Where is Marie Callenders Corporate office Headquarters

Marie Callenders Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 27101 Puerta Real, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 949-448-5300

  • Fax Number: 901-766-6482

  • Email: mccustomerservice@prkmc.com

  • Number of Employees: 7364

  • Established: 1930

  • Founder: Cal Warren Callender

  • Key People: Jeffrey D. Warne

Marie Callenders Headquarters Location & Directions

Marie Callenders Headquarters Executive Team



Jeffrey D. Warne

Chief Executive Officer, President and Member of the Board of Managers

Jim Frank

Chief Operating Officer

Richard K. Arras

President of Perkins Restaurants & Bakeries

Toni Quist

Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Training

Lawrence D. Taylor

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Donald F. Wiseman

Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

About Marie Callenders, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1930. The company has been currently active for more than 89 years now. The founder of this company is Cal Warren Callender. The main aim of the company was to manufacture and sell a wide range of bakery products such as pies and various other items and also provide restaurant services to its customers. Headquarters: 27101 Puerta Real, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, USA.

Marie Callender’s is a company based in America which mainly focuses on providing the best bakery products and restaurant services. The company has more than 7000 employees working under it. The company currently has Jeffrey D. Warne as its Chief Executive Officer and President and also Jim Frank as its Chief Operating Officer.

Marie Callender’s provides its services on various types of bakery products and also restaurant type services which include pies and different other desserts, facilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner and bar cum, etcetera. It also provides the facilities for banquet halls as well.

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  • Donna Allen says:

    I love everything that you all have, but not much of a meat eater was just wondering why you all could not make a all vegetable pot pie. 4 out of 7 days I eat a pot pie and have to go through it and pick out the chicken. I am sure I’m not the only one that would love this. Just asking. P.s I would never eat another brand so don’t suggest that I eat anything else but yours. Thanks for listening
    Have a Blessed day

  • Carol Guerrero says:

    Use to love some of your frozen dinner but lately they have gone to pot. The fajitas are nothing like the picture on the box and the taste is just as worse. Your turkey use to be good now is a mess and super watery. And why did you stop doing the 2 piece chicken dinner that was really good. Seems someone is not caring enough anymore so for that will stop buying.

  • Bill Ertle says:

    I called 3 weeks ago found bone in spaghetti , you mailed me a bogus 3.00 off coupon that wal mart says does not work better you do not send anything will not buy your products any more or for my mom thanks for nothing

  • Ley says:

    We have bought several apple pie over the last several months.
    The first one we had was so much better than those we bought after.

    The toppings package that comes with it are tasting different seems lacking in cinnamon and not like it used to be that was easy to sprinkle and were not crumbled or solidified.

    Just so you can see the improvement to do and why is it so?! Was there an imitation fake?!??

    Thank you,

  • I ordered a meal for Thanksgiving I want to make sure you’re open because the day I’m supposed to pick it up is on the 24th in Santeramo Las Vegas Nevada every Marie calendars in town their phones are not working Colleen Fithian says:

    I’m supposed to pick it up Thanksgiving dinner from this areacimmarom 24th are you open on Thanksgiving and none of the phones for Marie calendars in Las Vegas Nevada are working 792-591-5798 Colleen Fithian

  • delila says:

    SEPTEMBER 19TH 2022
    Your pot pies are not worth over 3 dollars. Banquet pot pies are hella a lot better. hugh brown chunks you try to pass as beef. tasteless. that type of money paid for your pot pies should have REAL BEEF not CARD BOARD tastless not real food. this is a disgrace

  • Courtney E says:

    I received a gift card at my wedding a few years ago. I went to the location in Salt Lake City Utah and tried to use it. They said because they are not running under the corporation anymore, they weren’t able to accept it. I was wondering if there was anything I could do about this gift card. I think it only has about $20 on it, but since it was from my wedding, I would like to use the amount on it. What solutions can you offer to achieve this? I’m tired of holding onto it and not being able to use it.

  • BBennett says:

    I just tried your family size frozen scalloped potatoes with ham and cheese and it would have been wonderful, if the ham hadn’t tasted like fish! How does that even happen? I almost vomited – all the ham tasted that way. The quality continues to deteriorate. I remember when Marie’s first came out in the supermarket and they were the absolute best tasting microwave meals you could get. So disappointing.

  • James Moser says:

    I would like to talk to someone about a new product line.

  • Ernie B. says:

    The other day I used your online service, which was not the problem. My problem occurred when I parked in the curbside pick up to find out your restaurant no longer provides the service, so says the manager at your Covina store. Here’s my real problem I’m handicapped and is difficult for me to walk let alone to try and carry my food out to the car. In my opinion this is a major disservice. This is just the start of my complaint, I know I can keep going on about the lack of respect because I really don’t think was funny but I guess your employees did so. I know this complaint will go on deaf ears but in my honest opinion this is not how to create a business of pure laziness. I would believe your company would want to welcome more business than push it away.

  • Kelli Garcia says:

    I was just at your Riverside CA store and your store manager gave me phenomenal customer service! He came up an offered to help without even asking!great job please recognize this man I believe his name is Tim an older gentleman very very very pleasant great job Marie calendars great job with a great manager keep up the good work!

  • Willie foster jr says:

    Good foods and can u help change my email from williefoster15@yahoo.com to williefoster490@gmail.com

  • Ronda says:

    I am, as many are, on a tight budget. I chose your pot roast bowl over healthy choice; due to the fact yours were healthy and less expensive. Today I go to both Ralphs ($1.00 increase) as well as Target ($1.00 increase.) How can I afford this 33 percent increase without an employment increase? Some of your products have gone up so much as 40 percent. I went to get a cheese roll today; instead of 59 cents, they are now 79 cents! Do not tell me this is due to raising wages! You do all you can not to hire full time! I personally am ashamed that Ralphs/Kroger has been my grocer for the past 30 years!

  • Lucy Kishiue says:

    I have been trying to ask for a response from MC customer service regarding my gift card. Per your website, I checked and it shows it valid with $50 value. However, when I tried to use it at an MC restaurant, they said it is not valid with franchised restaurants. I asked which locations were corporate-owned and have not received a response after multiple attempts to their customer service. If my card is no longer valid, I would like to know that too. There is a report number assigned to my question: Report # 389005 originally sent on January 13, 2022. I will escalate this to your upper management as I have no choice due to the lack of response to my multiple follow up messages to your customer service. Does anyone else purchased an MC gift card and not able to use it?

  • jacquelynn tucker says:

    What have closed the Store in Citrus Heights Ca. I realize that it’s been closed awhile. We would really like it to reopen.

  • larry says:

    i like the chicken and turkey pot pies, but i have to say your apple pot pie is awful. its like you cook a bunch of apples to the point of mush then pour it into the shell. i can say that was my first time buying one and it will be the last as it has no real substance apple wise [ pieces that you could see were so small ]. Its a shame todays companies would rather skimp on their products just to make more on less product. no pride in products anymore.

  • Foodpoisoningisbad says:

    Finally a means to contact you I’ve only been searching for over an hour oh and by the way every phone number I call is disconnected! Earlier today I bought chicken fettuccine with broccoli after heating it instead of chicken fettuccine with broccoli I have chicken soup with broccoli as it is mostly water and ecoli I’m wondering was this an intentional act or did you accidentally try to poison me?

  • Stephen Bushi says:

    Have any of your development people ever tried to to “peel back along the perforations” to remove the top of your frozen chicken pot pies to prepare them for microwaving? I doubt it, because it is impossible to tear along the perforations, and it is very frustrating. You have a good product, but lousy perforations. It would be a shame for you to lose customers because of lousy perforations.

    • Cindy says:

      I just read your cheesy comment. You’re a cry baby over something so damn Petty. You must be a young person, who doesn’t realize you don’t cry over the petty stuff, or a old whiny crybaby. Oh….. I already said that didn’t I😲😲😲😲

  • Christine Wolfgram says:

    We don’t have a MC here in Yuma so I tried the frozen meals. I bought the Pulled Pork & Mac & Cheese. Sounded like 2 heavenly dishes married to each other. The picture sold me but what a disappointment when I saw what was inside. Ground Pork, not Pulled Pork & a SPLAT of BBQ sauce. It was good but I expected better from MC. Another thing is it seems you put broccoli in almost every dish. We don’t like broccoli & I have to pic it out of everything my husband eats. You have some really good dished after I dig out the broccoli. I just wanted to inform you as I see it. We don’t see it the same. I have pictures. Thanks

  • Crystal says:

    The birthday cake pie made by marie callendars isn’t available anywhere can someone help me figure out how I can purchase it please even if I have to buy it in bulk I’m ok with that I just need the pie lol

  • Sarah Zemblowski says:

    Does any one answer phones ??? i have been calling all day and it BUSY !!!!!!! I have a problem with your coupon .

  • Madeline Demolfetta says:

    I am very disappointed in your pumpkin pie I bought on to start off season I bake it accordingly to directions but the pumpkin I’d like eating the squash it was thick and heavy not what I was expecting, never had a bad pie from you before

  • Kathy Waldren says:

    Will you ever open a location in Fresno Ca. again?

  • Bill says:

    LOVE the chicken parmigiana TV dinner!!!

  • Allen Bullard says:

    To whom it may concern I have bought several of your pot pies the beef pot pie that is tonight I cooked one of them up I was eating it then I was wondering how come this funny thing was in my mouth pulled it out there was two large pieces I have pictures cleaned it up there was some kind of plastic that was in the pot pie. I finished eating the rest of the pot pie there was no other material in there other than what I pulled out of my mouth. I was just glad it was me because I like to share it with my little nephews and I’m glad they didn’t get it because they probably would have choked on it. I know everything is mass-produced but come on man hold up to your name in your reputation. Trust me that won’t deter me from my buying your product but if it continues have to move on to something else. Anyway thank you for listening to my comment.

    • Laura says:

      I had the same thing happen to me. I called to complain because I could have chocked on it and who knows where it came from, let alone the germs. They were too happy that I was dissatisfied with 2- $3.00 coupons. They bumped it up to $20?when I called them to say it was a slap in the face. They could have cared less. I was told they do not have coverage for such incidents. Do you believe that? I don’t. I’ve been looking for someone to to prove that. I told them I believed I should be compensated a$100 gift certificate, not money. She refused, saying in an uncaring voice, that they could not do that because they only can go up to $20. I find that unbelievable. I told them I’d get back to them. It was my 3rd call and 3rd email. There is definitely a problem with their assembly line. Intentional? Who knows but they could care less.
      Marie Challender’s you know you have Avery serious problem.

  • Norman Schwartz says:


  • Victoria Hutton says:

    Who decided to remake the chicken pot pie? I bought two and unfortunately there was broccoli instead of peas?totally disgusting! Could NOT eat it? please unless it’s broken do not fix it, it was horrible!

  • Gaye Monaghan says:

    We ordered two pies at your Rainbow Boulevard location for Thanksgiving (store 239). Stood in the rain for 20 minutes while people were running around and not getting pies for people. Said they were moving them from trailer to trailer. After I asked if I could get it in the store I was directed in there. There had to be 10 people running around with their heads off not knowing what to do. Why do you preorder things and you don’t have them put away with your name on them to pick up? Would be so easy. I even got one of the wrong pies. I ordered the pumpkin cream cheese pie (said it was a special for $16 something online but was charged $17.59) but I got just a plain pumpkin pie. Very disappointed. Won’t return. Too disorganized.

  • Annie Toliver says:

    Hello! I love your products, especially Chocolate silk pie.
    Sadly I just read the ingredients. You are using palm Oil. PLEASE Stop. We must be responsible for the treatment of our beloved Earth.
    I am not able to buy your product until you do. Please do it soon. I love your products, as I said. I’ll hate going without them.
    Thank God you haven’t sold out to Nestles. I haven’t bought their products for years. They having been telling 3rd world mothers that formula is better than breast milk.

    Thank you

  • David LeRoy says:

    I received a phone call from Anna the manager from the San Pedro location, still felt like I was pushed a side and was told, sir that’s our policy, very poor customer service, I will not be returning to this establishment, i also will be placing my yelp review, on how poorly I was treated as a frequent patron,
    Thank you for having this rude manager call me to make my experience worst, I’m shocked and embarassed to even had talked with her, she could of handle this with more class, I would of been happy with a sincere apology,
    David LeRoy

    On Jun 26, 2019 at 7:00 PM, wrote:

    Dear David Leroy,

    Thank you for contacting Marie Callender’s. We have forwarded your request to the appropriate management team. If you have any further inquiries or suggestions in the future, please share them with us. Our goal is to continuously improve the Marie Callender’s experience and to keep you as regular guest.

    Marie Callender’s Guest Services Manager

  • David Sharbutt says:

    Incident #353152 and #352912

    From: David Sharbutt
    Sent: Monday, April 1, 2019 11:31 AM

    To: Henry Bouchot. Whittier City Council
    Chief Jeff Pieper, Whittier Police Chief

    Subject: Incident at Marie Callendar’s


    I need to make you aware of this matter.

    On Feb 22 I went to the bar at Marie Callendar’s on Washington Blvd for Happy Hour.

    I was the victim of a con scam and management did nothing about it.

    A woman sitting next to me offered a friend a drink and then one for me. She appeared to be intoxicated.
    When it came time to leave she said she could not pay her bill and to avoid embarrassment I covered it.
    I later complained to the management that she was intoxicated and that they should not be serving her any more.
    I estimated from the bill $48.37 that she had about 8-10 large beers.

    The manager Mary Cleary said “she would take care of me”. I did not hear anything for three weeks and filed an official complaint with their corporate office. She called me Friday and said her investigation showed that employees were complaining about me and asked me not to return.

    I was the victim of a criminal act and there have been no complaints about me since 2005 when I have been a customer. Another regular customer told me that he knew the woman would walk out without paying.

    I just want you to be aware of this as I have witnessed them serving intoxicated customers before.

    I want Marie’s to reimburse me for the $48.37 bill that this intoxicated woman could not pay.

    I will not return because of the unfair way I was treated and the low caliber drunks that inhabit the bar.


    David Sharbutt
    13512 Murphy Hill Drive
    Whittier, CA 90601

    please share with Mayor Joe V.

  • Joan Sokol says:

    Just had the Beef potpie and I counted 3 slivers of celery and a carrot and a half. My husband had Turkey, loaded. What a difference. Thanks, Joan p.s I bought these at Walmart, not at your restaurant.

  • carol hastings says:

    purchased the chicken teriyaki. there was no teriyaki sauce in the food. 5014 8192 10 c1 11 17est p45. been buying for years. but will not if i have anymore problems.

  • Don Wren says:

    This is a question not a comment—Why is there no Thanksgiving dinner for two that a person can order as we no longer have a family in close proximity to order more than that and we do not want to waste anything that is not eaten==???

  • Rebecca C says:

    Why have you been adding so much pepper in your individual dinners lately? I’ve been eating your dinners for years I take them to work and eat them at home when I’m too tired to cook my grandkids even like them. But lately there
    has been so much pepper I have to take a drink every time I take a bite. People can always and more salt and pepper if they like but you can’t take it out. I know a lot of people like hot food nowdays putting hot sauce on everything. But there is still alot of us that like the milder foods and like I said my grandchildren and great grandchildren use to eat these with me but they can’t any more. And it’s not just some of the dinners it seems to be too much in all the dinners I’ve been buying for years. I hope you will consider going back to the old recipes
    I hate to have to switch to another brand. Maybe your new taste testers like there foods on the hot side and can’t tell the difference.

  • >