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  • Address: 13222 Woodward Ave, Highland Park, MI 48203, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 313-869-6300
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1959
  • Founder: Mike Ilitch & Marian Ilitch
  • Key People: David Scrivano (President)

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Little Caesars Headquarters Executive Team



David Scrivano

Chief Executive Officer and President

Edward Gleich

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing

Richard Moreno

Senior Vice President of Administration & Strategic Planning

About Little Caesars, History and Headquarters Information


Little Caesars was founded in the year 1959. The company has been operational for almost 60 years now. The founders of the company are Mike Ilitch and Marian Ilitch. The company opened up its first location in the Garden City of Michigan, USA. The company's first catch-phrase, known as 'Pizza! Pizza!' was introduced in the year 1979. The meaning of the catch-phrase was that the company was providing two pizzas for the price of one pizza. Besides serving pizzas, the company also started serving hot dogs, fish, shrimp and chicken too. In the year 1998, the company fulfilled the most crucial pizza order to date- delivering almost 13,386 pizzas ordered by the VF Corporation, situated in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

Then in the year 2004, the company started offering large pepperoni pizzas for $5 each. In the year 2014, the company had planned to open a new 205,000 square foot Global Resource Centre, in downtown Detroit, USA. The Global Resource Centre was designed to bring 600 new jobs to employees as well. The construction of the building was planned to be finished by the year 2018 but was pushed back due to the delays in construction. The company also updated its brand logo as well, in the year 2017. The headquarters of the company is based in  2211 Woodward Avenue Fox Office Center. The name of the place is Detroit, while the name of the state is Michigan, USA. The pin code of the area is 48201.


Little Caesars is an American fast-food chain company that focuses on providing various types of recipes and dishes for pizzas and also other delicious fast food products to its customers. The current president of the company is David Scrivano, while the CIO of the company is Ed Cleich. The company's CEO of the company is Christopher Ilitch. As of the year 2017, the company has its presence in over 5,460 locations all over the world. This includes the USA, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Latin America, etcetera. The company is currently a subsidiary of Ilitch Holdings Incorporated. The main competitors of the company are Domino's and Pizza Hut.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to have a retail presence in order to purchase various kinds of fast food products, including pizzas, crazy bread, chicken wings, hot dogs, fish and shrimp dishes, and many other lips-smacking dishes as well.

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  • Jo says:

    We frequently purchase pizza from the Angola, Indiana, location, and we are getting very disappointed in the quality of the pizzas. From looking at the ads on t.v., the pizzas are loaded with pepperoni; however, when we get ours home, there “might be” one piece of pepperoni on each piece. This is unacceptable and in our opinion, it is false advertising. Please contact them this location to change their ways.

  • Judy says:

    The free 2 liter Pepsi when you order online — no where on the Little Caesars website does it say you have to purchase a Pepsi product to get the promotion for the free 2 liter. Even in the fine print. So, when you go to check out, and you enter the promo code, it tells you that you have to purchase a Pepsi product to get the FREE2L2 deal. Perhaps it should say that on the Little Caesars website where the promotion is advertised.

  • Deana says:

    I’ve ordered pizza online . It says to pick up at 8:24 arrive their and the worker says were closed for the night .

  • Bill says:

    I order pizza and wings it was all wrong pizza was a sas and suppose to be most best pepp gt crazy bread instead of two order of wings i went bad gurl was on phone and she argues me that i didnt order that show receipt and wait 32 mins late to wk and single father kids straved until i get off

  • Melissa Salazar says:

    i visited your little ceasars pizza store in vidor texas and they were rude. have tried calling and can not reach a general manager.

  • Bonnie says:

    Why is the walk in store in Battle creek Michigan, on capital ave south west still open ???? The President said All walk in restaurant must close only drive thru and delivery only. And you have a walk in open and forcing your worker’s to work ???? Not cool I am turning you in to the state you will be fined !!!! Not cool trying to spread this more, telling your worker’s 4feet apart when the rules are 6feet apart YOU WILL BE CLOSED DOWN OR WE WILL PICKET!!!!!AND I AM TELLING THE GOVONER !!!!!!YOU SUCK WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR EMPLOYEES !!!!!!

  • Bob says:

    My Little Caesars account was hacked and I was charged for pizza delivered hundreds of miles and 4 states away from where I live. Fortunately my bank took care of the fraudulent activity and it will cost be nothing, but…

    Your online credit card transaction safeguards against such activity are pretty much non-existent. Doordash is culpable too, as it appears that the orders went through them and, as your business partner you made it very easy for this to happen. You might be experts at pizza, but you suck at protecting your customers with industry standard safeguards intended to prevent this EASY TO DETECT AND STOP type of fraudulent activity. Get your shit together.

  • Corine Leonard says:

    Saturday, February 29th, my husband picked up pizzas from the Little Caesars in Diamond, IL. As he walked away from the entrance he fell due to a curb, which shouldn’t have been there. I ended up taking him to the emergency room. He has a fractured rib and is in pain and on medication. First of all, the curb serves no purpose. You have to go that way to get to your car. That area he fell does not have parking. The concrete should be slanted downward so the customers can walk easily with the pizzas without fear of falling because of it. Also, if you look at the handicap parking space, the passenger side is done correctly. However, the driver’s side again is wrong. Please respond regarding this matter soon.

  • Tessie RossElsaid says:

    I went into the little Caesars pizza on State Street in Westerville Ohio a older gentleman with glasses I believe his name is Chad .I told him I wanted to place a order of the thin and crispy large pepperoni pizza for $6.99. Sarcastically he said you mean the one for seven dollars.I’m like well yes but it says $6.99 but seven dollars is OK. (In a very calm voice) for I thought he just had a joke that I wasn’t getting.
    I gave him my money .I was the only one in the restaurant at the time.He said it will be a few minutes. I said ok.I sit down in the chair.
    About five minutes went by people started to come in lots of people and he start telling them the order will be at least 30 minutes it was at least eight people in there by then 15 to 20minutes went . Some people were given there order. Others came in and got an order then left. I was getting a little agitated but I said nothing because I figured they had called in their orders. I’m still sitting there. I had to leave I had emergency phone text. I ask him was my pizza ready yet he said no.I left I came back about five minutes I asked him again is the pizza for Tessie ready yet it’s been 45 minutes he said “oh I think he got lost“. I said got lost he’s like yes, I think it got lost. He then tell the other lady go ahead and fix up a pepperoni pizza for me. I told him no,no way after 45 minutes he still didn’t have my order just give me my seven dollars back .He never apologized never looked at me just went in the drawer gave me my seven dollars and that was that. I was hungry and really angry and hurt at the same time because I couldn’t understand his behavior. I think that’s so rude and a very bad look for your company and unprofessional on his part. As upper management someone needs to address him and say something to correct this type of behavior.
    Thank you!!
    Not a good look for your company,bad for business.

  • David Wilkerson says:

    Your store at 812 S. Frazier St. Conroe, Texas is horrible!! You can’t order online because of online problems, when you call no one answers the phone and apparently you can’t keep employees there. It’s a horrible place and I am done with it. I will also advise others in this area not to try to business with them for those reason, too.

  • ED Seitz says:

    You have one store in Kingsville Tx 7836, this store never has a hot and ready lunch combo available during lunch hours. Today i was told they don’t make them in the morning time. I told em it was 1108 and I only half a hour for lunch. same answer as before, It seems to be the normal wait ten minutes and we’ll make one. Where is this “HOT AND READY” when you are. This happens a lot and any other time we’ll make it, is the answer on other types pizza requested. Poooor showing Thanks Ed S.

  • Jacqueline Flores says:

    I order 20 pizza and never received them… Not only did I pay for theses pizza customer service will not refund my fucken money — they are all lies and full of Shit! I Fucken want my 107.00 dollars! Im still going through this shit with customer service and corporate… both seem to be ignoring me… I will never buy this pizza ever again in my life… and I will be getting a hold of the newspaper to release a column about my current situation —- 101 facts still they are thief’s and I am pursuing this case to small claims court

  • yevonne Mccalvin says:

    I have seen your recent television commercial and without a doubt it was one of the dumbest commercial I have ever seen. Just doesn’t make sense and makes your Company look bad.

  • Angela Lashley says:

    I bought Little Caesar Pizza from: 1380 Berlin Turnpike, Wethersfield, CT. They started out selling like the Little Caesar Pizza store in Farmington, CT, now the menu is changed: the pizza is crust is white and there are few pepperonis on the pizza. I am tired of this kind of pizza, while I was there someone asked the server why the crust is white and not brown, my nine year old grand son noticed the difference.

  • David L. Rhoton says:

    Why did we lose the little caesars in Lebanon Indiana it was the best pizza I know kids ran the place and always messing up but what would it take to bring one back cause love your pizza I give anything to bring one back Hell I would love to run one I like that pizza that much please if able let me know what it would take thank you

  • Elizabeth Aldrich says:

    Hello; There’s a 60 anniversary coupon for 3 free pizzas on Facebook, you get after you answer a survey about Little Ceasars pizza quality, price and taste, I got my free 3 pizzas coupon went to get my pizzas and the manager told me it’s a scam. I was very disappointed to hear that. I was counting with my 3 delicious pizzas for our next two dinners.

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