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  • Address: 1000 Darden Center Dr, Orlando, FL 32837
  • Phone Number: +1 (407) 245-4000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 5547
  • Established: 1981
  • Founder: George McKerrow, Jr.
  • Key People: Clarence Otis

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Clarence Otis


Todd Burrowes


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Longhorn Steakhouse& saloon is a company that serves as a casual dining restaurant chain. The restaurants serve a wide range of food items that include seafood, salads and steak. The headquarters are situated in 5460 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States of America. The company was established in 1981 and was founded by George McKerrow, Jr. With around 5547 dedicated and hardworking employees, the company continues to sell all kinds of delectable food items for the customers. With Clarence Otis as CEO and Todd Burrowes as President, the company aims to share a great casual dining experience to all.  The restaurant can be contacted through the phone number or Email- ID provided and in case of any requests, reservations or queries. The Longhorn Steakhouse is one of the leading places in the market for a comfortable and hygienic dining area which is affordable as well.

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  • john crispino says:

    I took my daughter along with her two kids my grandchildren out for dinner last night at our local longhorn in Springfield Pennsylvania. We ordered our dinners and appetizers as usual as we have been to this restaurant several times. My daughter and myself both ordered New York strip steaks cooked medium temperature as well as baked potatoes and the side salad. Our appetizers came out in a very timely manner and they were very good. However we had to wait an additional 20 minutes for our dinners to come out. After waiting all that time both mine and my daughters steaks were way overdone to the point where they were dry I ordered a baked potato and was brought out over salted french fry potatoes which I politely told our server I did not order and he gladly exchanged it. My daughter told our server that our mistakes were way overdone not the way we ordered them. His comment was all I could do is push a button and tell them how I need to stay cooked the rest is up to them. He asked us if we wanted another steak and we told him that we did not have the time to wait as my daughter needed to get the kids home and ready for bed as it was getting late. He sent the manager to our table who offered to make us new steaks but once again we told him that we were unable to wait for new dinners to come for me and my daughter. He offered to take a percentage off of our bill which he did however I really did not care about that part. This is the third time at that same location that I’ve had trouble with the food that was ordered both for myself and my wife and for one for both of my daughters and their families it’s to the point to where it is ridiculous. Someone really needs to talk to the staff and management at this establishment. I do understand it’s difficult getting help these days but if I’m paying for a meal I really would like to have what I am paying for and not have to eat something that I am not enjoying. Both of us wound up bringing home more than half of our steak which will probably go to our pets. Our server said I hope you will come back and try us again the manager never even came back to the table to check on us before we left. Very disappointed.

  • Mary Haugrud says:

    We have been to your Fargo ND and Grand Prairie TX (45 min away from me) locations. Both locations had wonderful food…especially the steaks!! I am from Waxahachie, TX 75165, in Ellis County (40K population), and we need a LONGHORN in our town. We have very limited if any food restaurants that compare with your quality of food. We are fast growing City south of Dallas (40 miles)/Ft. Worth (45 miles) that has been called a new boomtown. In late 2018 we were told 10K new homes would be built in 5 years. It only took 3.5 years and still going strong (especially with the Covid-19 relocations). We have plenty of available land in our county, and no doubt would have the support of all the local and surrounding areas attending your restaurant. Currently, we all go to Dallas or Ft. Worth for good food!! Please come check us out and beat any other restaurants of your caliber to the community. Thank you!!

  • Ebony Harper says:

    Check # 65355 and 63141. I didn’t add to my comment submitted bellow. Hope this is helpful dining in the future

  • Ebony Harper says:

    Greetings…just want to provide feedback on a few visits to the restaurant in Arizona, I eat at Longhorns at least 2 times a month minimum. I have noticed the one in Metro is horrible, the steaks aren’t prepared well, I like to go to the one closest to me across from desert sky mall near 75th Ave but the last 2 times steaks aren’t cooked how I asked, it took a while to get my food and I don’t mind but corn cold potatoes cold cheese not melted steak not prepared like I requested ( well done) still bleeding. Very disappointed. However the one off of Bell near the other mall and like 83rd always cooks my food to perfection. Thank you.

  • Barbara Franklin-Sweat says:

    I took my daughter and granddaughter for my daughter’s Birthday meal yesterday at the Longhorn Steakhouse at 1366 Airport Rd Jacksonville Fl 32218. Our server was Sabrina P. What a gem! The atmosphere was lively and cheerful….BUT THE FOOD…..It was the BEST meal I have had since before the pandemic!!!!! We ordered off the Lunch Menu. The grill master was an expert! My 22 oz LongHorn, my daughter’s 9 oz Filet, and granddaughter’ Chicken sandwich were fantastic. The sides were delicious! The Texas Tonion was good, but I couldn’t get my app open for the free appetizer……only sad note.
    Check # 37548.
    Sure wish you could deliver!!!

  • Square says:

    Beware of using your debit card at this establishment on Hwy150 Hoover,AL. They have a server named Sharon who will input her own tip or write over the amount put by the customer to give herself more. You would think that this would put up a red flag and have her investigated by management but they do not care. Because I do my own investigation I have been made aware that not only do she steal from customers but she also steals from fellow coworkers. Recently 2 employees have worked super busy weekends and when they get their tip money $200+ it disappears from their wallet in a matter of minutes. The GM for this location is Leon and he has yet to rectify a solution or make it safe for all customers and employees. The server Sharon is still working and still with access to do the same theft. Extremely poor management.

  • Bonnie Collins says:

    I took my family to Longhorn Steakhouse at 2647 creek Grass Way in Lutz Florida 33559 on Monday evening 062722 and I was hoping for them to have a good experience as I go for lunch often with my friends for lunch and it has always been good. But all for steaks we ordered were so tough we could hardly chew them. I didn’t want to complain as no one else was saying anything but when we arrived home I mentioned my steak being tough I couldn’t hardly chew it. Well at that time the other three said to me that they didn’t say anything because I was buying dinner and they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I know, stupid we were. But the longer I think of my bill being over$100 with a tip I’m getting really mad. So anyway I was wondering if any way I could get some sort of gift card. If not I understand because we should of been bold enough to complain. But if you can’t help on this problem I hope that you can some how check your steaks quality because I know for a fact if four people in my party had such bad steaks so did a lot of your other customers. LH#5561 4 guest table 46 check #25427 6:38 pm 6/27/2022. ID#3328 78067 4618

  • Alton Martin says:

    Just attempted to have dinner with my daughter at the San Antonio 281 location while there my daughter became I’ll as she found a bug in her salad. When Manager was summoned his first response was I hear you got extra protein with your meal which since my daughter was I’ll it did not make her feel. Don’t know if that’s the proper response according to corporate hand book but would hope not. I’m a bilateral lung transplant and liver transplant. Being served dirty vegetables could be a death sentence. The waitress continued the abuse by saying it happens it’s normal we just got rid of a lady bug infestation again failed to make us fill any better.

  • Patty King says:

    My husband and I went to the Longhorn in Blairsville GA on Father’s Day. We arrived just a few minutes before 11:00 am. We waited in line for the doors to open and when we got to the hostess desk she asked how many In our party and I told her 3. She then stated we would have to wait until our all of our party was there before she would seat us. I tried to explain that she was in the car right behind us and would be there in about 2 to 5 minutes. She still would not seat us. People were piling in and I knew we were in for a long wait if she did not go ahead and seat us. I asked her to go ahead and seat my husband and myself and the person arriving late could sit some where else. She still refused to seat us. We left very upset and from now on will find other places to eat and try to avoid this Longhorn. We go to this restaurant at least 2 times a week. Our last visit we spent over $100 the servers are great and the food is good but good luck getting a seat.

  • Denise says:

    We will never ever go back to the Asheville location on Tunnel road.
    The worst of everything.
    Terrible server , terrible (pretending manager) the absolute “so called manager”.
    Service bad, waited almost 3hrs total on food with no apologies no sorry’s , nothing. When food came was wrong .
    I’m so aggravated I cannot even tell what all happened that wasn’t right .
    Rude, unprofessional, trash of a staff.

  • Rich B says:

    On June 13th, 2022 at about 7pm I visited the LongHorn Steakhouse at 9530 s. Pulaski Oak Lawn, Il 60453 and had a horrible experience. I put my name on a awaiting list and was told it would be one hour wait, the manager “Monica” said I could wait at the bar, my date wasn’t there yet so I waited in my car. When my date arrived we went inside and were told it would still be another 30 minutes, so we went to the bar and took the only two seats available. The bar was filthy, the bartender looked at us and didn’t have to courtesy to even acknowledge us or say “be with you in a moment, or I will clean that in a moment”, nothing. I also noticed two employees texting by the kitchen door, maybe if employees weren’t allowed to text until they had a break the wait times wouldn’t be so long. As soon as my date asked to see the manager the bartender then cleaned the bar as “Monica” walked up. We were going to have a drink and wait to be seated but then ” Monica” tells me if you sit at the bar you have eat at the bar and we couldn’t buy a drink until we were seated. When I put my name on the list Monica said I could wait at the bar, she never once said you can’t buy a drink or if you sit there you have to eat there. It appears Monica is overwhelmed or not qualified to be a manager. Most employees I seen seem to be in slow motion and not very motivated to be there. I will not go back to that location and not even sure I will even go back to LH Steakhouse at all. Very disappointed in the service and a really bad start to a first date.

  • Tracy says:

    Went to longhorn for my birthday with family it was worst experience I’ve ever had there one of my favorite places to eat and my choice for birthday dinner big flop steaks were either cooked wrong or tough shrim was overcooked and tough chicken Parmesan was way over seasoned baked potatoe mushy never received refills no birthday recognition just pretty bad experience

  • Roy says:

    Went to the North Charleston SC restaurant this evening and were told we would have to wait at least and hour and a half. The restaurant was not busy at that time. Nobody is in a hurry at this location and the greeting staff (usually at least 3 girls, one greeting people and the others just standing there) usually just look at you when you walk in until you address them. There are new restaurants and businesses opening here every day, so nobody is buying the staffing problem due to covid anymore. Past experiences at this location have been good and a hope there will be a return to how they did business in the past.

  • Bridget says:

    Can gift cards be used at other restaurants

  • Courtney Slater says:

    I went longhorn in Attleboro Massachusetts last night and I can’t say it was a great experience. We waited over 10 minutes for someone to greet us after we asked a server if we even had one. The excuse was, our original server had a big party and didn’t realize she was sat, I feel that was a lie. We were offered free dessert. My daughter steak was over cooked , I did not order rice w my meal but got it. We were celebrating my son and daughter bday one 20 and other 12. Very disappointed

  • Paula Fresta-Smith says:

    I treated a friend to dinner 2 weeks ago today! Our order came to $94.00 this was Sunset Hills Mo. We both ordered Filet Mignon plus I ordered the lobster tail! The problem was with the steaks!! I am very familiar with Filets, the texture of them was very tough and did not even resemble Filet Mignon! I made a call back to the restaurant to speak with manager, but was told he was busy cooking in the kitchen, I did relay to her why I was calling, she said she would let him know and he would most likely call me back, so far nothing!!

  • Nanette J Washington says:

    My name is Nanette Washington I actually was serviced with my husband and your store 5494 Largo Maryland I celebrated my birthday in this restaurant I had the best customer service the best way to his name was Darion excellent server the manager working that day was great as well you have a group of young people that work in this restaurant I was so proud to see young people working being so successful so patient so professional that touched my heart I thank you for having all of these young people in one place I felt like their attitude and work ethic was all to celebrate my birthday for me great men under their great manager who is looked at as Mom these two people seem to have it all together thank you so much for having a staff in place I can be reached at 330 319 2395

  • Robert Croshaw says:

    Tonight was the worst experience I had at Longhorn’s or any restaurant ever. Specifically with the manager ordered the rib eye cooked medium as I always do it came out red we sent it back and it came out still red and pink “not a little pink “on the third time it came out the manager brought it and started quizzing we on what I didn’t like and acted like it was ok for the steak to come our twice barely cooked. I felt intimidated by the manager as it was an extremely tense conversation. I ask the people that were with us and they seen how the steak was cooked twice actually three times if we include the original first time. They felt very uncomfortable with the manager also and felt I should have sent it back because it was way under cook.our evening out with friends was not fun. It finally came out fully cooke no pink not medeim I’m ok with that Instead of barly cooked. It was a bad experience for all

    On making our decision we’re to go we called several local steakhouses and they were booked up. We desided to go where we always go to longhorns longhorns in council Bluffs much to our surprise not wait and it was half full?? Might be a problem here just saying

  • Teresa gill says:

    I’m very dissatisfied with my experience at the restaurant in Lakeland. And when I called to speak with the manager was told that he was busy but if I would leave my number they would call me back in a few mins. Never got a call back

  • Marty Pawnyk says:

    So disappointed for 2x in take out order of ribs. Tonight, ribs were charcoal black and dry. I am so upset. I have been on oxygen 24×7 for 6 months and thought it best not to dine in. Can’t believe this happened again!

  • William Coverdale says:

    I am so disappointed with the, Longhorn Steakhouse, in, Dover, Delaware. I actually live around the corner from it, so I can walk there in 5 minutes. My Wife and I never had food from your establishment before so we thought that we would try it. My Wife called so we can order the food and then I’ll go get it. She was put on hold and was on hold for 20 minutes before I decided to say I’m going to try to call them on my phone. While she was still on hold I called and I was too put on hold too. I was on hold for 9 minutes so with that being said, my wife was on hold for 29 minutes. I hung up and called again and a gentleman answered the phone and I explained to him, please do not put me on hold, I just want to place an order. We’ve been on hold for a long time. His response is that it’s two people ahead of me. I said one of the people on hold is my Wife, who has been on hold for a half an hour. He said, well if you’re already on hold, why you calling from another phone. I tried to explain again that we’ve been on hold a long time. He cut me off and sarcastically said, “well you’re going on hold again”. So after he put me on hold, I just hung up and went there. When I walked in, I was in shock that it wasn’t even busy in there. Busboys and waitresses were just standing around as if they had nothing in the world to do. So now I’m wondering why no one could assist me on the phone. When I went to place my order, the lady who was taking my order seemed as though she was having a bad day. I just let that be because I know it had nothing to do with me. She takes my order and tells me it’s going to be 45 minutes. While I’m sitting and waiting for my food, I hear two other customers complaining about the service over the phone as well and the service within the restaurant. That’s not my business so I stayed out of that although they was saying the same exact thing that I was going through with LongHorn steakhouse. It’s getting close to the time for me to receive my food. My name is Will. I hear my name being called and I see a lady bringing a bag of food but she took it to the gentleman that was actually complaining. I got a phone call so I looked down and answered my phone. Not thinking anything of it, I just assumed naturally that the gentleman’s name was Will as well. I finished my phone call 9 minutes later according to my phone. The lady who was talking to the gentleman I assumed was Will and had received his food had asked me is my name Will. Me thinking that she knows me I answered her and said yes. She then pointed to a bag sitting on the counter and said I believe that’s your food right there because they called for Will and they took it to the gentleman that I was speaking to but it wasn’t for him so they put it back there. I thanked her and called over a waitress. I told her that my name is Will. She went directly to the bag and brought it to me and said this wasn’t sitting there long. So I kindly told her it has been sitting there long, it’s been sitting there longer than 10 minutes because I just got off of a 9 minute phone call when I seen the bag being presented to another gentleman before my phone call. I then asked for the manager being that I now have my food, it’s now time for me to complain. (Please note everybody, if you want to complain about a restaurant and their service, do it after you get your food.) When the manager finally approached me after 10 minutes of me watching him watching me, I explained to him my situation beginning with the phone issue. Then I also explain to him that just by your voice and I see there’s no other man answering the phone that it was you who had gotten smart with me on the phone. I’ve seen this man the whole time I was in the restaurant answer the phone and take orders. He lied to my face and said it couldn’t have been me because I don’t answer the phones in here at all. I then went on to say that my experience with the customer service on the phone and in the restaurant is extremely unacceptable and unprofessional. I also went on to tell him that it’s not a good thing to get smart with people over the phone because you never know what someone is going through and that person can be the type to get so upset that he wants to act in violence. So to be safe you must stop doing things like that because you never know who you’re speaking to or what that person that you’re speaking to is going through. Not only that, it’s unprofessional for you or anyone in this establishment to speak to anyone the way that you spoke to me on the phone. He took what I said as a threat. I don’t know why, I guess his comprehension level is extremely low. Either way, I then left and walked out the door. While I’m walking, two busboys come rushing outside as if they wanted to fight me, which they would not have won anyway. That was unacceptable and unprofessional and very dangerous for them, extremely dangerous for them. As for the food, my compliments to the Chef. The food is great. As I said in the beginning of this, my wife and I have never had LongHorn steakhouse in our lives. Due to the food being so good as it is, we will be dining again at Longhorn Steakhouse but it will never be in the Dover Delaware location again. As I said, I could walk to it in 5 minutes and that is the sad part about it. Now I have to find another one to go to because these people at the Longhorn Steakhouse in Dover Delaware is extremely unprofessional and disrespectful.

  • Jimy says:

    Why in gods green earth would you stop selling prime rib ??? Are you kidding me????

  • Tasha Jones says:

    Hello my name is Tasha, I had the worse experience I ever had at Longhorn Steak house Douglasville ga. I was a precious employee for over 4 years at one of the business location. Which was Campceek location, who managing partner is Kevin Brake. Which he would have never allowed such service that I had happen. First when we got to our table it took 15 minutes and my husband asking can you find our server before we even got greeted. 1st mistake, then the server who wasn’t our server was kind enough to ask our drink order and appetizers since no one had came and greeted us. Finally our server comes as he is getting our drink order. She go and gets our drinks and my husband told her he will have a drink when the food comes. After we get our appetizer we don’t see her for several minutes. Once again we had to ask the other server to get our waitress. Salad’s should have been out and my husband wanted to order a corona with our appetizer. She finally came with our salads and a few minutes later her comes our steak. 2 Outlaws and a Porter house, she drop our steaks and she still didn’t even come back to check on how we was doing. Plus my husband still has not got his drink. My steak was under cooked and my son-n-law steak was over cooked. Still no server, had to get someone to ask for a manager. At the point I getting really upset. This is not the service that Longhorn expect from there server. Yes I know be I was a great server at longhorn and made sure that I treated guests as I want for myself. Manager come over takes our steaks back he apologized to us. My glass of sweet tea from the first glass was now empty my son in law water glass was empty. She never came back to give us refills. Manager was told about the drinks. Our steaks come back while we where waiting server never came to apologize or ask can she fix situation. So we got our food seemed like my steak ended up being cooked a little to much. At this time we still haven’t received our refills. After al that has happen our server is taking the guest order next to us and didn’t even look our way. Had to call her over to ask for to go boxes, we expressed our dissatisfaction of her service. She got a attitude, so now we still sitting there after that for at least another 10 minutes and still no boxes. Had to get the manager again, enough is enough. At this point I’m boiling right now. I wasn’t rude or disrespectful with my unhappiness towards anyone. At this point we just wanted our check and wanted to leave, left our half of eaten food. Didn’t want to take it anymore. The service was the worst ever, manager discounted our check. But my husband said he would never return to Longhorn again. I’m very disappointed with the whole experience that we had for our family dinner!! The waitress was Maliya, the store was at 8471 Hospital dr Douglasville Ga. We had dinner this evening 4/2/22.

  • Lisa says:

    We dined at the Location in Homestead, PA. It was dirty as can be. What a shame. I’d give them a zero rating. Minus stars.

  • Pamela Smith says:

    Myself son and two grandchildren were seated at steakhouse on Baltimore Pike Saturday March 19th. We were given menu’s and silverware. We waited 30mins and no one came black to take orders. We left after waiting plus 30mins to be seated. People were seated after us and were getting drinks and orders placed. We asked server behind us to see who was to be our server and still Bo one ame. As we left were wished to have a good evening. I guess they didn’t know that we were never served.

  • Mark Bradley says:

    Waited a hour and a half, hostess said we could not be seated because we were a party of 6. They seated at least 5 party’s of 4 people. Said the kitchen staff needed a break. They could not seat us. All other party’s arrived after we did. Absolutely Stupid logic.

  • Peter Bizon says:

    Good morning

    Last night on 3-16-2022 we went to the Tupelo Ms store to celebrate my wife and I 33rd anaverisery my daughters birthday and our daughter deployment over seas for the military. We walked in and asked for a table of eight. Host we don’t seat tables of eight you will have to sit in two tables Spoke with the manager on duties and he said yes that is correct we can’t move tables together. So we found a six top that we had to bunch up to fit.

    Server was good attentive and did great we ordered drinks apps all came out. They onions salty but other than that good we ordered 7steaks. 6 were so salted and spiced it was like eating Cajun I felt my blood pressure rises from the two bites I had. Mouth on fire from the spice and salt. We asked for them to be redone with no spice and the kitchen rinsed the steaks off and sent them back out again tried to wash the steaks and send them to us. At that point we were done.
    The manager came over and said they did not handle the correctly but we have new steaks on we took them to go

    This was to be a great night for our family and it was not buy the food we enjoy food and going out spent 400 dollars for dinner and it was not worth half that. I have been a chef for 45 years and never seen anything like this operation not guest focused and just bad.


  • Edward Pangburn says:

    I love longhorn steakhouse. Tonight I ordered a to go meal and it was one of the worse experiences in a restaurant ever. I decided to pay at pick up because I planned on having a drink while I waited. 20 minutes went by. Bartender at a 10 seat bar did not even acknowledge me. 2 couples served menus got up and walked out due to the lack of service. And another patron tried to pick a fight with me because I was waiting in the to go pick up area. Which was in his line of view. I guess I wasn’t pleasant looking enough. Enfield, CT. Location needs to get there act together.

  • Lynne Anspach says:

    My girlfriend and I frequent the restraunt in lebanon, Pa. 2 times a month and always buy gift cards through out the year for friends. The last 3 times there we were very disappointed. Must be under new management. Our steaks were not done and sent them back twice to no avail. Finally took them home to microwave properly to eat. Went again yesterday after suggesting to my friend to eat elsewhere, and we will not return. Ordered ribs, hoping they would be cooked properly,….our coffee cup had lipstick on the rim, I had the wrong potato (not ordered) given to me, and a box elder bug was on our bread. The manager was going to “fix” all this by free coffee, and 25% off the bill…which he did neither!!! We won’t be returning!!! 3 strikes and you are out!!!

  • Andrea says:

    I was at Deptford, NJ location….I called at 4 pm and was told to call at 5 pm … Then was told they were not taking anymore reservations they were full & already had 37 people before us but they did put me in for reservation . So after waiting for 1 hour we got to sit

  • Gail Ellis says:

    I wanted to take my son for a nice steak lunch for his 25th birthday which is today, February 25, 2022. We opted for the Longhorn on 95st and Pulaski in Oak Lawn, IL. THE SERVICE WAS ABYSMAL. The steak my son ordered was cold, rubbery and dry. There was no water bought to us for 20 minutes after we sat down, AFTER our appetizer was served. We had to ask for steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, for his steak, and ketchup and mustard for my burger which had cold fries and no condiments. This was the worst experience I have EVER had at a restaurant and my son’s milestone 25th birthday lunch for my son was completely ruined. And I still had to pay $52. for what was nothing but SLOP and horrible service. I will never recommend Longhorn to anyone. A HUGE disappointment and waste of my hard earned money.

  • Leslie Young says:

    We are very frustrated with the managers at the braselton, go location. SO much so that we will not be returning. We were finally contacted by Steve ONLY after we asked for Corporates #. Im not sure at this point where the fault lies with, the store or the DM. What I have learned that attitudes are learned from upper management and this seems to be true here.
    Do yourself and your family a favor do not go.
    We were lied to and insulted by also a $20 gift card that were already filled out TO someone else. When I cal lk ed to ask was told, YOU READY? that it was who bought them to give tofor other guests. OMG!

  • Walter P Roese III says:

    Your customer service at the Surprise AZ location needs a lot of help. If you are in a 2 person party you are looked over for larger parties which is very inconsiderate to the 2 person parties waiting there turn and having to watch people come in after you get seated and served before you.

  • Steve Avila says:

    This was our second visit to the Rancho Cucamonga location. Food was outstanding. A young lady named Mel was our server and she was wonderful. We felt welcome and appreciated. It is employees like herThat made our experience wonderful. We are now confirmed longhorn enthusiasts.

  • Stephanie wall says:

    Had dinner at Longhorn in Columbia, SC in the Vista 902-A Gervais St., and very disappointed. Cold soup and raw chopped steak. The worst part was that our waitress knew the kitchen had been sending out bad dishes and failed to tell us! Ordered 2 Moscow Mules ($8.50 each) and it was served in a glass instead of copper mug because waitress said mugs get stolen. Total meal cost $111.79 with not deductions for cold soup or raw meat.

  • Luis Angel says:

    Would like to Reach out to corporate due to an unfortunate situation we had as a party of 8 costumer had this evening,we went for a belated birthday from my wife,fam and friends gathering, got to front desk talk to the young female greeter about the wait time period and she told us about 1hr 15min to 1hr 30 min,she prompted put my name on list amd phone number,after about 15 min I ask the young front greeter I haven’t any notifications of registry,she said won’t need one till called upon waited another 30 min ask the same young greeter to find out where I was in the list,she told me 6 more fam ahead,after 20 min ask the front young greeter where I was on the list she said was next so waited then I notice that front greeter was calling. Parties of 2 and 3 in front of us.we kept waiting till I ask for a manager due to I notice a over 4 to 5 fam or party skip ahead so ask for the manager to why this has to happened and why we have to wait and they put other in front of us that came after us after they told us we were next to be called.sonones I trying to talk to Mr.Blake Calhoun to address to issue with waiting,the respond was they are short of staff and they doesn’t have to accommodate a group of 8 at the moment we have to wait till one table open with no help from manager of coming to a solution of this matter and to offer us 2 tables of 4 close to each other but instead gave us the excuse of problem their having with staff in the meantime they still calling people or parties of 2 and 3 just because that was easier for them to serve then us as party of 8. Now think how many people they put in front of us up to 5 fam and if you count them is about 10 to 20 people which if you have someone in charge like Mr. Blake and Mrs.Aura you would think they comodate us right a way for putting people in front of us.and all they did was make us wait till time was prompted for us to sit.now this all I have to say would this be acceptable to you if this happens to anyone waiting that long but we still were peacefully and called us to the table I notice our waitress was acting different to our service,not really the professional way of greeting someone politely and on top of that had to wait for our second drink to come at her will.called upon manager and spoke with him about matter but really nothing happened so when I told them I’ll report their behavior, they sound like they didn’t care what we had to say.is sad this corporate let managers,waiters, greeters,front Assist do what ever they want.this happened 01/29/2022@7:00pm at the Sanford Fl.Longhorn by the Mall

  • Lee Hayes says:

    When does lambchops go back on your menu? I’m located I. Ellijay, GA.

  • Cedric Hall says:

    Ordered Strawberry Chicken Salad lunch special menu shows 8.99, I was charged more. I eat at Longhorn 3-4 times a week. Did not appreciate the rudeness from host.

  • Cedric Hall says:

    Was at your Brier Creek Location In Raleigh Nc. Receptionist was very rude. I eat here probably 3 times a week. Did not appreciate the customer service as a valued customer.

  • Gary C Trenary says:

    Don’t get take out my family food was all wrong called supervisor said she would give me 20 $ back never seen that money Nashville don’t go

  • Zack says:


    So let me begin by saying, Longhorn Steakhouse was a mainstay of mine. Everywhere from Cartersville, GA to Westland, Michigan and everywhere off the i75 interstate. I spent several years as a traveling builder and frequented your establishments A LOT, we can say anywhere on a bill from 100-300 everytime whether on personal or corporate card and tipping quite generously. Until the 27th of December, a Monday around 8pm est (from Detroit, MI I moved to Austin Tx) myself, 2 adults and 4 children traveling in 2 separate vehicles decided we were going to stop at your longhorn steakhouse on the outskirts of Toledo on Talmadge St. off of the 475 exit. We walk in mind you from a 10 hour drive and we were told they can’t seat a group of 7, which was fine. We then asked the “hostess” if we could break the table in 2, 2 kids 1 adult at one and 2 kids 2 adults at another. Mind you, the restaurant was not that busy, in fact, the “hostess” (was wearing no name tag and refused to give us her name) went and talked to 3 servers standing around doing absolutely nothing talked for 10 minutes came back and said “well we can’t promise you would be seated next to each other” and after driving straight for 10 hours we just wanted to eat. So we said fine and wanders off, comes back after wasting 15 more minutes and says “we just don’t feel comfortable seating you” and refuses us service. To add insult to injury, our aforementioned friend “hostess” who was kind enough not to give her name sat a party of 4 right in front of us, and I had to restrain my girlfriend from snapping and pull her out the door. Luckily there is an IHOP next door that had no problem accommodating us and we left that server 100 tip for serving us.

    At the end of all this, I just want yall to know you lost a valuable customer over whack service. As a longtime server myself I’m so sure that when I went to work I was there to make money, and not only did your company miss a 200 at least tab, your server lost a bountiful tip. It’s because of this location we will NOT be returning to ANY of your locations. In my heart of hearts I feel someone should be reprimanded or punished for this, and as a near future restaurant owner, I feel your corporation should be ashamed of themselves for being neglectful.

  • M Walker says:

    I tried to call in an order for pickup tonight at the Manchester Ct location and was left on hold for 20 minutes by the young lady who answered the phone. No one ever came back to the phone to take my order. This is ridiculous and unacceptable for a vendor who is trying to keep the customers they have during these uncertain times. Customer service is at its all time low.

  • LaTonya says:

    Sonny the manager at Longhorns in Morgontown West Virginia was the best. She was very professional and understanding

  • Jennifer says:

    I was at the Evansville, Indiana Greenriver rd. location and i received horrrible! horrible! service!
    I ordered a 8oz sirloin meal & a baby back rib meal as a to-go order. Thinking at the order was correct I did not check my bag. When i arrived home I had 2 steak meals, 1 steak meal was all bloody!
    They would not replace it! I will never return!

  • Anita Knight says:

    On last Saturday I ordered a Medium Porterhouse Steak from 10845 Medlock Bridge Rd, Johns Creek, GA 30097. It was curbside pickup. When the young man (Austin H) brought me my order I stated I wanted to check the steak. I noticed there were no utensils. He stated I was supposed to request them. I stated I had. Nonetheless when he returned I checked the steak and found it overcooked. I sent it back. He then returned with the exact same steak this time well done. He stated the manager felt that was the best option. I asked for the manager at that time.

    The manager stated he misunderstood the messaging. Either way, especially during Covid and because he wears no mask, why would you breath on a steak again, recook it and return it to a customer?

    We went into a lengthy discussion on the temperature, what was the degree I wanted it and color. I had to do that. Then he, the manager (Trace Carter) went on to say I should next time, order it medium rare to get it right. Now, again, I am held hostage by this unprofessionalism. Why would I need to pay and do the job for those hired?

    This was not the best experience. I expect better from a steakhouse, and one I love.
    I tried to submit this to corporate but the system would not allow it.

  • Sandi says:

    I’m afraid that your company is taking a nose dive. I ate at your restaurant in Hiram, Ga. yesterday for lunch. I ate by myself so there was not a lot that the server needed to do, but here is my experience: I was seated and had a view of the entry to the kitchen behind the bar. There were three or four servers talking and laughing. I made eye contact with one server and she continued to laugh and talk to the other servers. I did not know that she was my server at the time. After a few minutes she came to my area, spoke to 4 tables that had their food to check on them. Finally she came and acknowledged me. Her mask was below her nose. She did not greet me with water, bread or acknowledge that I had been sitting and waiting for a server. The food was less than mediocre. I had the chopped steak which I usually love. It was abnormally greasy, the onions were not cooked well. The bread tasted like it was day old. This restaurant and food used to be my favorite. Now it is run down, with slacker servers, mediocre food, in a dirty restaurant. I just don’t think I’ll eat there again.

  • Donna says:

    Just writing about 3101 E Colonial Dr. phone there 407-897- 3193 food was great really really bad service. We got some food then everyone had to wait 10 min For everyone else’s food to get to the table. We understand she had two parties there and no one else was in there eating. One table 5 adults and 5 kid and ours 4 adults 2 kids I begged her for water she said very angrily at me that I was going to have to wait ma’am, those words where very harsh and very demeaning for me. I felt like I was at a Denny’s over and over I was so thirsty she got the whole order wrong. I asked the lady at the front desk that if I could please get a glass of water and she said I would have to wait because The waitress she’s got two big parties us and the other people and she couldn’t do it all by herself there was no one else in the longhorn restaurant. The only reason why I’m complaining it was my son‘s birthday and my daughter-in-law‘s a couple of days ago and it was supposed to be a special occasion. But the food was absolutely amazing thank you very much. We usually go to Waterford‘s Longhorn won’t go back to this one it was horrible At one point I had to tell the waitress to please calm down please lower your voice. she was being horribly angry and very loud. No manager to be seen anywhere. Thank you for your kindness during the pandemic we always ordered out with you guys and wanted to say that you did a great job Waterford longhorn Leaving it on a good note.

  • Daniel Grubb says:

    I patronize your Wyomissing Pennsylvania store. I like to eat a salad with my meal. I like Thousand Island dressing this location does not have thousand island dressing. So I have to bring my own. I was wondering if you could explain to me why they don’t have Thousand Island dressing.

  • Connie says:

    My husband and I went to your restaurant last night 9/6 bout 8 30 pm,, we waited over 10 min, and no one , once came to say hi, we will be right w you, how many, table or booth…NOTHING…THERE WAS A SERVER cleaning off a table, who did see u, and never did anything..there was a server at each PTO who also seen us….finally I said said were out of here…NOTE it was 8 30 on Monday the place only had few tables at most….then 3xs today I tried to call, them to bring it to manager attention….was on the phone for over 10 min each time…NO ONE PICKED UP . NO ONE…I am a server, and #1 always greet our customers…

  • Travis pitts says:

    Placed a Togo order at 4:19 pm was told would be ready at 4:50 pm I arrived at 4:40 called they said would be right out I’m still sitting waiting its 5:24 pm now some 34 minutes past pick up time will never come back for this again Lavonia Ga Longhorns not the place to eat.

  • Amanda hover says:

    So we just left one of your locations, the Woodbridge NJ. Left very disappointed. I had ordered the Longhorn not once but twice my steak came out over cooked. I had asked for it to be medium the first time it came out it was well done. I sent it back and about 7 mins later another steak came out but it was medium well. Needless to say I didn not eat the steak after it coming out twice not cooked properly I just lost my appetite. I left hungry and just not happy overall with my meal. The cooks should be better trained on how to prepare and cook steaks..

  • Kai Bell says:

    On August 29, 2021 at 5:14pm, I can honestly say I had the worst customer experience I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime at the Longhorn on Piedmont, Atlanta, GA #5246.

    Check #800815

    Transaction #181588505

    Every Sunday I place an order for an Outlaw ribeye, and yes there have been many challenges from receiving the wrong order, food left out of the order, the steak being cooked well-done instead of medium, my order being given to another customer, to me walking in only to find out that my order was never prepared. Today’s experience truly has left me speechless.

    This Sunday I walked in to pick up my order, checked my order/bag and say to the young lady “can I please have some croutons for my salad because they always leave something out of my bag.” She proceeds to go and get the croutons but for some reason the young man behind the bar (tattoos on his face) sarcastically felt the need to say to me “but you always come back.” I was in shock! I literally was in shock. How are you as employee telling me in so many words that even though we mess up your order you continue to come back and you shouldn’t have the right to complain?

    Yes, I continue to come back because I keep holding out hope that service will get better. Yes, I continue to come back because this restaurant is part of my neighborhood. Yes, I continue to come back because I’m a paying customer that enjoys a good steak.

    I asked to speak to the manager and even she was mortified by what I told her.
    I don’t write this to get any employee in trouble. I write this because this is the type of behavior that brings establishments down. I’m not sure if the Manager (young lady) spoke to him about this, but this behavior can be the demise of a restaurant.

    Kai Bell

  • Robin Jones says:

    Hello…I had a very bad experience at your Tucker Georgia location on Wednesday aug,17th. The manager staff wasn’t answering the phones . After 3 tries I finally got a person on the phone who put me on hold for 30mins and never came back. I drove there and asked for the manager and he took my order with no apologies for my inconvenience. Get home and order was incorrect.

  • Toxie Coker says:

    My wife and I went to the Columbus ms longhorn steakhouse house after a doctors visit for a lunch. The lunch for bad,bad. The restaurant smelled, dirty tables every where, Waite staff was slow,slow seating us… the waitress was from outer space. We could not get our drinks for thirty minutes.. no bread… the steak salads were very cold and so was the meat… I had to ask for my ticket 3 times. I will find another steak place.

  • Brenda says:

    My husband and I visited Longhorn yesterday for the first time since covid. We weren’t very happy customers.
    1. Poor customer relations trying to get a table. Told it would be about 10 minutes. After about 20 minutes or so and after the man in front of us confronted the check in station about why was it taking so long and then getting seated immediately, my husband confronted them an we were then seated. One couple left, said they were going to red lobster.
    2. There was food all under the table across from us. They had a full staff, little customers.
    3.Our food was not up to Long horns expectations. Steak was good. Texas tonions were overcooked, my 7 Pepper sirloin salad was barely eatable. Core from lettuce in my plate. Lettuce was mostly the inner part of the head of lettuce. Tiny diced tomatoes, and such small amount of steak for 15.99. My husband’s brussel sprouts had the stalk end still on and was floating in olive oil. Bread was hard.
    4. Women’s bathroom was a mess. One Stahl had crap in the toilet, the other had toilet paper all around the commode. Water all over the floor in front of sink and napkin basket was empty. This was our experience.
    About 2 months ago my Mother, Sister and I were at the same location and one of the plates to put our bread on had food residue on it plus they were wet. We’ll think twice before going again. It’s ashame, we use to love Longhorn. We’d always request their gift cards for Christmas gifts.

  • Angela Brown says:


  • Sharon Stroupe says:

    Today Is my sister’s 82nd birthday. As a treat I took my sister and four others out to lunch at the Longhorn Steakhouse in Morganton North Carolina. When we got there we were seated and 1/2 loaf of bread was given for five people to share. I ask for an additional 1/2 loaf of bread since there were five people and 1/2 loaf was not enough for five. I was told they were restricting one half-loaf of bread per table. I asked for the manager and an assistant manager WHO WAS VERY RUDE said no she could not give us any more bread. She said the manager was driving to South Carolina to pick up bread because their truck had broken down ( for the second time). I looked around the restaurant and saw tables with one or two people with a half a loaf of bread. I explained that while 1/2 loaf of Bread might be fine for two people, it was not enough for five people to have a portion. I was told sorry…. No more bread! When I talked to the waitress she said she had a table of 10 and could only give 1/2 loaf of bread. What stupid asinine decision was this? 1/2 loaf of bread for 10 people? 1/2 loaf of bread for five people? You have a problem in Morganton North Carolina and it needs to be addressed with common sense which is obviously lacking in this facility. Not only that but we had to send back two steaks which were overcooked. One was scorched on the outside and was supposed to be medium, but was very well done; and one was supposed to be medium rare but was well done. When they finally brought my steak it had seasonings on it and I ordered no seasonings due to a severe gastric problem. Our waitress was wonderful and was very embarrassed but I don’t need to say we will not be going back.

    You need to have a discussion with the owner Wayne Muller, the franchise owner…he is an idiot! Common sense people. Allocate according to number… not table!

  • Suzanne says:

    Saturday July 3rd I had tests scheduled at the hospital for which I had been fasting. I passed your restaurant at 15135 Kendall Drive in Miami. All morning I dreamt of the delicious possibilities once I was finished.
    I was almost giggling when I arrived for lunch. Check with the hostesses – they will remember. I ordered a Beefeater martini on the rocks. It came no rocks. I asked for a correction and the waitress obliged. That was the absolute worst martini I have ever had. I suspect your bartender added some juice from the olive jar. Yuck!! I felt badly for sending it back already, so I decided to suffer through the nasty thing. I ordered the outlaw ribeye medium rare. It arrived raw, not rare. By then I was really dejected. I had picked around the steak trying to find a section that was edible. When next I saw the waitress I told her I was not satisfied. She offered to take it back, but by then it was in pieces. My appetite had vanished and lunch was ruined. I asked to speak to the manager. I waited 40 minutes. No manager showed. I asked the hostesses to come to see the condition of the horrid steak, paid my bill and left!
    How do you stay in business at that location? Bad food. Bad service. And a bartender who can’t make a decent martini!!

  • J Kelley says:

    I am very disappointed at the Longhorn Steak House in Easley. My party of 10 arrived at 6:00 pm and signed I. to get service. 1 hour and 30 minutes later We are still waiting to be seated. I have set here and watched numerous parties of 7 , 8 and 9 being seated . I am setting here looking at a row of of 10 tables that seats 4 people that have been empty the whole time as well as numerious booths empty. Not once has anybody approached to tell us why the wait has been this long. This sure has placed a big disappointment on my daughter’s 🎂 Birthday Celebration.

  • Dr Robert Jackson says:

    I am livid at the treatment my family just received from one of your Huntsville Al restaurants. Today is my oldest brother’s 65th birthday, needless to say a very special day! His long time female friend called LAST MONTH to see if she could have a surprise dinner gathering for about 30 people at your Longhorn Huntsville (on University Drive) restaurant and was told “oh yes, not a problem at all . Just give us a call the day off about 3hrs before the dinner and we’ll get it taken care of”. THEN, lo and behold she calls today just a few minutes ago and was told by the “manager” that “oh no, we can’t do that. “. WHAT??? after initially telling her “no problem”??? the day of the event? After inviting 23 people?!? This is wholly unacceptable. Thankfully after a few prayers quickly went up , we called your restaurant on the other end of town and was told it was “no problem” and they would do whatever is necessary to make it happen. So that is definitely a relief however your staff at the University drive location needs to be reprimanded or given a remedial class on customer service and corporate policy!! If they couldn’t do it, fine but to say initially that they could handle it, wait til people are invited and then when we call back the day of (as instructed) , simply given the brush off like “oh well, tough luck” is unacceptable and reflects poorly on your company. Thankfully you SEEM to have a better group of workers at the other location. (Guess we better get on the phone now and start calling our guests smh)

  • R cascio says:

    Another place to cross off our list !

    My experience at Longhorn Steak House in Famingdale NY

    On 3 Jul 2020 my wife and I decided to dine in at Longhorn Steak House. We were seated near the entrance of the kitchen. While we were eating we over heard an argument between two employees a male and female about the female wearing an American Flag face mask. The male employee told her she cannot wear the “American Flag Face mask because it was too controversial”. He also stated to this female employee that she was “ A white girl asking for trouble”. The female employee stated “she is an American and it is Independence Day weekend and that it is her right to wear the American Flag”. The female employee was told she could not work wearing the mask. My wife and I were appalled at what we were hearing. I served 36 years in the military and will never believe that wearing the American Flag could be controversial especially on independence weekend. I asked our waiter if the male we heard was the manger, he stated yes. I asked if we could speak to the manger. The manger came to the table and I asked him what was so controversial about wearing the American Flag. He started to tell us that it was a corporate policy. After telling him that what he did to that employee was a disgrace. He told us we are no longer welcome there and he is asking us to leave. Rest assure I will never dine there again. I will confirm if this is corporate policy.

  • Barbara S. Goodman says:

    I live in Radcliff, KY right next to Fort Knox Army Base and wonder why you won’t consider our area for a future restraunt?? Radcliff has many other surroundings towns and areas that could support a nice family restraunt. We have all kinds of acreage for sale along 31W/Dixie Hwy that would serve your needs very well. We are tired of fast food places and we just recently got a FREDDYS Hamburger place. We have many retired people in this area both military and civil service that would love to see you locate here.We get tired of driving to Louisville or Elizabethtown to eat out and help secure their economy. Please check us out and think about coming to our City. Barbara Goodman/270-353-3798

  • Martin J Snow U S Navy Retired 30 yr & U S Army Retired 20 yr says:

    I am a 50 year retired military man, I have been eating for years at longhorn stake houses all over the country and getting my military discount. Recently we had dinner at our local longhorns in Alabama and when i ask for my discount i was told that longhorn no longer gives military discounts. Can you please tell me what Longhorns corporate office policy is on military & Retired military discount so i can get this straight once & for all ??

  • >