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How frustrating it is when you are forced to wait for taxis or if you are forced to travel via jam-packed transport services? Modern life of people has made them completely dependent on easier ways to commute around cities. Ride-sharing apps and services have completely transformed the lives of people.

One such ride-sharing company is Lyft. Lyft is a transportation platform which connects drivers and passengers. The business model of Lyft is same as that of Uber. Lyft was co-founded as Zimride by John Zimmer, Matt Van Horn, Logan Green & Marcus Cohn.

With its unique marketing approach, Lyft made a splash among its customers. Customers were attracted to the Lyft logo and branding which was done on the Lyft car services. 

Lyft Headquarters Address – If you wish to write a letter or drop in a parcel then you can use the below-mentioned address.

185 Berry St, Suite 5000, 

San Francisco, CA 94107,


Phone Number – 415-230-2905

Email – support@lyft.com

Website – You can visit their official website for any more information related to Lyft. Customers and investors can use this official website. https://www.lyft.com/

Lyft Headquarters Info & Photos

The Lyft headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, United States. Appointments have to be made before visiting the corporate HQ and Lyft regional offices.

After their successful growth, Lyft shifted their corporate headquarters to a larger place and they also upgraded their offices located in San Francisco and New York.

Lyft headquarters is located at the trendy China Basin Landing complex. The new HQ of Lyft is a 6-story structure which has a modern exterior style. It is designed in a way to create a feeling of expansive loft offices.

Lyft Corporate Office Photo

Lyft Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

185 Berry St #5000 San Francisco (HQ), CA


United States

150 2nd Ave N 4th Floor Nashville, TN



Underground Mall, 555 Burrard St Level, Suite 201 Vancouver



vulica Francyska Skaryny 2 Minsk


United States

1699 W Grand Ave Oakland, CA

Lyft Headquarters Executive Team

Kristin Sverchek

David Risher

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Kristin Sverchek

John Zimmer


Logan Green

Logan Green

Co-Founder and Chair 

Logan Green is the co-founder and CEO of Lyft. Before starting Lyft, Logan Green started his car-sharing program on his college campus at the University of California. The idea of the car-sharing program came to him because he was frustrated by California’s public transportation and the huge amount of traffic there.,

Name Title
John Zimmer Co-Founder and Vice Chair
David Risher Chief Executive Officer and Director
Sean Aggarwal Lead Independent Director
Ariel Cohen Director
Valerie Jarrett Director
David Lawee Director
Dave Stephenson Director
Maggie Wilderotter Director

About Lyft


The origin of Lyft happened as Zimride in the year 2009. The co-founders of Lyft were Logan Green and John Zimmer. They started the ride-sharing company with the main focus on sharing of rides for long-distance trips. The idea of Lyft was launched in the year 2012 for short-distance trips.

The business model of Lyft was such that, once a driver completed a ride 80% of the money would go to his account and 20% of the money was transferred to Lyft. The business model encouraged the hiring of drivers who can use their vehicle for transporting passengers.

For promotional purposes, the drivers were asked to paint the Lyft pink mustache logo on the front of the vehicles. This marketing campaign helped Lyft to set new and different experiences for customers.

The original Lyft logo was designed by Ethan Eyler who was a friend of the company’s founders. Eventually, the Lyft mustache was dropped from their logo, but it still has the bubble letter font and the iconic bright pink color.


Lyft is a ride-sharing company which is based in the United States.

Lyft operates in 640 cities of the United States and 9 cities of Canada.

The services offered by Lyft are car sharing, scooters, bicycle-sharing system and also the food delivery system.

Lyft offers four different types of rides depending on the requirement of the customers – Lyft, Lyft XL, Shared and Lyft Lux/Black.


  • New York City has a huge taxi industry. Lyft was banned in New York by the Taxi and Limousine Commission in the year 2014 due to unauthorized services offered by the start-up.
  • Lyft has more than 23 million active users and around 1.4 million drivers are registered with the taxi service.
  • Lyft is the only cab service which encourages its customers to give their drivers tips either by mail or the app or personally.
  • Lyft was created as a part of Zimride, but Zimride was launched for longer trips whereas Lyft is used for shorter trips.

  • Stephanie H. says:

    Lyft sent me a notification stated in I needed to purchase a newer model to continue working with the company. I have been with the company for 6 years if not more. I went and purchased a newer vehicle so I can continue to drive for lyft, they are refusing to accept any of my new paperwork. Everything including my tags was transferred from my old vehicle to my new vehicle, but they are refusing to accept the information provided by the lot and the West Virginia State DMV.
    They do not care about their drivers.
    They do not care if you have worked for them for over 5 years.
    They do not care to do their jobs properly and will refuse to provide you with the information needed to have any issue dealt with properly.
    Uber has been providing better support towards their drivers, so it looks like it’s time for a change.
    Lyft will do anything to ruin the livelihood of another.

  • Daniel says:

    This company has underperformed and is most likely acting fraudulently with customer billing. Further, there is NO accountability. Good luck finding a human to talk to or even conduct a meaningful email with. The stock price has dropped like a rock as ALL analysts conclude that this company will NEVER equal its main competitor in UBER. LYFT sucks and is headed to eternal mediocrity!

  • Mark Dunn says:


    This man is absolutely horrible.
    I hope he doesn’t reflect your company values.
    This makes me wonder if I should support Lyft.

  • Winnie Clark says:

    I am a driver with Lyft and I was trying to talk to someone on the phone about the debit card and was told that I would get an email from another department in 48 hours but could not talk to someone on the phone since that department doesn’t have phones and then when I asked to speak to the persons boss they told me that he would need permission and that all his boss would say to me is what he said and I told them that he could not predict how my conversation would go with his boss and then I also said I had another issue that I wanted to talk to his boss about and he just hung up on me. So could someone in the corporate office call me. My number is (903) 436-9238. If I need to I will email everyone that is an owner to try and get my issues resolved. I know I am just a driver but I would think that Lyft cares about their drivers.

  • Roxana says:

    No one can help me with the billing issues in my account. As a platinum driver you don’t care about your drivers just the money you make off our hard work. Perhaps the only way to resolve these issues is through going viral on social media and the tough lawyers.

  • Valeri says:

    Why,Mercedes Benz EQS 450+ SEDAN full electric luxury car is not eligible for LUX, LUX BLACK RIDE TIPE.in the Los Angeles ????????????????

  • Pamela says:

    My account has been hacked. A computer based out of Columbus and a phone in California are using my account and changing sensitive information. They have changed card numbers , bank account numbers and phone numbers associated with my account. How is this possible? I need help immediately.
    THE EMAIL associated with my DRIVER & RIDER APP has also been COMPROMISED. I haven’t been getting any emails from LYFT with any of your proper @lyft.com domains.
    I’ve made several attempts through your customer support team with no help.
    A phone call would be more helpful.

  • Tiana Galloway says:

    My wallet was left in the car by mistake and my driver stole it. I tried emailing headquarters about it but it says the email is no longer in service.

  • Md Gaffer talukder says:

    My account was deactivated without listing me which is one side decision. I want a proper judgement in this regard from your end. Matter is important for me, believe someone will respond me soon. Your kind cooperation will be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • Shim Shim says:

      Where is my driver?

    • Jack Pendergast says:

      my account was deactivated as well. i sent them 55 emails and no response. called all numbers and can not get a hold of anyone. they tell me the same thing all the time someone will email you in 24 to 48 hours.. its been3 weeks and 2 days.. still no word

  • Beverly Johnson says:

    I am a Platinum Lyft driver.On 7/21/22 at about 3:00 pm. I picked up a patient from an emergency room with directions to take her home however.. Once I got to wear the app took me the address did not exist the and patient was not able to tell me where she lived other then the one on my direction. The rder was discharged in a gown and hospital Foote and she was blind. She was crying saying she just wanted to go home. I drove around the area while she describe what her house and her mom house that’s supposed to be lived across the street from her I could not find it. I had to call for emergency help because I could not drop this woman off in the street without any ID on her or clothes. When ADT answered and could not help because of the situation they connected me to Lyft. The support team man was very professional polite and patient he looked up the address and said there was no address in that area. The only option was for me to take her back to ER. The support team member stayed on the phone until I was one minute from the hospital. Once there they tried to find her correct address and couldn’t. I had to wait with her still in my car crying she wanted to go home. I had to wait about 25 minutes before she was assisted out. All this time took just over an hour. Now here is were it became even more unreal. Lyft support said I can not be paid because I wasn’t online. Which is a lie and even after telling them I was working with the help of a support team member. This is not only showing a complete lack of respect for me it is also an unfair labor act. I am due pay for my time. I even said they should be paying for taking. Even if not for returning her. Please if anyone knows how it get this to someone to help Thank you

  • Mike kostiuk says:

    Lyft may be the worst company I’ve ever dealt with I’ve made 3 reservations to be picked up at my home and 10 minutes before the pick up time they have sent me a cancelation I will never use their service or recommend them to anyone

  • Huynh Nguyen says:

    I don’t how apply
    I need help

  • Lawanda Easterly says:

    Happened in Austin Texas

  • Lawanda Easterly says:

    My friend got a Lyft ride yesterday and she left her wallet in back seat of car. Wasn’t 10 minutes after drop off and she tried to contact Lyft about the situation and nobody has emailed her back. All personal information in her wallet. Police report was made. Rent money was in the wallet along with other important documents.

  • Casie bonacci says:

    Someone used my email for Lyft and I wasn’t able to get a ride or reset the password and I’m scared to make a new one and use it. I also applied for a job and got thu the entire app. And it wouldn’t let me finish the last step to send it.

  • Donald says:

    Support basically told me sorry about your luck. I’m in Massachusetts and had a 3k sign on bonus which your ads state after approval. However mine started well before and seeing it takes 2 months in Massachusetts you can never achieve the advertised promo. This is a class action suit waiting to happen. Can you resolve this without the need?

  • Darryl Burrell says:

    Drove for Lyft was unfairly deactivated .Passenger said that I made a comment about someone sexuality. 4000 plus rides one bad comment that I would never say to anyone . I think Lyft treat there drivers terribly wrong . Your guilty until proven innocent. You don’t get the chance to defend yourself . My driving record speaks for itself . Lyft shouldn’t be allowed to treat anyone the way I was treated.

  • Vanessa says:

    Lyft is a pack of liars and they steal from drivers, then deactivate them when they are called out on their lies

  • Melba Lew says:

    I was an Uber driver for one year back in 2017.
    The bonus back then was $1K for 100 rides completed in 30 days.

    I would like to sign-up as a new Lyft driver.
    I would like to know how to rent a car for driving for Lyft.
    Can I register two vehicles?
    Melba Lew

  • Shalini says:

    My account got deactivated without no reason. I tried to talk to customer support they are not helping me at all. I was on my way to pick up the Rider but he canceled on me and then left just deactivated my account without giving me any notice or anything. There should be some communication we made but they left to the drivers. My readings are 5 stars. Every time when I try to contact with customer support they just tell me there is a final. Is this how lyft treat they drivers.
    I am a single mom who is driving Lyft to feed their family without no reason it got deactivated I want a reason it was not my fault why am I can’t go deactivating lyft have to answer me this

    • Jack Pendergast says:

      i am in the same boat as you. My account was deactivated as well with no reason as to why. i was renting a car thru them. i could not make my quota. i am being charged rental fee . i have sent them 55 emails and no response. support only tells me the same thing. someone will contact me in 24/48 hours and its been 4 weeks and no one has said anything to me at all. called every number possible and no help. they are not trying to help anyone. i do this full time and they just deactive my account without saying why or responding to my emails.

  • Amy Blumenthal says:

    My name is Amy and I’m contacting you on behalf of my 84 year old friend who has wrongfully (and with no explanation) been deactivated from Lyft. She is legally blind and has no computer. Trying to resolve this issue we have only come across dead ends. We would like to at least get more information as to why and hopefully reactivate her account. I am reaching out hoping to get an appointment in person or have someone reach out to me or her directly. Thank you.


    My experience will Lyft was horrible I left my phone in a driver car Lyft said it optional if he contact Lyft my phone was never returned there no way to call Lyft they let the driver treat the rider any type of I start using Uber better prices and better customer service then Lyft made he tip and he didn’t even return the phone and they keep saying this fee and that fee use Uber


    I have been really patient and calm but Juan has yet to contact me Lyft is bullshit I need my phone today can’t do a police report with Juan first name I need my shit today no questions about so Lyft need to contact him his account is supposed to suspended but he still Lyfting so I need my shit return

  • Donald Wagner says:

    How can a company of this size and considering drivers have their riders lives in their hands have no means to call and resolve problems. The board should be voted out and put competent people in

  • Matthew Vercher says:

    Do you pay people to advertise on their vehicles? I have a guy out of the Carolina’s saying he will pay $1,000 a week to put a wrap on my truck. Scam???
    His phone number is +1 (803) 842-3024

    • Brenda Casio says:

      I just had that same number message me. He said
      “That’s just perfect for the advertisement. Kindly know that you’re not spending a dime out of your pocket, We just want you to continue your normal daily routine driving around but this time, Our Decals will be placed on your car that’s just the difference.Also, You’ll receive a check of $5525 in which $4425 will be paid to the Decal specialist that will be assigned to you to install the Decals on your car at the beginning of the Program. Once you receive the check, I’ll provide the necessary information of the Decal installer. The Decal installer assigned will also be responsible for taking the Decals of at the end of the program and it will be at your preferred location and at your convenience. The Decals are easily removeable so it will not cause any damage on your car. They Come in different sizes and style depending on what you want for your car.Kindly resend your Full name and address so we can be sure it’s correct with what we have on file and also, Do you have a checking account to get the check to once received? If *Yes* What’s the name? (No further Bank information will be asked of you)” then he stopped messaging me when I told him I didn’t have a bank account.

  • The daughter of the zena James the forgotten passenger says:

    I made an reservation for the lyft for yesterday may 19 on May 18 .22and on the day my mom was to be picked up and taken to the greyhound station in Oakland we never got a description of what car or where the lyft was we just received a text saying my lyft was complete she never got picked up lyft basically stole my mother’s last 20.99 and she was out there waiting and I who is disabled was having to run up down and in and out of my apt and the street to look for a car that never came this wrong on so many levels I feel I should go to the better business bureau about this

  • Rose says:

    The lift Express program for drivers is about $300 to 350 a week their personal mouths free 200 $25 every 50 miles after that when the navigation system stops that’s personal mouse when you have to get to a bonus area that’s personal miles so by the time you’re done you have to pay $100 to $200 in personal extra miles that accumulated because of their navigation system doesn’t work well driving to the airport that’s extra miles driving to the bonus area that’s extra miles and driving to a destination that you don’t know that you have to get out of you have to use another app to get out of that’s personal miles so after the free 200 miles that they so gracefully give you your spinning anywhere between two to three hundred dollars and extra miles that you have accumulated just navigating through the system and the cars that they give you to drive that you’re paying for should be top of the line for the ones that are paying weekly but they’re not I feel Express drivers are not treated fairly and they’re playing way too much for using their cars you can rent a car for cheaper than that but they don’t allow you to do that I feel the express driver should be treated the best get the best pay the best cars and free personal miles

  • Rose threets says:

    Express drivers are treated unfairly they have to pay for the car pay for the extra miles when the GPS stops working they have to pay the extra miles when they have to drive to a destination with a bonuses are that’s extra miles everything is extra miles when 200 miles is not enough we’re having to pay out $300 to 350 a week for using the cards and then the cars that we get are not the best of cars they are cars that have been used and abused and we get the bottom of the cars the weekly rate just increased while our earnings have decreased and that’s not fair please take a look into how Express drivers are treated the money they pay weekly for driving for Lyft and when the navigation system doesn’t work that’s personal miles that they have to use in order to take the client to their destination after having an accident for help to get to their destination

  • David Rodger says:

    Lyft charged me $32 for a 5 min ride that was less than a mile. Trying to take care of this issue using Lyft app resources has show me why we will be using Uber that has great customer service with Lyft having nothing to resolve gross over charging by a drive. The app said the ride would be less than $11 to take a handicap rider less than a mile and was dropped off at the original destination and pickup at the original pickup point. We will make sure the our friend group and influence circle all know about how Lyft treats handicap riders.

  • Justin Greenberg says:

    Lyft has the worst support systems ever. It is clear they do not actually care about there drivers or passengers. They refuse to have an actually call location so they don’t have to speak with anyone…..ever. While the people who respond in app will close the chat with you when ever they want, even if they didn’t help you with the solution. I have been ghosted more by lyft then I have by friends. Lyft, you may be doing well now financially, but with a business model about not caring about your drivers and passengers, its not going to last.

  • Keyatta Jones says:

    My 17 year old daughter went missing and she caught a lyft. I called lyft and spoke with them as well as the police and they were told that she was reported as missing. They still would not give me any information as to where they dropped my 17 year old daughter off at without my permission. I don’t understand when I even offered to send In information showing she was under age and I was her mother and they still would not give me any information. I don’t understand do lyft only care about making more or do they care about the people. If anything happens to my daughter it would be on lyft because they could have helped and they wouldn’t give me any information as to where they took my 17 year old daughter.

  • Louis Mendoza says:

    LYFT’s policy of one way communication from them to you does not allow people to give feedback. LYFT could use some constructive feedback in real time to improve operations; from road conditions, unauthorized riders, scams, and especially rider/driver ratings. The ratings page goes by so fast or doesn’t appear at all. LYFT should fix that.

  • Tamara Claudio says:

    Lyft fraudulently charged me with damages of vomit to a car I never did. The policies need to change so that it protects customers who are innocent. Customer service is awful and one sided. I will never take a lyft with fear I would be scammed again. I hope the CEO is reading this and corrects the process. They should only be allowed to make a claim at the time of the ride , the should investigate thoroughly before making false accusations.

  • Mikki Johnson says:

    Used to be good. Gone down hill fast. At one point I stopped using Uber an switch to Lyft to get to work. Living 11 miles from my where I needed to go to work. Price was far 16/20.00

    Now I stopped using Lyft because how the some trip tripled in price. What a joke 64.00 / 69.00 to go 11 miles. You can keep that an the business wonder’s why there’s not enough driver’s wanting to do Lyft now because not many people are going to pay the crazy out over rated price. No wonder driver are dropping there side job doing Lyft because its over priced.

    Uber only cost 16/20 bucks for the same trip vs 64.00/69.00 11 miles.

    Never will I use this app again an I know many others that state the same. It’s out right ridiculous.

  • Reuben Flores says:

    Yes to whom it may concern my name is Reuben Flores from Oak ridge, Tennessee zip code 37830 but if someone gets this message could call my cell is (865)250-8370

  • Carmen Gonzalez says:

    Lyft refuses to pay me I’ve emailed them everyday and no one replies the lyft store also have alot of unprofessional employees their rude and become bothered by you if you go to them every week bcuz new issues come up I need answers asap and the store location is 4900 frankford n hunting park in Philadelphia PA please look into it

  • Myron says:

    Support is so unsupportive app glitches or either lyft is stealing I have pictures to prove and I will be contacting the Virginia attorney general also been told I would receive and email several times in response to my issues which I never received

  • David C. Burdick says:

    Ph. number 415-230-2905 (listed herein / above) mailbox is ”full.”
    Seems typical the higher ups are raking in the dough but SIMPLY clearing said ph. mailbox periodically is minuscule so one can’t LEAVE A V.M.!!!!!

    May be the ph. mailbox is full ’cause driver’s & riders are calling in attempting to get an answer outta ”lyft’ !!!!!’

    IDIOTS !!!!!

  • David C. Burdick says:

    2022.01.28; 12:00PM appt. just to grocery shop fubared!! 5 (FIVE) drivers, 1st two canceled (observed on my ph. they didn’t know where they were going – increased the time window of 10min.). Obvious last 3 DID NOT READ THE MSG. FOR DRIVER!!!!! ALL DRIVERS threw an ADULT-CHILD temper tantrum!!!!! The last driver (Idowu(??), Black NISSAN Rogue, PWN 3098, 302-404-2360, 12:55PM (CST)) almost ran over my feet w/ vehicle’s driver, rear tire!!!!! I can file criminal charges against him for using his vehicle as a weapon… . Last 3 driver’s hung up ph. in my face => RUDE!!!!!

    (Mary-Lisa & Ryan for prior Dr. appt. were wonderful.)

    5-6 customer service agents incl. a SUPERVISOR can’t get it thru heads lyft fubared! ALL hung up ph. in my face => RUDE!!!!!

    Soo, essentially lyft sucks!!!!! All of what they say re: the importance of the customer is FLUFF!!!!! I shame on Logan Green & John Zimmer, Co-founders. They’re NOT DOING THEIR JOB but becoming rich as hell of the drivers AND riders!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!!

    Jacob Pietsch w/ Chariot.org canceled both out & in rides at 2022.01.28; 1:20PM (CST). He has not returned my texts or ph. msgs. No e-mail comm. sent either.

    A complaint has been submitted to the Texas Attorney General on both Chariot.org & lyft.

    CALL ME lyft!!!!!

  • Art says:

    Notice that this company doesn’t have a complaint or feedback section on their web site or app. That is probably because they would get too many complaints. They also don’t make it easy to contact them via phone or email. Same reason… IMO, Lyft IS NOT a consumer-friendly company.

    I find the cancellation policy objectionable because over 75% of my rides have had 1 or more different driver changes before, I was picked-up. This often added anywhere from ten to twenty minutes to my trip. Do they charge the drivers when they drop a pick-up? They certainly don’t send me a refund from the driver for MY time when the driver cancels to get a better paying ride from another platform. However, If I cancel for any reason, they automatically ding me from THEIR time.

  • George Arnstein says:

    There is a major error in your system
    Tonight, third time, instead of heading for my destination
    2510 (0r 2500, same entrance) Virginia ave NW in Washington, DC,
    your driver delivered me (or tried) to an address in nearby Arlington, Va.

    After discussion, he doubled back into DC and my requested address.
    This is the third time this happened so there is a glitch in yr system. Pls fix it and let me know.

  • Ashley says:

    Someone used lyft and charged my acct $900 and i have sent 12 emails with no response, your customer service phone number doesn’t work and corporate number got straight to a full vm. No customer service available. I guess ill try bbb

  • Timothy Pierce says:

    Hello, my name it Tim Pierce and I will be filing litigation against your corporation.
    I will also be filing an injunction against the driver

    • DRIVERS says:


  • CRG says:

    Lyft is overcharging

  • ginabarnes says:

    Yes my account was charged a false damage fee without any feedback no email sent went less then a mile

  • J tate says:

    Scam scam scam do not use Lyft unless you want your card to be over charged and no one to contact….. Lawsuits on the way

    • DRIVERS says:

      January 26, 2022
      This comment is awaiting moderation

  • Lawrence says:

    Lyft after getting my credit card is trying to use it fraudulently. And there is nobody in this shit company that you can contact by phone. Use UBER as Lyft is criminal.

  • Roy StPierre says:

    i have lost my phone in a lyft car. i cant access a way to contact my driver. why is there no way to talk to a human to help me. my number is 802-233-2688. if there is any human available can you call me to solve my problem

    • Linda Horne Hudson says:

      I ama Lfyt driverband if you remember the date and destination you can use the help text app so that your phone can be return to you. As a driver I always make sure the customer get everything out the car. However I had a customer drop his phone in the car and heard it ring. He made contact with me and I got his phone to him before he left the state.

    • Heidi Marie Hacker says:

      Did you get any help???? Im having the same problem

  • Darryl Knox says:

    The employment development department (EDD) is requesting information from my time as a driver with Left, how can I gain access to provide the EDD with information that I was driving Lyft in 2019?

  • Sanjay says:

    This is vary vary serious matter i need someone to call me to discuss this compliance issue. I started driving lift last month since then several issues but this is vary serious matter. sometimes when picking up guest from their location it comes 6 minutes or 5 minutes but end up driving more than that. i have two phones and other phone for emergency for my family to call but when i am asking direction it shows difference in millage i am cross checking. this matter is vary vary serious i don’t know who is managing or controlling this. This is real time incident i have picked up guest fro half moon bay and my droping location was octavia street right when i was vary close from the destination the system frezon and i have to check direction with my other phone and when i log in again the ride disappear and your support team said they can not help because the ride got cancelled finally they compensate me with less amount. Again today same this happened i have picked up guest from near SFO airport his destination San Ramon and when we reached the destination the the app Frezon. i have to take all the information from his phone to make sure i should get paid properly.
    Non of your phone working to get help and there is no network he was trying to reach out and i was trying to reach out to your support team but it was not possible. i really want to talk to someone or i have to go legal route.

  • Sterling says:

    I was promised 500.00 for five rides and after I did them they said it was for new drivers only….the email was sent to me and this is not right.

  • sarah louise mcpherson says:

    I looked at my bank statement today and there are over 1000.00$ in lyft charges on my card that I DID NOT make. before charges are brought to whomever, the driver, the parent company, the rider if able to get help from lyft. I would like a reply from lyft

    • Lawrence says:

      They are criminal as they took my card and tried to charge it fraudulently. And I have not found a phone number that works for anyone in this shit company

  • Clarissa Hall says:

    Someone PLEASE HELP ME

  • Abbey Brown says:

    After spending hundreds of dollars with Lyft I was astonished when they refused to refund me $100 my roommate used my phone without my permission and my account to order herself $100 and Lyft rides. I contacted my bank they told me to contact the merchant which would be lift. I contacted Lyft and they informed me that because the ride was ordered and completed there was nothing that they could do. I inform them that I was not the one that ordered the ride nor was I the one that completed the ride yet they refused to do anything about it. After wasting 2 hours of my morning trying to convince them that I was indeed entitled to a refund and not being heard I decided just to cancel my account. Not only am I canceling my account but all of my family members and a few of my friends are canceling their accounts as well. I hope if anybody has an issue where they feel their entitled to a refund they don’t go through the same charade of accusations.

  • Mary Simms says:

    I have been using Lyft for some time now. It troubles me that I can’t get any help for my issue with a gift card

    • Traeshae Redd says:

      One of the drivers charged me 9hrs in fare which came up to almost 300$ after i got out of hospital and i cant get in contact with anyone

  • Nicole Powell says:

    I requested a ride to get vaccinated yesterday . I went through the whole process on the app. I spoke with a rep and they booked the “ride” for me and advised me that someone will be contacting me from Lyft later on in the evening to confirm transportation as stated on the lyft app. ” Need a free ride to be vaccinated?” So the night went on and I did not hear anything , so I took it upon myself to reach out to support on the app. 2 REPS TOLD ME THAT THEY COULD NOT PROVIDE ME WITH TRANSPORTATION TO GET VACCINATED AND ENEDED THE MESSAGE THREAD. So I had to cancel my vaccination appointment due to FALSE advertisement from lyft! Why in the world would you have people count on transportation to be vaccinated , go through the process but then say ” We don’t schedule transportation ??? I am so upset. I use lyft EVERYDAY for transportation and i spend well over $100.00 everyday , and the ONE day I needed lyft the most they give false advertisement. TAKE THE AD DOWN IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION! Lyft has poor communication and customer service ! They do not care about the passengers but they LOVE our money !

  • Henry says:

    I have been trying for a week to contribute to Planned parenthood via the link you sent me in an email. Always unsuccessful. Please fix the link from the email sent by your two founders.

  • lisa hench says:

    I would like to talk with any of the three gentlemen that “run” this company. I seriously cannot believe that you condone theft with regards to your drivers. Since the people that run lyft support are useless and have done nothing I will have to speak to someone who cares-not someone who only gets back to you when your payment does not work because of a MISTAKE on their part. But this is very serious.

    • Traeshae Redd says:

      Yes i got 300 stolen and i cant get in contact with anyone and at this point with so many people being taken advantage of it should be a lawsuit

    • Damian says:

      Hello Lisa,
      I too have a serious issue with Lyft that is ongoing. They owe me a refund that no one is trying to make good on. They have lied to me in multiple emails and text conversations. On top of that, they refuse to give me any names or numbers or individuals who can or will help. That is why I am here.
      I feel your frustration and I see we are not, as I have read complaints.
      I see your comment was made in September. I’m just curious to know if you received any help.

    • Lawrence says:

      If I could find these three Asshole I would put my hockey stick up there ass and pull it out their mouth

  • James Braggs says:

    Hello I would like to be a driver also need to rent a car from you
    I’ve been riding with a lot of people that gave me some advice on it.

    • DRIVERS says:


    • David C. Burdick says:

      2. DO NOT ’employ’ yourself w/ lyft.. You like trouble(s) in your go on ahead and incorporate these shitheads in you life!!!!! dCb

  • James Braggs says:

    Yes I would like to rent a car so I can work for you

  • Sandra Byers says:

    I’m a driver and And I have several questions is there someone I can talk to maybe another driver please help me because you say not to be in your office

  • jean nzigiyimfura says:

    How can find my W2 form for 2020?

  • ahmet engin says:

    lyft un seen poepie person work in office ore distributing rider job its discriminated one to other how I wait one week to registration my new car Iget rejected more den 26 time now week later Iwork acadia passencer get onthe phone chevy traverse this the game goin on in orlandoi did in form ones this is secon time if no one care driver we can do anhoter way thank

  • Felicia Nichols says:

    I was injured driver moved forward as I had 1foot in car, right Foot On Ground, I use a cane, was trying not To Fall Under car, my Daughter was trying to Hold me Up as well she is My care giver, as well (CNA/PCT, licensed ) driver Didn’t Look Back until screams& she never said a word!!!? Now I can’t file Of report lift Won’t Give info O f tag, ins. …..!!!WoW!!! I’m elderly & disabled!!?

  • JC says:

    Lyft refuses to speak with drivers! A sure sign of failing company is the inability or lack of interest to speak with its employees/drivers. Seriously poor business plan !

  • JC says:

    Pathetic company!. Lyfts business plan is so vulnerable to law suits for its unfair labor practices Lyft now deactivates their drivers on negative terms to reduce backlash for cutting back, lyft also has turned all phone contact into BOT operated run loops with no intention of accessing a person, and email run by BOT-loops that will not allow any conversation or rebuke. Pathetic! But brilliant if your a thief!

  • Johnathan Kingsley says:

    I was wrongfully deactivated from my app July 9th but I haven’t worked since March and ….when I stopped working in March I had a perfect rating 5stars ….they claim it’s because of unsafe driving and complaints …. I’m curious from who all my customers loved my ride….I was only working for three weeks before I stopped …there is a error somewhere.. I have all my rides recorded and plenty of prof of tips and happy customers

  • Olivia Phoenix says:

    Your Driver Ripped me off I’ve tried to work this out with Lyft so now I report you to The Correct USA Government Agency and the BBB and I will file suit in small claims court you money hungry animalsw to let your drivers not understand English taske me to the wrong addresses and swear that they are Correct so It’s over Mother Fucker’;s Roast in hell and take the money you ripped me off and shove it up your faggot asses-Creeps & probably Pedopholies

  • Lance Gustafson says:

    Hello, I left my phone in Abby’s car Thurs. night 953 20th st. Santa Monica. Joseph (Lyft) emailed me twice saying he heard back from Abby, she has my phone and would drop it off at the Hub. I haven’t heard anything from the Hub. Could you please contact her and ask when she is going to bring my phone to the Hub? Thank you

  • JOSEPH GOINS says:

    I live in Philadelphia, Pa., one of your Lyft drivers hit my automobile and I cannot get in touch with anyone at Lyft concerning the accident. Please respond. I have 5000 followers on facebook and I don’t want to say anything disparaging about Lyft. pes6819@yahoo.com

  • lashundra davis says:

    I left my phone in drivers car this morning about 830 or 900. I cant receive phone calls because I left it in driver car. he picked me up ay 4241 Hendrix dr. apt.i-4 delta victory lake and dropped me off at the Kroger on Jonesboro rd. email is lashundradav@gmail.com

  • Karen Miller says:

    How can I get my lyft prevalges back. I was told that customers were complaining about my driving. Which I always got good feed back now less then 4-5

  • Bob DeWitt says:

    Hi Lyft,

    My name is Bob. I have enjoyed using your services. Recently I left my phone in a ride to the airport with Dennis. Information is below. I have been tracking my phone in his car until it died on October 30, 2019. It is probably out of site and he does not know it is there. Lyft support has not been able to reach Dennis and now it’s going on the 5th day. I really need someone to help resolve this.



    OCTOBER 27, 2019 AT 7:51 AM

    Thanks for riding with Dennis!
    Photo of Dennis
    100% of tips go to drivers. Add a tip
    Lyft fare (7.22mi, 19m 9s) $16.86
    MasterCard *6752 $16.86

    Pickup 7:51 AM
    1585 S Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA
    Drop-off 8:10 AM

    1576 Airport Blvd, San Jose, CA

    Latest email response today from lyft..

    “Hi Bob,

    Thank you, for keeping in touch. We’ve been unable to reach Dennis after several attempts to contact him. I know this is a difficult position for you to be in, and if we hear anything, you’ll be the first to know. For suggested next steps, we encourage you to visit this page: https://lft.to/lostitem. Thank you. ”



    Lyft Support

    • Karen Miller says:

      I lost my Lyft privileges stating that customers were complaining about my driving. But I got 4-5 ratings from them

  • >