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  • Address: 3941 Central Expy, Plano, TX 75023, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 972-881-8181
  • Fax Number: 972-406-2650
  • Email: socialmedia@mainevent.com
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1998
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: CHRIS MORRIS

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About Main Event, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1998. The company has been currently active for more than 21 years now. The main aim of the company was to provide the best entertainment facilities to its customers featuring various types of games and facilities for food and beverages as well. The company also provided spaces for events and meetings and restaurant services too. Headquarters: 3941 Central Expy. Plano. TX 75023, USA.

Main Event Entertainment is an American company which focuses mainly on providing a wide range of entertainment services as well as restaurant services. The company has around 4605 employees working under it. The company has Chris Morris as its current CEO.

Main Event Entertainment provides its services on various types of entertainment centres which include rock climbing, karaoke, bowling, mini golf, arcade games, gravity ropes course, billiards and laser tag. It provides restaurant and bar facilities with items like salads, pizza, appetizers, hamburgers, wine, bar menu, beer and mixed drinks too. It also provides facilities for birthday parties and spaces for meetings and events as well.      

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  • Mayra Rojas says:

    I really wish I would’ve checked your corporate website for these comments and the reviews. Yesterday – Saturday, February 12th was our first time going to Main Event. We chose the San Antonio- West location to celebrate our daughter’s 15th birthday. We arrived and ordered food, ate and all was well. We then went to purchase our game cards and activities… all in all it was over $400.00. After we paid, the cashier “remembers” to tell us that there’s a 3 1/2 hour wait for bowling. Fine… it’s a Saturday afternoon so we go play arcades and patiently wait to be called for bowling. My partner and I head to the bar and wait 10 mins to order our drinks… very frustrating but we patiently wait. Finally, we get our drinks and head to the counter as we’re next for bowling. After we grab our shoes and are guided to our lanes, the employee asks if we need a server and I reply yes. We start bowling and after my daughter rolls the first ball, the lane freezes. I head to the counter and ask for assistance. They fix the issue but after 5 rounds, I notice we have no server still. I ask an employee for a server and he replies “I’ll have someone over”. Almost done with the first game and still no server. Long story short, after asking 3 employees for a server and not getting one… I ask for a manager. The manager comes to our lane and takes our order. After he took our order, he asked if there was anything else as if we were bothering him. I tell him no… we just want our food because we have to leave at 8:30. It was 7:21pm when I placed the order. After he took our order, I never saw the manager again. We waited an hour for our food. We asked for boxes because didn’t have time to eat our food. Even though, I was frustrated… I understood that it’s Saturday and it’s busy. I make sure to ask for our check with enough time because I know we have to leave at 8:30. Well, the employee… prints out our check then walks up to another employee and they’re laughing and talking. After waiting for our check for 10 ridiculous minutes, my partner approaches the employee to ask for the check and he blames it on the machine even though he had our check in his hand. We’re genuinely disappointed because we could’ve gone elsewhere. Our friends told us not to go to Main Event but we wanted to give your company a chance. We thought maybe their bad experiences were isolated events and your service wasn’t as awful as they said. We were so wrong. As a manager, when a customer has an issue you see it from start to finish. You make sure to fix their bad experience. Apparently, your company is comfortable with having atrocious service.

    P.S to future customers… I hope you see this message! Please take your money somewhere else. This place is not worth it. The company doesn’t care if you have a good or bad experience as long as they get their money.

  • fed up says:

    Please send someone to investigate the unfairness of Nick Lott. ME ABQ. Nick Lott was a manger at another restaurant and when coming to ME BROUGHT OVER 5 servers with him. He is showing favoritism and Ronnie GM IS UP HIS BUTT TO DO ANYTHING,

  • Roberta Martinez says:

    I had my son’s 4th birthday party here yesterday. We got there an hour early we weren’t offered any type of menu or any drinks. We were told to find somewhere to wait. Two people in our party had order food right when we got there. They never received their food not even 3 hours later or after asking about the order. We were supposed to be called at 5:15 to get our bowling stuff together. We weren’t called until 5:30. I called and asked if I could set up decorations at 5:15 they told me yes when I got there they told me I couldn’t be seated at the tables until 6:30. I asked our host about it then she referred me to the shift manager. The shift manager was very rude as she just kept showing me the contract instead of explaining things better. My party was 15 minutes late for bowling and all I kept hearing was it was our own fault. My party was never offered drinks adults or children. My host was nowhere to be found most of the party. Another worker came up to a member of my party at one point and said I don’t know what’s going on with your host but she’s not doing anything. It was time for us to eat and I cannot find the wings I ordered. A group of workers were standing there and I asked them where they were I was supposed to have them with the pizza. All of them looked at each other confused and say we’re trying to figure it out. I found the shift manager and ask the same question and she responded why are you being so mean to us. I simply told her I’m trying to find my wings. Then when it was time for cake I had ordered gelato for the children and none of it was brought out. My sister had ordered wings and they had gotten that wrong as well. I asked the shift manager to speak to someone higher up and she responded there is no one im the highest up. This is one of the most horrible experiences ever. The employees were so rude nowhere to be found. They seemed like they didn’t want to be there and they were really lazy. After paying $300 I thought this experience should have been delightful and very easy instead it was a headache and a disaster. The shift manager gave us an hour of free bowling for next time which will not replace my son’s 4th birthday. I will never be having another event at Main Event.

  • Kay says:

    Today we went as a group and everyone paid for their wristbands to have free play. When it was time for us to bowl, our first lane kept freezing. We complained, they switched our lane. The second lane started to freeze. It was 6 of us tryna bowl, they were closing in 20 minutes, there was no way that we could get a full game in. I spoke with one manager who told us he would refund us our money for bowling and proceeded to the office to send out Harold another manager who looked us us in our face and told us “I ain’t giving yall shit back” and proceeded to call the police and aggressively have us removed with no refund or explanation of why we couldn’t get our refund back. Harold told my little sister to get the fuck out her face or he’d knock he shit lose.

  • Jamie Fauntleroy says:

    I think it’s important for the public to see that there money might be better spent elsewhere. I’ll be sure to add a complaint to the BBB as well. I agree with the previous complaints that there is definitely discriminatory practices going on. I have my encounter recorded so that there’s no question about what happened. The location was in Albuquerque, NM. Appears to me that Main Event does not like people of color!

  • gregory rodriguez says:

    On Oct 13 2021 I went to the main event in grand Prairie tx to take my daughter on a daddy and daughter night since I work out of town sometimes and my wife was out of the country on a business trip. upon arrival we saw that was very slow so we didn’t have to wait. we got seated and had to wait a while for a server even when it was extremely dead. when the server arrive it felt like I was at mcDonalds.The server look like she wasn’t happy been at work. My Daughter was been friendly and conversing with waitress no emotions and response. I didn’t want to make a big deal since it was my daughters day. trying to get silverware, napkins and condiment was hard. I asked for a manager and and 30 mins a shift supervisor showed up and explained what happen. She offered to take care of us but I didn’t want anything I was already fustrated and didn’t want the staff to think I was there to get anything that wasn’t my intension. 20min later the waitress came back to apologize. That was the fakest apology I have ever heard. like someone force her into apologize. I was so discussed I didn’t even touch my food I just made sure my daughter was having a amazing night. even with all this bad experience I was not to let my daughter down even if I spent to much money that day.I work for a large company that we drive on providing the best customer experience in the nation. This was very unacceptable since I live down the street and its the only place close enough to have a good time. From now on main event will be the last place I think of going.Hopefully y’all fix this soon.
    thank You

  • Paula Fayne says:

    I am contacting you, because an incident occurred at the main-event tonight in Chesterfield MO ,that I wanted to inform you of, because the incident was boarding inappropriateness and discrimination. My husband and I went to the bar to order food and sat right in front of the bartender for at least six minutes. The bartender was right in front of us the whole time, I’m not really sure what she was doing but she never acknowledge my husband or myself. A caucasian man walks up to the bar with a minor child, the bartender immediately acknowledges him, tells him his daughter can’t sit at the bar yet takes his food and drink order while the minor child sits at the bar and ask him to come back. I went on to ask the bartender if she didn’t believe she had to acknowledge my husband or myself. The bartender goes on to say I was busy, yet she immediately acknowledges the man when he walks up. The bartender then proceeds to come from behind ( leaves the bar unattended) the bar and stands in between my husband and myself. I ask her to move because she was in my personal space she proceeds to tell me she is going to get the manager. I then tell her that she could have done that without being in my space. The manager (caucasian lady with a ponytail) comes with the police and ask me to leave without even asking what happen ( which was totally fine as I don’t have to spend my money with a establishment like this), she was extremely rude and defensive for only hearing one side of the story. The noticed the male manager leaving and ask him to come outside. He started out aggressive and I immediately tell him I’m a nurse manager at one of the local hospitals and neither of them are exiting the behavior I believe they should as managers. I explained to him what happen and he tells me that you all have cameras that can be pulled to see the exchange. I am reaquesting the tape be pulled and I will be contacting the cooperate office on Monday. Last but least as a organization I would be embrassed to have management and employees that conduct themselves in the manner that they did this night. Furthermore in the future please train your employees to never come from behind a bar and stand next to a person for no reason at all. I have a career and would have a lot to loose if a exchange happen, but they are so many who don’t and things won’t always go like it did tonight when I asked her to get out of my personal space. I sure it’s not protocol for employees to conduct themselves in that manner.

    Thank you

  • Janes says:

    Main even in Columbia md it’s a fun place , my issue is management lack of caring but the worst is the Gm , disrespect towards employees , over working minors and do t appreciate them . You got party hosted or assistant managers doing their management job for minimum wage . That’s Store Can use better skill , carring management . Starting with general manager .
    You welcome to message me if need more information.

    • Jenn says:

      I get the management thing. I know they treat their employees awful. I don’t work there, but I have some one really close to me who does. Other employees call out or just leave for the day with nothing being said to them. They exclude this person from any type of employee gathering because they said he was weird. This person has Aspergers, but considered high functioning. The women in the office are rude and condescending and have no problem talking about there issues and more. Yes, I am a woman, but if a man or any group of men who did that it would be considered harrassment. There is more, but I will refrain from adding because well because, but I would have no problem from going to the media and screaming from the roof tops to say how horrible these people are and after this I will never give my money to this particular location. Nor will anyone I know. They all need empathy training, but for those few I don’t think they have an empathetic bone in their body. They are cold, cold, cold hearted.

  • rama diakite says:

    This is Rama Diakite, I am responding your feedback. It was my first time at Main Event Newark with my children 8/7/21. I explain to 1031/ De Zyre that it was first time, if she can explain me little better, she had an attitude, she did not explain me much about we should do, I decide to buy tickets for the kids. After the kids finished playing Lazer tag and zip lined. I had to come back to her for bowling still she was not nice, she told me if I want to wait 1 hour to get access to the bowling area, I was like I okay. I had a feeling because she just want to give me hard time so I saw a female manager I came to her and ask if she could check for shorter time, Then she came and the manager that she register me already, meanwhile the manager told I have to wait 30 to 45 minutes, I told the manager she was not nice to me, she went and talk to her. At last after 45 minute Of wait, I went to the Counter, I met another nice lady who reassure me to wait 5 minute to set up the bowling area. Beside her the whole experience was amazing. Thank you for the consideration!

  • Donell Blackman says:

    To whom this may concern,
    I am appalled at the behavior your supervisor, Mona, displayed in front of my 8-year-old daughter today. The hostess told me where to stand after she asked “what am I here to do? and do I have a game card?” She completely ignored us standing in front of her, and didn’t even acknowledge me. I thought I was going to have to yell “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” So I came to the counter and asked why am I not getting service. And she had a lot to say while being wrong about everything she said out her mouth. I tried to end the conversation so I can pay, and she kept going. Very embarrassing for my child in a place “for fun” to witness. I have addressed social media with this act. Next will be the press!!

  • Rosalinda Gomez says:

    Why is it that your facility in the RGV does not have bowling ramps for persons with disabilities? Sad that a student of mine was looking forward to bowl, but there was a ramp. The parent felt her son was so disappointed. Your management there didn’t know a name or number to call with concerns.

  • Benjamin Benford says:

    Your company in Avondale Arizona is the worst company of customer service that I’ve ever seen in my life I paid $70 for me and my family to go there and play games and bowl and we were on the bowling alley for one hour and your manager Amanda they are told me and my kids and my wife that we had to get off the bowling lane because she had people for reservations is she would not refund me my money to yelled at my wife that place is ridiculous I will never go back there

  • Melonee Barefield says:

    Why is it so hard to talk to someone in HR I am trying to get someone I have a form for them to fill out of my employment and pay can some one help me

  • Tyler Cerankowski says:

    I worked at the Pittsburgh, PA Main Event location which closed at the end of 2019. How can I get my W2 for 2020. I think my severance pay may have posted on 2020’s W2 as I received the pay-out the first week of January 2020.

  • Bill Bronsen says:

    Corporate Phone number is incorrect. Should be 469-661-2695

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