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  • Address: South Korea, 서울특별시 Gangseo-gu, Gayang 1(il)-dong, 마곡중앙10로 10

  • Phone Number:
    +82 2-6987-4777

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 99,000

  • Established: 1958

  • Founder: Koo In-hwoi

  • Key People: Cho Seong-jin (Vice Chairman and CEO)

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About LG, History and Headquarters Information


LG was founded in the year 1947. The company has been active for almost 72 years now. The founder of the company was Koo In-hwoi. Since its inception, the company has led the method into the advanced digital era due to its technological experience. LG has innovated the market by producing several home appliances like radios and TVs. LG has also disclosed several new products as well. It also applied new technologies within the type of mobile devices and digital TVs within the twenty-first century. And it continues to strengthen its standing as a world company. LG was previously known as GoldStar. In the year 1995, the name was changed to LG Electronics. In 2017, the company was sued for several hardware failures in one of its major smartphones. It was the LG G4 smartphone.

LG manufactures a good variety of smartphones and various tablet devices. Aside from the G3, LG formally announced the curved display smartphone. It was known as the G Flex. It was announced in the year 2013. The first release was in South Korea. LG had released it in the Asian nation in Nov 2013. And later the proclaimed G Flex was released in Europe, the remainder of Asia, and North America. At CES or Consumer Electronics Show 2014, LG declared a US unveiling for the LG G2 across many major carriers. In 2015, LG had announced and released the LG G4 globally. The release was in May, and it got extended up to June. In 2016, LG revealed the V20, and therefore the V30 was released in 2017. LG G6 was formally announced during the MWC 2017, in Barcelona. The introduction of the G7 ThinQ model was made in the month of May 2018. Even though LG has been making significant strides in the world of smartphones, the company still registered losses in the process. This was primarily due to the untimely release of their Android smartphones in the various markets. Combined that with the exorbitant price tags. Its Korean rival, Samsung outshined LG. LG also started making its own OLED screen, which was first used in the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone. The headquarters of the company is based in 1000 Sylvan Avenue. The name of the place is Englewood Cliffs, and the name of the state is New Jersey, USA. The pin code of the area is 07632.


LG is a company that is based in South Korea and is focused on designing and production of various kinds of electrical appliances as well as consumer electrical goods as well. The current chairman and CEO of the company are Koo Kwang-mo. As of the year 2018, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $14.2 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company, as of the year 2012, was more than 222,000. The company has its presence in over 80 countries worldwide.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to purchase various kinds of consumer appliances, products and gadgets – all designed, manufactured and distributed by the company itself. The company also deals in the chemical industry, telecommunications, engineering, information technology and even power generation.

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  • Lynne says:

    I have a less than 4 year old LG French door refrigerator with less than 2 years of run time, because we live in this house seasonally. So, it has been used for 6 months out of each year since we bought it.
    It is still under warranty. My issues began in May 2023 and today is August 7, 2023, and I have lost count of the number of times I have called LG support and the number of hours on the phone.
    My refrigerator has been seen by 2 different repair companies for a total of 6 visits. We replaced the compressor, then the condenser coil, then it had leaks in the refrigerant, so they came out twice to fix those. It is still not working. The last repair company stated that it can’t be repaired. LG states that the repair company did not check off the correct code that the unit was unrepairable and that they cannot process a refund I until that is done. When I call LG with TCC number from the last repair person, this still isn’t good enough. I am at my wits end with untenable situation. I want a refund, but they continue to send me in circles to get one. Knowing what it costs to have repair companies come out and fix appliances, I would guess that after 6 visits and two major parts replaced that they have probably spent more than the cost of my deserved refund. I find it interesting hat there is nobody else who the consumer can escalate this to. Not on line, no phone, etc.We can only talk to someone sitting in a call center, who all have heavy accents and are extremely difficult to understand, and the ambient noise from the other people in the call center are so loud that it is difficult to hear the person I am speaking with.
    I will never buy another LG product, and I will bulletin this to anyone who will listen, and I will go on social media to spread this advice.
    It should not take this much time for a company worth anything to do the right thing for the customer.
    The customer service is abysmal and I have had a nonfunctional refrigerator for 4 months and am still being told that we have to do more things before that can happen.

  • Wendy Robb says:

    I bought a microwave for my son in February of this year. It stopped heating in July. I’m still trying to get them to replace the microwave. When my son called to inquire about the issue, they told him that it was less than a year old, that they will be issuing me a refund. I received no email or information regarding this email.

    When I called their customer service they said it had to be repaired. They sent out a repairman to only verify that the microwave was actually broken, but told us that the repair services technician was coming out to repair the appliance. The person came out and said he would have to get parts to fix the microwave, and that he was sent out just to verify that it was broken.

    I was furious when I found out that the repair person was sent out to merely verify the malfunction. I insisted on a refund. Was told that we did not meet the criteria for a refund. I don’t want a microwave that is defective, as I purchase a new microwave and would like for it to last more than six months. I insisted on speaking with a supervisor. I was placed on hold. At an hour’s time I called using another phone and was told to hold on for a bit longer, that a supervisor would be with me shortly.

    After about 2 hrs and 40 min, I called back and was informed that the supervisors had gone home more than 3 hours ago. The representative apologized profusely for the way I had been treated and said that she would be issuing me a refund. It has been 3 days now and still no refund, nor any notice of said refund.

    This is the worse treatment that I have ever experienced with a company that I used to value. I have at least 30 LG products in my home. This experience has made it where I am reluctant to ever buy or recommend another LG product. This is such a nightmare. All I want was to have my microwave exchanged for a new one.

  • Neal Hart says:

    Please beware of the Gas ranges. we light our oven and the house has gas fumes all over it.
    you have to open the windows.
    LG has sent out service tech’s 3-4 times and the problem can’t be fixed.
    last time we buy LG LG has sent out service tech’s for the last 3 years and still can’t fix it.

  • Connie Whitehead says:

    re: Stack Washer/Dryer. Please be aware that with placing in apartment complexes today – the knobs on the top of the dryer (which is top appliance) are too high for the average 5’2″ height. I am 5’8″ so its not a problem for me – but it is something for you to consider. Thank you for your time. Connie Whitehead as my friend rents from The ICON here is St. Petersburg Florida at a rate of $3,333 per month with your LG appliances. My phone should you need pictures, I have taken – call me at USA – 727.515.6336. Good bye. I also sell advertising for Tampa Bay Magazine should you ever need additional promotion. Thank you.

  • mohan arumugam says:

    sir, i have Purchased 2 AC machine from Darling dealer near tiruverumbur , Tiruchy in Tamilnadu on 9.8.2020.the service people from the center recommended by the dealer is not behaving properly .can you recommend any other service center in tiruchy for installation. is it necessary for the customer to pay extra or purchase anything extra for the installation of machine

  • Kasım ÖZER says:

    I’m living in Jeddah S.Arabia. I bougth a refregarator three years ago. Refregarator and air-conditioner is a vital equipment in this country because of heat and humidity8esp.in Jeddah).
    The refragarator is failed on 08.12.2019 and immidiately I called the LG customer service via website. They responded me about my reğistration. They can send tecnical staff in two days. He came and said that compressor will be changed and some other staffs wiil come to do it. I paid a sum of money.In another two days some poeple came and got the refregarator to maintanence. We have been waiting for our refregarator for 10 days. Ther is no contac number and responseble person to ask something or learn aout aur equipment. There is only whatsapp number and standart answer: Your item will be sent after maintaneced.
    I’m Türkish citizen.It’s not possible in my country this situation. Because there are several technical services and staffs. In this city there is one technical service and I think it doesn’t has enough tecnical staff. Otherwise I can’t take so long time to change compressor as a simple job.

    The LG Headquarte should be deal with these type authorized services. Thank you.

  • K LEUNG says:

    I have been using LG products for years. I now have 2 LG TV sets: 55UK7500PCA & 39LN5700-CB. I bought them and had been using them in Hong Kong. They functioned very well. Recently I emigrated to Sydney, Australia. The TV sets fail to receive local TV signals. I have the TV sets checked by qualified technician who advised that, hardware-wise, the TV sets are OK; he said should seek help from LG. I called both the LG offices in Hong Kong and Sydney. They said they could not help and asked me to seek help from the LG technical team at the LG HQ. Please help.

  • Tork Harthi says:

    I have a problem with the Saudi LG AC distributor. To whom should I address my concerns to. The distributor is not responsive and did not provided the required spare parts (wall mounted thermostats) and distributor want to replace with Honeywell thermostats. Please advise

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