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Joseph C. Magnacca

CEO & President

Paul Malek

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Luongo Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Derek Detenber

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Debbie Gonzalez

Chief Brand Officer

Lee Knowlton

Senior Vice President of Global Franchise Sales and International Division

Beth Stiller

Chief Commercial Officer

About Massage Envy, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 2002. The company has been currently active for more than 17 years now. The founder of this company is John Leonesio. The company started franchising in the year 2003. In 2008, it was taken over by Veria which was a Texas based multimedia company. The company slowly expanded its operations by 2009 by adding certain facial and other spa services. By the latter half of 2010, they had around 650 franchise locations. In December 2018, it partnered with the Cortiva Institute, which is the largest group of skincare schools and massage therapy in the US, to provide employment and developmental facilities for Cortiva graduates at their clinics. Headquarters: 14350 N 87th St Ste 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States.

Massage Envy is an American company which mainly focuses on providing the best massage facilities to its customers. The company has around 25000 employees working under it. The company has Joseph C. Magnacca as its current President & CEO.

Massage Envy provides its services on a wide range of massage facilities to its customers and clients.

  • Judy Rose says:

    Please cancel membership effective immediately. Judy Rose, 10019 Marguex Drive, Orlando, Fl 32825, Sodo Office. Thank you

  • Stephanie Webb says:

    I am ending my membership due to the lack of putting your customers first.  I’ve been a member for 12 years and was thrown away like I did not matter. 

    I’ve had my appointments canceled over the years without much notice and have even shown up and the therapist was unavailable.  

    Skylar the Franchise Director stated to me she has to take care of the therapist despite my insistence that I did not schedule the appointment.

    Her comment left me feeling unwanted and not appreciated as a loyal customer.  I am fully aware the online scheduling at Massage Envy Mansfield has had some issues and I was inconvenienced because of it, but there was no accommodation for this error.  I had to adjust my schedule to meet their needs.  

    My home store offered me a coupon for the massage I received on 11/5/23 because I was shocked to learn my credit had been taken for missed appt that is not showing on my end.  

    However Mansfield remains indifferent.  I am pretty sure they do not care about their therapist either after the way I was treated.

    Please see attached.  The appointment that I missed October 8 is not even showing on my account.


    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  • Tracy Seymour says:

    I don’t understand why we cannot gift sessions more than 1 a month . During Covid I chose to continue my membership and support your business but this is crazy that I have 55 sessions and cannot gift to my son and his fiancée to go together. It’s just bad business I feel I have no choice but to burn them up and get out of this membership which is not convenient and does not care for their customers.
    Be better! Do better!

  • Joe Lackey says:

    RE: Massage Envy, Clinic #0024, South Tampa, FL. September 4, 2023
    I have just returned from a massage at the above noted clinic. So there’s no confusion…my massage therapist, Mary, did an A+ job as always and has nothing to do with my issue. I was on monthly billing for massages but do not use them regularly. I currently am on a freeze program and am trying to use my built up massages for my wife who is an active regular member and utilizes both massage and facial. I had been on a freeze once before and was able to just give my wife any amount of hours I chose to. As it stands this seems to be the only way I will ever get caught up to the point I can cancel my membership. I had left a message for clinic manager which has never been returned. When I was in the clinic today the manager, Tatiana, was in the office but was too busy to discuss this. The girls behind the desk either won’t or can’t answer these type of questions and I’m told to speak to the manager….which I have tried, more than twice, can’t get the manager to return a phone request so here I sit.
    All I want to do is give my wife my 2 or 3 (not sure) remaining sessions and finally be done with this. I’ve been trying to get off this merry-go-round for at least 2 years and I don’t want to just throw away sessions I’ve already paid for. If I could give the customer service I’ve received so far it would be NO STARS. I’m seriously getting the runaround and most certainly don’t appreciate it.
    Lastly I would actually appreciate a phone call and not some canned bs language.
    Joe Lackey

  • Kat J says:

    Both my adult son and I have been a paying “members” of my local Massage Envy for YEARS and over those years it has gotten harder and harder to get in with anyone to get a massage. As of September 2023, all they have had for over a year is facial appointments. I do not want a facial every month, I bought into this for a massage every month. I have well over 30 credits and my son has close to 40. I should not have to “drive” an hour when I bought a membership just 5 minutes away. If I could cancel this nightmare and get my money back I would.

    I was told I could “freeze” my membership but be charged $10 a month but I couldn’t use my credits while frozen. I don’t think I should have to pay $10 a month if I can not use this at all.

    I do not understand why all this is happening but this is not acceptable! I know this particular place has had a lot of problems getting and keeping therapists, but this is not my fault and now I and so many others are paying the price. This location needs to lose it’s license and all my and everyone else’s credits need to be refunded immediately.

  • Cassandra says:

    My husband purchased a membership for Mother’s Day in 2022. Since then I have only been able to get in for 1 appointment. The offices in my area are always booked out months in advance. I’ve been put on waiting lists multiple times but as you know it’s first come first serve and I have never been the first to reply. A few months ago I canceled the membership, the manager apologized and told me that’d we had until the end of this year use the massages we’d saved up. However we can only book out 3 months and I can only gift 1 massage to my husband. Since then I have been able to book 3 appointments and 2 of those have been canceled by the office due to scheduling conflicts or work related injury. I reached out to an email that was provided to me to complain and possibly receive a refund. The person who respond was very nice but not helpful at all. They basically told me there is a shortage of massage therapists in my area and that they are unable to refund our money but that I should continue to try making appointments and that other locations further a few cities over always have openings and to try my luck there. 🙄😒

    I do not recommend purchasing a membership.

  • Nancy Dougherty says:

    I have been a member since Massage Envy in Farmingdale NY for 14 years (2009) Have never had any issues until I asked on July 9th how many massages I had on the books. They stated 1- They had canceled 3 I made in May trying to use up what I had so I could start using my partners 19 1/2 she had but because of surgeries and Chemo could not. They told me management would call me to straighten the issue out- they never called me. I could not get an appointment in June so now I have 4 on the books. On July 29th I checked in at 1:20 pm for my 1;30 with Natasha. They confirmed and I asked again how many I had and they said 1. I said we have an issue I should have 4. They told me to go to the waiting area. At 1:40 i went back out to the desk and asked the if they told Natasha I was here for my 1:30 now that it was 1:40 they said they would. A few minutes later on of the girls came back and told me to come back to the desk there was an issue and Natasha wasn’t there. Of course I was aggravated because there is only about 8 massage rooms and they knew she wasn’t in. Another woman came out of the back and told me I needed to leave for raising my voice. I said you didn’t know Natasha wasn’t in? She said Natashas Father died. I said ok but you don’t call her clients for the day and tell them? I said I will take this up with the owner, I’ve been a member here for 14 years. She said laughing – go ahead my Mom owns it. I contacted Corporate and filed a complaint. There was a woman in the lobby who heard how I was treated. She said this place is going downhill the canceled 3 of my husband’s appointment. A day or 2 later I get an email from the owner Anna Ryan saying she filed a Police report and contacted Corporate and I am not allowed in her store. After 14 years with no problems she doesnt even contact me to hear my side of the story. She referred to me being checked in and sitting there for 20 mins as a scheduling mishap. When I posted this on my local social media account the amount of complaints ref her and the location ( she closed another she owned in Massapequa in May) I advise you to find another massage place that isn’t a chain like this – the rip you off and lie about your sessions and at $75 a pop loosing 24 1/2 is a lot of money especially these days.

    • Maria says:

      Hi Nancy, I just practically got off the phone with the manager of Massage envy in South Windsor (Alan). I had placed a complaint regarding one of his massage therapist. He sounded irritated with the fact that I was complaining about his employees and treated me poorly. I didn’t feel like he was taking my concerns seriously and constantly made excuses. I also felt he laughed off my concerns. I mentioned I was going to cancel my membership and he sounded delighted and recommended that it would be best I cancelled my membership. He made me feel like my complaint was invalid and had no merit, never demonstrating empathy for the costumer.

  • DeWayne Estes says:

    Good afternoon Sir/Ma’am,

    My name is DeWayne Estes. My wife is Charlotte Estes.

    For Mother’s Day I purchased a gift card, from the Madison, Alabama location, for a 90 minute massage for my wife. For Father’s Day my wife purchased a gift card, from the same location, for a 90 minute massage. My wife likes to go together for massages. When she purchased the gift card for me in June she asked the receptionist to make an appointment for her and me to get a massage together. They said that they did not have any dual appointment until August 10th at 9am. My wife asked if there was anything sooner. The receptionist said no but that there are always cancelations so my wife could call to check to see if anything comes up sooner. My wife went ahead and made the appointment for the time in August 10th. My wife called last night around 6:14pm to check for an earlier appointment.  This morning at 10:51am someone from Massage Envy, in Madison, Alabama called my wife back. The person asked my wife if she was trying to make an appointment? My wife then goes through it for the lady, no, we have an appointment for August 10th and she was just checking to see if there had been any cancelation so that we could get an earlier appointment.  The lady then told my wife that not only do they not have any earlier appointments but there is no appointment scheduled for either DeWayne or Charlotte Estes for August 10th at 9am. Then she said that there were no dual appointments until maybe October. My wife was Livid.

    My wife asked why no one had returned her earlier calls. The receptionist stated that they really do not make call back to nonmembers. The receptionist said that nothing could be done about the nonscheduled appointment. My wife then asked if she could just come in and get a refund. The receptionist then stated that she did not know she would have to speak with her manager and call back. At 12:08pm the receptionist called my wife back. She told my wife that the Manager would call her back on Monday.

    My wife then asked if she could get the manager name and phone number. The receptionist advised that the manager is Rachel but could not give out her number. Which we can understand. The receptionist again stated that the manager would call my wife on Monday. My wife asked if she could get the company email address for the manager. The receptionist said no.

    We have paid $200+ for massages and made an appointment for two months in advance. But now there is no record of an appointment. 

    It concerns me that the receptionist would state that they really do not return calls for nonmembers.

    I would think in retail paying customers are paying customers. 

    It also concerns me that a manager would not take the time to resolve this issue sooner than a call back on Monday.

    We have been good customers for Massage Envy.

    We have had two dual (couples) massages.

    My wife has had either 2 or 3 massages.

    I have had one massage as well.

    We chose not to be a member but rather to just book as we go.

    Are Managers not supposed to be there to address problems.

    This experience has caused my wife to want to say negative things about Massage Envy on some Social Media platforms.

    I also do not believe that this is how you would want the “Massage Envy” brand to be represented by this franchise. 


    DeWayne Estes

    Charlotte Estes

  • Shae says:

    I was originally going to the Brookline location till I moved in august of 2020 then I began going to the Franklin location. I submitted the forms to cancel the membership in September 2020. I recently had to cancel a facial at the Franklin location and the employee told me to be careful canceling because I wasn’t a member and that I was a member at a different location therefor, I was not granted preference when booking with them. I informed them probably for the 4th or 5th time that I canceled that membership 3 years ago therefore I should be a member with their Franklin location. The manager told me to call the Brookline location because I never canceled my membership. I called and the girl stated my paperwork from September of 2020 was never submitted for cancellation and that she would have a manager contact me asap. No manager ever contacted me. I even asked the girl to call the Franklin location to inform them that I in fact canceled with the original location 3 years ago. The manager from the Franklin location never called to apologize. Zero accountability. I got an email stating the Brookline membership was canceled but what are you going to do to rectify the way your staff and management has spoken to me for 3 years all over oh you’re a member at a different location so you gotta pay this $10 fee at Franklin and you don’t have preferences to massages here cause you don’t belong here. I canceled it 3 years ago and this whole time I’ve been given the run around, lied to and charged an extra fee every time I went to the Franklin location.

  • Yadira Q Romero says:

    Good afternoon,

    On June 29,2023 at 8:30 pm. I had a horrible massage experience. The woman giving me a massage snorked, coughed and made noises to clear sinuses often through the massage which was not cheap. I had a huge headache, felt stressed because everytime I tried to relax, I just couldn’t because I knew the therapist would be loud to clear her sinuses. Since this happened after 30 minutes in I did not know what to do.

    Today a few minutes ago, I talked to the manager at the riverside, CA location and she said there is nothing she can do as her employee probably had allergies and if she didn’t allow workers with allergies work there would be nobody working. I did not appreciate her sarcasm.

    I believe I should receive a satisfactory massage as that is what I paid for.

    Thank you for your time.
    Yadira Romero

  • Demetria T Robertson says:

    For the previous message (Demetria Robertson), my correct email is tashina1974@yahoo.com

  • Demetria T Robertson says:

    I am now cancelling my account (in addition to my son, Damian’s) as well based on the following: I asked to speak to the manager. She spent the entire call talking over me and explaining how the entire situation was my fault instead of listening to me. I NEVER received the cancellation email. If this was due to a blip in service or some type of error, that is not my fault. I have been an excellent customer of Massage Envy since 2018, they re-established me in 2019 because someone there at the PS office had signed me up wrong. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars. I am walking away because the service (when I REPEATEDLY tried to make my son an appointment) was not available on the afternoon we could both get him in, which was Wednesday afternoons for a SPORT massage. The one person we were able to get him in with MADE MY SON VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. My son complained (he is 11) that he did not like how high he put his hands on him, and he did not want to see him again. I cancelled his membership after that in MARCH of 2023. I never got the form. Between work and my son’s school, I FORGOT to check back with anyone, thinking HE WAS CANCELLED. I have been charged $300 since then. That coupled with the utterly rude interaction I had with both Sophie and the manager at the Palm Springs site, which is where all the BAD service and issues have originated, is why I am cancelling my Five-year membership. She could have listened (she never even let me tell her about the issue where my SON FELT UNCOMFORTABLE with the service provided), refunded me the three or four months of erroneous charges, or even part of it as a compromise, but chose to belittle me, talk over me, and make me feel that customer service is not important to this company. Palm Desert was ALWAYS amazing when they were open, but I cannot continue to give my hard-earned money to a horrible local business. Please cancel my account immediately and stop charging me for my son’s account, which was cancelled in March. I have now emailed forms back on both accounts.
    Thank you,

    Demetria T. Robertson, RN BSN
    Clinic Administrator
    Stonewall Medical Center
    Phone 760-507-3310 x 6220
    760-799-4873 (cell)

  • Marcia Gonzales says:

    I have been so upset with colleyville tx .. i have cancel my membership so many times that I’m am asking for a refund.

  • William E Montoya says:

    I recently signed up to be a member at one of your massage envy shop located in Sugarland, Tx at 99 and 59 hwys.The first problem came up when I could not get an appointment scheduled on a weekend, Saturday or Sunday. I had to wait almost a month to get the first appointment. The Therapist did not know how to massage arms and legs, she was applying the pressure the wrong way, I attempted to correct her but she could not do it right or she did not want to do it right. Than she cut the session short by 15 minutes. The second problem came up yesterday, June 24, a month after the first massage. I was called Friday to let me know that my session at 11 am on Saturday was cancelled. I re-scheduled for same day at 5:15 pm. After waiting for 15 minutes, at 5:30 pm, the desk lady came to the waiting area to tell me that my session had been cancelled. No reason was given. I got upset and I asked the desk lady to cancel my membership. I will expect for your answer before reporting this to the BBB. I also expect a refund of what you guys took from my credit card this month, since I dis not get to use the services. I hope we can clear this situation without any future legal consequences. Yours truly William E Montoya

  • Jeffrey Adams says:

    On 6-17-23 at 1630 hours I used $120.00 gift card for a 90 minute massage. The charge was $105.00. At check out I asked that the $15.00 remaining balance on the card along with $5.00 cash totaling $20.00 be applied as a gratuity. I was told by the cashier that the gift card only had $105.00. I showed her where the card displayed $120.00. She stated that “Massage envy doesn’t issue those cards it’s a third party. I didn’t have time to dispute and other customers were behind me. It was a bit embarrassing to argue and make a scene. I the cashier my credit card and told her to take $20.00 from my card as a gratuity. Moments later another staff person came out flagged me down and advised that they had verified that the gift card had the additional $15.00. The cashier asked if I wanted to just keep the $15.00 on the card for future use. I told her that I preferred not to. I requested that she apply the $15.00 balance along with $5.00 cash out of my pocket and refund the $20.00 back to my card. The cashier agreed . The refund receipt reflected $125.00 not $20.00. The cashier stated that she had made s mistake and requested that I allow her to run my credit card again and charge $125.00. I called Capital 1 to verify if my account had credited 125.00. The representative verified that my account had been charged $25.00 but did not see a credit in the amount of $125.00. The Capital 1 representative advised that it could take several days for that transaction to show. I refused to allow the cashier to run my credit again pending further verification from my card company.

    Unfortunately I was more stressed after leaving the salon than when I first arrived. Any benefit the massage had was undone by this experience . Please advise. I can be reached by email adamsjeffrey99@yahoo.com and cell 706-330-4813.

    That you.

  • Michieb says:

    I’m not understanding why I need a Doctor’s note to get out of my contract with Massage Envy. I was in bed with COVID, called my local ME and said I’d like to cancel. She said that I have to come in with a Doctor’s note. WHAT?!?! I’m not in elementary school! Neither am I an employee of ME! MY PERSONAL DOCTOR has NOTHING to do with why I signed up for ME, so why would I need a note from him to end my contract?! And I asked her what if my doctor does not want to issue a note, she said I’ll have to keep paying until the end of contract though I’m not using the services. THIS IS BOGUS! AND also an invasion of my privacy. Who my doctor is my business and what I do in my private time (like getting a massage) is NONE OF MY DOCTOR’S BUSINESS! And HE AGREES! I left a messsge at headquarters, let’s see if I get a call back! RIDICULOUS!

  • Cesar Rojas says:

    I when to massage envy in farmingdale Ny, saturday 01-14-2023 at 12:30 pm, asking for information of my account, the two girls working at the fron desk where Soo bad, they ending fairing with my, I have paid 8 massage, they can’t provided the service

    • Nancy Dougherty says:

      See my comment above. I’ve been a member for 14 years at Farmingdale The desk crew is so unprofessional and although I have 4 on the books they tell me I have one. Report the owner Anna Ryan to corporate and the BBB.

  • Bruce says:

    Cancelled membership and signed form in December. January 12, 2023, ME in Menifee charged me $80. I canceled but they still want to charge me (Theft by ME)

  • Ebony says:



  • Nicolette says:

    Massage Envy SUCKS!
    CORPORATE doesn’t care, they are a true scam. Charging clients despite lockdown so racking up credits for massages. Then when you want to cancel a membership you only have 60 days to use all the credits built up. Can’t get gift cards for it instead despite already having paid for it. To freeze membership you get scharged $20 per month and you can’t use your credits in the meantime. They can cancel an appointment an hour or less before appointment but if you do that you get penalized and charged for the Massage.
    Lack of staff, staff turnaround is huge, managers don’t last and don’t call back either. SO many bad reviews that I wished I would have read before getting sucked into becoming a member. Do NOT waist your money on this HORRIBLE company who shows no ethics.

  • Amy Long says:

    Been a member for a few years, never had an issue getting a deep muscle massage for 1 1/2 hours until my therapist guit. Now it’s do hard to get an appointment. I had appt scheduled for 12/26, it was canceled and next appointment I can get, and only for 1 hour, is Feb 9th. Called another location, had to leave message, never called back. Summerville, SC

  • Kristal Franklyn says:

    I got a facial at one of your locations and signed up for a membership. I called the location told and was told I was under a 12 mth contract. I was not made aware verbally that their was a contract 6 or 12 mth! I was handed and iPad by one of the reps at the location to sign. This was not explained to me or else I wouldn’t have signed up. Please assist.

  • Suzette Allbrook says:

    Never have I been treated so poorly, disrespectful and unprofessional. I’m a member that simply wanted a massage. The clinic manager does not represent your client and company in a positive manner.

  • Herb Woods says:

    your website does not work. I am trying to review my account/membership and book appointments and the website keeps throwing errors.

  • Jim Armstrong says:

    This is the worst company ever. They honor nothing they take your money and make it difficult and change their policy to fit their needs. They are rude and not professional make it very hard to cancel and if you move you have to change you membership to that location otherwise you can’t get an appointment for months. They charge you more even tho you have been a member for years where does it say they can charge you more in the contract? And they don’t honor if you want to give a massage to your wife even tho they did it before. Change policy to fit their needs. Bad business bad company going to the media with this issue cause you can’t get anywhere with this company.

  • Michelle Hayward says:

    Massage Envy – Goodyear. Manager Darrell.

    My membership contract ended last month (10/17) and I completed the required renewal cancellation document (10/20) at the Goodyear location. So, no further auto payments should’ve come out of my account and I was told the cancellation was completed in plenty of time to avoid any future charges. However, I received a text from Massage Envy yesterday (11/16) stating my account was charged and to schedule service. When I called to speak with the Manager, I was told he was gone for the day but would call me first thing in the morning. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. So, I called this morning (11/17) and the Manager Darrell answered. He stated he’d call me back in a half hour but I only received a text stating I’d receive a refund in 3 business days. This didn’t address any overdraft charges to my banking account or how this would be prevented from happening in the future. I’ve gotten the run around when calling (I get vm) or texting (vague responses) with no answers to my questions. This is unacceptable and very disappointing that this would happen and the Manager Darrell would exacerbate the issue by not handling in a timely and efficient manner. My business was not appreciated.

    I reported to BBB on 11/19 and they too have not heard back from the company. I’ve called ME corporate office a few times and still no response. It’s really unfortunate that companies like these get away with how they treat customers. I had such a pleasant experience when a customer in Michigan and I believed the experience would be just as great here in Arizona, but that was furthest from the truth. I will never go back to ME.

    • Bruce says:

      Same happen to me, canceled and I’m still charged $80 a month. I think we all need to have a group lawsuit against Massage Envy and put the suit out publicly so everyone can participate. They need to learn and the only way to do that is hurt their pockets. Our everyone go to the courthouse in their town and file a civil suit.

  • Ralph Martinez (Arlington, Texas ) location says:

    I signed a one year contract and 17 months later I’m still getting charged. I can’t get a manager to call be back !! I was told once I canceled my membership I have one month to use 11 I have already paid for.

  • Naomi McCullock says:

    I have never had such an unprofessional experience!! I have been trying to cancel account for months. No manager at store but they keep charging my card now district manager and have been told for days she would call me back, NO call!

    • Dlo Suarez says:

      Same !!!! I’m in Miami and the same I’ve asked for the same district manager and manager . I regret getting a membership with such unprofessionals!

  • Charles Price says:

    I am really disappointed with massage envy’s choice to charge a additional $10 be per visit for a “marketing fee”. The may well drive me away from Massage Envy for sides

  • william Freeze says:

    My wife passed away on 8-14-22 she paid in advance for 40 appointments, I have lung cancer, and can use the money, I talked to the manger at the Roseville ca. office to get my money back she said once it’s in the computer she can’t refund it, please help. Don’t let your company steal from the dead. thanks

  • Monica says:

    26 October 2022: Very disappointed in Massage Envy’s business practices

    I have been a Massage Envy member since it’s opening. My parent company is located in Elkridge, MD, but I live closer to Ellicott City, MD and therefore have been utilizing the services there. At the start, I was in good health. Unfortunately, I’ve had to undergo two back surgeries and the doc’s are telling me I need another. I was on the Freeze pgrm, and then the Freeze Plus, as I live in chronic pain management on a daily basis and honestly did not want anyone touching my back and it was also obviously advised the same.

    Post COVID, I just came off of the Freeze Plus in August 2022, and was trying to extend it and most especially since I still had 11 packages that I still needed to use. I was informed by the owner who hides herself very well in identifying that she is the owner, Andrea (at the Elkridge location) – like it’s a big secret, but I get it. I honestly believe how however, that she, they don’t want to deal with all of the complaints, and their very good with not getting back to you, or playing the back & forth game.

    So, here we are. I was informed that I needed medical documentation to extend, and that when those six months are over, I would have to be a fully paid member for six months, and so the game repeats. The difficult issue is that I can never get on the books with anyone that I had a previous massage with in the past and trust to touch my back, as either their schedule is not yet open, the schedule is fully booked for the next couple of months, or the person is leaving and is no longer taking on additional appointments. This is a red flag in many areas. I understand we are post COVID, and therapists are limited from what they say, but perhaps if you pay them a bit more, they will re-think leaving. It truly is about how you treat your employees.

    My dilemma is not only can I not get in on a regular basis for massage therapy to break up some of the tissue from my back surgeries and other medical procedures I had completed, but I go today (10/26/22) for a service for what I thought was at the Ellicott City location, and was informed that I was at the incorrect address that my appointment was at the Columbia, MD location. So now not only is it going to take me a min of .50 to get there, they end appointments almost always at each location about 10-15 earlier than “your what you paid for, a 60 min session”. So to go there, park, undress for perhaps a 15 min session. Too stressful, especially in my position. So, not only do I take off early from work for which I am being charged for, but Massage Envy say’s they will also charge me $80 for the visit. I asked if they could waive the charge, as this has never happened before, and they told me “no”. It was an honest mix-up as the therapist I use and like to book with at the Ellicott City location when I can get in had the same name as the one I was booked with in the Elkridge, MD location. BUT, when they reschedule you, YOU can’t charge them for the inconvenience, and good luck with getting in for another appointment, as you will most likely be on a waiting list for a crazy appointment in the morning or middle of the day which is difficult to get to especially if you work like many of us do.

    The bottom line is, I am hoping someone from Corporate, ie.: Joseph C. Magnacca or one of his staff members gives me a call back about the way business is being conducted in both of these locations. I have had a horrible experience over the past couple of years where I’ve had to constantly follow-up, as no one (the Accounts team) would get back to me. Again, I am now told I needed to ride a six month period out before I can do another Freeze Plus, as “Andrea” from the Elkridge, MD location informs me that is the contract and if I cancel now or “then” (Aug/early September), I would still be liable for paying the monthly fee for the next six months.

    With that said, again, this business was great when it started, but something most certainly broke. It’s probably a combination of not paying the therapists enough $$$ along with going big too soon, and losing the most important piece in all of this which is “healing people”. Money is great, and that’s why people go into business, but when the “people” get lost in the mission, not so good things happen. Nonetheless, once this supposed contract ends, I will not ever join this place again, nor recommend anyone for services at a Massage Envy unless I see a “fix” in the process. People don’t need to be stressed over the non-sense of their accounts, etc., and it’s only because franchisee owners greed.

  • Sad Employee says:

    I work currently at Massage Envy in. Warrington … this place is full of bullies. I literally gave my two weeks notice because I can’t put up with the bullying. I am the second person to leave the position due to bullying.

  • Marian West says:

    We have been members for probably 10 years. They just closed the location we have been using in Anderson, SC. They said Corporate would be reaching out to us. When will we hear something about our membership now.

  • Beverly Hunnewell says:

    I canceled my membership when I contracted Covid19 this summer and was told I had 2 visits left on my membership which I could use once I was released from my doctor’s care. Now they tell me my visits have expired and I cannot use the credits. After many years of having a ME membership, this is how I am treated. If ME refuses to accommodate and reinstate these 2 sessions that I am entitled to and owed, I will never consider rejoining and will, in fact, have my entire family and friends circles end their relationships with ME. That would be well over 100 memberships with Massage Envy at Massage Envy, 13721 SW 152 St., Miami Florida Ph.305-252-4636

  • Cherika says:

    This business has literally robbed me during a world recession. I was not told I would be locked into a contract for a massage. I can’t cancel the membership unless I pay more, I am also not even able to use the credits I already paid for unless I pay more. I literally hate this business. Wish I could speak to the owner, its not right. I can barely pay rent now after being laid off and I have to pay monthly for a luxury that I don’t need at the time. If I was told this before signing up, I wouldn’t have. If I had known this business operates like this, I never would have gone in the first place.

  • janet steadman says:

    Been a member for years but many in Utah were bought out in January 2022 by the Worst company ever, All the therapists quit. Now such a total waste of money.. can’t get any appointments in Utah. My son joined right before they were bought out and can’t get any appointments and is still tied to that year of paying for something that Massage envy can’t provide. To top it off, got a letter today saying they were raising my rates for the 2nd time in 2022 but I still can’t get any appointments. Can’t get a manager to call me back to find out how I can cancel my membership. I had 12 appointments cancelled on me in the last year due to therapists quitting. Definitely getting out of my membership, even if I have to get my lawyer involved. Would not recommend to anyone. It is really sad I have a membership and have to pay to get massages at 2 places down the same street and can get next day appointments. I would definitely say there is something wrong with the massage envy organization.

  • Grant says:

    My Family has been Member starting with my wife in 2014. Myself in 2016 and my mother in 2020. All of us have since canceled our memberships. As a member you get a certain number of massages per month for a Monthly fee. (recently raised fee) If you call to Schedule an appointment you are scheduled out at least 6 to 8 weeks. They have more members than appointments by far. It is extremely difficult to get in and they say they can’t control that, yet they keep taking new members. I canceled my member ship and then scheduled out my appointments for the credits I had left. 6-22 / 7-8 @ 7-17. On 7-7 I was exposed to COVID 19 at work and cancelled my appointment for that day. When I had my massage on 7-17 I rescheduled that appointment for what I thought was 8-11. (The appointment card was hard to read from an 11 to an 18) I went in on 8-11 and was informed that it was actually scheduled for 8-18. Nothing was said when she checked for my appointment in the computer. I received a text to confirm my appointment on 8-16 for which i confirmed. Then on 8-17 I received another text that due to my membership cancellation i would have to pay $194.18 for my massage on 8-18. I then called and spoke to the manager. I was respectful, calm and tried to work this out. Her reply was due to my membership cancellation i would have to pay $194.18 for my massage on 8-18. Of course, their lack of openings for members massages is not their fault. They will not honor my already paid for credits nor will they refund me. (It’s in the fine print when you sign up or cancel apparently) Long story summed up. If you join- they will take your monthly money- Not have enough appointments available for you monthly massages- Making money off you they never intend to return. BEWARE! This is very disappointing, with the new owners (purchased 4 years ago-when things began to go downhill), the owner prior was much better and customer oriented. The new owner identity is kept close to the vest, only being able to speak with the current of many managers. The massages are hit and miss. Some are not good and few are Great. When you find a good one, they never have openings. Do Not Join!

  • Bob says:

    Massage envy in Agoura Hills California doesn’t even bother calling when one of their employees get sick and an appointment needs to be canceled. The customer simply shows up and finds out that the appointment has been canceled and then the employees behind the desk lie about the whole thing. I don’t see how one can continue dealing with people who are so dishonest.

  • Guest says:

    Shawn Hudson is a massage therapist in Crest Hill, IL. Not only does he work out of his home charging his clients cash so he does not have to work under massage envy but he also wears his massage envy gear to a lot of swingers events and has posts on social media sites with their brand and logo. This man is a rapist and a report has been filed with the police department. I went for a massage, which I paid for, at his home and after the massage was completed he raped me. The investigation is still under way but massage envy should really take into consideration who they have working for them. Please be safe and never let this man touch you!

  • Never again to ME says:

    Massage Envy in Round Rock TX is refusing to honor a gift certificate from Christmas 2020. They are trying to say it expired except no expiration is noted anywhere, and at time of purchase they specifically said it never expires. Sigh. I’m assuming new ownership. Terrible company and when I had my massage their last year I wasn’t impressed. Poor guy didn’t know what he was doing.

  • John Doe says:

    Massage Envy Verona Nj location is the worst location. FDA’s and management extremely unprofessional. They treat clients and employees horribly. The spa as a whole is a shit hole, not updated, broken beds,stains of mildew on the ceilings. Unsanitary bathrooms. The way the establishment is run is just horrible. Jessica the manager is extremely rude! Don’t waist your money go to a better spa that has much more to offer and less expensive!

  • Tina says:

    Will not refer you guys to anyone. Never could get an appointment when I wanted one. Than you charged my boyfriend 75.00 without our consent, keep getting told different stories when I try to get them to reverse the charges. This place is a joke.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think Massage Envy isn’t what they used to be. The corporate office should be concerned that they keep taking monthly payments from their customers and you can’t even get an appointment every month. Then when you get an appointment, they cancelled your appointment less then 24 hours before the appointment. The reason was that the massage therapist was going back to nursing school. I have to believe the massage therapist knew her schedule more than the day before school starts. I think the Corporate office needs to start investigating practices at each office. There should be some penalty to the store where they have to credit customers. Corporate office needs to teach these places how to manage the business.

  • Herb says:

    Massage envy is a scam. Did you know it’s impossible to cancel unless you talk with a manager. The only issue is that the managers are never available. We’ve been trying to cancel for the past 6 months and just found out about the “manager clause”. Bet I won’t get any feedback or satisfactory resolution! Will tell my friends to stay far away!!!

  • Robyn Fowsey says:

    I’ve been a client for years of the Sanford Florida location and ever since Jennifer started as the office manager it’s gone down hill
    If ever I cancel later (and it’s only been twice) once as ac result of being sick and not wanting to spread anything they have charged me-yet twice I have shown up and they said they left a voicemail canceling and I got no voicemail and showed them that I even got check in texts and confirmations I accepted and she didn’t even call me back
    She has no idea what customer service is
    If itc wasn’t for Iliana my massage specialist I would have left years ago
    They are horrible

  • Gary says:

    Your company as a whole is worthless, I signed up a few years ago, you charge me 60/70 dollars month. I have been canceled on more times than I had massages with your company. I’ve canceled my membership, and even my free massages get canceled. I think I’m entitled to my money back, for my canceled massages and my accrued 11 massages that I will never use, The saddest part is it’s all across the country, I’ve been canceled in my home state, I’ve been canceled in Washington State, I’ve been canceled in Montana, and I’ve been canceled in Virginia, so I know it’s just not one location, and yet you just raised your cost.

  • Bea says:

    I transferred 1 session to my husband. It is a microderm session. I was charged 40 dollars for the transfer because she said it is paid by 2 sessions. I don’t believe this is correct. Please advice.

    • Blaine. Lmt says:

      From my experience a transfer is only a 10-20 dollar fee. Could depend on the franchise location but I wouldn’t let that slide.

  • Sharon O Magnusson says:

    I received a gift certificate for Christmas and am having the same issue with scheduling. Further, they insist on keeping my credit card on file in the event I were to cancel an appointment, which I am against with any company. When I asked for a credit to my son’s credit card, they refused. Very unfriendly.

  • Barbara says:

    Very dissatisfied with Massage Envy. As we speak the account was opened in 2014. Up until covid it was being charged to our account and regularly used at the Gresham Oregon location. Over covid multiple hours were piling up in the account as they took the monthly payment. Now Massage Envy Gresham has closed and it seems as though we have 120 days to use up 17 credits. As you know if you call the outskirts of your home office they are booked and don’t have a lot of room to take on additional customers. At the end of 120 days we lose the 17 hours or whatever is left that is approximately August 1st. When you try to reach corporate because our account was transferred to corporate the only way to reach them is an email so therefore they will return that information at their leisure very dissatisfied after all these years wondering if there will be a class action suit…hummm!

    • Blaine. Lmt says:

      When you call you can’t reach anybody? +1 480-366-4100. This is the line if that helps. You should be getting what you paid for And sadly it’s the underpaid employees on tight regimens along with the clientele who suffer. Hope you get this resolved. Embarrassing no one has gotten back to anyone of you from the looks of it.

  • Tracy says:

    I have been very disappointed lately with the Ellicott City location. I have many sessions stored up, but I am unable to book an appointment. I was told that the calendar is only open for a month and no appointments are available in the evenings. Since I work, I am unable to go during the day except for weekends, which are also unavailable. I will be charged to stop the monthly charge for 3 months and if I cancel, I lose all my stored sessions. What can be done?

  • Mimi says:

    Can’t get refunds or reach a manager over charges on your credit card? Maybe dispute and lock the credit card. If enough people go this maybe they will handle their business in a more responsible fashion.

  • Juracy Borges says:

    I am very disappointed and frustrated with service at 852 Route 3 West Clifton NJ, 07012. I waited 1 hour and they did not service me there. Make sure they do not receive credit for service that was not done. Unpleasant situation, made an appointment and they send me back home.

  • Dina Wheeler says:

    I have been a member of the Massage Envy in Lake Success for over a year. I had a medical emergency and could not receive the services. Hence I wanted to gift my last three services to friends and family. I was told my gift must be used by July 20, 2022. When I tried to make the arrangements I was told only I could use the services because I CANCELLED my membership. I asked the manager of massage envy (he actually said he owned this location) can I see where this is written, he stated it’s not written anywhere it’s “JUST THE RULES”. Now I am losing 3 services that I paid for monthly. I am totally disgusted. I need someone to make this make sense. All I ask is to show me where it is written. I will follow the rules. This “owner” kept telling me it’s in the email he sent when I asked him to resend the email that’s when he stated this “rule” is not in an email. Disgusted!!

  • GUEST says:

    The Falls Point location in Raleigh, NC is disgusting! Bathrooms & glass doors filthy! I got a facial Tuesday afternoon & room & products left out on counter were dirty!

  • corina rivera says:

    Never again! I paid for a massage and the therapist only focused herself to one area. I felt uncomfortable the whole time. Worst experience ever. This location in Avondale. Tameka I hope you see this.

  • Artie Wright says:

    I made an appointment for a massage and the price quoted was 115.00
    After the massage I was not informed that the price had gone up to 130.00 until after the services. I should have been informed prior too. This is bad customer service and the girl who checked me out was very nonchalent.

  • Katherine Robeson says:

    I cancelled these accounts on 4/11/22 and owe them nothing. I have LITERALLY reported my credit card as lost/stolen on 4/12/22 to stop these people from billing me $110/month. It didn’t work – they just resubmitted and claimed it’s a valid recurring charge. The bank and I are now hashing that out. SEVEN times I’ve requested to speak to a Manager. ZERO call backs. I’m trying to find someone in authority at the corporate level for assistance. At this point, I see no evidence of integrity or ethics in this company. Stay far, far away.

  • Katherine says:

    I think the fees are unreasonable. 75.00 for an hour massage. But if you don’t buy their membership deal, then if you book another massage the next week, they’ll charge you 175.00 for the same hour massage. This is ridiculous. Are you forcing people to do the membership?
    I won’t go back.

  • Angry Former Massage Envy Massage Therapist says:

    As a former client AND employee of ME, my best advice is to quit your job or cancel your membership & RUN.

    They use predatory business practices (charge clients & not give them appts, nickel & dime for services that should be included in the massage time, purposely wait until it’s within the 10 days of cxl notice to send the client the cancellation form, never preform refunds, purposely have clients sign up for 12 months and do not disclose it will auto-renew, they also charge a fee if you would like to use a clinic out of state & have silenced S.A. victims by telling them the police will not believe them since they signed their name on the intake form that states they cannot pursue legal counsel and or action)

    They overwork and underpay. As a therapist, in a 6-year span & as a full time employee with 30 hours of MASSAGE (not just 30 hours on schedule, I was booked 30 hours of massage a week), – I only received a .50 cent raise the entire time. $16.50 was my highest hourly wage (plus tip IF the client tipped, most did – I will say that) When clients leave tips on credit card, they are taxed, so you get about 50%. We only have 5 minutes between clients to “clean” the room and turn it over. If your uniform is worn-out or damaged, they cover the costs by taking it out of your pay. They offer benefits, but its on the employee 100% and I found cheaper in the marketplace. Not to mention they sweep serious inappropriate incidents under the rug, if a therapist is inappropriate – they do not fire the therapist, they simply relocate them to another clinic. I also had numerous inappropriate clients on my table (always male clients) and even after pleading with my manager (who is a female, as am I) she did not care and continued to let the client book with me because he was spending $150+ on one massage each time. My safety is more important than money ever will be. I quit for this reason.

    I’ve found another massage establishment that employs me and man is it a big difference..

  • Barbara says:

    It would be nice if the front desk staff was polite and helpful. I requested a Saturday appointment she looked at me and say “we have nothing this Saturday” and when I didn’t walk away she repeated it. I replied ok but I asked for A Saturday not just this week then got upset because I wanted to do multiple bookings. Gee, I thought I was paying for this service!

  • Les Bolstad says:

    I’ve been a massage Envy member for many years. I continue to get billed monthly for massages but I’m unable to schedule due to no availability. I recently had scheduled two massages at two different locations that were canceled by the therapist, one of them the day of the massage. What kind of business is this?!

    • Juracy Borges says:

      Here in Clifton, NJ Massage Envy cancelled my appointment when I was 1 hour waiting inveje location. They said the Therapist’s father had COVID. Those professional must be better qualified and proper trained

    • Null says:

      I’m currently experiencing the same exact issue. It’s ridiculous and they claim they’re unable to process refunds.

  • Walter Ziegler says:

    How many of you out there feel that Massage Envy is begging for the gratuity by asking you if you would like to leave a gratuity as you are checking in?

    I have always felt that if you have to ask if you would like to leave a gratuity (tip) that you are begging for money.I have been a member for at least 15 years and have always given generous tips before I even receive service yet it always irks me when they ask…..There have been time where where i was putting the money in the envelope and they still asked if i wanted to leave a tip….pathetic

    • Juracy Borges says:

      I gave gratuity to my therapist and when I was months front desk they still asked me to leave gratuity. Bad customers service.

  • Angela Forbes says:

    Former Member Very Disappointed and Unethical Customer Service and Money Practices

    I have been a member since 2018 off and on then I came back end of 2019 until April 1 2022 and signed contract. For awhile now I was paying month to month. Then they went up $5.00. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo as to this price increase. Anyway, I called to cancel my membership or dues or what have you. The person I talked to gave me a spiel about I had 10 days after membership was canceled to utilize membership privileges.

    Ten Days

    I expressed I wanted to transfer a massage to my daughter seeing that I had accumulated over 5 plus sessions. This female from the South Windsor Location in CT had me thinking that the cancelation for the membership would not go into affect until sometime Monday April 4, 2022. That was fine. I asked the question since I am canceling then I would assume you won’t be taking out the payment for April 4, 2022. She told me that It was too late to cancel and It would still be taken out, because at that point the process would be in motion by that time.

    Cancellation Form

    Message Envy sent me the cancellation form via email on April 1, 2022 I sent it back April 1 2022 after 8:30 EST pm. I got a confirmation email that they received my cancelation. Now the whole weekend I checked my email nothing, Checked my account, best believe they took out the $70.00 on April 4, 2022.

    UH OH You Too Late Sucker

    So after not hearing from anyone Since Friday April 1, 2022, now here it was, I finally decided to give a call on April 12, 2022 to schedule an appointment for my daughter and to find out what was the status of the cancellation. The female I talked to being bubbly as she was told me sorry, it’s too late to do a transfer, you no longer have membership privileges. Alright I can deal with that, but if you telling me that my membership was canceled as of Friday April 1, 2022. Then they could have darn well not processed that payment. I raised the question, how is it that you still take money out and I am no longer a member as of April 1, 2022 and on top of that was was not under contract.

    Not Acceptable

    The female told me nothing she could do but she will bring it up to a manager. Some guy from Massage Envy, South Windsor CT, I guess. Proceeded to tell me all the dam practices, policies that are all over the US for their Massage Envy. If you have a customer, that has been a loyal customer and faithfully made sure to tip decent tip. I am on a fixed income, but this was something to give myself self-care. Because of personal situations, Massage Envy is no longer feasible. Anyway, This so called manager it was clearly obvious he was all about his employee and dam the customer. Once he finished with his policy jargon bull crap, Because Every Customer Wants To Hear About Your Companies Policies and Practices. I confirmed that he was not going to issue me a refund. He said flat out NO. I Said That is Just Unacceptable, then I hung up.

    Canceled My Appointment Via Text

    Not Even An Hour Later

    I get a text on the same day I had the incident with the manager on April 12, 2022 from Massage Envy saying that my previously scheduled appointment for April 14, 2022 with the massage personnel was canceled due to him not being medically cleared. Ain’t that a Coinkydink. So you mean to tell me that this whole time talking to both the female and the manager, nobody could tell me he would not be available for the massage. And like I said, they can send me texts about appointments days in advance, emails about products, But no one could send me a notification about the official cancellation or that I am nearing the end of 10 days?

    Bit of Words of Wisdom

    Massage Envy, You never know who you are dealing with. Not to mention. My daughter just opened her business, and the goal was to have her employees, come to Massage Envy for a wellness self-care. By the way It is not only in the State of CT. She is opening up another location in VA. So just because a client or customer maybe exiting, or going through trials, or may seem to not have much, gives you no Right to disrespect, or make someone feel like crap because of your policies. I am easy going, and it takes a bit to ruffle my feather but at this point I am so very disappointed in the treatment by Massage Envy I am saddened. I have been a loyal customer and I always rave about Massage Envy. Well you don’t have to worry about that any more.

    • Jerry Tedder says:

      My problem was i was getting 20 minutes of stretch but paying for 30 minutes.Why don t someone not ob fixed income,like me sue them for fraud.They don t tell you this untill you complain then i was scheduled with a male for my last appointment.Bunch of fat bitches

    • Dina Wheeler says:

      I am having the same problem right now in New Hyde Park, NY. I am totally disgusted.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone, I am a former Massage Envy employee who quit because the business practices of this company were so predatory and unethical. The reason that you all are having such a difficult time booking appointments is as follows:
    Up to HALF of therapists schedules are blocked off and reserved for “guests” or non-members. This accomplishes 2 goals of massage envy business model. 1) Attract new potential members who pay for their sessions that day, who may also sign a year long contract which they are billed monthly for to receive something that they will learn is nearly impossible to redeem; and 2) to prevent you, the member, from using your credits that you have already paid for. These credits that you pay for monthly are worth nothing unless you are able to redeem them. So by forcing you all to keep accruing more credits at a rate that you are unable to use them, the business knows that you will begrudgingly keep the membership not wanting to lose out on money that you’ve already spent. This is called sunk cost fallacy. The money is already gone and Massage Envy has absolutely no intention of providing you with the services you have paid for. They are lying to your faces when they tell you that there are no available appointments.

    • Daymon says:

      Thank you so much for your insight. It definitely explains allot. Between my wife and I we no have over 90 massages racked up and can never get an appointment.

    • Alicia says:

      Covid did take a toll on a lot of business, Massage Envy included. The branch I normally frequent, has lost a lot of their therapist, since the government closed them down for months. I have never had an issue with using my credits. I always booked 90 minute massages, using a portion of my credit. I also transfer my credits to family and friends when I accrue a lot.

  • Tim Taylor says:

    I left a voice mail for customer service to place contact me, I prepaid for six visits over a year ago and have made several attempts to schedule my visits and there is always an excuse, no one is available we are all booked up for the next couple of days or we don’t take customer after 6:00pm and I work 20 miles away and can’t go on my lunch hour and would like my money applied back to my credit card and the manager at you dale maybey and Van Duke in tampa said they couldn’t refund my credit card after trying for a year to use up my six visits.

  • Miyoung Wilson says:

    I have been member for long time ago then canceled and I rejoin the membership few month ago
    This location service is terrible first, you can’t get to make appointment which you did they canceled for some random reason they canceled my facial appointment twice when I complain all they said is make another appointment i didn’t canceled you guys are.

  • Gail Morvay says:

    I have been a customer approximately 10 years. I have been very pleased with my massage services. As of late I cannot book appointments for the time and dates I request. Therefore I want to cancel my membership and move to another service in Dallas. I thought ME might want this info to look into this recent problem. Gail Morvay
    3303 Blackburn St. #401, Dallas, TX 75204

  • Paula Fossum says:

    I was charged for massages AFTER I cancelled my auto payment and would like a cash refund or credit back to my AMX. I have NOT received a call back from Corporate Office Headquarters or any acknowledgement from anyone to rectify this.

    • Daymon says:

      i have the same problem with not being able to get in contact with anyone. The branch manager will not call back- corporate will not call back and some guy who apparently just bought out the location I am with will not call back.

  • Mike says:

    The moron in Tracy, CA is now charging $70/month; in addition to charging a $10 surcharge for anyone using credits at his location. When my home clinic was charging more than him, did he give them extra money to compensate them? The entire point behind being a member, since 08/2008, was to be able to visit any clinic I wanted. Absolutely outrageous. Who at corporate is managing this?

  • Tara says:

    I have been canceled on at least 5 times since January. I had already canceled my membership and it expires April 5th. I got a 3 hour notice of my cancelation today. I asked for an extension past my April 5th expiration date because they cancelled on me. I was told there was nothing that they could do. I ask to speak to a supervisor. She was rude and sarcastic with me. I don’t appreciate being treated so rudely. It wasn’t my fault that they cancelled. I will never go here again!! Most displeased!

  • Janelle Pearson says:

    I can never get appointments. I’ve scheduled months out and then they get canceled all while I keep paying a monthly fee. It gets so annoying that I just stop trying.

  • Cynthia Small says:

    It would be a show of appreciation for you to hold back your membership rate increase for your clients who faithfully continued their memberships during covid19. Those of us who did not cancel, or put a freeze on, memberships showed support for MASSAGE ENVY

  • James McCullock says:

    To whom it may concern;

    My name is James M McCullock, and on December 8th of 2021 I applied for a position with Massage Envy in San Diego, California.
    Within the hour I received both an email and a phone call from the Clairmont location manager, Jess.
    It was scheduled for the next day, December 9th.

    On December 9th, I received a text from Jess saying we would need to reschedule as she had something personal come up.
    We rescheduled the interview for Saturday, December 11th at 11 AM.
    The interview and test massage went well, so I was offered the position.

    I came in the following Tuesday to do my onboarding, which I was told I would be paid for.
    It was two hours of my time.

    On December 27th I received a text from the assistant manager, Blanca, asking me to come in for video training.
    She informed me she had contacted the district manager, Alexis, about my hiring and to get me scheduled for in-person training.
    We scheduled the video training for December 30th at 1 PM.

    At 7:16 AM on December 30th, I received a text from Blanca saying we would need to reschedule the video training.

    On December 31st I asked if there was another date we could schedule the training.
    I received no response.

    I did not hear anything, from anyone, until January 3rd, 2022.
    I sent Jess a text asking if I still had the job as I had not heard anything.
    She replied and informed she had resigned her position and that she would reach to the assistant manager, Blanca.
    I sent Blanca the same text.

    I was told I could do the video training at home on my own.
    Blanca provided me with the log on information and told me to track my time so I could get paid.

    By January 5th I had completed all of the video training.

    I received a call from the district manager, Alexis, informing me that the Clairmont location had to close due to COVID-19 exposure.
    She assured me she would get me trained, in person, ASAP.

    On January 16th, I received a text from Alexis saying the location had reopened and could I come in for training.
    We scheduled the training for Saturday, February 5th, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

    On January 21st I received a text from Blanca informing me my background check had finally come in and I was clear to work.

    February 5th, I show up to the Clairmont location for my training and I am told I am not on the schedule.
    The young woman who was working the front desk called the new manager, Jess’s replacement, and we spoke on the phone.
    She asked me to leave my name and contact info and she would get back to me ASAP with a new training date.

    On Monday, February 7th, I sent a text to Alexis asking for an update and seeing if there was anything I could do to expedite the process.
    I received no response.

    When by Tuesday, February 8th, I had still received no response from anyone, I decided to revoke my request for employment.

    I am very upset about this entire process as two full months of my life, where I could have been looking for other work, was wasted by your company.
    Also, I have not been paid for ANY of my time when I was assured I would be.
    I was also guaranteed a signing bonus.

    I want to know who I need to speak to to make this right.
    No one will return my messages or calls.
    I still have every one of these interactions on my phone should you need proof what I am telling you is true.

    I do not want to cause problems; I just want to be paid for the time I have given this company.


    James M McCullock

    • Katherine says:

      Read your comments about trying to get employment with them. They are a crooked company. Look else where. Good you have documents of everything on here✔️

  • Krista says:

    Bought a 3 hour pack and was told I could use it at any massage envy state wise. That is NOT the case & now I’m stuck with it. I’m SICK. DONT DO IT.

  • Pam G says:

    I wrote a review 2 weeks ago, complaining that I had no resolution to being allergic to Massage Envy products. I was recently contacted by the Manager of the business, Neesa and she has made arrangements for 3 different therapists to be able to use my dermatology oils and creams for my massages. I appreciated her attention and resolution of this problem.
    Thank you!

  • Cordia G says:

    Gone every month for 6 years Wellington, FL…great therapists and facials HOWEVER WORST treatment from front desk and owner in how business is run and financial accounting and don’t make sense in resolving problems because either ignorance or unqualified in running a business. RUDE and caught in lies. I want to talk to someone who can help or I will go elsewhere and make sure to effluent others to leave or not join.

    • Angela Forbes says:

      I hate to say this, but if everyone starts to put their experiences on Social Media, Facebook, Instagram. Tik Tok and so on they will start to respond. They do not want this bad publicity.

      • Katherine says:

        I agree, more of us should tell our bad times at Massage Envy on Facebook. The crooked suck your money mentality, unqualified front desk people, and rudeness.

  • kimyotta Guice says:

    I was $130.00 after cancellation of my membership, i personally came into the office signed the paperwork and was assured no charges would occur . now im getting the run around no one returns my phone calls , the manager acknowledged i should not have been charge she claimed she was processing my refund to no avail. I’m contacting my lawyer immediately

  • Shelley Jordan says:

    I can not begin to tell you how very disappointed and actually furious I am. I have tried repeatedly to make an appointment one line and there, for months have been nothing available, today I call, and the soonest appt the have is in March, 6 weeks out. I have 29 hours to use, yes 29. So I ask 1st if I can go ahead and book additional appointments and am told they can not make appointments past March 8th, so no, I am not able to make more appts. They have 3 appointments between now and March the 8th. So I ask if I can have my monthly fee stopped until I can use some of the hours, and I am told I can only do that if I pay $10 a month, I have to pay you because you can’t employee enough therapist to handle the membership you have. I live in Anchorage Alaska, when I joined there was 2 location, now cut down to one. There is not way I should have to pay due to your inadequacies. When I told her that I felt this was unfair, she says, I am not even kidding here, well we have a free hold but then you can’t use any of your hours, well what good would that do? I have upheld my end of the contract for several years, my guess is over 5, I have not missed a payment, but not being able to use my hours, 1st due to Covid and now because for months you only had a total of 3 therapist here and now you will have 5, but they are already book is ridiculous. I hope that someone can help to clear this up in some way, if not, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and social media outlets. This is absolutely unethical business practices and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Walter Ziegler says:

      I have been a member since they opened up in my area in Arizona since the early 2000’s. I have side effects from 2 rounds of cancer and go when i feel good and don’t when I do not…sometimes i do not go for months. I had recently put a hold on my account since I had racked up about 12 pre-paids…I just found out when I went to a location that is not my base location that I had to get my pre-paids released before I could get a massage. I ended up canceling my appointment and later called my home location and just found out they are charging a $20 a month administration fee to allow you to use your pre-paids that you have already paid or you needed to release your hold.

      This is just a pure money GRIFTING ploy. Is Massage Envy hurting that much or are they just plain greedy. It pathetic that they would charge you to use your own money that you have given them and not used the money on your side. The pre-paids are free money for them to use for investing, laundering or for whatever reason until you go in for service. Yet they are penalizing you because you had to put a hold on massages for whatever reason….you are lucky they are only charging you $10.

    • Katherine says:

      I think you should call the better business bureau.

  • sheena says:

    For some reason i cant ever get an appointment but i have a gift card

  • Lupe acevez says:

    Valparaiso Indiana office charges me $130 Jan first 2022… Never have I been charged such a large fee .always $60 monthly. Cannot get hold of anyone who will fix that. Longtime member and now this…I haven’t gone in cuz I’m a Frontline and the covid surge is high yet u can charge me this large amount . Someone fix it …or u just lost another membership

  • marci says:

    I have canceled my membership in September at the palmdale, ca location. I waited till the end of the contract which due to the pandemic they extended because the closed for business. I only used two or three massages the rest are credit. signed the cancellation paperwork and paid the fee. In October and November i was charged a membership I called ME and the lady said the manager has not processed the paperwork yet. in December I was charged again i had blocked all payments from ME, I called and this time went in the manager was not in and was told again they were unable to reverse the charges and the manger would process the paperwork. its now going into January and im still waiting for a manager to process my request of cancelling my membership they refuse to give any info on who exactly processes it and why the paper takes months to file.i would like my money back and my services cancelled please.

  • Janet Di Giulio Skidmore says:

    Valencia, California location looks and smells terrible. The owner said she was going to paint and spruce up the place and it hasn’t been done. I would like to speak to someone and corporate about the standards for your franchises. Clearly, if there are some, the business has not strived to meet them. Aesthetics are important if you’re trying to relax and smelling a strong stench from the sewer, ain’t relaxing.

  • Tera Brooks says:

    I prepaid for several massages during the pandemic when they were not even offering services, then was told they expired.
    What a scam.

  • Monica says:

    Regarding ME located in Palm Coast , Florida:

    You phone answering message says “leader in convenience” That is very funny.

    On Dec 15th I was finally able to connect with a manager to cancel mine & my husbands contract. The reason I HAD to cancel is because for the past 15+ months we have been unable to schedule an appointment.

    The reason we could not schedule an appointment was not covid or anything like that. The reason is because the Palm Coast, Florida ME could not seem book appointments for us. We are retired, we are pretty open to schedule, we like end of day. Yet, getting an appointment within 2 months was impossible. Attempting to schedule MONTHS in advance, was not possible. Getting a manager is an unsuccessful task.

    On Sept 19th I scheduled a number of appointments, far into the future for myself and my husband. I was on the phone well over an hour finding and scheduling appointments. About a month later I received a call that the appointments had to be cancelled. Why? The therapist my husband was scheduled with named Cola, quit. They could not accommodate any request I made on rescheduling. In fact, I thought maybe I would try appointments in January. I was informed they could not schedule that far in advance for January 2022. What?

    I finally got a manager to email me the cancel request. My cancellation was received on Dec. 15 , 2021.

    Right now I have 15 credits/unused appointments. My husband has 20. All of those are unused, because of this horribly run ME. They tell me I will just lose those, there are really no appts they can book us in.

    Please address the following:

    1. I was charged $50 on Dec 16, after cancellation was received on Dec 15th. Please refund.

    2. Before I write every poor business practice association out there including, not limited to Yelp, Trip Advisor, Face book, Twitter etc. I would like you , in corporate, to consider refunding me a big chunk of the 35 UNUSED credits we were charged and paid for, yet unable to use, due to nothing of our own fault.

    We kept our part of the contract by paying unused membership 35 times. ME did not adhere to providing the promised services we paid for.

    I sent an email to address provided above which includes all of my client information.

    • Shelley Jordan says:

      I am in this boat with you, 29 hours credit and they want to change me to stop my monthly billing or lose all my credits, ridiculous, what a shabby way to do business. Your letter is almost identical to mine. Between now and 3/8 they have 3 appts aval, and they can’t book past 3/8. I have, like you, unheld my contract, they now need to do the same!

  • Alerser Northington says:

    I am writing this message here because I believe its important for the corporate office to know about a practice either they have or the individual stores have, that is some of the worst customer service I have ever encountered.
    Two years ago, I received a monthly membership to Massage Envy. My job and life were stressful so it was a welcomed gift. The store that I frequently visited is Store #0069 at 2754 Smith Ranch Rd Suite 106 Pearland, TX 77584, phone number (713) 436-8860. I enjoyed and used my service regularly! I even had a few therapist I used to request. Once my work schedule got busy I wasn’t able to go as often. Then Covid came and turned all of our world’s upside down. Since I wasn’t sure if I’d ever use my service again. I was told I could not get my credit on a card that I could use at anytime late. At that time I had 6 credits available, the payment was still being made by my gift giver and since she did not want a non-payment on her credit the card kept being drafted. Here we are today and I have 11.5 credits. They tried prompting me to update my card on file so I could use the credits. I said the credits have been paid for that’s it, they belong to me I would like to know how I can access them. The manager at the store mentioned told me I could not access the credits until I put a new card on file! It’s a way for me to keep paying for something I am not using and would like to stop being drafted. In a cycle of a conversation, never was I handled with any kind of care as a customer, only incessantly telling me I need a new card on file.
    The store manager was talking over me and even tried preventing me from speaking with anyone at corporate telling me there is nothing they can do.
    Its hard for me to believe that corporate has never encountered this issue and don’t have a proper way to handle giving a customer what they have already paid for and doing what is necessary to maintain a good customer relationship! So this letter is me requesting that corporate make me whole. T the store level, the manager flat out refused to do so. I am not asking for any of the money, or anything free, just what has been paid for already.

    I hope to hear from someone in email or a formal letter, better yet a gift card with my 11.5 credit son it so I can find another store to go to because I will not return to Store #0069!

  • Marsha McClure says:

    My husband and I had a year membership and through the year we were shorted several times on our hour massage and my husband was given poor treatment at the beginning, I called to complain but you can never speak to a manager there is never one there. December the 4th was our last massages and I asked twice to make sure that this was the end of our contract. Both times they stated yes and that I would not be charged but 2 days later one of the charges show up on my checking account. When I called to inquire why they said my husband has one more month. How could this be possible we signed together and came to every appointment together. Of course there is no manager to speak to and they stated someone would call me back, I have received no phone call. All I want is my money back and for them to stop charging me for a contract that is up. They finally called back after I contacted another massage envy and that massage envy contacted them. They are using a bogus excuse that I needed to fill out a cancellation form even though the contract is up. That’s funny because I was only charged for one of us this month. I have phone records where I called 2 times in November to make sure there was nothing more I had to do and was advised that I didn’t. I know it’s only 55 dollars but it’s the principle that they are lying and I want my money back that they are refusing to give to me.

  • Karen Murvin says:

    I thought this might be a great time to explain why it is that I am cancelling my membership. First of all, I started my membership on 7/13/07 and at the time of signup my contract price was $39. After two increases (now at $60 mo.) and many cancelations this year, I cancelled my membership on Nov.4th. Now after having cancelled my membership and many credits to use, I have had 3 cancellations in one just over a month. How does Massage Envy expect to address this issue? I would suspect that if I chose to get an attorney showing them just how many cancellations I have had just this year but even more cancellations since I turned in my notice to terminate my contract – I would think I might get some sympathy from the courts and with proof to support my claim. I am so thoroughly disgusted as to how these franchisees are handling the business and it sounds like they don’t get much support from corporate either. Honestly, I don’t care about Massage Envy as there are plenty other options available to me where I live. I love my therapist at Massage Envy, but I can’t continue to do business with a company that signs a contract with me for $39 and then is allowed to continue to raise the rates. I understand that this rate is below what others are charging, but this was the agreement we both agreed to. Bottom line – good luck with all your changes as the fallout may be swift especially if you continue to have the cancellations as a result of the therapists. And by the way, if the franchisees are not treating their employees well, no wonder these locations continue to have problems.

  • Deborah says:

    I’ve always loved Massage Envy. I even purchased an account for my daughter who is in college. At least until the pandemic happened. I had my monthly payments coming out of my credit card account and I assumed that if the country and my county was under a lock down then I wouldn’t be charged. I now have 21 hours on my account that I can not used because I have a compromised immune system and I have not been able to leave my home since March of 2020. I talked many times to my massage envy managers and they won’t give me a refund, nor allow me to receive the hours as gift certificates that I can give to all the nurses and doctors in my local area. I can not use the hours, I’ve paid for them, therefore I own the hours but I’m not allowed to use them the way I would like to use them. They told me I can give them to 10 people I know who have massage envy accounts. I don’t know anyone except my daughter and she can not possibly use that many hours plus she’s already paying for her own monthly hour. I am going to go public on all social media platforms and explain my issue because no one wants to help me.

  • Scott cook says:

    Massage envy in Gulfport Mississippi is run like a prostitution house. Cindy McVay is giving out her number to men then taking them out and milking them for there money. She has done it three times. She is a modern day hooker! Also they will not let me take my ex girlfriend off of the membership even though she moved out of state and had used none of her free massages! Gulfport Mississippi is run by a bunch of idiots who will not help when there is a problem. Your Corp. is a joke you are robbers and crooks!!!!

  • Cyndi Storm says:

    Customer service does not exist at Massage Envy Cordova Tennessee. Complaint #1 I have received numerous reminder texts from them as well as a text informing me my payment card was not working. Why I ask did I not receive a text this time telling me my payment card didn’t work yet 3 months later got 195 charged to my bank account? Complaint #2. Last week I had an apt I woke up with a fever called ME told them I was going to get a Covid test what to do? She informed me same day cancellations I would be charged. I said let me call you back I was going to run to walgreens and see if they had a rapid test available. She informed me that she had cancelled my appt. I told her that I hadn’t asked her to just called for the Covid policy. I asked for the manager to be told shes not there and didn’t know when she would be. I asked for the Corporate office they didn’t know. The young lady was very dismissive and rude. Complaint#3. My husband called to reschedule the day before his appt. They claim it was the same day and charged him for his massage when he came it. It was not the same day and can show on his phone. Again guess what? No manager no corporate office number. Very unprofessional and to have staff there with not customer service skills and no back up is sad. I will be cancelling my membership ASAP

  • Michelle DiLorenzo says:

    We are members of massage envy since they first opened here in Colorado. With the pandemic we do understand the therapist need to be safe. My husband and I are fully vaccinated with a booster as well. My husband had a massage scheduled for today ( he has back issues) so he really does need this service. Last nite he got a message saying he would have to wear a mask during the massage! I can see if the therapist wear one but it is a little ridiculous for my husband to wear one!!! If the therapist is not vaccinated or nervous about their client then maybe they should stay home. It is hard to get appointments now but we do understand the lack of therapist but we may have to look at other massage clinics. Tks. Michelle DiLorenzo mdh2oswim @aol com

  • Brie Galle says:

    Same b.s. as others. Couldn’t get a massage for 1 1/2 years due to the world of covid. Kept getting reassured and hanging on. Kept freezing and paying. Have 11 hours. That’s over $700. Moved and now the only ME in my area does not have any openings ’til they don’t even know when. Now I have to cancel and will lose all of this money. Horrible way to do business.

  • sherie Sellars says:

    I have tried and tried since Father’s day to get this taken care of.

  • Patricia A Meek says:

    I know that the pandemic has affected the ability to get massage therapists, but the lack of ability to service existing clients should really be taken into consideration and the corporate offices should start giving credits for clients who can’t even get an appointment at their local Massage Envy.- I’m very dissatisfied with the services because I can’t get appointments when I need them!

  • “Bo” says:

    I really want to complain. The store in Kanawha city on MacCorkle Avenue in Charleston West Virginia! Someone from headquarters need to go there and fix something for the spa is not going to remain open. My husband bought me a $60 gift certificate. I was so excited I am a liver transplant patient of two years my body aches I just couldn’t wait! Out of the $60 I got a 15 minute massage! All the employee did was complain about the business and how much time she had to change the sheets in between each client! It was horrible !! I was so tense and upset after I left there! All she did was talk about herself all my goodness I know everything about this lady not that I don’t mind talking but this was ridiculous. It was the most horrible massage ever she squeeze my neck and my shoulders a bit pushed on my lower backa little bit rubbed my legs and my feet for maybe two minutes And I am not over exaggerating!

  • Scott says:

    Funny I didn’t see one single positive comment, I am not going to bore everyone with my NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE with this place, I live in Arkansas, and it is EXACTLY like the comments from every other state, I wish I could start a chain reaction to connect these negative comments, enough is enough, please read this and pass it along thanks

  • Elizabeth says:

    My contract is increasing along with all the other customers. So a contract means nothing to the customer. Employees lied to me, my daughter and granddaughter when we were told the price was locked as long as we kept the ongoing contract. So sad.

  • Christina says:

    I paid for a year on 8/8/20 and the box on the form said would automatically renew at a monthly rate of 65 a month. My contract does not end until 9/8/21 and yet on 8/8/21 I was charged for a full year of service again. I tried to get a refund from the Management at the Concord NC Afton Ridge site and was told the District Manager denied it because I initial the renew section. I initialed the monthly renewal not a year. So now I am out 845 dollars and have 19 sessions that I don’t want or need. Seriously unhappy!!!

  • KAREN K BELLAR says:

    My husband bought me a gift card last year and it came with a $25 promo card (now expired) but because of the pandemic they were closed and I couldn’t use it, then even when they reopened they weren’t answering their phones to make an appointment. I would go online to try to make an appointment and they were booked 4 months down the road. I finally got an appointment because i walked in to spend it on the product, then all of a sudden I could get and appointment but I couldn’t use my promo card even though it wasn’t my fault. he thought he was getting me 2 massages with the tip. That is unfair.

  • Long Time Customer says:

    Same as others. Massage Envy needs to do something about this. I’ve been a loyal (and mostly satisfied) customer for 10 years. Due to complications from the pandemic, I haven’t been able to get an appointment at any location near me for months and months, resulting in a pile of unused prepays that if I quit, I have to use in 60 days. It’s not even possible to do this because all locations are booked for 90 days. There is literally no way to use the service I have paid for. Massage Envy either needs to refund me for the prepays that have been (and look as if they will continue to be) impossible to use, or provide me with options to use the service. Class Action Lawsuit might be necessary here.

    And I will add that when speaking to the local manager about this, I was told that my money could not be refunded or they would go out of business. To that I say, if your business practice requires you to take my money without providing a service… then out of business you should go.

  • Horror service says:

    I sign a membership with massage envy 2/19/2021. come to find out I had to go in for surgery a few weeks after I sign a contacted them. On 3/5/21 I spoke with Candace Rivera at the Farmington, NM location stating I wanted to cancel my membership due to a serve surgery coming up. Candace the
    stated I needed to sign acancelation forms so in my email I signed and sent it back to her email the same day. Contact said it takes 10 day process the cancelation. Massage Envy still charge my card 3/15/2021 and there after till 06/15/2021. now they don’t want to refund my money and will to only refund 1 month payment and offer massages x 3. I can’t do surgery I had osteotomy R femur and still recovering..
    I then get another call from Marla McPherson explained everything all over and asked I forward my cancelation forms from 3/5/2021, which I did and she calls me back saying she can only refund one month and the other 3 I call have three massages. I’ve tried explaining im in no condition to be doing massage ijust would like my refunds for the pass four months..
    I’m seeing all the negative reports on here and it’s very said that this company is just money hungry greedy and has no empathy to resolves this issues… I hope some would call me back regarding this. If not I may have to look into legal actions….

  • Allie Mattison says:

    Massage Envy in Anderson SC is the WORST!! I was charged my monthly fee every month and enjoyed my services until the pandemic hit. I had cancelled my account in March and had 2 visits I needed to use. Nothing drafted until June 14th when $165 was deducted from my account RANDOMLY after 3 months. I told them that i had canceled in March. They didn’t care. I provided a doctors note (which was the reason for the cancellation in March). In March they didn’t ask for a note they just told me that my account was cancelled. I was informed on June 21st once they accepted my cancellation and doctors note that i had 5 services that i needed to gift or transfer and that they would expire in 60 days. Yesterday I called the Massage Envy on Pelham Rd in Greenville SC to gift those to my husband and i was told that they had expired. Are you kidding me. They expired 17 days later? WOW!!!! I have called the Anderson location to get answers and my phone call is either avoided or they hang up on me. GREAT PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. *eye roll* I will NEVER recommend ANYONE receive treatment from them. I also work at a Chiropractic office and we were referring patients to them for massage therapy but nope never again.

  • Disappointed says:

    Same as everyone else. A world pandemic prevented me from getting a message, and I was billed until it there were 12 credits. I wanted to get money back or cancel a d use credits over period of time. They do not honor it a d I have 1 month to get 12 massages in an area where it has limited availability. Everyone needs to get 12 massages in 60 days. (Once every 5 days!!)

    Fuck you Massage Envy!!

  • Linda says:

    Your company is a rip off!!!! Can’t understand why you haven’t been sued! You’ve collected $65 a month out of my friends credit card for over three years while she was fighting cancer. She lost the battle of cancer snd when her husband called they told him he has to use 36 hours of credit up in 30!days! They are a rip off to the consumer and should be investigated! The company would complain or even go after you if you were behind a payment but the ey do NOTHING for overpayment! This is not an American company!!!

  • Former employee in Pittsburgh PA says:

    HORRIBLE place to work. The Manager was very unprofessional. I was working only a couple of days a month due to starting college classes full-time. I slept in for a shift and was called and “screamed at.” I was told not to come in for the shift and that she (Manager) would schedule a meeting with me. I reached out to schedule the meeting with no response. I was taken off of the schedule and after making several attempts to speak to my manager with no response, I finally gave up. I never received an email or written notification from Massage Envy. Fast forward to 1 1/2 years later and starting a new job in my current field to find out that “Massage Envy” came up on my background check as “poor attendance and performance issues.” I am starting a professional medical career and to have this type of negative mark from a job that I had at 21 years old is ridiculous. As a corporation, Massage Envy needs to do a better job with training their managers.

    • Kacey manning says:

      I completely agree. I worked at the one in easley sc and athena is the worst manager by far I have ever met. She uses company cards for her own gas in and steals money from paychecks.

  • Taylor Merrill says:

    Don’t go to the Fargo location on 45th street. I had scheduled a massage and the therapist didn’t even show up and they still charged me for the service. K am now going to cancel without thinking twice about it.

  • david kaleky says:

    Liars thieves and con artists. Do not care about safety, only money. They have the same shit attitude at many locations. Stole my credits, extorted me to keep them, cancelled with false notice, wanted to force to me to sign a document waiving my rights to my credits. I think there needs to be a new class action lawsuit.

  • Jeanie Porter says:

    Your mission states that your customers are your top priority and to ensure their safety is equally important, my experience in the Wheaton, IL location has not been anything of its sort. Your promise is not being delivered with this location. I have paid consistently and never been late and also tipped generously when I have used sessions in any and all locations. I have gotten alot of miscommunication which has been very frustrating. Our state has had extreme restrictions and sessions have been extremely curtailed which has made it more difficult to get appointments. I decided to cancel my membership in Nov 2020 because I was being charged and was told that an extention can be made because I was unable to use it within 60 days. When i tried to call to get info they will not tell me what I have left and not provide any info providing an extention yet multiple calls have been made with no resolution. What I was told seems to change based on the person on the phone which has alot of inconsistencies and yet my sister ( who I got to join was given an extention and gift cards). Can someone please get back to me to resolve my matter because I received a call from a lady named “Gina” from a North Carolina number and left over 3 messages and no call back and no follow up. The front desk staff person Lauren was rude and unhelpful. The manager states to see what was left in my account is “not in her paygrade” This seems very disappointing since they can easily charge and be paid for services not provided. The Promise has fallen short and would appreciate your attention to the person that cares about its customers.

  • Bill Washington says:

    Massage Envy located at 325 Garrisonville Rd, Stafford, VA continued to charge my account after I emailed them, during COVID-19 shut down, requesting my account be cancelled. I had 8 credits on my account, which is value of $440. They offered to let me transfer 1 credit to someone of my choice after cancelling account. The clinic manager, Collquitt, wasn’t a good customer service representative, as she displayed negativity. I was a member for 2 years and didn’t have problems until late 2019. The dates I requested would get cancel and started to find it hard to work into my schedule. Bottom line, don’t use this location. This franchise isn’t appreciative of good customers.

  • Fernando says:

    I have seen nothing but negative comments about Massage Envy so I am sure my comment will not matter with their corporate group. My wife has been undergoing cancer treatments and cannot use her massages due to the pain it would cause. We have to continually call for “freezes” as they charge the account. My wife is said to have 11 “credits” but from what I read, they will probably never honor them. I have asked for reimbursement into our account and they say they cannot do that. The ME is in Tucson, AZ on Sunrise Dr. If this is how they treat someone with a terminal disease, I want nothing to do with this company. I will however fight to get reimbursement for the latest month AND reimbursement for the 11 credits. I am sure they won’t do it. What a sorry, heartless company!

  • Loyal employee says:

    Massage envy workers had a designated bonus and were promised to receive money after completing the first week back to work due to the clinic being closed due to covid. Employees pay checks were deducted money without prior consent or knowledge. The behavior was claimed to be due to have a requested off day or “ sick call out”. None of the employees were told that if they took a day off for a doctor that they would have their paychecks prorated. This is wrong. Also, employees were told they wouldn’t be receiving any of their due raises due to covid. This is beyond unfair treatment to the hard working, loyal employees.
    Massage envy
    Clinic 0954
    Augusta, ga

  • Matt Sasu says:

    My mom works at a massage envy store manager at the Florence Kentucky location and the owners constantly harass her. She comes home crying because of their behavior. The owners names are Ralph and Erika. Someone please stop them my moms to hard of a worker and an all around good Person to be degraded by the owners like this.

  • Savina P Playter says:

    On April 13, 2020, MASSAGE ENVY 0473 SHORT HILLS NJ, charged my credit card. I would like to stop charges. Spa are closed due to Covid-19 in NJ. Why are you still charging your customers? I would like this franchise to return my money and freeze my account because I have a lot of unused sessions.

    • Sherell says:

      I am having this same issue. I have even called before to have my account discontinued and they basically told me I could not. Then I was charged this month.

  • Desiree Ferro says:

    I live in Bend Oregon where Massage Envy Permanently Shut its doors without Notice in early March. There are NO other ME’s in Oregon. Prior to this It was impossible to get an appt with them for various different reasons. It was frustrating at best.
    I have been charged monthly for roughly 2 years and due to sudden serious ill health was unable to use what I was accumulating in massages. I repeatedly requested that the 24 odd massages I’d accumulated be allowed to be gifted to my adult children. First I was told yes, then later denied. Then there were stipulations applied and then later again denied
    When I originally joined in the NC office, I was given erroneous information about all my info and fees being in Bend Oregon. I was then given the wrong info here at the Bend office as well on other matters.
    I am a Senior Citizen on SSI Disability and my budget is very small. I need Corporate to PLEASE look into these matters and contact me

  • Jane Loeb says:

    I no longer am a member but I do have 3 sessions accumulated. I moved to Maine and there is only 1 ME in the state. I was told that I have only to May 5th to use them. All ME stores are temporarily closed.

    I want to know if there has been an extension due to the Coronavirus.

  • CD says:

    Since the managers didn’t want to listen. I am writing a review as someone who was recently hired and fired. Allison the ONLY ESTHETICIAN at this location trained me, and was eating grapes as well as other snacks in the TREATMENT which is against HEALTH CODE and was on her phone the entire time I was being trained for 4 hours straight. And I was only trained for two days. Fast forward to the date of my termination, the manager Gail Tena called and said I was being fired because of a complaint and they did not wish to work with me to train me even more because ALLISON the ESTHETICIAN who trained me said I was on my phone and it seemed I didn’t care to train. That was not the case. I was on my phone in the break room between facials, returning a call from my mom who lives 9 hours away and telling her how excited I was for the job. When I tried to explain that Gail she said she wasn’t there to actually believe me but she believed Allison who was on her phone in the actual treatment room and eating which is against company policy as well as health code. I didn’t understand if there was such a problem with me returning a call in between time why didn’t my trainer explain I shouldn’t be on my phone or say I needed more training instead of letting me work as using this to help me get fired. Also, as a trainer the trainee is looking at you ass a reflection so if you’re on your phone in the treatment room when you should be training, of course I would think that is okay since you are the LEAD ESTHETICIAN. I don’t understand how she complained and said I wasn’t a good fit when she barely wasn’t training me her mouth was stuffed with food and she was on her phone discussing her KICKBOXING MEMBERSHIP she pays $1200 a year for which has nothing to do with my training.

    Also since there was a comment about me being fresh out of school, my school trained me to wash and sanitize room after each client. They only wash their blankets once a week. The baking soda in the break room fridge has an EXPIRATION date of 2011.

  • Tina M says:

    Longmont Massage Envy does not honor their word! I have been a pretty loyal member at this location. Had to cancel once and my credits were honored until used. I re-joined. Why would I think anything would be different? Lost my job, had to cancel membership, asked when the credits expired. They said mine did not show an expiration date (2 employees checked). Said I was good to go. Decided to wait and use them when my mom came into town for my 50th birthday. Called to schedule our massages and they won’t let me use my credits. They said, “Sorry, your credits are expired and you signed the cancellation agreement.” I explained what happened but they did not care. No refund/no use of the credits aka massages I already paid for! I guess you have to read everything because the word of the front desk employees does not hold up! Bad service and no apology for the confusion or trying to make it right. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  • Catherine Beaudoin says:

    I have been a member for over 10 years. We recently relocated from Florida to Massachusetts and have never had such poor service. I the last 6 months the Riverdale Rd., W.Springfield MA location has cancelled my massage 4 times. They wait until a week before when of course now that you have your time scheduled they can not reschedule to suit you. All they were interested in was selling memberships and don’t have enough therapists to cover the amount of customers they have. They need to talk to the Tampa Florida owners to learn how to run a business. DO NOT join this location you will be sadly disappointed for your money.

  • Regina Davis says:

    Very disappointed with service at massage Envy location in Annapolis Md. I have been along time member with this company and never have I been cancelled in my times of need so many times. I’ve actually have never had an appointment cancelled until I started using this location. I use this company to relieve stress but this location is causing a lot of unnecessary stress in my life. I understand people having emergencies but it has happened one too many times for me. If at all if you can help me in rectifying this issue I would greatly appreciate it by maybe having someone on standby for when emergencies arise. The customer should not be inconvenienced at any time when trying to relieve stress. I had jut began to get facials and I really enjoyed them so much I started buying the products you sell. Now I’m hoping I don’t have to start over somewhere else because they are not properly staffed. Sincerely

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