Where Is Love’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Love’s Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 10601 N Pennsylvania Ave, The Village, OK 73120, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-655-6837
  • Fax Number: 405-749-9110
  • Email: comments@loves.com
  • Number of Employees: 22000
  • Established: 1964
  • Founder: Tom Love
  • Key People: Greg Love, Frank Love

Love’s Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Love’s Corporate Office

Customers have ample reasons for wanting to speak with an organization’s executive or, in some instances, sending passing items through to the corporate headquarters. For a company like Love’s Travel Tops & Country Stores Inc., the need to reach out might be down to certain observations you have about their services of late. Agreed that, in our limited human capability, we cannot precisely fathom your reason for wanting to initiate a conversation, we can provide help in our own little way – and that is by showing you how to go about the process. 

Ways to contact corporate headquarters of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores

Address: You can visit or send a letter to the company’s mailing address at 10601 N Pennsylvania Avenue, The Village, OK 73120, USA.

Phone Number: Alternatively, you can speak directly to an official at Love’s on this phone number: +1 800-655-6837.

Fax Number: Your message can also be transmitted by fax via 405-749-9110

Email Address: The email option is yet available for you to relay your inquiry or feedback; just send it to comments@loves.com

Love’s Headquarters Info & Photos

Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores Inc.’s headquarters is a three-story building that takes up a cumulative floor size of around 68,000 square feet. The headquarters had undergone expansion at various times as the company increased its staff strength; the office space presently accommodates over 500 employees.

The company is bound to further increase its space with the planned renovation of the former Hertz reservation facility in Oklahoma. With this, functional spaces such as large parking spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and café will also be available within the facility. The remodeling of the 132,420 square feet building is being overseen by engineering and construction firm, FSB.

Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores Inc.’s first headquarters was located at 1713 Westchester Drive, The Village, OK 73120.

Love’s Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

10601 N Pennsylvania Ave, The Village, OK 73120, USA


United States

1537 Grande Ave.
Monte Vista, CO, 81144

Love’s Headquarters Executive Team

Greg Love

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Greg Love has been with the company for about 35 years now, having joined in 1986. In his capacity as Co-CEO, he ensures the sustenance of Love’s organizational culture and structure, projecting its vision among the workforce in a bid to drive the actualization of business goals.

Frank Love

Co-Chief Executive Officer and President

Like Greg, Frank is one of the second generation of the Love’s family serving within the company. Before joining Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores Inc. in 1994, Frank Love had a stint in the hospitality sector. Presently, he brings on his experience in directing, in a primary assistive role, the overall strategic direction of the company. Frank has also been a board member of the National Association of Truck Stop Owners since 2016.

Tom Love

Executive Chairman & Founder

Tom has occupied leadership roles at the company built from scratch, guiding it through several growth phases to establish a commendably sustainable business with solid structures. Tom’s entrepreneurial prowess and industry experience have been highly valuable in guaranteeing the development of a viable business model. As the Executive Chairman, Tom is very much involved in defining the strategic course the company will continually tread to maintain a competitive edge in the market.



Kevin Asbury

Executive Vice President of Operations

About Love’s


Though the establishment of the company we now as ‘Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores Inc.’ had some detours, its starting point can be traced back to 1964 when the founders, Tom and Judy Love first leased a gas station in the city of Watonga, Oklahoma. Love’s Country Stores Inc. was then established in 1978, after which Love’s first travel stop was set up in 1981. These milestones culminated in the formation of the company name as seen today. The company has since gone on to open more than 500 travel stops and country stores in 41 different American states.

Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores Inc. has been on an incredible growth trajectory for years now. This can be attributed, in part, to the acquisition strategy adopted by the management. In the past five years, the company has acquired American firms, Trillium CNG and Speedco. Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores Inc. also has Musket Corporation as part of its group, and this subsidiary is known to offer logistics services across North America.    

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Inc. is among the top 20 largest private firms in America according to the ranking provided by Forbes – this is a testament to its over US$20 billion revenue base and staff strength of more than 27,000 personnel.


Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores is a retail company offering a range of products to consumers across the US. It is a privately held firm with chains of stores in multiple US states. The company has two major business sections – the travel stops and country stores.

The country stores are set as gas stations with adjoining convenience stores thus making it possible for people to fuel their automobiles through self-service and also get items from the store. The travel stops have been strategically positioned close to the highway to enable truck drivers to park their vehicles and get some refreshments. The drivers can also get foods from restaurants such as Burger King, McDonald’s, Del Taco, Godfather’s Pizza, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin, and so on from these travel stops.

The company also sees to some truck servicing functions, and supplies for trucks can even be gotten from the travel stops. Plus, there are various truck tire care centers that the company has established for tire checks and maintenance. Besides the aforementioned service offerings, specific financial services are also rendered to truck drivers.


  • Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores Inc. is strictly managed by the Love’s family, and they have got individuals from the first to third generation working in different capacities within the company. The first time an outsider broke into a very top management position was in 2019 when Shane Wharton was made the President of the company.
  • The Love’s Connect is an app that has been built with the objective of improving the experiences of Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores Inc.’s (prospective) customers.
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  • Rick Clifton says:

    I’m a customer at the Loves store in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Recently Lives put in four gaming machines. I gamble there at lease 3-4 times per week. On April 28 , at 1:50 am the rules were changed to allow a women that insisted that she be allowed to play on two if the four machines. The manager in charge of the area, allowed this to happen. His decision left me standing waiting on a machine because all the machines were in use. I now bring this to your attention in the form of a compliant. No customer should be given privileges that other customer are not allowed to have, thank you in advance for a fair resolve to this issue.

  • Jeff dixon says:

    At the loves in Morrilton Arkansas can’t get nobody to clean shower poor way to treat customers

  • Brooke says:

    I have waited on hold 10 times for over 15 minutes at a time to speak with someone so maybe somebody will contact me through here I live in Midland Texas my name is Brooke Townsend I was rudely traded it sure loves 2500 Cholla St. off of the interstate I would like to speak to somebody I played your lottery machine and it’s all messed up and took a lot of money for me it has no tags on it that says that it should be out of order the manager was rude to me and kicked me out I told her that I was going to call them and being in management myself I think the way she treated me was rude and definitely unprofessional there is a lady named Vicky there that was very kind to me and also agreed with me along with other people in line that if the machines that y’all have in there do not work they should have out of order signs on them because I don’t have a lot of money but your machines just took a lot of money for me and they should have auto order signs on them if they do not work but I’m working concerned about the way I was spoken to by your manager who is your OM and I cannot pronounce her name I would appreciate it if somebody would give me a call back if not I guess I will keep trying to call and wait online

  • Brittany Shaffer says:

    I was actually on vacation with my husband as a little get away for the week. We stopped at the one in jasper,tn on April 17th. Overall it was clean and everyone was friendly. We decided to get some food from subway. It was about 12 or so I believe. There was a whole lot of playing around as they were younger teenage boys and the older lady she was talking about other coworkers in a rude manner to customers as if they knew her. It was not very pleasant. If it was my business and I had to choose who to serve people, I would never put someone that disrespectful up there. We heard things about in particular about a employee she seems to
    Have a real issue with. Bragging and being that condescending is totally unnecessary. Outside of that we really enjoyed the rest of the store and the food was really good. We would come back again that’s for sure. Better speed of service would be something to
    Think about. Thanks so much

  • Erica says:

    When into store #323. Went to gas registers to get checked out. Put stuff on counter and informed the 2 young ladies at the gas desk of how nasty the women’s bathrooms was. Got attitude from 1 girl and explained why bathroom was nasty. Stuff was on counter infront of 1girl who hadn’t bothered to begin ringing me up. I asked why could ring me up. 1 girl said either of us. Well I’m in a hurry so I moved my stuff over to the other girl and said guess you can ring me up since she can’t do her job. The young lady I was in front of originally looked at me and said ” You got me F***ed up B***h we can take this outside and I’ll beat your a**.” First off UNACCEPTABLE. Secondly I’m old enough to be her mother. Thirdly threatening me really? When I spoke with the Manager Ryan I was informed how I had no right talking to his people like that. I called Ryan out of respect because I frequently visit this location. He has LOST ALL RESPECT from me. Regardless if he meant to it sure as hell felt like he was blaming me for the whole situation. Don’t appreciate that to start with. Repeatedly told me how wrong I was and he would have to confirm my story and if I was telling the truth he’d handle it. REALLY???? This is how y’all train management to handle situations. Blame the customer/driver???? I’ve worked at a truck stop and have been cussed out and degraded by customers and not 1 time did I ever cuss back or threaten them

  • Jonathan Russell says:

    This was at the new Ripley, n.y truckstop. I witnessed, I believe it was, the Gm, talking to a lady , someone told me it was his assistant manager, talking down to her, like she was dumb. I thought it was very unprofessional. I don’t know what the process of hire is but no one should be disrespectful like that.

  • Maria Carvalho says:

    Diesel pump 18 had problems, the cashier told me to go to 21, that she would cancel the account, the result charged me $300 twice, Cashier name Cynthya and manager ….
    Store # 786
    3201 N Ameristar Dr
    Kansas City ,MO 64161
    816 381 8288
    I need my refund …..

  • Daniel K Fordham says:

    You can’t get ahold of a living sole when you need help on the phone. Customer service is terrible. Answer the phone! Nobody wants to listen to that useless automated answering machine.

  • Tonya Curry says:

    I’m at the loves in Franklyn VA and I have been waiting for a shower for an a hour and the manager an worker in the trucking area just standing around making me wait they are working with human traffickers paid while working for loves to give me a hard time this happens at every loves location last month and now today they make your company look bad and they tried to make me take a cold shower first or get a refund I said no I want a shower and I paid for one the young lady lied right in my face saying there is no more showers available not can I wait for one they get paid on company time to help traffickers kill innocent people who is there employee CSET GEORGTOWN LOCATED IN WASHINGTON DC.

  • GARY INSLEY says:


  • Randy Hill says:

    Ya’ll need to build a new facility at the intersection of US 87 bypass@ I-20 on the west side of Big Spring, Tx.

  • Dianne L Davis says:

    Not sure if I am reaching out to the right person. I worked for loves travel stop from July 9,2020 through October 27,2022.I NEED MY W-2 TAXES. My work is was 261646. I can give any other info if needed. I’m concerned because I signed up for getter it online.

  • Jamie Christian says:

    Why is it so hard to get someone the phone

  • Elena says:

    I LOVED working for LOVES store#342. ❤️

  • Joseph says:

    How come every love a run into either don’t have shower because it down like in Perrysburg, OH or any love in North East no shower or DEF

  • Aaron says:

    The service centers flat out lie to you. I think you have to bribe them to actually get prompt service. I was told there were three trucks ahead, parked right in front of the Bays, a dozen trucks went in and out and 7 hours later I still can’t get a f****** tire. This isn’t the only location this crap happens at. You’re better off to just pull over on the side of the road. Call a no-name company.

  • Sharon says:

    Dec 1, 2021
    While traveling in November, we stopped in Brunswick, GA for gas. Paid by card and we have our receipt. After returning home, we discovered on our bank statement that we have two charges. Called the station. They said they show only one charge. They could not do anything about it and suggested I call the Corporate Office. I reached someone who transferred me to someone for help. I had to leave a message to return my call. No one has returned my call. I have tried calling for two days. Cannot even leave a message now. Tells you to hang up and call again later. So no results. I have been advised to file a dispute by our bank. Sorry, but if they do not correct these charges for whatever reason, we will not be gassing up at Love’s.

  • Melissa Barrett says:

    I love less than a mile from the Loves in Jonesboro, AR. Never have I been more humiliated than I was tonight. My husband and I came to loves for a late night snack. We picked up quite a few grocery items and placed them on the counter. We proceeded to browse all of the merchandise the store had. We found a blanket that my mother in law would love. When we got to the register to put, the clerk asked what we stuffed in the blanket and then proceeded to ask me and my husband to empty our pockets. I was mortified! I had more than enough money to pay for my items. I left the store out of embarrassment. My husband went back in to pay against my advice. NEVER will I shop there again.
    And for the record, I am a nurse. I went to college and I have NEVER stolen anything from Loves.

  • Yvonne Young says:

    What kind of customer service tells you they are busy and to call back? REALLY!!

  • Byron says:

    I went in Love’s here in Cheyenne, WY to take a shower I literally laid my necklace next to the sink after showering I walked back to my truck laid down and noticed I left my necklace in the shower #3 so I go back in to get my necklace and it’s gone so who cleaned the shower behind me has my necklace didn’t turn it in or nothing and I’m getting there’s nothing to do about it but file a complaint on this location I’m like really I wanna spazz out cause you telling me that remember I’m a customer and I’m telling you that I left my necklace in the shower laying next to the sink either the shower wasn’t cleaned behind me or whoever cleaned it has my belongings and there’s no other way around it.

  • Jim Featherstone says:

    I visited your North Platte, NE. Love travel plaza on 10/9/21 @ 7:00 am. The card readers at 2 different gas pumps didn’t work. I went in to pre pay and mention to the cashier, he wasn’t aware of the problem. A co-worker was standing up by the register and begin to explain why the card reader wasn’t working. She claimed that it was due to customer abuse. I told her that the same card reader have been in the these stores for a long time. I have spent 28 years over the road as a driver. I wasn’t in press how the situation was handled. They other problem is employees smoking in front of the facility, that was not professional. The over all experience was less than acceptable for anyone who was visiting this facility. I know you as a corporation set a high standard and set forth a very positive work ethic. My hope is that those who are employed there will take this as constructive criticism and learn more about customer service and forward the problems on to someone who can solve the problems. Thank you for what you do and what you provide, without you our nation stops. Thanks again and God bless you and your company

  • Teresa says:

    I work at store 776 and there is poor management at night from Dalphine. I feel if she and the other co worker I’mwas working with are taking advantage of me because I do my job well . They new I was getting the taco out of oven. And when I came out of kitchen I had a line of customers that were mad because they were watching them not do anything but waiting on me to take care of them. I couldn’t even put the tacos in the warmer before they said can you get that line. Then Dalphine wants to ask me if I have a attitude I said.no. and she told me to leave that’s she doesn’t have to work with me. I’m sorry but that is not how you treat customers or employees. I have sent the GM a text letting him know.

  • Jessica Yearta says:

    I’m an employee at the loves in Lake City. I’m on my first month. I have been doing 85 to 95% of the job on the gas side since I’ve been here. I thought it was just my coworker being lazy or taking advantage of this training but I was told I was gonna be trained for 2 days and this is still going on. I mentioned it to a couple of managers and one said yeah that’s what she is supposed to do to train me and I’m like so this is how you guys do things? And this goes on for a month? She said yes and the other manager is as quiet as a mouse. I told them I was told I was only gonna be trained for 2 days. The manager answering my questions walks off and didn’t have anything to say after that. This is the same manager that talks to me and my fellow coworkers like we are incompetent yelling at us and treating us some type of way. Micromanages to make you feel like you don’t know what your doing when your clearly working and doing everything you need to do. Yells through the radio into everyone’s ears. Talks down on everyone like they are disobedient animals and they are beneath her. Someone needs to give me a number to call to find out if this is really how loves treats their employees when they start because I’m not the only one that is being done like this at my job. If so, this is a terrible place and it explains why loves has a high turnover rate.

  • Rodrigues Albano Rodrigues says:

    Request for help

  • James groover says:

    Do not know whats going on at the loves /speedco in ruther glen va..sat for an 1hour and a half . Still no service . One truck in bay , workers standing around talking…but dont worry ill never use loves again. Im one truck so it probably dont matter to you…

  • Guest says:

    Your crew in Lubbock has had the bay blocked for almost 2 days. They didn’t check inventory before doing a simple oil change on a 2021 Freightliner, so they didn’t have a filter. So you’ve loss a lot of money and customers.

  • Darius says:

    So far amazed at the bad customer service and overall bad treatment at location #622 at the mechanic shop in Wisconsin. Another location (#768) did a bad brake/seal job on my truck, few hundred miles parts failed (believe it was an apprentice according to the paperwork that did the job) and I’m being treated like it’s my fault before even looking at the truck at current location. First words out of the mechanics mouth after explaining the issue was it’s not our problem since we didn’t work on it. Thought Love’s was nationwide and guarantee the work.
    Amazing… is this the old Love’s family truck stops or did someone buy them out?

  • George says:

    You get nothing but the run-around when you try to speak to someone in the know! I’ve been trying to speak to someone for two days. Been put on a call back and don’t get called back. Sent back to where I started, with no success. It’s gotten old real fast. I think I may just give up on trying to give this company any recognition for anything. Apparently, they don’t want any awards.

  • Amy Earnest says:

    I was on your store looking at some kids glasses. I dropped them then a man known as Tom, the manager said what are you doing. The price tag was gone. He assumes I took it there for I’m stealing. He’s getting louder and louder. Telling me I was going to steal and made me leave before the police gets there. 1st in the Stat of Alabama an employee has to see you conceal the item then follow the person to make sure it wasn’t put back. He accused me of stealing in front of the whole store when I was just looking at a pair of sun glasses for my nephew. I don’t know what happened to the tag. He was very unprofessional and I was very embarrassed. After I’m made to leave. I’m in the parking lot trying to take care of my emotional support dog when I look up he is taking my tag number. I want to know who is going to pay for me to speak to my psychiatrist. I have diagnosis pertaining to what he did. I will be speaking to attorney. I want Tom’s job. I couldn’t believe how he acted. I don’t steal and he had no reason to talk as loud as he was. The accusations will be addressed one way or another. Hope to hear back

  • Cindy Fesemyer says:

    I just visited the new Love’s in our small community. I needed a phone charger in the middle of the night and thought of Love’s. It was middle of the of the night… I have to admit I was a bit worried about safety but when I arrived there were so many people there… the entire area was so well lit bright. The service was outstanding… thank you Loves for making a change in our community!

  • Donna says:

    My husband has a disability and works for Loves. They are discriminating against him. Retaliating every time he calls HR. They are threatening to terminate him and have cut his hours from 40 down to 27. His manager says ADA protects the employer not the employee and that they won’t accommodate his disability. A grievance with the EEOC has been filed. Loves you need to take better care of your employees and train your management team on the Americans with Disability Act. This is a tragedy.

  • Paul Wilson says:

    I want to Love’s truck stop to get my light fixed the worst experience I ever had said they ordered the parts never happened sit there two days for a headlight

  • Billy Beecham says:

    I appreciate the way ya’ll did me and workman’s comp doctors lawerdid me after walk diesel fuel inThomson GA I haven’t in over 3 years workman’ comp doctor say if settled doctors treat me but I got FARTHER WHO LAWER IN HEAVEN WILL SETTLE IT

  • >