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Where is Long John Silver’s Corporate office Headquarters

Long John Silver’s Headquarters Address and Contact

Long John Silver’s Headquarters Location & Directions

Long John Silver’s Headquarters Executive Team



James Patrick O’Reilly

Chief Executive Officer

Brian L. Unger

Senior Vice President of U.S. Franchising & Development and President of LJS Operating Company

Margo Mize

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Marie Zhang

Chief Food Innovation Officer

About Long John Silver’s, History and Headquarters Information

  • Angeline says:

    I just want my w2.

  • Arlene Williams says:

    So me and my husband pull in the drive thru on new cut rd and I place a order for the grill shrimp right off she said there is no cook. So I changed my order to battered shrimp with order of fries my husband asked for 4 pieces of fish hush puppies and a order of fries and two Sierra mist drinks total 38.00 and change We get our order no fries in the bag and as we pulling out there’s a gentleman lending on his car smoking majurianna with a long john silver shirt on I guess that was the cook and that was the reason there was no cook my shrimp batter was not done all the way . For 38.oo we should have gotten better. I would like our money back because service was not render.

  • craig wood says:

    fish buffet please bring it back

  • Camden Steele says:

    Tried to get dinner at 8:15 pm. Jasmine person in charge informed me that they are closing early. Normal business hours are until 10pm. I won’t be coming back you have lost a loyal customer. I drove 20 minutes to get food had a 50.00 plus order. Sad to see these stores closing and exiting our city. But now I know why.

  • Teresa Morrow says:

    We lost Long John Silvers. Is there any chance you could come back? City: Kokomo,IN

  • Bill Clinton says:

    The Long John silver on South East is ridiculous the food is uncooked most of the time the lady that works in the back I think her name is Lisa and she is blind I heard and accepted and I observed her and she can even see push buttons over the fryer, I don’t think that’s safe and also the manager he seems like he’s always there doesn’t look like he’s a very clean person like I said I watched him he doesn’t wash the hands I’ve been sitting there for about 2 hours just trying to see if they going to wash their hands.
    Also if you’ve been saying that the other manager her name is Johnny she is rude and doesn’t show any care to help.
    I came into the restaurant before on her shift and it seems like nobody work there I was just in the lobby for at least 30 minutes before anyone even took my order and then from the back her the lady in the cook he was white Caucasian decent man like they was doing something they wasn’t supposed to be doing on the job,
    I’m bringing it to your attention because children be eating in there also the elderly being there eating and and the employee are cursing no respect so please take this comment into consideration and eliminate the bad seed so me and my family can enjoy eat at this location again
    Thank you
    Bill Clinton

  • Thomas says:

    We need long John’s back in kimball TN

  • Gregory Louderback says:

    Apparently Long John silver’s isn’t interested in addressing any customer problem with food or services. No wonder some of their employees don’t know what they’re doing. I guess where they have jacked the prices up the corporate office and upper management and supervisors are satisfied with the employees who represent the company. So there’s not much need for me to try to add anything else. When you call the customer complaint line, you don’t have enough time before you’re cutoff from it either. You’ll deserve any detrimental effects this will undoubtedly lead to.

  • Angela ORourke says:

    I live in Lindenwold, nj. Our town has been looking for new businesses to join our town. Long john silvers would be a great addition to our town. We do not have a seafood restaurant in our area. Our main franchise restaurant is mcdonalds. Next town over has burger king.the closest ljs is over the bridge in Philadelphia

  • William McQueen says:

    We need a long John Silvers in Conway S.C on Hwy 501

  • William McQueen says:

    We need a long John Silvers in Conway S.C on Hwy 501

  • Mark Ritchie says:

    Is there someone who can call me back ? I have installed new pylon faces that blew out in a storm back on 11-12-21. I have a contact name I was dealing with when the store was open. These pylon faces were sent to me to install which I did. The invoice is for a whopping $1,200.00 per my quote. This site is located at 5481 W. Main St. Kalamazoo, Mi. I can be contacted by calling 269-372-3629 x-5

    Thank you, Mark

  • Kelcey Cook says:

    I have left countless voicemails can I please get someone to respond to me by calling my cell phone that I have left several times I need to talk to someone over the phone that’s an actual person didn’t think that it would be this hard to get a hold of somebody out of a corporate office this is just ridiculous my name is Kelcey and my cell phone number is 903-944-6795 I would like to actually talk to.someone over the phone! This is just crazy!!

  • Ron Kooyman says:

    I loved coming to your restaurant because Long John Silver’s Tartar Sauce was the most delicious in the whole world. I wondered why I couldn’t buy it at Costco or Sam’s Club in bulk??? But here in Illinois the LJS restaurants are offering Heinz tartar sauce which tastes like soap. It makes me want to vomit. Bring thev original LJS’s tartar sauce back to Illinois! And start selling it in bottles like ketchup in the supermarkets! I won’t be buying fish dinners at Long John Silver’s until it returns.

  • Jennifer Damron says:

    As i left for lunch from work i decided to go to long john silvers in ironton,ohio address 810south 3rs steet.i placed my order and drove to the window to pick up my food which was alittle over $10 bucks.i handed her a $100 bill and then she looks in the register and tells me she cant break my 100 dollars so i asked if she was refusing my food to me when i have the money to pay for it.she says no i’am refusing ur food because u dont have the right change.hopefully no one else has to deal refusal of food just because u have a $100 bill.never have i been fefused food before.

  • Connie says:

    I live in Indpls and my Long Johns is on W . Washington St.Wonderful kind people every time I go. I have always left with a smile on my face. Thank you…your kindness is noticed I tip my cook to! Food’s great too.

  • Jimmy Stewart says:

    Yes I like to know when you go are going to reopen a Long John Silver in Yuma Arizona we had one at one time and they closed in the winter time we do one hell of a business for you guys in the summer so but I’d like to know if you ever go to open a reopen a Long John Silver in Yuma Arizona thank you

  • Vance Goode says:

    My wife and I had gone to a Long John Silver’s/Taco Bell in Dandridge TN on 9/15/22 at approximately 4pm. We took the drive route. We ordered a 2 piece Chicken dinner, a 2 piece Fish dinner and a simple soft taco shell with cheese only no meat. I understand the taco bell part (I guess) isn’t on you, however it would seem y’all have changed the type of chicken and fish pieces. The chicken tasted a little chicken and the fish (if that’s what it was) had no taste even the batter was different. Anyway the chicken was OVERCOOKED to say the least and the taco was wrong. I went in and was go en some chicken not as overcooked and a new taco. Got back to the car and had to return again because the taco was once again wrong. By this time I was ready to throw the food at them. All this to say you have lost a family as customers and I’ll be sure to spread the word!

  • robert says:

    Long john silvers in Columbus Ohio Whitehall is dirty flees and flies every where will not be back.

  • Kelly Taylor says:

    We have no Long John Silvers in our town so we have to drive 50 miles round trip we called the one in Crawfordsville In, before we went they said they were open drive trough only till 5 pm when they got more help. when we got there they said we are closed till 5 pm my grandson had to go to work so we couldn’t wait around that was the 3rd time it has happened you either need to get some help there or else close the place down it is very frustrating not to mention the wasted gas and at the price of gas it’s very expensive!

  • Diane Reno says:

    Please bring long John silver’s restaurant back to Modesto desto California. The demographics here will support it

  • Tammie Littlejohn says:

    I eat Long John silver’s at the 533 in Van Texas my family is puking going to have to take my baby to the ER and the food was nasty greasy and they act like robots when you can get them to help you I will never go back there again.

  • Alishia Morris says:

    Long John Silver’s is a awesome place of business in my hometown of Lubbock, Texas. Personally I’m disappointed to hear bad comments about the food, the employees, the service. I believe those tiny details can be resolved and honestly we are looking forward to it ☺️
    Have a blessed day everyone!

  • Concerned says:

    Store 70007 in WV is an awful place to go to. I have pictures that would turn your atomach.

  • T.j says:

    I love this you guys food but the service in my area sucks drive thru aleast over 30mins and the inside is still closed I’m talking about off Hanley rd and florssaint they need better service

  • Ali says:

    Just went to your location at 270 and Hanley in St. Louis, MO. Waited in the drive-thru for 10mins before anyone answered. Then the LITTLE ghetto girl finally answers very rude…She had me repeat my order 4 times in which she claimed she couldn’t hear so I proceed to order again speaking louder for a fifth time and the immature child goes on to argue with me that what I’m ordering is not a meal (2 fish and chicken meals with green beans coleslaw and extra hush puppies on both). So I repeat my order yet again and this child says oh you can get out of my line never rang up the order and wasted 20min of my time NEVER GOING BACK hire better…

  • Diana Teague says:

    We just went to your location on 50th street in Lubbock tx. My husband and I live on a fixed income so grabbing takeout is a treat. Unfortunately we paid for old product. Definitely not a good experience and will not go back. It is very sad that they had no problem giving your customers old product.

  • Judy Wong says:

    Went to your restaurant in Lancaster pa, which is a KFC too, on July 17,2022 @ 2:15 pm. Went thur drive thur and order L2 which is 2 pieces of long john silvers chicken, then was told THEY ARE OUT OF CHICKEN !!!!!

  • Ronnie Raglin says:

    Wonder when y’all can put a long silver back in Georgetown Kentucky because you have to drive 18 up to 18 miles to a long John silvers.

  • Tanya Scarpitto says:

    My name is Tanya Scarpitto please call me I have some concerns with a local resteraunt My number is 6027108421

  • Sue. Fink says:

    This is concerning your location on kingsport Tenn fort Henry drive location. Some one needs to really check on the quality of your foods. It’s terrible. Terrible is under state ment I purchased 2 fish chicken dinners got home with it wasn’t for to eat looked as though was fried 5 days prayer to my purchase and re fried the day I ordered it wasn’t nothing like what your food is known for which was good. This was really bad. Someone in your company needs to go by this location other thru drive THUR. And see if it’s what you would expect it to be. Thankyou

  • Bill says:

    After ording a family meal from long John’s silvers taco bell in Louisville ohio I am very disappointed in the way they conduct business they cheating us out of the coleslaw and when I called the manager all she had to say was uh huh also I ordered a taco without lettuce and it had lettuce on it but I feed it to my dog and the hush puppies was hard as a brick I don’t think I will be having long John’s again

  • Paul Urtso says:

    The LJS in Clarksburg,WV is a joke!!!
    Can’t get orders right the employees are rude nd never got all my food !!! When u called back up the there nobody answer the phone. A waste of 58.00 dollars. Should save yourself a headache and close it down!!! I’ll never will be back. That place is a Hot Mess!!!

  • Lea black says:

    The Forest Lane store in Dallas Tx has ants in the soda machine also the Dm is firing people because he doesn’t like them so he keeping up drama with the employees and their general manager so just because he don’t like them he’s stir up a lot of tension making it a hostile inviorment

  • Joseph says:

    I love long John silvers but the new DM for the Dallas location is being racist and don’t care about others in the the business he walks around being disrespectful

  • Lanessia says:

    Why did y’all close down the long John silver’s in Pampa Tx? Now we have to drive an hour and a half to get the best.

  • John Taylor says:

    Why isn’t a restaurant near dover delaware? We have a bunch of others that moved into the area within the past couple years? I would personally love it. Since I grew up in Johnstown pa. Where there is still one. Thanks in advance with your reply

  • Victor says:

    Need a long john silver in south Bethlehem pa. Next to Lehigh university. People here have to travel across town to Kentucky fried chicken restaurant to get long John silver food. PLEASE

  • Tina MA Lucero says:

    Hello I have been eatting at long John for YEARS!
    I’m complaining about the restaurant in Albuquerque NM on San Mateo north of Montgomery rd.
    It is always very VERY SMOKY!! You can’t breath snd you leave smelling like grease!
    It has been a year now and it’s the same! It’s summer now and keeping the doors open brings in bugs!!
    Please fix this place!!

  • Carolyn Fry says:


  • J. O. says:

    I started reading the comments by other customers to see the quality of food and service they experienced. Most people will only vent their frustration when they have less than satisfactory service and/or food. I didn’t see any positive comments and based on my experiences with merchants is that customers resort to venting their less that satisfactory food and service. (1) The Long John’s Silvers store I went to was a Taco Bell. (2) I went to their website and it initially gave an incorrect address (3) their website had a link to the locations of their stores but the website did not populate any stores and on a second link, it listed a Long Johns Silver in New Mexico. Sorry, not driving from Fresno, CA to New Mexico even if the food was free. (4) I also suspect that many of the Corporate officers listed have long since resigned or were terminated. No one was smart enough to remove the names and probably the positions they held. Not smart corporate officers. The Chief Executive Officer should write a book on how to close corporate stores. If he is honest, it would be a best seller. (5) Considering how few sea food fast food restaurants there are, they should have a many customers. (6) I should start a lottery on how long before Long John’s Silvers will close because of their bankruptcy. I have never seen so many negative comments about any fast food restaurant. Will I ever patronize a Long John Silvers again, not on your life. No matter what I would never set food in their parking lot let alone order food there.

  • Jerrie says:

    We went to dinner tonight at Long John silvers in Obetz, Ohio. Worst dinner and service we ever recieved! Waited in line after ordering for 15 min. They tried to bring only part of my order. Which in fact they still didn’t bring what we ordered. They food was way over cooked and couldn’t even eat half of it. Needless to say we will not be returning to that location! Very disappointed!

  • Terri Moore says:

    We are at the melbourne Florida location
    They are taking one order at at time at the window
    Making the order while all the vehicles wait instead of taking orders and having cars park
    What a mess

  • Timothy says:

    Then y is it in the northeast we can’t bladly find the restuarate. There only 1 that I know of and I have to drive 600 miles to get it. Will there be more stores coming to nys again

  • Royce says:

    PS… Make it look like the picture above…Wow, that would be great!!!

  • Royce says:

    I went to the Long John Silver’s in Carthage Missouri on Central Street and was a bit taken back. I recall the same feeling about a year ago.

    First, the staff that is there is pretty fantastic. Friendly and very helpful. The food is okay and enjoyed it!

    The surrounding are in very bad need of repair. The outside walls have holes and rust and really need MAJOR repair. The inside is just acceptably okay. A shower current covers a closet full of stuff that needs better presentation to the public. The inside is not welcoming. It is just what it is. This is now the only fast food store in Carthage that has not been update in the last few years. I just can’t go back, until it is update. I feel I am eating in a run down restaurant in the middle of the no where. It really is not suitable for a comfortable, relaxing time to eat.

  • Rene Tellez says:

    l lived in Tucson and wonder why they is longer a long john in Tucson anymore and it was my favorite place in High school in 1980s. and don’t understand l have to drive to casa grand to eat there.

  • Annette says:

    I’m live in the Grand Rapids Michigan area are they still open

  • Chris says:

    Its sad when the assistant Mike Thompson has to do meth all the time to perform his job. Great job hiring a druggie. Give him a drug test if u don’t believe it

  • Dee whiteley says:

    Your restaurant on valley mills in Waco Texas needs handicap fixtures in them.They didn’t have anything in them,the toilet was very low to the floor l had a hard time getting up & down because there was no bars or anything to crab a hold to.i hope yall will do something about it,please.

  • Joseph Montez says:

    My name is Joseph Montez and I have been trying for two weeks now to contact someone to help me. I submitted three requests on your website by using the contact us feature. I have called a number I found online only to talk to someone who would only help if it was a LJS card I was having problems with. I called and left a message with the corporate office and after all these attempts, I have yet to talk to anyone or even have my issue resolved. On January 6, 2022, I placed an online order and arrived way before my scheduled pick up time of 9:26 pm to be told that they were closed and closed at 9:00 pm. My order shows to pick up at 9:26 pm and the website shows open until 9:30 pm. So I wasn’t able to get my order and when I asked about getting a refund, I was told that they didn’t know how since it was done online. I paid over $30 for an order that I couldn’t get and now can’t even get my money back. Can someone please contact me as this has taken way to long to resolve and has wasted so much of my time.

  • Kevin Stout says:

    I am not a guest I am a parent of a 16 years old employee that is scared to go back to work because of very threatening work place issues can I please get a call today to discuss 317-417-4119 Kevin Stout
    Whiteland, Indiana

  • Craig Wright says:

    I went to the Long John Silver’s on 3152 East 51st Street Tulsa Oklahoma to buy a meal for my wife and I this evening and ask for extra tartar sauce and they gave me extra tartar sauce and charged me $5.48 for the extra tartar sauce also there are other sauces which I did not get it and I just don’t think I should be charged for extra tartar sauce if the dining room was open so I could go and pump as much as I want out of the pump thing and they charged me $5.48 for tartar sauce understand this I believe that Long John Silver’s owes me $5.48

  • Lisa Bartram says:

    Stopped at LJS on Alum Creek Dr. I always get good food from this location but today the fish was hard as a brick and so was the hush puppies. I spent $9.00 on a meal that i couldn’t eat. They also was out of tarter sauce. Needless to say I was not a happy camper.

  • marty says:

    Had to comment on 2021 Wabash Ave Terre Haute Store 70139, took my family and chicken still pink, rice super cold, taco uncooked, fish cold, tray food was brought to tab le was filthy with debris and leftover food droppings, asked for manager and she never came to our table………needs closed down!

  • Harvey Neice says:

    I was flipped off at one of your restaurant Terre Haute Indiana on the southside of Terre Haute at 8 p.m.

  • Rae williams says:

    I was scolded at the location in Victoria tx I contacted the corporate office I was told to send in my forms from the doctor I sent them in I was told someone would reach out to me never received a call so I had to take it to the next step

  • Samantha Preitz says:

    Was just at store #31498 in Moosic pa they just opened for the day you think product would be fresh and they only have drive thur open so nit that busy. Took my order get home a dry old piece if fish half filled container if cole slaw and NO fries . Tried to call no answer for 20 minutes. Not happy at all can’t get the food I ordered or a manager on the phone.

  • Jacqueline Onyia says:

    I visited 1910 location off Ben White in Austin, TX on 11/29/21. I received the worst service ever in drive thru to be a long time customer, I arrived 20 min til closing and was refused to get fresh fries by the rudest manager ever, he told me don’t tell him how to do his job and suggest me to order something else, and that they just can’t cook for me. I’ve worked in the fast food industry for many years and know how customers is supposed to be treated even if it’s 1 minute til closing. To treat a long time customer or talked to a customer the way l was treated was very uncalled for. Yes, it maybe close to closing time but you should always treat a customer with dignity and respect. After 13yrs of eating at this location, I can’t forsee myself being a continuous customers. When I asked for the manager the gentleman stated he was the manager, when I asked for the corporate office number he told me you look it up and preceded to asked me if I was going to order food..lol..you must be kidding me. There’s no way I would have treated him fixing my food at all.He was the rudest a_ _ hole and doesn’t deserve to run anyone’s restaurant or establishment.

  • Mr.& Mrs. Norbert Metzmeier says:

    Very disappointed in the service I received today at Long John Silvers-New Cut Road Louisville,Kentucky.

  • Tenishah says:

    Long john silver in lubbock, tx
    1101 50th st ,79412, is so rude , I order online and still called about the oder and they were so rude and nasty ,I get there to go inside to pick my order up and the doors are locked because the workers have they kids in the back where they specifically cook at crying and running around not only that the drive lady young girl was so rude slammed the door in my face and started yelling now at this point everyone from the back is coming to drive thru ,which what ever not scared ,but management came and also rude because my order was wrong and I spent 45 dollars , she tried to substitute and it was still wrong ,but from the beginning the whole order was wrong ,don’t substitute if you don’t know what we allergic too ,said all that and order was still wrong, I should sue because it was first the order online then the phone call to get order was correct then get there doors locked when she specified that I can walk in or go drive thru , then doors look at 6 pm, go to window once again this chick gets nasty , go to drive thru order still wrong after 2 attempts because of minor babies and I mean babies are at work with them by heat and other dangerous things ,we actually seen these kids at the drive window picking up food and they running around all that screaming and crying

  • Bob Steele says:

    I don’t ever do this but this is the 4th time in a row my order was messed missing items etc!!!!!! Today I was at Marmet WV store spent my normal 35-40 dollars got my order ask 3 times if it was all there was told by drive threw guy no name tag I done it myself I took a quick look there was no family rice so I went back around told them I was missing the said pull around I did he refunded rice said no one told him they were out then I get to where I’m going there’s no crab cake no green beans with 3 piece chicken meal 4 times in a row it’s messed up !!!!!!! Not going back

  • Carol Swift says:

    I would really like to see a Long John Silver’s to come to Winchester ky. That is my favorite place.

  • Janet Parkerson says:

    I ordered the 2 fish/3 chicken with 2 sides and hush puppies. The chicken size was ridiculous. One of the pieces did not measure 2” long by 1/2” wide. That is not a chicken plank. The other two “planks” were 2 1/2” x 1 1/2” long. That is not a chicken serving. More like McNuggets – only smaller! I am not exaggerating at all. I also got only 11 French fries, but lots of crumbles to fill up the box. I have photos but there is no way to upload them. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in the pictures. When I complained they said that is how the chicken is shipped to them. That is not a satisfactory response. It did not solve the problem and told me that I can expect poor quality chicken in the future.

  • Deborah Bentz says:

    I didn’t finish my commet. If you would look at their records you would realize the store was losing customers before Covid. So this isn’t a good excuse. Send someone from corporate to visit the store for a week. Unless you don’t care. Thank you Debbie Bentz

  • Debbie Bentz says:

    I have always loved LJS. The one in El Dorado, Ks has good food but they have terrible employees. The woman that took my order and rang it up did not say one please, thank you, have a nice day. She also never smiled. Not once. There was a mix up on the number of drinks i wanted. I needed 2. She gave me 4. I told her i only needed 2, but it may have been my fault for the confusion. I told her i would pay for the extra drinks and then i apologized. She rolled her eyes and slammed the window shut. After i got my food, i apologized again for the confusion. She glared at me and slammed the window shut. I gave your store 5 different chances to give us friendly service. I’m done. I have complained about this woman before. Her name is Ashley D. She must know someone hire up, she hate her job and makes it clear. She is the one that always is rude. If you don’t replace her your store time in El Dorado is on borrowed time. They don’t hardly ever

  • Mark Nix says:

    Today I went and ordered food I have five children plus my wife and the second time in Greenfield Indiana and both times the food was burnt too hard to eat order was incorrect this last time as of today I ordered double fries I didn’t get them when I went back and said something to the manager he told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about because he gave me three bags well I only received two bags of food. So when I told him that he told me that he packed my stuff personally and there’s no way we didn’t get our food and I told him to go look for another bag because obviously we didn’t get her fries or a hush puppies. He then committed to tell me that I was apparently lying now this is the second time this has happened at the same location I am a manager and Taco Bell and this is unjustifiable..

  • Terri Goodheart says:

    I just visited the Long John Silver’s in Terrell, Texas. I want to say the food was very good. I had the shrimp, hush puppies and coleslaw. The coleslaw was perfectly made, as was the shrimp. I just want them to get appreciation for a job well done! I’ve been to Capt. D’s and your food is far superior in comparison. Thank you!

  • MIKE RATHI says:


  • Michael Richardson says:

    I drove across town specifically to eat at Long John Silver’s only to find the dining area closed. I was expecting to eat a nice meal in a clean air-conditioned restaurant, not in my car on a hot day. I hate that Long John Silver’s is going the way of the dinosaurs but it appears to be a self inflicted mortal wound. My experience was at the location on N. Glenstone in Springfield, MO.

  • Sharon Oats says:

    We waited 20 minutes just to order, gave up, went inside to order, only 2 people were working, they locked the doors so no one else could come inside. When we got our food it was so hard and krispy we could hardly chew it. There were countless cars turned away. You lost a lot of money from people wanting to eat at your establishment. What a shame.

  • Amy says:

    Went to the long John silvers in springboro Ohio and they were out of shrimp and fish!! You will never get my business again!!

  • Allen Beeney says:

    Hey I was in a Long John silver’s at 15 to 10:00 and in Corydon Indiana and I fit into raw chicken I didn’t get my crab cakes my fries was soggier than s*** I’m really disappointed in your company

  • MaryLou says:

    Lancaster, PA. This place is such a rip off we went to pick up food for lunch today we had a coupon for 8 for $8.88 and we order two sides at 3.99 each which would have costs us $16.86 plus tax. BUT instead the manager charged us $25 for the 8 piece family deal…the same items with 4 hush puppies which looking at you price list are $1.89 each (this we could have done without). When I worked there we would not have done the expensive off. Lost my business and I will be talking to others. AND for a place that has a closed dining area the floors were in need of a cleaning.

  • LC Swartz says:

    To whom it may concern I live in historical southern Maryland and we have no Long John Silver‘s we only have one bonefish Fishhouse in the area which I think well I would love to see a Long John Silver‘s come to the Waldorf Maryland area I am too old to ask about a franchise myself I do have a friend that would be interested if you would send me all of the necessary paperwork that he would need to contact you thank you for your time and have a pleasant day

  • Angela Burdine says:

    Food was nasty and we had to wait for 30 minutes and thy was rude

  • Evelyn Luers says:

    My husband, daughter and I went to Long John Silver’s in Crown Point, Indiana on Main Street for dinner last night. Doug’s (my husband) fish was cold, not even warm to the touch. I went to the counter and explained to the MANAGER who waited on me. She said how can that be? I think it just came out of the fryer. I suggested she come to our table and check for herself. She declined and made two more pieces of fish. I went to get a refill on Doug’s sweet ice tea. She told me that they “just emptied the container” for the evening. They close at 9pm. It was 8pm. I then asked for Diet Pepsi. She gave me a Diet Pepsi and I went back to my table to give it to my husband. He took a drink and said, “something is not right”. I took a drink and then another drink. I told him “this tastes like BLEACH!” Doug said it sure does. I went back to the counter and told the manager again what had just happened. She wouldn’t believe it. I told her to taste it. She declined. She dispensed some diet pepsi out of the machine and tasted it. Nope, no bleach she said. Then she said that she would get it out of the drive thru dispenser. As she went to that dispenser, she told another employee to “take the ice scoop” back to the kitchen. I watched him do it as I was standing at the counter. She then handed me a cup with the pop and I went and sat down. Doug never drinks from a straw and always removes the lid to drink. He said, apparently they were out of ice. Not a single cube of ice was inside the cup. By this time I just wanted to leave. As I drove home, Doug said that the scoop that was carried into the kitchen was the utensil that had the bleach on it. That is why they took it to the kitchen. The first cup of Diet Pepsi tasted like bleach because the scoop had been cleansed with bleach and then scooped into our ice. I cannot believe that people are that ignorant. The only thing the manager told me about the floor when I told her how slick it was due to the grease on the floor was….I don’t clean the floors, I am a manager. I have someone clean it. I am going to get a different job.

  • JennaThompson says:

    I called your restaurant today (June 12, 2021) in Hagerstown Md (Valley Mall) to inquire about the time the restaurant closed and was told 6:00 pm. So, I sent my husband to purchase a family meal, but when he got there, they told him they were closed (5:15 pm). A man was waiting for an order in front of him, but they wouldn’t fix an order for us because the manager said they were closing early for a staff meeting! Why didn’t they tell us that on the phone and save us a trip and gas? Not even an apology, coupon, anything! Probably will never go back…not good business…you need a new manager in that store!!

  • Paul S. Radcliffe says:

    I ate supper at your Mauldin SC restaurant tonight ordering 2 chicken planks and a fish dinner. I discovered that you have reduced the size of your chicken and fish portions and after spending over 10 bucks (ticket #3855) I came away hungry. I challenged the manager and was informed in a surly voice “That is how they send it to us.” I hate your tartar sauce packs as they can not be opened easily and your cup sizes are reduced. In short, eating at your restaurant was a miserable experience. Enjoy your march to bankruptcy. I am taking my business elsewhere

  • John Harston says:

    I went to long John silvers to order an all you can eat as zi have done in the past Sundays.I was told that they no longer serve all you can eat.My problem with this is 2 piece is the biggest dinner you can get without a separate order of one more piece of fish that cost 4.dollars extra!

  • Debra Schmulbach says:

    I purchased 2 meals and 3 orders of clam strips. The clams were to hard to breakdown with my teeth. The clams were old. I purchased my meals at the Richardson Texas location today 3/12/21. I have picture if you need them.

  • Douglas Thompson says:

    I stopped off at store in South Bend IN # 70161 at 2:15 PM young employee came in , off the street without face mask and walked directly into cooking area and started discussing ‘Traffic Issues’ with other employees. NO FACE MASK…… Direct Health Violation Date Aug 8 2020

  • Linda Cook says:

    Your place of business in Cave City KY just informed my husband they are not wearing masks or gloves until May 11th. Until places like this get on board we are doomed!

  • JLA says:

    I live in Lubbock, Texas, and we visited Long John Si lver located at 1101 50th Street on Sunday, 8/18/19. The store should open at 10:30 a.m., and I was there at 11:00 a.m. Some customers along with myself waited and waited. Someone finally unlocked the door at 11:30 a.m. and by that time there were several customers that were irate. We heard one of the cashiers tell a customer that the cook didn’t show up. She was asked by another customer what time did the store usually opened. Her reply, “It’s never the same time; it all depends”. What kind of store is this? I ordered the family meal (all fish) to carry out. Needless to say, the fish was overcooked, dry, and difficult to chew. I was so disappointed? The worse part is that nobody at the store apologized for the long wait. This would of helped some. Where are people’s manner nowadays. An apology can go a long way!

  • Christine A. says:

    Dear LJS,
    Are there any plans to bring back the seafood salads that you had back in the 1980’s? I used to work at LJS back then and LOVED LOVED LOVED this salad with the tiny shrimp and imitation crab meat. If you do not have any plans on bringing it back, is there any way I can get the recipe to get my fix at home? Please let me know. Thanks very much.

    Christine A.

  • Shirley Paul says:

    The city of Woodland California is wanting your restaurant in our city. Please come and let us enjoy your line of seafood!!

  • ED WALOS says:


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