Where is Marcos Pizza Corporate office Headquarters

Marcos Pizza Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 5248 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 419-882-3300

  • Fax Number: 419-885-5215

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1978

  • Founder: Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco

  • Key People: Jack Butorac, Tony Libardi

Marcos Pizza Headquarters Location & Directions

Marcos Pizza Headquarters Executive Team



Jack Butorac Jr.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Tony Libardi


Kenneth R. Switzer

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President

About Marcos Pizza, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1978. The company has been operational for more than 41 years now. The founder of this company is Pasquale Giammarco. Jack Butorac, who was a restaurant industry luminary, began to work with its founder and he soon began negotiations to own all the franchising rights of the company. In January 2004, Butorac became the leader of the company. Under the leadership of Butorac, the company expanded its services to over 35 states including Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, India and several other countries as well. Headquarters: 5248 Monroe St. Toledo, OH 43623, USA.

Marcos Pizza is an American based company which focuses mainly on providing the best pizzas to its customers. The company currently has Jack Butorac as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tony Libardi as its President and also Kenneth R. Switzer as its Chief Financial Officer and Vice President.

Marcos Pizza provides its services on various types of pizzas which include Chicken Florentine, Spicy Fresco, Double Pepperoni, Chicken Fresco, Pepperoni Magnifico, White Cheezy, Ghirardelli brownies, etcetera. It also provides the facilities for subs, salads, wings and CheezyBread and CinnaSquares as well.

Marcos Pizza Headquarters Photos

  • Jeffrey Barber says:

    I can’t believe you cancelled my Calzones off the menu. I have enjoyed your products the fresh vegetables and meats they are wonderful. The options you offer are great. This is probably the one thing you got wrong. Bring back my “CALZONES”. !!!!!!!


    I am very upset with Marco’s, there is not an easy way to leave a review.” Tell Marco’s” the store was not on the list so I could not leave a review. On my receipt it clearly says it is on the front and it was not. When I called the number to the store, I talked to the person that answered the phone and she could not tell me why, “she said let me ask the owner”, when this person got on the phone he talked to me like I was completely stupid; telling me I had the wrong receipt ( I told him I had 3 different ones and it is the receipt they gave me) and the information I was asking for was not on any of them.
    I visited your store Crosby, TX. on Saturday 2/10/24. I have seen the Pizzoli flyer and decided to try it.
    1) the boy behind the corner was not friendly at all. ( when coming into the was not welcomed) it was not busy.
    2) ask if I get jalapeno added first he said no, then I ask again but this time he said they were out
    3) they were 5.99 (sign in the front window) and I was charged 6.99. ( had to call someone to get me a refund)
    4) when I got it (it was good and hot) but I got cheese bread, there were maybe 6 pepperoni’s in the whole thing.
    5). I was never told thank you or anything.
    I will not be going back to this location. You need teach them customer service both in the store and on the phone.

  • Daphne Anderson Hood says:

    I love Marco’s Pizza and was so excited when one came to Cedar Hill, TX 75104. I placed an order to be delivered but the pizza had toppings on one side and the dough wasn’t fully cooked. I called and was asked to send pictures and was assured that I could call and have my order replaced whenever I wanted and it would be delivered. This happened on September 22, 2023. I called some time after that and was told they weren’t giving free pizzas. I wasn’t asking for a free pizza. I paid for the undercooked one. I was told that a manager would call me but I still haven’t received a call.

    I wanted to bring this to your attention though I realize this could be a franchise store holding your name. I still have the pictures and the receipt.

    I would like for this to be resolved in some way immediately. Thank you.

  • James Vogel says:

    New ordering website is not user friendly and dropped all of my past info. The company you used for the update did a poor job supporting your company. Why did you change it? Hire the company that did Domino’s Pizza. Much more user friendly and should increase your business.

  • Hadi Sharairi says:

    I ordered cauliflower crust because I can’t eat regular crust and I got the wrong crust I got sick for two days

  • Gordon W says:

    An absolute disaster! Ordering from the Willis TX Location tonight, they said the “Promise” was 45 minutes and it took 1 hour and 45 minutes. Some Promise. When I called the Store, they just said sorry. We are really busy. Not the kind of Customer Support I am used to in my 45 years in the business. They also forgot to put in the Ranch Dip cups inside each pizza. Plus the Pizza’s were not hot. Very dissatisfied with Marcos. Too bad because I really like them over Hut, Dom and PJohns. I cannot order from another Store because of my Location. What can I do?

  • Kate says:

    I was offered a $10 loyalty reward but then was told I could not use it for delivery because after the discount (but before tax, delivery charge, and tip) the order fell below threshold for a PAID delivery and that this “could not be overridden” per corporate rules. So much for loyalty.

    Then, I accidentally ordered an L online when I needed an XL. I called the local restaurant right away, the order was changed, and I was charged for the XL. But, we received a L pizza instead. I was told the charge couldn’t be changed but I would get a credit. I’m not sure that’s even legal.

    How to lose a once loyal customer.

  • Heather Filipiak says:

    I would like to tell you about a recent experience my family had with Marcos Pizza. We were out of town for a family wedding. This was a destination wedding and we were not familiar with the area. The day after the wedding all out of town family members gathered at our air b&b for lunch before heading to the airport. We decided on Marcos pizza and searched online for the location nearest to us. The website located the nearest location 1.9 miles away. We had passed the location several times so we felt it was pretty accurate. We ordered 6 Pepperoni Magnifico pizzas and paid online with a gratuity totaling $114.00. We drove to the location which was 1.2 miles away by our GPS, only to find out there was no order placed. The store called another location but no order there either. Because, we had family on a time crunch to get to the airport we placed another order for six Pepperoni Magnifico pizzas from this location, but the order total only came to $64.00 from this location.
    While the pizzas were being made I went back into the app to see if I could see what happened. I again typed in the city and address we were calling from and the first location that came up again said 1.9 miles away. I called that location to see if our order was there and sure enough it was ready and waiting for us. Unfortunately, the location (recommended by the Marcos app) was 127 miles away.
    The pizza we received was great pizza, Marcos always is, but I am incredibly upset that I paid $178 for six pizzas that day. I am also very upset that the price difference between ordering in person and online for the exact same order was a $40 difference.
    So many red flags with this experience that it is very unfortunate.

  • Paul in Fairfield Township says:

    For some reason, your organization recently changed the web site for entering orders – no longer being able to find my address within the delivery area of store 1150. I have been ordering pizzas on every Friday evening since at least the start of the year without difficulty (check the email address stored in your database for each of the transactions if you doubt me).

    After going in person to pick up the order for the last month with no resolution of a previously deliverable address, I will no long bother…

  • Denise says:

    Went to your new store in Escondido CA. I had a coupon for a Med. Specially pizza. Coupon was clearly marked with an expiration date of 11-30-23. However, register wouldn’t recognize code. This is bait and switch scheme. Too bad!!! This location won’t last long, once the word gets out.

  • Jared says:

    Dear Marc’s Pizza Corporate Office,

    I hope this message reaches you with the utmost urgency. I am writing to bring to your attention a series of deeply concerning experiences I have had at the Marc’s Pizza location situated at 11438 US Highway 301 South, Riverview, FL. These experiences occurred on two separate occasions, and regrettably, both situations were nearly identical.

    I have been a loyal customer of Marc’s Pizza for some time, primarily using the online ordering system for carry-out orders. However, my last two orders have left me astounded and profoundly dissatisfied.

    On both occasions, I ordered a single item: one large Pepperoni Magnifico pizza. After placing my orders online, I received notifications indicating that my orders would be ready in approximately 20 minutes.

    The most recent incident transpired on October 6th, when I placed my order at 6:39 PM and received a promised pickup time of 6:59 PM. I arrived at the store promptly and completed my payment at 6:56 PM. Despite the initial estimated time and the store’s assurance, my order was not ready at the promised time.

    At 7:05 PM, I inquired about the status of my order with a female employee. She checked with the manager, who was in the back, actively boxing food as it emerged from the ovens. The manager informed her that my order was “coming out of the oven now.” Regrettably, this statement did not align with reality, and the wait continued.

    Frustratingly, at 7:16 PM, I approached the counter once more to inquire about my order. Another employee informed the manager, who was still boxing food, that I had been waiting in the store for over 30 minutes for an online order. The manager appeared to consult with the employee but communicated inaudibly. Subsequently, the employee returned to the counter and conveyed the manager’s message: “there are two other orders ahead of yours.”

    This lack of transparency and inconsistency in communication compelled me to request a refund, which I promptly received.

    It is disheartening to report that this has now happened twice in a row. The prior occurrence took place on September 29th, when I ordered a Pepperoni Magnifico and Cheesie Bread, with order number #221. The restaurant was operating in a similar capacity, with numerous employees on duty.

    While I understand the fast-paced nature of the restaurant industry, the behavior of the staff at this location was unprofessional. They danced, laughed, and engaged in joking while working, with some singing along to music playing loudly in the background. To make matters worse, the music contained offensive and vulgar content, replete with profanity and derogatory statements about women.

    I am reaching out to the corporate office in the hopes that these concerns will be addressed promptly and effectively. I believe in the potential for improvement and wish to see this location return to the high standards I have come to expect from Marc’s Pizza.

    Thank you for your attention to these matters. I look forward to a swift resolution.


  • C Patch says:

    I’ve had orders in the past that didn’t come as ordered, but instead of making a big deal from it, I let it go. Last night, I ordered a few things to be delivered, and 2 of the 3 items were wrong. I tried calling, but kept getting disconnected, so I waited until the rush was over, but still got disconnected. So today, I went in the store, and explained that 2 of the items I ordered were made incorrectly.
    The response I go was contempt, how dare I want a refund. They wanted me to get a credit for a future order.
    It was embarrassing for me, to be assertive, and insist a refund.
    She made a big deal about calling her manager.
    I like the pizza and wish it didn’t happen. I feel my best option is to order from a different pizza store. Regrettable

  • STEVEN KING says:

    Tried for first time. Never again. Pizza was great, brownies where delicious, salad, I have no idea. Paid 6.99 plus tax and delivery fees. Spent 40 $. Driver forgot sealed. Said he go back and get one. I told him no worries as long as I got a refund. Told me store credit only. That’s bullshit. You progress a credit in a similar way as a refund. I again was extremely considerate told him ok. I ask him to email me a store credit. Said no problem. Got nothing. Called store. No manager on duty. Only a team leader which is who also delivered my pizza. Man who answered phone promised for team leader to call me when he got back. Called back again, store closed. Steven King

  • Jamie says:

    I am extremely unhappy with the new website design and the new way the points can be redeemed. Whenever I need to check my order status, receipts and reward points, I have to go through the ordering steps. This means picking the store, choosing the delivery/carryout, the time, etc. I just want to be able to go to my account after signing in! I’m so irritated by the time I go through all this time consuming steps, I am ready to not do any business with Marcos. I order about 50 extra large pizza every week so I accrue a lot of reward points, but I’m only able to apply $10.00 coupon at a time. It was perfectly fine before all the new changes happened middle of this year. Why???!!!! I am so frustrated that I’m about to switch to a new pizza place.

  • Joseph says:

    Been a loyal customer for over 13 years now. Love their pizza and cheese bread. My son won’t eat several other pizza places but here in Las Vegas we have lots of choices! We get pizza 2 to 5 times a week and it makes me said that we will not be returning to marcos again. I’ve put up with the rudeness over the years. But being previous military I can stand being lied! You send me a coupon to my e-mail fir $6.99 med pizza and they tell me in store they can’t honor it its $8.99. I say ok I’ll order on line then on line it won’t honor it either but charges $8.99. Your advertising department my think this is a good idea to get people in and money will not notice or just go ahead and order anyway. Your right we did because we were there and we wanted it. You got me! But that will be the last time! As many people as I send there Dashing, I won’t lie. I send them else were for now on. I was a pleasure being your customer. Goodbye!!!

  • Patrick Owens says:

    Called the corporate number listed… they asked if I wanted carryout or deliver lmao. This place is a fucking joke. Big corporate company with no way of reaching anyone but a teenager asking takeout or delivery.

  • Patrick says:

    The worst app/ site I have ever used. It is damn near impossible to get to a point to order your food, then at 4.9 miles away they don’t deliver? Good pizza, but will never order there again. Finally got my $50 pizza and it was mediocre. FUCK MARCOS

  • Terri says:

    First I would like to say we enjoy your pizza & subs. I understand you just updated your website I get it some things need to be, but when you did this update to took my points with it. that’s not the real reason for this comment the real reason is that now when we order our steak subs we can NO LONGER order extra meat, cheese etc.. because your company said that it wasn’t Marco’s standard why should the consumer worry about that when we are willing to pay the exta money out of our own pocket to have a sub the way we like it. We did order our steak subs the way you think everyone shouls eat it and let me tell it was not good there was very little meat & cheese. This was NOT the fault of the location we order from it was the fault of your corporate policy I know this because I also tried to order a steak sub 115 miles away from my home town and it was the same horrible.

  • Regina Brazil Harris says:

    Why doesn’t my coupon code work it was just sent today for 30 percent off and the Walton Way location is dumbfounded

  • Sam says:

    The Marcos at
    Marco’s Pizza
    4606 SW College Rd
    Ocala 34474 won’t honor the 6.99med pizza promo the man I spoke to said he was the mgr he claimed that he couldn’t give me the 6.99 price because the comp.
    Wouldn’t allow it, then he said (do you want it or not) when I told him he was rude and I was going to report it to corporate he said good luck where a franchise so he didn’t care (what a piece of work)🤬 this happened on sat appox 11:45am 8-26-23

  • Gary Treadway says:

    I will never order from marcos in hickory again I buy pizza all the time from the hickory location and now for some reason they won’t deliver here to days inn and suites less than 3 miles away so I will be telling all my friends about this experience and they will stop also cause we travel around doing construction

  • No Name says:

    In Norman Oklahoma…Delivery driver driving like a maniac !! Speeding down the road in the turn lane almost having a head-on collision and then swerving into our lane nearly hitting us!

  • Nyla Ferrell says:

    The Marcos on osa Blanca in Las Vegas the manager is not knowledgeable about discounts and ringing two separate orders for same person on one bill. She wasn’t very helpful either. But the pizza is very good!

  • Gwen says:

    8-8-23 715pmEST horrible online ordering experience at the new store in Brier Creek area of Raleigh NC!!! Shift manager was disrespectful and rude in front of customers…. Teen Daughter went in to pick up pizza which I ordered several hours before and email confirmation stated it would be ready by 710pm. Shift mgr immediately told my daughter the order was not received and asked for proof that order was placed. I forwarded the email confirmation to her and she shared with shift mgr who rightfully agreed to provide the pizza for free and accepted responsibility that store did not have order in their system. She waited for them to make pizza and then called me from car and stated shift mgr found the lost order… wanted to renege on his stmt about providing the pizza for free and informed her a payment was now required! I walked in store and explained this was an internal issue and customers should not be punished in reference to the flaws in their online ordering system… reminded him that the right thing was to honor his word and then figure out a resolution with the company. He then decided to engage me in a shouting match to prove he was right even though workers in store agreed that pizza should be provided to us without a charge… right thing to do! ….just absolutely ridiculous and as a new business in our community, it left a bad first impression and definitely warning neighbors not to waste their time with Marcos… especially when Dominoes and Papa John’s are right across the street with outstanding customer service!!!!

  • stella says:

    your store on research blvd in austin tx has no ac and is not a good dining experience due to the heat. i can also tell that the employees are hot, tired, and overworked. they are always lovely and dont deserve to be treated this way. it has been 100+ degrees all summer and i have not noticed ac all summer. fix this please.

  • Suzanne sanford says:

    I am not sure who is the Owner of the marcos pizza in Columbus Ohio at 2820 Stelzer rd. But the little Manger they have is Nasty. In there a month ago and she was cussing loudly at the Employees. Tonight witnessed her out on the sidewalk in front of the store cussing at a customer. Language she should not be using. It’s horrible to see this. Something needs to be down about this store. Marcos is getting a really bad reputation

  • Rakisha Wilcox says:

    Hello. You all have a person claiming to be a manager named Jorge on the west little York location in houston Tx who is hanging up on customers and being extremely rude. He refuses to help me when I called about a coupon not working on the internet he told me he is not sn internetee what ever that even means and hung up on me 3 times

  • TONY MACHUCA (USAF Ret.) says:

    Panama City, FL Tyndall Parkway location July 22 at approximately 4:45 pm. Extremely poor customer service. Staff, which included the manager (TJ, she would not give me her full name) treated my wife rudely when she went inside to pick up and pay for our order. I attempted to address the managers poor attitude and she became hostile towards me. Another customer also commented to me about her bad attitude. We will definitely take our business back to Dominoes. Apparently this Marco’s location makes enough money to run off customers.

  • Scott Tuller says:

    The new website is terrible , i live in Monroe County MI. the town is filled with pizza places but yet we ALWAYS have gotten our pizza at marcos.




  • Robyn Bartko says:

    We order Marcos cauliflower crust pizza frequently from the 1134 30th Street NW Canton OH 44708 store. Their service and delivery are excellent as is their food. The problem is your new app. It will not keep my order history, does not allow me to track my order (always an error), I have to enter my credit card every time even though I check the box that says “remember me for 30 days) and there is no place to enter the gate code for our development. Every time we order I still have to call the store to give them the gate code for my order so that the delivery driver can get into the community. The old app was great. The new one is inconvenient enough to tempt us to shop around.

  • Pam Bilski says:

    We have been Marco customers for years now and always loved the pizza, salads and service! The last two times that we have ordered the service has been horrible from the person on the phone right down to the person waiting on me when we came to pick it up! I was double charged for my order and called to inform them. They said the charges would be reversed back to our card and after 10 days and it still hadn’t been reversed, we called the bank and they disputed the charge and returned our money! About two weeks later we ordered again and the person on the phone was mumbling and barely gave me time to place my order. We went to pick it up, they were very unprofessional yelling at each other in front of customers. When we got home I had my husband check our bank account and again we were charged twice for our order!! Once again we had to dispute the charge. I called back to the Marcos store and asked for a manager to speak to. He was very rude, did not give me his name and when I told him we would not be ordering from the store again he said to me that’s great, don’t, we don’t care! I am very upset to be treated this way when we have been loyal customers for a very long time! This makes me wonder how many others are being charged double and they aren’t noticing?? I just thought it should be brought to somebody’s attention! This Marcos store is on Colorado ave in Lorain Ohio. The phone number is 440-288-3000. Thank you for your time in this matter!

  • Tanies G Rontopoulos says:

    Dear Marco’s pizza I received in the mail today and advertisement local Marco‘s Pizza in Harrisonburg Virginia. Add 1168 Virginia Ave., Suite 102 telephone number 540-208-1313 I called and they appear to be open but when I go to login to your logo and give my name address password when I go to find Harrisonburg, VA, it cannot find store in Harrisonburg at the address side just gave you?? Not sure why it’s not along with all the other in your list of stores.? Email suppmary@gmail.com 540-830-1111???

  • Michelle says:

    You need to open a franchise in Westland, Michigan 48185. I have to travel 15 minutes to nearest location.

  • James says:

    I have downloaded the app and I know that there is a Marcos in Canton, MI that delivers to my area. However, my address is not available for use in the app. How can I get our address added? We live in a big subdivision with lots of potential customers! Thanks

  • Steve Caron says:

    I’m SO thankful for these feedback comments! I have tried to contact this company for months. They give no opportunity online. I don’t understand why they spend 1000’s of dollars to advertise in a market that they don’t serve!!! I’m over 400 miles from the closest Marco’s. So my feedback is a negative 5 ***** rating!!!

  • Harold Varnes says:

    Get people that want to work and don’t lie

  • Harold Varnes says:

    I order two steak and cheese subs and they send me the wrong ones and you call they say the got the right orders I am done with Marcos store 1004 the other manager calls me by my name an likes me as a customer I order a lot from them

  • Dwaine harris says:

    Good afternoon I’ve purchased an online order this pass Saturday paid for the order and got charged and extra 10.00 for a tip but I never left a tip number 404 2851695 I have Receipts to show someone did Fraud

  • Shawn says:

    Worst service ever ordered by phone gave promotion code management took it and and gave my total got there the young man tried to up charge me I told him that’s not the price I was given by management so I was told to wait and I did but the manager was still taking time making pizza while my pizza sat getting cold not Kool Marco’s this place is horrible

  • Anthony says:

    I use to love Marco’s buffalo chicken wings and would order them every week. But the buffalo sauce changed and is orange instead of red and it’s disgusting. I was told by the store manager that all stores are going to the orange stye buffalo sauce so I guess you lost a customer.

  • Donna Nemer says:

    Why did you change the ordering website!? Lost all of my reward points and sign in information. Horrible ordering experience! Customer for over 8 years. Bad redesign.

  • William Busch says:

    Love the pizza. Customer for many years. Whoever decided to hire their 12 year old nephew to redesign the website needs to be let go immediately.

  • Mary Baker says:

    Everytime I goto Niceville Florida store I get very bad customer service. Can someone please call me. My phone number is 850_353_1184

  • MitchellFisher says:

    Your new system is horrific!! I eat at this restaurant at lease once a week. You have made the experience ridiculous!! I have lost my coupons for free cheese bread, I have lost half my loyalty points and I have lost my special that I order weekly! What the heck are you all doing? The poor employees at the store have NO ANSWERS, because corporate America could give two craps about their customers!!! I can go across the street and get a better deal. You people are screwing yourselves and couldn’t care less. I am very disappointed and somewhat pissed off about this. If you even care!!!! I’m guessing you do not!! I can fix it by not coming back. I fill out your survey weekly and have been satisfied for some time. I AM NOT SATISFIED NOW!! I order for
    Your Hardin Valley store often, at least I did until you “fixed your system!”

  • Sidney P. Cooper says:

    I purchased a deluxe pizza from my local Marco’s pizza. The same pizza I purchase all the time. Which is a

    deluxe and when I got home a opened the box there was very little pepperoni and very little veggies. I immediately called the shop and relayed my dismay to the lady that answered the phone. She told me to bring it back and they would replace it. I responded with I did not want to drive back. She then said she would note it on my account number. Today I called to order my replacement and I was told that the person in charge said it was made properly and there would be no replacement. It seems to me that after buying this same pizza many many times I would be able to see the difference. It seems to me that even if I were trying to scam the shop which I’m not it would be a good business to just replace my medium pizza and note my account with what happen. The result is I don’t like to be essentially call a liar for a $16.00 pizza. I will never buy a pizza from Marco’s again. Furthermore I will relate this experience to all my friends and associates.

    Sidney P. Cooper
    Chairman, USSIGNS INC.
    16631 Scheer Blvd.
    Hudson Fl. 34667
    My cell number 727-457-6406

  • A. Godbehere says:

    Just tried to order a pizza for delivery. Took 20 minutes to figure out how to order on new website. Would not allow me to order delivery and coupon I wanted to use was only available with online order. That was after being told my address was out of delivery area when the store is a mike from my house. No pizza here tonight or from Marco’s ever again!

  • Charles says:

    Worst customer service I have ever experienced order my order wait time is 45 mins only for the driver of a cash order to bring no change with him so he says I order here a few times a week an will never again order from this company

  • Jerry says:

    Why would a marcos pizza hold there delivery drivers credit card tips ..people hardly cash tip so how can they pay their gas and all bills dealing with their personal vehicles to deliver for yall

  • Steve Swickard says:

    I arrived at this site in an attempt to contact Marcos about ordering online — the website has malfunctioned for the past 2 days. I ordered on the phone w/my local store in Eustis, FL — How can I obtain points for this order ?
    I will also comment that the Marco’s in Eustis, FL is wonderful — we have always had great service and wonderful food. We always appreciate the kindness of Louis and most recently June — always smiling and professional.

  • Aytac Ercen says:

    I spent 4 days trying to order a pizza from Marco’s, using my computer and my iPhone MARCO”s App.
    Due to the recent password change requirements you guys have made it impossible to use the App and the Online ordering process. All promotional coupons you are sending me through my app and by email are going to waste. Today I drove to the store hoping they would honor the coupon. NO DICE.
    Problem is not because I can’t use an app or the computer to place an order. I do all my banking and purchasing on line, and I am computer and tech savvy. Maybe someone from IT dept. can reach me and I can show them why after four days I can not place an order for a pizza. Customer since 2018
    (707) 331-8875

  • Kelly Ruise says:

    Hello, I wanted to know if I could get help. I ordered food from Marco’s located in hallandale and the employees put a fake press on nail in my salad that almost got caught in my throat at 3:00am!

    I ordered a sub from them 06/11/23 but was comped a salad from my previous order. After eating the sub that evening I immediately felt nauseous and dizzy so I laid down thinking maybe I’m lacking something in my body. Now I think I may have been food poisoned or something by employees. When I woke up to attempt to eat the salad thinking let me try to get something cause I still felt some type of way only to eat the salad and almost choke on someone’s press on nail that was put inside of my salad! Teary eyed from almost choking I spit out the contents and was extremely disgusted and appalled by what was in my mouth!

  • Brian says:

    I called the Babcock store in Melbourne FL to order two pizzas for pickup. After being on hold for 10 min, Malik answered the phone and took my order. Just as I was finalizing the order, Malik said “What the F$%^” then hung up the phone. I have absolutely no idea what happened or why he would curse over the phone like that. I had to call back, was on hold for another 10 min before I spoke to a female worker to confirm my order. I arrived at the store about 30 min later to pick up the pizzas. While I was paying the female employee told me my pizzas were almost ready. I then watched one of my pizzas get placed in a box and on a rack. While waiting for my second pizza to finish cooking, I watched employees make orders without washing their hands. Malike even grabbed his crotch several times while making orders. Other employees would answer phones, take money for orders then make pizzas without washing their hands.

    After waiting 30 minutes inside the store “1 hr total” my second pizza finally came out of the oven. Now the first pizza has been sitting in a box on a shelf for 30 min and my second pizza is fresh. I inquired about the first pizza sitting for 30 min and the female employee told me she just took it out of the oven. Thinking she was confused about my order, I explained that I saw one pizza being taken out of the oven 30 min before the second pizza was ready. She told me I was not correct and continued to argue with me about this issue. I then requested to have my order cancelled and my money refunded to which she quickly replied with a heavy eye roll. Might as well have told me to go “F$%^” myself. She had to make multiple phone calls to figure out how to void the order and refund my money. I am not confident that I will get my money back.

    I tried to leave a comment online but when I made an attempt the website takes you to the Order page. It is clearly obvious this company does not care about customer service, cleanliness of their facilities, or customer feedback. I will NEVER order from Marco’s pizza and if for some reason If a friend orders Marcos for a party, I will not eat any pizza from Marco’s. The best advertising is word of mouth. I will be advertising for Marco’s as much as I can. I also think a phone call to the health department is in order.

  • Victoria says:

    The Marcos location in Lorain , Ohio 44055 on north ridge road is just ridiculously awful now! It took them 2 hours to make and deliver my order which was 2 square deals and then when it arrived it was cold and I had to heat it up! They didn’t give me any of the sauces I ordered! I tried to call once it was going on 1 1/2 hours and they immediately put me on hold and never picked up after that I hung up 30 minutes later !

  • gwen says:

    noticed a sign besides publix for marco’s pizza, Manager at publix says the sign has been up for about 6 months, so my question is, when is it going to open. All thats there is a small shop empty with a sign on top of building that says marcos???? Can anyone tell me?? Thank You for I love marco’s pizza and cant wait for it to open

  • ian arnold says:

    Will you please add Marco’s in Gainesville Georgia on Thompson Bridge Road to the app? It would be greatly appreciated

  • Josie says:

    Marcos Pizza website is not as good as old one for ordering. Cannot find a place to cut medium pizza into 12 slices and the option for well done has been removed. Why did you change something that was working?

  • Robert Wessner says:

    I am not a customer
    Would like to be
    I live in Pennsylvania between Allentown and reading need a Marcos see ads on tv looks great but not able to try because there is not one in our area
    Wondering if there is a possibility of getting one out here
    Feel free to email me back with any kind of comment

  • Oscar says:

    To whom may it concern
    I am a resident of Kyle ,Tx i order a special from your store in Kyle Tx and it was 2 medium pizzas with one topping i was so disappointing the boxes where not mark with one of them i order light sauce and one regular sauce both pepperoni but where not cut all the way thru on the pizzas pies so i got a hold of the light sauce which i dont like but because it wasnt cut all the way thru i touch my pieces n i had to eat them cuz i ate with my family so i didn’t want to put it back the moral of the story is please trained
    better on the personal to cut the pizza please

  • Gene Taylor says:

    Marco’s Pizza in Deer Park, TX. is run by a the worst individual I’ve ever had to meet. The way she treats her employees is horrible and unforgivable. I’ve tried on multiple occasions to reach out to corporate. No return phone calls. So I’m guessing Marco’s Pizza as a whole is a shady business. So I’ll just turn it all over to the labor board. As well as the health department about forcing sick employees to work.

  • Amanda says:

    Your order confirmation at Marco’s Pizza #8460
    Your confirmation number is #544
    Worst experience took my money they don’t answer the phone 770) 999-1921 is the phone number. +14047409392 delivery driver lied about the address saying he went to the door of someone else apartment. Owner Kenneth Sizemore doesn’t care either that what I get it guess. Manager terry just as rude as the staff. if you read the reviews this store should be closed. an adult can understand but try explaining this too a 5 year old autistic child. $43.49 is owed never got it back.

  • D Saldana says:

    What have you done about the employee that pulled a gun on a customer in California?

  • Order#229 says:

    Ordered online at 11pm here in angelton,tx not only I never received my pizza when it said delivery would be at 11:20pm. the order was $21.19 I was charged $35.03.

  • Greg montgomery says:

    We tried to order online at 630 pm and it would not go through so we tried to call only to be told to call back in a half hour, only to be told that they would not honor bo go unless we ordered online.Been a marcos customer long time ,but this chain has gone down hill,will never order again!!@

  • Greg montgomery says:

    Tried 3 times to order only to be told online order was closed at 7:00 and would not honor bo go offer on the phone said it was online only… sad to say we will never order from Marcos again!

  • Melvin Jones says:

    Employees “ Managers” not wearing any gloves preparing while preparing food digging in nose and making dough without washing hands employees “ managers “eating toppings while preparing food nasty attitude horrible customer service location Montgomery,Al Taylor road just Disgusting

  • Sol says:

    I received an email with a 20% off I saw the conf. Number but when I touched the screen it disappeared and they won’t honor it.

  • AS says:

    I ordered a pizza from a Marcos location near me and one of the employees gave out my information to someone and that is not acceptable in my book! That is a breach of confidentiality! No customers information should be leaving that facility to anyone! I will NEVER order from another Marcos location either and I will continue to let everyone I know to not order from them as well. This type of situation could cause real danger to someone!

  • Ros says:

    What have you done about the employee that pulled a gun on a customer in California?

  • Maria says:

    Marco’s Pizza Location: 708 W Glen Ave, Peoria, IL 61614

    On Nov. 23rd my daughter and I went to Marco’s on Glen to order a pizza, guy at the register took my order and money and went back to make pizza’s. He did not wash his hands or put on gloves prior to preparing pizza’s after handling my money. I asked him to put on gloves while preparing my pizza and there was another female employee working in the back and was offended by my request. She started cussing at us and told us to leave “HER” store, simply because I requested for the employee to put on gloves while preparing pizza’s. Her attitude and disposition was unbelievable! I will NEVER go back! Last but not least female employee called the cops because after she was cussing at us my daughter went off on her. We left the store and waited out doors for the police to arrive. Police stated they Marco’s was not going to file charges, I was in AWWW at this point, they will not file charges. My daughter and I did not do anything wrong, I just requested for the employee to put on gloves.

    Marco’s Manager please view your camera for complete coverage of this incident.

    WORST customer service ever! My daughter and I deserved an apology. Female employee should be fired!

    Looks like this incident has happened before on May 5th 2022, per google reviews. It’s probably the same staff persons! I have made a YELP review and will post on social media. No one deserves to be treated like this.

  • Donna Parker says:

    Showing support for the Marco’s Pizza in Tennessee that was on TikTok: A woman who apparently placed a carry-out order got some wings that she didn’t like (they may or may not have been cooked right). So she called the restaurant back, and the employee told her they were closed & how to get a refund. But she was too irate to follow his instructions. Instead, she went up there, was trespassing after the restaurant closed, and was harassing the employee. TikTok viewers were telling her to sue Marco’s. I pointed out that her own video showed that she couldn’t sue anybody because she was committing a crime (trespassing after they closed). Of course, most of the viewers are so racist (in favor of any Black woman over any White man) that they’re immediately offended when you take both race and gender out of the equation by using the words “employee” and “patron.” They want to use “customer” because they’re used to “the customer is always right.” So they get really unglued when you point out that you can only be a “customer” when a business is open; after the business is closed, you’re a trespasser. And they think businesses are “public.” Anyhow: I hope you ban her from your restaurant for at least a year for trespassing.

  • JV says:

    Just a business opportunity that I see at my Richmond Hill Ga location but thought I would share it because it would apply to many of your stores I believe. Simply put add a small glass hot commercial oven that keeps the pizza hot at the counter and sell slices, it should hold no more than 3 pizzas and be your top two or three best sellers. I believe you would be surprised in certain locations the revenue missed, if nothing else give it a try and use a small test market group of stores. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that can grow your customer service business and bottom line

  • Marsha says:

    Great pizza who gets the delivery fee of $3

    • Former employee says:

      The drivers. What they don’t get compensated for though, is driving 25 minutes to a delivery, and another 25 minutes back to the store. $3 doesn’t cover anything- Please tip your drivers-the staff in the store barely do anything!

  • bill says:

    how about putting a marcos pizza in wooster ohio 44691

  • Steve Price says:

    I wish to stop receiving emails from MARCOS.
    Please take me off of the email list. I do not know my username or password or I would unsubscribe. I hace gotten thousands of unwanted emails from MARCOS, please stop.

  • Danny Hope says:

    Supervisor has come and gone, guess he/she can’t be bothered to try and resolve the issue. Can’t say I didn’t try. Reported to my bank as a fraudulent transaction. Also going to contact corporate to let them know.

    PSA. Share it far and wide.

    Ordered online from Marcos Pizza (Broad St.) last night. After not receiving my order for a couple of hours, called and canx the order and asked for a refund.

    Called today to find to follow up on my refund: They said they “had no record of the order…” They tried to tell me the computer kept copies of everything….well operantly they are having major issuers with their systems.

    Bottom line: I recommend avoiding ordering from them, but if you feel like you must, KEEP your confirmation e-mail whenever you order, or you WILL BE out of luck.

  • Eve says:

    Definitely the worst customer service. I tried ordering food from the store in Hialeah approx Hialeah Gardens Drive. I called 5 times and all the calls I made was placed on hold for over 15 minutes each time. On the 5th time they told me Delivery was 1 hour from the time of ordering because they were backed up.
    I didn’t know what that meant so I assumed they have very few employees working and the ones that are there don’t want to work.

  • Katelyn crook says:

    I love y’all’s pizza but the fact that the store that was in my delivery range doesn’t have drivers is very frustrating.then when I try to order from another location close by me they said they can’t because it’s not in there delivery territory.if a store doesn’t have drivers you shouldn’t even be able to choose delivery when placing an online order.

  • Laporte says:

    Socialist- communist,Marcos pizza.

    Undermining costumers the privilege to state their view point.

    Adding additional salt to a customers pizza.

    No oversight!

  • Jeff says:

    I am reaching out because I have been ordering pizza from you for over 8 years and have always loved you pizza. Three weeks ago my pizza showed up like they flipped the box over a couple times, I called the manger a guy all he would do is give a 5 dollar credit I said fine because it wasnt about the money to me. A week later I order my normal pizza it’s a half and half. I recieved no credit and it had onions all over the pizza my wife picked them off , We said one more chance tonight I order the same pizza it shows up cold almost raw and again onions all over pizza. I called to talk to a manger this time a women I told her what happened and gave her heads up that I would be reaching out to corprate . She offered to remake pizza I said no just letting them know they lost my bussness after 8 years she said ok have a good night and hung up. It is sad to see your quality has gone down so bad as a long time customer all I can say is I hope you fix this store,

  • J says:

    I called Marco’s Pizza Store number 6042 twice on September 17, 2022, after making an online order 610 because my wife was going to pick up the pizza and I wanted to make sure it was okay for her to use the 24-dollar credit on our account.

    Carla, the manager informed me that there was no credit. She asked me who gave it to me, and I told her Brian the manager gave it to me for the previous order. She told me that he wouldn’t be in until later and offered to call him. She told me she would call me back – but she didn’t.

    Online with the order active I could see it get adjusted in real time, Carla added the -24 credit and a lemonade my wife wanted. But she also added a separate deluxe pizza to our order by mistake.

    My online total was 35.15 the lemonade was an additional 2.39 which means the total was 37.54 – 24 which equals 13.54 Carla told my wife after messing up this transaction and making the total 52.45 that she still owed 30.80 even with the 24-dollar credit applied.

    My wife brought home 1 deluxe pizza, 1 Caesar salad, and 10 wings. When I called Marco’s Pizza and asked for the Manager Carla tried to tell me that we purchased 2 pizzas’ (that second pizza she added never existed anywhere)

    Carla yelled at me on the phone, she blamed me for her mistake telling me “We always seem to have issues with you.” I told her, you don’t get to put your mistakes on me.

    So, she asked me: “What do you want me to do?” She was offering to refund it to a credit card – and I told her we paid cash the last two times we have been in, she even offered me a credit and I told her “You mean like the 24-dollar credit that was already supposed to exist on our account?” I said I would drive back in but was frustrated because gas is expensive, and this is roughly 25 miles round trip.

    When I arrived at Marco’s Carla was only offering me the money for the pizza, she charged us for, but I informed her “You owe me more than that.” I asked to use a calculator, but she said they didn’t have one. So, I asked for a pen and some paper, she gave me the back of a pizza receipt then I showed her 40 – 13.54 equals 26.46

    Carla was yelling at me this whole time and I said to her; “I’m right here and can hear you just fine, can you please stop yelling at me?” she just glared at me, but she stopped yelling. She handed me 26 dollars and she asked, “How much change?” I showed her on my cell phone, and she gave me 42 cents, which was close enough.

    I had asked to speak with Brian when Carla informed me that he was in early, but when I asked to see him, she told me that he just went out on a delivery. And the bigger issue Carla never apologized, she messed up this transaction by adding food to our order which we didn’t purchase, she tried to blame me for her mistake, she yelled at me too – this isn’t how you run a business.

    Lastly Carla told me the reason for this mistake was you guys were extremely busy. But when I drove in, I was the only person in the restaurant, I asked my wife “How many people were there when you picked up our order?” Only me, she said.

    We didn’t feel like cooking, so we had opted for pizza, but I have to say this is the worst interaction I’ve ever had with anyone when trying to resolve a situation. I informed Carla I will be contacting Corporate too. Then I walked out and drove home.

    Irony – I found a couple pieces of pineapple on our deluxe pizza. Ad Nauseam.

  • Guest says:

    We placed an order with the app and opted for the contactless delivery and the person who delivered it didn’t let us know by knocking or some kind of text notification. The food sat out there for 20+ minutes and by the time we realized it was delivered the ants had gotten to everything. Complained to the store and got a generic message back. I want you guys to make this right and give me a full refund. Order # 933 on 9/12/22 at Marcos Pizza #8282 total was $26.50

  • Tanya says:

    I pulled up to one of your stores in Las Vegas last night to 5 of your colleagues outside smoking a blunt. Once I parked 3 of them scurried back in the store and the other 2 left in their white mini-van. You could clearly tell the me of your workers were impaired. This has happened multiple times at this location and when brought up by another worker, the worker then receives retaliation from management. This location has horrible management and has created a hostile work environment for people that just want to work! I want to speak to someone from CORPORATE not the manager from this location. If this type of management is your Marcos brand you should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  • Jason Anderson says:

    I ordered 2 pizzas from the marcos pizza in Michigan center on page ave I ordered both pizzas lite sauce, I order a BBQ chicken and a meat lovers both pizza had so much sauce it was dripping off couldn’t taste no toppings. I called back to try to get replacement pizzas I was going to return the nasty ones. They took my name said someone would contact me. Still no one has I paid $42 for pizzas that were never eaten andno effort was made to make it right so I will ne er return to ur restaurants again I’d rather get Little ceasers. I don’t know what happened u used to b the best pizza around and customer service was outstanding not anymore

  • Barbara Slate says:

    We ordered a pizza from Marcos on Ridgefield PArkway in Richmond, Va. It was never delivered to us…..instead it went to a house with our house number but a different street. WE PAID FOR IT. The next time I ordered a pizza I told them to please deliver it to my street and not my neighbors. I told them I paid for a pizza I never received and he said he was so sorry. We had paid for the pizza he was delivering but said the next pizza we ordered would be on the house. When we called to order that “pizza on the house” he declined to pay for it. The General Manager of that store is Quentin Williams and he would not honor the “pizza on the house”. Unless I get a “pizza on the house” Marcos has lost a customer. We are loyal clients and order all the time. I think to keep a loyal customer he could have honored this request. I would never lose a customer over the cost of one pizza. You’ve got some pretty negative testamonials on your page so I would start working on your service and doing what you say you will do if you want better remarks. Hoping to hear from you soon….otherwise I will never be ordering from Marcos again. Really bad business.

  • Fred Rossborough says:

    I have been a customer for around a year, and use your app. I never have you cut my pizza, so the cheese doesn’t stick to the box. Too many times my pizza has been cut before I get to the restaurant. I’ve complained at the restaurant too many times, so until your app has either a comment box for special instructions, or a “No Cut” checkbox I am no longer a Marco’s customer. I use the app because I have been on hold over 20 minutes waiting to order.

  • Arianne Alexian Knox says:

    Marco’s Pizza in Hoover, AL 35244 on John Hawkins Pkwy has the absolute worst District/Area Manager I have ever seen. Chase Nickleson has fired just about everyone who was employed before he took over the position from the previous District Manager, Kenna. If Chase hasn’t fired everyone, he has run them off with his aggressive attitude and over-the-top hostile environment.

    Nobody is allowed to make a complaint or he will push over dough racks and leave the store in a rush of anger. Nobody is allowed to express that they feel burnt out and overworked because Chase works the most hours. Nobody is allowed to feel any type of way because Chase is the only person that matters. He sends workers over from another state instead of asking current employees who do not get as many hours if they want to work.

    I would suggest that the John Hawkins Pkwy simply close down. There is no employee EVER who will not miss a day of work, wether personal reasons or physical illness, and that is what Chase is looking for. His standards are unrealistic, high strung and over-exaggerative.

    I missed 2 days to move-in to an apartment that did not have active black mold, and was still asked to come in to work. I am 21, 95lbs and was asked to move my entire apartment and still come in to work on those 2 days. I then missed 3 days following that (over the span of 2 months) because I have 2 chronic physical illnesses. Yesterday (Aug 3, 2022) I went to the emergency room with intense pain and black vomit, I have 2 stomach ulcers and inflamed intestines. I woke up to a text message from Chase firing me for being absent last night. I filled out on my application that I have a disability and even explained what they were when I was hired on. It hasn’t become a problem until Chase took over this location. I explained it is illegal to fire someone with a disability for being ill, especially if the employee has a Doctor Excuse.

    Nothing about the higher-up management of this store is efficient, proactive or sturdy. As a shift leader, I expect my workplace to be fast-paced and friendly. When I am the one running shifts in the absence of the General Manager and District Manager, my co-workers are sharp, energetic and focused on their tasks. I cannot say the same when Chase is in the store. Everyone, including myself, is anxious, second-guessing ourselves and afraid to make the next move.

    Marco’s Corporate, I hope that you take this review into serious consideration. I have spoken with recent previous employees and our feelings are mutual about the store location, overall management, and Chase himself. I do not expect immediate resolve, but I do expect a turnaround at this location.

  • Jerry says:

    Being that Marco’s Pizza hires drug addicts. Our respected business won’t be ordering from Marco’s again. It’s twice now 2 different delivery drivers at 2 separate times. It’s was obvious they were on something. Crack, meth or whatever. One of them has a full mouth of rotten teeth and staring at our office secretary. Making her very uncomfortable. We decided to pickup for now on. But when I went there. That same nasty trash was making the pizza. The nice lady in the front didn’t look like that. Kinda felt sorry for her. I said to her we will take our business elsewhere. Disgusting and unprofessional.

  • Arleen K Arlet says:

    I just put in the last comment for store #7018 Hemet, CA. Ticket #659. The receipt even says the prep ticket was previously printed!! 8-28-22 .

  • Arleen K Arlet says:

    Extremely bad birthday pizza experience! I showed up 15 minutes early to pick up time. Manager didn’t acknowledge me. I was early so I sat in plain view. Four more customers came in and he knew them and waited on them. I stepped up and said what about me. It was now 5 minutes past my pick up time. He went to the rack behind him and grabbed a pizza that had been there before I showed up. He said he called my name 4 times. I said when, 4:30? The pizza should have been ready at 5. I was there at 4:45pm. He lied. My bday pizza was ice cold. It had been sitting on the rack for quite awhile!!!!

  • Paul P. says:

    I am bombarded by your emails and cannot *unsubscribe*. When attempting, your Web portal says, “system is currently down’. First, this is unacceptable for a Fortune 500 company. As CEO, if I received reports, via mail, email, web, phone…I would be dreadfully concerned. Who is screening your calls?
    Do you even get customer-satisfaction reports? From where? Second, your customers are #1. They are your fans. They are the reason you exist. As fans, they are not pizza by-products or something that you can pick-and-choose any which way you like. If the Board of Directors wake up one day and say “why are our Marco Shares being flushed down the toilet, remember this day when you have made the decision to ignore customer concerns and complaints. Thank you.

  • Dana says:

    Worst experience ever. I ordered a pizza form store 1192 in Indy. The wait time was over an hour. Two hours have passed and my pizza still wasn’t here. I called the store and they told me the driver wasn’t doing their job and that they’d have to fire the guy once he returned. I got upset because my pizza was still at the store. I told the guy the to keep his pizza and I wanted my money back. We were back and forth and I asked for a manager. He told me he was the manager. He had hung up on me a few times and I lost it. After not getting my refund. I headed out the door only to get greeted with a cold pizza. I told the guy to keep his pizza and that I was going to the store now to get my refund.

    This store is the worst and I’ll make sure everyone knows it.

  • Brenda says:

    I wanted to reach out recently I tried to order my usual gluten-free pizza I was told that they no longer have the gluten-free pizza only in a cauliflower crust in a small. Being a Celiac and being able to order pizza is a wonderful thing! I could order the medium pepperoni and any style pizza I wanted and share it with my family . I would feel like I was part of my families dinner without feeling separated because of not being able to eat gluten! I am so upset that you guys have discontinued the pizza crust I asked that you please bring it back!

  • Angela says:

    I want the gluten free pizza crust back. It was the best crust on the market. I don’t know why you decided to change to cauliflower crust, sooooo disappointed.

  • Sammy says:

    I can’t get my paycheck. The store manager said she can’t locate the checks. I have direct deposit but since this is my last check it had to be paper check. I worked at 4100 Ridge road in McKinney Texas.

  • Russell Vilardi says:

    I am an employee at Marcos pizza. Just in the short time of being there I have noticed the order board that gives you a deferred order has the time of the order on top. Why can’t the time be in big red transparent time stamp under the order or across the order Dark enough you know it’s there but light enough you can still read the order. in my opinion it is a minimal change that Will prevent a lot of mistakes saving money.

  • Jeff Hunter says:

    I’m receiving spam/hacker email from you. The scam is about my Paypal account. Please investigate and stop this.

  • Rick Duty says:

    Just finished our Dinner of home delivered pizza. I wanted to text or email someone, somewhere, and say “OUTSTANDING!” However, the online feedback site does not function, and the reroutes away from that function have NO forms of two way communications at all. So circuitous is the path to implied interest in customer commentary, it can’t help but contribute to the feeling that the company associates don’t want to be bothered, and that the only measure of quality is the revenue / profit stream. The pizza was truly great. But the fact that I could NOT share feedback; one-way-or-another, is frustratingly suggestive of the indifference to any such commentary.

  • Jane Cich says:

    I waited over an hour for my delivery of pizza. I had a email confirmation number to saying my pizza was on the way. Only to find out over an hour later they had cancelled my order without notice or saying why. Not Happy.so when I commented on customer feedback, i got a response to tell me to fill out a customer feedback form which I had already did. Still no response. Again not happy

  • Dvd says:

    Fix your website!!!!!

    • Rick Duty says:

      Absolutely agree! The structure and functionality of the website suggests minimum effort, and that we customers are an interruption to their workday; NOT the reason they HAVE a workday…

  • Brittney Bowie says:

    I am furious…..I don’t want people to get in trouble just for the company to make it right I enjoy eating at this restaurant when able to and sometimes they kill it get the order perfect then there are the times where there’s it up and I won’t say anything. I will keep ordering from there because I like the restaurant but when they mess up continuously without an apology then when you have proof they messed up they still don’t wanna accommodate like making me.feel.bad for reporting an mess up on their end like I am just looking for a free meal no I spend money there and should be treated right every time even if it was a correction from.a precious mess up.

  • Alexandra Beth Yoder says:

    I am very disappointed in the service at my Marcos in Winston-Salem North Carolina located on Jamestown Road. I’ve had numerous warm deliveries, and I ordered last night and I spoke with Lindsey is the manager at this location. I did not get what I ordered as the condiments. She told me that I no longer could order from her location again. Because I complain too much. Well if you’re ordering food, you should be able to get what you order. This is what I told her but I was told I would no longer be able to order from her location. This is not the kind of management that should be in that store. She needs to be talked to about this. I order at least once a week for Marcos and half a very long time. Lindsay is the manager and she is the one that told me I could no longer order from them again. Again, I order at least once a week. It’s not my fault that her drivers don’t check the boxes before they leave . I truly hope you look into this because she is only hurting your business. I am 63 years old and I am not stupid. I pay good money for the food I just want it right. Alexandra Yoder

  • Linda Bowen says:

    I would like to see more green lettuce than plain white Iceberg lettuce because green lettuce is full of Moore vitamins. Thanks!

  • Linda B says:

    Love all the pizzas! Comment on salads: more green lettuce than white Iceberg lettuce because green is full of more vitamins. Thanks!

  • Jeff Clark says:

    Time to switch to Pizza Hut just a bit farther down the road. Past few time the pizza has been cut by someone who can’t cut a pizza all the way through and even. One slice is huge the other small how hard is it? Then the last one we got was not baked enough giving us a light crust with a soft dough texture. But the worst was finding the hair in the pizza. That was the final straw. We called and complained and they said they would give us a 5 dollar credit toward our next pizza…I wonder if they can send their cheap apology down the road to Pizza Hut?

  • Patricia Frey says:

    I ordered a large cheese pizza and 10 wings only because I was told my order wasn’t enough for a delivery. The flyer we received this week stated a large one topping Pizza for $7.99. Contact-free delivery or carry out. I ask for the crispy crust and was told they didn’t have crispy crust, but they would make it well done. This was today (Sunday) about 6:15. They said it take about 45 minutes. It came in a half hour.
    I was charged over $33. Plus we gave the boy a $5:00 tip.
    This was outrageous, the wings were mediocre, the pizza was burnt.
    We called and complained, (this is a new store in Sun City Center Florida) with service like this you won’t last long. Your manager did refund our money but that’s not the reason for our concern.
    At times we have driven 10 miles to get a Marco’s Pizza but this was not the quality we were use to. There are 4 Pizza Parlors here so you do have competition.
    I would like to speak to some one. Your flyer is very misleading.
    My cell number is: 904-540-1629 my name is Patti Frey

  • Kristy Delph says:

    I have a question about the marcos pizza delivery driver position first how much does a driver get paid an hour? And i started working for marcos 2 weeks ago and only got paid $140 for two weeks thats not making any sense to me the gm is avoiding me since i asked about my pay and i still dont have any answers from her

    • Sammy says:

      I worked for Marco’s 6 months. I quit last week because I know for sure they tampered with my paychecks
      and hrs. The store I worked at is in McKinney TX. On Ridge rd. I’m talking to a lawyer hopefully we’ll put a stop to this.

  • Diane says:

    I absolutely loved your pizza but after today I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I ordered a thin crust pizza which normally is a fresh dough made pizza even though it’s thin. Well I got the worst Pizza I mean it was like cardboard bottom it had holes on the bottom like you see on store-bought Pizza. It tasted horrible it was awful I mean it was stiff as a board there was no fresh dough there at all so I called Marco’s Pizza in Middle River on Orville road and they told me that’s their new dough for their thin pizza well if that’s their new deal I will order from pizza sauce. That pizza that I ordered cost me $17 plus a tip and all I got was a cardboard dough.

  • Ann says:

    Also, another question……is it Marco’s policy if a cashier takes a fake $100 dollar then the night manager makes the deposit. Is it Marco’s rules that whoever touches it does not receive their tips?

  • Ann says:

    I don’t understand why this pizza company allows employees that have Covid and running a high fever. The employee was told just wash their hands…..it’s only a cold. Is this Marco’s policy?

  • Listra Jones says:

    I ordered a pizza online today. It was supposed to be ready at 7pm. I picked it up at 7:39. I was told that there was a lot of new people for the reason for it being late. Had I known that I would have ordered from another company. I normally order from Marco’s, but the service is getting horrible. The employees do not care. So from here on I will go to another company and spend my money. I did do a good review beforehand only to receive bad customer service

  • Stacey says:

    Marcos in ironton oh is the worst on planet earth. The general manager asked my mom to meet her outside when she got off work to fight my mom because she asked to use the restroom. 10 days later after the owner said he would refuse to speak to me and my mom corporate still won’t return my calls. I guess you can get away with anything if your the general manager. Also me and my mom are banned from the location because I asked the owner to call. Never getting my service again.

  • Joni Nelson says:

    I am coach Johnny Nelson at the University College in Charlotte North Carolina we came up here all the time we placed the order on Monday the young lady answered the phone I asked to speak with a manager nobody ever picked the phone up it hung up I called back and she picked it up again and told me that a manager would get back with me no one has here it is Wednesday I called up there and a GM Alex he would not give me his last name told me that I was lying when he can easily look where our pieces was ordered and seeing that he was very unprofessional of it and went to calling me a liar I have no reason to lie is the world is going today we don’t need none of this to keep carrying on the way his attitude was his disposition was way out of calorie counter and I will get Southern this if I have to I never had this problem eating here the last four years I’ve been coming here I’ve never had a problem until today

  • Carole Grant says:

    I have enjoyed your pizza on many occasions but that commercial with the man and woman in the car is stupid. Especially that woman with that hair is laughable. Get a different woman.

  • Amber Davila says:

    I had order from the location in Angleton and the manager Tiffany West was very rude and ugly to me on the phone cause I had to make a complaint on the driver and she told me that I put her drivers in harms way coming out to the cemetery road to the apartment I stay at because my first complaint was cause the driver kept pushing my door open and the second complaint was cause the driver texted me saying I gave him the wrong apartment number when I didn’t and when I called to the store the manager was really rude and told me that I should start picking up my order when I don’t have a car and then she said that they don’t like delivering to us cause we don’t tip but some people don’t have the money to tip I didn’t like how the manager was very disrespectful and rude it was not good customer service at all so I don’t think any manager should be like that to customers

  • Christina Smith says:

    I work at Marcos in McDonough, Ga. I recently was told to do some training on expand share. I did it in my off day and took screen shots of when I started and finished. Is it not still policy to compensate employees for training done on their own time? I told my manager I had finished but he never asked for how long I took to compensate me for my time. Has the policy changed? If so, that’s fine. Just not sure if I should bring it up to my manager again, or not.

  • Tamara Axell says:

    I once again ordered your pizza at 16th street location in bedford indiana and had ordered a large pepperoni magnifico, l have never been treated so rudely in my life, the general manager there is a complete jersey, this isn’t the first time I’ve had problems with him , but this time he hung up on me twice, he trying to tell me that it was an online order, not right, as I’m sitting here writing this message your ad came on television about exactly what I just ordered, so the deal is a large magnifico for 9.99 , but I was charged 13.99 before tax and a grand total of 14.97, I whatever never felt so totally disrespected, I will never order there again and definitely won’t praise your food anymore, I would like someone to check into this for me, you lost a loyal customer.

  • GOrejel says:

    I live in Memphis, Tn its store #8355..I visit the store almost everyday during lunch. The manager is rude.

  • GOrejel says:

    Hi I have been ordering the build your own pizza bowl in Memphis to store #8355. I have been getting horrible service from the lunch time manager. Every time I order she goes out her way to give me a hard time..I enjoy the pizza but the service is very disrespectful and rude..Would like to talk with corporate

  • David Hahn says:

    I no longer use ur service. All due to when u send ur emails out. It would be smart of you to only send these emails, during or an hr before the store opens….NOT at 2 am, 4 am, 5 am or even 9 am…
    So I am asleep and my phone wakes me to tell me you have a great offer and no store is open to use this offer. I eventually put ur emails to spam.
    I also have an issue with your website, I have not had the phone number u have for over 5 yrs, I change it each time, no where to save the new number so next online order same thing all over again.
    Jennifer at the store I use is amazing, has showed over and over she cares, she has even tried to change in your website.
    No reason whatsoever to send email offers when ur not even open, you lose so much business doing that. it is supposed to be a spontaneous buy with the email,,, not when ur not open!!!!!
    I hope you can address these issues and I will use your service again, but until then, no reason to.

  • Mariah Dewar says:

    I was a customer until 4/29/22 when my food was delivered to the wrong address but was told oh I didn’t answer my door. Given the run around and I was hung up on . All for the general manager to say there is no one above him and he still couldn’t tell me where my order was dropped off at. Customer service was poor and I do not recommend this establishment

  • Sharon says:

    I want to tell you that Marcos Pizza has the best pizza ever! I ordered tonight and both pizzas were just overflowing with ingredients and it was delicious. I can guarantee you Papa John’s or Dominoes doesn’t due that. The only thing I have to say is I like Coke instead of Pepsi but the pizza is so good I can drink water. Everyone who works there is very professional.

  • Teara says:

    Your company is being sued, the violation and humiliation I received on April 23, 2022 an an Erie, PA location speaks more than a complaint.

  • Brian Hayward says:

    Hello, I’m contacting you because one of your delivery drivers brandished a gun and threatened to shoot a customer in the head due to he never delivered her food, this incident took place inside the store, police got involved and a report was made.

    The manager refused to give a refund and upon further investigations of the employee, he has threatened people before.

    I have a meeting planned with several members of Toledo City Council regarding this matter and would like to schedule a meeting with corporate management to address this issue.

  • Jessica says:

    We were a regular customer here! Until we placed an order at 10:11 pm online which was confirmed we sat and waited for we called them 45 minutes later and called only to find out they said our order was canceled that they closed at 10 and they were cleaning up! When online it said they closed at 11 PM. We were also given a free large 2 topping pizza with a food purchase in the mail that we were going to use as well! I called in an order tonight where the lady had a very rude tone in her voice and would not honor my coupon that expired 4/7/22 i also felt rushed placeing my order! I asked to speak to the manager she said she is the manager! Who refused to use the coupon!! Lost a customer and will not be returning! And im not the one to write a bad review!

    This is the Davenport Iowa location on Brady street!!!

  • Steve Colegrove says:

    We received a mailer with a coupon for and two-topping pizza for $ 8.99. So, we called the store ( # 7413 in Henderson, NV) and ordered a pizza. When we went to the store and provided the information on the coupon (showed them on our phone). We were told they no longer honored the coupons. Instead they wanted us to pay $ 17.99! Keep in mind the coupon information was on the website, and we received coupon in the mail. False advertising at it’s worst. My wife would have none of it, so became very vocal. Eventually, the employee talked it over with the owner, who initially said the same thing, but finally gave in. Frankly, we will never go to that store again, and we will tell everyone we meet what happened.

  • Christy says:

    We ordered from our local marco’s tonight…our order was over an hour late from the time we were quoted. Our wings were burned beyond redemption and they sent an 8 piece when we ordered 14. My salad had two generous handfuls of onions on it…I ordered no onions. When I called, they forgot to put me on hold and I could hear every word they said. They were laughing and cussing about my order being wrong. I waited over 10 minutes before someone got on the phone. The manager hung up on me when I told her I heard every word. I called back and am supposed to receive a correct order of wings but I’m not holding my breath. I’ve never been treated this way before…we’ve been ordering from this establishment for years. Our delivery driver is from a store in another state….helping out because the general manager and most of the crew walked out. This is not a big town and word of mouth goes a long way here. I hope this issue is addressed.

  • Pat Skidmore says:

    We order a pizza or two per week and Marco’s Store 8063 – Providence Rd – Brandon, FL keeps messing up on the order. We order the Magnifico and add sausage, onions and double mushrooms. They keep missing something each time. – We pay by credit card – so the pizza is already paid for with the order. Tonight we rec’d the pizza – NO Sausage, No onions and the mushrooms were covered on the top so that you could not tell that the other items were missing. Also, the pizza itself (the pie) was cold and hard. This could not have been freshly made. We called the store and were told we were speaking with GRIN. Although a store credit was given – as before when they messed up – it doesn’t help when you are waiting for a specific pizza. The person GRIN did not seem concerned at all and rushed us off the phone and said okay – you have a store credit.

  • Tiffany says:

    I placed an online order today at 5:19. It is now 7:38 and my pizza is not here. I tired to call the local store and no one answered. My husband stopped by the local store to attempt to pick up the pizza and was told the pizza had not even been made. He asked the person at the counter to simply refund our credit card and forget about it. She informed my husband that it would take more than 24 hours to get the refund from corporate but that it would take ten minutes to make our pizza if he’d be willing to wait. He agreed but more than 20 minutes later a different employee looked at my husband and asked what he was waiting for. Apparently, they had not made our pizza at all. I’m shocked hey this experience and would be very unlikely to order from Marco’s in the future. My family has now waited two hours and twenty minutes for this pizza.

  • Craig says:

    Marcos Pizza being a franchise I was really surprised when I was told not all location accept their coupons or promotions. Seems like a shady bait and switch tactic.

    • Wayne Delaney says:

      That disclaimer applies to pretty well all coupons. The small print says valid at participating locations.

  • Isabella Radnoff says:

    Avoid at all costs! Marcos in Layton, UT is the worst customer service I have EVER encountered. They haven’t gotten our order right one time, often leaving half of the order undelivered. They are horrifically rude, condescending, argumentative, and disrespectful including hanging up on us, swearing at us over the phone and over text, and more. Truly appalled.

  • Sharon Prince says:

    Best Pizza ever!!!

  • G says:

    I’m a delivery driver at Marco’s Pizza. I’m not sure how it is at other locations but at the one I worked at, in Flowery Branch GA on Spout Springs Road, the store owner stole tips from everyone. Drivers and insiders. Still not sure if how he did it is technically legal or just shady store policy, but whether its legal or not, I have reason to believe he’s getting the money that other people earned, and I have verifiable proof.

    I worked there for two years as a delivery driver, and over my time working there I would occasionally deliver orders placed with us through a service called ezCater. Only the store owner has access to these orders, and is able to write up the invoice however he likes. There was an error with one of these orders, listing it as a cash order (I’d need to collect cash payment upon delivery) and when I delivered it and showed the customer the receipt, she told me she’d paid online. She had, and the store owner cleared things up and said he’d fix it in the system later. However, the lady noted the tip on the receipt said my tip was 25$, and she showed me her side of the order through ezCater, where the tip she had left was over 55$. My tips on these orders have always been 25$, every single order, for 2 years. At no point was I told that I’d be making at most 25$ on these tips and the rest would be considered ‘store tips’, but that’s what the owner told me when I asked him about it. He sent me a screenshot of the invoice, listing a driver tip at 25$ and a store tip at 25$. He accused me of challenging his integrity, when I was careful to be as nonconfrontational as possible, just trying to get to the bottom of this and concerned about possibly loosing out on a lot of money over the past two years. At no point did I blame him or question his integrity. The customer provided me with screenshots and a pdf of her order, listing one tip labeled ‘tip for driver’ and the amount was 55$ and some change. Obviously, several things don’t line up there between the order and the invoice and what the store owner was telling me. I called corporate about this several times, couldn’t get through to a real person, left a few messages, and no one got back to me, so I put in my two weeks notice. I’ve heard from several insiders that their tips are always the exact same amount as well when they receive them with their paychecks, and many people also suspect the store owner has been taking some portion of their tips as well, but no one else has any proof.

    Don’t give these people your money, its not going to the people you think it’ll go to, and definitely don’t work here unless you want your hard earned wages to be stolen.

  • Keith johnson says:

    You need to call me before I get a lawyer.
    Is it company policy to call an amputee a cripple mother fucker? You got one day

  • Twila says:

    Hi I’ve been eating Marcos pizza for the last four years 3 1/2 2018 and it’s always been delicious and I’ve never found hair in my pizza

    I found hair last night at 6 o’clock in my pizza store number 7408 I talked to Miss Jennifer who was the manager this is just a concern.
    With COVID-19 going on I just threw out the pizza I called and put my concern in and she wanted to redo a pizza and I told her I don’t have the appetite for it I may not order again until the summer your pizzas have always been excellent but when I saw that and I’ve always worked in the public as managers I was very disappointed Twila

  • Santana says:

    My card was charged for a purchase that never went through. I’ve tried to file a complaint through the app but it keeps malfunctioning.

  • Wanda says:

    I had valid coupons but couldn’t use them. Ordered online

  • Charles says:

    After receiving the pizza it was a medium instead of a large as advertised. What kind of crap is that?

  • Charles says:

    I ordered the pepperoni magnifico that’s advertised for $9.99 and got charged $11.99 who’s going to send me my $2 back. Why advertise one price then do the old bait and switch.

  • PC says:

    Well I am making a complaint on one of your stores in Atlanta Georgia I don’t see a address but I see 5:30 on the door it’s off of Glenwood road in Atlanta and they are saying that that open up at 11:00 well it’s 10:59 here and the store is not open and people like myself don’t have long on a break and this store should already been open thank you.

  • Crystal Battle says:

    6035 Baker’s ferry Rd SW Atlanta 30336

    I am currently on the phone with this location right now.. I have been hung up on twice already…Im on hold right now going on 20 minutes .. I ordered delivery.. Not only did they get my order Completely wrong.. they dropped it off UNOPENED…uncovered.. the items they did drop of was cold and under cooked from the look of it. I paid for items that were not delivered to me at all. NOT TO MENTION WAITING OVER 2 HOURS to be delivered and they are fully aware they messed up due to the fact that they hung up in my face the first two times, I could literally hear them hang up. I do not normally complain but the fact that I could not eat Anything they dropped off is unheard of.. this third time they are not hanging up a young man just keeps coming back and saying hold on. and put lying me back on hold. They do not care one bit about COVID precautions or Just good service as my “food” was uncovered.. I order from Marcos all the time.. pretty large orders at that.. this was my first time at this location and I will NEVER use Marcos again…

  • Kiera Tanner says:

    “Gus” at store 7404 was rude. Ordered chicken wings and they were so small and fatty. Called to complain. He said that is what they have been sending him the last few weeks. If you know they are not quality, why are you still selling them? Asked for a refund, said he couldn’t do it. Asked for replacement order, couldn’t do it. Just lost a customer, he didn’t care. Bye bye Marcos.

  • James Hopkins says:

    I have been a loyal Marco’s customer for several years in Charlotte, NC and , prior to that, in Indian Land, SC. Until this latest incident, we have preferred Marco’s to any other choice in Charlotte.
    I placed an order for pick-up on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at the location in the Public’s plaza on Route 521 in Mecklenberg County. When a friend and I arrived to pick up the pizzas, I attempted to pay with a $50 bill, the only cash I had. The cost of the pizzas came to a little over $38. I was told by a 17 year old employee that they had a corporate policy that they will/can not accept $50 or $100 bills for payment. He then pointed to a hand written note taped to the register attesting to that fact. When I explained that that was the only cash I had, his attitude was, “too bad”, that’s the policy. I was incensed and told the sarcastic employee that that was a difficult stance to take and he could keep his pizzas and walked out.
    Since we had several guests waiting at home for a pizza dinner, my friend volunteered to pay in my stead and reentered the shop. This was at most 5 minutes later. In that short amount of time they had “thrown out” the pizzas. That required that they re-make the pizzas to fill our order.
    By that time, a person claiming to be the manager, showed on scene from the back of the store and inquired what the commotion was. When my friend tried to explain that I was a long term customer and probably wouldn’t be much longer, her attitude was something to the effect that if I didn’t like the policy, I could go elsewhere for my pizzas. That is exactly what I will do.

  • Robin says:

    I ordered my first large cheese pizza and it was burned. I pointed this out to the only staff member in the store and he could have cared less although he offered to make a new one. I did not have time to wait. Frankly, he didn’t care.

    It was in the Trinity Florida location yesterday at noon.

    What a terrible store.

    Just thought you could pass this information on to the owner. Thank you

  • Ed says:

    what has happened to this company my order tonight was 45 minutes late and cold. i was on hold over 15 minutes when i called to check on my order. out of all the crappy chain pizza companies out there this was my go to unfortunately i will no longer use this chain pizza any more either

  • Simone Wiggins says:

    My son whom is a 15 year old student that worked for marcos briefly and was let got along with the other 5 high school students. And I have tryed to contact the shift manager at the powder spri gs street location in marietta GA and I have yet to get a response as to when he will receive his paycheck. This shift manager hires kids temporarily until she can get a full time staff and then let’s kids of even after violating the GA child labor law which states childer the ages of 14-15 has work restrictions during a school week which she has violated by having them work 5-6 hours during the week.

  • Sonja Chambers says:

    I called store #8355 15 N. Belvedere Blvd. on 1/12/2022 at 1::20pm and the young lady answered the phone and I asked her how she was doing she paused and asked can I call back in 5 more minutes and hangs up ..So Since I was down the street I decided to just drive up there to make my order.When I arrived I was told someone will be with us in a few which was fine so a young lady came up and asked may I help you so I proceeded to ask her if I could order half pepperoni melt /Garden pizza she said yes so what do you want I told her what I just asked you … I proceeded to ask can I use my coupon she said yes so she tells me that my bill will have to be $20 or more to get $4 off which the pizza was 21.94 so She just stand there looking like we’re crazy.. I asked for a manager she stated I am the manager moving her hands …I asked for my money be put back on my card…This store has the worst customer service ever…

  • Tom Sisco says:

    For a long time I thought Marco’s pizza was the best in Erie, Pa. But, the last couple of times I bought pizza, I Wes extremely dissappointed! Almost 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the edge, there was nothing! Not even sauce! The pizza is a little more expensive then other pizza shops, so I expect to get a better pizza, not just 2″ of crust! The pizzas I get are on east 38th st. In Erie, Pa.

  • Nadine Parker says:

    I ordered from Marcos Pizza #1058 tonight 01/29/22. I paid the most I have ever paid for a pizza my entire life $41..for 2 large pizzas. Those pizzas were the WORST pizza I have ever had my entire life!! I ordered extra sauce and extra cheese..on 2 large all meat pizzas..I PAID FOR EXTRA AND GOT NOTHING!!! HARDLY ANY SAUCE AND CHEESE!! I will never ever in my entire life order from Marcos again and I will advise others to not waste their time nor their money!!! VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • Nadine Parker says:

    Very disappointed in the pizza I ordered tonight.

  • Doug Wolffe says:

    Store#8220 Just received the worst pizza ever! Made wrong by a crew that could care less. The box was too confusing to put together correctly. At one time they had a good manager and crew. Pizza was good . I’ll never go back. Hope You look elsewhere too.

  • Misty and Michele says:

    I, truly, am not expecting any sort of response from Corporate, especially given the way we were treated by a branch in Columbus, Ohio. 5310 N. Hamilton Road, Columbus, Ohio 43230. For reference, I rarely, if ever write a complaint, because I find it to be a fruitless endeavor; and, I don’t want to be “one of those people.” At the same time, however, I can’t sit back and do nothing after this incident. We order from Marco’s fairly frequently—especially compared to other restaurants from which we order. Tonight, our pizza arrived without notification (fine, that’s on the driver). So, we knew our pizza would be cold. We were not, though, expecting our pizza to be burnt beyond recognition. We called the store only to be told that the pizza oven temperature was good and had been on the same setting all day. We called back a second time — both times we spoke with the manager, Riley — to inform him of poor business practices. He told us that he would credit our account and that is the best he could do. He denied us a new pizza and only credited our account $10. And, he, basically, told us to do business elsewhere. We still paid for delivery, tip, and tax! We told him that this was an unacceptable resolution and that we would be contacting corporate. We are now going to report to the BBB. Be Better, Marcos. Such a disappointment!!

  • Jerry slater says:

    I know for a fact that your charleston west virginia patrick street plaza store crew was exposed to covid from.an infected crew member because she tried to call off the manager said he didnt have anyone to cover her and she needed to be at work she goes to work and they call were she had been tested and told her she was positive they sent her home but it was too late by then the whole on duty crew and customers was exposed .now your supoosed to quarantine if theres even a chance youve been exposed but still open and exposing more people to potential risk unnecessarily why ???

  • Shawna says:

    I placed an order for delivery over 2 hours ago and have yet to get my food, the store is closed, my card has been charged. Theirs no one contacting me assuring my order is still coming. Highly disappointed with Marcos in Oklahoma City off Sooner Rd . I’ll never order from here again

  • Robert Walker says:

    Love marcos but i am getting tired if not being able to order thin crust online.

  • Tory Watkins says:

    I visited Marcos Pizza Store #2033 located on Laburnum Ave in Richmond, VA on 1/12/22 at approximately 5:45pm to retrieve dinner for my family, as a frequently do. I called the store from my car in the curb side parking which directly in front of the location to place my order. The gentlemen who answered the phone was very rude and flat. I attempted to continue to place my order by inquiring what special the location was currently offering. I observed as he rolled his eyes and sighed several times in annoyance with my inquiry of the locations specials for the day. He proceeded to sigh as he responded that he did not know what the current specials where because he had just returned to work after being out for a week. I informed him that I was watching him from my car and that he was being extremely rude on the phone. He proceeded to tell me that, “he did not care because I was not face to face with him”. I ended the call and informed him that I would be walking in the store shortly to place my order in person. When I walked in the location I explained to him that he was extremely rude while on the phone. He told me that he “did not care and would I like to order food or what”? I informed him that I would prefer if another staff took my order. He responded by telling me that no one else would take my order because he was the general manager of the location. I inquired how he could be the general manager with such terrible customer service and a horrible attitude. He then informed me he was the store manager of this location, I was extremely shocked that Marco’s would hire someone so unprofessional in such a prestige position. He proceeded to tell me that “he was not in the mood and he did not care because it was just food”. He then followed up by saying, “did I want the food or what”? I have never been disrespected by an establishment that I spend my money with so frequently. I was blatantly disrespected multiple times when trying to support this franchise. Due to the repeated disrespect I drove down the street to Papa Johns to retrieve dinner for my family. I hope that in the future Marcos trains it’s staff on efficient customer service. I gave this location several opportunities to redeem their horrible customer service and continue to support the franchise. Sadly, I will no longer be able to support this franchise until I am certain that your staff has been properly trained and I can trust that I will be respected upon support.

    • Patricia Lester- Juide says:

      I went to store at 15 N .Belvedere Blvd. Memphis, TN 38104. When I got there everything was fine until I noticed the cashier who just got finish accepting my order going to the back. So for some odd reason I began to notice her being back and forth from the register to the food area. She would come up from the prep area to the register with the same gloves on. So I said to the young lady ” you should be ashamed of yourself for not changing your gloves.” She then went back told her manager and could hear her said who are you talking about and she pointed at me, they called me hoes and bitches. I then yelled out I can hear you. I will contact Corp.. The Manager then replied she did not care. How do you think I felt when I had to walk out the door with my food, not knowing if they had done any thing to it. So completely though it away and went to Captain D. Very upset of the money I spent with Marco’s. Oh one lady also stated if she was not at work she would kick that hoe ass. Please look back at the video

      And I forgot to mention the cashier said she would go back and fix my pizza with extra ingredient. Something need to be done with this group of ladies, please don’t forget the lady that does the set up. I mean all were running there mouth.

      Thank you this was a very nasty and unpleasant situation.

  • C. Schmidt says:

    Last night we placed a delivery order to arrive at 5:30. Around 5:45 we checked the status and on line it appeared that our pizza was still being made. Usually, this isn’t an issue for us. Most places in our town have limited servers and we are very understanding of that fact. We had our son visiting on his dinner break at 6pm. (He was called to a SWAT call and then worked his regular shift so he wasn’t able to pack his dinner). My husband called the Marcos and asked if there was an ETA so we could flip to plan B if the pizza would not arrive on time. In fact, my husband offered to pick it up rather than having it delivered. The person on the other end of the phone slammed the receiver down, yelled to his co-workers something like “Does anyone know how to change this order to pick up. This impatient asshole can’t wait for his food”. When he came back on the phone, my husband explained everything he said to the coworkers he could clearly hear and asked to cancel our order. My husband asked how we would be certain the charge was reversed, the person on the other end of the phone yelled “Because we do not want your F*&*ing money!” and hung up. How do I get in touch with corporate office? I completely sympathize with any business struggling in this uncertain time, but this was uncalled for. help……..

  • Doug says:

    First of all I think your pizza is the best on the planet. I hate your boxes I don’t want to have to refold the box every time I open it. And the container for your pizza bowls I hate them even worse you got a slot in each corner and then you got to get the little corner of the ball into the slot ridiculous why can’t you get something you can open and close very easily

  • Alan Leitner says:

    Marco’s Pizza is the dumbest f****** business around when they’re employees test positive for covid they are forced to work no matter what don’t ever order pizza again from 2700 East Calumet Ave in Appleton Wisconsin cuz they are positive for covid

  • Denise says:

    You have the most worse customer service i have ever experienced. called for a pizza put on hold for ever tried to order online. No option for delivery said you had to call. tried to call again just listened to on hold bull nobody answered. So we ordered from our local pizza shop. How great they answered on the second ring and took the order. Until you get real people to answer the phone we wont be eating you pizza.

  • James TheyKnowWhoIam says:

    Franchise #5175 is understaffed and unable to service customers (one hour on takeout orders when busy, then too lazy to refund money)

  • Cindy VanPinxteren says:

    Ordered pizzas and a sub sandwich. The sandwich was sloppily put together with the cheese stuck to the wrapper. I didn’t inform the store in Summerville SC on Bacon’s Bridge Road because I know every business now due to Covid is short handed and busy. However, I placed an order the following week and the pizza was stuck to the lid of the box. It looked like it had been possibly dropped because half of the slices were bent in half and overlapping. It was a mess. My grandkids were so discussed they barely ate. It was very unappetizing. So, disappointed as we really liked Marcos Pizza in the past, but prefer now to make our own and save some money doing it.

  • David Nimer says:

    Tried to order pizza via online for carry out at the West Point, UT location and the special deals on the website would not apply in the in box so the $8.99 for a large two topping is false advertisement since the price would not change when I went to check out. So I called the location and told the gentlemen who answered that the phone that the website was not working and could they please help me place the order to get the deal. I was TOLD NO! Online deals are not the same as the location deals therefore they would not help me. This is by fare the worst service and website I have ever dealt with from a Pizza Company.

  • Mike says:

    Waiting 3 hours for delivery and still no pizza Glasgow ky

  • Mike says:

    27 minutes on hold and hung up on… Berra, OH location. We will be ordering elsewhere from now on…

  • N says:

    We have ordered from Marcos for ..forever. At my son’s bday party we spent$200 on their pizza. Delicious!
    The past two orders it was yuck. No cheese. First time I said nothing. Everyone has a bad day.
    Tonight. No cheese on half of the pizza. I called. Got the mgr. he said “we have a new oven that disperses cheese that way” no lie. He said that!
    I told him that is not the way it works.
    He said I didn’t know what I’m talking about and was rude. Ovens don’t disperse cheese and toppings. He said so you want a refund or not.?!?
    I told him I could send him a pic of my pizza with no cheese. He said…”I don’t want you to have my personal number” and hung up.
    Offered a refund before he hung up. I said yes. But I’ll never order from them again! I’ll go somewhere where they care about their food they put out and how they treat their customers.
    I don’t care about your refund on the crap pizza and service. Good luck!

  • Elkhart marcos says:

    I’m not giving out my name because I don’t need any backlash from the manager in Elkhart Indiana that’s taking the store over and does what he wants with it if you work there you’re supposed to watch a bunch of videos and get certified this guy Mr Gerald will not let you watch the videos on the clock he says that you have to wait until you’re off the clock to watch all these videos that’s not right the videos are part of the job and he forces people to clock out he yells at customers if they do a walk-in and they order a cheesy bread and he’ll tell them it’s going to be a three hour wait and if they say why he kicks them out of the store he runs the store how he wants against regulations he takes whatever he wants from the store he goes through the order for truck and order some stuff new apparel every week he must have an entire closet full of the stuff by now if someone smells like marijuana when they walk in the store he kicks them out if someone asked him a question he doesn’t like he treats him like s*** and kicks him out well actually he treats everybody like s*** basically he treats his employees like s*** he’s a registered sex offender that picks up underage girls for work he constantly turns off online ordering he constantly unplugged the phones he constantly turns down orders went at times where it’s not in that busy like as soon as there’s five orders on the screen he’ll turn off the ordering he doesn’t listen to a person’s resume about what days they need off he schedules them for whatever he wants if you ask him for your 30 minute break you’re either not going to get it or he’s going to treat you like a piece of crap because of it they think he’s doing such a great job there but he’s not he lies when he talks to the senior or talks to Kevin in South bend he has a problem with control and he tries to control everything but he’ll continue to get away with it because he uses his employees to death to keep the store clean and run the pizza line as he sits there on his phone and does nothing and then when he talks to anyone higher than him in a different store he acts like he does it all. It’s a disgrace

  • Nwani says:

    I am a driver we don’t get pto and we don’t get insurance and we have to pay for food And we only get $2for gas and delivery fee altogether its not as good as i expected im disappointed

  • Charles Smith says:

    I just ordered 59.00 with of pizza from your Dallas ca location I ask for a thin crispy crust for my pizza my wife’s salad was wrong and my crispy pizza was a liquid grease mess and had to be thrown away. I asked my wife not to try someone new we always use papa johns with no issues. We will stay with them and never go back to a marco’s again what a crappy place and the staff is no better

  • Rob tip says:

    Why do you advertise large 2 topping pizza for $8.99. But when I go to Villa Rica, GA they do not honor that advertisement. Conner’s rd. Villa Rica, GA. I went their website and they do not honor the price. This is false advertising. Please respond

  • Tricia Rodman says:

    We have a Marco’s Pizza in Fremont, Ohio. I understand that there are short staffing issues all over but every time I call and order a pizza from this establishment I have to wait anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. I never get a discount or anything from them in fact most of the time they are rude.Most of the time I have to call them back to see if they have left. This is ridiculous. If it was occasionally I could be more sympathetic but this is an every time I order from there. I have even gone to other establishments that don’t take as long and then try them one more time and it’s always the same sevice

  • Mike says:

    Your driver’s on your north Ridge rd lorain ohio doesnt have. Have drivers license and still deliveries pizza her name is Jennifer S Simons

  • Charlene Herge says:

    We have ordered pizza every Friday for some time now. From Defiance Ohio. My husband always gets pepperoni and bacon. Last week it had a lot of bacon fat pieces on it. He literally couldn’t chew it so he threw it away!!! He just talked to the manager on duty who said he couldn’t do anything about it. If this is what you use as bacon we will find another pizza shop.

  • Juanita says:

    We got served raw chicken wings and workers denied they were raw.

  • Shawn says:

    First experience I was degraded and discriminated against because of medical issues. Then the inability to manage or run a business is sad. The owner of multiple stores fails to listen to managers

  • Joe says:

    Never go back again. Place doesn’t have any tea for those who don’t like soda and no bottles of water.

  • Ted witek says:

    The Murrieta Ca location does not honor any specials I receive on my cell phone . When I go to order it tells me special not at this location

  • Ted witek says:

    Complaint on Murrieta,Ca location

  • Marie Baldwin says:

    I would like to know why in the world would you take the calzones off of your menu. Me and my coworkers order them at least once or twice a week. Please put them back on the menu

  • Jacqueline Thompson says:

    A deliver driver for grubhub and must say I deeply disappointed
    I was told 10 minutes tilly order is ready as it was just put in the oven. Drive up 10 minutes later only to be told the order has not even been started yet. This kind of business antics surely will leave a bad taste. I will not on a personal level come to this restaurant knowing they have no issue lying about orders

  • Christine Svetz says:

    Ur employees are derogatory and just hung up on me
    Literally hung up on me
    If this is how u run ur company then best of luck because social media is powerful

  • Joanna Hougland says:

    My name is Joanna Hougland, I live in Midvale Utah. I ordered some pizza on the Marcos app. The young man working at that location called me and said they could not complete my order because they did not have a delivery driver. I asked if they could transfer my order to a location that was closer to my home and he said he cannot do that. When I tried to re-order for that location in my app it said that my address was not in their area. I called him on the phone and nobody answered. I’m just a little frustrated with the situation and thought you would like to know. Thank you

  • T coppock says:

    Direst pizza store ive ever been in. Not only was the store dirt but the employees were a hot mess manager refused to wear gloves no covid safety in place and downright rude! Ordered xl pizza snd opened the bo. Before I left and 4 slices had NOTHING on it! I asked to gave it remade and then the manager was rude. He offered me a refund and I took it and went to Jets!!! Never going to order from marcos on rawsonville rd in bellev Michigan again ! Disgusting.

  • Heather King says:

    I would like to make a complaint for your Main St location in toledo ohio. My order was messed up twice and the mgr Lori refusing to make it right and basically told me I was stealing and lying about not getting my order. I have what I received on video surveillance and all the receipts.

  • Jasmine says:

    Your site got my account hacked. I placed an order with my Facebook account on YOUR website and days later my Facebook email and password had been changed and people added to my Spotify account. I still cannot access my Facebook account and can’t get in touch with Facebook either!

  • Mark Trice says:

    I would like a full refund

  • Mark Trice says:

    My name is Mr Trice I’m just contacting you on a bad experience I had at one of your location

  • Sharon says:

    My husband worked at the Marcos Pizza on Parmer Rd in Texas. He quit due to the manager running the place who was hiring his friends who were always late and he would give them the better pizza runs that give better tips. My husband Thomas was the best employee they had. He went over and beyond his duties and usually was doing everyone else’s work. He quit due to the favoritism the manger was giving to his brother in law and friends. He was told he was getting a raise and never got it. He last day was 8/20 and was told on 7/30 his paycheck was being mailed to him. It is 8/11 and has yet to receive his last paycheck. He has talked to the owner several times about his pay and was told it was being sent. If he doesn’t get paid we will get a lawyer and sue in small claims. I have worked for the court system for over 8 years and have a personal lawyer and I am not afraid to take legal action if he doesn’t get his paycheck soon. Great food at Marcos but the management at that store needs to be rethought. You cant have a manager letting his friends get away with being late all the time and giving only them the best runs.

  • Louis H says:

    My wife ordered a pizza Sunday night around 6:15. Pizza supposed to be done by 6:45. But when I get to th store they didn’t have my order. I left stir came back 20 min later still no pizza. I waited over an hour after my initial online order. I left with no pizza and was out of $28. I would like a full refund of my order which I never gotten.

  • Matt Wilfong says:

    Well that’s a first, had the police called on me and a Marcos employee threatened to “put hands on me” if I didn’t leave. I went there with two questions, who owns the franchise? and what was name of the manager who hung up on me, twice? That I intended to send a formal complaint to Marcos corporate in Toledo. Apparently that was an issue for the little stoner kids working there. When time permits, I intend on sending a certified letter explaining the events of this evening for your review. Would love to have a conversation with Marcos corporate regarding the Smithville Rd location in Dayton Ohio. I’m sure as a growing business, you’d be interested in understanding why a weekly customer for over two years will no longer support your company. It cracks me up that your employee informs me he has the right to “put hands on me” when I ask for the Franchise owners name.

  • Denise and Garry Britt - Boerne, TX 210-887-3933 says:

    COMPLAINT – And Need a Full REFUND- The Intact drivers package dumped on our side door in Boerne tx is available to return. No knock on door or ring of bell. we were in the room where they dumped the box’s. $50.19 Charge to CC . Called the store directly after promised delivery time and they said they had no such order-

  • Robyn says:

    It’s a shame that such good food has such poor quality of service. Online ordering is a joke, at first I couldnt place an order at all, now my session “times out” literally every thirty seconds so it’s a finger race for me to place the order, and when it was finally submitted, it was submitted twice. Get it together, Corporate Office, before your business goes down the toilet (where, frankly, your IT department is already residing).

  • Craig bledsoe says:

    I think it’s really messed up that the Maryville tn marco keep messing up my order but then going blame me even after they gave my sub away they going blame me so sad wat a great pizza place so after all the money I spend at that store they can’t even fix there mess up so sad

  • M Williams says:

    Your delivery drivers speed thru park zones, child crossing zones, and swerve into oncoming lanes to pass drivers; when people call to let management know, you leave them on hold, and then hang up.
    I watched that driver nearly get into a head-on collision to get around another driver, and while no children (thankfully) were at that intersection, there is a neighborhood *literally* across the street. I will be calling headquarters daily if need be until I can file an official complaint.

  • Chris Nolan says:

    What’s the point? Your IT leadership is lacking, your franchisee Traing is lacking, I like the pizza, but the quality of other products is lacking, Exterior of several of your stores are a mess, poorly lit or just burned out pole signs, unsafe food handling. How do you know I know? I used to own 164 very profitable QSR’s in 10 states, experienced. You need to get yourself together overall – YOU”RE LOSING REVENUES.

  • Sharon Fraley says:

    I have been a customer for a few years. The quality of your pizzas have definitely changed (and not for the best). I ordered pizzas today and to be honest they were terrible. Very little sauce, pepperoni and cheese. Just lots of crust. So this will be the last pizzas I order from your company. I will probably start ordering from Dominos. And if I am going to spend $30.00 I can order from our local pizza place (Ron’s Pizza). Store 1068
    Reference # 484026034

  • Sandy says:

    I’m from a town called Río Grande in Puerto Rico and Marco’s pizza is here at Ralfs town center.Tonight i ordered two large pizzas and was very unsatisfied with what i got as a paying customer. I ordered two large with sausage and extra cheese, but instead i got two regular with just sausage. Not to say i’m fluent in both spanish and ingish. Not only did i have to wait an hour and half to get my order from a place that’s only 7 min from my house. But when i called to complain a staff member asked if i wanted another i would have to pay for it, talk about costomer service. I realy don’t mind paying so Long as i get what i pay for. I asume that when anyone orders a meal you espected to get what you are paying for. Very poor service at this marco’s and if the customer service continúes as it is i don’t see the growth of marco’s happening. Though i must say the pizzas are excelent. But the key to any business is customer service which i find to be poor here in Río Grande town center. To think so many people with out jobs and your employees not valuing there job’s, unbalievable.l would be in an outrage if i had employees or store manegers making my business look bad i would be appalled.

  • Kisha says:

    I like to complain on the Marcos in Rock Hill South Carolina on about the manager named Moe I need for somebody to get back in touch with me because he did not need to be a manager he firing people for no reason at all accusing people are stealing money and don’t have proof find these school kids because they’re 5 minutes maybe 3 minutes late and I don’t think that’s right half the time he don’t have no drivers and have the workers inside the store delivering pizzas is not their job it’s a lot of stuff going on in that store that y’all don’t know about and I don’t think that’s right his name is Moe he came from Steele Creek in Charlotte North Carolina please y’all need to know about this he fired a little boy, he was stealing money and didn’t have proof and now a lawyer is involved and I know y’all don’t know about this before he said somebody else up I’d rather see him out that door he have a nice attitude towards the school kids have these school kids and that sometime 12 to 12:30 and they got to get back up in the morning

  • Capucine Valley says:

    We are frequent Marcos customers and order almost every week. We attempted again tonite and I gave them the expired coupon, but we still went ahead with the order. Not even 2 minutes after I hung up I called back with the new coupon. The guy that took my order said that coupon was the Valentine’s coupon. as I was reading it to him that coupon was not the Valentine one, it had a different expiration date, a lady in the background was screaming about the coupon.Suddenly she grabs the phone and starts yelling at me about the coupon. I was trying to explain to her but she kept screaming, so I yelled above her yelling, forget the order, we don’t want it, she hung up on me. This is a weekly dinner we do at least once a week and we will not order from the S. Cedar Lansing,Mi. Marcos ever again. We ordered Dominos after that. Not even 10min. after the phone call, the Marco’s delivery guy pulls up with the pizza. We explained to him what happened and cancelled it, the poor guy didn’t know anything about it. We felt bad for him driving in the blizzard, but we already ordered from Dominos, so we weren’t going to pay for two different pizzas, besides, she could of spit or done something to it. I left a message at corporate and hope to hear back from someone regarding this!!!

  • Joe says:

    Why does las vegas nevada store charge 7.99 for medium 1 topping pizza even though tv ad says 6.99. I ASKED THE STORE MANAGER WHO SAID THEY DO NOT HONOR THE 6.99 PRICE. The store is at warm springs and durango in las vegas nevada. Also paid for anchovies and got a few pieces of diced anchovies.This is my worst experiance at MARCOS PIZZA YET.



  • Disgusted says:

    Worked there 7 days. Never got trained properly. Had one co worker who was hateful every time I had to work with her. On my 7th day I quit. $8 an hour is not enough to have a little teenager who can’t stay off her phone long enough to actually work stand and yell at me and another employee (who had only been there 2 days) about something. what she was I couldn’t hear but hlaring at us and slinging her arms around was enough. The most unorganized place ive ever worked, and rudest kids I’ve ever worked with.

    • Alicia says:

      I worked for them for 5 years and they hired a sexist GM who is a thief also !!! He touches the females and harassed us constantly. He also told us women make less because we are below men and thats just the way it is …him and his buddy have been stealing money for a while now . I left for a while and came back and they realized they couldn’t steal alot of money with me there…they don’t train anybody and nothing is consistent! Sorry for whata happened

  • Mary says:

    We have been a fan of Marco’s since you opened. In all those years I’ve never had an issue that a manager was not able to handle with professionalism. Recently I called the same franchise that we have used for years (5055 Glendale Ave) and my order was taken by the manager. When he quoted me the price for my order it seemed a bit more than usual and I questioned why. He told me that there was a $2 upcharge for me ordering a large half and half specialty pizza. I told him that I had never had to pay to pay an upcharge for that and he said that it was something new. Out of principle I changed my order to just one kind of specialty and when I hung up I called another Marco’s (201 Golden Gate) and asked if they charged extra. The person I talked to checked with the manager and told me no, there was no extra charge and that the manager at the first Marco’s should have overrode the charge and taken the $2 off. I called back to the Glendale store and asked to speak to the manager. When I told him that I called the Golden Gate store and what they told me, he was rude and unprofessional. I felt that he was unethical and told him that we would no longer be ordering from his location. We used to live close to the Rugby location so I will still be supporting Marco’s through that store but felt you ought to know that customer service at the Glendale location stinks.

  • Disabled vet says:

    Marco’s can go to H@ll! I, as a disabled vet, WILL NEVER, EVER even think about buying ANYTHING from Marco’s again! Went in to pay for a pizza and was told to get out do to not having a mask even though the two employees there had a mask and were covered. I know, you may say that I could spread the virus without a mask and you would be correct. However, I don’t have the F!@king virus and I was already in the store and the employee had my card in his hand! So, I had to go elsewhere with debilitating military service injuries and get something to eat elsewhere. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am a healthcare worker with a specialization in infectious disease/ clinical lab/ microbiology. I don’t have the damn virus!
    So, as far as I am concerned, Marco’s can go straight to H#LL!

  • N/A says:

    Absolutely disgusted with Marcos now. They let go one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met over something petty and personal. I’ll be sure to never eat there again and spread the word all throughout beaver, Lawrence, and Allegheny County. That store only stood because of that person and now I’ve heard the whole crew and all the drivers quit which I’m glad. Worst company I’ve ever worked for but that person did everything possible to make me stay. That store isn’t going to make it without that employee. And I’ll be sitting here laughing the day it closes down. I’ve never seen someone so heartbroken about losing a job and you guys did it with no remorse. Marcos is a sh*t hole now. All you guys care about is money and falsely making people happy to get a good reputation when all it is is a bunch of selfish people with no remorse.

  • DISGRUNTLED to say the least says:

    I’m DONE! We order from Marcos often. I place an order online. It will be ready at a listed time. I go get in line at the drive thru window and wait 25minutes behind a truck that is not moving. 2 more cars behind me. Then I call the store #, get a do you want to speak to the manager after I tell them how long I have been waiting. I understand some wait, but 30 min. without anyone coming out and telling me how much longer it would be and NO APOLOGY for the wait. I don’t understand that if an order at the window is not ready, tell them to pull over in the big lot they have and wait for it there so OTHER customers can pick up their food. I then ask the manager if he can tell me how much longer I will wait, he asks for my name and then lays the phone down so I can hear everything being said in the kitchen area while I am on the line yelling HELLO, excuse me just cancel my order!!! The person behind me left and I left! Ridiculous!

  • Deborah Corrigan says:

    Store 8326 Ordered number 848. I ordered 2 pizza and cheeses bread on line. When I went to track my order said it was delivered. I looked at my order I put my next door neighbors address by mistake. Called the store said driver wasnt back yet. And that they would call when they got back it to see if they returned with it. My daughter went up there about 10 minutes later never received call and she said there wasnt any delivery cars in lot. We live about 5 minutes from the Marco’s. She went in and asked if the driver was there yet with the pizzas said driver wansnt back and that they would give up the bread freee,but we had to pay for the 2 pizzas again. While waiting they asked the driver if they actually delivered to a person is WAS NOT CONTACTLESS DELIVERY the responses I only delivery pizzas. What the heck. A person cant remember a delivery that they just made.Needless to say no more Marco’s. Very disappointed .

  • Charles Haltom says:

    Every time I order they get it wrong . I live in Terre Haute In. But I am from Chicago and when I ask and get charged for extra cheese I expect it.

  • Susan Hutson says:


    I have a design idea for your stores in light of our pandemic. I’m currently gainfully employed in construction/service. So I am not looking for employment but would like compensation for any value I can add to your business.

    Initially I proper to Dominos because of their existing design, however they refused to learn of my proposal, so it is available to your company next – because I like your pizza better.

    If you are interested in a virtually 100% contactless pizza please contact me at your convenience. I suggest a patent on my design.
    I currently hold a copyright but not a patent.

  • Larry M says:

    In this day of Corona virus I was surprised (at a recent visit to a store) to discover that not one employee (out of ten) was wearing a mask. Is it not Corporate policy for their employees to wear one?

  • Kj Pluff says:

    Ordered a pizza never got it and at 30 that’s bs

  • Papa Bear says:

    Had a Horrible experience in Springdale Arkansas tonight. Then, came to this site, and saw the dozens of complaints from all over the country. I am shocked!

    I LOVE Marco’s Pizza, but I can’t buy them after tonight. And I will share this with my friends too. I have told dozens about how good Marco’s is, but no more. The pizza is good, but the customer service is the worst I have seen on a corporate level, and it appears that this is the norm, which men’s it comes from the top.

    So sad. Goodbye Marco’s . . . Never again.

  • M.Richards says:

    My local Marcos closed but cannot unsubscribe from their emails because of this!

  • Michelle says:

    I will never eat at Marco’s in Ellijay, GA again. We ordered 2 pizzas. One was dropped and sticking to the top, which is nothing compared to the 2nd pizza that had 8 HAIRS BETWEEN 2 PIZZAS. I have pictures to show anyone who would like to see how Marco’s in Ellijay treat their customers. I called and spoke to Andrew, the Assistant Manager. I told him of our issues to which he responded “I don’t know how there is a hair in your pizza, I don’t even have hair.” He then issued me a refund and didn’t want me to send him any pictures I had taken. Since we were so disgusted, we drove to town to throw away the pizza and then drove by Marco’s. We saw 6 people through the window goofing off and none were wearing a mask. And all of this is especially alarming in the middle of this pandemic. THIS STORE SHOULD BE CLOSED. AND CLEANED. And employees investigated for what appears to be intentional. A hair falls out from time to time. That is typical. But 8 HAIRS THAT DON’T APPEAR TO BE FROM THE HEAD DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY LAND BETWEEN 2 SLICES OF PIZZA. Not to mention they were BAKED INTO THE PIZZA. I am utterly disgusted.

  • Dale Clough says:

    Love your pizza but hate your on line app. Takes me longer to order the pizza than it takes to cook, pick up amd eat.

  • Antonio Sharp says:

    My family and I order for your Chesterfield Mi, store 04/30/2020 and the customers service the worst service I ever had. We were using door dash just to deliver our pizza. Door dash is only a delivery service not a restaurant. I call up to the store and your employees were very rude and disrespectful. When I ask for his name he hung up the phone. So I could like to talk to the owner to handle this issue! Oh let me add this was our very first time ordering and I’m disappointed.

  • Danna Polasek says:

    The Marco’s Pizza on 5400 s and 9th east in Salt Lake City used to be our favorite place to get pizza. It, recently, changed management. Since that time, not one single order has been correct. Last night was our last ditch effort to make this work. Our pizza was not only made incorrectly, it was not even close. We ordered half and half. The same toppings were on the entire pizza. Two toppings from what should have been on one side and 3 toppings from what should have been on the other side. 4 toppings were missing completely. Garlic sauce ordered, and paid for, not received.
    The time, just prior to the above, the pizza was wrong (again), this time I asked them to remake it. It was still wrong. I just went home and we ate it anyway.
    Since this new management, the toppings are to be found in the middle of the pizza. From the edge of the pizza to the first topping is two to three inches.
    As an aside, no one wears masks or even gloves. They go from pizza to counter to money and back to pizza without washing their hands.
    Very disappointed, will not be going back and will be sure we let all our friends know they should not waste their money at Marcos

  • Kat Chase says:

    Oscar the General Manger at the 4100 Ridge Rd STE 102, McKinney, TX 75070 location is the best! He went above and beyond to make our order happen. We live in Plano and LOVE this pizza. We wanted to introduce it our immediate family and friends in McKinney. We called 2 different locations for delivery but none could deliver. We were willing to pick up during COVID 19. We called the Virginia store, but they said ” we are outside our delivery zone”. We called the Ridge store and Oscar entered our address and said it would not be problem. We even has a coupon and he said he would honor it. PLEASE support this amazing business and their tenacious attitude. THANK YOU MARCOS on RIDGE; you truly care for customers.

  • Jennnifer says:

    I am sending this message here because I’ve attempted to address a serious concern I have with the store on Bulverde Rd in San Antonio Tx and my concerns do not seem to taken seriously.
    I ordered pizza at the Bulverde Rd San Antonio location today around 1. I arrived early and was sitting in front of the store. I observed an employee go in and out of the restaurant at least 4 or 5 times in the 10 mins I was waiting for my pizza. Each time she was touching the door (a high contact area each time). One time she came out with a face mask on and went to her car and returned with her mask off. I went in to the store just after she did and observed her going straight back to work putting cheese on a pizza with her bare hands and no she didnt wash then and I’m certain she hadn’t washed them any of the other times either. Also, not one employee was wearing gloves!!!! I addressed my concern with the guy who rang up my order. He was just indifferent about my observation and concerns. Later in the day I called the store to speak to the owner and some young man got on the phone. I asked him if he was the same person I spoke to at the store and he said no but that he was at the store at the time I came in (so basically the “owner” was at the store while his employee is going in and out of the store, not washing her hands, no one was wearing gloves and no one was wearing facemasks.
    The owner too was very indifferent about my observation and concerns. I have been getting pizza from this location because my 91 year old mother who has to be isolated because of the Coronavirus loves this pizza and I really felt like this was one of the safer food establishments in town. Up to now I’d had high hopes for this place. The food was good and the establishment was clean but knowing the employees are too lazy and not mindful to follow simple rules and proceedures to keep their customers safe during this pandemic crisis has been a game changer and I WON’T BE GOING BACK HERE AND I WILL BE LETTING OTHER’S KNOW OF MY EXPERIENCE, OBSERVATIONS, AND THE COMPLETE DISINTEREST IN THE EMPLOYEES IN ABILITY TO PRACTICE COMMON SENSE. Please pass along my concerns to the correct people before these employees at the least infect their customers with Covid 19. The Marcos pizza Facebook page says the employees are to frequently wash their hands especially when coming in contact with high contact places…….well they aren’t!
    Thank you for your assistance,

  • Ethel Zansler says:

    I will be advising my friends and family of the conditions at the Friendswood and advising them to not order from this location. We will not be returning. There are two many pizza places to have to purchase from one of your locations. I see from the comments below, I am not the only one with a complaint.

  • Ethel Zansler says:

    I just picked up a pizza at your location in Friendswood, Texas on 518 Street. With the virus spreading thru the United States and numerous people dying, this location was not taking any safety precautions. There was no safe distance between employees, no distance from the customers, no one wore a mask, no gloves. I felt you should be aware of this and do something to correct this situation as quickly as possible. I will not return to this restaurant.
    Ethel Zansler

  • Amy says:

    I’m at Marcos Pizza in Grass Lake Mi and noticing they’re not wearing gloves when preparing our pizza? Tables and benches seem to be dirty even though no one is here. They should have this place completely sanitized and clean.

  • Karen says:

    I went to the Marcos in Omaha Nebraska 168th and Blondo and was disgusted to see the prep person ( before oven) and the person who takes the food out of the oven, were NOT wearing clothes!! At this time with a pandemic and food service workers are not wearing clothes is really unbelievable!! I won’t be back! I looked at this stores rating by the health department and it was “standard” …

  • H.Sheldon says:

    Who is in the Human Resources department for a franchise? I want the corporate HR department! During the COVID-19 pandemic the safety precautions should be exponentially different than a normal business day. The lack of wearing gloves (not just sandwich/salad gloves) or masks is ridiculous! The owner in this franchise is a joke!! The level of harassment for the good working employees is unbelievable; the owners are making it a hostile work environment. If we ask to wear gloves or ask to wear masks we are told that we are scaring the customers and causing the owners “to much anxiety”, and get threatened to be fired or get our hours docked because we are more worried for safety for not only us but our guests and the future of this franchise. Im sorry but personally I believe the customers/ guests trust that we are doing everything we can when we are taking those extra precautions and going that extra mile, not just for them but for us as employees as well. Any time a concern is brought to our owners they say with no hesitation, “Do you just need to go home?” “Does the CDC sign your checks? “. At the same time they encourage us to talk to them about our concerns. Im sorry but this is absolutely outrageous!!!

  • KP says:

    I have been craving a Marcos Pizza. I accidentally go to the wrong one and notice no gloves. I go to the correct one and again no one is wearing gloves. Could not buy a pizza during Covid19 and no workers handling my food had on gloves. They lost me, the lady in front of me and the one behind me all because of not wearing gloves. After we left, I noticed they put gloves on. I am not commenting to cause trouble but hopefully employees will start to practice preparing food safely.

  • Johnny Grissom says:

    Hey. I am a GM. At a Marcos Franchise. I was wanting to know what is the base pay and benefits for that position. I am making 10 dollars and nothing else. I just feel like I am not getting paid like I should. Thank you for your time and hope you have a great day.

  • Friend says:

    Our children need to be safe delivering pizzas, what are you doing to provide their safety. All other companies are taking measures to ensure their safety? No gloves or masks are provided!

  • KB says:

    Just picked up a pizza here in Englewood, FL.
    Not a single person working in the building wearing a pair of gloves, preparing food, exchanging money or handing food trays to patrons. Last time for me.

  • SFC Raymond Mueller Ret. says:

    To Marco’s Pizza Complaint Department:

    Sir/Madam I am sending this letter to you to protest the closing of the Marco’s Pizza located at 5860 Bigger Road, Dayton/Kettering Ohio. This was the only Marco’s that delivered to the Bellbrook, Ohio the town where I live. I tried to call the store at (937) 438-1600 and was transferred to a store located way out side their delivery area.

    Because of your action you have left most of if not the entire town of Bellbrook with out the ability of getting a Marco’s Pizza delivered. And the next closest store is to far to drive to get a pizza no mater how good it may be.

    In your decision to close the Bigger Road store you have lost several thousand potential customers in the Bellbrook, Centerville area. I was a very loyal Marco’s Pizza customer now I have to deal with second or third rate at best pizza from other providers.

    I ask you please give us back a way to order for delivery your extremely good product.

  • Joel says:

    I work nights and have tried several times to order from your store on Prima Vista Blvd In Port Saint Lucie, Fl. The website says they are open till 12am yet my calls are never answered. Even though I prefer the Pizza from Marco’s, I have changed my pizza place to Dominos because of this. They seem to care more about customer service and appreciate my business. No need to reply, I will not come back or recommend Marco’s to anyone.

  • nathan says:

    this company is a joke, poor customer service, cannot return call from corperate, dont care about customers,broke promise,lied and acted like a 6th grader runs the show went on what store owners said not proof

  • Gregg Raffield says:

    We(Wood Fruitticher) are trying to contact a Chavis Milton, who is said to be a manager of a Marcos Pizza in the Atlanta area. We have a check on a closed account written and signed by him, we’ve tried to contacting him,have been unable to get a response. He’s been running a pizza restaurant in Ft Valley Georgia called Flying J’s… Please have him contact our credit manager, Peter Spink, 1-800-489-4550.

  • >