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Martins Super Markets Corporate office Headquarters

Martins Super Markets Headquarters Address and Contact

Martins Super Markets
  • Address: 1302 Elwood Avenue, South Bend, Indiana 46628, US
  • Phone Number:
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000
  • Established: 1986
  • Founder: 
  • Key People: Shane Johnson, Creative Director

Martins Super Markets Headquarters Location & Directions

Martins Super Markets Headquarters Executive Team



Michelle Waldrop

Sales & Marketing Analyst

April Howell

Corporate Chef and Community Affairs Specialist

Martins Super Markets, History and Headquarters Information

Martins’ supermarket is a chains store that is privately owned and has widespread operations around the United States. This is a retail company that basically deals in local home use products and foodstuffs majorly in the United States. It was founded in 1947 by Martin and Jane Tarnow and it is located in South Bend Indiana even though there are 21 other locations of the store.

Their stores include traditional grocery and other form of non-edible aisle. The products sold include Bakery, dairy, beer, gasoline, frozen foods, sea foods, meat, pharmaceutical products and other general merchandise. Consider its website martins-supermarkets.com

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Martins Super Markets Company Resources

  • Bob Grassmyer says:

    I live in Altoona Pennsylvania and shop at chestnut Avenue martins. I was shopping today and heard a dog barking I turned and seen a woman pushing a dog in her shopping cart with her food to me this is disgusting it wasn’t a service dog just some mangy dog the bad part is someone else is going to put their groceries in there where that nasty dog had his ass management was aware of this and didn’t say a word to the woman about removing her dog from the cart this is not acceptable to me it’s disgusting then on my way out another woman walked in with the dog walking beside her no leash and she picked that dog up and put it in a cart I don’t believe dogs belong in the cards little kids yes dogs no that’s just not right I don’t know if you could contact this Martin’s and say something but I won’t be shopping there anymore I know that thank you

  • Andrea Lane says:

    I shop at Martin’s on the River, South Bend Indiana every single time I come in there and I shop a lot at Martin’s and spend a lot of money and so does my mother. This is the third time I came to Martin’s and they closed the Front desk I understand that you are busy I was there on 12/23/22 I was heading to the office to get a $50 gift card as soon as I walked up to the counter Jack Closed the office now. I know that the weather was getting so bad I do not have time to go back and get a $50 gift card from Martin’s for my brother for Christmas. I am so tired of coming to Martin’s and they close the front office people still need to get stuff from the office I also came there two times before this. There is a note that says the lottery closes at 7:30 I think I was there at 7:10 walked up and everything was closed down. The lottery was done and all the machines were turned off so I don’t know if I can continue to shop with Martin’s or not. I’m sick of it.

  • Wendy Cannon says:

    Dear sir, I thought I should let you know your rising son Maryland store leaves a lot to be desired, for two weeks in a row now we’ve been there and done our grocery shopping which we do all the time and rising son‘s Martin store!! last week we had to go back in and be credited almost $40 for the mistakes made by a young cashier who kept trying coupons and they wouldn’t work and he kept saying what do you want to skip them, no I clip coupons to save money. Second of all this week we went and we had to stop at customer service because the whole coupon sheet didn’t work in your MARTIN’S flyer. Everything we purchased and tried to use the coupons did not come off in the scanning process it was over $10 before we were done and got in the car and realized the asparagus never came off. The young man had no idea at the register it didn’t come off I think that there are some training aspects that need to be dealt with there. Also one week we went and bought the cereal on sale and it’s usually on the end caps this particular week it wasn’t and when we got to the car we realized none of the sale cereal came off at all . I’m really thinking of switching grocery stores. When I married my husband I started going to Martin’s never seem to have this trouble any other grocery store I’ve been to but I’ll tell you what every week now I watch because I don’t trust the scanning machines or the checkers!! Also for a number of weeks the fruit and vegetable Scales have been broken in that store. Very disappointed.

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