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  • Address: 10555 Lids Way, Zionsville, IN 46077, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 855-265-9860
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1995
  • Founder: Scott Molander & Glenn Campbell
  • Key People: David Baxter (Chief Executive Officer)

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  • Jarrod says:

    Your Thousand Oaks store at the the Oaks Mall in California sat unopened during normal business hours on the morning of November 18 as of 11:35 am west coast time. Several customers waited and walked by. Sometimes online shopping will not work for last minute gift ideas but this will drive me away from Lids for a while, both in person and virtually.

  • Tracy Butler says:

    I think the people at corporate office should lose their pay also. You can have a legitimate complaint but they do nothing and seems like the condone bad employees. They do nothing to rectafy the bad service at all of there stores

  • Tracy Butler says:

    My birthday was yesterday and someone got me a blues hat fitted but it was the wrong size I took it back to one of your stores the person that was supposed to be working was not in the store was 3 hours late then because I was a female refuse to help me but open the store for another man that walked up gave the man all kinds of discounts and freebies and refuse to exchange my hat for a smaller size and refuse service to me this was rude and considerate for how much I spend a year in there this was totally unacceptable

  • Thomas Miller says:

    No one answers your phone number

  • Crystal Burks says:

    Was able to purchase the latest drop, the summit Los Angeles Dodgers powder blue and white fitted hat. Order was shipped, I tracked all the way to Florida and it was delivered to some weird address according to the GPS on the USPS site. I checked my account with lids hat drop and both addresses on there, default and main are correct and the same. I have spent all day trying to contact via two different emails, no reply and two different phone numbers And the automated said it could not recognize the order number even though that is what I was sent on the receipt via email. I even tried live chat still did not recognize the order number. So I spent this money on a hat as a gift and I have absolutely no way to contact anybody to let them know they delivered it to somebody that did not purchase it. This is not good business practice and makes me feel like it was a scam although lids is not. Please somebody get a hold of me I need a replacement hat sent I have screenshots of where it was delivered, and you can look at my account it is nowhere near the address it was shipped to. And again nothing is recognizing the order number you provided.

  • Lisa weston says:

    Has long has a guy name rob is over ever store in Jacksonville fl . My group will be taken business elsewhere. Cause he knows nothing and wasn’t helping at all . I have spent over 4,000 with this company and has long has he is apart I will not be buying anything from Jacksonville fl stores ..

  • Ariele kindley says:

    I will never vist lids in orange park mall ever. I went into the store it was two young ladies that was nice . One walked out very upset. The only was taken care of customers . I left came back just to give it some time . Same guys was still there with one of the lady’s . And was basically in the way . If he was over her like the Gm or dm that’s was very unprofessional to stand over someone has they work.. so I will be stopping my family from shopping there. This is sad of how you all are running business.sad I had to wait a week to get my son’s hats cause I didn’t want to shop with him there. The young lady that helped me was very nice and professionally but I will not be returning.and also will be letting my team know not to vist this store.

  • Ziggy says:

    Your employees customer service skills leave a lot to be desired! I don’t know how you all continue to stay in business with all the lies that spews out of their mouths! I want them to keep that same energy when the lights go out, your doors are permanently shut and their jobs are gone forever!!!

  • Chris Dimbo says:

    I went to your Fredericksburg VA location Spotsylvania Mall…still not open 11:10 am ..called back 11:22am no answer still…really needed Cap for video shoot in Atlanta

    • Troy says:

      This seems to be a ongoing thing. Just happened to me today for the third time. Three different locations. I travel to far and spend way to many of my snaps to have to keep putting up with this ish 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Judy says:

    Im a regular customer at your
    store in the Wellington mall and today your manager cuzed at me and treated me so bad he was gone for 30 minutes and there was one guy there and he couldn’t cash me out he said i had to wait till his manager got back i saw like 5 customers leave there items and left the store for poor attendance when your manager came back i told him i have been waiting for 30 minutes and he answered me so rude that he had to take lunch interested of telling me he was sorry he also said to me that he would slap the shit out off me he needs to be fired for lost of customers and not knowing how to treat them he has a bad mouth

  • Joe says:

    I will no longer shop at any of your stores. The way that I was treated on the 6th by your manager at the colonie center store he treated me like I was some little kid. The only way that I will come back into your stores is that you fire Timothy. I’m taken my business elsewhere.

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