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  • Address: 5460 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 407-351-4679
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 5547
  • Established: 1981
  • Founder: George McKerrow, Jr.
  • Key People: Clarence Otis

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Clarence Otis


Todd Burrowes


About Longhorn Steakhouse, History and Headquarters Information

Longhorn Steakhouse& saloon is a company that serves as a casual dining restaurant chain. The restaurants serve a wide range of food items that include seafood, salads and steak. The headquarters are situated in 5460 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States of America. The company was established in 1981 and was founded by George McKerrow, Jr. With around 5547 dedicated and hardworking employees, the company continues to sell all kinds of delectable food items for the customers. With Clarence Otis as CEO and Todd Burrowes as President, the company aims to share a great casual dining experience to all.  The restaurant can be contacted through the phone number or Email- ID provided and in case of any requests, reservations or queries. The Longhorn Steakhouse is one of the leading places in the market for a comfortable and hygienic dining area which is affordable as well.

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  • Dr Robert Jackson says:

    I am livid at the treatment my family just received from one of your Huntsville Al restaurants. Today is my oldest brother’s 65th birthday, needless to say a very special day! His long time female friend called LAST MONTH to see if she could have a surprise dinner gathering for about 30 people at your Longhorn Huntsville (on University Drive) restaurant and was told “oh yes, not a problem at all . Just give us a call the day off about 3hrs before the dinner and we’ll get it taken care of”. THEN, lo and behold she calls today just a few minutes ago and was told by the “manager” that “oh no, we can’t do that. “. WHAT??? after initially telling her “no problem”??? the day of the event? After inviting 23 people?!? This is wholly unacceptable. Thankfully after a few prayers quickly went up , we called your restaurant on the other end of town and was told it was “no problem” and they would do whatever is necessary to make it happen. So that is definitely a relief however your staff at the University drive location needs to be reprimanded or given a remedial class on customer service and corporate policy!! If they couldn’t do it, fine but to say initially that they could handle it, wait til people are invited and then when we call back the day of (as instructed) , simply given the brush off like “oh well, tough luck” is unacceptable and reflects poorly on your company. Thankfully you SEEM to have a better group of workers at the other location. (Guess we better get on the phone now and start calling our guests smh)

  • R cascio says:

    Another place to cross off our list !

    My experience at Longhorn Steak House in Famingdale NY

    On 3 Jul 2020 my wife and I decided to dine in at Longhorn Steak House. We were seated near the entrance of the kitchen. While we were eating we over heard an argument between two employees a male and female about the female wearing an American Flag face mask. The male employee told her she cannot wear the “American Flag Face mask because it was too controversial”. He also stated to this female employee that she was “ A white girl asking for trouble”. The female employee stated “she is an American and it is Independence Day weekend and that it is her right to wear the American Flag”. The female employee was told she could not work wearing the mask. My wife and I were appalled at what we were hearing. I served 36 years in the military and will never believe that wearing the American Flag could be controversial especially on independence weekend. I asked our waiter if the male we heard was the manger, he stated yes. I asked if we could speak to the manger. The manger came to the table and I asked him what was so controversial about wearing the American Flag. He started to tell us that it was a corporate policy. After telling him that what he did to that employee was a disgrace. He told us we are no longer welcome there and he is asking us to leave. Rest assure I will never dine there again. I will confirm if this is corporate policy.

  • Barbara S. Goodman says:

    I live in Radcliff, KY right next to Fort Knox Army Base and wonder why you won’t consider our area for a future restraunt?? Radcliff has many other surroundings towns and areas that could support a nice family restraunt. We have all kinds of acreage for sale along 31W/Dixie Hwy that would serve your needs very well. We are tired of fast food places and we just recently got a FREDDYS Hamburger place. We have many retired people in this area both military and civil service that would love to see you locate here.We get tired of driving to Louisville or Elizabethtown to eat out and help secure their economy. Please check us out and think about coming to our City. Barbara Goodman/270-353-3798

  • Martin J Snow U S Navy Retired 30 yr & U S Army Retired 20 yr says:

    I am a 50 year retired military man, I have been eating for years at longhorn stake houses all over the country and getting my military discount. Recently we had dinner at our local longhorns in Alabama and when i ask for my discount i was told that longhorn no longer gives military discounts. Can you please tell me what Longhorns corporate office policy is on military & Retired military discount so i can get this straight once & for all ??

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