Where is Magic Jack Corporate office Headquarters

Magic Jack Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 6965 Vista Pkwy N, West Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-624-4252

  • Fax Number: 561-586-2328

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: March 8, 2007

  • Founder: Dan Borislow and Donald Burns

  • Key People: Don Carlos Bell III

Magic Jack Headquarters Location & Directions

Magic Jack Headquarters Executive Team



Don Carlos Bell III

President & Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Fuller

EVP & Chief Financial Officer

Dvir Salomon

EVP & Chief Technology Officer

About Magic Jack, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded on March 8, 2007. The founders of this company are Dan Borislow and Donald Burns. The company has been operational for more than 12 years now. The company started its journey by introducing its first product, in 2007, which is a USB device that has both the features of software necessary to put Internet-based telephone calls via a consumer-supplied high-speed Internet connection and the electronics which permit conventional landline telephones to be directly plugged into the equipment. In the year 2011, the company established magicJack Plus, which does not need the use of a computer soon after its account set-up procedure and its initial online registration. Headquarters: 6965 Vista Pkwy N. West Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA.

Magic Jack is an American company which focuses mainly on providing its customers to make long distance and local calls to Canada and the US. The company has around 250 employees working under it. The company currently has Don Carlos Bell III as its President & CEO.

Magic Jack provides its services on making local and long distance calls to the US and Canada including phone number portability which allows consumers to keep their current landline phone number when changing to the service of Magic Jack.        

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  • Tim says:

    I have had MJ for over 10 years without any major issues. After a 3 year renewal was about to expire, I renewed for another year for $50. I have a 2014 MJ plus. Upon renewing my device, it would not work on my router. After numerous calls to MJ support, the techs told me the issue was my router. Nothing was ever changed on my end, just their renewal processing. They wanted me to spend another $50 for the latest MJ unit when they cannot support my 2014 unit. If the problem was with the router, why would they recommend a new MJ. I asked for a full refund but was declined. How can any service provider collect monies for services and not provide that service and decline a refund. I believe they no longer support this 2014 unit and want the older units off the market because the cost of support is too costly. This company has defrauded the public with there business practices. I believe a district court judge should hear this case and decide what American business can get away with.

  • Kevin says:

    You guys suck ass

  • Kevin says:

    You suck ass

  • Kellee Farrell says:

    My phone does not ring. No one can understand me because there is so much static and I only occasionally get texts. No one at your website will help me. I can not talk to a person. The chat hangs up on me. I want to port the number but I need a password and account number to do it. So I need to talk to a person. The next person I talk to will be at this phone number. I have been with you for 9 years and each year it got worse and worse and worse and now I am fed up. Give me the info to port the number. Next contact is the FCC

  • Kellee Farrell says:

    I have had trouble getting phone calls on my magic jack app for the past 2 years. First it was once in awhile. Recently I updated, hoping it would help. Now I don’t get any calls. I lost a job interview because of this. My bank wants to send me a code. They can’t so I can’t get into my bank. I don’t get text messages either. When I do call someone, there is so much static, they can’t hear me. Your team has recommended numerous things I HAVE TO DO, hoops I HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH and nothing solves the problem. Your team is LAZY! I am going to have to change voip line because yours is useless. I jut paid year’s fee. I want my money back or the problem on your end without me having to jump through a bunch of hoops. I am so angry because your team is so lazy.

  • Heather says:

    I usually renew for 5 yrs this time around I only did one year. 6weeks after I renew my device suddenly stopped working. When I checked online it states that account is in active. I called billing I was told I need to pay my bill uum I replied I paid my bill with a live customer representative, they replied no u didn’t uumm I explained every single step the customer service representative did. That’s when He admitted ok let me check something,then he came back oh ok I see it your bill is paid what u need is another device you need to upgrade your device, I turned and said so every 5 years I have to purchase a new device wow so when I paid my bill 6 weeks ago why wasn’t I told that my device was no good why after taking my money now you telling me my device is no good. He replied you can upgrade it for $22.95 but u have to do it on the website. When I went on website there was no such thing it is listed for $49.95 and no exceptions. I called the magic jack company back numerous times got no further so I requested to speak with a supervisor I was told the supervisor is on a long call then when I said I will hold I was told by customer service representative that I will have to call back because it’s a Sunday and there’s no Supervisor there. Well I have been calling back since and still getting the same reply . I want to know who is running this company and I want my money . I have been with this company for a long time since the yr they first came into the market and this is the worst I have been through with them. Enough is enough.. please someone need to give me some kind of answers . The last rep.i spoken with before I called the business line her name she told me was Princess when I called he out on her lies she Hong up the phone on me 3 times… That is not good business… I need a supervisor Manager owner someone to resolve this issue this my
    Very Concerned 8/23/22

  • Veoletta Huerls says:

    Magic Jack is a rip-off. I contact customer service because I was charged for services that I have not used since I sold my house in Sacramento CA back in July 2020. My credit card was debited on 6/28/22. I called Customer Service twice and was given the runaround. Mind you, both times, I informed the representative that (1). I have not used this service since July 2020 (2) the email on file is not accessible (3). I called to cancel this account back in 2020. Both times I asked to speak with the supervisor and was informed they are not available…the worst customer service ever. Today, the rep tells me that they sent an email (to an email address that I informed them that is not accessible) stating they do not give refunds. Mind, they can easy check there has not been any activity on this account since July 2020. I will never ever recommend this company to anyone and I need to contact Consumer /rights and /FCC.

  • Andrew Marowitz says:

    I am sick and tired of the lack of live customer service. They offer me a slightly reduced promotional price, then it isn’t available at that price. I attempt to speak to customer service , or at least live chat, and they are trying to make a buck on customer service chat. Customer Service SUCKS. There is no actual customer service. Then, when I buy a year(I would have bought 3 or 5 years with prmotion) tax is 10% + , instead of Florida’s 6%, and an administrative fee of 4 bucks. I was expecting to pay $30-33 per year, and ultimately paid $51 per year. The only reason I’m still here is because Wireless is more. But T-Mobile is charging $15 per month, which is pretty good. MagicJack, provide a little customer service, and don’t bait and switch your offers. Jerk -Offs. Won’t be long, I will buy elsewhere,after 10 + years of being loyal.

  • Christine says:

    It’s very sad that this is a US company, but can only speak with someone in the Philippines, where reps are not helpful, plus hard to hear them because of noisy environment. I’ve had this for a number of years, but continues to be difficult to get any assistance – very poor service. I was renewing (don’t want to lose the number)and received an email with sale prices. Was told that it was only for July. It did not say that in the promo, which I received last week. The person said they can’t put the expiration date – never heard such a ridiculous thing!!! The execs at MagicJack should tune in to how their business is being handled.

  • Kevin Deame says:

    Worst. Company. Ever. Been trying to cancel an account for my disabled mother (I have power of attorney) and it’s been going on for six months with no progress. They make it more difficult to get rid of the service than a gym membership. Horrible, horrible customer service. Any way to give zero stars?

  • Tracy says:

    I find it awful that a company that provides a service that people depend on it all the time, not to get ahold of a live talking person. We had a storm that knocked out our electric for maybe 2 minutes. Now we get No phone at all. My wifi and everything else is great. Who can we talk to life please?

  • Jeanne Lipps says:

    The AT&T telephone that I purchased “DL 72310” identifies that the caller ID times are 4 hours off. I am in the PST time and the phone shows 4 hours after that. AT&T says that the telephone company, that being you, needs to correct this.
    I talked to your technical support, and there management, and they knew of the problem, but had no idea when, or if, you are going to fix this problem. Will you please let me know so I can decide on what kind of review to write about your company.

  • Tugger says:

    I let my Magic Jack account expire. My review would be a -1 it’s so bad. Only worked when I lived it Florida and it was not dependable so I just let it go.

  • Diane Sargeant says:

    I have been using Magicjack since June of 2009. I am disgusted because it seems that your record keeping is off. I pay my subscription faithfully every year. I renewed November 1st 2020. Its not expired until November 2, 2021. I haven’t been able to use my Magicjack since last Friday. I have no connection. When I open Magicjack a window comes up saying renew now summer special. why should I renew if my present subscription is not up yet? I find this very unusual. This window keeps coming up asking for 39.99. I am at the point of cancelling your service after 11yrs.

  • Noel E Covarrubia says:

    I had this service for over 5 years, so I went and I purchased 2 more units but I lost the email address for one of them and it’s impossible to talk to anyone, they are using the people from India which they are no help at all………

    • Ben Torrella says:

      Noel, This is exactly what just happened to me last August. They made me change my email address back and fort. I purchased their new equipment and wanted to use this with my existing service but they did not want to help me activate this new equipment.

    • Kelly Melsheimer says:

      This company is the worst at customer service!! To change an email or change account to another name, you literally have to get a form notorized!! Notorized for removing my recently deceased spouse’s name from account and replacing with mine!!

  • Roberto Diamanti says:

    I have been a customer for over 10 years, this company and service has gone down the drain. It is impossible to get a hold of anyone and solve whatever is the concern, in this case I paid for the renewal of service which was due to expire on May 30, 2021 and can not get rid of the message alert of renewing my services….!!!! I HAVE ALREADY RENEWED IT AND SHOULD BE OK UNTIL 2028….


    Edward Ingerman Magic jack # (inoperative four months) 845-528-8613. Personal Cell 305-790-1330


    Impossible to Contact and solve a simple problem of Porting a number. Totally incompetent and arrogant chat system. I am a customer for many years. I will no longer deal with you.

  • Lucy Hendrix says:

    I request to speak with someone in upper management that can help me. I connected with Magic Jack on February 26 and have been trying to port my home phone number since then. I have had this same number since 1983 and would like to keep it longer. I have called many times and also requested number to be ported but am repeatedly turned down. I finally took a vacation day so I could try again during daytime hours but can’t get through phone lines again. PLEASE HELP

  • arthur lekoff says:

    Dear Mr. Bell,
    I ordered a magicjack back in March 2019. It was never received, nor has the claim form been e-mailed to me.
    Please feel free to contact me and resolve this issue.
    Thank you..
    – Arthur Lekoff

  • Marty Schmidt says:

    ATTENTION: Don Carlos Bell III, Thomas Fuller, Dvir Salomon

    A real working customer service department is long overdue. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know but all good company’s with a good product they believe in.. have one. It appears your company spends more time avoiding customer service like it’s akin to the bubonic plague rather than dealing with your own customers issues and problems. Sooner or later what goes around comes around.

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