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  • Address: 41 Rue Martre, 92117 Clichy, France
  • Phone Number: +33 1 47 56 70 00
  • Number of Employees: 86,000
  • Established: 30 July 1909
  • Founder: Eugène Schueller

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How to Contact Loreal Corporate Office

Purchased L’Oréal product(s) recently and probably want to give feedback on the same? Well, the information provided here should be extremely helpful – even if it’s some other relatable reasons that may warrant the attention of an executive from the company. So, read on to find out how you can contact L’Oréal corporate headquarters.

Ways to Contact L’Oréal Corporate Headquarters

Address: You can send your letter, business proposals, or parcel to L’Oréal’s mailing address at 41 Rue Martre 92117 Clichy, France.

Phone Number: Relay your concerns or feedback to the company via +33 1 47 56 70 00

Loreal Headquarters Info & Photos

L’Oréal’s headquarters is contained within the L’Oréal Espace building; the office space for employees on the third to tenth floors while senior management executives occupy the eleventh floor. Adjoining this 11-story building is a 7-story edifice where the Eugène Schueller Center is situated. The facility, which has 484,375 square feet floor area, was developed by European property consultancy firm, BNP Paribas Real Estate.

The management of the company has been intentional about having a smart, modern, and convenient workspace where L’Oréal’s over 2,000 employees can seamlessly collaborate towards actualizing the company’s goals and objectives. This is what has triggered the renovations of the headquarters in the past. Just in 2017, the company engaged the services of French-based architecture and interior design agency, Maison Sarah Lavoine, to give the office a huge facelift.

Asides from workspaces, some of the functional rooms/spaces within the headquarters include lunch area, breakout space, meeting pod, common area, and so on. The management appears to be given to helping the workers have a creditable work-life balance.

Loreal Headquarters Photo
Loreal Corporate Office Photo

Loreal Headquarters List

S. No.




United Kingdom

L’Oréal (UK) Ltd 255 Hammersmith Road London W6 8AZ



Styne House Upper Hatch Street Dublin 2 Ireland



41 Rue Martre, 92117 Clichy, France



Wiedner Gürtel, ICON Turm 9 Wien



Route de Saint-Hubert - z.i. 1 Recogne-Libramont

Loreal Headquarters Executive Team



Jean-Paul Argon is one of the oldest and longest-serving personnel on the Board of L’Oréal, having joined the company as far back as 1978. He has been Chief Executive Officer of L’Oréal in various countries. Jean-Paul once managed the company’s operations in the Asian zone and assumed his present position in 2011.



Laurent Attal’s position is a very strategic one to the vision of the Group considering the inclination towards research and innovation in respect to product design. Laurent has a Ph.D. in Dermatology; this, he obtained from the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. He joined L’Oréal as a sales representative in 1986 and got appointed into his current position in 2010.



Christopher Babule was appointed as the Group’s Chief Financial Officer in 2019 – after he had worked in the company for about 31 years. Prior to becoming the CFO, Babule had served in administrative and financial capacities in places such as Hong Kong, China, and Mexico. He manages the Group’s financial operations with a major focus on identifying new openings for value creation.




Director of L'Oréal Travel Retail Worldwide


President ‐ Luxe


Executive Vice-President, Western Europe Zone


Executive Vice President - Communications & Public Affairs


Deputy Chief Executive Officer, in charge of Divisions


Executive Vice-President - Chief Technology & Operations Officer

About Loreal


L’Oréal was founded in 1909 by a chemist named Eugène Paul Louis Schueller who formulated a hair dye solution that was eventually called “Oréal”. By this, it is obvious that the company initially centered on manufacturing only hair color before diving into other sectors of cosmetics.

The company started its operations in France and since its first acquisition in 1973, the management has been quite active in seeing through multiple mergers and acquisitions. This has given it the springboard to launch a massive international business projection that has now seen L’Oréal reach over 130 countries across the globe. Furthermore, L’Oréal has research and development centers in nations like India, Japan, China, and USA – these are aside from the two of such facilities in France.

  • Another prominent aspect of L’Oréal’s history is the stake of multinational food beverage manufacturer, Nestlé in the company. This has some political undertone to it, and it happened as a kind of exchange – L’Oréal’s owner has since bought back some of Nestlé’s initial stake thereby strongly maintaining the lead stakeholder position.
  • Services

    L’Oréal is into the production of personal care goods which include hair care/color products, skincare products, fragrances, sun protection, and make-up. The company’s consumer products are provided through brands like Maybelline, Color&Co, Essie, Colorama, Ombrelle, Softsheen-Carson, Magic, Garnier, Lancôme, and so on.

    L’Oréal reserves a major interest in having a diverse range of innovative products as huge investment is made towards the integration of science and technology into the production process. This has been advanced or reflected through initiatives like ‘Episkin, which borders on the reconstruction of human skin model, and ‘Perso’ which entails the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create customized formulas for the production of foundation, lipstick, and skincare products.

    The company has also equipped practitioners within the beauty industry with advanced knowledge on cosmetics and its application. Besides, L’Oréal specifically produced for professionals under various brands; some of which include Kérastase, Mizani, Shu Uemura, Matrix Essentials, Carol’s Daughter, L’Oréal Technique, and so on. Also has linked with top fashion brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Diesel, and Paloma Picasso for whom it reserves the ownership of the production of different types of cosmetic products [under their brand name].

    Apart from cosmetics, L’Oréal also has some interests in other sectors like advertising, design, finance, fine chemicals, health, and insurance.


    • The ownership of L’Oréal has been sustained within its founder’s bloodline with Franҫoise Bettencourt Meyers now on board as the owner and non-executive chairwoman of the company. Franҫoise is the granddaughter of Eugène Paul Louis Schueller.
    • L’Oréal has 36 brands and a patented product portfolio containing over 500 items. Specifically speaking, the company has four different product divisions which include L’Oréal Luxe, Consumer Products Division, Professional Products Division, and Active Cosmetics Division. Skincare products register as the most prominent source of revenue for L’Oréal. 
    • L’Oréal is proactive about contributing to the development of an eco-friendly global community, and plans to fully effect its carbon neutrality initiative by 2030. With this, the company will embrace the use of bio-based or recyclable packaging.
    • The company has a presence in 150 countries and has a global staff strength of over 82,000 personnel working in various capacities.
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