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The company was founded in the year 1956. The company has been currently active for more than 63 years now. The founders of this company are Alfred Marshall, Bernard Goldston and Norman Barren. The main aim of the company was to sell apparel and homewares at meager prices. In the year 1976, the company was taken over by Melville Corporation. Under the ownership of Melville Corporation, the company experienced enormous growth from 1977 to the 1980s. The company slowly expanded its operations throughout 42 states, which include Hawaii and several other countries by 1993. In 1995, Marshalls was acquired by TJX, which was the parent company of its rival TJ Maxx, for an amount of around $606 million. Headquarters: 1 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01701, United States.

Marshalls is an American company which mainly focuses on providing homewares and apparel at low prices to its customers. The company has more than 400 employees working under it. The company has Richard G. Lesser as its current President.

Marshalls provides its services on a wide range of apparel and homewares, which include jewellery, bedding, clothing, furniture, footwear and beauty products as well.

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  • Edward Bois says:

    Former manager with Marshalls in 80s and 90s for 17 years. Retired now and wondering what happened to the pension I earned before they stopped giving it. Question to Benefits dept.

  • V HUNT says:

    Martinsville,VA Marshalls: I have frequently shopped this store for years. I went yesterday 2 times and purachased nothing. 1:00pm shopped went to check out Waited….. Your very nice professional head cashier female manager (who has been there a yrs) called 3 times for cashiers to assist. Finally a couple of young SLOW MOVING people appeared. People in line with me complaining on how the cashiers were moving so slowly. Finally, I had no choice but to leave(I had appt.to get to)I placed the items I had on end display rack.
    7:30pm I went back to store, found my items were I left them and got in line to check out. Register #3, #4, #5 lights were on, with customers at #4 & #5. no customer at #3. There was a goup customers at #4 with a young man running the register. There was a Lady employee standing back behind, it appeared she may have know the group of customers at #4. I overheard one in the group look back at the line and then ask the Lady employee “dont you have a customer” reply from Lady employee “Nope”. I then asked, “Is register #3 open?” The Lady employee acknowledged me THEN and said “No”. The Lady employee stepped over and turned #3 light off and then walked off. Register #4 finally completed helping his group of customers reached up turned his #4 light off and walked off. That left only register #5 open, and they were still helping their customer. I place my itmes at register #3 and left the store. Once in parking lot I called the store, surprisingly someone answered quickly, I ask for manager. Told I was speaking to Ashley, manager. When I told her about the registers closing with me and others behind me standing there to checkout she seemed unconcerned. I understand the diffculty now days with employment issues, but Good Customer Service Training is responsibly of employer. I personally dislike self checkouts, but maybe Marshalls should consider setting up self checkouts since it appears your Martinsville Marshalls doesn’t have cashier employees who want to do the one job that collects the funds to pay all of your salaires.

  • Sharon Embrey says:

    I have a question for Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods ?
    I have and do frequent your stores for years. They are my favorite stores to shop.
    I am 78 years old and unfortunately being forced to see our security and safety has dramatically shifted.
    In Orange County, California many of us share an App called Next Door. I’m certain you at Corporate knows what I’m talking about.
    Here’s my question: while shopping in your stores, over the loudspeaker an employee shares information about applying for a store credit card. If you open one today you’ll save 10% on today’s purchase and 5% on all other purchases. I shop in your stores very often and secured a card. For me it’s a good deal.
    Here’s my real question. Look on the app Next Door or talk to people that frequent your stores and explain to me why as you consistently throughout the day/evening you’re advising customers to apply for your credit cards but you’re not warning women/men have their wallets in their pockets, to get their purses out of the shopping carts and not to be distracted by the gangs of thieves that are targeting them while another one of them steals their property.
    This is a simple resolution and I should not have to offer you my advise.

  • Jose Rodriguez says:

    When shopping to your store in Blanding road in Florida and was not treated well when I said do you have a military discount the response was a flat no ==very rude =and your company should consider having this option for our service members

  • Juliana frank says:

    Well hello there headquarters of Marshalls let me start off by saying I just recently went to your Marshalls in Glendora California off of Route 66 and I initially went there to go do a return on two items I had my receipt and the store manager named Phil denied my return due to the tag not being attached to the item which I had to tag with me it’s was in the bag and also the sweater that I had purchased from you guys apparently the security tag was still on it well I was unaware of that I just wanted to exchange the sweater and to get the cash back with the shoes cuz I didn’t like them well Phil apparently told me that he wanted to put an end to people coming into the store that had the same similar situation as I did and I was trying to explain to him that I do come to your store 4 to 5 times a week and I spend about $150 every single time I go there and for them to deny my return I was completely shocked because like I said I’m a regular there and I don’t think that he should have treated me like the way he did and I think someone needs to talk to him and let him know that but what he did was wrong and that he’s losing out on business and if it’s stuff that he’s currently worried about then he should probably look over his employees because he does have a lot of new employees and unstable employees that I don’t see really quite often so yeah if you can email me back at 9092676925. Jf@gmail.com thank you

  • Frances Robinson says:

    I belong to a 501C Nonprofit Organization.
    Requesting a donation for our Community Day Giveaway.

  • Sherry says:

    Shopped at Austin Minnesota. The floor had food spilled all over the entire store. No lie. There was so much dust in the store everywhere it stuck to th bottom of my shoes and stuck off the edges. The air vents must be full of dust the air was terrible. I asked a few different employees why it was so dirt? No one cleans she said. I suggested each employee dust their area. Under wracks too. Ha ha she replied. Another Lady said we can’t stop them from bringing food in store??? Really ? This is not McDonalds. Perhaps you need sign at front door no food or drink in store. We have a lot of diversity here. We spend a lot of money here. When I got home I had to take a shower I felt like I had mites all over my skin and hair after trying on several outfits. Note: they were coming to wax the floors she said. I told her you better clean first…. The dust was unacceptable.

  • Coreen says:

    Please do not display my email publicly. Thanks

  • Coreen says:

    Dear Sir/Madame
    I’m not asking for anything or complaining about anything. I live in Zephyrhills Fl.(Tampa Bay Area) and even though we have a TJ Maxx in the area there is no Marshall’s in my area. The TJ Maxx is about 5 miles from Highway54 and Morris Bridge where there was a big CVS. CVS is closed about a yr now and the Bldg which is a great looking Bldg is now empty. I’m hoping u can check this Property out and if at all possible, bring my favorite store “Marshall’s” to my area. It’s on a corner in a very busy and up and coming area. Please check it out. Thanks TJX customer

  • Ron Kirkconnell says:

    Good Afternoon Marshals
    Hope all is well, My name is Ron, I’m the Distribution Manager for Mel Trotter Mission Thrift, We are for sure on the frontlines helping battle homelessness and other issues as Alcoholism, Addiction, Mental Illness and helping women who have been in abusive situations.
    And what great amazing success stories do we see, We are asking if you would consider donating items to us, Clothing, Decor items Basically anything you are willing to part with. We try resale these items in one of our six Mel Trotter Mission Thrift Stores, 65% of the proceeds go to our downtown Homeless Mission, We feed a couple Hundred people each morning and evening and give them shelter with a more than a hundred beds for them, We have ones living full time in our mission, Some women have there children with them, All working a program and being held accountable while trying to get there life back on track and healthy again.
    All this takes funds and donations to operate. We are a non-profit and have a tax ID # foir it.
    I thank you for taking the time in reading this and hope to hear from you soon.

    Ron Kirkconnell
    Distribution Manager
    Mel Trotter Mission Thrift
    616-797-8200 X102 ronk@mtmthrift.com

  • Sophia Forbes says:

    Good morning Marshall’s
    Hope everyone is well. My name is Sophia Forbes the founder of Doing Impeccable Greatness. We fund extracurricular programs for FORMER foster children ages 3 yrs to 24 yrs. We also provide clothing, shoes and other items for children who are still in foster care and ones that have aged out and need help.

    We are reaching out to you because we have 50 teenage youth who need basic items: socks, t-shirts, slides, men/women underwear, and lounge wear.

    I hope this email reaches the right department that can help.
    Thank you so much for reading my email.

  • Denise Deceder says:

    I just found out that all of your stores throws away perfectly good clothes, unopened products with damaged boxes, etc. All of these items would be welcomed and used at women’s shelters, homeless shelters, toys and clothes for kids, etc. Corporate headquarters needs to develop a program for these items instead of throwing them in landfills.

  • Diane Gallagher says:

    Currently at Marshall’s Hyannis to correct an error on a refund made by an employee during a previous purchase. I asked the store manage Zack M if he could correct the error as the line was 30+ deep. He said you need to wait in line like everyone else regardless of our error. Very , very poor customer service.
    On a positive note Trish was exemplary is correcting error.
    Happy Holidays

  • Don Estevan says:

    For years we have waited for a Marshall’s Store in Alpena, MI. Construction has begun but they have a General Manager who is verbally assaultive, throws tantrums, assaults women and misrepresents himself on State of Michigan official investigations. He has quite a reputation in town for starting fights and hardly ever completing a project. In the end, one is left questioning whether Marshall’s wants a store or a massive financial loss to report on next year’s taxes.

    We really don’t want another shipwreck in our beautiful Marine Sanctuary.

  • Randi Battino says:

    I shop in tjmaxx,marshalls and home goods.Today i went to a marshalls on broadway in jericho. All the workers and cashiers wete nice. I had a few halloween things w a red clearance sticker. They did not have a price. I asked cashier and she called manager to come. A African American woman approachef and said you cant buy them. I asked why. She turned her back and said to tje cashier loud so i could hear that i was a liar and did not find the items wjere i said i did. I should have walked out but wanted my other items. The cashier apologized for her. I will never return to that stpre and i feel horrible for tje employees that have to deal witj her.

  • Patricia Hacker says:

    Marshall’s in East Meadow NY is becoming dangerous with the criminals who are allowed to shoplift , they walk out the door with hundreds of dollars in merchandise and the Manger refuses to call the police or make a statement to police. Sorry when a damn criminal has the right to rob and put customers in danger and its ignored I will not be shopping there again. Shame on Marshall’s for not protecting it’s customers.

  • Pam DeAngelis says:

    I am very disappointed in your shoe department. I felt like I was in Walmart. Why did you chand the format. The choice of shoes is terrible, I really miss the cute sandals and the cute flats that you had. Please reconsider and go back to the way it use to be. I bought all my shoes there. Yesterday all they had were ugly heels and shoes hat belonged in Walmart. Thank you

  • glenn smith says:

    Last Sunday, my wife and I went to Marshalls at Roseville, CA. We always liked your store, not only for nicely priced items, but for the good customer service. Unfortunately, this one incident lead me to write this unfavorable comment. We were buying clearance caps and some of that tags were either $4 and $6 and these caps were all the same. I politely asked the lady csr if this was a mistake and before she can even rsspond, a heavy set male caucasian coordinator/supervisor interjected and looked at us condescendingly. I did not expect that kind of treatment. I know you company provides good customer service training , but perhaps some may need more training in respect and courtesy.

  • Kandice Gordecki says:

    The store was closed in Altamonte Springs, Florida with no warning that I am aware of. This was nicest store around. Very sorry to see this happen.

  • Robin B. says:

    Today I waited in line for 20 minutes because there was only one register open. She happened to be taking back a large return and the had to ring up a large order from the same person. The manager and another cashier sat talking behind the registers about something while this was happening. The line grew to about 15 people while they just grabbed and didn’t pitch in. If you are going to be a manager take care of your customers! I took photos!

  • Brandon johnson says:

    Ironically have shopped my Marshall’s aberdeen wa numerous years, but today the store assistant manager whom first claimed to be the main manager paged me uo front about my motorcycle parking job yes in full public parking area not the bum who stole 3 jerseys. Wanted to get loud up front and in front of customers how it was now her parking lot etc not the 15 other stores also . I asked for the Main manager to which she replied she is good friends with and she will let her know what happened first. I will also co tact the management company as I own a franchise store is same lot . Beyond rude a true Karen if there was ever a person’s actions over so etching that had nothing to do with them or company.

  • Diane Kelton says:

    2 register open..20 people in line. I hate coming in this syore

  • Rebecca Peeler says:

    I worked at TJMaxx for 7 years. Love that place. Cloth my Grandchildren. Purchase other home items also. Washcloth bundles are a favorit of mine. Purchased recently at Marshalls in my hometown. Severly fraid when washed ; 3 of 5. So upset. Can’t use them. Would love a response. Pictures on phone.

  • Angel Pagano says:

    I shop at Marshall’s often. The last few times upon checking out, I was helped by the most pleasant individual ever! Employees like him are few and far between. It has been my manner to find their employer and compliment them on the employee. I asked his name …. He said Keith and works at Marshall’s in DesMoines on University. He is outgoing and personable and a credit to your company. I hope he is made aware of the compliment. Thank you. Angel Pagano, DesMoines. angelmarie1220@gmail.com

  • Tawanda Alligood says:

    I just bought a merchandise from marshalls in Rochester NY the ticket on the shorts said a good price when me and my husband got to the register the cashier said that the shorts was not that price and charged me a higher price than what the ticket said the manager came and said that was the only pair of brand shorts they had in the store she called another store and asked for the price and they gave her a price that was different than what the ticket said the cashier explained that maybe they made a mistake and put the wrong ticket on the shorts I was so upset but the color went with the shirt I just purchased for my husband for Father’s Day I just feel like I should not have paid that price if the ticket said a different price and if it was marshalls mistake I should have got a discount or something I just need to speak to corporate I am a loyal customer at marshalls and never went through this before but I also know that it can be the same exact item and at different Marshall store the price will be slightly off I need to speak to someone

  • Darcie says:

    Marshalls shoe department is absolutely horrific now. Why corporate stepped in and change the way they displayed shoes is beyond everyone I spoke to in the store. Usually the shoe department is hopping with people wandering around looking and trying on shoes. Now no one wants to be bothered because you can’t find anything you’re looking for.

  • . It is the worst set up everywhere and it needs to go back to how it was before corporate decided to put their noses into something and redesign it only to destroy it.Darcie says:

    I was hoping I made a mistake going into the wrong store but no I was in a marshals.
    I’m told it was corporate that had marshals now spread their shoes out the way they are by size. This is one of the most horrible designs for selling shoes. It makes shopping extremely difficult and I won’t be doing it anymore there. You used to be able to see a style shoe that you were looking for and then scroll down underneath it to see if they had your size. Sometimes you would need to size up a little bit or down a little bit depending on the cut of the shoe. Now you can’t see the shoes because they’re all in open boxes and you can’t pick out a style without having to look at all the boxes that you have no interest in. God for bid you find the shoe you might be looking for and it’s just a tad too tight and then you move over to the next size only to find that you can’t find it . It is the worst set up everywhere and it needs to go back to how it was before corporate decided to put their noses into something and redesign it only to destroy it.

  • Don Gibuhdam says:

    The Irvine Marshall employees and managers are rude, hostile, and blatantly unprofessional – especially Max and Reene. Reading through a MYRIAD of customer complaints on Yelps and on this platform, it is clear that this organization doesn’t give a shit about customer care.

  • Ashton Baldwin says:

    Y’all preach diversity and inclusivity, but the store I went to in Phoenix, AZ didn’t get the memo. Posting from my terrible experience about a month ago. The older ladies at the dressing room are rude. I had been out all day shopping with my bf and my baby who was 6 months at the time. We parked our car on the other side of the mall and did a last minute walk to Marshalls and my baby decided she was hungry. It wasn’t busy when we were there so I kindly asked one of those “women” if I could snag a fitting room to feed my baby in but I was directed to the dirty restroom, with no place to sit to feed my baby. First of all, I’m sure they don’t want to eat in a public restroom with no place to sit, that hasn’t been cleaned. No one does. I didn’t even have my purse with me. I had my bf hold it so they didn’t think I was trying to steal. I asked that lady working if she was serious and all she had to say to me was, “You want the restroom, like I said and it’s on the other side of the store”. I literally had my bf drop everything he picked up and we walked out with me crying and having to feed my baby sitting on the curb in the heat because our car was on the other side of the mall. THOSE WERE WOMEN WORKING. DO BETTER.

  • erika smith says:

    Dear Marshalls, Today was it for me. I have lived down south most of my life but grew up in a military family. And i use to work for your company.. (look me up) i went in your store here in Hixson, Tennessee. And was followed around the entire time . Then was met by one of the managers and he had 3 other employees standing at the door which where all white except one girl it was hard to identify her race. in any event. as i watch these idiots watch me and then wait to see if my card went threw .. the manager tried to carry on a conversation as if there was nothing wrong.. i know what happened ! i’m not paranoid , or crazy. Tell me why was i approched by several employees asking how was my day? do i need help? but other people shopping , white where not approched, asked for anything. So a few things took place. they assume your black, your stealing, 2 they lack customer services to other customers because in this case the manager was too focused on me to see other people in the store. This man literally watched me all the way till i purchased my things. Mean while other people filled the store and in stead of 3 people at the front standing around they could have been cleaning, or striaghting the store, or if they had to many people standing around should go home. That is company waste! And if the wrong person gets treated that way ya’ll could sued! ( which im still debating) i spent 200$ i dont usually have to spend just to be treated badly (everytime i go in this store)bc im black! i was a nurse and now im disabled. (ANd worked in retail) i just dont understand why people can hate someone that God created? I didn’t do anything to make it seem like i was doing anything. i kept my hands out, purse in front, talked to managers , asked questions if needed… LIke what else and i suppose to do? buy one item and run bc they think if i am getting 2 many things i can’t possibly afford it? like im so over this racism in the world. I mean its to the point most blacks shop on one side of town at marshalls and white shop at the other mashalls. It makes no since! but only you all can change this. By retraining managers and getting rid of the ones that cant seems to get alone with humans. That manager at this store knows better , he simply doesn’t care. Like we all breath the same air… it shouldn’t be difficult to shop bc your black. And you all shouldn’t want people like that working for you. I hope a change comes..

  • Jess says:

    Southport, NC has no where to shop. We need a Marshall’s out here please! Everyone complains of having to drive 40+mins to go shopping. This is a booming area and growing. Always have tourist as well. There are tons of new buildings and a lot of retail spaces available for leasing. Please open a store in Southport, NC 28461 area!

  • Alexis says:

    My name is Alexis I’m from Los Angeles California and I was just at my local Marshalls/Homegoods store and your manager or employee called my boyfriend stupid for no reason. I have a witness who I have no relation to verify the rude comment made. I’m insulted and blown away that your employee would profile your costumers like this, and in such a hurtful manner. My boyfriend was not only embarrassed but it was totally uncalled for because he did absolutely nothing to deserve this hurtful comment. he did nothing wrong. You’re rude employee is named Helen M from you’re Winnetka store in Los Angeles, CA. This isnt the first time she’s been rude but tonight she crossed the line and I’m very offended and Disturbed not to mention upset and disgusted. This was way out of line so trust me when i tell you I will continue to push this issue until something is done. obviously dealing with costumers at your stores is probably not the best place for her in your company. You will no doubt continue to hear from me until Helen M. is penalized for her childish rude behavior. Neither me or my boyfriend have ever been treated like that and I hope to never be treated like that again. If you’d like to speak to the lady that witnessed this incident please contact me for her number

  • Val says:

    Security Guard at El Cerrito Ca is profiling people of color. Stay away from Marshalls!

  • Wendy callahan says:

    Just moved to St Augustine, Fl, St Johns county zip code 32092. This a booming area with tons of new communities and absolutely NO Marshals, Homegoods, or TJ, close by. Big mistake …Big Mistake. You need to consider putting a store out here. Hope you will consider. I’ve been a customer forever and miss my sawgrass mills Marshals and home goods. Local store in Jacksonville not the greatest. Happy to discuss

  • Tiffany says:

    You can’t email Marshalls on their Contact Us tab, it says Forbidden Request… maybe their are dealing with a bunch of complaints from people and shut us that service!

  • Anne says:

    I have a merchandise credit from a few years ago that seems to have expired. I tried to use it today and it has no balance. I never used it. This is not the first time this has happened.

  • Anthony Rotunno says:

    I was at your store at 2485 Richmond avenue in S.i..There was a display rack showing Bass shoes at $$19.99 .When I went to pay for a pair it came up $39.99..Thw mngr would not honor the display sign even thought there were at least another 8 pairs there,he went over and removed the 19.99 sign and said it was a mistake.BTW not only would he not honor price in display but he was very rude.I am greatly disappointed and thinking twice about going there again

  • 😡 says:

    The manager at the Marshall’s in Spring Hill, TN was extremely rude today. I’m also an employee at this store. So today, I went shopping at the store with my family and everything was fine until we went to check out. A cashier asked my family friend if she wanted to sign up for a TJx card, she declined. She calls the manager and picks on me for using my 10 percent employee discount. We then had a childish and petty argument on the rule of the employee discount: said only my mom,dad, and myself can use the card: no one else!!! I felt targeted and embarrassed from my shopping experience! I was shopping and it was my requested week off. This means I was a customer, not an employee!!!

  • G.S says:

    I am so unhappy with your employee’s customer service as a whole! I shop at the studio city location on Ventura Bl and your Hollywood location at Hollywood and Highland. I must say not only your inventory was limited,but your employee’s knowledge and attitude was very bad and all wrong! Men’s shoes….what’s up? They could not check in back,they could not order…they did not care? Hollywood…even worse!!! Just a small amount of mens shoes compared with women and children? The said person in charge couldn’t answer any of my questions and didn’t even care to find out? And nothing hopeful for the future? They don’t order? They couldn’t contact corporate? They didn’t care if I was unhappy or got what I came in for??? Not a good habit or policy to follow or have. Please do something about this.And Please get some more hand sanitizer in your store too! Looking foreword to improvements!


    An unhappy customer

  • Judith Alvarado says:

    I was just in Marshall’s in Bellingham, Wa. One of the cashiers was telling another employee that she was refused her break by someone up higher. That in Washington state is AGAINST THE LAW. This should be reported and addressed as a serious issue. How dare anyone decide if someone is can get their break when it is a law. Think I will report it myself. You need to retrain your upper associates that it is not up to them if an employee get their break or not. SHAME ON THAT PERSON. Personally I think it should be an immediate dismissal.

  • Simply B says:

    Went to Marshalls to return a pair of shoes I purchased on 9/3 and today is 9/11. The shoes were to small so I tried to return them for a even exchange. The Manager stated the shoes were used and I could not bring them back I only had the shoes 7 days and tried them on and they were to tight. The lady treated me as if I was trying to get something for free after I spend my money on the shoes, she was also rude walked away and left me at the counter 0ver 7 minutes to look for a pair of shoes I told here were not on the shelf . and there were no others over there as if I was lying. Poor customer service and very disrespectful managers

  • Maylynn says:

    Marshalls in Monticello ny is the worst my son has worked there for 3 weeks and still waiting for his pay. They say they will mail it to him but don’t have his mailing address on file. They want people to work for them but can’t pay them. Kinan aka manager on duty was the worst and most disrespectful person I have even seen I’m my life. I worked in customer service for well over 30 years and never had someone speak to my son the way she did. She should not be in customer service more and less be a manager.. They are telling me that HR hasn’t issued checks do to Covid. I don’t find that true.

  • Syed Mohiuddin says:

    With over 15 years of retail store management experience. Over the last couple of months, I have been applying for the position of Store Manager at Marshalls through TJX carrers.com, although there were slots open at Streamwood, Ivan stone, Niles and Naperville locations, but after an auto response for the receipt of application, there is not even a single call to review / discuss or evaluate the potentials of the application. Its very demotivating and sad on such assumed actions. Hope looking at this somebody would respond. thanks

  • Yana Sorsher says:

    The location at Sunny Island doesn’t not allow to take the carts outside of the store, which makes it very difficult to take purchases to the car

  • Doreen Robles says:

    Stop stripping your employees rights away. I will not shop at any store that takes the rights away of others. You can not force your employees to be vaccinated! Covid has a 99.6 recovery rate. Far from a pandemic. Stop being ignorant sheep. YOU ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ADVERSE EFFECTS DUE TO YOUR FORCED VACCINATIONS. OSHA HAS MANDATED THAT POLICY.


  • Erica Huber says:

    I had a really horrible experience with you guys, normally I wouldn’t bother to take the time but this was so bad… I received a $25 gift card for my birthday and I am a first-time buyer. I ordered an item of clothing online (and paid a couple extra bucks of my own). It didn’t fit so I followed your instructions for a return. After almost 3 weeks I heard nothing so I wrote. About 10 days later I got a response that you will send me a gift card soon and will take $10 for return shipping. That was pretty horrible. About a week later I got my gift card with a balance of $5.88 (no explanation on where the rest of my money went). You guys literally stole over $20. I got nothing. I really wanted to buy more but this was probably the worst shopping experience I have ever had. I would love to see you guys make this right but assume not. I own a business and would never let a customer walk away like this. I doubt this will make a difference but I have been so bothered I thought I would try.

  • Jorge E Toro says:

    Your company sucks no service to customers and much higher prices than when I started purchasing from Marshall’s. To exchange anything is a problem specially when I purchase something on sale and want to exchange for whatever reason at another location and they give u a problem and want to charge me more.

  • Dotty Kassler says:

    Please open a store in Kenmore or Town of Tonawanda, New York. There are many suitable buildings that have recently become vacant. The site of the now closed Bon Ton on Delaware Avenue has abundant parking and space. I love shopping at Marshall’s but there is not a conveniently located store where I live in the Town of Tonawanda, NY.14223 or 14217.

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