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  • Address: 875 East St, Tewksbury, MA 01876, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 978-851-8000

  • Fax Number: 978-640-8390

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 25000

  • Established: 1971

  • Founder: Athanasios Demoulas & Efrosini Demoulas

  • Key People: Arthur T. Demoulas

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Donald Mulligan

Vice President of Finance and Treasurer

Michael King

Vice President and Controller

Julien Lacourse

Executive Vice President of Marketing

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  • John Vodden says:

    U need to call the Westgate mall market basket before the board of health get called there is
    E employee works there who need told the manager here she has bed bugs bad and she brought the to work with her

  • Jo-ann Cummings says:

    I am looking for the market basket tote bags. I like the big ones with the collapsing floor and the insulated bags and the regular ones. I gave mine to my daughters because they live out of state and like them. Have gone to Hudson and Leominster marker baskets and none are to be found. Have you discontinued them. Thank you for reading this and hope to hear from you. Oh, will gladly pay.

  • Joanna Roselli says:

    I looked at your current weekly Market basket flyer of August 7 2022 as to the Sunday hours at your Revere MA store . The flyer states that the Sunday store hours are 7 AM to 8 PM. I also looked on line and it said same. Just to make sure it was the correct information that I received
    Yesterday evening around 7PM I called store and asked what time do you open on Sunday for we needed Ice and a pizza for our road trip .The customer service person who answered the phone said we open Sunday at 7AM and we could order a pizza and get the ice at that time. Went to the store around 7:30 AM Sunday and store was closed until 8AM we waited until it opened and asked the Manager about this and he said on Sunday they open at 8AM not 7AM as on Mon-Sat hours.
    Please note: you have wrong hours listed on line , in your weekly flyer, and customer service telephone agents who give out the wrong information.
    Needless to say we were very surprised that Corp Market Basket has let this slip by as to not inconvenience its customers.

  • Pete says:

    Horrible customer service at 10 main st. Tewksbury/ lowell market basket. I my self had to go behind the kitchen counter & serve myself knowing their are kitchen staff looking directly at me. So be it I’ll do this everyday.

  • David says:

    If you have a teenager and think you would like them to get a job there do it with caution. My 17yo son within 4 months of starting there was getting access to alcohol and cigarettes and vape products. When I tried to report the alcohol incident nothing was done. But the supervisor made it clear that they have friends that work there so they can get what they want. The cigarettes and vape are things I believe he was walking right up to the counter and buying. The supervisor’s told me that my son was hiding the big box of vape pens at work. Well my question is why didn’t he do something about it. I know that it’s tough sometimes too keep teenagers from doing things that they shouldn’t do but does market basket have to make it easier for them to get things they shouldn’t have. The alcohol issue is something I don’t understand according to my son the alcohol is stored out back with cameras around it but according to him no one monitors the cameras. I don’t understand why they aren’t able too spend a small amount of money and put a cage around it. As far as the cigarettes and vape products go if my son walked into a store and tried to purchase them he would be have to show a ID. When he started working there he was excited and for a couple of months he was doing good but then they couldn’t get help and they started working him as much as they could then that’s when the problems started. My son was starting to complain about the screwed up work environment and how the supervisors treated employees and how they behaved and that’s seemed to really affect him. I know that work environments can be stressful but when you have a business like Market Basket that hires a lot of teenagers for their first jobs they should be aware of what kind of environment that they are exposing them to. So please understand your importance in the impression you are leaving on them.
    But more importantly stop making it so easy for them to get alcohol and cigarettes and vape products.

  • Georgia says:

    Please update and give new life to our Kinder, La. Store. New flooring…something…anything.

  • Judy says:

    I would stay away from their store on London rd in concord nh. The worst meat and the most pathetic store manager. He didn’t want to rectify a situation. I searched for a company email. N/A. Funny. You can only call a non occupied number until Monday. So no way for immediate resolution. The $40 I spent on two T-bones will look even browner by Tuesday because Monday’s a holiday. Can’t leave a general voice message. Hopefully someone from the company monitors their customers comments here. We’ll see I guess.

  • Tara says:

    I am so impressed with how efficiently the Market Basket in Plymouth, MA runs! The shelves are always stocked, people are always working hard and they really seem to enjoy their jobs! You staff are not only friendly to their customers but to each other. I always feel like it’s “all hands on deck” with Market Basket- everyone wants to help each other and I feel your company treats their employees like family and your staff feels like they are a part of the Market Basket family.
    I’d like to give a special shout out to Eleanor in the Prepared Foods department. She is the type of person any employer would want to have on their team. I have never experienced anyone show so much respect to customers and peers. She’s exactly the reason why consumers choose Market Basket. Customer appreciation is everything!!!! Super job, Market Basket- choosing Eleanor and all the rest of your great workers! You’re doing everything the right way! I wish you the best success in your future years! Thanks for a great place to shop on so many levels!!!!

  • Rick says:

    Been a customer for 40 years or so…..now live in Yarmouth, Ma and shop at the Bourne store, which is a drive for me. The K=Mart in Hyannis is closing and it would be a SUPER location for a Market Basket. It’s right across from the Mall and has a huge parking lot. Would LOVE to see you guys move here.

  • Dan says:

    Just in Market Basket Store#70 in West Bridgewater ,Mass. 8/3/2020 @ 4:10P.M. At least 5 workers had masks under the nose including a bagger. Went to the manager to ask about it and his was under his nose as well. We love Market Basket but it’s not worth the risk to shop there if this doesn’t change. I am a cancer patient and my immune system is compromised.

  • diane garland says:

    To whom ever made this decission. I recently bought roses @ the Rochester NH store for $5. Thank you for the great sale- it made not only my day but the week as well!

  • Chris says:

    I live in Strafford County, NH and shop at Market Basket in Epping and Lee Circle. I have been self-isolating due to age and health issues, and have just started venturing into stores again. Today in the Epping Market Basket there were quite a few shoppers without masks. Although NH does not require masks in public, there is no question it is safer. Arthur Demoulas and corporate Market Basket can make its own decisions for its stores. Food shopping is necessary – for people of all age and health categories. I think Market Basket should REQUIRE mask wearing for shoppers within their stores. Other stores features (such as one way aisles and checkout precautions) comply with health considerations. Most employees I encountered were wearing masks. Thanks for your consideration. Everyone is safer if we all comply with this easy precaution.

  • Carrie bloom says:

    I was at market basket yesterday, and there was an employee that needs to be recognized. I was in the check out when an elderly lady was in front of me. She was just buying a few things. When she used her debit card it was declined. She asked the cashier to hold her lunch until she could get some money. The cashier paid for it out of her own pocket! The woman cried and I was in awe. I asked the worker her name. She said it was Brittney. Pkease acknowledge her for her kind act!

  • Arlene Defilippo says:

    Hi, I would like to know what country your Market basket instant non-fat dry milk comes from. I called 2 stores and no one knows. It does not State where you buy it. Does it contain a chemical melicline.

  • noreen says:

    not only am I ANGRY about this, but I am absolutely APPALLED !Why in the world are YOUR EMPLOYEES NOT WEARING some sort of face mask?!! This is putting us as your customers in danger!! not happy about this at ALL! I’ve been to 3 different Market Baskets and I think I may have only seen a total of 10 people wearing them! Get it together Market Basket!! You are not helping this world wide situation !!

    • Michelle Ortiz says:

      I had the same experience in Oxford on 4/23. Lots of young kids working
      without face masks. They are doing everything else right, like monitoring the number of people going in and out, having one way for she shopping carts.

  • Natalie says:

    I don’t understand how Market Basket is not following the cdc recommendations. The employees are still working close together which does not seem right. How are you protecting the employees if their is no distance between them. They are helping us yet you are not protecting them or their families. Specifically the store in North Andover.

    • noreen says:

      Natalie, I’ve been to 3 different Market Baskets and the employees are not protecting ANYONE by not wearing some sort of face mask let alone working too close together!

    • Michelle Ortiz says:

      I agree with you. In addition they are not wearing masks nor they are carrying sanitizer that they should be using often. I am grateful for the food Market Basket is providing us but…

  • Peter Fowler says:

    I just throwing this out there for you ,,, Why not put RED TAPE down on the floor for in the shape of an ARROW every isle ONE WAY ONLY ,,,,, GO WITH THE FLOW

  • Rosemary says:

    I want to thank all the employees and owner of Market Basket for their service during America’s war against COVID-19. Also, a special thank you to the, courageous in my opinion, employees of Market Basket in Hooksett, NH.

  • janet says:

    What is Market Basket doing to financially support employees who are now functioning as emergency personnel to keep markets open? Market Basket employees are currently putting lives on the line, just like employees at Stop and Shop and Shaws- who are receiving temporary hourly wage increases and/or bonuses.

  • Denise vazza says:

    I hope your employees are receiving bonuses like Walmarts employees are receiving, they are working just as hard and are so nice although they must be exhausted

  • Anne Claise says:

    Pleasantly surprised how organized The Leominster Store was operating on Saturday morning. At first it appeared crowded and I wondered how I would manage but employees were directing traffic so the check out went smoothly. Employees did a great job and should be applauded. Everything moved along respectfully. I also liked the fact the manager thanked the associates for their team effort. Way to go Market Basket. Keep up the good work.

  • Jeff says:

    I want to compliment the management and staff at the Somerville store for their handling of the crowds this morning. The store is overburdened in ordinary times due to lack of parking and small size, but the way they handled the crowd this morning was exceptional. We were asked to line up in the back of the store and as we made our way to the front were directed by staff to specific check-out lines. Because it was so well organized nobody complained or tried to cut the line and all remained in a good humor.
    Although there were shortages of some items, the stockers were busy shelving items. Seeing this hopefully eases some of the fear people have.

  • Steve says:

    Get this. My Fiance works at the Market Basket Kitchen in Nashua and she gets crap and harassed when she has to go. She is older than her kitchen manager and feels like she is getting picked on. came home crying because she almost wet her pants. Having to go the bathroom is a natural thing. When u gotta go you gotta go. On top of that there is no bathroom nearby. You have to walk thru the dtore and go to the second floor for employees. Wish I could talk to the owner himself.

  • Leonard Pompey says:

    I have been shopping at Market Basket for over 30 years. I drop 200.00 weekly. I spoke with the manger about Getting Maine potatoes in the store. I was told oh! They don’t sell in 10 pound bags,they rot we end up throwing them out!! They are a Market Basket brand. Sold in other stores Nearby. Please I would like them sold in Newburyport. Can u help me out!!!

  • Paula says:

    Taunton Barket Basket need to fire a manager that was picking on a girl that works there telling her to remove her small earring that she has in her nose. It was so small I had to look twice to see it. But then I notice other employees with bigger earrings on they nose. I was so disturbed the way this so called Manager was talking to this poor girl he told her not to come in on Monday. I waited outside to talk to her but she’s was crying and I left so sad . I pray her parents do something I believe her name was Hope Lima.

  • tom says:

    I am so sick of you allowing all these FAKE service animals in your store- you need your doggies to shop-get the hell out before one of them opens fire – the fake service vests you can buy on amazon are on most of these stupid pets- what about my rights- I will call for a boycott of your stores- do not think I can get many folks and news coverage to expose this think again! enough is enough-I do not want animals near my food!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carol says:

    I always shop at Market Basket in Oxford. Last Sunday I was at the cash register checking out and the computer froze right after I put my credit card in so that the cashier couldn’t tell if the transaction went thru or not. Jeff, the assistant manager came over and was unable to re start the register so had me go to Customer Service and I paid for the groceries again. Jeff gave me his number so I could check with my bank to see if I got charged twice. I did get charged twice. Jeff contacted Nancy in Billing and told me I would see a credit in my account. I has now been a week and it still has not shown up!! Jeff handled this situation well and has always gotten back to me but this is unacceptable that my money has been held up a week!!! I paid for my groceries twice, I am sure Market Basket would not have let me leave without paying and I agree with that. My complain it that I do not have my money. I am so disappointed in this company. Jeff gave me a number of a woman, Nancy, to call, but I should not have to go through all this trouble over this issue.

  • Michael says:

    Great company with great service.

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