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  • Address: 2506 Music Valley Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 615-871-0328

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: guestexperience@spbhospitality.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1995

  • Founder: Dave Wachtel, Charles McWhorter

  • Key People: Hazem Ouf (President & CEO)

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Hazem Ouf

Partner, Chief Executive Officer and Director

James J. Hagan

Chief Financial Officer

Maria Rivera

Senior Vice President of Operations

Stephen Anderson

Senior VP, Marketing

Len Popering

Chief marketing officer

Michelle Zavolta

Chief human resources officer

About Logans Roadhouse, History and Headquarters Information

Logans Roadhouse is a company that has its headquarters situated in 2506 Music Valley Dr, Nashville, Tennessee 37214, United States of America. Established in 1995, it was founded by Dave Wachtel and Charles McWhorter. In 2018, it was acquired by CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries which is presently the owner. Hazem Ouf is the present President as well as CEO of the company. It is a chain of restaurants which aims to serve quality food at good prices. The chain has a decoratove theme which includes retro styles and even provides free buckets full of peanuts at every single table to the customers. The dedicated and experienced executive staff cares about the quality of the food that is being served in the restaurants. The restaurant’s service resources include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. The contact number is also available in case of any queries and the restaurants are not only accessible but also very successful.

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  • Cecil Fulenwider says:

    My son stopped at Logans RH on 157 in Cullman Alabama and ordered a big hamburger and when he cut in it it was so raw that it mooed at him. Blood running off it. Said he told the manager and she said that was the way she liked it. He sent me pictures and it make me sick looking at it.

  • Christina Dodson says:

    I have been employed by Logan’s for 7 months now and for the last 2 months I have repeatedly went to each manager at my location about harassment from another employee and nothing has been done about it this employee has continued to told me harass me and intimidate me and today at work evidently there was some drinks mixer mixed up or something however she assumed I took her drink came to a table of party of 20 of mine well giving out my drinks takes a drink out of my hand aggressively says something very rude and walks off in front of my guess I went to the manager about it and he pretty much ignores it and wants to what he can do about it what I need while she’s in the background running her mouth and because of the past incidents of harassment and threats and accusations May towards me and against me I I reacted and ask what her problem was and if we needed to handle it out side of work. I have went to every manager including Gm and corporate boos at location with my issue dealing with from her. Nothing was ever done. There are more insadents can share as well. I am a good employee never late or called in I work hard and go beyond for the store and guests. This girl is always late never does any side work bullies others and management allows it.

  • Barbara Brookshire says:

    We a party of 16 have been waiting 2 plus hours while we are told they have no idea how much longer. I get it because no reservations. But…… there is a large room totally been used and the manager isn’t willing to even allow us to enter and use it!!! I will make sure to smear the name every where I go for the ridiculous attitude and ability for them to wait and serve our party. We have been beyond patient and kind .

  • Cheryl Lauper says:

    I’m a regular at the Logan’s in Smyrna Tennessee. Every since Mark the manager there, has been there, the place is made so many improvements thru his guidance. I’d like to thank you for making him the manager bc he really seems to care and he works very hard. My hat is off to Mark and he definitely deserves a pat on the back from his upper management.
    Thank you
    Cheryl Lauper

  • Dexter A. Blandin says:

    Truck Driver traveling for the night and decided to stop and eat at your #478 restaurant. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! Logan and Tyler was amazing!!! First time eating with your restaurant. WILL BE BACK!!!

  • Kenneth Kingston says:

    Logans in springhill is unfit too dine in as well work.

  • Kenneth Kingston says:

    I was a supporting employee at springhill location as a dishwasher and firstly the business is unfit I’m totally surprised it’s still open it’s infestation with cockroaches is unbelievable and the staff doesn’t do anything about the way the management looks and handles it is okay we know we have bugs but the paying customer doesn’t also they don’t wear protection they don’t take covid temperatures and they don’t protect themselves it’s ridiculous. The don’t have respect toward the company nor themselves there’s no discipline with management. All the management are seeing or dating there employees it’s a disgrace. None teamwork there I can go on and it’s a need too know and handle asap. This place needs a whole new look. They treat there dishwashers horrible and staff. The G.M. and his manager’s there are all horrible the take employees time from them and laugh at it as if we’re a joke this is so sad someone needs too look in towards this. Some people love too work with people of trust but it’s not at this location. The logans in springhill tn..

  • Patrick Farrell says:

    I bought $200 of gift cards off of app. They said that they would send me 8 $10 bonus cards with that. I got nothing, zero. Have tried dealing with their customer service, company called Blackhawk Network, not easy to do.

  • Charles King says:

    After a 10hr drive I orderd a carryout…ribs and ribeye steak. Potatoes were uncooked wrapped in foil, the ribs were burned to a Krisp. After speaking with the General Manager, Jenny Smith she promised me a gift card for the total amount. I could pick it up the next day. I waited 28 minutes for the Manager to tell me Jenny didn’t leave the gift card and it was her day off. Stay away from Logans on Mcgavock pike in Nashville Tn. The situation was a lot worse but I didn’t comment.

  • Bradford Ravencraft says:

    12-15-2022. Tonight is the 4th and final attempt to order from Logan’s in Gulfport, MS on the waitr app. Every time we attempt to place an order, they are unable to fill it. I called the restaurant to report the issue, and was told “if the kitchen is running 30-45 minutes, they turn off the waitr orders”. We ordered from McCallister’s,,, again!

  • Sylvia Rae Manriquez says:

    Imma former manager at Logan’s roadhouse 424 do y’all not pay accumulated vacation and sick days old after you’re fired or leave I had 80 hours vacation days and 48 house sick days I didn’t use but was never paid for them and I’ve been gone from the company for almost a month

  • Tammy Smith says:

    My boyfriend and I stopped at Logan’s RH in tifton ga. Ordered fried pickles and fried mushrooms. Pickles were GREAT! Opened the mushrooms- burnt BAD. Spit it out bad! I called the store and was told to stop on my way back through because they needed my card to refund the charges. We did, and wow what a disappointment. Mgr. Paul told us no refunds because it was over an hour ago.. he was rude, disrespectful and quite dismissive. No- I’m sorry about that, no- let me take care of that for you. He literally walked away mid sentence. I can assure as LOGANS is one of my all time favorite restaurants I will go again but NEVER TO TIFTON GA.

  • Mary mills says:

    Very disappointed with my 60$ order today called local restaurant and manager was rude

  • Debora Taylor says:

    I was at store in Sumter SC. And Waiter was nasty. Food was good. This second time. I had a bad experience with them. 54.00 I just wasted

  • Christine Doolen says:

    My daughter worked at the Logan’s here in Manchester, TN for about 2 years now and the management team there is a joke. Anything and everything that goes on there is never dealt with. They fired her all because “she finally stood up for herself”

    • Sylvia Rae Manriquez says:

      I was a manger at a Logan’s in Charleston WV for a year and a half never got a raise noting I was the ONLY manager that wanted the store kept clean, my GM was having ex employees and new employees call corporate on me because I asked them to do their job even had exemployees tell me and show me messages where she was asking them to file paperwork saying I made them quit she still has her job her and her girlfriend who quit and was rehired back as a manager lied to her boss Jeff and says they’re roommates but they’re clearly dating her girlfriend smokes weed her whole shift with employees she has 2 teamleads one was on the do not hire they rehired her and one who was sleeping with the last GM to get her spot she quit when he did then the GM Jasmine rehired her back in the system as a teamlead she has a nasty attitude, the kitchen manager Steve watches the back door so employees can’t smoke and eat his whole shift or leaves for 3 hours during his shifts the GM and her Girlfriend are never there so the teamleads run the store the company needs to do random pop ins because the location 424 makes the servers clean when corporate comes they also have black mold growing in their meat room where food is exposed that none of the managers care about

  • Bill Stroh says:

    Just to let you know we were at your location in Spanish Fort AL. One member in our party fell and twist both of her ankles in a hole on your property we reported it to the manager who was not very concern or helpful he did go outside and look at hole but never checked on again. When we left the hole was still open and no marking altering other partons to this danger were present.

  • Melissa Warren says:

    Dickinson, TX Location

    Well Logans is just a complete disappointment now days. I used to come to Logan’s and order 2-3 xs a month… I now try it out every 3 months (thinking maybe just maybe it will be better) bc every-time it never fails I can’t get anything right with my order. No matter if I dine in or order to go, they don’t pay attention to what is asked and I am very picky and like my meal done the way I ask for it to be done. When your spending $80-$100 I think that is reasonable to ask. For instance today I ordered soup and asked for cheese to be put to side… yet all 6 soups had cheese in them instead. 2 of the soups didn’t even have any broth or liquid with them just pure potato and lumped cheese. My meatloaf sliders I ordered came out as a meatloaf dinner not sliders, so I had to wait to get them redone.

    Not to mention I ordered to go and drove up to the parking spot for to go food and txt “here” as instructed per txt… but I always have to go in to get my order after waiting 15 mins in my car for no one to come. Then I got inside and had to wait another 10-15 mins to get helped to even pick up my order that I can clearly see sitting there but not one person is in sight around restaurant to help me.

    Unfortunately, I’m just done bc I used to love this place but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone any longer. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere to someone that deserves it bc they is understand what customer service truly is.

    They should do an undercover boss at this location it would be a real eye opener to the corporate world about what’s going on I’m sure… if they even care.

    Very very sad they are such a terrible restaurant now.

    Ever want to discuss feel free to contact me. Thanks!

  • Karen Bates says:

    On June 4 2022 my son took me to Logans in Hamburg in Lexington for my birthday with party of three. When we arrived they were not busy. We were seated the waitress got our drink orders and bread. After 35 minutes I went to find manager to explain she was not very nice and said they had big party in back. Waited another 10 minutes to no food. So I politely go up left. Leaving waitress tip for drinks. I am ver disappointed in this place as I frequent often. I will be posting on Facebook. By way it was my 70th birthday. Thanks for checking into this

  • Kamal Muhammad says:

    My service at the 100 oaks in Nashville Tennessee was terrible had to wait for 38 minutes to get 2 grill chicken salads then the chicken was hard and burnt when brought to the attention of the manager she was rude and made the comment THAT SHE DO T EAT AT THE SAME LOCATION THAT SHE WORKS AT I TALKED TO CORPORATE AND THEY TOLD ME SOMEONE WOULD BE CONTACTING ME THIS WAS OVER A MONTH AGO NO ONE HAS OF 6-2-22 contacted me my number is 615-594-3259 kamal

  • Sarah says:

    Took my family to dinner on 5/10/22 in Grandville MI. First the waiter brought my 20 year old daughter a beer. Then forgot to bring her iced tea. He then screwed up 2 out of the 4 orders, forgot sides, and brought wrong sides. The manager, an older lady, was the rudest person I have encountered within customer service in years. I would never recommend this location. We will definitely spend our money elsewhere from now on.

  • William Gould says:

    This was my experience at Logan’s at this address 20 Mill Rd, McDonough, GA 30253. If there was a star lower than one that is what I would have used . There was nobody at entry desk stood for sometime waiting to be seated. There was not that many people there. We all ordered one of the burgers, when they can the bun was very hard, I questioned the waiter he said it was because some change in ingredients and also said some people just ordered without bun. The buns were inedible, we should have just walk out but we did not we took meat off bun and have the meat and other ingredients without buns. The buns had to be just old and stale. I think we were really pranked by the staff because everybody from cook to whoever prep them had to know. I will never return there and tell as many people as I can about this ingredients. It was pretty bad for burger that cost $13 to $14 each.

  • Randy says:

    I would like to report an inappropriate sexual relationship between a GM who is married and one of her employees. I have evidence that was handed over to her DO and nothing was done about this. Please contact me.

  • OLisa says:

    I’m from Chicago. The entire experience here was terrible. Very unprofessional. Rude. Doesn’t listen to the customer to resolve the issue. I drove 45 minutes away and 35 minutes back because they messed up my entire order. Got to the location to have it fixed and they messed it up 3 more times. The manager wasn’t empathetic or understanding to the reason why I’m upset. I’ll never visit or eat here again!

  • Rene corder says:

    The restaurant in pearl Mississippi needs someone from the home office to come and teach the employees here how to talk to and treat your customers. They all even the manager yoland has a shity attitude.

  • Jacqueline Smith says:

    I would like to know what your policy is regarding an ill employee, who’s also pregnant. This particular employee informed management of the situation, told that that were short staffed so was needed, and after illness worsened with severe headache and back pain during shift and informing management again, was told by management that they’d be fired if they needed to return home. This happened in your West Monroe, LA location on 2/27/22. I’m a Registered Nurse, and from a medical standpoint that’s a legal matter (as in lawsuit should something really be going on with the employee) waiting to happen due to the condition of the employee. No management should threaten an employee with such matter as this. I’d suggest that this matter be investigated. This is not the first time management has threatened employees, I’m sure if they told an employee this.

  • Dsmith says:

    Received burnt grilled meatloaf in 2 orders on Sunday night. No one answers the phone when I called back last night. I’m requesting a refund of my money

  • Jhaz says:

    At least 2 illegals, a husband and wife, names: Jesus and Yara, qworking at East Peoria, Illinois Logans being paid cash to work in the kitchen keeping paid employees from getting adequate hours and keep schedules.
    If something isn’t done, I’ll be calling the Tazewell County Health Department next.

  • A F says:

    I’m a little pissed that I just wasted $26.66 on a carryout order!!! First of all, you need to check your stock. My potato was completely black and brown on the inside and my cucumbers were extremely slimy. I ordered a well done steak but it was red and bloody inside. I paid for bacon and eggs on my salad which I did not get. My roll was even hard and nasty. My entire meal was a complete disaster! I will never spend another dime here and I will let all of my family and friends know about this horrible experience. You should be ashamed to give people rotten food!!! Keep a better eye on your employees, because they obviously don’t give a damn about your business!

  • Lauren England says:

    Waited almost 3hrs for food. Half the food came 1st. The other half came 10 minutes later & it was severely undercooked. Foil in baked potatoes. Waiter was extremely rude& unprofessional. Manager wouldn’t even come out to talk to me. The most disappointing experience I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

  • Sandra M. Ford says:

    I have a gift card and they will not honor it. I wanted it delivered and they had my credit card for extra costs. However the Roseville Michigan restaurant said it is a door dash issue. So I call restaurant give your team member my pin numbers and they can’t help me. Oh and it is Thursday and manage not in until Monday. help me but it is Thursday. I am not driving my ass to the restaurant so I get the same crap. I was a big Logan’s customer…..but no more. Plus never buy a gift card….you will never get the value of gift card. Sadly your chain is going down because this is how customers are treated. You need educated people who can deal with these issues. Sadly I can’t drive so I won’t get my dinner. SHAME ON YOU AS A COMPANY…MAYBE YOU NEED A NEW CEO.

  • Anna says:

    I have been attempting to contact corporate for weeks and can’t find an email, I’d love to hear back though email. I’ve been employed with this company for over a year and have seen constant bullying of other employees (up to the point where they’d rather just quit) and theft at my store from an employee (assistant manager) and nothing has ever been done about it. I love my job and coworkers there, but this is out of control. Please get back to me as soon as possible thank you.

  • Avanell Purtee says:

    Very disappointed in your choice to remove onion petals from your appetizers. Main reason we went there. Today was even sadder…it to an one and a half hours to get my chicken strips and French fries. It was absolutely ridiculous.

  • Larvette Butts says:

    Placed an order on the 25th of September 2021. First my food was cold and half the order missing. After speaking to manager Jenny Smith she assured me my order would be right up. After a 45 minute wait still no order, Ms. Smith stated that she would refund my money. After receiving part of the order it was still wrong and I still have not received my refund.

  • Laura Lynette Lapere says:

    Hi my name is Laura this is now the third time I have ordered from Logan’s steakhouse and my order has either been wrong or I didn’t get things that I ordered tonight was the third time and I’m extremely upset I ordered a chop steak and ask for it to be extra well done with no pink because my daughter is highly allergic to raw meat the steak was completely bloody and I couldn’t even feed it to her it was freezing cold my French fries were cold and Soggy I did not get my appetizer platter this is the second time that I ordered it and did not get a appetizer platter I did not receive my salad this time and last time when I received it I asked for a Caesar salad and got a garden salad I’m not sure what can be done about this but it’s very aggravating because we love your food and this is the third time that I have had issues and I never complain but this time I have had it if you could please reply back to me

  • Rosie Torres says:

    We live in Texas and I took my husband for his birthday to Logan’s in waxahachie,tx.
    The customer service was terrible we asked for a window seat hostess said no one was working that area. Not 5 minutes after she sat us far from window she was sitting people in that area. That’s once complaint.
    The waiter was messy looking we asked about some food he was just blah he would just say I don’t know only been here two weeks
    We placed our order specifically placed the order to well done steak. No mushrooms on husbands plate several little things finally after 45 minutes we get our food and everything was wrong. I don’t like pink on my steaks he doesn’t like mushrooms everything was a mess. Waiter didn’t come back at all we couldn’t get refills on drinks it was the worst experience and it was my husband’s birthday meal. And ruined !!! I want to hear from someone. The manager here had nothing to say but sorry I paid for some sorry food and the whole experience was a hot mess!!

  • Diana Baldwin says:

    I was at the Goldsboro,Nc restaurant today(8/28). A little frustrated, I call to see if there was a wait. Not to put my name on the wait list, just if there was a wait. I was told, they were not allowed to tell me that. What….? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. So my husband dropped me off, I walked in to see if there was a wait, there was not one, so I had to walk back outside to tell my husband to park the car. I walked back inside to be seated. Pure dumb…. I could understand if you wanted me to come in to put my name on the wait list. But that is not what I asked. Very aggravated about the whole situation. I asked to speak to a manager, she did say that this came down from corporate. I can not stress enough, how that decision was not thought through. I am not looking for anything free, just thought you should know

  • Emily says:

    Went to the location in Nashville on Thompson lane. The fact that the employees think it’s okay to steal money from someone purse just shows what time of establishment this is. We spent $200 worth of food when we went to eat as a family. Left my purse there and the waitress stole all my cash from my purse. Biggest regret is not calling the police, but karma!!

  • Derick says:

    I started work in their kitchen on grill and ended up quitting after 3 days because i was getting heat exhaustion and throwing up. I have COPD and can’t be in high heat environments for long periods of time. When hired i was listed as paid weekly in my new hire packet yet was told were paid bi-weekly. Its been 21 days since i started and quit and they still haven’t put me in the system to activate my pay card and no one has any information about when i will get paid. I will be filling a complaint with Tennessee labor department and pursuing legal actions against the Smyrna store. The managers are clueless, some of employees are problematic and rude. Their kitchens are dirty. I have never worked under such gross and extreme conditions. There’s no air conditioning in the kitchen its literally 400° and when i told the manager i was disoriented and cramping and about to throw up they just shrugged it off as no big deal. One manager told me to throw up out of her sight so she wouldn’t feel sick. Law says they have 21 days to give me my final check its 21 days today. If i don’t hear anything about my final check in the next few days a formal complaint will be made with the TN department of labor to get my money. They should have stayed closed when they went bankrupt if this is the kind of business their going to be running

  • Jessyca Miller says:

    Why do you allow employees with direct exposure to covid to continue to work at your locations? It’s interesting that a “family business” is so okay with jeopardizing the lives of millions.

  • Debbie Flinchum says:

    I am beyond angry that my daughter took her 4 year old little girl and her neighbors out to eat at your restaurant last night in Myrtle Beach, SC and she accidentally left her wallet on the table when she left. It was 9:30 at night and the restaurant closes at 10:00 pm so it had to be the WAITRESS or the BUSBOY at your establishment that has taken her wallet. We don’t care about the money that was in it … but everything else in it was too important for your waitress to lie about it! She claimed that it was customers at another table or customers who got seated at the same table that probably took it but we are certain that is a lie! I have lived here for 35+ years and I will make sure I spend the next 35 years (if God allows) to make sure I left everyone, every single day, know what has happened at Logan’s Roadhouse! The right thing to do would have been to turn the wallet in without the money in it but the staff chose to steal the wallet and lie about it! It will be made known over and over and over and over again what took place!!! You should be ashamed of the waitress and the busboy and staff that was working last night 08/02/2021 at 8 pm – 10 pm and who stole my daughters wallet that was left on that table!!!! Shame on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray Pierce says:

    I was unfortunate enough to have the worst experience at any restaurant I have ever tried to eat at. I went to Logan’s Roadhouse in Cullman Alabama and the food was not edible. I ordered a porterhouse and I asked if it had a bone in it or not because a porterhouse is not a T-bone. They told me it had no bone but when I got it it was a T-bone and I had ordered it medium rare but they brought it out past medium. My wife ordered the Logan and she ordered it medium but when it came out it was rare they took our order back and they put her’s back on the grill and they said that that is your version of a porterhouse and they cooked me another one and when it came out it was the same as the first one and looked very greasy and hers came back out medium rare still not Medium as she had asked so we did not eat the steaks because they were not cooked as we asked and they were not what we asked for and when I asked about the mashed potatoes they said they were really mashed potatoes but when they came out they were instant potatoes which is not mashed potatoes and they had put little shavings of potato peels in them to make them look real. When we came in we were seated by the door and no one came to our table for over 10 minutes and a woman wearing a light blue shirt I guess was a manager that night she had a waiter stand in front of the door with their fingers interlocked her rocking towards him and rocking back and they done this for a few minutes and entirely wasting time and looking around to see if anybody was watching we had to go to them and tell them we have not been waited on yet so when we finally got our waiter whose name was David he was very apologetic to us and told us they had him counting someone else’s money I guess it was other customers or whatever I do not know but he had no clue what was going on as far as what the kitchen was doing. The only thing we had that was edible were the potato skins and onion petals. I do not want anything from y’all. I just thought you should know you lost two people who truly love to eat. I will also be letting all my friends know about this. I posted pictures of the steaks on Facebook and will be posting on other social sites as well and letting people know about this kind of food and service. When we told David about the food and showed him, he was very apologetic, but we told him it wasn’t his fault as he didn’t cook it. No manager or anyone else came to see what the problem was with anything. I paid a bill that was over $70.00 and tipped David $10.00 because he tried. I hope something is done to correct this kind of service. Funny thing is the place wasn’t even crowded. Once again I am done eating at Logans. Have a blessed day.

  • Andrea Barclay says:

    I worked at the one in Marion, Illinois for three years. I quit after three years of working 5 nights a week, as a closer, never missed work, had zero complaints or write ups. I left because I was tired of being harassed online and in person by management and other employees. The two good managers left within a month and a half of each other and a server got one of the management spots. Immediately her best friends got all the hours. A lot of people, well everyone, got their hours cut to one day or nothing while her friends are getting 6 or more shifts per week. This is currently going on as I am typing this. I had to beg for hours just to end up with one day when I was a 5 night closing server for the last two and a half years. Then, I continually get berated, harassed and bullied by adult women, older than me, because I am skinny so I must be on drugs. It is ridiculous, juvenile and absolutely false. The same women have and still are stealing money from the store and I know of one case where the general manager and also the kitchen manager chipped in to replace the missing $400. The new manager that harasses me has a record for theft and her best friend has a record for stealing and using others credit/debit cards. It is all public record, but Logan’s doesn’t care about doing their homework before hiring anyone. So three years of hard work, honesty and dedication has gotten me absolutely nowhere. I will never spend a dime with this company again and I will tell any and everyone that will listen that they will take your cash and pocket it. Don’t pay with cash, the manager will void that good off a check and keep and split the cash with her friends. I have personally seen it with my own two eyes and I will write a statement to it.

  • LouAnne Suther says:

    I’m still waiting on someone to call me back about the violation of the Disabilities Act that the store in Kannapolis, NC violated. I will be calling again tomorrow.

  • Martha M Lushute says:

    We went to the Alexandria, Louisiana store tonight to eat. We have been coming to this store for years. We went in to see if our regular table was available in the bar area and it was but needed cleaning. When we went to the store there was no hostess. The manager was behind the bar. My sister talked with him and told him what table we wanted. When he came to the hostess station instead on put our name on his list he put someone ahead of us. When we said something about it he said that their name was ahead of us. They finally seated us but were very rude so we left and we will never go back nor will all of our church members.

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