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  • Address: 10400 Fernwood Rd, Bethesda, MD 20817, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 301-380-3000
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 176,000
  • Established: 1927
  • Founder: J. Willard Marriott & Alice Marriott
  • Key People: J.W. Marriott Jr., Arne Sorenson

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Will you feel appreciated, if you are not welcomed into a hotel when you check-in after a tiring journey? The staff at JW Marriott believes in the culture of “taking care”. They value and appreciate you without caring about the language you speak or which part of the world you are from. As part of their dedication towards guests, the Marriott International has given you various options to reach out to them in case of any emergencies or for any complaints.

Marriott Headquarter Address - You can use the address mentioned below for sending a physical mail to them.

10400 Fernwood Rd,


MD 20817,


Phone Number - You can reach out to the headquarters of Marriott on the number +1 301-380-3000.

Email - Not Available

Website - You can visit their official website for any information related to Marriott. Social media users and investors can use this official website. https://www.marriott.com/default.mi

Marriott Headquarters Info & Photos

For more than 60 years, Marriott International had called Montgomery County in Maryland as their home. The company has now decided to move to Bethesda downtown. The Bethesda headquarters is less than two blocks far away from the Bethesda Metro station, which makes it easier for staff to commute. Marriott International offers its staff a sustainable work environment which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern life amenities. The office space is spread out across 785K square feet area which is expected to be completed by 2022.

The old HQ of Marriott will be redeveloped as a community service center for seniors.

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Marriott Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

10400 Fernwood Rd Bethesda (HQ), MD


United Kingdom

Barnard’s Inn 86 Fetter Lane London

Marriott Headquarters Executive Team

J.W. Marriott Jr.

Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board

J.W. Marriott Jr. aka Bill Marriott was interested in the hospitality business since his school and college years. He joined the family business as a full-time associate in the year of 1956. He was elected as the president of the company in 1964 and was the CEO in 1972. He became the chairman of the board in 1985. Under his leadership, the family business of Marriotts today is spread across 7000 properties in 30 brands. He retired from the position of chief executive officer on March 31, 2012.

Arne M. Sorenson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Arne M. Sorenson joined the team of Marriott in 1996. He is known to be an outspoken corporate leader. He served at different positions before stepping into the role of President and chief executive officer of the Marriott in 2012. He was the first person to hold the CEO post without having the Marriott name.

Val Bauduin

Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

Val Bauduin joined Marriott after serving Deloitte & Touche LLP as a partner and US hospitality practice leader. He takes care of the accounting and financial services at Marriott. He is known to be a regular speaker at various hospitality conferences.



Liam Brown

President and Managing Director for Europe

Anthony Capuano

Executive Vice President and Global Chief Development Officer

Don Cleary

President of Marriott Hotels of Canada

Bancroft S. Gordon

Assistant General Counsel

Carolyn B. Handlon

Executive Vice President Finance & Global Treasurer

David J. Grissen

Group President

Ron Harrison

Global Design Officer

Bruce Hoffmeister

Global Chief Information Officer

Laura E. Paugh

Senior Vice President of Investor Relations

Alex Kyriakidis

President and Managing Director, Middle East & Africa

Stephanie Linnartz

Global Chief Commercial Officer

David A. Rodriguez

Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer

Leeny Oberg

Leeny Oberg

Leeny Oberg

President of Caribbean & Latin America

Craig Smith

Managing Director of Asia Pacific

Tricia Primrose

Global Chief Communications & Public Affairs Officer

Rena H. Reiss

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

About Marriott


The journey of Marriott was started by JW Marriott and his wife Alice S. Marriott in 1927. They started as a root beer stand and today it has crossed 3,000 hotels all over the world.

The first hotel under the brand JW Marriott opened in the year of 1957. It was the Twin bridges motor hotel which was started in Arlington, Virginia.

In 1993, Marriott Corporation split into two different segments which lead to the launch of Marriott International and Host Marriott Corporation.

Beginning from September 2006, Marriott made all its lodging properties in the US and Canada as a no-smoking zone. This included lounges, guest rooms, restaurants, public spaces and even employee rooms.


Marriott International operates as a part of many hotels, corporate housing and timeshare properties.

JW Marriott hotels offer a lot of enhanced luxury services to their customers like airline & limousine reservations, spa & salon services, pet care information & reservations, valet services, and many more.

Gaylord hotels, which are a part of the Marriott International offer geographic heritage themes and attractions specially designed for these type of hotels.

Moxy hotels, another brand of the Marriott International, offers lively public spaces to hunter travellers with minimalistic styling and cosy guest rooms. All these services are offered at very affordable prices.


  • JW Marriott Marquis in Dubai is the world's second tallest hotel. The height of this hotel is 355 meters and it has 1608 rooms.
  • In 1972, Marriott partnered with sunline cruises and became the first hotel segment to enter the cruise business.
  • Marriott hotels have structured their 30 different brands into segments like luxury, premium and select. This variability is based on the price and the distinctive style on which the brand is based.
  • In 1995, JW Marriott became the first hotel chain worldwide, offering customers the option online room booking.
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    I stayed at your Harlem, NY location from 8/11 thru 8/18 and was bitten by what I beleive are bedbugs. I reported it to the manager and maintenance and they both denied it and were very rude and dismissive. Neither one of them is a medical doctor and unable to make a diagnosis. The manager even had a temper tantrum on the phone and hung up on me after denying me the room inspection report.

  • Cynthia says:

    My bonvoy account was hacked months ago and have been trying to get my to get it restored. The email address I send the jpg ID sent to bonvoy.program@marriott.com will not accept the jpg and therefore, the customer service respondent just says they want talk to me. I have know idea what is wrong with their system – I sent the same file to my work email and it is fine – no problems opening. I think someone at bonvoy is selling our information or using our accounts and this is why they refuse to talk to me. When I asked to speak to supervisor at Bonvoy – I was told no I could not and they hung up. Therefore my PII on my account, credit card and my account is under control of a hacker. I want my account closed NOW! All customers beware – the hacker has more rights than you do to your information. They have my PIN to access my account – the hacker doesn’t have that, but you think that’s asked for before my email address is changed by the hacker – no.

    Do think Bonvoy fraud thinks that pin justifies having a conversation with a supervisor to get this corrected – no. They don’t ask you to mail anything or provide a copy of other info to identify you – if they cant open the jpg file – they just hang up. I want a call from someone at corporate to get this account closed – your bonvoy customer service could care less because you have someone there selling our information. Sure is strange only my bonvoy has been hacked.

  • Dennis says:

    When booking a reservation at your Bethesda Md Residence Inn, I was told that since it was for my wife and not both of us, I could not use my certificate for a Free Night Award. If correct this is a ridiculous policy and makes me want to cancel my Bonvoy Card.

  • Mavis Nees says:

    I stayed at Norwalk CT 7/10 to 7/12. The night of 7/11 that I came back from a wedding. A party went on in the courtyard area where my room was facing. They were loud, singing and talking and lighting sparklers. I called and told them to do something about it. Instead, Rose the manager just said she could refund me for the night and move me. Basically she told me to look the other way and allowed bad behaviors. It is not different than allowing looters to destroy properties. She needs to be fired. I also emailed Diego the manager and he never even responded to me.

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Amy Bryant says:

    I had jewelry stolen by your employees a week ago, and not one time has the GM called. I am not going to let this drop and will seek counsel. This is such poor customer service. I will make sure to let every travel site know not to book Playa Largo Resort and Spa

  • Thacis Johnson says:

    Excellent guest services communication and interpersonal skills
    Thacis Johnson

  • JIM BLOSL says:


  • JOSEPH MORIN says:

    I am sick and tired of your robo-calls. You hired whoever is making the calls and therefore you are responsible. I have clicked the damned stop call button and then get even more calls. I can assure you I will NEVER stay at a marriott hotel again.

  • James O. Jones says:

    I’m an Independent Associate with LegalShield, with the lay-offs your having to make on account of the Virus, send those employees my website joj.wearelegalshield.com They can keep putting bread on the table. We’re in all 50 States and all of Canada. We have been in business for 48 years. Identity Theft Protection with Unlimited Restoration “if all possible” and The Family Legal Plan

  • P. Kaz says:

    You tell me why I would get a telephone at 10 at night for Marriott Hotels. Did you ever think people might be sick and old and at that time of night you could be scared thinking its bad news? I am so sick of trying to block these numbers but you must have a million different numbers. JUST STOP THESE CALLS

  • shannon mcgraw says:

    After your horrible response to your employees, and finding out you are a tool for the CCP, I will NEVER use your hotel AGAIN. AND I WILL BE GETTI G THE WORD OUT TO MY NUMEROUS CONTACTS.

  • Anonymous - go ask OMEGA on your management team says:

    Hmmm, It appears that the Marriott way is no longer fabulous which is unfortunate because my family has always enjoyed staying at Marriott’s.
    My family purchased a timeshare at Newport Coast Villas in 1999, before building had begun. We are known as the tent people because we were one of the first 100 people to purchase there. But, this does not seem to matter to Marriott management. Just hung up the phone with Omega with the Marriott Management team. She was rude, abrupt and unfriendly. After paying a premium 21 years ago for a set 4th of July week they wanted to charge me a fee because after paying a premium so we could enjoy the 4th of July we don’t want to check in at 4:00 on July 4th. Then she tried to sell me a “vacation” night so we could check in on Friday.
    Absolutely unbelievable. I used to recommend the Marriott and tell anyone who would listen how much I loved them, but now it seems the new Marriott way is rude, unfriendly, argumentative and just plain nasty.

    Buyer beware…Do not buy.

  • Veronica and Timothy Leonard says:

    We have booked a Europe Mediterranean Cruise for May 10 thru May 17, 2020 using our points. We have been Marriott Vacation Owners for years. We purchased the insurance for this cruise. My husband and I are 76 years old we are very uncomfortable taking this cruise. I called Marriott cancellation dept. today and they said if I cancel now we will lose our points and moneys we have spent for this cruise. The President and government is telling people to stay away from Italy (where we were going) because of the outbreak. I have been on hold for an hour just to speak to a manager. Prior to this I was on hold for an hour just to speak to the cancellation dept. I know this is a situation no one for seen but it is what it is. I want to be made hold in other words get our points back. Please respond to us. Thank you, our phone # 734-219-7093 or 313-680-7434

  • Carl Bergeson says:

    I have been a loyal Marriott Customer for over 40 years. I enjoy Lifetime Platinum Elite ( Now called Lifetime Titanium Elite) Status. I have never had a problem that was not taken care of promptly and fairly. Accordingly when we decided to take our granddaughter on a cruise to the Greek Isles we decided to book through Marriott Bonvoy- because Marriott knows what they are doing. We booked two staterooms and four airfares on October 3, 2019 and started looking forward to the trip. Soon we started seeing there were some problems with the air- namely we had a connection in Amsterdam that had us leaving Amsterdam before we arrived. My wife caught this and called and it was corrected. A few weeks ago we got some written flight confirmations that had two of us leaving on May 28 and 2 leaving May 29. All we had earlier confirmation by email that we were all leaving on the 28. When we went to get this corrected we were told we would have to pay over $1000 for changing to what we thought we had in the first place. We spent hours on the phone (mostly on hold), talked to a number of different people and when it became obvious that nothing was going to change, we decided to cancel. We were told we could bet a full refund if we cancelled before March 1. Today we called Marriott Bonvoy to cancel and were told we would have to pay a cancellation/processing fee of $124.99 for each stateroom. For what? Marriott Bonvoy screwed up the reservation and we have not only had to disappoint our granddaughter but have had to pay for it as well. This is not the Marriott I have been associated with for over 40 years. Furthermore I have been unable to find the name of a contact I can direct my complaint to.

  • Beverly Demartini says:

    Been trying to reach general manager of Macon Marriott city center since Dec 11 to no avail. My daughter in law made a reservation for her and my son, then for me. I had her cancel mine. They checked in. This all happened within a short time. Got my visa bill and it seems I was charged a no show fee. Since then I’ve been given the runaround. Left messages, with general manager, accounting etc. did reach Bobbie in Omaha who gave me a case #. Left that with everyone still no call back. I’m learning that this is standard response, no care about customer service. I’m 82, just recovering from a heart attack and do not need this stress added to my condition. $112 may not mean much to you but it does to me. Yet you will not release it back to me. In my inquiries into Marriott I’ve found you have a reputation for bad customer service. In time it will catch up to you.

  • Gui Chase says:

    I am very disappointed with your customer service and the use of points. I would like to discuss an ongoing issue with someone that will not put me on indefinite hold
    This in regards to my next two reservations in Pattaya Thailand

  • Charles Hyde says:

    We stayed three nights at Marriott AC Bourbon in New Orleans 11-28-19 to 12-01-19. There are several things in our room that needs to be corrected. I have pictures that explain. Also the lighting in the main lobby need maintenance. When in the hallway near our room the supply air is very noisy. I noticed that there is no turning vane in the air ducts which causes the air to bang at the register. Also I believe that the system was never balanced.
    Charles Hyde
    570 Lacy Place, The Villages Florida, 32162
    ( I have pictures to verify this communication)

  • Lon Cole says:

    Can someone contact me? I have a start up business that sells non plastic bottle water. I was wondering if there is a division that invest in start up companies that is trying to help the enviroement. Phone# 253-548-8873

    Thank You
    Lon Cole
    PUREspring waters

  • Mary says:

    Horrible company. My daughters boyfriend worked hard to get gift cards through his place of employment to get your gift cards. He wanted to take my daughter to Savannah GA and Charleston, SC. Got the gift cards and drove 9 hours to only be told by your hotel that they would not accept the gift cards. He had 2 500.00 cards and your hotels refused them. I have business friends who use your company but for all their travel and employees I will be recommended other chains. Thank you for horrible service.

  • Bill Radaj says:

    I am highly disappointed at the process that I find myself in. I was trying to secure a room at the Renaissance hotel in Chicago for a recent meeting. Because of a schedule change I requested a room a day earlier than expected, unfortunately there was no rooms available at that time and I was told that I would be put on a waiting list. Because of no room availability, I was booked at a Fairfield in the same area, AT A PREPAID RATE. I subsequently was alerted that a room did become available at the Renaissance but my Fairfield reservation was now past the penalty date for the PREPAID ROOM RATE. I did cancel my reservation at the Fairfield but was STILL CHARGED a room rate for one night because I did not meet the cut-off date for that reservation. Ridiculous that I am paying for a mistake made by the MARRIOTT Organization. Consider me soon to be a Hilton frequent stay member. I have subsequently entered a case in the Marriott system for the second time with no resolution in sight…..CONSIDER ME A DISAPPOINTED TITANIUM ELITE BONVOY MEMBER !!!!!

  • William Aroutounian says:

    To Whom it May Concern:


    My Husband and I ( my husbands name is William Aroutounian ), had to stay at your hotel due to an emergency issues at our home. As a family of 5 ( we have small kids ages 1, 4 and 6 ), we thought your hotel would be a great choice. BUT i would like to address several issues that I believe need your attention, as this is the last time I’m staying at this hotel:
    1. We needed a long stay and were looking to talk to someone about long stay rate, but it seems impossible to reach anyone. Eventually we got a hold of someone who DIDN”T know anything. She didn’t know the rates, she didn’t know the availability, she basically knew nothing! So on that note we have to live in a 1 bedroom room with 3 small children for the past 2 weeks ( simple because no one knows what to do with us ).

    2. On a 5th day of our stay, we got a call from the from desk at 11:30pm!!!!! I have 3 children that were woken up because of this phone call and all because the card was for whatever reason not going through for the amount of $100!!!! And of course such an urgent matter ( after we spent thousands of dollars ) couldn’t wait till morning.

    and LAST
    3. We found a BAT in our room today hanging on the curtain!!!! Disgusting! And dangerous for 3 small children.
    Walked downstairs, told the front desk about it and her response was:
    ” Did you show it to someone else?” “Well, its possible, they can come fro outside” OMG!!! No excuse me, NO let me see what I can do….no nothing!!! So, I should expect snakes, cockroaches, rats and everything else in my room??? they all can technically come in from outside!!!! And yes, I found a made that killed it in front of us.

    Simply terrible and disgusting! As a platinum member, I will tell you one thing: this is the last time I’m staying at this hotel!!! If I had a place to leave today – I would. But tomorrow first thing in the morning will be checking out.

    Thank you for all your time and attention to this matter.

  • David McAllister says:

    Last weekend we had a wedding in Ashville NC. In all my travel ( I am 74) I have never, never ran across a hotel like the renaissance downtown. I booked 3 rooms for two nights, aug 16-17. On Tue or Wed found out son and family could not make it. Cancelled all but one night Sat , this was for the groom. Got a call from Kevin that they were overbooked and was placing him at the Hyatt, not happy, but OK. Well Sat, because of rehearsal and dinner by the time he called the Hyatt they said they didn’t have a room for him. Back to the renaissance to check with them. His mother was staying there also. They told him our room was reinstated, but no call telling us this. So the said you are on the 11th floor. Told them his name Todd McWilliams, they don’t have a room, because it was under my husbands name David McAllister and Todd McWilliams. She said ok, showed his license, name is Mailen T. McWilliams. Well then she said name doesn’t match so you will be on 4th floor and you will have to pay for it. Surprising to me since they were overbooked. My sister in the meantime called to see if she could clear it up. Ok now he can go to the 11th floor from his 4th floor room. Was trying to get some sleep, since he was getting married the next day. Ending just keeping his room on 4th, 11th sat empty. My sister did talk to a manager the next day and they refunded his money. I hope you can see how upsetting this would be for us who made the reservation, his mother and Todd. Their was not one person at the hotel who was even a little concerned for our problem. Kevin on Thur told me this is just the way it is. NOT HAPPY WITH RENAISSANCE AND THEIR HOSPITALITY!!
    David and Linda McAllister
    85 Mae St
    Logan, OH. 43138

  • Cynthia M. Shefton says:

    I had the pleasure of staying at the Marriott in San Juan PR back in March for a conference for my job, I was ill and I am only writing this review now because of the tremendous service I received. I wanted the staff at the Marriott headquarters to know that San Juan Marriot is the best service I ever received from any hotel or resort. From the very moment I stepped in the door I felt like I was wanted and welcomed. it was an amazing experience for me. Who ever is managing that place got IT RIGHT. I have never stayed in any hotel where everyone is genuine and polite even the maintenance people speak to you in pleasant tone. I especially want to thank Ibet Velez the Service Manager. She didn’t know I was having a rough time of it and when I needed to change my room. I wanted an ocean view but the room was not what I wanted it was nice but the view was obscured. I called the front desk to inquire somehow Ms. Velez got involved and she personally came to make sure I was ok. I burst into tears and thanked her and her staff for their kindness to me not to mention the view was amazing. She periodically checked on me to make sure I was okay during my staty. I really need that day, it set the tone for what I experienced at the Marriot for my entire stay. In addition, when I came into my room that night there was a bottle of wine and peanuts again the tears. I can not thank them enough for amazing stay.

    PS please forward this to your boss for me. You deserve a promotion. I’ll be in Detroit hope that Marriot is like yours ?

    Thank you from a grateful heart
    Cynthia M. Shefton

  • Sissy says:

    Gulf Shores AL location has a slip and fall hazard from broken sprinklers constantly watering the sidewalk in the front of this hotel. The green area is also very overgrown and not kept to the local standards for a hotel area business.

  • Brenda Kinnear says:

    On a weekly basis I receive telephone calls on both my home and cell phones from Marriott. I do not wish to receive these calls. When I relay the message to the caller they slam the phone down in my ear. I have never stayed at a Marriott Hotel nor would I ever stay at a Marriott Hotel based on the
    rudeness of your callers soliciting business. These callers are not doing anything to boost your brand and in fact have the opposite result. I tell and will continue to tell people that Marriott Hotels are a terrible place to stay until such time that your company ceases and desists these annoying and intrusive calls.


    STAY Away from this hotel. Unsafe homeless people walking around drunk banging on hotel room doors. We where going to Disneyland. I looked up hotels and was pleased to find the Four Points. Knowing it had a good reputation, and was safe for a family, NOT SO. Do not stay a this hotel you will fear for your Life. We called 911 on Homeless drunks trying to break in to our room. CONFIRMATION NUMBER 97986176,GUEST NUMBER 222361 JUNE 29,2019…..THIS PLACE IS A SHIT HOLE

  • M Majerly says:

    Like M Power with June 20 2019 comment we also receive unsolicited recorded calls at a late hour. It is becoming rather annoying when you get woken up every evening with one of these calls. When we travel we use Marriott but please when I am at home I like to sleep peacefully. STOP THESE CALLS!!!!!

  • M. Power says:

    I would like to know whose idea it is to have unsolicited calls to our house at 10:00pm, to have a useless computer generated message played. I don’t care! Nobody cares! Stop wasting time and money.

  • Mary Seraichick says:

    I would like to comment on the lack of communication with guests about upcoming reservations. A year ago (May 2018) I was desperately searching for a hotel room near the University of Wisconsin’s campus for the upcoming (May 2019) graduation. I made a reservation at the AC Mariott Madison, WI. I thought I cancelled the reservation when I found a hotel closer to campus (the Mariott is near the Capitol but further from campus). In the meantime Marriott has consolidated various properties under Bon Voy. These notices virtually flooded my mailbox and none of them paid attention to any upcoming reservation. Meanwhile on May 10th there apparently was an e-mail asking me to confirm my reservation for that night and following. But I was enroute from Boston to Madison without a WIFI connection and must not have seen this. But the following day I received the message that I had a $377 bill for AC Madison and that I had been a “No show” for the night of 5/10. When I called and explained that I didn’t realize that I actually had a reservation since there was no e-mail or contact that stood out regarding confirmation of this (and I don’t think I got a confirmation – no sure) in the meantime I was told that I still owed this for this night.

    Here is the problem that I have with this bill – too little communication about a far distant reservation. In my mind there should have been some interim communication verifying/confirming a reservation made so long in advance. In contrast to AC Marriott, the hotel where I did end up staying (Hampton Inn Suites, Madison WI – a Hilton hotel) kep in contact throughout – verifying my reservation, asking if I wanted an upgrade, confirming the reservation a month in advance, stating no cancellation after that point, etc). I felt constantly in touch with the Hampton Inn and responded accordingly. In contrast, I found out with a bill on 5/11 that I was a “no show” on 5/10 from AC Marriott. I tried to explain that I didn’t realize I still had a reservation and the customer service persion, Jeff, said that after “an investigation” I still owed for one night.

    Of course I will take on this debt. I must say that as a senior citizen widow who saved to attend her daughter’s graduation I find the additional $377 onerous but I will do what it takes to pay. I have to say, though, that the lack of communication on the part of AC makes me feel this charge is unfair and I wish that I had known about this reservation.

  • Chris cohen says:

    I would like to apply for a Marriott investigative employee performance job. I have been a Marriott owner for over 20 years and recently found a tremendous decline in the negative attitude of some of the staff in the lower end of your line. This is not representational of the general upbeat attitude of what I call a “successful “ business model. It worries me as to whether you should bother with the lower end of the spectrum as it negatively effects the Marriott name. Bad employees make for a degenerative undermining of your corporate name. Case in point- Marriott Fairfield in Chester va. We just stayed in
    Mansion at Forsth park, Savannah, ga. Worlds apart from Chester But! The attitude of the employees does not Have to change! Makes all the difference even in the low end of the spectrum. I recently had two negative telephone conversations with booking agents whereby I way extremely distressed. This had never been the Marriott way. disappointed- this the email. Please don’t ruin what has been so successful for so many years. Sincerely, chris cohen

  • Stephen L Capelli says:

    I have been a loyal Marriott Hotel customer since 1990, a minor share holder since 1991, a Vacation Club and Grand Vista owner since 2000. This past weekend (May 3-5) I stayed at the Weston in Wilmington, DE. It was, by far, the worst service I ever experienced at a Marriott property. We were there as part of the Rotary International District 7630 conference. The television did not work in the room and no one responded to our call for assistance. After our stay on Friday night the room was never cleaned or restocked with towels, toilet products or coffee service. We used the towels available for both days. It was also apparent that the corridors were not vacuumed on floors number five and three.
    It is vitally important that this lack of customer service and adherance to standard operating procedures be investigated and resolved by the Marriott Corporation. Our good name and reputation are on the line.

    Stephen L. Capelli

  • phillip orland says:

    Need to speak to someone who could help with my account . Customer care VERY disappointing since the merger. My account number 359554334. My phone 562-697-2413

    • Thacis Johnson says:

      Customer care has answers to a lot of questions and along with them the Marriot has several online businesses.
      Thacis Johnson

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