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  • Address: 185 Berry St #5000, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA
  • Phone Number: 415-230-2905
  • Email: support@lyft.com
  • Number of Employees: 5103
  • Established: June 9, 2012
  • Founder: Logan Green & John Zimmer
  • Key People: Brian K. Roberts

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Lyft Headquarters Contact Info

How frustrating it is when you are forced to wait for taxis or if you are forced to travel via jam-packed transport services? Modern life of people has made them completely dependent on easier ways to commute around cities. Ride-sharing apps and services have completely transformed the lives of people.

One such ride-sharing company is Lyft. Lyft is a transportation platform which connects drivers and passengers. The business model of Lyft is same as that of Uber. Lyft was co-founded as Zimride by John Zimmer, Matt Van Horn, Logan Green & Marcus Cohn.

With its unique marketing approach, Lyft made a splash among its customers. Customers were attracted to the Lyft logo and branding which was done on the Lyft car services. 

Lyft Headquarters Address - If you wish to write a letter or drop in a parcel then you can use the below-mentioned address.

185 Berry St, Suite 5000, 

San Francisco, CA 94107,


Phone Number - 415-230-2905

Email - support@lyft.com

Website - You can visit their official website for any more information related to Lyft. Customers and investors can use this official website. https://www.lyft.com/

Lyft Headquarters Info & Photos

The Lyft headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, United States. Appointments have to be made before visiting the corporate HQ and Lyft regional offices.

After their successful growth, Lyft shifted their corporate headquarters to a larger place and they also upgraded their offices located in San Francisco and New York.

Lyft headquarters is located at the trendy China Basin Landing complex. The new HQ of Lyft is a 6-story structure which has a modern exterior style. It is designed in a way to create a feeling of expansive loft offices.

Lyft Corporate Office Photo

Lyft Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

185 Berry St #5000 San Francisco (HQ), CA


United States

150 2nd Ave N 4th Floor Nashville, TN



Underground Mall, 555 Burrard St Level, Suite 201 Vancouver



vulica Francyska Skaryny 2 Minsk


United States

1699 W Grand Ave Oakland, CA

Lyft Headquarters Executive Team

Logan Green

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Director

Logan Green is the co-founder and CEO of Lyft. Before starting Lyft, Logan Green started his car-sharing program on his college campus at the University of California. The idea of the car-sharing program came to him because he was frustrated by California’s public transportation and the huge amount of traffic there.

John Zimmer

President, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman

John Zimmer is the co-founder and president of Lyft. Inspired by his college lectures at Cornell University, he started a car-sharing service on his drives home over school breaks. After meeting Green, Zimmer quit his job at Lehman Brothers in the year 2008 and moved to San Francisco so that they could focus on working on Zimride.

Ran Makavy

Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer

Ran Makavy is the executive vice president and chief product officer at Lyft. His main focus has been on transportation and his interest has always been on using technology in effective ways to make the world better. He is also responsible for product management and growth of the company.



Brian Roberts

Chief Financial Officer

Kristin Sverchek

General Counsel and Secretary

Jeffrey A. Wilke

CEO Worldwide Consumer

About Lyft


The origin of Lyft happened as Zimride in the year 2009. The co-founders of Lyft were Logan Green and John Zimmer. They started the ride-sharing company with the main focus on sharing of rides for long-distance trips. The idea of Lyft was launched in the year 2012 for short-distance trips.

The business model of Lyft was such that, once a driver completed a ride 80% of the money would go to his account and 20% of the money was transferred to Lyft. The business model encouraged the hiring of drivers who can use their vehicle for transporting passengers.

For promotional purposes, the drivers were asked to paint the Lyft pink mustache logo on the front of the vehicles. This marketing campaign helped Lyft to set new and different experiences for customers.

The original Lyft logo was designed by Ethan Eyler who was a friend of the company’s founders. Eventually, the Lyft mustache was dropped from their logo, but it still has the bubble letter font and the iconic bright pink color.


Lyft is a ride-sharing company which is based in the United States.

Lyft operates in 640 cities of the United States and 9 cities of Canada.

The services offered by Lyft are car sharing, scooters, bicycle-sharing system and also the food delivery system.

Lyft offers four different types of rides depending on the requirement of the customers - Lyft, Lyft XL, Shared and Lyft Lux/Black.


  • New York City has a huge taxi industry. Lyft was banned in New York by the Taxi and Limousine Commission in the year 2014 due to unauthorized services offered by the start-up.
  • Lyft has more than 23 million active users and around 1.4 million drivers are registered with the taxi service.
  • Lyft is the only cab service which encourages its customers to give their drivers tips either by mail or the app or personally.
  • Lyft was created as a part of Zimride, but Zimride was launched for longer trips whereas Lyft is used for shorter trips.
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  • Mary Simms says:

    I have been using Lyft for some time now. It troubles me that I can’t get any help for my issue with a gift card

  • Henry says:

    I have been trying for a week to contribute to Planned parenthood via the link you sent me in an email. Always unsuccessful. Please fix the link from the email sent by your two founders.

  • lisa hench says:

    I would like to talk with any of the three gentlemen that “run” this company. I seriously cannot believe that you condone theft with regards to your drivers. Since the people that run lyft support are useless and have done nothing I will have to speak to someone who cares-not someone who only gets back to you when your payment does not work because of a MISTAKE on their part. But this is very serious.

  • James Braggs says:

    Hello I would like to be a driver also need to rent a car from you
    I’ve been riding with a lot of people that gave me some advice on it.

  • James Braggs says:

    Yes I would like to rent a car so I can work for you

  • Sandra Byers says:

    I’m a driver and And I have several questions is there someone I can talk to maybe another driver please help me because you say not to be in your office

  • jean nzigiyimfura says:

    How can find my W2 form for 2020?

  • ahmet engin says:

    lyft un seen poepie person work in office ore distributing rider job its discriminated one to other how I wait one week to registration my new car Iget rejected more den 26 time now week later Iwork acadia passencer get onthe phone chevy traverse this the game goin on in orlandoi did in form ones this is secon time if no one care driver we can do anhoter way thank

  • Felicia Nichols says:

    I was injured driver moved forward as I had 1foot in car, right Foot On Ground, I use a cane, was trying not To Fall Under car, my Daughter was trying to Hold me Up as well she is My care giver, as well (CNA/PCT, licensed ) driver Didn’t Look Back until screams& she never said a word!!!? Now I can’t file Of report lift Won’t Give info O f tag, ins. …..!!!WoW!!! I’m elderly & disabled!!?

  • JC says:

    Lyft refuses to speak with drivers! A sure sign of failing company is the inability or lack of interest to speak with its employees/drivers. Seriously poor business plan !

  • JC says:

    Pathetic company!. Lyfts business plan is so vulnerable to law suits for its unfair labor practices Lyft now deactivates their drivers on negative terms to reduce backlash for cutting back, lyft also has turned all phone contact into BOT operated run loops with no intention of accessing a person, and email run by BOT-loops that will not allow any conversation or rebuke. Pathetic! But brilliant if your a thief!

  • Johnathan Kingsley says:

    I was wrongfully deactivated from my app July 9th but I haven’t worked since March and ….when I stopped working in March I had a perfect rating 5stars ….they claim it’s because of unsafe driving and complaints …. I’m curious from who all my customers loved my ride….I was only working for three weeks before I stopped …there is a error somewhere.. I have all my rides recorded and plenty of prof of tips and happy customers

  • Olivia Phoenix says:

    Your Driver Ripped me off I’ve tried to work this out with Lyft so now I report you to The Correct USA Government Agency and the BBB and I will file suit in small claims court you money hungry animalsw to let your drivers not understand English taske me to the wrong addresses and swear that they are Correct so It’s over Mother Fucker’;s Roast in hell and take the money you ripped me off and shove it up your faggot asses-Creeps & probably Pedopholies

  • Lance Gustafson says:

    Hello, I left my phone in Abby’s car Thurs. night 953 20th st. Santa Monica. Joseph (Lyft) emailed me twice saying he heard back from Abby, she has my phone and would drop it off at the Hub. I haven’t heard anything from the Hub. Could you please contact her and ask when she is going to bring my phone to the Hub? Thank you

  • JOSEPH GOINS says:

    I live in Philadelphia, Pa., one of your Lyft drivers hit my automobile and I cannot get in touch with anyone at Lyft concerning the accident. Please respond. I have 5000 followers on facebook and I don’t want to say anything disparaging about Lyft. pes6819@yahoo.com

  • lashundra davis says:

    I left my phone in drivers car this morning about 830 or 900. I cant receive phone calls because I left it in driver car. he picked me up ay 4241 Hendrix dr. apt.i-4 delta victory lake and dropped me off at the Kroger on Jonesboro rd. email is lashundradav@gmail.com

  • Karen Miller says:

    How can I get my lyft prevalges back. I was told that customers were complaining about my driving. Which I always got good feed back now less then 4-5

  • Bob DeWitt says:

    Hi Lyft,

    My name is Bob. I have enjoyed using your services. Recently I left my phone in a ride to the airport with Dennis. Information is below. I have been tracking my phone in his car until it died on October 30, 2019. It is probably out of site and he does not know it is there. Lyft support has not been able to reach Dennis and now it’s going on the 5th day. I really need someone to help resolve this.



    OCTOBER 27, 2019 AT 7:51 AM

    Thanks for riding with Dennis!
    Photo of Dennis
    100% of tips go to drivers. Add a tip
    Lyft fare (7.22mi, 19m 9s) $16.86
    MasterCard *6752 $16.86

    Pickup 7:51 AM
    1585 S Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA
    Drop-off 8:10 AM

    1576 Airport Blvd, San Jose, CA

    Latest email response today from lyft..

    “Hi Bob,

    Thank you, for keeping in touch. We’ve been unable to reach Dennis after several attempts to contact him. I know this is a difficult position for you to be in, and if we hear anything, you’ll be the first to know. For suggested next steps, we encourage you to visit this page: https://lft.to/lostitem. Thank you. ”



    Lyft Support

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