Where Is Lowe’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Lowe’s Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1000 Lowe’s Boulevard, Mooresville, NC 28117, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 800-445-6937

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 310,000

  • Established: 1921

  • Founder: Lucius Smith Lowe & Carl Buchan

  • Key People: Marvin Ellison, Ross McCanless

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Lowe's Corporate office
Lowe's Headquarters

Lowe’s Headquarters List

S. No.





100 Portia Drive Ancaster, ON L9G 0G1



3270 Harrison Crescent Burlington, ON L7M 0W4



1550 Commerce Drive Valdosta, GA, 31601



955 Lowe’s Lane Mt. Vernon, TX, 75457

Lowe’s Headquarters Executive Team

Marvin Ellison

President & Chief Executive Officer

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Janice Dupré

Janice Dupré ,

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

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William Boltz

Executive Vice President, Merchandising

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Name Title
Donald E. Frieson Executive Vice President Supply Chain
Seemantini Godbole Executive Vice President Chief Digital and Information Officer
Ryan Grimsland Senior Vice President Strategy & Transformation
Joseph M. McFarland III Executive Vice President Stores
Juliette W. Pryor Executive Vice President Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
Brandon Sink Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Quonta D. Vance Executive Vice President Pro and Home Services
Bryan G. Audiss Division President North Division
J. Todd Bleckley Senior Vice President & General Merchandising Manager Building Products
Joel O. Cogdell Division President South Division
Kelvin Dedner Senior Vice President DC Operations and Omni Fulfillment
Sarah Dodd Senior Vice President Global Merchandising
Del Dryden Senior Vice President Store Merchandising
Adam Filipponi Senior Vice President Financial Planning & Analysis
Clay Griggs Senior Vice President Tax and Chief Accounting Officer
Melissa Handy Senior Vice President Inventory Replenishment and Planning
Ram Krishnamurthy Senior Vice President Home Services
Steve McKalvey Senior Vice President Pro & Home Services Operations
Machell W. Mims Senior Vice President Human Resources
Ankur Mittal Senior Vice President Technology and Managing Director of India
Chandhu Nair Senior Vice President Data Analytics and Computational Intelligence & Marketing Technology
Vincent Scalese Senior Vice President Store Operations
Dean Schwartz Senior Vice President & General Merchandising Manager Home Décor
Neelima V. Sharma Senior Vice President Digital Commerce and Technology
David L. Shoop Senior Vice President Technology Stores Supply Chain & Corporate Services
Fred L. Stokes Division President West Division
Margi Vagell Senior Vice President & General Merchandising Manager Hardlines
Jennifer E. Wilson Senior Vice President Enterprise Brand and Marketing

About Lowe’s







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  • Susan says:

    The manager’s I’ve dealt with are ignorant and NOT customer-help trained. No courtesy with customers and putting off dealing with customers e.g. I’ll check into it and get back to you. Lying is their motto.

  • David D Haney says:

    I have been repeatedly lied to by the store (Jordan Creek in West Des Moines, IA)and the “customer care” (they don’t have a clue what customer care is) department. It is HOME DEPOT for me from now on.

  • Debra D Benton says:

    I purchased a Blackstone Griddle/Grill from the Lowes in Gainesville Florida, store #3278 on Wednesday August 24, 2022.

    I preferred assembly and was assured by the store associate that assembly would be no issue. I asked when I could pick my paid item up ($533) and was told it would be ready on Saturday, August 27, 2022. My grandson and family friend went to the store on Saturday, August 27, 2022 to pick up the Blackstone. They were each on the timeclock and was told it was not ready or assembled. I spoke to Mo Hicks an associate (she said assistant manager) at the customer service area by phone while they were both standing there, she apologized and said it would be assembled on Tuesday August 31, 2022. I had her sign a sheet with her name, signature and date on it. Underneath her name she wrote Manager.

    On Wednesday, September 1, 2022 I called the store around 4:30pm and was told the Blackstone could not be found. I was very frustrated and just hung the phone up. On Thursday, Mo called me at 3:18pm and said the Blackstone was ready for pickup. I told her I would be there Saturday, September 3, 2022 around 12:00pm.to get it.

    Got to the store on Saturday, September 3, 2022 went to the customer service area, first the associate couldn’t find it. Then someone called her back and told her it was in the pickup area. Stepped into pickup area, the load up guys loaded it up in the proper fashion. I had straps to secure it with and hooks on the truck for attachment. I will commend the loading guys for they did their part exceptionally well.

    Got out on the road to my home and the top of the Blackstone flew off in the middle of traffic, three (3) lanes of traffic to be exact! Before I could turn around and get back. A car had collided with the top of the Blackstone. Due to there being three (3) lanes of traffic and the lady who was driving not being able to move over to avoid hitting it, her vehicle struck the top of the griddle and it became tangled underneath her car. It was stuck, wedged so that we could not remove it. A dear gentleman stopped and helped us get it out from the undercarriage of her small sedan. His reaction was “mam’ this is heavy and should have never came off if it had been installed correctly”. While she awaited a tow truck I headed back to Lowes.

    Went right in towards customer service, ran into Mo who suddenly wasn’t a manger any longer, she was a floor supervisor or something like that then. I told her that she knew everything I had been through with this Blackstone, she acknowledged that. I asked to speak with the manager on duty for the day. She went around the corner and came back with an assistant manager by the name of Jen. That was the only name on her name tag. I told her what had happened and all that I had been through (she seemed to know the whole story), told her that a lady was on the street waiting on a tow truck because of the poor assembly at this Lowes Store! She went into an office to speak to her “manager” or so she said, stayed about four (4) to five (5) minutes, came back out and told me that I was not going to like what she was going to say. I didn’t either! She told me up front that she was going to apologize for the Blackstone being SOLD out from under me thus, the reason for the Saturday, August 27th failed availability of the item! That alone was upsetting because, I had never been told that until right that moment! Then she preceded to tell me that there was nothing that the store could or would do for me. I told her then what I thought of the very Poorest Assembly ever on this Griddle, because if not for the poor assembly the top would have never came off. It is heavy, was turned opposite the wind and strapped down good. She just looked at me. I asked to speak to the manager on duty and she said that she was all I was going to get! I have to say that I told her about the crappy customer service from the very first time of purchase, till today and what a disgusting job at the so called assembly of this product! If assembly cannot be completed in an appropriate secure fashion then it is best not to offer this service!

    After spending over $500 in this store at one (1) visit and over the last four (4) years spending an estimate of probably $25,000+ on home appliances, home goods, plants and other items, this is the worst customer service that Lowes that I have ever experienced!

    To say I am disgusted and disappointed is quiet an understatement! This was a very special gift that has turned into a nightmare!!!

    Can anyone make this right? Do you still stand behind what you sell? Where did your Customer Service go? What about your satisfaction guarantee? Where are your Managers? Please, help?

  • John Roman Stecura says:

    To: The corporate managers at Lowes, St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral 5710 State Road, in Parma, Ohio 44134 had it’s Festival on Aug. 27-28, 2022. this festival is amajor fundraiser for the Ukrainian Army in the country of Ukraine, this country was invaded by Russia which you all ready now. Ukraine is protecting all of Europe from socialism. We all know what the word socialism means in other words it’s communism. This year 2022 because of the Ukrainian war with Russia would Lowes be willing to Support Ukraine by becoming a sponsor and helping Ukraine, be a free and independent country in Europe, which Ukraine wants to be part of NATO. Would your corporate office support the Ukrainian Soldiers and the country to rebuild. You can send your donation to the address above, and can Email me, with your reply, thank-you for supporting freedom, and the Ukrainian Independent country of ” UKRAINE ” and it’s people. ” GLORY TO UKRAINE! GLORY TO THE HEROES! ” Dated: August 31, 2022. Again thank – you for being our Festival Sponsor. You can E-mail me at: jstecura@roadrunner.com. I will send you the letter and the sponsor list. I am on the festival commitee. St. Josaphat’s Rectory Office Phone Number is: 1-440-886-2108.

  • Donald C Storrjohann says:

    went to Lowe’s and here in Panama city Florida was very disappointed I thought you guys didn’t want price matching but was told no you don’t maybe I need to take all my business some other store

  • Robert Locke says:

    I have had the absolute worst experience with Lowes in Reno!!!! We are buying a washer and dryer. We were taking advantage of what we thought was their “4th of July sale” (pricing was the same as regular pricing) for the dryer and washer set. We were going to order the products online on Tuesday July 5, but had a question we needed answered by someone at the store. At that point in time we had completed the online order and had Wednesday July 6 as our scheduled delivery date. By the time we were finally able to get someone on the phone at Lowes Reno (an hour of waiting) we were told by the employee at the Lowes store not to order online because he would have better control over our delivery. By the time we were finished speaking with this person we lost our Wednesday delivery slot. After finally getting the product ordered through the Lowes employee we were now told we “might” not get delivery on Thursday because it was already to late to schedule Thursday. So, now we have gone from having Wednesday to probably not Thursday because he took so long. My son and I had to leave Tahoe on Tuesday July 5 because I had to get back to work and my son had football. I had cases at Marian Hospital in Santa Maria so I had to leave my son with a babysitter figuring my wife would be home on Thursday. My wife was going to stay and wait for the delivery expecting to leave on Thursday.
    My wife and I both spent multiple hours on Wednesday, on hold trying to get confirmation for Thursday delivery. Finally were able to speak with multiple people over multiple calls, not a single one could give us an answer. A few of them promised to call us back and never heard a word from anyone. How can you conduct business this way!!!!!
    We were finally contacted by the third party delivery company Wednesday evening letting us know we would receive delivery on Thursday July 7. When the delivery truck showed up the driver told my wife that they were not allowed to carry the units up more than 30 stairs and we had 34 stairs. So, she said to use either of my neighbors driveways which would eliminate 28 of the stairs. He said they were not allowed to go on anyone else’s property to deliver products. (My neighbors and I do that all the time) He then told my wife that they needed a 4 man crew to do the job. (2 people can do 30 stairs but it takes 4 people to do 4 more stairs, really?) So, the driver said we needed to call Lowes and reschedule delivery and installation and then promptly dumped the units in my garage.
    We called Lowes and told them about the problem and they said the soonest they could get a 4 man crew out would be Saturday July 9. My wife has now been there since Wednesday, my son with a babysitter and they are now saying she needs to wait until Saturday? We explained the situation one more time and they said they had no answers. So, I have now paid for the product and been lied to by both Lowes and their delivery company. So again, I called Lowes and said what are we going to do here. They said that it was the delivery companies fault. The delivery company said that it was Lowes fault and that they hate working with them because this type of stuff happens all the time. Lowes said the delivery company schedules deliveries and the delivery company says Lowes tells them who to deliver and when. Everyone blaming everyone else and NO one taking responsibility. The ONE person who’s fault it’s not is mine!
    After explaining to the Lowes Manager that the delivery guy had told us that he couldn’t deliver anything over 30 stairs the Lowes person told me that they did not see anything in the report about stairs but that the driver said he was warned about getting his truck towed if he stopped on the street in front of our house. That was absolutely not the case!!! We live on a private street and people have things delivered all the time. Now, maybe if he parked there for a week he may have gotten a ticket. It was an 18 wheel truck!!
    So, once again nothing makes sense!!
    When I spoke with the delivery company dispatch I asked them about the 30 step rule and they said they had never heard of that.(surprise, surprise) We have now been told that the soonest the delivery company can install the unit is Saturday July 9. Again, my wife has now been there since Wednesday July 5, son with a baby sitter and do I really believe they will be there on Saturday?
    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck its probably a duck
    I will NEVER do business with LOWES again and I will tell everyone I know about their horrific customer support!!!!!! I should contact Amex and have them not pay Lowes, tell Lowes their washer and dryer are sitting on the street in front of my garage. My guess is they will find a crew who can get up there before Saturday to pick up their washer and dryer.

  • Ken Rainey says:

    Sales #: S2567IBY 4313047 TRANS#: 9793002 07-02-22

    Before I get to the main topic of this complaint/observation I want to let you know that I worked for Lowes from 2008 to 2013. In fact, I worked at Lowes store #2567. One of greatest rewards was when store #2567 won store of the year in 2012. Every employee had pride in their job, management, and the store in general. I am speaking from experience when I say it is a pity to see store #2567 run the way it is today. Customer service is nonexistent. I am speaking not only about the employees working the floor but the management staff as well. Now to my complaint.

    Saturday July 2, 2022, I decided to move my yard sprinkler control box over about three feet to make it more convenient to work. To make the move I needed about eight feet of 18/7 sprinkler wire. Simple enough I’ll go to Lowes and purchase what I need, and this project will be finish.

    Observation #1: When I worked for Lowes employees were expected to cross train in every department around their department so they could help a customer until a person working that department was available. In store #2567 the Millwork desk is about 20 feet away form the wire turret in the electrical department. Not finding anyone working in the electrical department I went to the Millwork desk. A young man (I’ll refer to him as employee #1) was sitting there doing something on his cellphone so I ask him if he would come over and cut me eight feet of wire. Instead of getting up and helping me he gets on the house phone and tries to page someone in electrical for help. Problem (1) he did not even know how to make a page, (2) made no attempt to get up and find someone to help me and (3) he made no effort to help me. He quickly left the area so I would not be able to confront him again.

    I have now been in the store about seven minutes.

    Observation #2: Getting no help from the Millwork guy I ventured around the electrical department until I found an employee (I’ll refer to this person as employee #2) putting products on the shelf. I ask if he would come cut wire for me. He replied, “Sure I’ll be there in just a minute.” Another five to six minutes passes and still no help. I started looking for help again. An employee (I’ll refer to this person as employee #3) was walking down one of the electrical isles so I ask him if he would cut some wire for me, his reply was “sure tell me what you need.” As I was describing the type of wire, I needed employee #3 was fiddling with the turret controls. He could not get it started so off he goes looking for help with the turret.

    I have now been in the store about fifteen minutes.

    Observation #3: Employee #3 returns with employee #2. They fix the switch on the turret so now I can get my wire and leave. Not yet. Idle conversation is fine in certain situations, but I was not in the mood. Just cut me eight feet of 18/7 sprinkler wire and I be off. Not so fast. Employee #3 did not understand what I was asking for and tried to show me spools of wire on the shelf next to the turret. Again, I said cut me 8 feet of 18/7 sprinkler wire, please. Between not listening to me my request, not being familiar with wire, and telling me he was a retired electrician gave me serious doubts about the employees working in store #2567. With eight feet of wire, actually he gave me eleven feet saying for my inconvenience. He then said it’s better to have more than not enough, I head to the checkout desk.

    I have now been in the store for over 20 minutes.

    Observation #4: The checkout clerk (I’ll refer to this person as employee #4) keyed in the number employee #3 had written on the tag attached to the bundle of wire. First, she could not read the number and then tried to charge me for some product that I did not want. Describing the wire to her was like talking to a wall. She could barely speak English and did not understand what wire was. After looking in the computer for the wire she finally found the wire and keyed in the code $0.83 a foot. That was incorrect. I explained to her that the tag on wire said $0.68 cents a foot. She tried to tell me the store signage price was wrong, and the cost is $0.83 a foot. I tried to explain to her the price on the product was marked $0.68 cents a foot and that is what I expect to pay for the wire. The clerk tries to change the price of the wire in the computer but it would not take the change. You would think the clerk would have told me that but no she continues to ring up my purchase. Me, being non-the-wiser pay for the wire and continue to the door. As I was exiting the store, I glanced down at the sale receipt, and I noticed she charged me $0.83 cents a foot for the wire. We are only talking about $0.15 a foot or $1.20 for the entire purchase, but now I’m beginning to get a little upset. Since employee #4 did not speak enough English for me to make my point I looked around for someone that could speak good English.

    Observation #5: I approached the self-service clerk (I’ll refer to this person as employee #5) and explained to her about the over charge. By now it’s time I spoke to a manager. Employee #5 walks over to speak to a manager and I follow and try to explain the problem.

    Observation #6: Enter the manager, actually this was the store manager Coswellyn Chambers. Managers have the permissions to make overrides at the registers. It would have taken her 2 minutes to walk over to a register make the adjust and I would have been out the door, a satisfied customer. But not yet.

    Observation #7: Store manage, Coswellyn Chambers, tells employee #5 to page someone in the electrical department to verify the price. Now, we’re only talking about $1.20. I wait several minutes until another employee (I’ll refer to this person as employee #6) comes to the front. Employee #5 asks employee #6 to go verify the price on the wire.

    I have now been in the store 30 minutes.

    I go with employee #6 to verify the price and sure enough I’m right. The price on the spool is marked $0.68. Employee #6 explains that I need to go the return desk for a “refund”.

    I have now been in the store 35 minutes.

    The returns clerk (I’ll refer to this person as employee #7) attempts to make the adjustment but the computer tells her “ITEM NOT ELIGIBLE FOR DISCOUNT”. I don’t want a discount just a price adjustment. Out of frustration I tell employee #7 to just forget the sale and refund the total cost and I will go somewhere else to buy the wire.

    I left the store having wasted 40 minutes for nothing. After going through this experience, it is hard to believe that Lowes is still in business. The level of competence of the employees and management staff that work at store #2567 is dismal. Lowes has lost my business. I will be passing on my experience to neighbors and friends to forget Lowes and do your business elsewhere.

    The sad part about this whole episode is it could have been avoided by one simple act of a competent store manager.

    The Lowe’s price promise did not meet expectations.
    My name is Ken Rainey and I can be reached at 972-849-0249 if you wish to talk to me direct. My email address is netmail.tx@gmail.com, and me address is 529 Kenilworth Avenue, Oak Point, TX 75068.

  • Tony Manera says:

    What horrible associates you have at your Delaware stores, specifically located at your Bear and Newark location. I waited over an hour to get assistance and no one ever came. I wanted to purchase a patio furniture set for $1600 and you would think I am doing them a favor. What kind of people are you hiring who have no customer service skills or manners. I know it is hard to find good people in todays world. What a shame. You lost another customer because of poor service that could have easily been prevented.

  • Michael P Moher says:

    I just had one of your Lowe’s delivery trucks drive down Stary Drive in Parma, Ohio 44134 and the driver threw all his garage onto the roadway in front of my house. The employees made a delivery four houses down on Stary Drive. I don’t know which store they are associated with Cleveland or Strongsville, but this is totally unacceptable! If you could please address this type of poor behavior!

  • Keith Hanson says:

    I have called Lowes Warranty service number SEVEN TIMES with a total wait time of over TWO hours! We paid for a 5 year warranty and I want our dishwasher fixed. On hold forever! THIS IS B&%S**T!

  • Joe Fabian says:

    I am having an issue with multiple corporate accounts and the local people cannot resolve it. Who can I contact in Corporate IT who may be able to discuss these issues? If I am having issue, others probably are as well and it is frustrating to us when regional people cannot elevate the issues and don’t followup.

  • Michael & Toni Donaldson says:

    My name is Michael and my wife name is Toni We purchased a fence to be installed by Lowe’s after a rep came and measured the fence to be installed. After waiting three months for parts and materials to arrive, the fence was installed on December 16th, 2021. At this time, the double gate that was quoted would fit, would not fit and I ended up going back to Lowe’s to purchase a different type of fencing. I called the rep immediately and informed him of gate not fitting. He informed me that he would handle the situation. After several weeks of not hearing from him, I was informed to take left over materials back to the Lowe’s store, which I did. They refunded the concrete but stated that they had to get in contact with the rep for pricing of the materials that I returned. I have been getting the run around every since. I have not received my refund back from the materials or do I have the materials because they are at the store. I would like to receive my money back for these items because they were paid for in cash. This happen at the Wilson NC. location.

  • Donna Dupree says:

    No complaints just a question?.
    Who do I contact to get a transfer from Birmingham, Al store to Panama City, Fl. Store.

    Thank you,
    Donna Dupree

  • jim new says:

    I live near the lowes in bessemer alabama & have been in the store many times with very few good things to say about the store. I have met only a few employee’s that care about their job. The manager is not accessible to the public at all! Most of the employee’s are so lazy I can’t believe it. I don’t think Corporate cares or you would send some people into the store to check it out but I will waist my time to comment. It has been this way for years & getting worse. Every one I know says the same thing about this store. The only way to explain the employee’s attitude is for you to see it yourself. I don’t expect that to happen but I feel like I have done my duty by reporting it. By the way approx. 90% of the employees are black people?

  • Jim Byrd says:

    On August 10th I bought a washer dryer from your Alpharetta, GA store for $2,655. I was told to obtain my military discount from the service counter. You would not honor my military ID as Home Depot does. I must have a telephone number registered with some central government office. So, no discount. Delivery would be a couple weeks out but you went ahead and charged my credit card. It took three deliveries to finally deliver a washer dryer that worked. First you forgot the hoses I ordered and could not hook it up. You hauled off my old ones so we had no washer dryer to use. Next you delivered the hoses, hooked up everything and left. The washer flooded our laundry room. You said you would have to order a replacement by charging my credit card for the replacement unit and would credit when you picked up the defective one. Two deliveries were scheduled with no show and no call (sat at home waiting and not even a call to advise). The replacement washer was finally delivered on September 1st. Your telephone tutorial is terrible. It is difficult to get to someone who can help. Using a third party contractor to deliver and setup is not working. You have lost our business.

    • pimmy_bistro@hotmail.com says:

      im had same exactly problem as you …I had to cancel everything I can’t wait to plat the games with them

  • sophie offie says:

    NEVER, EVER shop at LOWES! When there is a problem you can’t talk to anyone ! Just get an attorney and don’t waste your time on Lowes! I bought carpet which the installer didn’t know what he was doing and it is ruined! All done wasting my time just getting a attorney! This place is run by LOW LIFE SUCM!

  • Mary Ann Berardo says:

    To say the least, I am furious about my order. Placed back in early June for store pick up. Arrived at the store to find out after and hour and a half, it was not there, lost and incomplete. Manager offered to reorder available item (patio umbrella), for discount and delivery to my home. It never arrived! TRY to call the store and good luck trying to get someone to answer. I finally did and Stephanie (Columbus Blvd.), attempted to assist me. Said she would re-order another one. I get a text message on August 18th that it was being delivered August 19th. NEVER SHOWED!!! I called trucking company and was told it was cancelled by Lowes because they could not find it on the morning of August 19th when they showed up to pick it up.

    WHAT IS GOING ON????????????



  • Danielle says:

    I purchased a Refrigerator, Range, washer and dryer all at the same time. I am not an expert on buying appliances.. when finished with the ordering I asked the salesman if I needed anything else. The answer was no! Washer and dryer show up.. the delivery guys asked where the plug was, ummm the what? How does it not come with a plug?? Now a month later our range finally comes and there is NO PLUG! The salesman should have told us that we needed one. Spending more than $4k at a time plus much more with our new home remodel we have been there alot! Not anymore!! I will shop small stores now, if there is a problem I can actually get intouch with someone. I have called the store 3 times this am and so far I have been disconnected twice and the 3rd time just kept going back to main phone to choose options after being on hold.. this is horrible customer service.

  • Sarah Fuselier says:

    I am terribly disappointed and hurt from the service e I received at the Lowes store in Brandon Fl and I will never shop or recommend them again. I also would not recommend Lowes on the Causeway because they are INEFFICIENT. We purchased a riding lawn mower at the store on 31JUL and 2 weeks later when it was supposed to be delivered, they called to tell me they don’t have anymore. what type of foolishness is this? The assistant manager said they are sorry for the “inconvenience”. This is more than an inconvenience it a “lack of detail” that will keep me from shopping at your store again. When we purchased the mower there were 6 of them in the store and 1 day before it was to be delivered, I get a call from the delivery person, saying that the store does not have anymore…..but they did when they took my 1170.00 dollars. I wish i can locate a corporate phone number so I can call and state my disappointment in this store and its staff.

    I will continue to inform other military members (since I am a 100% disable vet) of the disservice I received at Lowes in Brandon Fl, and it assisted manager.

    It would be nice if I can receive some response from Lowes, other than “I am sorry”. I wait patiently for your response.
    Sarah Fuselier

  • Steven Tate says:

    I bought 896 pieces of 7/16″ OSB from the LOWES in Batesville Ms, Paid for it , bought a shipping order and then Lowes would not give me the OSB, cancelled my order and would not sell me any OSB. They are suppose to refund my money but I have called there store may time but have yet to speak with the manager! Purchase made7/29/20.

  • Graham Shaw says:

    On 9 June 2020 I ordered online (422977338) a Kobalt Electric Lawn Edger for $213.43 which I paid by AMEX. Through the e-mail provided by Lowes the part was tracked to Salt Lake City and arrived there on 17 June 2020. It has remained there ever since per the e-mail. This is but 40 miles from my house, the requested delivery point. I called your number 1-800-445-6937 and requested that the order be cancelled. After 15 business days, I still had not received the part or the refund. I called the same number and the cancellation was processed again. Today, I believe, marks an additional 11 business days and still no part or refund. I don’t believe calling this same number again will help. Is there anyone there who can help or direct me to the right person who can? My preference is to still receive the part but at least to receive my refund.

  • J meyer says:

    Here’s how it works. You get a receipt and it states “you need to update your military discount information by Sep”. Go to store to do so. They tell you hey can’t do so and give you number. Call number and listen to elevator music and statement saying you’re busy for around a half hour. Try to get it done via internet with additional problems. Frustration sets in. Figure, when you tell me I can’t use it anymore go to Home Depot where I show my ID, spend thousands without a headache.

  • ROB says:

    Lowe’s SUCKS

  • Charlie says:

    Lowes in Warrington PA. If Senior management at Lowes was really doing their job this place would have been closed a while ago. I wen there today to buy some water proof cement and could not get any help, also there were employees without masks with no regard to all the signs that tell us lowly customers we have to have a mask to shop in your store. Additionally if some of the employees would stop chatting with each other and stop blocking the isles there might be more sales associates to help customers.

  • Larry Wilson says:

    Why is it so damn hard to just get a purchase date for a warranty claim. I’ve called and went by the store. And I haven’t accomplished a damn thing!!!!!

  • Shirley Grimmett says:

    Lowe’s in Norwalk CT is an awful store. Please avoid it! I purchased a freezer in May that stopped freezing. I had filled the freezer with good and had to throw it all away. They couldn’t care less. I am still trying to get someone out to fix it or have them replace the freezer.

  • Patricia Tanley says:

    Had wood fence put in 2 months ago. Two out of 3 gates was put in wrong. Talk to everyone possible to get it fix with no luck. Three thousand dollar that was put on my credit card and can’t get it fix. This so wrong. I really can’t stand lowes anymore.

  • Tamar Smith says:

    I want to know why Lowe’s is continuing to sell appliances ( washers & dryers) knowing full well they are not available. I have ordered a set first GE, then LG, then settled on Whirlpool because that is all that is available. Started this process on June 1, 2020. I finally got the washing machine today. The delivery people could not do more than bring it into my home and leave it because I had not purchased new hoses. I was never told I would have to buy new. So I will be making another 40 mile round trip to the store and back. The store is located in Greenville, TX. I am so disappointed and upset. I still don’t have the matching dryer and not sure when it will come in. The delivery guys also informed me I will have to purchase a power cord and hoses for the dryer or they can’t fully install that either ?????
    I have gotten the run around so bad and am about to have to make the second payment. When you call the store they put you on hold, if you do finally get someone they just put you hold again or ask for your number and never return your call.
    I have been trying to call to transfer the protection plan I originally purchased for the GE set to this Whirlpool set. I haven’t gotten a live person on the phone in the 8 times I have called. I have sat on hold for 15-20 minutes every time and not one person has picked up.
    Once my dryer finally arrives I assure you I will never purchase not one more thing from Lowe’s.

  • CHRISTINE says:


  • Bobby D Clayton,Jr says:

    Good Afternoon Mr Ellison
    I hope that all is well in this current climate that we have experienced in our world. I have been trying to resolve a store purchasing issue. However, I have not been able to talk to anyone at the Homewood Al store #0580 that’s 23 miles away from us after two days of leaving my number for E Johnson Scott & David this location customer service is also salty dealing with customers. This journey started around June 24,2020 when we went into the Inverness Store#1853 that was 7.9 miles away to purchase the LG Fridge that was on sale during the fourth of July sale which is five mile from our Chelsea.Al 35043 address. They didn’t have any in stock and had a salty attitude as though being over worked and didn’t have time so they referred us to the Tuscaloosa store #0423 which is 64 miles away. I went online to purchase with a debit card and after days of not being processed Capital One didn’t approve for fear of fraud. So I contacted customer service over the telephone and started the process again and completed the process with adding the three year warranty. The customer service gentleman asked me if there was anything else that he could help me with and I asked why they took the five year warranty off the online site. He said I could help you with that so instead of him adding the five year and deleting the three year. He deleted the hold transaction and added the new transaction with the five year warranty and because of Lowes three to five day policy on returning the money to a credit card it took my card over its limit. The problem is we didn’t know this until the day after the delivery didn’t arrive as planned. Keep in mind we got six coolers filled with ice because our 2013 GE fridge at this point is gone with a $750 repair bill. So my wife started calling customer service and they found a floor model unit that had been sitting on the floor for six months and he sold it to my wife(Gilda)site unseen for $2193.87 including $300 dollars off and perhaps my military discount included.Once the delivery team arrived and they unloaded it off the truck we noticed up to three dents for a product we just spent over $2000.00 . The delivery gentlemen who did a great job and was very professional third party service noted on the paper and said someone would be calling us concerning this matter. I don’t want to activate my warranty on this six month floor model with dents unless they repair the damage areas and reduce the cost for not being a brand new out of the box item and sold as used. Please have someone contact us with some real information as soon as possible.

  • Eva says:

    Lowe’s phone customer service is horrible, horrible. I would never keep an employee who is so unwilling to help. Horrible attitude, liers.

  • Terrie Chartain says:

    this company is bull shit

  • Carmen Pitman says:

    We purchased new countertops in June and they were installed in July. During the contract write up, we mentioned my husband’s military discount and we were told that the discount would not apply to labor, only supplies and would be applied at check out. After installation with one minor hiccough, the counters are indeed beautiful. In reviewing the invoices, we found the military discount did not occur. We called the store this AM and were told that the material price and the labor prices are always merged. Hence, there was no way to apply the discount – this was the policy. We are upset as this discount is one of the primary reasons we chose Lowe’s after we did our research for companies who install countertops. This process is deceptive as the contract clearly shows a division of material and labor. The practice of combining material and labor is not disclosed upfront where comparisons on pricing can be fairly completed. As an elderly couple on a fixed income, and especially during a pandemic, we did not expect Lowe’s to have this policy and would like to see a refund for the material discount and a change in policy so no one else would have this experience.

  • Deni H says:

    It’s been almost a wekk since I had to spend over an hour calling Lowes in order to spend what I’m guessing will be well over $15,000 to COMPLETELY refurbish my shore home’s kitchen, Yet, in spite of spending all morning last Friday just trying to get hung-up upon & actually reaching out to Lowes Pros at Egg Harbor, NJ, I HAVEN’T HEARD A WORD.
    I finally reached a Customer Service Corporate person who ASSURED ME, I’d hear from Egg Harbor Lowes in 2 days about my project.

    Guess What?! I haven’t heard anything except the sound of being disconnected from the call that was NEVER ANSWERED just 2 minutes ago

  • Caroline Tyrholm says:

    I am writing you in appreciation for the excellent service your employee Jake Espinoza gave to me at your Medford Oregon store yesterday. I was upset with a problem I was having with a product I purchased, MusselBound tile adhesive tile mat. He genuinely listen as told him I had phone and email the MusselBound for advice with no response. I have done a lot of tiling before with standard mortar. The tile went up beautifully. I was happy until the tile on the second mat was coming off the wall. I had no idea what to do and I didn’t know how Lowe’s (Jake) could help me. He helped me formulate a plan to resolve the problem and even helped me carry the replacement product to my car. He did an excellent job! I was very impressed as I have worked in the hospitality and retail for over 30 years. My husband owned several Big R stores in Oregon until our retirement. I would have tried to steal him fi we still owned our stores as I know how valuable a smart, competent, courteous employee is. Such job performance and professionalism should be recognized and appreciated.

    Caroline Tyrholm

  • Niko says:

    Lowe’s rebates are bogus. Who else has found this out?

  • Steven says:

    Your mask mandate is absurd! To suggest that wearing a homemade T-shirt mask can have any impact on a virus is ignorant of viral transmission and provides nothing but a false sense security. It is also completely disregards the necessity of many to be able to “see” speech in order to correctly interpret or “hear” speech. You have gone too far with “mandating” my actions. As an older previous customer to also suggest that I wear anything that can impede breathing is far worse for anyone’s heath than any non-existent actual benefit from wearing a homemade mask. Additionally, read the label on just about any other mask, you will find no claims sanctioned by any reputable source that wearing such mask “prevents” any disease transmission.

    Its unbelievable how stupid corporation’s have become and to what lengths they will go to drive customers away from their doors. Here’s a simple strategy you may want to try. If you are scared stay home, If your not go out and live your life – I will NEVER need Walmart or any other shopping chain to MANDATE any actions I must do. Just sell us your crap and get the hell out of the way.

  • Terry Powelson says:

    REALLY PISS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!! Been trying for the last 5 days to call to find out where my parts are ? They was taken over phone by Customer service and ordered on July 3 2020 . Order was made because not all parts in Table saw BOX . Said they was free of charge and be sent out A.S.A.P. would have them by July 10th 2020 . Here it is July 16th 2020 . And been trying to call all numbers and no reply ?? Even pressed 1 for call back and when they do call back I answer they hang up What’s up with your customer service ??? I’ve been on hold today July 16th 2020 over an hour and nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe its time to shopping at another store !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mr. CEO, to my previous comment. Carolene Reed, 1374 Barbourville Road, London, KY 40744 Phone: 606-231-37032


    My husband and i built a new home last August 2018. We bought all of our appliances from our local Lowes store since then the Refrigerator ice maker has torn up 3 times and now again. Its only a 1 1/2 old. and They just keep put some part on it that keep taring up. is this a manufactors problem or am i liable for there mistake???? oh and when i call they told me that my warranty had just expired. REALLY no that is no true…. I want my REFRIGERATOR REPLACED OR MY MONEY BACK IF SPENT OVER 6000.00 DOLLARS FOR ALL NEW KITCHEN APPLAINCES FOR MY NEW HOUSE I WANT THIS FIXED.

  • Craig says:

    I know no one who cares in corporate will see this but lowes stop being sheep and stop demanding employees and customers wear masks, the mask will kill them

    URGENT ALERT! Oxygen – Deficient – Atmosphere!! By:Highimpactvlogs.


  • PAM WILLIAMS says:

    I am soo fed up with Lowe’s. After 6 attempts to get my range replaced now they have to come back for a 7th time. At one time I had 3 ranges, 2 of which sat in my dining room for over a week still in the box. I am ready to go to Home Depot.

  • Diane and Joe says:

    Purchased a frig 6/7 from Lowe’s on Malabar Rd in Palm Bay,Fl. along with 5 year warranty. We were given a delivery date 7/4, I called a couple of days prior to confirm and was told the warehouse never received the product and it was to arrive on 7/10 and 7/11 was my delivery date. On 7/10 I contacted the store to confirm again and was told it was not received and looking at 7/17 possible with end of the month delivery date. I waited for my spouse to come home and we drove to the store to cancel the order. We have been given three dates and I did not contact the store to confirm I would have lost time. We should have been told up front that that delivery date 7/4 was not a sure thing and could be pushed back.
    We canceled our order but was not refunded our money for the warranty. We were told because it was past 30 days and we would have to contact the warranty company ourselves. We kindly asked to speak with whoever was in charge.
    Heather the assistant store manager was who the associate got to speak with us. She had her hands up in the air and her expressions were not happy when he walked over to her to have her see us.
    She was short with us and said we went past the 30 days nothing she could do. Well, yes past the 30 days and we still have not gotten our frig through no fault of ours. Was not interested and again had a attitude with us.
    We asked for her boss and the corporate number, she did not care to share that information. We had to ask her again. She finally gave us the number to Thomas Weiss the store manager. We called from the parking lot and again from home only to get his voicemail. This was 7/10 and it is now 7/14 and we have not heard back from him.
    We do not think this is fair having to wait all this time and then to be told we have to chase down our money. Lowe’s was paid that money and should honor our refund. This is poor customer service all the way around.
    I am on hold with your corporate office waiting to speak with someone and it has been 19 minutes and still nobody is picking up the line.

  • william roy says:

    went into the rocky mount store 2 purchase some appliances, was informed they did not have and when asked if any other store in area had n sales rep only checked 1 other store and had the attitude of u mean i have 2 work 2 make a sale,sorry it wont happen, asked manager if they sell display”s and that was a waste of time. because the same attitude was used. now their are warehouse”s that could b checked n didnt happen, other lowes sell displays. but the comment was made that it was too much trouble and do not want 2 b like 1 of the other stores sell the display at a discount 2 keep customer business and have 2 replace when stock is available. told they send out of stock displays back 2 the manufacture 2 get credit. got tired of the excuses and games. talked 2 a customer n they got the same response of if i have 2 do any real work 2 satisfy the customer i”ll make up some lame excuse so they will leave,and if they find what they want some place else so b it. so i found what i wanted someplace else 4 @ the same price n not the hassle of a lazy sales clerk, i went into the goldsboro store to check on cabinets got the same results n was actually told 2 take my business else where. so if this is your company policy 2 have the sales associates 2 encourage customers 2 go someplace else. i will sure and oblige them in their request. i know that stores are rated on sales. myself and quite a few people have stated it”s better at other places then at lowes,

  • Sandra Stutts says:

    I need help with completing a kitchen that was order a year ago. The local store has been out 4 times and they still do not have the correct items ordered to complete my kitchen.


    I spent 2 hours trying to speak to someone on the phone at the Espanola NM store finally gave up….We purchased a refridgerator from them and it would not work throws heat not cold, so wanted to see if they would send someone out or I had to return it. While we were there I wanted to purchase a Dewalt hammer drill with 2 batteries and asked 4 times for assistance was never helped so they lost a good sale there. Horrible service and will just return fridge and go to Home Depot. Thanks for a bad experience LOWES!

  • Gayle says:

    Already submitted a post due to poor service but I have a question for the CEO of Lowe’s: DO YOU NOT SEE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR COMPANY? Complaint after complaint regarding customer service across the country, does it not raise red flags? Anyone in business today would realize that there is a problem and fix the issues ASAP! Doesn’t seem to matter to the Lowe’s corporate team! No wonder Lowe’s is facing bankruptcy. Doesn’t look like they will avoid it with the way they treat their customers. Home Depot here I come!!!!

  • B. Bizness says:

    call 704 758 1000 as “corp headquarter” – NOBODY ANSWERS! it’s ok for their retail employees to work – but what about the corporate employees – where are they? it’s no wonder Lowe’s is doing so poorly – their lack of customer service and bogus online corporate phone numbers. BAD BUSINESS!

  • Gayle says:

    Lowes customer service is terrible!!! The communication with customers is non existent and employees lack the knowledge necessary to perform their job duties in a professional and accurate manner. No wonder Lowe’s is in financial trouble. Lowe’s has lost my business, I Will NOT shop Lowe’s again and I will recommend to my family and friends that they do the same.

  • wld says:

    I Am Writing To Express Profound Dissatisfaction With My Lowe’s Experience. On 1 July, I Placed An Online Order (#701040704) For An Air Conditioner, As Well As For Installation And A 3 Year Warranty. On 5 July, We Received The Air Conditioner. Shortly Thereafter, We Received A Commitment That The Air Conditioner Would Be Installed Between 5 And 7 Pm On 9 July. This Did Not Occur, For Unknown Reasons. I Am Informed That We Have Been Rescheduled For 1pm On Monday 13 July. This Is Not Acceptable. I Tried Discussing It With The Handy Customer Service Phone Line, And They Were Not The Slightest Bit Helpful, Would Not Escalate Me To A Manager, And Cut Me Off. I Then Went Physically To The Local New Castle De Store And Received No Satisfaction There Either. They Insist, Implausibly, That They Are Incapable Of Arranging Installation Today. This Is Not Acceptable. I Had, Perhaps Naively, Supposed That Lowe’s Is A Professional Sort Of Business With Some Sort Of Vague Interest In Keeping Its Promises, But So Far I Have Precious Little Evidence For That. I Tried Calling Your Customer Care Line, But The System Refuses To Accept My Call. I Am, Frankly, Livid. Aside The Personal Discomfort That, It Appears, I May Have To Suffer For An Extra Several Days Due To Lowe’s Failure To Keep Its Commitment To Me, More Importantly, My Wife Who Has Numerous Medical Conditions, Some Of Which Are Exacerbated By Heat, Is Suffering For Extra Time That She Should Not Have To Suffer. I Am Just Livid. At This Point, Having Experienced Your Impotence And Incompetence First Hand, I Am No Longer Feeling Any Sense Of Lowe’s As An Organisation From Which One Can Reasonably Expect Help When It Is Clearly Merited. I Suppose That I Have Probably Wasted My Money Buying That Warranty, Too. Please Be Assured That Any Friends Of Mine Who May Solicit My Advice In Future Regarding Your Sort Of Merchandise Will Be Directed To Home Depot Instead. I Regard Your Customer Service As Pathetic, And Your Integrity As Questionable

  • Mark Huffine says:

    I ordered a bag:
    FoxFarm FX14100 Bush Doctor Coco Loco Plant Garden Potting Soil Mix, 2 Cubic Ft.
    online on 6/25/2020 was due to receive it on 6/29/2020. FEDEX destroyed the product and it was undeliverable. (not Lowes fault) I started calling the 800 number on the 29th and would hold for 30 min and could not get through. Did that until July 3rd, and finally got thru to a very nice young lady. I cancelled the order and was told that my money would be put back on my card. Today, July 10, 2020 still no refund. So I called at 8:30am, just when they begin to answer the phone. Jeff answered the phone and proceed to tell me that would be at least the 23rd before I would get a refund! When I began to question why the delay…he said volume…AND HUNG UP THE PHONE!!! If they are going to take 30 days to refund….a lot of refunds probably will never be made…because some people will not remember to look for it 30 days later! Think of the money… that does not belong to Lowes…. but they have in their banking system…. that they are using…for FREE!!!
    I have just become a Home Depot customer!
    And yes…I will be keeping track of my $40.60. At this point it is not about the money….I’m just pissed at being hung up on!

  • Mary says:

    Recieved table top damaged. Cant talk or email anyone. Tried for hours early morning till late. Now calling BBB

  • Joseph Chamberlain says:

    pathetic customer service …
    Ordered a barn door in March … delivery a month later .. damaged big dent ..
    re-ordered April .. delivery .. in may or June .. left at wrong house .. called while still in neighborhood .. resolved delivery issue … delivered door # 2 .. footprints all over the box 2 fork truck marks thru box … DAMAGED …re-ordered June ?? .. delivery in July … giant fork truck mark obvious from the front .. delivered anyway .. ,junk. Every damaged door required a 2 hour call .. utterly pathetic ….
    Last call was 1+ hours … and then they hung up on me…. so same day now on call with Lowes Headquarters .. 30 min in … PATHETIC.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING DELIVERED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Good by

  • Raymond says:

    My 85 year old mother wanted to buy a built-in dishwasher from lowes and had gone as far as to have the “installation guy” come out to her house. The day after the “installation guy” came out, his boss called my mother and informed her that they did not do any prep work (creating a spot in the cabinets to accept a built-in dishwasher). This was two weeks into the process and no one from lowes had the common sense and courtesy to inform my mother (who was explicit about what she needed done) that they did not do the prep work. Attempting to call the three local stores in the Fayetteville NC area is a waste of time and talking to any of the employees or managers is futile as they do not seem to have enough time for customers. My mother has decided that she will acquire her dishwasher elsewhere and will not use lowes again after 20 years of being a customer. One other item that I found while searching for your corporate site was your affiliation with the NFL. This organization is un-American and by supporting the BLM it is racist (any race that expects special privilege or another race to bow down is racist). I will be letting everyone that I know about your affiliation with the NFL and your support of racism. I am sure Home Depot will appreciate our business.

  • Judith Turner says:

    I have spent a great deal of money in Lowe’s when I updated and refurbished my home. When I retired it was time to replace all or our appliances, kitchen and laundry and get new countertops in the kitchen as well as new bathroom vanity and hardware. I took advantage of the “Buy 4 Samsung appliances-10% rebate”. I filled out the rebate form straightaway. I have been dealing with Lowe’s Rebate Center for a year with no result. Every time I called, the told me I was missing a different form. I kept insisting that I sent it in. Someone enters your information into rebate center computer then shreds the documents. If they skip a form, it becomes your fault. I sent it all in, became frustrated, sent everything they asked for (again) and then I sent them the entire packet again via registered mail with signature requested. After elevating my case, I was asked to fax another copy of a document to the manager’s office. I did and finally got my approval. They said I would get my rebate in a Lowe’s credit card in 3 weeks. Never happened. So I called again, apparently there is a software issue and they lost all the data up to April and have to reload it. I was asked to call back in 30 days. I told them that surely they get paid by Lowe’s and that was going to complain directly to Lowe’s corporate about the horrific surface of the Rebate Center. You need to hire another company. As I said, it’s been a year and I still have not gotten my rebate. Can you please help me?

  • x says:

    I am done with Lowes

  • Kathleen Cianciotto says:

    I don’t know if this is the correct place for my comment. I recently purchased a front door at Lowe’s in Westbury. My salesperson was Michael McNulty. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient. Lowe’s is very lucky to have such a great employee.

  • Sharon Rodgers says:

    I am not very happy with Lowe’s stores, I normaly shop at Home Depot but i was in Lubbock Texas moving my Daughter into her new Town House June 15th 2020 and we needed a Washer and Dryer and Fridg. She wanted to go to Lowe’s. I know that we are in a Pandemic but if you say that a delivery is going to be at a store 7 to 10 days to pick up your washer and dryer then it should be their.She went with The Maytag more expensive washer and dryer then she wanted because it would be their in 7 to 10 days delivered to the store so we could pick them up. We picked up the Fridg that day and we called 10 days to the store # 271 and the Appliance lady said that she has no idea when they will be getting the Maytag washer and dryer in. My Daughter is a First Responder in at UMC Hospital in Lubbock and she needs her washer and dryer to wash her scrubs everyday when she gets home ASAP. This is not right. We live in Houston Texas and we drove 8 hours to help her get moved in and help her get setup so she could work without worring about all this. She has spent alot of money with Lowe’s and they should stand by their sales or not sell things that they can’t get their hands on.

  • David Kossen says:

    I can’t get anyone to talk to or call me back

  • Harold Baker says:

    I stopped into your Lowes store to purchase carpet for my house. This store is located in Hemet, California on Sanderson Ave. Four years ago I purchased $1600.00 of carpet from this store. I talked to a young lady and asked her for some help. She asked me how many square feet of carpet I needed. I told her I needed 450 sq. ft. She said I will tell how to figure it yourself. I had $1000.00 cash in my pocket to purchase this carpet. She would not get off her computer to help me. She was to busy talking to her co-worker. I was there at 8:30 AM. The worst customer service I have ever seen. As I was leaving I talked to the Manager James. He new I was upset. He said to come back when I calm down. I said not on your best day. I told him who ever does the hiring for this store should be fired. No wonder Lowes is # 4 out of 2 large Home improvement stores. Absolute worst customer service. One very upset consumer.

  • Tom Cook says:

    E-mail links do not work. No phone numbers for customer service complaints. Calling the phone numbers listed for any service places you on hold for 20 or more minutes and that is to an over seas call center. Ugh!
    I have a serious complaint about being without a dishwasher for 2 1/2 months that is covered by Lowe’s extended warranty.
    I want to speak to someone who cares about customers.

  • HC Fellers says:

    Which SVP is responsible for Customer Service?

  • David W Foster says:

    I’m a contractor in West Virginia and I have ordered and paid for treated lumber for a deck project,I cannot start the job because I’m being told that the deck boards are not available and it may be a while before I get the rest of my order,I’m interested in knowing when I will receive the rest of my order,every other lumber yard that I have spoken to has treated lumber but at a higher price.I just want my lumber as it was promised.I have tried to call corporate but I’m always put on hold.Thanks

  • Rita says:

    I purchased a washer from Lowe’s and paid for a 5 yr. protection plan. I need the washer serviced as the sensor fill for water is not working properly and much too much water is coming in. I’ve been trying to get someone for two weeks. I’ve been on hold, on hold, on hold. I am calling from work, am in an office alone so I can put it on speaker and continue to work fortunately. I was on hold for 35 minutes, had to get off, on hold for 15 minutes, had to get off, on hold for 35 more minutes and had to get off. Then I was on hold for ONE HOUR AND ONE MINUTE when a gal answered and told me that they are having system problems and she could not help me that I had to hang up and call back in an hour!!!!!! I told her I realized it was not her fault but that I hoped the call was being recorded because it was the last expensive appliance I purchased at Lowe’s that Home Depot isn’t far away. So of course I’ll have to go through it all again to get the repair through my paid for 5 yr. service plan.

  • John Sheridan says:

    Lowes used to be a great company to work for and shop with back in the day. I walked into the Erwin NC Store today to return a Range cord that the saleman sold my wife the wrong one. The Customer service rep AHAHA ignored me waited on the same lady for 16 Minutes I walked into the store at 12:30 PM. When I confronted the lady she was very argumentative when someone had told her to shut her mouth she left and went crying to a manager. So some Munchichi looking guy come and thought he was going to remove me from the store and was very antagonizing as well because the customer service lady lied and said I cussed her which at that time I didnt. So 12:51I had waited 20 minutes to get waited on and it never happened! I left the store didnt get my money back and sense the 1st of the year I have baught new samsung refrigerator, new range being delivered today I might cancel that order and get my 900 dollares back not sure yet. I have bought 4 preasure washers for my business and a new grill. However I was shown my money is all that important but me screw you. I am updating my kitchen for my wife but best buy has it from here. spent with cobalt and craftsman tools and everything 10K. Never again. Yes I was cussing on my way out the door. That store is no good! No Good!!!! Never again! Maybe I will shop HWY 42 but Erwin is a junk hole. I wasnt a angel by no mean but the Customer service rep is aweful she has no people skills and needs to be fired!!! One of the customer that was behind me that I knew even called me and said she was talking mess about me 10 minutes after I left! if I ran my business that way I would be out of business!

  • John Marino says:

    I apologize for the detail and length but I felt it was needed. My contact information is below.

    I am writing to make both Lowes and Weber Grill aware of my experience at Lowes store number 1200.
    Full individual store bio included. Image

    The day prior was Father’s Day. Today was planned to be another perfect day. We had been out shopping for my youngest daughter, who is turning 12 this Saturday. My mind set couldn’t of been better. My wife had sad let’s just run over to Lowes and purchase the Weber Grill that I have pretty much always wanted. Normally I am not one to splurge on myself but after years of waiting I said ok. We walked in like I had many times before and went straight to the grill I knew I wanted. Weber!!!! The process should have been quite simple.

    Of course wearing a mask and the building being warm. My wife and I had our daughters just wait in the vehicle. We assumed that it would be a quick experience. After standing around 10 minutes, I started walking around to find an associate that would be able to help us. I eventually noticed a help button that I pushed. I noticed a younger attendant standing at the opposite end of the isle thinking that he would walk over once the message was sent out on the overhead speakers. Unfortunately, he didn’t turn around. I figured at that point he must be from another department and just continued to wait. After either the third of forth announcement by wife had decided to walk over to the customer service desk. Where my wife was advised by the customer service desk that we would be better off just taking a photo of the grill we wanted and to head over to be checked out.
    I was surprised of the response but at that point I knew my daughters where in the car and didn’t have additional questions so I did as was suggested and went to be checked out.

    I normally try using My Lowes rewards card which the number is 481000325079174. I paid my $1,122.43 and informed Kayla, who checked us out that my car would just be outside the door. We checked out at 15:59.45. My receipt is included.

    That should be the end of the store. Happy customer, taking a new Weber Grill home excited to try it out.

    As a general rule as a consumer I enjoy working with companies that sell great brands at a great price with a service level that brings me back. I would expect that’s why Weber Grill enjoys having their products sold through Lowes.

    I am not a Walmart customer. I never will be!!! Price is not the only factor that matters to me. To me that is also why you can’t purchase that Weber Grill at Walmart. When I shop at Lowes, I have certain expectations. I would say that I even prefer Lowes over Home Depot.

    Back to the reason of this email.

    My wife took my oldest daughter over to Starbucks to get a drink and use the restroom, while I and my youngest daughter waited for someone to bring out the grill. Maybe 25 minutes later my Wife and oldest walk back wondering why I hadn’t drove down to get them. I replied we are still waiting. My wife said she would check with the cashier and come right back. The staff upfront was surprised that we were still waiting and said they would track down someone that could help and that it would be right out.

    We waited for another 20 minutes when my wife went back in stating that we were still waiting and added that it looked like it was going to rain and that we were going to move down to the covered away. Still being patient we waited another 15 minutes before I went in and spoke to Kayla, who actually looked embarrassed that we had still been waiting. I told her that we had to leave shortly for swim practice but told her that I would be keeping an eye out for the person and would be appreciative of any help she could provide.

    I walked back to the car and waited. Finally, another 10 minutes pass and I see the young gentleman that I originally saw when I pushed the help button walking towards our car. I couldn’t believe this individual that hadn’t even turned around to acknowledge us, when the announcement was made on the overhead speakers several times. He just kept standing on the other end of the isle by the pots. As he casually walks over without a care in the world says what kind of grill are you waiting for! I wanted to scream but instead should him the picture I had taken after being advised by the customer service counter to take. He says ok and causally turns around and said he would go get it. I replied could you hurry up because we have been waiting for an hour and he looked at me like I was being rude and walked away with zero urgency. Another 10 to 15 minutes go buy and he returns with no grill in hand. I ask what happened and he says they don’t have it in stock and wanted to know if I would be ok with a black one.

    First the color variation has a reduced purchase price and someone in that department should know Weber Grill items and their respective pricing. I was done!!!! I wanted a manager.

    I came back in and was greeted by Kayla. She couldn’t of been nicer. She saw me walking all the way done the main isle and could tell in my pace that I was not happy. She smiled at me and told me that she would help me find a manger. In the end she told me to head over to customer service and that she would try and have a manager sent over to speak with me. At this point I see this same individual that has meet me at the car twice without a grill is now dragging the display model Weber Grill saying does this work. I replied no and again stated that I wanted to speak with a manager.

    Eventually, I work my way back to the customer service line and ask to speak with a manager. The customer service member informed me that there were two within shouting distance. I walked over and meet with Stacey and Waley. Stacey informed me that Waley was the Assistant manager for that department. I showed him the time frame on my receipt and asked what he thought about this whole experience is department put my family through. Waley replied his associate must have been walking around the store that entire time looking for the unit. Waley also asked if I just wanted the black Weber Grill, I informed this assistant manager that the black lid was a lower price. It was like he didn’t know.

    Weber is a great brand and I would image that they want qualified staff selling their products. In the end I was offered nothing. I asked when the unit would be back in and was informed that nothing was scheduled to ship and Waley didn’t think that Lowes wouldn’t be receiving anything for a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks. I asked him if he could find it at another store and was informed that they couldn’t transfer an order to another store. I requested at that point that he refund my money.

    I informed him that I was going to write a letter and was given the look like back like that’s going to do anything. I will still purchase a Weber Grill but Lowes took what should have been a great experience from the Marino family of a purchase I had been looking forward to for years. Personally, It’s not right!

    I choice to include Weber Grill’s customer service in the hope that this message is shared with their management. As a brand leader myself, I like to hear stories about my consumers interactions with my dealer community. My hope is that this helps create a better understanding for both an associate and an assistant managers knowledge of the Brands they sell.

    Help button pushed. I just hope I have someone turn around and engage with me this time.

    Best Regards,

    John Marino
    Executive VP of Sales & Marketing

  • Lynn Westbrook says:

    Second time in a week that I have received bad customer service. First time was at Lowes in Chino Hills, CA. I purchased 5 bags of mulch and 1 bag of potting soil and found out no one was available to help me load it. I m a 67 year old grandma and I loaded it myself. Today I needed more so I went to the Lowes in San Dimas, CA. This time I purchased 10 bags of mulch and a bag of potting soil. I asked the cashier if he could get me some help loading it. I moved my car to the mulch outside and no one showed up to help. I start loading it, again, by myself. Went to the cashier and asked what happened to the loader and he said he could call again but again I already completed the job by myself. I filed a complaint with Customer Service, received a sorry about that and left. My husband would tell me why bother complaining but I have been in customer service and sales all my life and it irritates me. I would want to know. You can take this info and make some changes or you can let customers get upset and go to Home Depot. My husband has already given up on Lowes.

  • AnnaMarie Rivera says:

    I opened a charge card for the 10 percent offered. I than ordered my LG Refrigerator and microwave went to the cashier who scanned the 10 percent coupon only to find out my purchase was not applicable. The manager was not able to override it and said “sorry”. I did receive 5 percent but I opened for 10 percent. I am very frustrated and felt deceived by the advertisement. I was thinking of going to Home depot and maybe I should cancel and do that.

  • Martha Cardillo says:

    Don’t buy blinds from Lowe’s they couldn’t get the measurements correct on the windows. They have lied to use about getting us a discount for all the mistakes made. Now no one wants to call us or speak to us. Don’t go to the Lowe’s in Keller, TX. Very bad customer service we would call and get transferred and they would hang up several times. Don’t go to Lowes.

  • Martha Cardillo says:

    Lowe’s has not resolved our issue. We have called numerous times with no response from management. They continue to ignore our calls. We have asked for corporates number and they have said NO!

  • Georgia says:

    My husband and I ordered a stove and a refrigerator from Lowes in Northridge, CA. We got the stove without a problem. However the refrigerator was a different story. On our invoice it showed that the refrigerator would be ready for store pickup on either 6/12/20 or 6/19/20. 6/12 came and went so we figured that it would be in on 6/19/20. Everytime I went online or called never found out what was going on with the delivery of the refrigerator. Finally went into the Lowes Northridge store, only to find out in the appliance dept that the delivery was pushed back to 7/10/20. We were never notified in advance that the refrigerator was not going to be delivered on 6/19/20. We ended up cancelling the order for the refrigerator. Ended up going to Best Buy in Northridge and ordered a refrigerator from them that was delivered on 6/19/20 to Atwater Village.Best Buy had no problem delivering the refrigerator to Atwater Village.
    Lowes in Northridge had given us a song and dance that they would not deliver to Atwater Village. We would have to go to a Lowes in Los Angeles and order the refrigerator.
    After this bad experience, we will not buy applicances from Lowes ever again.
    Our overall experience dealing with Lowes was horrible. Apparently Lowes doesn’t care about giving good customer service and losing customers.

  • TIM Burklew says:

    You Should be ashamed of your staff:

    I have bought more than $40,000 from LOWES Alone on 2 homes over the past few years. I chose Lowes because it is closer than Home Depot to my home. Only a mile but the first one I get to.

    Yesterday took the cake in Vero Beach Florida LOWES

    ON 06/05/2020 I made another order and my son is now of age so he wants to help.

    I received the call that all the order was on the floor and waiting for us to pick it up. I said everything is in Stock ? YES Everything I was told.

    I called my son to go get it.

    He went right away and when he arrived no one knew anything. After 2.5 hours of waiting he called to say some items were not on the order. I told him he waited long enough and to leave with whatever he had.

    I called back to get the old Its back ordered story. Im ok with that but should of been told upfront when I asked if the order was all there.

    Last Night 06/20/2020 at 7PM I get the call that my backorder was in and I needed to come get it or its going on the shelf. I told the lady it was 7 pm Saturday and I could not make it and she said its going to the shelf. Really so after 5 minutes I begged her to get a manager. Steve comes on after a 7 minute wait time.

    Steve asks if I ordered the product I said yes. He said “Whats the problem” Right out of the gate WOW I was floored.

    I then said I will get it this week he said you will have to do better because it will go on the shelf. He said you had 7 days from the date of order and those days had passed the 7 days.

    I said Steve the items just got in today I was told and he said yes that my order was weeks ago so I asked how is that my fault that there was a backorder……. He said 7 days is 7 days or is going on the shelf. I said really Steve think about this. His answer was He did not make the order and I needed to learn to listen.

    Floored again…..

    I told him that I should get 7 days from the date the items arrive from the backorder and he said that time stated the day I ordered it. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!

    He said hew was busy and wanted to know my decision…..

    I told him there are other stores and he chuckled !!!!!!!!!!

    LOWES Managers where are you ?????????

    This is amazing !!!!!!! I a customer getting this rash of crap….

    Steve should be reprimanded and a letter of apology and he should never handle another customer…

    Lowes I realize my $40,000 will not make or break you… But show me you care about me as a customer…..

  • Anita says:

    I had an estimate done to get doors installed and never heard back, very disappointed and will take my business to your competitor.

  • Kelvin Guyadeen says:

    Lowe’s in Matamoras customer service is not good

    • Darien says:

      Lowe’s in Washington state are no better, I want to chat wit Mr. Vining and no one will connect me. i will protest Lowe’s and there horrible customer service

  • Evelyn says:

    No ANSWER at Lowe’s
    Bellflower Blvd Blvd
    Long Beach CA
    Have called 11 X !!!!!!!!

  • Evelyn says:

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Customer Service!!! Had delivery – DID NOT set up table, left in box & was told I had to call installation dept- Are You Kidding Me?????? Called 11 times Long Beach CA store NO ANSWER!! I have now been dealing w this issue for 2 1/2 HRS- called corporate headquarters- finally speaking to someone after holding for 55min – she put me on hold & call went into a loop of options for me to choose from Again- WHAT?! & she never came back- lost call ! I am 70 yrs old, live alone & I cannot move or lift box!!! LOWE’S DELIVERY SERVICE SUCKS BIG TIME!! Get more people to answer calls at the store- 1 of my calls rang for 70 times w No Answer!!!
    TERRIBLE- Lowe’s should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!

  • Morgan Abraham Kizer says:

    Dear Mr. Ellison:

    I am a 73 year old retired person who likes to build my own furniture. I have chosen to buy from Lowes Because Home Depot donates to causes that I consider immoral. I have been a good customer of Lowes since the mid 1970’s. Generally speaking I have been very satisfied with the products and service that Lowes provides. Lately, I have had a problem. The Lowes store where I shop (Charlotte, Highway 51 and Johnson road) has problems. In the last six months I have gone there three times to buy wood for my next project and the saw was broken and not working. Consequently, I couldn’t buy any wood because I couldn’t get it in inside my small car. I can understand a tool breaking once and maybe twice. But three times is this short time. When this happens I expect to see a new fully workable saw. When I buy wood I also need: sandpaper, sealer, glue, nails, assorted hardware, stain or paint, polyurethane, etc. You can see the need for fixing the saw problem. If this keeps up I will need to find another source of furniture making supplies. The managers I spoke to were not helpful! Please help me to be able to continue being a Lowes customer.

    Morgan Kizer
    MorganKizer @ Yahoo.com

  • Geneva McWhorter says:

    I need someone from cooperate office to call me at 229 296 8402 please!!!!!!!!

  • Geneva McWhorter says:

    I went into the Lowes store here in Tifton, Ga to purchase a stove and a refrigerator on the 10th of June.
    I found the stove I wanted in the store but had to order the refrigerator because of the size and the same brand name. I paid for both items and was told that the refrigerator would be delivered on the 20th. I called the store to see if the refrigerator had come in and was told that it came in and they sold it!!!!!! What kind of foolishness is this??? You sold the refrigerator that I ordered and paid for, what??? I talked to the store manage, Corbin Kelly and his explanation as to why they sold it didn’t make much sense to me!! I am hurt and disappointed because it has been 10 days without a refrigerator in my home. Can someone please tell me why they sold the refrigerator that I personally ordered and paid for!!! Pissed off and still without a frig.

  • Eileen Shipp says:

    I just had a very rude encounter with an employee at Lowes in Gilroy. I came to the store to purchase a sprinkler system control timer. I stopped to check out the garden section to see what was on clearance. They had quite a few items and I found a few on a large roll around shelfs marked $1.00. I found a few that looked pretty good and stopped a garden associate to verify the price, he said $1.00. I purchased three plants, paid for everything and left. After getting to the car I decided to pick up more plants thinking even if they die the pots are good. Went back in and picked up 5 more plants from the SAME SHELF. At checkout I said to the associate, this really is a good price. Another associate standing nearby said, those are $5.00. I told her they were in the $1.00 section. She said they are $5.00, I then told her a male employee told me everything on these shelves was $1.00. “ I don’t care what he told you” I WON’T let you have it for $1.00. She then pointed to the original price on the plant and said, Look that this!!! I said it does not tell me the sale price it is the originals price. I then said, you better go back and take that sign down because there are quite a few more like this on those shelves. She snapped back, I know what I need to do and I won’t let you have this for $5.00. I said, fine but I am not lying. She smiled at me and walked away.
    I will say at this time lady checking me out was very nice and looked a little embarrassed and asked me if I still wanted them. I did tell her I felt the other person was very rude I don’t want the plants but lawfully they should be sold for the price marked.
    I am a polite respectful person. I do not lie nor would I do something dishonest. Very seldom do I complain about treatment and my husband and I have spent a lot of money at your store over the years. When I got to the car I was shaken and in disbelief at what just happened. I mostly was mad that I didn’t get the employee’s name.
    My impulse is to post this on Yelp but decided to let you know about this action to allow you a chance to respond.

    I do hope to hear from you, either by phone or by email.

    Eileen Shipp

  • michelle otto says:

    Lowes Wilkes barre Pa worse store for business bought and paid in advance for them to install fence fence installing was to be completed by end of June 2020 now I am told it wont be started or finished till July 2020 Employees lie to you are rude tell you oh well it is what it is.. I have cut up my lowes credit card and have sent it back to them I will never step foot in there store again I will tell family friends and co workers about them and tell them to go else where. Call the Lowes help line spent 6 hours on hold no one ever answered so hung up And forget the installition cooridatior she is as rude and nasty as they come

  • Sherry Huffman says:

    I am now done with Lowes for good! I have been trying to get a washer and dryer delivered since the beginning of May. The delivery was scheduled twice with a no show and no call or communication of any kind. When we called to inquire about when another delivery would be rescheduled, first it took forever to get someone to answer the phone and when they did answer, I was informed that my entire order was cancelled by the vendor, and once again, no communication about the cancellation. At this point, I was done with it all. However, the washer and dryer were for my 85 year old aunt, and she asked me to give them one more chance. So I re-ordered everything after I was assured by John Howard at the Shelbyville, Kentucky store that it was all in stock and could be delivered yesterday, June 17, 2020. So when Lowes delivery person called to give information about the scheduled time, he informed us that everything was in except the washer, and that there was no washer at any store in the area. But my credit card had been charged for the FULL order. At this point, I called customer service and told the lady that if they could not deliver the full order on June 17, 2020, as promised, then I would cancel the entire order and go elsewhere, which is exactly what happened. I went to my local appliance store that I have used many times, bought the exact same washer and dryer, and it will be delivered on Friday, June 19, 2020.
    I went to Lowes because they had a good price, but it doesn’t matter now because I will never make another purchase at Lowes no matter how good the price.
    The moral of the story…don’t go to Lowes if you actually want to RECEIVE the item purchased. Go somewhere that will deliver good customer service and a product!

  • Ronel Maquindang says:

    My complaint is for the LOWE’S OF N.E. LAS VEGAS, NV – Store #2477 (2465 N NELLIS BLVD). I was expecting a delivery for my bbq grill for Tuesday June 16 and Wednesday June 17. Both deliveries were cancelled with no reason. I did not receive a phone call from the driver or the Lowe’s customer service saying it was cancelled with no explanation. The customer service at this location is horrible. They don’t answer the phone or let the phone ring multiple of times. When I asked for a manager, all I get is the run around. Or the phone gets disconnected. There seems to be an issue internally with the staff or the management that needs to be fixed immediately. I demand a refund and request free delivery for my bbq grill. I am utterly disappointed with this service and demand answers. I expect a response from corporate on this matter immediately. This grill was a gift from my stepfather for my birthday and hope to use this grill for Father’s Day. It is unlikely that this will happen. So disappointed and I expected higher from Lowe’s. Order #422632807

    • Linda L WALKER says:

      I have been experiencing the same problems with the store here in Greensboro, NC. You can’t ever speak to anyone that seems to be in charge when no one else can help. I have been calling everyday about a warranty replacement but Lowes seemed to have lost the invoice. I have been working on this matter for my delivery and after talking to 7 or 8 people on a daily basis for more than a week, I finally got in touch with someone to help me, however, I had to email them the invoice because I called Frigidaire and asked them to email it to me since the faxes at the store seem to disappear. I guess time will tell if I ever get my item. You are correct, the customer service gives you the run around and then when you reach a store manager you still have to basically do their job because of their lack of professionalism. I was told by customer service that the fax machine was in the managers office and she could not go in there to see it it had been received. A week later I spoke to a manager and was told the fax machine was located where 100 people had access to it and things get lost a lot. Not a way to run a business.
      I wish you well with your order, I truly understand what you are going through.

  • Carole Rollins says:

    I purchased a Maytag dishwasher on June 1, at the Lowe’s in Phoenix Az. # 2421 and I told the salesperson that I was picking the appliance up the next day. Upon returning June 2nd to take possession of the appliance, and after waiting forty-five minutes, I was told that the appliance had been re-sold and was on the truck for delivery. WHAT???? They offered to sell me a different model and discount it one hundred dollars. I took the deal and brought the appliance home, installed it, and it did not work, it kept giving digital error messages. I called the store and they told me to return it for another one. I uninstall the dishwasher, load it back on the truck, and returned it to the store for an exchange. Waited another forty-five minutes only to be told that they did not have another one in stock and it would take at least a week for another delivery. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I should have asked for a refund and gone to Costco. I asked the manager to locate the same model at another store, which they did, thirty miles away! These people acted like this was the “norm”, and that this is how they do business. Unacceptable!!

  • John Cover says:

    June 17, 2020

    Marvin R. Ellison, CEO

    Dear Mr. Ellison:

    I am writing to express my disappointment of a recent visit to your Rockford, Illinois store on Perryville.

    First, I have shop your stores before and have made m any purchases in the past.

    This past week I visited your store shopping for a new microwave. I was also visiting other stores to make a comparison. During my first visit I spoke with the associate and he answered my questions on the model I liked including the other options (color) were available. He has to reference his computer to provide the answers. I was told I would have to order it. At no time did he made mention that the model I was looking at and the display tag listed above it was wrong. I was told I had until June 16th to order it.

    I left the store and thought about the various microwave I reviewed. I decided to go back to your store to purchase the microwave.

    After waiting for 30 minutes and call after call for additional assistance in the appliance department I was finally greeted by the assistant store manager. I started to tell her I wanted to order the selected microwave when another customer interjected that the mmodel I was looking at the display tag were not the same. It appeared that for the time it was advertised and on display for the week the signage was wrong. See attached photos. The manger excepted the comments from the other customer and attempted to remove the wrong signage while asking me if I wanted the microwave. I asked if she was going to honor the advertised price and she said No. It appears the correct price for the model on display was $368.00, not on sale for $199.00.

    I indicated I felt she had to honor the displayed price and she said No. I asked if she would adjust the current price. She said No.

    I have worked in retail and if the price on a product was wrong, we had honor the stated price.

    The Model on display was ME21R7051SS that list for $368.00.
    The price on this model was displayed on sale at $199.00 a $90.00 savings.

    I feel that the displayed price should be honored.

    I would appreciate your review of this concern and your comments.


    John Cover Jr
    7356 Ryebrook Rd.
    Rockford, Illinois 61114

  • Google says:


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  • Lisa DeAngelis says:

    I have never been so MISLEAD or tossed around on the phone from person to person by your Service advantage department, ( I have spoke to Bonne, Tim, Charleen, Bobbie) and a Manager Kiesha whom REFUSED to give me Her MANAGER , and along with the the Warranty Department that your company has a contract with Assurant (Tameka, Desiree) and then your 3rd Party repair company ( Unique Repair Service located in DesPlaines IL. (Lizette and Akonia) . I have spent hours and I mean hours 6 hours and 3 days to be exact on the phone trying to resolve a Full Upright Freezer that went out. Your Unique repair Service told me flat out #1 we cant come out for 5 days because they are completely booked and not sure why the service advantage department set up the appointment. Tameka told me they will come out and look at the freezer and assess what need to be fixed and then order the part which will take 3 to may 5 working days to get the part ( because they don’t carry parts on the truck) and then they will reschedule another appointment to come back out. This run around and multiple times for them to come out is NOT acceptable, this is going to take at least 2 weeks if not longer. Like seriously people this is a FULL UPRIGHT FREEZER packed with food, you realize were in a PANDEMIC and we stocked up. Then you tell me, well your warranty only allows a maximum of $250 food reimbursement, I have over $610. in frozen food. I offered to show pictures and again I was told ” Sorry Miss your warranty disclaimer says $250.00 (Which not to mention that was NEVER ever told to me or discussed with me prior). Then I receive another call by the Manager and she tells me to try and RENT a freezer, so I look up rent a center and if they carry an upright freezer in my area and NOT ONE of them do, only refrigerators with above freezer, ( that will not even come close to saving my food) and then in a 2rd conversation with her and told me ” She had the time to listen to the taped conversations that I have had with all of your employees listed above, the best she can do is a LOWES GIFT CERTIFICATE for $150.00 , I don’t want a LOWES GIFT CARD, I want many for all of my food that spoiled and the time I have wasted on the phone not to mention time i will have to take off of work for the repair service to come out 2 times.
    Your company does not stand behind the products, YOU COMPANY DOESN”T DO ANYTHING TO MAKE A CUSTOMER HAPPY, your Service advantage department tells me one thing ” We are going to get you a NEW FREEZER and then it was denied. I can’t believe how you run your company. I am so disappointed and I will NEVER EVER BUY from Lowe’s again and I will let my family and friends how your company is and I will tell them and tell anyone I can, to not by anything from Lowes. SIGNED, Aggravated Customer

  • ivy says:

    I ordered carpet for two rooms. Both the same size, 12×15 and two pieces. When it came and was delivered- it was 12×30 ft long…. I did not know this until I rolled it out and it kept going….. WOW seriously?! THEN, it was fixed after I complained about this issue… new carpet came today but it was cut 12×13.5ft… WOW 2.5ft missing…. NOW WTF do I do?! FIX THIS – FIX THIS!

  • Robert says:

    Go to Home Depot and avoid frustration and angst. Lowe’s does not care about its reputation as evidenced by the numerous complaints enumerated below. My experience has been exhausting and I am a retired therapist. Nuff said!

  • John Amrich II says:

    Ordered a pressure washer. Website saied it was delivered??? Where to??? People at Niles Ohio tell me 12th 12th then 17th. No one can tell me.!! Niles are idiots working there. 1st and last time I deal with Lowe’s ordering!!! Lost in LIMBO

  • Ed says:

    Last week I ordered 5 items that were in stock at the Millville, N.J. store. I did not hear from them about my order so after 3 days I called and was told that they were busy and that pick up orders were behind. After speaking to a very “snotty” manager, I was able to get my items. The folks at this store have a very miserable attitude. When I initially called I was told that I could get curbside pick up “IF” someone was available to bring it out tom me, otherwise I would have to go into the store. What does “curb side” mean? I called again today to check on curbside wait times for in stock items and was told, with a grumpy attitude, that the wait was 4 to 5 days…WHAT. What are these people doing in there? They need to get off their lazy butts and do some work instead of having their “pep rallies” and “meetings”. I’ve been a loyal Lowes customer for years and am finding this store going to hell in a hand basket. Corporate needs to clean house. There is a Home Depot across the street… think I’ll star shopping there!

  • James Glading says:

    In October 2018 I contracted with Lowes to renovate my master bath. Seven months(June 2019) after completion we noticed the grout on the floor of the shower starting to crumble. We notified the store Poughkeepsie NY). The contractor came and they replaced a section of tiles and regrouted the floor. Six months after that, the same thing happened again. I contacted the help desk in Indiana and the process to correct the job started again. I’ve had two professional bathroom contractors in and they both agreed that the floor was put in incorrectly and we were advised not to use the shower. I’ve contacted the store manager as well as the contact in Indiana and I have not heard any news as to when the job will be done.
    We’ve been without this bathroom shower since December 2019 and would like to someday be able to use our bathroom again. I’m sending this letter to inform you that I’m about ready to seek legal intervention to rectify this situation.

  • kelli tangye says:

    Why bother commenting no one will help you. They improperly installed windows in my home. Leaving my home unlivable and my family exposed to mold. And they hide behind arbutration. They take your rights away and leave your family helpless.

  • Richard A Cousins says:

    I placed an online for a metal roof it went to a store about 50 miles now they are giving me the run around about bringing it to me after I paid $80.00 for the delivery my order is laying at a store in new castle pa and has been for 10 days needless to say I won’t be buying it anymore from lowes

  • Leslie - Orchard Park, NY says:

    At the beginning of May I ordered a product on-line that stated it would arrive by May 16th. On May 18th I was told it was in the fulfillment center and would arrive in a few days. On May 28th, I called again and was told the vendor has not yet shipped the product because they were shutdown for 3 weeks. So my order never did arrive to the fulfillment center as I was previously told. Then I was told my order should arrive on May 2nd. On May 4th my order still had not arrived and was told the vendor has not shipped it yet. The customer service rep stated she would follow up with the vendor and get back to me, but she never did. I then went back to the store and asked if they could check on my order. Once again they told me it was in the fulfillment center, but then they told me the vendor has not shipped the order and that I was to follow up with their vendor. I should not be the one following up with their vendor that is their job. The customer service is terrible at Lowe’s. I will never purchase another item from them. As of today I still do not have my order and no one can tell me where it is. When you call customer service be prepared to be on hold for at least one hour.

  • Marcy Morgan says:

    I ordered a washer and dryer that was described as a set, and after I purchased them I realized that the washer was 1 inch shorter than the dryer, I went online to cancel the order and it would not let me cancel them because it said the order was already processed, but the money was not taken out of my account and the shipping date wasn’t for three weeks because the washer was on back order. So since 5/27/20 I have talk to probably 15 to 16 people and have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get the order canceled, they finally got the dryer canceled but nobody can seem to get the washer canceled because they said it was a while supplies last item. I just want them to get the washer canceled before the money comes out of my account because I have already purchased another washer and dryer because I had to have one at the time. I just don’t understand why with all the people I’ve talk to somebody has not taken the steps to take it higher up to make sure that it gets canceled, They did say the IT Dept was looking into it and would get it canceled, but as of today it is still showing as ordered. I am so frustrated because of all of the time I have spent on the phone with so many different people that I ask to please call me back and let me know what was going on and they never did.

  • James Miller, Disabled Veteran. says:

    Lowe’s try to do a great job except when it comes to their warehouse operations. This is my second time bad experience!
    After I just read other reviews, it is obvious that the warehouse management are incapable of doing a 5 star job. Over the years having the same problem with getting customers ordered items on your trucks to the rightful stores and their customers, it is obviously that the head executive does not care.
    So the only alternative, is just wait, wait and wait for my refrigerator that was received at the warehouse May 21st.

  • Charlene L Colligan says:

    06/04/20 @ 1:24 Went to Lowe’s in Suffolk, Va.1216 N. Main St. to pick up a Filter and Weed Killer. I had always heard to NOT go to Suffolk Lowe’s because the service is horrible. But, I thought that just picking up two items “how bad could it be?” Well, got to the register #2 and employee named Dominique walked away as I put my items down. I and another customer waited 5 minutes for her to return looking aggravated to tell us “Ya’ll come to #5. So, we went to #5 for her to leave AGAIN. We waited AGAIN for about 7 minutes for her to return,, shake her head at some other customer passing (she was obviously mad at) and say Kiss My ____!! She left again (with us still in line). Therefore, we went to the Self Check out frustrated and in awe. We look up and she is at Register#1 !! Standing and mumbling under her voice and shaking her head. Never once did she apologize . JUST LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS ANGRY AT THE WORLD. Now “I” am telling others NOT to go there. Too many people are without jobs that would love to take Dominique’s place!! POOR Customer Service.

  • Miller says:

    Lowe’s 800 Customer Service is a joke.

    Placed an on line order which was incomplete and

    The website to return an order will not accept a return only
    returns one to re-order.

    I have now called three (3) times. First I was on hold for 50 minutes,
    second call for 25 minutes, and current call 20 minutes and counting.

    One would think, with 300,000 plus employees on line customer service
    would be more responsive?

    I personally would rate Lowes on line customer service _________?

    I have come to grips the three (3) improper items total $38.94 plus tax and
    one (1) missing item totaling $12.98 plus tax are my cost of business ordering from
    no service Lowes. Wonder if Clark Howard would be interested discussing on his
    national radio show? Good Idea.

    I realize no one from Lowe’s will reach out. But rest assured I am cancelling My Lowes
    Account today and never to use or recommend Lowes to anyone.

  • Miguel A. Roque says:

    I purchased over 6,000 dollars of Samsung and General Electric appliances at the Lows store on August 2019. Stove, dishwasher, Ice box, Microwave, washing machine, and dryer. I’m a Senior Citizen and also a Military Veteran and I’am tired of running around with my head cut off. I have a Lows Rebate of 500,02 dollars floating in the Rebate Department pending review. I purchased my appliances because of the rebates offer by Lows and I always shop there. Most of the people that works there I almost know them by their names. They’re hard working people and they do a good job for the store. I have called the Rebate Department back in January 2020, and they told me that I was lacking the invoice for the stove, the next day I went to the Lows store and they gave me a copy of the invoice which I mail to the rebate department. I send them the documents a week later I called them and they told me that they received the invoice and was pending processing. Everytime, I called the 800 rebate number or I go on line I’am not able to send a email message or talk to someone in the department. I can’t believed that we’re in June 2020, and Im still waiting for my rebate. Sir I know that you’re a very busy man with all that we’re going through in this country, but sir If you can direct this email to the proper person that could help me and my wife and we will greatly appreciate it. We wanted to buy a new patio set this summer with the rebate. Below I provided the Rebate Claimed number and my information. Sorry for the inconvenience, Thank You!
    Rebate Claimed Number. CGQH 7725 7487

  • Rudy says:

    This comment is about the Lowe’s store located @ 130 Fairgrounds Memorial Parkway Ithaca New York 14850.

    The customer service this store provides is TERRIBLE when calling this store (if anyone will answer) your put on hold for LONG periods of time, then you either deal with a dropped call or being transferred to the wrong department or just plain HUNG UP ON. The automated phone system is BROKEN if you do speak to someone they will in fact tell you that. I spent a total of 2.5 hours calling and calling and being disconnected all for nothing. I live 36 miles from this location so it’s not as simple as jumping in the car and heading to the store. But I did and went directly to “Customer Service” talked to an employee that really didn’t seem to care about my concerns and gave me nothing but “LIP SERVICE”. This store NEEDS to get it phone system FIXED so customers can communicate about there purchases. But most of all they need to take a TIME OUT and seriously discuss there Customer Service practices and how they treat the people who are spending there hard earned money at there store in which they work. Lowe’s isn’t the only Big Box home improvement store and losing business isn’t what Lowe’s is IN BUSINESS for so I hope someone important from Lowe’s reads this and reacts to it. It all starts with “The Big Guy” and someone should let him know just how sub standard this store really is.

  • Maureen says:

    I have read all the comments about Lowes. Nothing good said about the service not received. I have had similar problems and am leaning towards no longer shopping at Lowes. They do not take care of problems and that is a shame. You want our money but forget about the person who needs help with a problem. To bad and shame on you Lowes

  • Andrew Patterson S says:

    Thank for a space to comment, I am a small business in my answer draft in Military 1967 and Viet Nam My small business started in 1983 tax Idea started year later in cleaning business and we have covered all from window cleaning to floors carpet, to now cleaning parking lot for business like yours as other cleaning has slowed down , I like to have a inside contract with Lowe’s store if now more that my home town store Martinsville, Va. I started cleaning with Lowe’s 2009 2010 had four under as a sub contractor so I know how to keep it looking good with two sweeper trucks but cost to stay busy. Martinsville have not had a sweeping services this year since my contract end as a sub with Divisions. I look forward your call 276 352-8183 business phone 276-673-3639 like to hear from president , store manager at Martinsville Mike know my work.

  • Irene Leek says:

    I ordered a shelf for over my crisper bin, when I received it it was the wrong shelf no return label in the box. So I go to send it back at FedEx and it cost me a whopping $48.23, so I call customer service and after 2 hours on hold I’m told they wont refund it because I could have called and got a return label. I had no idea, and it was not my fault they didnt do their job at shipping, I have filed a complaint, after years of patronizing Lowes they are too cheap to refund my shipping cost, how very sad !

  • Joe Cossaboom says:

    I did a online order for the local store (Salisbury, MD). It was sent to two other Lowes stores 30-40 miles away from where I live. The local store does not practice any social distancing, restricting ingress of store and their curbside assistance absolutely SUCKS. Now I have gotten two items on my order and both were wrong. Cannot reach anyone from Lowes, phones go unanswered at the Easton Md, Seaford, De and Salisbury, MD stores. The 800# is so overwhelmed, that I waited two hours, never got in touch. If I could get ahold of someone, I would cancel my order and go to Home Depot (at least they are practicing social distancing and will assist you). Been a fond customer of Lowes for over 30 years….so much for that!!!!

  • Sturgis Wade says:

    What’s is going on in Virginia regarding a customer not wanting a delivery by an African American Lowe’s employee? I’ve been a customer for many years and I am appalled that Lowe’s agreed to accommodate such a request. What was the manager thinking to agree to such a request?

  • Joe says:

    I went to your Stclairsville store today to return 300 feet of Rope $234.00 that I bought yesterday it was to thick so we couldn’t use it there is 400 feet on a roll so I basically had bought your whole role, what I didn’t know was that I couldn’t return it the employee didn’t say anything to me about it and I wasn’t post it either had I know that I would had double checked before I bought it . I was told today that it wasn’t the clerks job to tell me that. I have to say I am getting a sour taste of your company. First my identity gets stolen internally in your corporation and now this .

  • Doreen says:

    Lowe’s customer service sucks after being on hold for 1hour 30 minutes and finally someone answered his name was Robert he had told me that a manager will be contacting me in 2 day no response at all, he never noted the account so when I called back in 3 days after being on hold 50 minutes the customer service rep was very rude and told me that there are no notes from previous representative what a joke…. Lowe’s sucks

  • Dwight A. Daigle says:

    I have been trying to forward an ” E ” mail to a corporate executive without any success. My initial ” E ” mail drew the following reply, “Thank you for your e-mail. Please note this is an automated response and this mailbox is not currently being monitored “. I then obtained another ” E ” mail address to which I forwarded the original communication and the reply. Fully one ( 1 ) month has passed and I still have not received a reply. One can only assume that for whatever reason(s) Lowes is not interested in its customer’s concerns.

  • Michael Tierney says:

    I had a terrible terrible experience at the Lowes in Sioux City Iowa. I ordered a Riding Lawn Mower on line, it was supposed to be delivered Sunday, they called Sunday and said it had not been put together, Monday I called the store and was put on hold and after ten minutes or so hung up. Called again and asked for the lawn and garden extension. Talked to a guy and told him I had ordered a riding lawn mower and it came with a mulching kit and could they please put the kit on while putting it together. Told him I was a military vet and was wearing a wound pump and could not do it. He said no they couldn’t do it. He said they did not have the tools for that. Thought that was very strange. Called back again asking to speak with the store manager, he was not available, gave the lady my name and phone number and never did hear from him. Terrible customer service, will not ever shop their again.

  • Wanda Chappell says:

    I had a horrible experience with Rita, a customer service rep, at Lowes today! I bought some plants went to the self checkout because at this Lowes on McDermett Dr in Allen never has any check out lanes open. When I scanned the plants which were on clearance, they rang up regular price which seems to always happen, you have to get someone to override the price. I was waiting for someone to come over, I noticed that Rita, who was working the self checkout was busy with another customer so I just stood there never said a word and was waiting for her to become available to help me. She looked at me and said” can I help you”, I explained that the plants rang up regular price, she said they would have to have an override, I said I know that I was just waiting, she said ” well you will be waiting a long time, I’m busy”! Someone else came over and helped me at that time I asked to speak to a manager. While I was waiting for the manager Rita came over wearing mask no gloves and touched my shoulder and wanted to apologize, said she was stressed! I did not accept her apology and still don’t. If you get this stressed maybe customer service is not for you.

  • Sharon Darcy says:

    I went shopping today at your North Las Vegas store. Two employees approached me within 18″ – neither one wore gloves or a face covering. When I asked one associate where her mask was, she replied:”Oh pooh – it’s not air borne!”This is unacceptable and your ignorance is going to be our demise!

  • Donna G. says:

    Are you kidding me! The Lowe’s in Yorktown, NY is a joke. My husband placed an online order for a wire wheel for his grinder. Since we are in the middle of the corona virus pandemic we chose to use online ordering and curbside pick up. Our visa card was charged, but we were told the item was out of stock.Go figure? I could not get through to customer service to cancel the order so I just let it be. We got an email that the item was “ready for Pickup” later in the same day. We went to the store, parked in the designated spot followed all of the directions for curbside pickup, which consisted of calling the store and entering the posted extension. When this was done all instructions went to spanish which neither myself or my husband understand. However when we dialed the Lowe’s number and did not dial the extension no one even said “Hi this is Lowe’s, how may I help you” we were just put on hold and no one ever picked up the phone again! What a way to do business!! Especially since this is a brand new store and you would think they would want to encourage people to shop there.
    Long story short, after trying to get someone to assist us via our cell phone for nearly 40 minutes, my husband put on his mask and went in to the store to pick up our items. This took about 45 minutes and he said there were only 2 girls at the customer service counter(which is where you go to pick up online orders). I did however end up getting thru to customer service while my husband was in the store and made it clear that I was waiting for curbside pick up and I was told they had no one available to assist people for curbside pick up. Why advertise for this during the Pandemic if you don’t have the personnel to implement it!! A lady pulled into the spot next to me in her SUV for curbside pick up also. I put on my mask, rolled down my window and advised her to not even bother trying to call into the store because there was no one available to help with curbside pickup. We already tried and just wasted 40 minutes doing so. She thanked me for the heads up, put on her mask and preceded into the store.

    We have done “online curbside pickup” at HOME DEPOT which is 8-10 minutes away from the Yorktown Lowe’s Store and had no problems whatsoever! Perhaps the manager of the Yorktown Lowe’s store should place an order at the Home Depot in the Cortlandt Town Center on Rte 6 in Cortlandt Manor and learn how “online ordering/curbside pickup” is done.

    Shame on Lowe’s for their terrible work ethics while our country is in such turmoil during this Covid 19 crisis.One would think they would be more appreciative of the local public business and show a little more courtesy.

    I think I’ll just continue shopping at Home Depot for now!!!!!
    (especially for online orders/curbside pickup).

  • Anonymous says:

    This is directed Jennifer Weber EVP, Human Resources Urgent attention is mandatory.

    You have employees currently working at the Lindale Texas location that are drug users and dealers as well as involved with stealing money and material from the store and has gone on for years. The employee Charlotte Ann Harley is the main culprit behind the scheme and has been black mailing people in the store in order to cover her tracks and to secure her job. She has been and is involved in criminal activities outside of the store such as prostitution, child abuse, child pornography. She is a consistent user of meth and brags of selling to other at work and to other through work. She is a piece of crap and if you do not fire her then my next step will be to involve the media and law enforcement and will splash this all over the news for Lowe’s. She is behind thefts of pawn shops in the area and has attempted to have not only her own children killed but has been solicitating to hire a hitman to murder her youngest daughters pimp.

    If immediate action is not taken then by May 15th this will all go public with headlines that Lowe’s tried to cover it all up and the law will be brought in, and I mean Federal authorities.

    This is anonymous as she has a reputation for trying to have people killed for out her for her activities.

  • Ruben Rodriguez says:

    I had an extremely disappointing experience with Lowes.com purchase order and in Store. I spent over 6 hours on the phone, in 3 days and 2 1/2 hours in store and my order was not resolved. The original order quote was then not honored because the price allegedly changed however my quote date was before the expiration. Therefore, I waited for the card to arrive via mail, as instructed only to have to pay more for everything Lowes.com emailed me a locked in price. I was a loyal customer but this just wrong!!!!

  • Michelle Vallentine says:

    This is the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I purchased a tiller Saturday from the Sante Fe store. I assembled it, and it does not start. PERIOD. I tried to get hold of the vendor, Greenworks, they would not pick up the phone. I called the Santa Fe store, got put on hold for 30 minutes. I thought I would try calling the Lowes customer support number, sat on the phone 30 minutes. Then, the phone started going to busy after you wait 30 minutes or more. It looks like someone returned the product, and Lowes put it out on the floor for resale. So not only do they cheat their customers, they won’t pick up the phone to deal with it. I will NEVER shop at Lowes again, Homedepot is right next door

  • Frederick says:

    Greeting, It’s hard to understand why this big box store (LOWE’S) don’t have automatic toilets,sinks and door openers for the restrooms. People need to touch less things as possible especially in these areas.

  • Rick says:

    Why are you’re stores not doing there part on social distancing and limit the customers in store and protecting the workers? The Lowes near me. the parking lot was packed and the store was full beyond there allowed capacity! How are you protecting workers and shoppers? Why are you doing your part in over crouding!

  • Robert says:

    Worse online experience ever. Ordered on line April 16, 2020. two weeks May 1, 2020 no reply / no product. Attempted to contact the phone numbers provided on the web site to check order status. Spent 3hours one day and 2hours another day attempting to contact Lowes customer care. No answer. On with music for an hour or more. Attempted to cancel the order. No provision to do so, yet my credit card indicates a pending charge. Attempted to call the local store, no answer in any department. Unbelievably bad experience for something so simple.

  • Sharon says:

    Nowhere can an email address be found for individual stores or corporate contact. In this day of staying home, I’ve been to your store 3 times to get Dwarf English Boxwoods that were on your website that said no online purchase and that I had to go to the store to buy. What a sly marketing ploy. You don’t have the boxwoods you say you have on your sites. It’s a trick to get me to your stores to possibly substitute or settle on something else. There won’t be a fourth time of going to your stores. Just so you know Home Depot is across the street from Lowe’s. Very disappointed, Sharon Giesler

  • Crystal Beard says:

    I have been trying to send an email to the Headquarter’s customercare email address but the email keeps coming back as undeliverable. Can you provide me the correct email address? I want to send it to someone at the headquarter’s office. The email I used is customercare@lowes.com

  • David Buermeyer says:

    The north Winchester, VA store is not following the guidance issued by the President of the United States, by the Governor of Virginia, and by the CEO of Lowes. They are not ensuring social distancing, are not wearing masks, and do not seem to care about this national emergency. It is a disgrace and disrespectful to your customers!

  • MARIA MORENO says:

    Very unsatisfied with their service!
    I made an order on line of 3 holidays totes .I got a call next morning telling me the totes were not in stock anymore they didn’t give me any other options rain checks or anything else they simply cancel the order !
    Very upset and it definitely considered FALSE ADVERTISEMENT because on the web sight it said it was still available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanna says:

    These employees are having to risk there lives, and Lowes can not even supply them masks for some protection-Take some of your Billions these people are making you and provide them masks -why are you still selling plants, mulch and much more that is non essential items this really shows you put money before lives–your workers lives!!

  • Genita Rutherford says:

    Horrible customer service. Will not let me cancel my online order after they told me that they don’t have any idea when I might get it my order. This is completely unacceptable and I will never shop at Lowe’s again.

    • Terry says:

      To the buyer
      This is information regarding our Ani-microbial reusable face mask that can be used up to 20 times. The mask is made with (3 ply’s) with one ply made of 100% polyester waterproof to prevent droplet. This new mask adds an extra layer of protection for the user. Please see the attached for addition information. The cost is $2.15 per piece including air shipment, estimate delivery time from order is less than 2 weeks. Minimum order is 20,000 units we have an unlimited supply. Suggested MSRP is $6.99 Plus. Testing on the mask is included . I am not presenting the face shields at this time because of short supply. I would like to focus on the masks but I did attached a picture.

      Please pass this email on for all that may have a need.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.


      Terry W. Pimental
      California Sales and Marketing Co.
      Phone 925-895-8333


    chris in yr new port richey garden center is awesome 03282020

  • Davina Hawkins says:

    My Truck was damaged a month ago and your claims department is very unfair. Mr. Darling Compared it to hitting a child.
    LOWE’S Headquarters Phone Number +1-8-5-5-4-.8.5.O4.07….
    That is crazy and now they will not answer their phone’s or Return my calls. Does anyone care about how your claims department treat people

  • David Hawkins says:

    My Truck was damaged a month ago and your claims department is very unfair. Mr. Darling Compared it to hitting a child.That is crazy and now they will not answer their phone’s or Return my calls. Does anyone care about how your claims department treat people?

  • heather says:

    We’ve been shopping at Lowe’s for a while we’re in the construction business. We talked to pro services at the West Stone Drive Lowes in Kingsport TN in which we were told we could apply for a pro services credit card to save money. We were told we would save money on everything not just the 5% like on our other card. If we ask ten different people about the savings and how it works we get ten different answers. I know that you offered the QSP before and now you have to have the pro services card to qualify. We spend $100,000 plus a year in remodels and new construction. To my understanding we have to spend $1500 to even start a QSP to save any money. We don’t always need $1500 worth of stuff at one time. We were told we could save as much as 30% on windows and other percentages on other things, but anytime I have them run the prices I’m never saving anywhere near what I was told before. We were told if we bought so much as a pack of pencils we would save money. I find it sad that as much money as I spend that if I just spend $700 there is no real savings. I can literally go to my hometown hardware/building store and get it cheaper and have it delivered for half the price and they will put materials in my house at no extra charge and not leave it setting in the driveway. We were very mislead in applying for this card. Maybe you should think about retraining your pro service employees to explain the perks that come with each card. I have called surrounding stores and never get the same answers. So by being a pro service customer the only thing I’ve gained is a $20 delivery fee in which my hometown hardware/building store has anyway! I have never been a Home Depot fan but they can answer all questions and I don’t feel like I get the run around.Their program discounts are actually discounts. I know that we can’t be the only people who have been through this.

  • L Mac says:

    i would like to speak with some one in the HR department or above, with a Ph call i have look for a number but no luck with a good one,,20 plus job apps ,,4 interviews,,, two canceled so should have had 6,,, had a walk in job fair to day Wed Oct @ from 9A to 6P got there at 2:30 and was told it was from 10A to 2P,, the Manager change the time,,, if some one out of NC office will text i will give you my number thank you>>>>>

  • Dale C. Rice former employeee says:

    I wish this was a congratulatory mesg. But sad to say after spending $65 on prenial plants to day I went to see the roses. Every rose was drooping and suffering heat stress….it’s still 90 out here in Palm Spings and I let the manager know that he would likely have to put the entire shipment which came in only 3 days ago he said on 1/2 price sale they are so damaged. Not to mention that employees were standing talking to one another at the register while your product was dying in the Palm Springs heat. I was part of Lowes years 2 , 3, 4 and helped as a specialsit in Flooring to move sales from less than a Million in year one to 5 Million in year 4 and that was 20%of the store total. I look forward each season to spending hundreds of dollars in the flower dept. and it was so upsetting I doubt I will select any Roses from your Palm Springs store. I will sadly have to go across the street to Home Depot. The manager said he would get someone out there, but it’s too late…you see if he had walked out there this morning he might have saved the 50 gallon roses that I saw at 3:00PM flat and wilted. not a bloom upright.

  • Karen Black says:

    I will never use Lowes Home Services again.
    Such a sweet talker Oswego NY salesman Jim Clark was, but after making the sale on a new roof, the salesman couldn’t/wouldn’t help with the problems with the sub contracted roofer.
    They sold me an alteration of my roof shape with the new roof and he did call to ask me to keep it hush-hush as corporate doesn’t allow them to do that.
    The sub contracted roofer “Walker” has a website where he claims to show up at every job. Must be every job except mine. His workers did a sloppy crap job.
    I called the salesman, as I said, and he was of no use: “I don’t have anything to do with the project after the sale.” he said.
    I emailed my corporate project manager Curtis Flowers and he was beyond useless. First, he wanted me to pay someone to do an inspection on my roof which I did. What a waste.
    Then he wanted me to submit a claim to my insurance company. The insurance guy said that didn’t make sense as it wasn’t a roof damage situation, it is a poor-quality installation.
    He kept me running in circles and ridiculous wild goose chases. He was an idiot.
    Then I called corporate again and Curtis wasn’t there but another project coordinator Grundstrom was subbing for him and simply put in a work order for me and the contractor and I started an email conversation.
    Walker was insincere and patronizing about my complaint offering me 3 dollars for my complaint that I witnessed his men wasting materials and laughing about it.
    When I ran into more delays, I found out Curtis had been replaced with someone else. I still was left hanging.
    I was assigned a nice new project coordinator Dawn Wheeler. She was nice but did nothing for me and I kept calling and asked to speak to a supervisor.
    I got another nice new project coordinator Carol Vaden.
    Still nothing was being done.
    This is frustrating as no one is helping me nor standing by their services.
    Finally, someone good at corporate, the only good one at corporate (I wish I could remember this good man’s name), made him come out after trying for months and many phone calls in which you spend hours on hold and emails that amount to nothing.
    The contractor came out just before Memorial Day and I could see it in his eyes he recognized his workers did a terrible job. He fixed some of the problems that day but ran out of materials (because his men were very wasteful of the materials I paid for) and said he needed to order them, and he would be back after memorial day.
    We are mid-September and he hasn’t been back.
    After again much effort the good manager got him to respond and he emailed me he forgot.
    He again planned to come out and then didn’t show up.
    Then he sent an email asking if he could come out the next day and I didn’t see it in time. I have emailed him twice since and no response.
    So back on the phone to corporate.
    Please hold.
    Please hold again.
    Placed on hold.
    Waiting on hold.
    Transferred to my project coordinator so I could leave a message on her voicemail.
    This is so unacceptable.
    Lowes: you should be ashamed.
    Your name and reputation are ruined.
    I will never hire you again.
    By the looks of the other comments, you are losing customers in droves.
    10 negatives to 2 positives.
    You will be lucky to still be in business in a year or two.
    I paid you good and hard-earned money and you did not give me a good roof.
    You did not give me good customer service.
    You haven’t done anything at all that suggests you want to make things right.
    Never Again.

  • Anthony Comuso says:

    After more than 4 months of deception and lie’s, I finally went to the Lowes Store in Waterloo, New York and spoke with the ASM Dustin C. This person was the only one who took the time to assist me with my problem in having a fence installed on my property. The contractor (Clarks Property Preservation) Lowes used to install my fence did nothing but deceive and scam the entire project. This contractor cost Lowes a loyal customer and should be removed from Lowes Contractor list. ASM Dustin C. made arrangements to have my installation cost’s refunded to me and took the time to order missing supplies needed for my project. Lowes has seriously let me down from the salesman to the store manager, to include a Lori Harris and Rita Selville? who are project managers in Indiana. Never again will myself and whomever else wants to hear my story use Lowes for ANY installation projects. Thank You Dustin C. for your much appreciated help in moving forward to have my project completed.

  • Frustrated and annoyed says:

    In reading these reviews, it appears as if we all have similar problems with Lowe’s and NO ONE seems to care, from the sales staff to the CEO, who should be ashamed of himself and how Lowe’s stores treat people. One of these days, these people are going to have their own install problems and I can only hope that they have as bad of an experience as we’ve had, including the materials, the labor, and the problems trying to get these issues resolved, and of course the lame excuses. Do you all have a list of excuses you read from or something…from the really bizarre to the “are you f’ing kidding me”. It’s like you people think we are idiots. In my experience it went from one stupid excuse to another after I would call them out for their excuse and they wouldn’t be able to explain how that is remotely possible. I will NEVER recommend or shop at a Lowe’s again. It is no wonder Lowe’s is closing stores and possibly filing for bankruptcy. I hope Menard’s along with Home Depot put you out of business!

    • Karen Black says:

      I totally relate to your frustration and experience as you will see from my comments they didn’t do any better by me than they did by you. Unbelievable that they have any open stores at this point.

  • Gary Ruzow says:

    Went to Lowe’s to buy a refrigerator on the 4th of July appliance sale,4weeks later on the day of delivery received a call saying the refrigerator is damaged come into the store and pick a different refrigerator.went to the store the manager wanted me to pay extra for a different refrigerator whereby the refrigerator was lower in price during 4th of July sales.i decided to do a return and went to the other Lowe’s the following day ended buying the same brand but a model below my first purchase.and now it’s Labor Day weekend and still waiting for delivery because they decided not to do any deliveries on sat 31 and they did not even call to inform you.both managers could not care.plus they messed up on the finance charge.

  • cathie mccloskey says:

    we bought vinyl flooring for our bathroom from lowes in Elyria ohio, the installers came out put our toilet in bathtub started to do floor then came in an told us the floor wasn’t fitting right so they were going to walk off job, we told them they couldn’t leave us with no toilet and no floor so they called there boss and he told them to install it anyway n if it was bad we could take it up with the manufacturer, so they did then when they put the toilet back they broke flange n the toilet rocked n was sitting a inch off floor so we called back n kept getting runaround one guy came out n put sticks under toilet n said it was ok then after 3 weeks they sent another guy out today he pulled toilet n said flange was broke n that they don’t fix that n to call a plumber after he left our toilet sitting in the middle of our bathroom floor. very terrible service will never shop there again and I guess we will have to hire a lawyer n sue to get our money back for something we already paid for.poor customer service.

  • Sharen Clark says:

    You need to get a better way of dealing with phone calls at the Corporates office. I have been on hold for 1.47 hours.
    Please return my call as I have things to do too.

  • Beverly J. Lantry says:

    I cannot express our great disappointment in the service we have recently received at the Lowe’s in Rockledge, Florida. We purchased a refrigerator, washer and dryer and they were mistakenly adelivered BEFORE we closed on our new home, thus the appliances had to be returned to the store and delivered days later. To add insult to injury, we purchased blinds that were delivered to the store August 10 but we cannot seem to get them delivered and installed, which we paid to have done. Numerous inquiries have gotten us NOWHERE. Calls to the ” installer” have gone unreturned. What next! The only person who tried to help us was a manager named Diana, but that was weeks ago. This is entirely unacceptable and we are frustrated to the max. Shame on Lowe’s.

  • Robert (Bob) Greenwood says:

    My wife and I want to tell you about our experience in Lowes @ Huntersville today! We had been there on Tues and purchased a light fixture to replace one on our fan however it did not fit. We returned it today and was looking for the proper fixture when I was approached by Fred {last name not known}. He was from your Corp. HQ. He and David Trask helped us to find the right item even though it took time out of their day. We appreciated the help since I was unable to walk due to both knees being injured. It is not often that any employee anywhere helps someone as much as they did. Please express our thanks..Bob & Sharon Greenwood, customers for many years.

  • Larry and Tammie Linde says:

    Marvin R. Ellison, CEO: We have a ongoing complaint ,which has not been resolved yet about a John Deer Mower that we purchased on 7/27/19.It started by going to Lowes at 3780 S Orlando Drive Sanford Fl.32773 #407-430-4060.We purchased a 42″Mulching Kit,3 year EPP OPE ,E130 22 HP 42″-IN.Mower.Our sales person was Mr. Lang he explained they had 5 in back ,and we were saying we don’t want floor model at all. He said he would register for us and I will get a email with information ,which I never did ,also he said they would be contacting us on Thursday 8-1-19 to say when delivery time would be on Friday 8-2-19.So instead when we called they said no time was set up for delivery. And then we figured that’s why there was no email being registered. So my husband finally got in touch the following morning 8-2-19 at 6:00 am he was suppose to talk to delivery manager Lewis but he was no in so another person what told my husband it would be delivered today 8-2-19. my husband was making the call on his work schedule and he didn’t get that persons name. And yes it was delivered but it was the floor model that we didn’t pay for or ask for .So my husband contacted the store and of coarse no one can help us ,so he went to store Saturday morning 8-3-19 and they said delivery manager wont be in till 3:00 pm .my husband Larry called for him and finally around 4:00 he spoke to him and he said he would check into this matter and get back to him .So Tuesday 8-6-19 rolled around still no call .So I got on phone to Lowes asked to speak to store manager Steve Morrow they said he was out to lunch that was at 11:10 am left my name and number .No I call back talk to Sarah at customer service then she proceeded to get the invoice number so when he came in he would know what going on ,Steve Morrow the store manager, so didn’t here nothing called back she Sarah put me though to Charlie the asst. manager and she said that Steve Morrow was in meeting now. So I spoke to her she said Mr. Lang would have to take care of this matter he would be in by 3:00 today 8-6-19 ,by fixing it cause he the one who rang up the invoice for us to buy this lawn mower. But never heard from him today .But did here from the delivery guy a few minutes ago he was trying to tell me they went to wrong store over a week ago ,that it was there mistake not his really what do I care he was trying to cover his own behind and make excuses if you ask me and said he would call me tomorrow after he had already told me they will probally not be out till this Friday before he would speak with them he was estimating ,telling me that we can use that floor model until they can get us one out there and so did Charlie the asst. manager they would write it off. We feel like it all started with Mr. Lang who wrote us up be cause we got two other items then he had walked by already checked out was wondering how he went in the back to get model and serial number and write to register it that I never received, cause when you write up floor model I would had to register it ,plus there not being no delivery part to it cause he didn’t do what he was suppose to for his customer. So we still don’t have our Lawn mower just excuses from this person and that person so I called and ask for the store manager to call me tomorrow maybe he will maybe he wont .We will see .This is unbelievable we just went through this 3 months ago for them to do flooring in my bedroom what a terrible experience we went through. We just want our lawn mower that we bought ,how much more do we have to go through to get something were paying for .Can you please help us out after 2486.32 this is really blowing our mind about this and don’t even have it yet. My husband doesn’t feel good about using something that is not his, PLEASE can you HELP this is not normal at all we just want what we payed for not hassles!!!! Thanks Larry and Tammie

  • Nancy L. Husch says:

    Mr. Marvin R. Ellison, CEO: I have a complaint with your Lowe’s Gift Card Dept. I purchased a $100.00 Lowe’s Gift Card in Oct./Nov. for my husbands birthday, which I gave him on Nov. 8th. I’ve done this numerous times before with no problems. My husband tends to wait to use gift cards like this to use when he has a large project to do at home. He attempted to use this gift card in 2019 at the Lowe’s store in Sterling, VA 20166, month of May/June. Since the Pin# would not work I’m not sure of the date. The Lowe’s employee tried 3 or 4 times and he was unable to complete the sale using this gift card. So, he used a personal credit card. He later tried to used this gift card on-line for a different purchase, and again the PIN# would not work. On July 12th, 2019 I emailed the Lowe’s gift card customer service and informed them that this $100.00 gift card will not work because of the PIN#. I have been going back in forth with Taylor, LGCS since then. The Ticket ID#440392, gift card #6006491721600980401. My last email from Taylor was on July 23, 2019, 5:20 AM PDT, content: “We have forwarded your contact information and a description of the problem to our Guest Relations Team. They will be in touch with you to further assist. Thanks again for contacting Gift Card Support! Thank you, Lowes Gift Card Support Taylor” As of today date August 2, 2019, no further emails, or phone call. At this point I feel I am out the $100.00 I spent. This is really disappointing to me, we have been loyal customers of Lowes for a very, very long time. I am contacting corporate in hopes that this problem can be resolved. Nancy L. Husch, 820 Jackson St., Herndon, VA 20170, 703-709-5404, nlhusch@cox.net and ddhusch@gmail.com

  • C. Rexroth says:

    My husband has been dealing with Lowe’s over our broken water heater since April 2019-Yes, it’s still under warranty, and yes, we have all of the paperwork. He has spent hours on the phone and numerous emails. He ordered the parts, and yes, paid for them, and had someone local come out to put them on, only to find out that the mother board(computer board) is what is bad. This has been horrible to say the least, with hearing people say, oh, there is nothing I can do, or “I don’t know who to send you to” or We will call you back in a week. I mean, seriously, YOUR LOWES!
    I would REALLY appreciate someone that does not have a transfer button, a hold button, or a recording to call my husband. You might think… oh why is “the wife” emailing us, well, I ‘ll tell you. My husband is pretty calm, and understanding, and I’m seeing a different side of him with everything that has went on since April. I know there is SOMEONE , that can do SOMETHING.
    Thank you and have a pleasant day.
    My husband’s information will be the email. I have not told him I’m writing, because I don’t want him disappointed if no one responds.

  • Richard Tumidajski says:

    I would like to thank your employees in North Smithfield and North Providence RI for there kindness when I shop there. I receive a veterans discount and a friendly “thank you for your service” Being a Vietnam era veteran it means so much to me and I’m sure many others. PS the reserved parking is also a nice touch. Richard Tumidajski, Smithfield RI

  • william schuyler says:

    I purchased a $ 227 kitchen faucet with a standard installation charge of $89.00 from Lowe’s. When installer arrived and began disconnecting lines he stated this was not going to be a standard installation. Because installer sub contracted with Lowe’s he needed Lowe’s approval to continue the work and stopped installing the faucet. After waiting a little over 30 minutes, Lowe’s finally contacted me with an additional installation charge of $469.70 over the initial charge of $89.00. It took the installer a little over 3 hours total to install a kitchen faucet. My total installation charge was $ 558.70 for a 3 plus hour install. No licensed individual was required and no additional materials required. I feel this is an excessive cost for a faucet install and request notification and point of contact to discuss this further.
    Faucet and install was contracted with store # 1713. Sub contractor was Forbes Plumbing of Shawboro, NC. who did an excellent job.

  • Benton says:

    worse experience having to get a storm door installed, never again Lowes

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