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Sean Schultz

Chief Executive Officer

Joseph P. Jahnke

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Waters

Executive Vice-President of Operations and Human Resources

Eric Greenberg

Executive Vice President of Marketing

Andrew Manganaro M.D., FACS, FACC

Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director

Don Mann

Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategy

Timothy Phillips

Executive Vice President and Director

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Life line screening is quite a big name in the medical and healthcare industry. The company is serving in different parts of the united states. Life line screening was founded by Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips in Florida in 1993. The company is having corporate headquarter in Austin, Texas. Collin Scully is the present chairperson, and Sean Schultz is the CEO of the company. Life line screening operation is to provide the best health preventive screen; they mainly aimed at the people aged 50 years.  The company claims to have the quality of screening as per the clinical laboratories standard. The company has successfully screened over eight million people since starting.  Life line screening has all the required facilities to provide quality screening. The company claimed to perform more than 1 million screening every year that includes screening for some serious diseases. They provide screening of ultrasound, electrocardiograph and blood screening as well.

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  • Donna Randolph says:

    I just spoke with a customer service rep in order to find out why I had not received my report after a month wait when it was suppose to be 2 wks. The rep was very defensive and rude even after she detirmined that the report went out to my address 2 days after the exam. I had previously scheduled an appt wth my physician to go over results and had to cancel due to delay. The rep ‘Elaine’ said it would take another 10-12 days to receive this medical record. Ask her to send priority…which should have been her offer…and this person was abrupt and condescending. And I wonder how much public relations training these folks receive especially since the majority of customers are older adults and elderly! I am disgusted with the entire experience and will definately post my experience and rating on social media. Sure glad I turn down the other medical tests they would provide at extra cost for total frustration and feeling ripped off. Lifeline the ‘lets screw the elderly out of their money’ for inadequate medical service ‘operation’.

  • Debra Sawicki says:

    Corporate office does not realize how unsatisfied all your customers are. If top Management were to sit in as they were a customer unrecognized, they would realize all the issues the customers complain about. First of all Life Line Screening suddenly changes or cancels the appointments. Today it took over 2 1/2 hours to get through my screenings. There were people waiting for over 3 hours to get through their appointments.. Everyone was complaining and this is not the first time I have used LIfe Line Screening. Also I was contacted today less than 2 hours prior to my 1:55 pm appointment today and informed I either change my appointment to 12:15pm or choose another day. I caught the person who called in a lie. YOU DO NOT HONOR APPOINTMENTS. I give you a 1 out of 10, very poor service.

  • Doris O'Donovan says:

    Both my husband and I have used Lifeline Screening in the past. Since both of us get mailing reminding us of our last screening and the letter contains images of Normal; Mild to Moderate, and Significant. Using our screening from 2018 they show both of us at Mild to Moderate; yet when the letter came in 2018 with the test results it showed Normal for both of us. I can’t explain the difference between a results report and a letter advertising the 2022 Screening Location. Fortunately we both have regular checks done with our physicians so note to Lifeline Screening…..take us off your mailing list.

  • Betty says:

    The woman who just called wanting to schedule me for another test series claimed it was based on my last year’s results. Said they were concerned about my health, etc. Very pushy and chastising. Extremely oppositional any time I tried to speak. I told her to take my number off of their call list and she said “I hope a piece of plaque doesn’t break off and give you a heart attack” and she hung up. So, I want to share this with folks, social media, and the Life Line Screening executives and Board of Directors listed above. That is totally unacceptable.

    • Diane R says:

      yes, they are pushy. And they are not very conscientious in taking the tests – they messed up on my weight, so I had to call and have them send me a corrected report. And I’m told it might be covered by my healthplan – so I’m trying to get their NPI number and Tax Identification Number and no one can give it to me. I have asked to talk to a supervisor – I’m going to submit it anyway as my Healthplan says those numbers are needed but they are a private company.

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