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Anthony A. Martino

Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Jason Ryan

President and Chief Operating Officer

Rob Cambruzzi

Vice President of Franchise Sales & Development

About Maaco, History and Headquarters Information

The company was founded in the year 1972. The founders of this company are Anthony A. Martino and Daniel I. Rhode. The company has been currently active for more than 47 years now. The company started its journey with 200 franchises opened in just less than five years. In the year 1993, a MAACO franchise in Framingham, Massachusetts got a painting contract for Massachusetts State Police cruisers. In 2008, Driven Brands of Charlotte, NC, owned all the rights of MAACO from Martino’s family after the death of Martino in January 2008. Headquarters: 4103 Lindbergh Dr Addison, TX 75001, United States

MAACO is an American company which mainly focuses on providing various automotive services to its customers. The company has more than 300 employees working under it. The company has Robert Benjamin as its current President. As of 2016, the revenue generated by the company was around $518 million.

MAACO provides its services on various types of automobiles which include car painting and auto body repair services, etcetera. It also provides facilities for collision repair and auto painting as well.        

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  • Mary Williams says:

    This is tha absolute worst after keeping my 2021 Kia sorento for two months they got paint on the windows and body also put the same parts back on I took off broke a sun visor and left a gap where the trim was put back on we are out of thousands useing lift for two months and now they damaged our car inside and out with paint spray off man this is absolutely unacceptable for a business my family used for years not to mention the bad attitude when inquiring about an investment we cherish and own and paid dearly to get repair I’m gonna continue to post about this every time I think about how lowdown these people have been when we paid them and have every intention to find an attorney to help me

  • Mary Williams says:


  • Lavonda Bush says:

    I have been waiting for three weeks to get my car redone since they messed it up at Maaco and Murfreesboro Tennessee. I’ve got orange Carolina I have trash in the paint I got paint all over my trim job. All my black is blue now and they said they were gonna fix it and my car is now too blue And being one color I would just appreciate it. If my body would call me before I have to just give me a lawyer and go through all the process of soon y’all to try and get my job. The job done on my car that you should already be doing so if you would give me a call at 615-569-9830 my name is Lavonda Bush .

  • Nicole/BR. Walker says:

    In regard to store number M1986 (1440 N I35 East, Lancaster, TX 75134) My father went in for service and dropped his truck off on 11/01 to have his truck repaired after a small accident. He was provided an estimate by the assistant manager T.J. Jones. He accepted the estimate for the repair and was told to pick up the truck on 11/03. Upon going to retrieve the truck, it was noted that the repairs had been done except the replacement of the light that was damaged. When my father asked why the light was not replaced, T. J. Jones informed my father that he had inadvertently left the light off of the original estimate and to replace it, he would need to pay an additional $72.07. When my father asked why the light was not included in the estimate as it was part of the damage, he was met with an aggressive tone and again was told that it was “My bad” BUT if he wanted it repaired, he needed to pay more money. My father was extorted the additional $72.07 and told to pick up his vehicle 6 days later. When going to retrieve the vehicle he asked to speak with the store manager (Tony) and was told that he was not available and that he needed to call the corporate office. I myself also called the number listed and was told that Tony was not available and to call back later tomorrow. Not only was the assistant manager rude and disrespectful, but he also took advantage of an elderly individual. The truck was returned unclean (not the way it was brought in) as the floor mats looked like there were dirty boots all over and no protective covering was used. I do NOT recommend this MAACO and will be calling the corporate office to voice my concerns as well. SHAME on this store and I will be sure to notify others of this predatory practice they are using.

  • Brian E Willson says:

    In Oklahoma City the Maaco Body Shop destroyed my truck which was like in showroom condition and I signed my State Farm Insurance check over with the verbale understanding they would order the rest of my parts which they ripped me off over a $1,000.00 dollars and when I went there they said this Maaco Body Shop changed owners. If you value your transportation do not take your car to Maaco Body Shops anywhere .

  • Lynn says:

    Definitely a horrible experience here in Little Rock, AR. I’m here as well looking for corporate contact information. Ongoing nightmare!!!

  • Lynn says:

    Honestly a horrible experience here in LR office. That’s why I’m here. Looking for corporate contact info. What a nightmare!!!!

  • Josh Turner says:

    A horrible company with a small skill set. Painting isn’t there strong suit. Body work isn’t either. Find someone else if you care how it looks or holds up. Shouldn’t be in buisness.

  • Grasshopper says:

    Went into the Tallahassee location today. What a disgusting office environment, I did not want to even touch anything while I was standing there. When the gentlemen approached me his attire and appearance looked like he was a homeless man along with the attitude. I would rather pay a bit more money than deal with this location. Too bad, because I have used Maaco in the past at least 10 times. YUCK!!!!

  • Donald James says:

    I took my car in Oct-13-22 for repairs kelp getting run around every time i went in to ask about it the answer was waiting on parts come to find out they ordered to parts Nov-16-22 after I had paid half up front of $3984 on Oct-13-22 now its Jan-16-23 and Maaco tell me that the quote they gave me was $8000 off 3 months later

  • caren wolf says:

    The Maaco in Lake Forest California is the worst location to visit. The manager Hector does not like dealing with women and his attitude and behavior proved it yesterday November 16 and today on November 17. I have a 1973 VW beetle that I needed a paint job on and I was a repeated customer with two other vehicles in the past and he didn’t give a damn. He wanted to charge me close to $3000 to paint my little VW beetle which is not in bad condition. A $3000 price tag for that vehicle is entirely unacceptable especially when I think I’ve paid no more than $1100 for paint jobs through the Maiko company. I don’t understand why you have a list board when you walk into the office of the different pricing for paint jobs but yet he wants to charge me close to $3000. He continued to say that my vehicle was in horrible condition when it’s actually not in my last two vehicles were in worse condition when I brought them to that location. I also told him I was a cash paying person I don’t deal with credit cards or debit cards strictly cash and he didn’t care. then Hector the manager proceeded to tell me that he had the right to refuse service and that I needed to leave and find another location. Picture then walked over to a man who is waiting for his estimate and The manager Hector attitude end behavior was completely different towards the man versus me a woman which is entirely unacceptable. Hector obviously does not believe in repeated customers or cash paying customers let alone customer first.
    On November 16 when I first arrived with my VW beetle Hector was too busy saying he had to rebuild a truck when he sat in front of the truck or no one can see him texting on his cell phone. I proceeded to wait about 30 minutes for another gentleman by the name of Patrick to assist me. Send another guy had just sat behind the counter and did nothing. It is truly sad that Hector has no management or customer service skills especially for repeated customers that are cash bank customers. I will never be going back to that location again. I also asked Hector for his managers phone number and the headquarters phone numbers and he refused to comply. He obviously knew he was in the wrong and he’s trying to cover up his actions. It looks like I’m going to start having to get my vehicles wrapped because it’s too difficult to deal with poor management at locations of the Maaco.

  • Alfredo reyes pizarro says:

    I work for maaco in manchester ct.the owner and the manager are reaping people off customers pay for base coat and they giving then single stayed.i work there and I quick.i started working there and I waited a week and a half to get the application.after I sigh the application they told me I was gone it get pay 850 a wwwk but when I got pay they pay me 17 dollars a hour.my name is Alfredo reyes pizarro.i know another employed that quick after the first wwwk and he still waiting for his check his name is Jorge Roman Vazquez. He gone it call the labor depart on then cause they paying employees under the minimum wage too.the manager is getting pay cash for job and he is packering the money too.

  • Russell Brann says:

    The Shoreline Washington Maaco needs vistors from corporate. Go to my Facebook page and look at the last “reviews” if I could have given negative stars I would have.

  • Johnny Villarreal says:

    I’m literally being scammed, Not only did they not do the job right! They charged me for parts they didn’t even put in! My bracket wasn’t put in and they closed me out on the 8/23/22 I drove off and realized my bumper was still hanging off they said they will work on it on the 25th , The 25th they are banging on my car trying to make it fit only to realize it still has the old bracket, They then tell me to come back on the 26, Just to tell me they don’t have time but they will call me when they do have time! I’m being charged for parts that are not put in and work that isn’t finished! I would like a full refund , I don’t trust ever doing Buisness with them! (Macco on walzem) 2109902481

  • you are welcome says:

    I work at a Maaco Franchise and am happy to address some of the issues brought up here. First, I was hired to be a detailer and have been promoted to estimator with some assistant manager responsibilities in the 5 years I have worked at this particular shop. Something to understand up front is all Maaco shops are franchises. For an investment and some corporate training anyone can theoretically own a Maaco. Some owners are 3rd generation Maaco shop owners, some are ex-cons who got some settlement money and decided to own a business. Maaco corporate provides all the typical franchise stuff: from mugs to estimating software, area service personnel and online training – for a percentage of the owners business they do the advertising, warranty guarantee and all the support things a shop requires including leveraging bulk purchasing for discounts on materials. The shop owner is the allowed to do the work he wants and run his ship his way. The corporate office does send leads for work to the local shops and does maintain certain requirements for the shops. In 2008 when the founder died, the company fell under the ownership of Driven Brands and different expectations came about.

    So every Maaco is owned by an independent owner = some good, some trying hard and some stink. For every shop there is a ‘customer’ – some shops will completely paint a car for $599. Now the savvy consuer sees this as a bait and switch or as a scenario to be cautious about. Think about it – how can this shop do it for $599 when the other shop around the corner has a 4 month waiting list and tells you the job will cost you $4000? There are cost cutting measures at play: most Maaco’s have high turnover of employess due to lower than standard industry labor rates, dont offer employee’s insurance, use lesser quality paint, reuse materials that are disposable, don’t run as clean a shop AND CATER TO THE REASON YOU WENT TO MAACO IN THE FIRST PLACE – THE CHEAPEST PRICE. You have the insurance company willing to pay for your repairs and you CHOOSE a Maaco to what? save the insurance company money?? More likely to pocket the difference between the other shops quote, the insurance company offer and what Maaco will charge you. That is on you the consumer.

    This industry has a shortage of trained technicians – kids in high school want clean jobs – not dusty, sweaty, underpaid positions. Thats a realmissue – and most shop employees know it and know they can be late, take off a day or twon and not get canned…cause they are needed by the untrained owner to do the work.

    Now let me address the other reason you may be at Maaco – th wait time to get an estimate APPOINTMENT can be 3 moths…we take walkins almost all day long. So your hope is faster service, quucker to get your car back. If it’s insurance paying and you get a rental – why do you care how long it will take? Your insurance provider or the other guys insurance provider if you arent at fault will pay til the car is repaired.

    Now some specific answers to other questions I saw here. If you paid a shop $7000 without checking the shop ratings, seeing other work and doing your due diligence I think you are a complete fool. You are an absolute idiot if you pay before the work is done and a moron if your 2nd car is horrible and you bring them a 3rd car to do. Come on! Are you for real? 68 chevelle can go for $70k! You go to the lowest priced bid you get for the job and expect it to be flawless? Do you have a clue about the labor hours by truly gifted and trained body shop employess it requires to get the paint to look “factory/” The shop I’m at is in a costly city with gobs of money falling out of people’s wallets everywhere. We are next to a Maserati dealership not in some dilapidated south of the tracks sort of location. We have very good reviews. Still, I am amazed how many people drive 2022 Range Rovers and Escalades and Jaguars and Bentleys and G500 Benzs and race car inspired 8 series BMWs who have an accident and come to us for repairs because they are either cheap and we are cheapest in town or they cant really afford all that car. Tech jobs bring Asians and Indians who bump up from oxen cart in their home country to v18 muscle car and are instantly needing repairs for everything they hit from the dealership to our door. believe me, if you need a $1000 deductible or if you cant live without a car for 2 weeks cause you dont have rental coverage – you cant afford the car you have and need cheaper wheels.

    Now our bread and butter is the Prius bumper – front or rear doesnt matter – it’ll run you $1800 on a 2022, 1500 on a 2021, 1200 on an ’18, 900 on a 16. We churn them out because they are cheap cars and everybody bought them and Toyota sells expensive parts on cheap cars even designing the expensive parts to break. That is why your red rear lens sticks out at an angle – so it will break and the cheaper panel wont. You believed you were buying an ecological car but you were not…you were sold by advertising and convinced by price point to “luxury” appointments but really its more polluting to make a prius than other similar gas powered vehicles. The factory painter is a robot putting literally microns thick layers of pigment and clear coat so precisely the car you bought only cost $25000 new. We paint the bumper to as close to a factory match as possible, but with paint from different suppliers in a less clean environment and without robots. I would never buy a brand new car – get something 2-4 years old from Enterprise car sales or similar. You will get that first door ding and cry with a new car. We will paint the door. now 1 door is no longer factory paint – it will age differently, have different shine and wear ageing. In 5 years it’ll look different and you will get it repainted – and then someone hits your bumper. We paint and insta;ll an aftermarket bumper from China (Like 60% of all OEM parts on ‘american; cars are made in china. OEM means ‘the guy with the contract with the automaker. Aftermarket is that guys brother in laws shop using the same shop at night or selling the “irregular” jeans. The part will look the same to you but the price is slightly less.)
    We got you in on price, name brand recognition and speed of service – where does the quality of the repair come in there? I hear all day “it doesnt have to be perfect” – well it never will. Any car can be repaired but at what price? Is it worth it? Your Lexus rx350 is not special – i’s similar to all the rest. The 68 Chevelle is more unique but also an antique. Quality restorations are expensive. If you got a car painted at a Maaco for$1800 you pretty much should be happy. To paint a car should cost you $3000 minimum to get a beautiful paint job. Less than that and you get what you pay for – unless you do your homework and vet out the shop like you would a babysitter or a surgeon or investment banker.

    As for the dirty interior story – IT’S A SHOP, WE CLEAN THE CAR BEFORE YOU GET IT BACK. Did you buy all new furniture and have it delivered and then start the reconstruction work on your living room? When the surgeon sees your mangled body in the ER , he doesnt hand you a mirror to watch the procedure…likewise we take your accident damage and return it to best as we can condition – you recover from surgery with a limp and a slightly less functional left eye, your car has signs of repair like dirt in the paint cause it wasnt done in a clean room like the factory and some overspray cause paint gets past everything (thats why the paint all the parts of the car in the factory together BEFORE putting in the interior….and also then that batch of color is all the same off color not just 1 panel standing out on the dealership floor.)

    call weekly to the shop for updates and your insurance agent if they are paying for the repairs. the lack of communication argument is bull. You didnt call them for 6 moths? on week 2 Id have known you were not in a hurry and that turns into not important quick.

    Dont leave with a flaw on your car. Itemize the flaws and have the shop fix them within a set amount of time. Return and repeat as necessary but keeping in mind your car is not a Duesenberg destined for Jay Leno’s garage or the Concourse de Elegance at Pebble Beach. Its a stinking Honda Odessy or a Pontiac Solstice or a Ford Fusion. We are fixing to a reasonable esthetic the damage whether age or accident induced. It’s a car, cool maybe, yours for sure, but flawed and mass produced and generally replaceable, used for mundane work like grocery shopping or to get to tennis practice – whatever. It isnt Air Force One or the Popemobile.

    Maaco shop employees are people who have other things to do too. It’s a job. It’s necessary work but cheap customers with grandiose ideas of what is possible for pennies on the dollar and demands of timing that allow not a person to get sick, who expect more than they deserve based on their actions – those folks we politely have ways of being rid of. We dont paint that color or we don have the manpower or we had better let our window guy track down the clips. (Dude, just go get your damn car and go get the window installed elsewhere. You cant see that the shop is not able to do it? They just dont want your irate ass blowing up the shop cause they couldnt use the clips the right way. Damn man – you are a piece of work. Were you born with a silver spoon up your but? Take what you paid for, pay a detail shop to clean up the paint work and move on. I doubt I will see you at Mecums anyway.)

    and finally – tips the shop guys. Money or a box of donuts. You got your car back for around $2000….and you wont think to pay $20 for a box of donuts or a cake or 10% for our holiday ‘bash’….well when you come back in, we wont be so fast or so happy to see you.

    happy motoring – buckle up. And tell those you love that you love them. Far more important than

  • Keith Nowling says:

    I have been waiting over a year now for someone in this company to return my call make it right they painted my car Black which had a bunch of trash in the paint and I mean a bunch of it I could have did a better job in my garage to be Frank with you but yeah it just seems like these people don’t care about their company or the quality of their workI wasn’t expecting a $10000 paint jobBut paying what I paid it should have been right I had it painted at their Hazelwood Missouri location and I wouldn’t recommend anybody to go there frankly they don’t give callbacks they don’t make anything right they’re rip off

  • William M says:

    Maaco El Mirage, AZ

    If you had your car painted under the old ownership and have a problem, forget it. Had some bubbling in the paint on my header panel that is made of fiberglass. They refused to honor the 5-year warranty stating that unless I could find a NEW header panel for my 25-year-old car that they would not repaint it. Obviously, that is impossible, I went to another location, and they told me that if you use fiberglass repair it could be properly fixed. They were not helpful at all. Because it was painted before they bought the shop, they didn’t want to help me with my problem.
    They let their body shop guy persuade them into believing that it can’t be painted properly so he doesn’t have to redo his work. He told the previous owner that and they told him to paint it again until it comes out right because that’s the agreement in the contract.

  • PISSED OFF says:


  • Louis P Jackman says:

    Your online estimate is a joke. It quoted $844 to $1400 for a repaint, got to the local Maaco and was told, Oh that estimater is no good and handed an estimate for$3000 for a basic paint job, no body work.. I CALL THAT FRAUD. I INTEND TO SEEK AN ATTORNEY. CREEPS LIKE YOU SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TOSCAM PEOPLE. I WILL STOP IT.

  • Gerald bermudez says:

    You people are a joke and a rip off .my dodge has been at the orange paint shop for over a year and those low life’s that work there have destory my van and refuse to take any responsibility for their lousy work .in fact their never had a full time painter or body repair man .am planning on taking this matter to court..your Mangers are a bunch of worthless people.

  • Tony Holder says:

    Two weeks ago I went by Maaco Auto Body and Paint in Rock Hill, SC to get a quote to paint the hood of my car. I talked with Bill, I’m guessing he is the owner or manager. He gave me a quote and told me he was covered up with work, and for me to drop it off on the week of3/21/2022 and that it would take 2 to 3 days to do. Bill would not let me make an appointment, he just said for to drop it off. Well I took time off of work to drop my car off today. He told me he was booked up and couldn’t do it, and that he had 3 employees quit on he. He ask me if I thought he should drop the 45 customers ahead of me to do mine. To which I said, ,”No I just expected him to be a man of his word. At that point he started screaming and cussing me out. Then he said he wished we could be somewhere off that property so we could handle it like real men. I told him I was right there. I ended the conversation and left. This was my first and last experience with MAACO. What kind of business do you people operate? The people you have running your business speaks volume for what kind of company you own.

  • Angel leed says:

    Very upset, paid 1600 for an excellent paint job and got 3/4 of the car painted correctly. The others 1/4 was not done at all. They painted over rust spots when I was told it would all be sanded down. The completely missed spots. Behind mirrors was missed. You can still see original color there. Clear coat bubbles all over car they painted over rust spots that were tiny holes where spoiler was. Why was I charged so much if they intended to leave tiny rust spots and not sand it then just paint over it. Maco is not good. I wonder how bad the basic paint job would be. I do not feel like I got what I paid for. I’m very upset.

    • Christopher White says:

      Not different in mind pick mine up it’s got bubbles in my paint almost a thousand dollars it’s sad they take your hard earned money and jack you around like that

  • Robert schenk says:

    This is for the rancho Cordova macco on sunrise blvd they are the worst paint shop I have ever dealt with and I have had 3 cars painted the first one they did a good job but I got charged close to 7000$ the second car the car was in the shop for close to 4 months and I’m still dealing with problems,like loose lights and moldings that have fell off they had to reimburse me 250$ for a tail light that fell off not including all the over spray and this is on my 68 convertible chevelle . I’m waiting on them to finish the 3rd car so I can bring back the chevelle so they can fix a list of things , there done painting the 3rd car which is a 78 caprice but they have been working on getting the windshield moldings on the front and back window for a month now , I bought new clips that are the same kind of clips that was on there before but they are saying they are the wrong clips so they are trying to locate the correct clips ! I told them show me which clips they think that are supposed to go on the windshield for the moldings so I can try to locate them and the owner Spence told me no he would rather have his windshield guy find them ! Now mind u my car has already been painted and everything is already done they just need to put on the front and back moldings for the windows ! Also I just had my interior redone so it’s all brand new interior, when I went ther to pay them the rest of the money I owed , my interior was so dusty and dirty I couldn’t believe they did it ,when I asked about it they said they would clean it and they couldn’t help it cause it’s in a shop wer cars are getting body work done , so I was thinking why would they do body work and work on cars with my doors open and windows down and not care if the inside of my car got dirty ??? Now I guarantee if I was the governor, or someone that they thought was important and I was getting a expensive car like a new Mercedes benz or a new Bentley worked on they wouldn’t of had my doors and windows open and nothing would of gotten on the leather seats !!! They new I just got my interior reupholstered cause I was proud of it and I was showing them how good the shop did and mind u the two cars I brought there prior had no dust or anything on the interior. I will never deal with this shop ever again , could someone please reach out to me and help me with this problem

  • Tay Brown says:

    Location: Independence, MO

    UPDATE AS OF 10 Jan 2022: still not resolved

    Last convo with Maaco employee: 10 Jan; results: corporate employee, Crystal called (last four of phone #8314) was absolutely no help.

    Bottom Line: paid $7k for a paint job and Maaco painted over emblem glue and wants to charge me an additional $850 to fix the panels where the glue had been painted over. According to Crystal, it is extra to not have your emblem glue painted over.

    First off, I would like to say that the initial experience with Maaco was fine. Like most, I did have some doubts due to previous experiences from others that have recently used their service. After going in to get a quote for my truck, I was told the truck needed extensive bodywork. That all of the panels would have to be stripped all the way down to ensure what I had requested would be done. The cost to strip each panel was $200. The total given to me to strip panels on my truck was 10 hours of labor and came out to ~$2000 total! Because I was reluctant to use their services, I made sure I got the “top of the line” paint job. The total for said paint job was ~$1500, mind you, all aforementioned costs are before taxes, service fees, etc. I was told, by the individual providing the quote that the paint job I selected “is a factory paint job.” That after the job was said and done, it would look exactly as it did when it left the lot as a new vehicle. After hearing this, I was confident that the work done would meet my needs. The paint job was pretty decent; however, there were NUMEROUS dings in the body, they 100% DID NOT provide a factory look. Additionally, the emblem glue WAS NOT REMOVED. I was told, that the emblem glue had to stay because the needed “a guide” to ensure the emblems were placed in the right spot. It would make sense if the emblems were in remotely good condition, but they weren’t! The “2” and the last “0” in “2500” on one of the emblems was missing and the color in the emblems were completely faded away. Of course after seeing these old ugly emblems on a brand new paint job, I wanted to change the emblems out, even have a few removed for a nicer look. Since MAACO did not remove the emblem glue prior to painting the truck, I HAVE GLUE STUCK ON MY TRUCK THAT CAN’T BE REMOVED. Each panel that the glue was painted over would have to be completely sanded down then painted again. After talking to Maaco to fix their very obvious mistake, I was told I would have to pay AN ADDITIONAL $850. This is in addition to the SEVEN THOUSAND DOLALRS I paid already. After calling back again, to give them one more chance prior to writing this review, I was told they would be able to bring the price down to $450. My only question is, WHY AM I PAYING FOR BODY WORK/PAINT twice. It is NOT my job to ensure you all know where to emblems. Both of my doors, fenders, and tailgate look like absolute trash. ONE STAR for the Independence location and so far 1 star for corporate since Crystal was absolutely zero help.

  • Remando Warner says:

    The MAACO on South Cobb Dr. S.w. service was before I caught COVID I made plans to return my Cadillac because of different silver color and peeling paint. This management at this location charge my insurance company $3000.00 for what looks like a $300 paint job. The silver on the car is not even the original silver for Cadillac. Management tried to charge me an extra $500 to repaint the car and again the paint job is not even close to what i had. This doesn’t include the first $500 as my deductible. So the total was $4000. Where i messed up this Maaco had new management not like the people before who did an outstanding job on my black Cadillac. I will also send my concerns to the insurance commissioner if this can’t be resolved.

  • GUTTA says:


  • Megan says:

    I have had the worst experience with the Macco in Burleson, TX. They had my car for 6 months, no communication, they dropped the ball with my insurance on multiple occasions, and gave me my car back with it still messed up. They had to tow it back to the shop, said it was fine, got it back and the transmission is still messed up and tire is bad. This morning my car’s maintenance transmission light, check engine light, and tire pressure light came on. The car broke down and once again I had to miss work. I already lost a job because I had no transportation to work. This is now 7 months and Macco won’t take responsibility for fixing my car. I am beyond mad.

  • Robert schenk says:

    Macco on sunrise blvd in rancho Cordova has had my car for over 3 months and I already paid them and they still have not started to paint my car please help me or I will contact a lawyer and sue the company , now I’m afraid that since I made this complaint there not gonna do a good job on my 68 convertible chevelle

  • James Terault says:

    You guys Wrecked my wife’s car and nobody will respond or help after spending $1800

    • Ed says:

      The same thing happened to my dad‘s truck. It got hit by a vehicle in their lot and damaged the whole front end. and refused to fix it and it wasn’t under insurance because it was outside on their lot and not inside their building. They screwed my dad over dad my dad even took him to court and there was nothing they could do because the incident didn’t happen inside the shop. so my dad had to pay them even more to fix the damage and then two months later all the clearcoat and paint started peeling off of his truck and all the body filler they use started coming out.😡 never take your car to Maaco they are trash

  • Bruce Levette says:

    I would like to file a complaint with you regarding the amount of the time my car stays there I take the car in on July 29 2021 and they put the wrong paint on the car i am very un happy with the service I can be reached at 678-927-7197 Bruce levette

  • pit says:


    MAACO Franchising, Inc.

    Phone: 610-265-6606
    Fax: 610-337-6113

  • CARL says:


    • Linda Semien says:

      Did you ever get The number for Maaco corporate office.I’m having trouble trying to locate the corporate office number every number I called is the wrong number or they don’t answer

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