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  • Address: 13222 Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI 48203, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 313-869-6300

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1959

  • Founder: Mike Ilitch & Marian Ilitch

  • Key People: David Scrivano (President)

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David Scrivano

Chief Executive Officer and President

Edward Gleich

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing

Richard Moreno

Senior Vice President of Administration & Strategic Planning

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Little Caesars was founded in the year 1959. The company has been operational for almost 60 years now. The founders of the company are Mike Ilitch and Marian Ilitch. The company opened up its first location in the Garden City of Michigan, USA. The company’s first catch-phrase, known as ‘Pizza! Pizza!’ was introduced in the year 1979. The meaning of the catch-phrase was that the company was providing two pizzas for the price of one pizza. Besides serving pizzas, the company also started serving hot dogs, fish, shrimp and chicken too. In the year 1998, the company fulfilled the most crucial pizza order to date- delivering almost 13,386 pizzas ordered by the VF Corporation, situated in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

Then in the year 2004, the company started offering large pepperoni pizzas for $5 each. In the year 2014, the company had planned to open a new 205,000 square foot Global Resource Centre, in downtown Detroit, USA. The Global Resource Centre was designed to bring 600 new jobs to employees as well. The construction of the building was planned to be finished by the year 2018 but was pushed back due to the delays in construction. The company also updated its brand logo as well, in the year 2017. The headquarters of the company is based in  2211 Woodward Avenue Fox Office Center. The name of the place is Detroit, while the name of the state is Michigan, USA. The pin code of the area is 48201.


Little Caesars is an American fast-food chain company that focuses on providing various types of recipes and dishes for pizzas and also other delicious fast food products to its customers. The current president of the company is David Scrivano, while the CIO of the company is Ed Cleich. The company’s CEO of the company is Christopher Ilitch. As of the year 2017, the company has its presence in over 5,460 locations all over the world. This includes the USA, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Latin America, etcetera. The company is currently a subsidiary of Ilitch Holdings Incorporated. The main competitors of the company are Domino’s and Pizza Hut.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food products, including pizzas, crazy bread, chicken wings, hot dogs, fish and shrimp dishes, and many other lips-smacking dishes as well.

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  • Kathleen says:

    I’m here to make a complaint about the service I got today on 1-16-24 the manager on 6th street in Lawrence Ks called me a bitch told me to get some new teeth All because my husband opened the drive through window door the worker came outside to whoop my ads lol good thing that didn’t happen because I’m a martial art instructor lol and we go there at least 8 times a month so you lost a good customer and this isn’t the first time no one is ever at the window or in the front they are all outside smoking weed

  • Mary J Murray says:

    The manager Harly Bonilla-Ruez of little Ceasars pizza located 1740 Lafayette in Lagrange Ga has to be the worst, she has no customer service experience, a nasty attitude and don’t even act human. She have no respect and won’t honor an order made wrong. I’m currently looking into sueing the company because of her.

  • Golden says:

    The little Caesars in Hampton GA is the most unprofessional ran fast food restaurant I have visited in my 50 years on earth .It took over 50 minutes get a cheese pizza and crazy bread .It actually took longer than that so I asked for a refund and was greated by the rude manager.

  • Erik Hendrix says:

    Erik Hendrix
    Burlington, NC
    (336) 269-0541

    Little Caesars Pizza
    Attn: Customer Service
    2134 S. Church St
    Burlington, NC 27215

    Subject: Complaint Regarding Order on November 29th
    Transaction Reference #263486837 and #263487806

    Dear Little Caesars Customer Service,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my disappointment and dissatisfaction with the service I received during my recent visit to the Little Caesars Pizza location at 2134 S. Church St., Burlington, NC 27215 on November 29th.

    On the specified date, I placed two separate orders at 4:29 P.M. I arrived at the store at 5:00 P.M. and informed the front staff that I was there to pick up my three pizzas and Italian cheese sticks. Additionally, I decided to order another pizza while waiting. The employee informed me that it would take approximately 15 minutes for the additional pizza.

    To my surprise, when the extra pizza I ordered came out of the oven, I was informed that my other two separate orders had been canceled because the store did not have either the THIN CRUST or CHEESE STUFFED CRUST that I had originally requested. While I appreciate that I received an email notification, I would like to highlight that I do not have access to my email during this timeframe. Moreover, the store had my telephone number, and it would have been more effective to communicate such changes in person or over the phone.

    Given the circumstances, I agreed to have the pizzas replaced with the regular crust. However, after waiting around 20 minutes, only two of the three replacement pizzas were ready. At this point, I was both confused and disappointed with the customer service experience.

    I understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, but the lack of effective communication and the delay in preparing my replacement order were quite disappointing. As a customer, I believe it’s essential for such issues to be handled more efficiently and for customers to be informed promptly.

    Over the years, I have been a loyal customer of Little Creasers, choosing it over the store across town due to its previously somewhat above average condition. Unfortunately, I have noticed a decline in the cleanliness and overall aesthetic appeal of the establishment recently.

    Several issues have caught my attention, and I believe it’s crucial to bring them to your notice for improvement:

    1. **Physical Condition:**
    – The broken doors, with one being locked due to a broken closer and the second door slamming shut because of a faulty closer, present a safety concern for customers and compromise the professional appearance of the entrance.

    2. **Cleanliness:**
    – There are noticeable greasy smears on the front windows and soda cooler, which detracts from the overall cleanliness and hygiene of the establishment.

    3. **Employee Presentation:**
    – Some employees do not present a professional image. Their pants hanging below the waist and oversized shirts contribute to a less than professional appearance, and it creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for patrons.

    4. **Seating Arrangement:**
    – The removal of the bench from the lobby has negatively impacted the comfort of customers, especially during peak hours when waiting times are extended. This has resulted in customers having to lean on walls and maneuver around others, causing inconvenience.

    5. **Customer Service:**
    – The employees do not seem especially friendly, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere is essential for customer satisfaction.

    I understand that managing a restaurant comes with various challenges, and I hope that bringing these concerns to your attention will contribute to the ongoing improvement of the establishment. I value Little Caeser’s and believe that addressing these issues will enhance the overall experience for customers.

    I hope you will take my feedback into consideration and address these concerns to improve the overall customer experience at your establishment.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Erik Hendrix

  • ALVIS SMITH says:

    Little Caesars Pizza Pinson Rd Forney,TX – 3:10 PM 11-26-23- 1st time visit. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND INCORRECT PIZZA MADE: Upon entry -Cashier/Chris did not welcome me but just stood there as if was not there. Customer that came in next he asked if he could help her. She was undecided. Then Chris turned to me and asked if he could help me. I informed he could with ordering a Ultimate Supreme W/O Mushrooms and Italian Cheese Bread. He Informed of cost and wait time of 15 minutes 3:25PM. Pizza was ready as informed. I asked for a company card and the manager. NO CARD or Manager was on Duty to inform of Chris’s lack of customer service skills. But the Real Burn is to get home and the Pizza has Mushrooms on it! – I called and spoke to Chris( I had to describe who he was that I spoke with as to get his name) about the request of No Mushrooms. His reply of “Oh I told them to not add mushrooms.” I requested compensation and he informed of bringing it back as they would remake another for me. I asked again for the manager but was informed they was not there. BRING BACK THE PIZZA! Inconceivable. I’m across town at home and expected to drive back 10+ miles as to wait another 15+ minutes for a corrected Pizza. And they don’t cut their pizza all the way through. I was informed online of customer services issues there but now I have 1st hand experience as I’ll inform others. My return will be none too soon! Good Luck with the retention of this location.

  • Sandie says:

    Hello my name is Sandra Gonzalez and I came in this evening at 5:51 p.m. in Albuquerque New Mexico on 4th and montano to be so rudely served cold pizza and then being harassed by all the team members that claim to be manager I would like for a manager or a supervisor or whoever is in charge of Little Caesars to give me a call back at 505-506-4640 it would be much appreciated thank you very much and have a nice evening y

  • Wanda Sue Christian says:

    Ordered online pick up time 11:00 to 11:05. Drove all the way there and they don’t even open till 11:30 even though it says 11 and it’s paid. Sue Christian Madison Georgia. 478-456-0591

  • Lisa scaife says:

    I was told I had to.order pizza online…downloaded app and did this…..was them served raw pizza’s….$35 worth!

  • Coonmam says:

    Who has Little Caesars in Ardmore Oklahoma? They giving your company a bad name. They don’t have any pizzas ready and there excuse is that there help just walked off the job. I was told that the last three times I went there. And that it would an hour to hour and a half before the pizza would be ready.

  • Melissa Chapman says:

    I have called many times about the fact that I ordered delivery from less than 2 miles from my house my $49.00 order turned into $66 and when I called about it there was no manager to speak with the area manager was on another call the 2nd time I called the store! And I was told there was no way to get a refund and I would have to bring the pizza back in to even get my money back. The App added a tip without permission from me at all I called about it and I was never refunded the amount of the added tip even. I haven’t been back since I had a ton of kids to feed it was the first day of school and I also worked 9 hours that day just so I could order food that wasn’t cooked all the way cold pizza and cold wings and paid $66 bucks I really upset and I haven’t been back since

  • Chris kreutz says:

    Ordered online for a lunch pickup order went through. Lunchtime comes go to pick it up and they are closed. Why are you taking orders if you are closed??? Wasted my lunch.a ton of problems with your company. Thanks you got me again!!!

  • Sandy luna says:

    Went to little Caesars in Riverview FL off 301 bought 3 hot and ready 2 pepperoni one cheese all were cold and burnt to a crisp not even eatable for dinner for my family tonight please help figure a way to make it right and so this doesn’t keep happening to others as customers.

  • James Pickering says:

    I don’t like being passed around like a yo-yo I want to register a complaint was transferred around and never talked to a person ! Was always hung up on or left hanging !

  • Daniel N says:

    I ordered 2 pizzas , the original pepperoni pizza ordered was disappointing.
    They had no tomato paste that I could see, there was at least 1 1/2″ inches where the edges where there was no cheese whatsoever, and the same for the combination.
    The driver said they were not busy at the time of order, so the condition of them was not do to being under pressure. My nephews, mother and I tried to find some cheese in the kitchen but it did not make it any more satisfying.
    We didn’t say anything but I felt ripped off $40…
    The sodas were were fine..

    What should I do for getting a refund?
    The address is Kings Canyon road, Fresno CA..

    I can’t go there in person yet until I’m calm when remembering how my family ate half way quality pizza

    Concerned customer,

    Daniel N

    Fresno CA

    I have been a Friday night customer off and on for 14 years now and this is the first time this has ever happened..

  • Lori says:

    This is the second time I have contacted corporate. On December 31, New Year’s Eve, at 9:30pm, i order a pizza via online. I was a little early picking up my order, but it was ready surprisingly. When I got home I took a bite of pizza and it was absolutely horrible… it was old and overcooked. I tried calling back but every time I called, someone would pick up and hang up. So I went up to the store again and asked if I could get another pizza that the one i received one was old and over cooked. The girl at the window agreed and went to ask the manager . The manager told her because one piece of pizza was missing that she cannot give me another piece of pizza I threw that nasty piece of away after biting into it. The pizza was clearly old and disgusting. I asked if I could speak to the manager. The manager was very rude and cussing at me, yes literally cussing at me telling me I cannot get another pizza. Arguing that a piece was missing. Not only did I not get the old pizza back, not thst i would have eaten it, I receive no pizza at all yet I was charged for it and I left a tip. I would like my money back please and I would like for that manager at the store to be fired. It was the Columbia Road store in Augusta, GA 30907 She is very rude and does not do your business any good. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Daniel N says:

      Disappointing as well.
      I think they take advantage of people that order over the phone or online with garbage old burnt ruined pizzas and when people come in person they have to give them a good one. So for now on I guess I have to drive down over the pizza wait and then take my good pizza home.

  • Karen says:

    I always pick up my pizzas on Decatur and Lake Mead in Las Vegas. I wish I could attach a photo of this nasty, greasy pizza. The crust is half thin and half thick.
    This is not the first time or the second time. This store does not take pride in their job. They are rude and do not care about the presentation or product of your company’s reputation. I’m so done wasting money on Little Caesar’s. I order from Little Caesar’s every weekend for my grandchildren. It’s a shame they can’t have it anymore because Nana IS NOT wasting any more money on your product.

  • Jay says:

    Little Caesar’s in Florence SC second loop rd had me waiting an hour and a half for my order I came into the store at 5:07 pm when I got an email saying that my pizza was ready at 5:00 pm I did not leave the restaurant until 6:30 pm. Then when I got my food home one of my bread sticks were not cooked it was nothing but bread doe I am to tired to take it back because I am a teacher and I just came home from my long commute so I am very disappointed I would not even put it pass them if they did not give me everything that I was suppose to have I had two deep dishes, 2 carry outs of chicken, 2 bags of bread and 2 sodas and one of my bread sticks were not cooked. When the manager was asked to come and talk to another customer because of the same situation she would not come out to talk to her! Who does that their customer service was aweful and I will never go to that branch again. They were totally and completely incompetent especially the manager she should be fired.

  • Donna Wagner says:

    Worse service i have ever received. I called in a order i don’t eat pizza and the girl that took my order never told me there were two types of crust. I assumed there was just cheese crust. I called it in around 2:00 for to be picked up at 6:30 for a meeting i had for 7:00 i called to make sure the pizza were ready. I got to the place giving them extra time. I got here at 6:40 it wasn’t ready. I kept asking about it and i finally asked for the manager 7:40 She said she could have it ready in 10 minutes. They had the audacity to try to charge me 45 dollars have made me miss the meeting for 7:00 i was quoted 7.99 for one topping and 8.99 for 2 toppings again i was never told there was a price differential. I told the manager i felt she should give me a discount. The girl that took my order kept interrupting me she tried again and i told her shut up. The manager refused to give me my pizza. Her name was carmen. It little caesars on providence blvd deltona fl. They were the rudest customer service i have ever experienced. What angered me more was the two kids packing the food and charging customer for their food knew my pizzas weren’t being made all that time and never told me. Every time i asked something she ignored me and she would smirk.

  • Donna Nunley says:

    I bought some bread sticks 1 had mold inside it. I glad my husband seen it I was craving the bread because tomorrow I’m having back surgery and I would have been sick. I hope no one else gets this from your Denison texas I have photos if y’all would like to see them

  • Shanita smith says:

    I want to reach a manager asap iv been threaten by your employee and I have it on cam. I will make go viral if not contacted

  • Charlotte says:

    I bought a slice and stick the sticks were so flat and hard my kid would not even eat them. they told me that is the way they came. I told them I get them a lot and they are never hard and that flat. She would not replace it or even say she sorry or even give money back nothing took my pizza home and throw it stay…..

  • Alan hardy says:

    I called in a order for 5 meat pizza and added mushrooms to and the picture below is what I got I’m sorry I didn’t check at the counter

  • Bruce Almeida says:

    i grew up in california now im at Mexico in Guadalajara you guys need to see how Little Ceasars doing here bad service you place on order with uver eats there is no way the you can change the quantity of pizzas this guys send you 2 or 3 pizzas wen you order 1 some times you just do not get your pizza.get on facebook see how many people not happy with you guys.

  • B LOV says:

    8/29/22 visited little cesars lehigh acres fl thru drive-thru, ordered hot&ready cheese. bit into a slice and came out with a long, stringy, wavy, red hair baked into my slice! THESE SITES WILL NOT allow me to attach the picture of the hair that came out of the slice! THE next day I took the hair & slice back and was told TYLER, GM would contact me directly-NO SUCH THING HAPPENED AND they BLOCKED MY NUMBER FROM calling them! The female mgr & assist mgr told me that EMPLOYEE, MAEBELL, was doing the baking that night and they would speak to her. WHY NOT TRAIN THE EMPLOYEES TO COVER ALL THEIR HAIR WHEN PREPARING THE FOOD?? TO THINK THAT I ALMOST ATE THAT HAIR- IS TRULY DISGUSTING AND THE LACK OF RESPONSE FROM THE STAFF MADE IT EVEN WORSE! I CALLED HQ IN MICHIGAN AND PRESENTLY ON HOLD FOR OVER 17 MINUTES, WAITING FOR THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT- 1-313-983-6000.I WISHED I HAD A FAX NUMBER, SO I COULD FAX IN THIS COMPLAINT, ALONG WITH THE PICTURE OF THE HAIR! THEY DID NOT EVEN REFUND MY PURCHASE OR OFFER AN APOLOGY!

  • I wish a mf would says:

    So I’m a parent of an associate in Jacksonville Fla! My daughter is a manager at the store next to Rowes. I believe management is doing fraudulent shit with the proceeds. You got 2 people dating on the same shit, kissing at the front of the store, you have a horrible Supv…Josh who allows alot of bullshit to happen. Amy is head owner. Her husband, Jason who has no power!! She says one thing and then they change shit behind your back! And then there is Kirsten…the weed smoking manager!! She talks to the kids she works with about he sexual conquests and hired a guy she’s sleeping with! Fuck lil Caezars

  • Laverne Steele says:

    Ordered ExtraMostBest Italian Sausage. Got a sausage pizza with about 10 pieces on it. Parmesan wings (butter splashed on it with a cup of Parmesan shake on it & 1 dipping sauce. Took products back to store. Items disposed of with manager looking for order. Concluded with no refund because it was ordered online. Now I’m without $19.55 and no food!! Nobody taking the issue & resolving it! No room for replacement of food in my opinion. I wouldn’t trust them making food for me! All employee wore NO gloves, hairnets or masks!! Sad way to run a business. Supposedly manager (Scott) quite pathetic!! Said money could not be refunded via online only! Five day passed with no refund yet! Called Corporate office. Was rushed off phone back to customer service (Ashly took complaint). Said I hear beach in three (3) days. No response or money refunded yet! I’ll never order from a Little Ceasar’s again!! I want my money!! Immediately!! Enough said!!


    The Store in Calallen Texas should be closed… the owner could careless about its customers! i have been there 3 times in the last few months and you could not give free pizza for a month and i would still not go back to this store! The fist time i purchased a extra most best and i could hardly find the peperoni any more than i could find the sauce etc.. there was a 3 inch border of crust ,, I waited and said ” maybe it was a new trainee” yea right . I gave it another shot and again the same crap a 3 inches crust with no sauce,, I did not order a “center cut pizza” like you can get a steak. If wanted crust i would go buy bread..
    Ok, now tonight i said ” oh lets see maybe they got their act together”
    WRONG!!!!! I tried the new spicy pizza with 100 pieces of pepperoni as advertised…. I got a pizza with 50 and i did count them , 50 pieces of pepperoni and took it back in the store .I am so glad i looked at it before i drove off.. I took it back in and the Manager i assume told me they put 2 large scoops of peperoni and that the peperoni shrinks in baking…DUH Can someone explain how 100 pieces of peperoni can shrink into 50 pieces… did they mate???? The guy said well that’s how it is and i can give you your money back> no offer for a different pizza or to remake it so i can watch it in the oven mate down to 50 from 1oo pieces of peperoni.. This store has only young high school or drop out working there ,, even the guy who i thought might be the manager was sitting on a chair right by the entrance to the back room , playing a game on the computer…This store is so bad and poorly run if this was my first time going to a little Ceaser’s store i assure you it would be the last time!
    How can you let a store run like this serving poor products and be people who could care less really if the customer happy and well taken care of,, Trust me i will go to Little Ceaser’s but it sure as hell wont be this one ever again!!!!!!!! Sincerely, CT

  • Unhappy potential customer... says:

    Do you have ANY CONTROL OVER FRANCHISES?!?!?!?
    Just saw the add for the Fancironi? Pizza…and tried to call my local place to find out if I had to order online only…or I can walk in and order one…guess what…NO ONE WOULD ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE….I let it ring for 24 minutes….basically they are saying…the hell with your company, customers, etc…
    This does not represent your company I a good light in any form!!!!

  • Judy jenkins says:

    I have been to little Caesars in Stanford,ky twice in the last two weeks to get a pepperoni pizza and they told me it would take 10 minutes,when it is suppose to be hot and ready

  • Lily says:

    Newest hire and inappropriate illegal activity taking place at restaurant, cameras not working at all, one’s making it harder for others to do their job, not being properly trained, belonging going missing, assistant manager watching movies on the clock at work, ones hiding my paycheck, ex convicts not scheduled but coming in whenever they like or it’s convenient and also offering me morphine at work on the clock. I honestly don’t feel safe with this going on, but I am a survivor of human trafficking and suffer with ptsd, anxiety, trauma and depression. I am trying to move forward and back into society, but I have witnessed or been not properly trained or treated. The AC doesn’t work and hasn’t been as long as the security cameras and it’s not getting better. I have seen too much inappropriate activity in a very little little time. I was given one uniform and I have asked for at least one more and it’s not important to anyone on staff. 2 laptops have gone missing with past employees most import Information on it and it is in the hands of Wayne Lee Sotos girlfriend who has hacked and changed password to access information that she uses to commit fraud. I was staying with her at the time and she has stolen and hacked using my social security and birth certificate. I was also told and aware of her harassing a prior employee named JoLyn and had to machetes at the Kaneohe location telling her “today is a good day to die”… holly AKAO and Wayne Lee Soto are very dangerous and apart of human trafficking me. JoLyn and another girl jasmine saragosa I’m not sure what happened, but no one will tell me where or what really happened to those employees. I’m concerned that they are misusing your company to cover up the trails of ones prior to me. I believe they stole the lab tops to cover up a serious crime to get away with it, also Wayne Lee Soto dismantled the security cameras to tamper with footage to continue their human trafficking activity in your restaurant. I’m also aware that my boss Benita is dating an employee who deals drugs and has been out of your company. I really would like to continue to work for you, but something absolutely needs to be done for the safety and security of ones not apart of this cult. Please contact me 8088540724

  • Kameron Vain says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Good afternoon, the Little Caesars on 4825 S Rainbow has by far the worst customer service I have ever encountered. The blatant disrespect I received from the employee Carlos and the manager Iesha was uncalled for. I ordered one triple meat pizza and it took them almost an hour to serve me. On top of that nobody asked me my name for the order but instead of asking me for my name they just put B GUY on the receipt. While waiting for ONE BOX of pizza people behind me got there orders first (they had 2-4 boxes of pizza). The employees were actually doing their job of asking people for their name on the order and getting there pizzas out on time, Everyone But Me. I went in to the Little caesers at 6:10 and walked out at 6:50, mind you no one else in the resturant was black. This is very blatant dissrepect and completly racist. Action needs to be taken to correct these issues. Please respond back to me as soon as possible. My contact information is shown below. Thank you.

    Little Caesers number: 702-221-9999

  • Glen Wells says:

    The worse customer service ever 6 weeks and still no response from anyone several calls and several messages and not a damn response from anyone
    Colonial Heights Little Caesars is the worse ever the manager and employees are terrible and have reverse discrimination against white people

  • Jose Ramirez says:

    I go to this lc out of my way because they have always jad quality pizza I have never had a problem with them until today.I went in and they had the lunch combo pizza ready in their display case so I asked girl worker if they are fresh she replies yes and they didnt look to fresh so I take one and say if its not fresh Im bringing it back.So I pay for it get in my truck and I bite into it and it was freakin cold and old!! I took it back I believe it was at Ridis store .I took it to the check out clerk and she said ,we dont give money back on returns.So she went to talk to LC people and I asked for managers of course they had gone home for the day.I took it to one of the cook guys and told him my situation and I said let me talk to the lady,who ie lied to me.I told her it wasnt fresh.She said their is nothing I can do.I gave her a few words a d left.!!! These people are all getting the same way once they got your money they dont give a Hoot!!!

  • Jo says:

    We frequently purchase pizza from the Angola, Indiana, location, and we are getting very disappointed in the quality of the pizzas. From looking at the ads on t.v., the pizzas are loaded with pepperoni; however, when we get ours home, there “might be” one piece of pepperoni on each piece. This is unacceptable and in our opinion, it is false advertising. Please contact them this location to change their ways.

  • Judy says:

    The free 2 liter Pepsi when you order online — no where on the Little Caesars website does it say you have to purchase a Pepsi product to get the promotion for the free 2 liter. Even in the fine print. So, when you go to check out, and you enter the promo code, it tells you that you have to purchase a Pepsi product to get the FREE2L2 deal. Perhaps it should say that on the Little Caesars website where the promotion is advertised.

  • Deana says:

    I’ve ordered pizza online . It says to pick up at 8:24 arrive their and the worker says were closed for the night .

  • Bill says:

    I order pizza and wings it was all wrong pizza was a sas and suppose to be most best pepp gt crazy bread instead of two order of wings i went bad gurl was on phone and she argues me that i didnt order that show receipt and wait 32 mins late to wk and single father kids straved until i get off

  • Melissa Salazar says:

    i visited your little ceasars pizza store in vidor texas and they were rude. have tried calling and can not reach a general manager.

  • Bonnie says:

    Why is the walk in store in Battle creek Michigan, on capital ave south west still open ???? The President said All walk in restaurant must close only drive thru and delivery only. And you have a walk in open and forcing your worker’s to work ???? Not cool I am turning you in to the state you will be fined !!!! Not cool trying to spread this more, telling your worker’s 4feet apart when the rules are 6feet apart YOU WILL BE CLOSED DOWN OR WE WILL PICKET!!!!!AND I AM TELLING THE GOVONER !!!!!!YOU SUCK WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR EMPLOYEES !!!!!!

  • Bob says:

    My Little Caesars account was hacked and I was charged for pizza delivered hundreds of miles and 4 states away from where I live. Fortunately my bank took care of the fraudulent activity and it will cost be nothing, but…

    Your online credit card transaction safeguards against such activity are pretty much non-existent. Doordash is culpable too, as it appears that the orders went through them and, as your business partner you made it very easy for this to happen. You might be experts at pizza, but you suck at protecting your customers with industry standard safeguards intended to prevent this EASY TO DETECT AND STOP type of fraudulent activity. Get your shit together.

  • Corine Leonard says:

    Saturday, February 29th, my husband picked up pizzas from the Little Caesars in Diamond, IL. As he walked away from the entrance he fell due to a curb, which shouldn’t have been there. I ended up taking him to the emergency room. He has a fractured rib and is in pain and on medication. First of all, the curb serves no purpose. You have to go that way to get to your car. That area he fell does not have parking. The concrete should be slanted downward so the customers can walk easily with the pizzas without fear of falling because of it. Also, if you look at the handicap parking space, the passenger side is done correctly. However, the driver’s side again is wrong. Please respond regarding this matter soon.

  • Tessie RossElsaid says:

    I went into the little Caesars pizza on State Street in Westerville Ohio a older gentleman with glasses I believe his name is Chad .I told him I wanted to place a order of the thin and crispy large pepperoni pizza for $6.99. Sarcastically he said you mean the one for seven dollars.I’m like well yes but it says $6.99 but seven dollars is OK. (In a very calm voice) for I thought he just had a joke that I wasn’t getting.
    I gave him my money .I was the only one in the restaurant at the time.He said it will be a few minutes. I said ok.I sit down in the chair.
    About five minutes went by people started to come in lots of people and he start telling them the order will be at least 30 minutes it was at least eight people in there by then 15 to 20minutes went . Some people were given there order. Others came in and got an order then left. I was getting a little agitated but I said nothing because I figured they had called in their orders. I’m still sitting there. I had to leave I had emergency phone text. I ask him was my pizza ready yet he said no.I left I came back about five minutes I asked him again is the pizza for Tessie ready yet it’s been 45 minutes he said “oh I think he got lost“. I said got lost he’s like yes, I think it got lost. He then tell the other lady go ahead and fix up a pepperoni pizza for me. I told him no,no way after 45 minutes he still didn’t have my order just give me my seven dollars back .He never apologized never looked at me just went in the drawer gave me my seven dollars and that was that. I was hungry and really angry and hurt at the same time because I couldn’t understand his behavior. I think that’s so rude and a very bad look for your company and unprofessional on his part. As upper management someone needs to address him and say something to correct this type of behavior.
    Thank you!!
    Not a good look for your company,bad for business.

  • David Wilkerson says:

    Your store at 812 S. Frazier St. Conroe, Texas is horrible!! You can’t order online because of online problems, when you call no one answers the phone and apparently you can’t keep employees there. It’s a horrible place and I am done with it. I will also advise others in this area not to try to business with them for those reason, too.

  • ED Seitz says:

    You have one store in Kingsville Tx 7836, this store never has a hot and ready lunch combo available during lunch hours. Today i was told they don’t make them in the morning time. I told em it was 1108 and I only half a hour for lunch. same answer as before, It seems to be the normal wait ten minutes and we’ll make one. Where is this “HOT AND READY” when you are. This happens a lot and any other time we’ll make it, is the answer on other types pizza requested. Poooor showing Thanks Ed S.

  • Jacqueline Flores says:

    I order 20 pizza and never received them… Not only did I pay for theses pizza customer service will not refund my fucken money — they are all lies and full of Shit! I Fucken want my 107.00 dollars! Im still going through this shit with customer service and corporate… both seem to be ignoring me… I will never buy this pizza ever again in my life… and I will be getting a hold of the newspaper to release a column about my current situation —- 101 facts still they are thief’s and I am pursuing this case to small claims court

  • yevonne Mccalvin says:

    I have seen your recent television commercial and without a doubt it was one of the dumbest commercial I have ever seen. Just doesn’t make sense and makes your Company look bad.

  • Angela Lashley says:

    I bought Little Caesar Pizza from: 1380 Berlin Turnpike, Wethersfield, CT. They started out selling like the Little Caesar Pizza store in Farmington, CT, now the menu is changed: the pizza is crust is white and there are few pepperonis on the pizza. I am tired of this kind of pizza, while I was there someone asked the server why the crust is white and not brown, my nine year old grand son noticed the difference.

  • David L. Rhoton says:

    Why did we lose the little caesars in Lebanon Indiana it was the best pizza I know kids ran the place and always messing up but what would it take to bring one back cause love your pizza I give anything to bring one back Hell I would love to run one I like that pizza that much please if able let me know what it would take thank you

  • Elizabeth Aldrich says:

    Hello; There’s a 60 anniversary coupon for 3 free pizzas on Facebook, you get after you answer a survey about Little Ceasars pizza quality, price and taste, I got my free 3 pizzas coupon went to get my pizzas and the manager told me it’s a scam. I was very disappointed to hear that. I was counting with my 3 delicious pizzas for our next two dinners.

  • >