Where is Lowe's Corporate office Headquarters

Lowe's Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1000 Lowe's Boulevard, Mooresville, NC 28117, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-445-6937
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 310000
  • Established: 1946
  • Founder: Lucius Smith Lowe & Carl Buchan
  • Key People: Marvin Ellison

Lowe's Headquarters Location & Directions

Lowe's Headquarters Executive Team



Marvin R. Ellison

President and Chief Executive Officer

William P. (Bill) Boltz

Executive Vice President, Merchandising

Marshall A. Croom

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Donald E. Frieson

Executive Vice President, Supply Chain

Ross W. (Bill) McCanless

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Joseph M. McFarland III

Executive Vice President, Stores

Jennifer L. Weber

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

J. Todd Bleckley

Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager, Building and Maintenance

James A. Brandt

Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Lowe’s India

José Luis Pier Castelló

President and Managing Director, Lowe’s Mexico

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  • Sharen Clark says:

    You need to get a better way of dealing with phone calls at the Corporates office. I have been on hold for 1.47 hours.
    Please return my call as I have things to do too.

  • Beverly J. Lantry says:

    I cannot express our great disappointment in the service we have recently received at the Lowe’s in Rockledge, Florida. We purchased a refrigerator, washer and dryer and they were mistakenly adelivered BEFORE we closed on our new home, thus the appliances had to be returned to the store and delivered days later. To add insult to injury, we purchased blinds that were delivered to the store August 10 but we cannot seem to get them delivered and installed, which we paid to have done. Numerous inquiries have gotten us NOWHERE. Calls to the ” installer” have gone unreturned. What next! The only person who tried to help us was a manager named Diana, but that was weeks ago. This is entirely unacceptable and we are frustrated to the max. Shame on Lowe’s.

  • Robert (Bob) Greenwood says:

    My wife and I want to tell you about our experience in Lowes @ Huntersville today! We had been there on Tues and purchased a light fixture to replace one on our fan however it did not fit. We returned it today and was looking for the proper fixture when I was approached by Fred {last name not known}. He was from your Corp. HQ. He and David Trask helped us to find the right item even though it took time out of their day. We appreciated the help since I was unable to walk due to both knees being injured. It is not often that any employee anywhere helps someone as much as they did. Please express our thanks..Bob & Sharon Greenwood, customers for many years.

  • Larry and Tammie Linde says:

    Marvin R. Ellison, CEO: We have a ongoing complaint ,which has not been resolved yet about a John Deer Mower that we purchased on 7/27/19.It started by going to Lowes at 3780 S Orlando Drive Sanford Fl.32773 #407-430-4060.We purchased a 42″Mulching Kit,3 year EPP OPE ,E130 22 HP 42″-IN.Mower.Our sales person was Mr. Lang he explained they had 5 in back ,and we were saying we don’t want floor model at all. He said he would register for us and I will get a email with information ,which I never did ,also he said they would be contacting us on Thursday 8-1-19 to say when delivery time would be on Friday 8-2-19.So instead when we called they said no time was set up for delivery. And then we figured that’s why there was no email being registered. So my husband finally got in touch the following morning 8-2-19 at 6:00 am he was suppose to talk to delivery manager Lewis but he was no in so another person what told my husband it would be delivered today 8-2-19. my husband was making the call on his work schedule and he didn’t get that persons name. And yes it was delivered but it was the floor model that we didn’t pay for or ask for .So my husband contacted the store and of coarse no one can help us ,so he went to store Saturday morning 8-3-19 and they said delivery manager wont be in till 3:00 pm .my husband Larry called for him and finally around 4:00 he spoke to him and he said he would check into this matter and get back to him .So Tuesday 8-6-19 rolled around still no call .So I got on phone to Lowes asked to speak to store manager Steve Morrow they said he was out to lunch that was at 11:10 am left my name and number .No I call back talk to Sarah at customer service then she proceeded to get the invoice number so when he came in he would know what going on ,Steve Morrow the store manager, so didn’t here nothing called back she Sarah put me though to Charlie the asst. manager and she said that Steve Morrow was in meeting now. So I spoke to her she said Mr. Lang would have to take care of this matter he would be in by 3:00 today 8-6-19 ,by fixing it cause he the one who rang up the invoice for us to buy this lawn mower. But never heard from him today .But did here from the delivery guy a few minutes ago he was trying to tell me they went to wrong store over a week ago ,that it was there mistake not his really what do I care he was trying to cover his own behind and make excuses if you ask me and said he would call me tomorrow after he had already told me they will probally not be out till this Friday before he would speak with them he was estimating ,telling me that we can use that floor model until they can get us one out there and so did Charlie the asst. manager they would write it off. We feel like it all started with Mr. Lang who wrote us up be cause we got two other items then he had walked by already checked out was wondering how he went in the back to get model and serial number and write to register it that I never received, cause when you write up floor model I would had to register it ,plus there not being no delivery part to it cause he didn’t do what he was suppose to for his customer. So we still don’t have our Lawn mower just excuses from this person and that person so I called and ask for the store manager to call me tomorrow maybe he will maybe he wont .We will see .This is unbelievable we just went through this 3 months ago for them to do flooring in my bedroom what a terrible experience we went through. We just want our lawn mower that we bought ,how much more do we have to go through to get something were paying for .Can you please help us out after 2486.32 this is really blowing our mind about this and don’t even have it yet. My husband doesn’t feel good about using something that is not his, PLEASE can you HELP this is not normal at all we just want what we payed for not hassles!!!! Thanks Larry and Tammie

  • Nancy L. Husch says:

    Mr. Marvin R. Ellison, CEO: I have a complaint with your Lowe’s Gift Card Dept. I purchased a $100.00 Lowe’s Gift Card in Oct./Nov. for my husbands birthday, which I gave him on Nov. 8th. I’ve done this numerous times before with no problems. My husband tends to wait to use gift cards like this to use when he has a large project to do at home. He attempted to use this gift card in 2019 at the Lowe’s store in Sterling, VA 20166, month of May/June. Since the Pin# would not work I’m not sure of the date. The Lowe’s employee tried 3 or 4 times and he was unable to complete the sale using this gift card. So, he used a personal credit card. He later tried to used this gift card on-line for a different purchase, and again the PIN# would not work. On July 12th, 2019 I emailed the Lowe’s gift card customer service and informed them that this $100.00 gift card will not work because of the PIN#. I have been going back in forth with Taylor, LGCS since then. The Ticket ID#440392, gift card #6006491721600980401. My last email from Taylor was on July 23, 2019, 5:20 AM PDT, content: “We have forwarded your contact information and a description of the problem to our Guest Relations Team. They will be in touch with you to further assist. Thanks again for contacting Gift Card Support! Thank you, Lowes Gift Card Support Taylor” As of today date August 2, 2019, no further emails, or phone call. At this point I feel I am out the $100.00 I spent. This is really disappointing to me, we have been loyal customers of Lowes for a very, very long time. I am contacting corporate in hopes that this problem can be resolved. Nancy L. Husch, 820 Jackson St., Herndon, VA 20170, 703-709-5404, and

  • C. Rexroth says:

    My husband has been dealing with Lowe’s over our broken water heater since April 2019-Yes, it’s still under warranty, and yes, we have all of the paperwork. He has spent hours on the phone and numerous emails. He ordered the parts, and yes, paid for them, and had someone local come out to put them on, only to find out that the mother board(computer board) is what is bad. This has been horrible to say the least, with hearing people say, oh, there is nothing I can do, or “I don’t know who to send you to” or We will call you back in a week. I mean, seriously, YOUR LOWES!
    I would REALLY appreciate someone that does not have a transfer button, a hold button, or a recording to call my husband. You might think… oh why is “the wife” emailing us, well, I ‘ll tell you. My husband is pretty calm, and understanding, and I’m seeing a different side of him with everything that has went on since April. I know there is SOMEONE , that can do SOMETHING.
    Thank you and have a pleasant day.
    My husband’s information will be the email. I have not told him I’m writing, because I don’t want him disappointed if no one responds.

  • Richard Tumidajski says:

    I would like to thank your employees in North Smithfield and North Providence RI for there kindness when I shop there. I receive a veterans discount and a friendly “thank you for your service” Being a Vietnam era veteran it means so much to me and I’m sure many others. PS the reserved parking is also a nice touch. Richard Tumidajski, Smithfield RI

  • william schuyler says:

    I purchased a $ 227 kitchen faucet with a standard installation charge of $89.00 from Lowe’s. When installer arrived and began disconnecting lines he stated this was not going to be a standard installation. Because installer sub contracted with Lowe’s he needed Lowe’s approval to continue the work and stopped installing the faucet. After waiting a little over 30 minutes, Lowe’s finally contacted me with an additional installation charge of $469.70 over the initial charge of $89.00. It took the installer a little over 3 hours total to install a kitchen faucet. My total installation charge was $ 558.70 for a 3 plus hour install. No licensed individual was required and no additional materials required. I feel this is an excessive cost for a faucet install and request notification and point of contact to discuss this further.
    Faucet and install was contracted with store # 1713. Sub contractor was Forbes Plumbing of Shawboro, NC. who did an excellent job.

  • Benton says:

    worse experience having to get a storm door installed, never again Lowes

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