Where Is LL Bean Corporate Office Headquarters

LL Bean Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 15 Casco St, Freeport, ME 04033, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 207-552-2000

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 5100

  • Established: 1912

  • Founder: Leon Leonwood Bean

  • Key People: Shawn Gorman, Steve Smith

LL Bean Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact LL Bean Corporate Office

Got some special orders to make for a couple of accessories from LL Bean or could it be that you want to file a complaint about an unfulfilled order? Again, you might as well just want to drop feedback. Irrespective of the purpose, contacting the headquarters can guarantee that you will have your queries addressed as quickly as possible.

Ways to contact LL Bean headquarters

Address: You can write a letter directly to the company’s mailing address at 15 Casco Street, Freeport, ME 04033, United States.

Phone Number: Dial up +1 207-552-2000 to speak to an executive of LL Bean about your needs

Email: You can also send an email message to the company by filling the form via this link

LL Bean Headquarters Info & Photos

At the onset, the building that now serves as LL Bean’s headquarters served as a factory and warehouse. The warehouse eventually moved its warehouse to the 1-million square feet facility which is also located in Freeport.
The management is planning to add more space to the building by incorporating a second floor thereby doubling the size of the corporate headquarters – covering a cumulative floor area of 400,000 square feet. The project is estimated to cost around US$110 million, and it is expected to be completed by 2024. This would give the headquarters a more modern outlook and also allow the management to have the employees within a convenient workspace.

The decision to expand the headquarters comes after the management kicked against moving away from Freeport thus keeping the company in a city that could very much be regarded as its ‘eternal home.

LL Bean Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

15 Casco St, Freeport, ME 04033, United States

LL Bean Headquarters Executive Team

Shawn Gorman


Shawn Gorman joined LL Bean as an advertising analyst in 1991 and rose through the ranks serving in various capacities – from being an international customer operations manager to marketing & customer management manager, director of partnership marketing, and vice president of card services & direct to business. Shawn became the Executive Chairman of LL Bean in 2013. He has thus far immensely contributed to the company’s growth and is responsible for advancing its e-commerce activities.

Stephen Smith


Stephen Smith took over the helms as the fourth President and Chief Executive Officer of LL Bean in 2016 – he directly slotted into these positions, having previously worked with Yihaodian, Walmart International, Delhaize Group, Asda, AT&T, and some other notable organizations. Stephen has directed efforts towards improving business outcomes by developing and implementing strategies centered on repositioning the brand.

Name Title
Nick Wilkoff VP Marketing & International
Shelly Bartlett Vice President – Audit and Security
Sarah Cox Vice President Human Resources
Andrew Marianski Vice President of Finance and Strategic Planning
Martha Cyr VP – Human Resources
Greg Elder Vice President Retail / L.L.Bean for Business / Outdoor Discovery Programs
Brad Matson VP Brand Communications
Greg Gorman Senior Managing Photo Art Director
Anna Stoessinger Vice President Brand Communications-Copy and Content
Tim Record Vice President Card Services
Kierston Soest Chief Financial Officer
Tom Armstrong Chief Merchandising Officer
Fran Philip Chief Merchandising Officer
Deborah Roy Director of Health Safety and Wellness
Fred Prescott Vice President – Business Transformation
Jamie Gull Vice President of Retail Real Estate
Andy Mayo Vice President-Real Estate and Facilities
Raina Maxwell Vice President Customer Satisfaction and Customer Advocate
John Oliver VP Public Affairs
Marcia Minter VP Creative Director
Eric Soelberg VP Customer Insights & Planning
Jim Ditzel VP Inventory
Kirsten Piacentini Vice President Inventory Management
Emily Bruce Vice President
Michael Mahoney Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

About LL Bean


LL Bean was established by Leon Leonwood Bean – the company’s name was coined from the founder’s – in 1912, with the operations evolving from a one-room apartment and the Maine hunting shoe being the only product sold. The production and sales of the product were handled by Leon who adopted the mailing system to deliver customers’ orders.

LL Bean is a family-owned business and has remained a privately held company ever since its inception. The company has 10 factory shops and 35 retail stores in the United States and also has a presence on the international fronts – with offices and/or stores in Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, and China. Nonetheless, LL Bean’s products can be sent to customers across over 200 nations.


LL Bean manufactures and sells a variety of products directly to its numerous customers through its retail stores. The company primarily makes available items and gear needed for outdoor activities. Among the most common products coming out from LL Bean’s factory are the Maine hunting shoe, backpacks, boots, leather goods, dog beds, boats, and tote bags.

Customers can also get items such as clothing accessories (like flannel shirts, knit shirts, coats, fleece jackets), fishing gear, water-sport gear, Dockers shoes, duffel bags, and so on from LL Bean’s stores. However, the company also sources products from other manufacturers to meet up customers’ demands. 

LL Bean had also once ventured into the automobile sector as it partnered with a Japanese company, Subaru – a partnership that resulted in the production of LL Bean version of Subaru Forester and Subaru Outback just for the market in the US.


  • LL Bean is the first company of its kind to offer 24-hour (365 days) service, bringing about a major entrepreneurial shift as of then – 1951. The company has consistently run this operation from its flagship store over the years, only closing shop on certain occasions – for instance, while honoring President JF Kennedy, Leon Bean, and Leon Gorman in death in 1963, 1967, and 2015 respectively.
  • The first of LL Bean’s factory stores were opened in 1988 in North Conway, New Hampshire, USA.
  • Leon Leonwood Bean along with other staff members of the company provided consultancy services to the US navy and army during World War II. The company ultimately supplied boots for the armed forces, with adaptation from its Maine hunting shoe.
  • The inspiration for making this shoe came as Leon Bean sought to resolve the issue of him having damp, sore feet while hiking. In fact, the entire business could be said to have been inspired by Bean’s lifestyle – he loved to farm and hunt.
  • LL Bean has a scientific laboratory devoted to material analysis and testing of product exemplars for quality assurance.
  • Chris McCormick is the first person outside Leon Leonwood Bean’s family line to become the president and CEO of the company in 2001. He oversaw LL Bean Inc.’s shifts in business model to retail store with digital sales capability.
  • LL Bean has designed various educational programs to help promote the interest of its customers in fly casting, cross-country skiing, archery, kayaking, clay shooting, and snowshoeing.
  • LL Bean, through its returns policy, once allowed customers to return products without any restraint. The policy was however reviewed in 2018 to check the incidences of abuse by some customers.

  • Margaret says:

    Several years ago I purchased a down winter jacket, but since our winters are relatively mild I didn’t wear it very often, so it is still in excellent condition. Recently, when putting it on, I became aware that the zipper was sewn in as for a man’s jacket, even though it iwas sold as a woman’s jacket. This zipper is very difficult for me to manage due to arthritis (I’m 93 years old), but because of its age, LL Bean will neither exchange it nor issue a refund. This seems almost like false advertising to me and even sexist, and has really colored my opinion of this company. i obviously would not have bought it if I had known that it had a zipper sewn in for a man. Guess it was a matter of the “Bottom Line” for them – cheaper to manufacture.

    I doubt if I ever buy anything from LL Bean again. Once burned, twice shy. If I have to check everything in their descriptions with a magnifying glass and second-guess them, then I don’t think it’s a good thing for this (ex) customer to do business with them. There are other companies. Caveat Emptor.

  • Maureen Harvey says:

    The last few years the items I bought from LL Bean have not been the quality of the past. My stretch jeans came apart at the seams and my elbow busted through my flannel pajamas. I believe you can get higher quality from Walmart, for a lot less! Also, my black cotton stretch pants are fading (they used to stay jet black through every wash!)

  • Tired and Disappointed says:

    After dealing with Customer Service this last month regarding $10 coupons I am receiving nearly weekly, I realize that things have changed drastically for the worse.The coupons have identical numbers, so that I cannot use them, and CS is unable to resolve the problem. I’m returning recently purchased items because it is simply too frustrating, and I’ve lost $100 in potential savings because no one knows what to do. I was actually told that I used 6 coupons a coat I purchased despite having the receipt that said otherwise. This was an insult, and I would never place that many on one order. Now it has to be “researched” before my coupons are returned to me. Enough. Seven phone calls and nothing positive accomplished.

  • Robert Wojcik says:

    I have been a customer of ll bean for decades and have always been satisfied with the products.
    I would like a pair or two of the Bean boots but you don’t offer them in wide widths.
    Please advise

  • Vicki says:

    My mom has loved llbean thru the years. She recently passed, and my sister and I are trying to pay her bill balance. A woman I spoke with on the phone sent our account into probate with Phillips and cohen and now we don’t seem to have a way to settle this bill balance. It is very frustrating during this already difficult time. If there is anyone that can help us resolve this issue it would be appreciated. I hope we can get this issue resolved soon as I would like to continue to support this company.

  • S.BD says:

    Very disappointed. Went to return a pair of slippers I purchased only to find out that because they were purchased over a year ago that they can’t be replaced. Funny I thought LLBean represented a quality product and a defective product would be backed by the company and replaced. So I can throw out my $80.00 slippers is the trash because they ripped are the sole where the suede meets the rubber, that’s not wear and tear, that’s a defect. Shame on you LLBean, you should stand by your products.

  • Linda Jackson says:

    Who is the lady floating in the water face up in the commercial every possible way

  • Dennis Michaud says:

    To whom it may concern, Hopefully Shawn Gorman & Steve Smith will see this. About an hour ago (1:00 PM on Aug 4, 2020) I recieved a phone call. My caller ID described the caller as the LL Bean Co. The person that made the call (had the accent of a person from India maybe Pakistan) told me that if I was interested, all my credit card debt would be forgiven. My credit card debt is $44.96. I really don’t need forgiveness. I told the caller that for us to continue, he needs to give me his credit card number, the expiration date and the verification code (3 numbers on the back of the card). He actually gave me a 16 digit Discover card number along with an expiration date and V code. Thought the LL Bean people should know of this call. I wish I could have recorded the conversation. DRM… 8-4-20

  • Ruth Morrow says:

    Yes I have been trying to get ahold of coperate

  • Earle R Perekins says:

    After a recent shopping excursion at the Freeport store, our experience ended on a sour note. Our car battery was dead, called AAA and waited for two plus hours and AAA did not appear. We were hot and disturbed by the long wait and called customer service for any help, we ended up talk to employee Ruth Ann (did not get a last name or department). Ruth Ann was just ending her shift and drove to us with her jumper cables and got us restarted. We were happy that an employee of LL Bean gave of her time to help us, keeping the LL Bean mission of service and caring for each customer.
    A big thank you to all the staffs and personal of a great store.

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