is in Tucson, AZ on Sunrise Dr. If this is how they treat someone with a terminal disease, I want nothing to do with this company. I will however fight to get reimbursement for the latest month AND reimbursement for the 11 credits. I am sure they won’t do it. What a sorry, heartless company!

  • Loyal employee says:

    Massage envy workers had a designated bonus and were promised to receive money after completing the first week back to work due to the clinic being closed due to covid. Employees pay checks were deducted money without prior consent or knowledge. The behavior was claimed to be due to have a requested off day or “ sick call out”. None of the employees were told that if they took a day off for a doctor that they would have their paychecks prorated. This is wrong. Also, employees were told they wouldn’t be receiving any of their due raises due to covid. This is beyond unfair treatment to the hard working, loyal employees.
    Massage envy
    Clinic 0954
    Augusta, ga

  • Matt Sasu says:

    My mom works at a massage envy store manager at the Florence Kentucky location and the owners constantly harass her. She comes home crying because of their behavior. The owners names are Ralph and Erika. Someone please stop them my moms to hard of a worker and an all around good Person to be degraded by the owners like this.

  • Savina P Playter says:

    On April 13, 2020, MASSAGE ENVY 0473 SHORT HILLS NJ, charged my credit card. I would like to stop charges. Spa are closed due to Covid-19 in NJ. Why are you still charging your customers? I would like this franchise to return my money and freeze my account because I have a lot of unused sessions.

    • Sherell says:

      I am having this same issue. I have even called before to have my account discontinued and they basically told me I could not. Then I was charged this month.

  • Desiree Ferro says:

    I live in Bend Oregon where Massage Envy Permanently Shut its doors without Notice in early March. There are NO other ME’s in Oregon. Prior to this It was impossible to get an appt with them for various different reasons. It was frustrating at best.
    I have been charged monthly for roughly 2 years and due to sudden serious ill health was unable to use what I was accumulating in massages. I repeatedly requested that the 24 odd massages I’d accumulated be allowed to be gifted to my adult children. First I was told yes, then later denied. Then there were stipulations applied and then later again denied
    When I originally joined in the NC office, I was given erroneous information about all my info and fees being in Bend Oregon. I was then given the wrong info here at the Bend office as well on other matters.
    I am a Senior Citizen on SSI Disability and my budget is very small. I need Corporate to PLEASE look into these matters and contact me

  • Jane Loeb says:

    I no longer am a member but I do have 3 sessions accumulated. I moved to Maine and there is only 1 ME in the state. I was told that I have only to May 5th to use them. All ME stores are temporarily closed.

    I want to know if there has been an extension due to the Coronavirus.

  • CD says:

    Since the managers didn’t want to listen. I am writing a review as someone who was recently hired and fired. Allison the ONLY ESTHETICIAN at this location trained me, and was eating grapes as well as other snacks in the TREATMENT which is against HEALTH CODE and was on her phone the entire time I was being trained for 4 hours straight. And I was only trained for two days. Fast forward to the date of my termination, the manager Gail Tena called and said I was being fired because of a complaint and they did not wish to work with me to train me even more because ALLISON the ESTHETICIAN who trained me said I was on my phone and it seemed I didn’t care to train. That was not the case. I was on my phone in the break room between facials, returning a call from my mom who lives 9 hours away and telling her how excited I was for the job. When I tried to explain that Gail she said she wasn’t there to actually believe me but she believed Allison who was on her phone in the actual treatment room and eating which is against company policy as well as health code. I didn’t understand if there was such a problem with me returning a call in between time why didn’t my trainer explain I shouldn’t be on my phone or say I needed more training instead of letting me work as using this to help me get fired. Also, as a trainer the trainee is looking at you ass a reflection so if you’re on your phone in the treatment room when you should be training, of course I would think that is okay since you are the LEAD ESTHETICIAN. I don’t understand how she complained and said I wasn’t a good fit when she barely wasn’t training me her mouth was stuffed with food and she was on her phone discussing her KICKBOXING MEMBERSHIP she pays $1200 a year for which has nothing to do with my training.

    Also since there was a comment about me being fresh out of school, my school trained me to wash and sanitize room after each client. They only wash their blankets once a week. The baking soda in the break room fridge has an EXPIRATION date of 2011.

  • Tina M says:

    Longmont Massage Envy does not honor their word! I have been a pretty loyal member at this location. Had to cancel once and my credits were honored until used. I re-joined. Why would I think anything would be different? Lost my job, had to cancel membership, asked when the credits expired. They said mine did not show an expiration date (2 employees checked). Said I was good to go. Decided to wait and use them when my mom came into town for my 50th birthday. Called to schedule our massages and they won’t let me use my credits. They said, “Sorry, your credits are expired and you signed the cancellation agreement.” I explained what happened but they did not care. No refund/no use of the credits aka massages I already paid for! I guess you have to read everything because the word of the front desk employees does not hold up! Bad service and no apology for the confusion or trying to make it right. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  • Catherine Beaudoin says:

    I have been a member for over 10 years. We recently relocated from Florida to Massachusetts and have never had such poor service. I the last 6 months the Riverdale Rd., W.Springfield MA location has cancelled my massage 4 times. They wait until a week before when of course now that you have your time scheduled they can not reschedule to suit you. All they were interested in was selling memberships and don’t have enough therapists to cover the amount of customers they have. They need to talk to the Tampa Florida owners to learn how to run a business. DO NOT join this location you will be sadly disappointed for your money.

  • Regina Davis says:

    Very disappointed with service at massage Envy location in Annapolis Md. I have been along time member with this company and never have I been cancelled in my times of need so many times. I’ve actually have never had an appointment cancelled until I started using this location. I use this company to relieve stress but this location is causing a lot of unnecessary stress in my life. I understand people having emergencies but it has happened one too many times for me. If at all if you can help me in rectifying this issue I would greatly appreciate it by maybe having someone on standby for when emergencies arise. The customer should not be inconvenienced at any time when trying to relieve stress. I had jut began to get facials and I really enjoyed them so much I started buying the products you sell. Now I’m hoping I don’t have to start over somewhere else because they are not properly staffed. Sincerely

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