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Les Schwab is the famous name in tire retailer industry in united states. Company has started its journey with the only store in Prineville of Oregon in 1952. Les Schwab founded it hence the name of the company is the same. Corporate headquarter of the company is present in Bend, Oregon. Les Schwab is quite a popular brand name in the retail industry as in 2008, it was listed in 23rd rank in the best company to work within Oregon Also it was named as 318th largest company as per the Forbes in 2007. Les Schwab has over 410 stores in a different location and employee count is over 7900. Dick Borgman is the CEO and chairperson of the company at present. The company is the largest suppliers of the tires in united states and products include all auto parts like brake and shocks as well as service-related to automobiles. The company claims to have great customer policy.

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  • Diane Bryant says:

    Tires were sold to me under false advertising. I was promised a $100 rebate within a week of purchase. Now after 30 emails and an approval I still have not received it. The tires were purchase May 2, 2023 its now Aug. 2nd.

    I was also receiving a discount because the tires I purchase previously lasted less than 20,000 mi and since they did not replace the tires “Wires were coming out the sides), I went next door to American tires to buy them. They honored a warranty that Les Schwab would not.

    So I bought a new car and decided to give Les Schwab a 2nd chance and you once again proved to be “Unreliable”. I have been shopping with Les Schwab for years. BUT NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want a full refund for the false advertising, it was the discount that stop me from going to Sultz Tires who had given me a better deal before the discount and rebate that I never received.

  • Phil Tamburlin says:

    Les Schwab is not the Les Schwab it was. I live Woodland WA and I believe the Les Schwab in Woodland WA is the worst commercial business I have ever seen. There work is poor the service is bad and high prices, and they will not fix flats free anymore. I have four vehicle I run Les Schwab tires on. Well, when I need tires, I will not go back to Les Schwab again. I also tried the Les Schwab in Longview it is just as bad. In Woodland the guy I delt with is Brian he hates customers.

  • James Gray says:

    Horrible treatment, wish I could be less belligerent in the face of blatant racism. As a Black Man, I DO NOT believe that Les Schwab values my business. Had a flat tire, I roll into LS in sort of a panic. I Was accosted, not greeted. When I asked where’s the welcome to LS, the tech retorted “Sorry”, my response was don’t be sorry, be better! An argument ensued whereas, I chose not to spend the $468.00 that the tire cost at this business. Can’t imagine ANY reason for this behavior!

  • Mollie Ann Hotchkiss says:

    My husband and I had just arrived in Sandpoint idaho for our daughter’s wedding on September 9th. We had to go to your tire store there because of an issue with our tires on September 10th the day of our daughter’s wedding. When we got there, we explained to the manager that what we needed and that we had our daughter’s wedding to go to. They got us in immediately and got pur new tires put immediately. They were all very kind to us and the service was wonderful.
    Mollie Hotchkiss
    Lebanon, oregon

  • Mike says:

    Bought open country at tires they have a 60 day return policy per les shwabs, and mazama website. Called 3 stores before my 60 days tires have 1000 miles terrible issuies i want my refund. They all are trying to upsell me and give me the run around its policy its it writing do whats right . Les shwabs never again.

  • Levi Collins says:

    I went to the Les Schwabs in Mcminnville Oregon. They did an alignment and mounted and balanced my tires. I was on the highway later that evening and my tire flew off. It almost hit a car in the other lane. It was about a half mile down the highway when I found it. I had to get someone to tow me. The passenger side tire was also loose. Needless to say I had to take the day off of work and went in today to see if I could get help. The manager agreed to replace the damage including the rim. I went back in to pick up my vehicle and they fixed everything but they didn’t have the rim in stock. I was told that because the damage to my rim was on the inside they weren’t going to replace it. I think they should. The damage to the rim was caused by negligence on the companies part. This cost me time away from work. I don’t think I am being unreasonable and I would really just like to have the matching rim replaced. Not a very good piece of mind guarantee if you ask me. Is there someone I could talk to about this?

  • Ron says:

    Went into your tire center in Vacaville Ca this Saturday to get a golf car tire repaired. A sign on the door said a Ca mask mandate to enter your store. Two people in the store were not wearing a mask as mandated. Ask your sales representative about two people not having a mask on. He said he don’t work at the desk. Answer Please. Ron

  • Brandon Timbrook says:

    Today I had Les Schwab in Missoula, MT (Broadway Location) attempt to mount a set of used Nitto tires on my truck. I am a certified tire technician and I am perfectly aware of what should and should not be mounted on my vehicle. The tires I took in were in good shape and had a decent amount of miles left on them. 9/32nds to be exact. I received a call about 30-40 min. after they began to attempt to mount one or two of my tires only to find out that the beads had been ripped after alleged inflation of my tires. (Note: On custom rims you install tires from the rear side.) Instead of trying to make this right, the sales associate decided at this point it would be a good time to try to sell me new tires. I am very disappointed as I am now stuck with two tires I can’t use and two in the trash, as well as no solution in fixing this problem. I later realize after them trying to cover up their mistake that my, sensors are on the wrong wheels now, my tire pressure reads 58lbs, 31lbs, 35, lbs and 42lbs. Did they even try. That’s not even close. Also they told me it would be best that I pick up my vehicle the following day because they were closing and they assumed I wouldn’t make it there in time to pick up my vehicle after I had already told the front desk personnel that I was there just waiting for my vehicle I was already told was finished. I feel that this whole experience was very sketchy, between the odd actions of staff and horrible service from alleged professionals. I must say I am very displeased with my service today and would like this to be made right. I have been a Les Schwab customer for over twenty years and this was nothing like the service I typically receive. Libby, MT Les Schwab will continue to have my service as I have had nothing but great friendly customer service there. To whom this may concern, as you review this message please at least give me a proper explanation as to what happened to my tires and let’s make this right.

  • Charles Batchelor says:

    I came in due to my Camry being hit and alignment out (just hit tire, by Hit & Run) then The Les Schwab Alignment Guy at the, Tacoma on, 6th Avenue tried to sell me new tires that are not old and said that the Arms were bent and needed to be replaced.

    I sent to a Toyota Dealership and they found out it was way more than that and that the Arms were not bent at all, but other issues.

    Your company in Fife is really good, but the on on 6th Avenue is not good at all and I knew this, but it was close. I tell people not to go to the one on 6th Avenue except for air pressure and windshield wiper replacement, for anything beyond that go to the one in Fife, WA (near Tacoma).

    You really need to replace everyone there and get new people who know something and don’t try to sell things they don’t need. They are ruining the Brand Name there Big Time!

  • Vickie Hooper says:

    I went in to the Longview Washington located on Industrial Way. The reason for my visit was to get 4 tires changed out on my travel trailer, I also requested they check the spare tire and the batteries on the travel trailer. I arrived at 10:15 am this morning finally got a call at 2:00 pm that the job was completed. Upon arrival they had changed the tires but that was it. So we waited for the additional work to be done. When they went to check the spare tire they took the whole frame off the tire sits in instead of asking a supervisor or myself how to remove it. In addition when they found the batteries needed to be replaced they put a new one on it arced and it singed the battery, in addition they striped the post and were going to just leave it, I demanded a new one and the employee helping us told my husband he was just going to leave it, “It will be fine” not fine with me if we had problems with the battery out in the middle of nowhere we would have been stuck. It cost me $452.00 to have this work done and waste the additional 2.5 hours waiting for them to do the work that should have been done and try to take shortcuts, it makes me wonder what really goes on when the customer is not right there to watch the work. I used to have a lot of good things to say about your company but the service has certainly taken a decline and at this time I don’t think I will be taking my business back to your company.
    Vickie Hooper

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