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  • Number of Employees: 1001-5000

  • Established: 1977

  • Founder: Jimmy Buffett 

  • Key People: Chris Blatz, Director Of Marketing

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  • Rae says:

    This hotel will accommodate a dog but will not accommodate anyone with special needs. They will lie to you on the phone to get you to come in and then put you in the most dangerous situation possible upon arrival. If you complain and want something done about it they will shrug their shoulders like your the inconvenience. The hotel is dirty and dishonest not caring at all about their clients.

  • Ray McSchooler says:

    My wife and I stayed in one bedroom cottage, our daughter, husband, and 5 boys stayed in 3 bedroom cottage. We requested our cottages be close together but when we drove to them they were several streets down. We also didn’t realize getting our cottage numbers weren’t available until check-in. We had no idea the locations of either of our cottages. When we got there nobody came to help until we walked around until we found the cottage check-in desks. Took us each 30 minutes to checkin. Nobody took us to our cottages they just showed us on a map. When we got to our cottage we walked in and saw it was very dirty with dead bugs on the floor and a foul smell in the fridge (Photos Attached). Talking to our daughter, she told us the same things, dirty floors and fridge smelled horrible. So first thing we did was clean the cottages. The shuttle service times to any of the parks was horrible. Couple times to the parks and return not every hour or two, or the ability to call for a pick-up, so unfortunately we had to drive and fight with all the traffic. We noticed that they don’t really want you to park your vehicle in the front because they wanted the area for Valet parking. Rented a cabana at the pool which the fridge was supposed to be stocked with water, ours was not, also no remote for the tv. They just took our money and that was it. Our first night we requested an extra blanket which costs $10.00 which is absolutely ridiculous. We told our Daughter and it would have cost her $40.00 so she declined. We were there for a 10 day stay and day 5 we ran out of toilet paper,paper towels and garbage bags. We called and were told the charge for that is 47.00 for each cottage. So together with our daughter and grandsons it would cost us $94.00. I went to the Rentyl and VStays who manage the cottages. Talked to them and was told they tell cottage guests to buy at Target. Keep in mind they will charge you for everything!

  • Christine S. says:

    Your Panama city beach location refuses to give me corporate contact info, continues to erase reviews I leave. Charlie “Cliff” Kiper works at this location. Has almost ran me over while in his work shirt, on your all’s property twice. I have video of one of the instances and I can find the date of the first instance so you all can pull it up on cameras. He is an absconded felon wanted in another state and your all’s managers let him park in an illegal spot to hide his illegal vehicle he drives illegally anyway so that he doesn’t get caught. A manager and security officer was right there during the second instance nothing was said or done. Management was busy lying to security making false claims against me, this is also all recorded. He has lied to staff and had staff call and lie to security trying to get me in trouble. He has had a positive HIV test didn’t tell his partner and works around food. I am blown away that a big name company like Margaritaville has allowed this type of stuff to continue. I am reaching out to an attorney if I don’t hear back from corporate soon. Thank you for your time and attention in this matter. Hopefully this reaches someone outside that location so you all are aware.

  • Lesa says:

    Recently went on a girls trip to Margaritaville Bahamas. Staff was friendly but unhelpful resolving issues. There was an issue with our room in the hotel at the time of checkin so they moved us to the neighboring condos. Took two days to get pillows and blanket for people sleeping on pullout couch. Resturant in hotel ran out of many things on menu. Only one bar was open most of our stay. Hotel and condo are beautiful but will not go back. Margaritaville at any location will not be my first choice for vacation hotel. Disappointing.

  • Jodi Gamble says:

    I recently went to Margaritaville Jacksonville Beach with a party of 9 for dinner and drinks. Our server Daniel said he was going to take our orders by who was going to be in the same check. There was a total of 4 checks. When he brought us our checks we all noticed that the checks were all messed up. There were extra charges for drinks that we didn’t order, my son’s check had another’s persons food on it and drinks from someone else. My friends also had extra drinks and food they didn’t order. When it was brought up to the server he asked us if we all had Cashapp or Venmo? I asked him why and he replied “So you guys can pay each other for the food and drinks that were on your check that isn’t yours”. He also said it would take him 20 minutes to redo all the checks for everyone. Again, there were 4 separate checks! It was obvious that he didn’t want to take the time to fix his mistakes and wanted the guests to figure it all out ourselves. For the amount of money we spent there, I expected much better service. As we were leaving the restaurant, I asked to speak to the manager. Jenn, the manager was made aware the situation and her response was” OK, I will talk to him”. That was it!! I felt like it was no big deal to her. Because of her response I told her that I would be telling everyone I know not to come to the restaurant because of the service. Her response was “ok”. For such a well know establishment I was shocked and dissatisfied with the customer service. It was unexpecable. Myself and the 9 people that were in our party are very dissatisfied with the lack of customer service.

  • Rose P says:

    To Jimmy Buffet!! How dare you let your restaurants just up and Cancle someone’s birthday dinner with reservations they had for over 4 months because some freaking rich person waltzes in throw money down on the table and say “I want to rent out the restaurant for a few hours” then turn around and tell the poor “well sorry folks,
    We have a rich guy that wants your dinner party spot. Sucks to be you, have a nice day!! HOW DARE YOU !!! You just lost a customer and you know what word of mouth is!!

  • Nicole Puleo says:

    My family, friends and I have stayed at Margaritaville for the past 5+ years. We come down for Spring recess with anywhere from 27 – 40 people. We always rent cabanas daily, eat food while we’re at the pool as well as drink many many drinks.. This year was unfortunately very different. Due to prior engagements & commitments, it was only my family (of 3) who were able to make the trip.
    We arrived on Thursday, April 15th 2022. Our room was great, the view we had was of the intercostal and city and it was AMAZING this time around.. The only complaint we had of the room was our fan. When we are at home we sleep with the air conditioner and fan on (winter, spring, summer, fall). The fan in our room was ridiculously loud and obnoxious. All it did was squeak. We asked the cleaning staff if they could send someone to look at it. They never came but we just kept it off. NOT the end of the world!
    As our trip continued on, we noticed a big change within the hotel. Not just in the hotel itself but in the staff too. In past years employees smiled at you.. Said good morning or good evening. Always asked if there was anything we needed.. Were quick to help with any questions and/or listen to any comments good or bad. This time was very different. Never before had I seen the bathrooms in / on the grounds of the hotel as disgusting as they were this trip. The bathroom in the lobby was a mess.. Just opening the bathroom door itself was GROSS.. The door is so sticky and dirty.. The bathroom stalls look like porta-potty’s that haven’t been cleaned in weeks. The smell is gag worthy. If you used the bathrooms by the pools, than times everything that I said about the lobby bathrooms by 2. Utterly disgusting. It was NEVER like this in the past. The wait staff around the pool was the worst it has ever been. In my opinion, its not just the waitstaffs fault.. We always only saw 1 waiter or waitress working the pool at a time. Not only working the lounge chairs but the cabanas too. It took forever to just order a round of drinks and/or food. I’m not sure why, especially during spring break, they would only have 1 server. As for the food at the pool… For a kid friendly hotel their menu is definitely lacking.. I feel like there was more for kids on it last year.. My son can only eat Chicken fingers or a cheeseburger for so long until he wants something else… Which brings me to my last and final issue.
    Our last day there, April 19th… My actual birthday… We wake up and go get our chairs. The nice cushiony chairs that they only have 8 of.. JACKPOT! With an umbrella.. Double jackpot.. Then we run back inside to the cafe to grab breakfast.. I order my normal Iced decaf Americano. A bagel with Cream Cheese for my son. And Croissant and Iced coffee for my husband.. Our Order comes up.. My husband and I I take our coffee off to the side to add sugar and milk.. There was none.. They were out of milk, they were out of sugar, they were out of cream cheese… WHAT? You’re a CAFE.. How are you out of milk AND sugar?… You sell bagels… How are you out of cream cheese?? But what they did have plenty of was attitude! Had I not been given an attitude I would have just sucked it up and went on my way. But once the attitude started I was annoyed so i went to the front desk. I stated my gripes… The woman behind the counter was very sweet. She even credited us that days “resort fee”.. I explained to her that wasn’t the reason for my coming to the front desk and told her not to credit us.. She was very sweet, she insisted.. So I thanked her for her customer service and moved on to the next part of the day.
    We went back out to the pool area to our chairs.. Got some sun.. My son was in the pool swimming like a fish. We were just relaxing. For the past 5 days my son had been eating the 2 things off the menu that he liked.. A cheeseburger and chicken tenders. He asked if we could get something different. We went out onto the boardwalk to the food truck right outside the hotel.. They were closed. So we had to go back to our chairs for our son to get his flip flops to walk down the boardwalk to get something to eat. And that’s just what we did. Two minutes away theres an Italian American Eatery.. We went in and were seated right away, ordered right away, ate the food when it came and headed back to the pool. We were gone for 30-35 minutes. When we walked through the gate we immediately saw 2 other people sitting in our chairs, my sons lounge chair was gone, my sons bag of stuff was gone and my bag of stuff was gone… We approached the couple in our chairs and were told, “you were gone to long they said we could have these chairs”.. WHAT? We just went to have lunch. We went over to the counter where the “pool attendants were” and immediately asked for a manager.. We had to go through 4 different employees to actually speak to a manager. It was like they were screening her calls (in this case people). All she kept telling me was that it was policy (and pointed to a table top sign that in big letters had info about towels and on the bottom, in smaller letters spoke of the policy).. that if your away from your chair for more than 1/2 hour they have the right to remove your items from the chairs and give them to someone else… I was so upset because it was our last day and I just wanted my son to have a good day… I asked the manager why, if they don’t have enough chairs for the guests staying at the hotel, why are they selling day passes on line for outsiders to come to the pools?? How does that make sense… My $4000.00+ that I’ve spent on just the hotel isn’t enough? You need to make more money from outsiders?? She had the nerve to say back to my, “Well, we only sell 10 passes a day”.. I was shocked that she would even think that was ok to say back.
    Of course by this time of the day there were no chairs available. But somehow they managed to get 3 chairs and put us back by the pool.. I still needed an umbrella.. They were going to “try” to find one.. In the meantime, I had to sit, on the lounge chair with my body wrapped in 2 towels. From head to toe so that I wouldn’t get sunburned. There was a pool attendant (Noah) that was walking by. I asked him if he was the one who took my things away from our original chairs.. He said, “yes I am you were gone for over a 1/2 hour”. I asked him to please show me what time we left the pool area and what time we arrived back.. His answer was, “I have no idea but it was over a 1/2 hour”.. But if you don’t log the times than how do you know how long we were gone? What time was it when you looked at the clock to begin your countdown? And what time did we “punch back in”? What if we were in the pool? What if we went over to the kids pool?? What if we were at the bar eating? He than asked my husband and I, “ Well, what is it you want from me? What is this whole conversation about”? My husband and I looked in amazement.. How on earth do these employees get away with talking to customers like this?? My husband was so annoyed. My relaxing birthday was anything but… We told “Noah” we still needed an umbrella. He said back to us, “well why didn’t you just say that from the beginning instead of wasting my time with the story”? W H A T???? I told him we were already waiting over an hour at this point for an umbrella. He basically flicked his wrist and muttered “I’m not dealing with this sh*t” and walked away. Another lady came over to me and said, “I hear there’s a problem”.. Again, we had to go over the story. Unfortunately, I did not get this woman’s name. After going through the entire story again she told us that it was her job to stand at the pool and time how long people are out of their chairs. That’s what she is hired to do. Interesting.. When I asked her to tell us how long we were gone for, she could not. If this is her only job how is it possible that this information is not available? It just doesn’t make sense. For a second I do not believe that is “her job”!
    The bottom line is this… I was in TEARS over how I was spoken to and how ruined our last day and my birthday was. What kind of employees do you hire that they think its acceptable to speak to your customers the way that I was spoken to? Me, a paying customer, had to endure your employees treating my family and I as if we were random people coming off the street. We paid a lot of money (as we do every year) to come to your hotel. We pay a lot of money to have the experience that is described in your mission statement on your website. “A day to simply relax under a beach umbrella”.. “Indulge in a relaxing getaway”… Enjoy the water sports…You even specify to “enjoy the many cafes and bars along the way” on the thoroughfare. The ONE TIME we went to a cafe on the boardwalk for lunch we were penalized. You want your guest to enjoy ALL of the amenities you have to offer yet you only give them a 1/2 hour away from their chairs. That is utterly ridiculous… The way we were spoken to was embarrassing and disrespectful.. The attitudes your staff has is far below what it should be. Upper management should be mortified at the way the Margaritaville brand is being represented by your employees..

  • Dr. Tracy Johnson says:

    I just returned from Margaritaville Nassau, Bahamas. Here is a list of issues:
    – I booked a suite with a King bed and one double sofa bed. There was no sofa bed. The front desk apologized but did not provide a solution. The three people in my party had to alternate sleeping on a narrow couch.
    – Upon checking in, the front desk told me that their internet wasn’t working and they would call my cell phone when it was fixed so I could check in. I waited 2 1/2 hours and never got a call. I went to the front desk and had to wait on a line as other guests were being checked in. I never got an apology.
    -The lamp in my room did not work and water was not provided in my room. Hot water was not consistent in the shower.
    -There was no toilet paper stocked in my room. I had to call the front desk three times and wait over 3 hours for housekeeping to get toilet paper to my room. Unacceptable.
    -My room was not cleaned for two days. Garbage and wet towels piled up. I called the front desk and nothing was addressed.
    -My family and I were stuck on an elevator and needed to use the ‘alarm’ button in order to get out. The hotel was ‘working on the elevator system’ and apparently didn’t forsee it’s impact on guests.
    -There were no towels available at the pool for 2 mornings. I had to wait for an attendant to walk by in order to alert them, and then had to wait for them to return with towels (30 minutes).
    -Ice cream shop was never open, the ‘market’ was barely stocked with food, and the food choices throughout the resort were minimal.
    -My family and I attempted to visit a local restaurant and asked the doorman for help getting a taxi. He told me he wasn’t sure where the restaurant was located but would find a driver who did. The driver told us he knew and, once we were in the taxi, proceeded to take us way out of the way and into a run down suburban area of the island. After repeatedly asking him to take us back, he tried to talk us into going to another restaurant of HIS choosing. We managed to return to town after he demanded $30 and cursed at my mother.
    -The bar near the adult pool never had the ingredients to make a drink on the menu (banana chocolate).
    -The Pizza place is advertised as a restaurant but is takeout only. Additionally, when I entered the pizza shop to get my pizza (not knowing that I was in the wrong location), I was stared at by several employees and no one offered to help. When I stated that I was there to get a pizza, staff walked away, rolled their eyes, and went back to the dinner they were eating (a staff party?). Thankfully, one kind woman helped me locate where to get my pizza.
    -There is no room service. You advertise that there is.
    -The staff at the coffee shop in the lobby made several snarky comments to me and were quite rude to other guests.
    -When waiting for my COVID test before departure, the nurse told us that she had to leave to ‘get test results for some guests’ and instructed us to wait until she returns. Approximately 15 to 20 people waited for 30 minutes with no idea when the nurse would return. An employee came over and inquired about what was transpiring and made some calls to rectify the situation.

    Overall, the hotel was very clean, on a beautiful piece of property, however, it is clear that the resort is understaffed and the facility is not ready to be open. I am extremely disappointed. For the money I spent, I expected a wonderful experience. Instead, I received a mediocre one.

  • Michelle Goulder Russo says:

    We were in Pensacola Margaritaville, we had 4?coffee pots because they didn’t work… 4 th one came in box, only on 1st visit did anyone come in and see if it worked. It worked once like all the rest. All times they just came to door and handed it to us and last one in a box. Toilet paper is Soooooo thin you can see through it. Attitudes are terrible. I asked to speak to a manager but Never got a call. Melody who is a supervisor hung up when they finally answered phone at desk after 5 calls and ringing abt 20 times each time. This place is dirty unorganized and has NO customer service except for one little Asian lady. We will continue posting until we get a call. We will Never visit another Margaritaville! You chg an arm and leg and provide Nothing but a view on the ocean side! Most awful experience we have ever had and we travel a lot! Every month somewhere!

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